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Sorry this was late folks. Apparently the Internet company is doing some maintenance work in the area which temporarily shut down our Internet access. But here it is; Wednesday’s thread.

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    Posted: 4:24 am
    September 10, 2008

    DREW Peterson. You know the name. He’s hogged the telly news shows. With his lawyer. Saying no idea, absolutely can’t imagine, what happened to his missus, who seems to have vanished into some really thick thin air.

    The guy has sandy-grayish hair. Matching moustache. Tall. Cool on the outside. Works a variety of side jobs like karate instructor and wedding photographer.

    And appears to harbor a mistrust of divorce courts. We’re talking the Bolingbrook, Ill., cop whose fourth wife – fourth – incomprehensibly went missing last fall.

    And, by the oddest coincidence, a dude who has bad luck marriagewise because a strange happening also befell wife three. The nice lady somehow got found dead in a dry bathtub.

    Phoenix Books just published “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson.” Author Joseph Hosey of Chicago’s Sun-Times News Group broke the story of third wife Kathleen Savio’s death and fourth wife Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. “I’m fascinated by the case,” he told me. “I covered Kathleen’s inquest, which cops pronounced accidental . . . The sense he could have been guilty was somehow ignored.

    “So along comes No. 4, who is suddenly pronounced a missing person. I knew he’d been following her. I knew she was getting ready to leave him. I knew living with a man 30 years older – he was 53, she 23 – could have problems. I knew she’d been hearing lots about his third wife. I knew his nature was controlling and jealous. It was suspicious enough for me.”

    Does this reporter actually know this serial husband?

    “Sure. Spent countless hours with him. He’s very glib. Never looks nervous. Shows little emotion. No compunction, sadness, remorse, nothing. But he will not do a timeline for the day she disappeared. He also has a publicist out of Orlando.”

    What’s he doing now?

    “Nothing. He’s home.”

    During the evening we were on the phone, Joseph Hosey tried calling Drew Peterson for his opinion of this book. No answer. The ex-cop was out. Who knows, maybe shopping for a fifth Mrs. Peterson. He is currently dating a lady two years Stacy’s junior.

    So, with authorities dredging rivers and canals for a body thus pegging this as a potential homicide, what’s to be the end of this case?

    “Drew gets arrested shortly. All’s hush-hush off the record, but I hear he’ll be picked up within the next few weeks. Wife No. 3’s body was exhumed, re-examined, now ruled a homicide.”

    The book contains an exclusive, never before seen, highly peculiar, unsettling photo. Page 112 shows two ladies. Missing wife Stacy and sister Cassandra. Cassandra’s in a cop’s uniform, Drew’s SWAT team regalia. She’s toting the AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle that landed him in jail on a temporary felony weapons charge this May. Stacy’s naked underneath an open blazer. And what is this bizarre picture all about?

    “You tell me,” says Hosey. “It shows life with these people was other than normal. I mean, if you’re suggesting this is their Halloween outfit, it’s sure odd. And Drew would never say whether he took this photograph or not.”

    * * *

    B’WAY’s coming “Speed-the-Plow” resurrection will, per co-producer Jeffrey Richards, “be a modern, hotter, sexier take on David Ma met’s show because of how Jeremy Piven in Joe Mantegna’s old role and Raul Esparza in Ron Silver’s play it.” The cast was given T-shirts that read on the back: “Film is a collaborative business. Bend over.” Look, what can I tell you . . . I just report the stuff . . .

    A NEW political movement exists called WomenCount. Its massively attended, highly connected, well- funded meeting in Denver was off the record. Now out of the shadows, WomenCount, fighting sexism on the campaign trail, is taking some credit for MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann-Chris Matthews musical chairs dance. Their e-mail informs me, “We are still watching closely.” And “we’ll be watching” liberal talk host Rachel Maddow’s launch on that network. And that we’ll defend Palin “against misogynist smears not because we like her or support her, but because that’s how feminism works.”

    This powerhouse group – of the women, by the women and for the women – ends its e-mail with “Forward this message to a friend so they sign up with WomenCount.”

    THE new West Side Hamptons. Last Sunday, Pier 1, 70th and Riverside Park, in front of the Trump Place flats, maybe 150 non-Hamptoning Manhattanites. One was Kathleen Turner. In the sun. At a table. Eating a hot dog. Reading a script.

    Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

  2. Thanks again so much Hedidit!

    You bet he took that photograph. Perv. I think it’s a very sad picture. You couldn’t say they looked enthusiatic. Deeply weird.

    And hey facs….I agree with you about waiting for the bill, I was just expressing a fond fantasy. 🙂

  3. Journo? Telly?

    Suddenly Cindy Adams writes for British tabloids? At least she didn’t refer to Peterson’s ex-wives as “Stacleen”.

  4. bucketoftea // September 10, 2008 at 11:03 am

    ? Who’s Cindy Adams?

    Celebrity gossip columnist for the NY Post.

  5. Facsmiley said: Journo? Telly?

    It’s probably a fashionable affectation since NYers of a certain age have gone all
    Paul McCartney. LOL

  6. Thanks, Gatehouse.

    Bucket, I had to laught at “cue sound of wind blowing, long shot of tumble weeds rolling past listlessly” … we’ve got the gray, gloomy day to go with it here in Helena.



    Peterson’s ex-friend pleads guilty to attack

    September 10, 2008Recommended (1)

    Sun-Times News Group
    BOLINGBROOK — The man who wore a wire on Drew Peterson pleaded guilty Wednesday to confronting the former suburban cop outside a barber shop and shoving him during a heated dispute.

    Len Wawczak appeared Wednesday morning in Bolingbrook Local Court and pleaded guilty to a local ordinance charge of battery against Peterson in the July 24, 2008 incident, according to Bolingbrook police Sgt. John Sullivan.

    Will County Judge Ray Nash said the disposition for the case should be released within the next few business days, according to Sullivan.

    Peterson kept his cool as his neighbor and former friend ambushed him in the parking lot of the Hyroglyphics Barber Shop in the 300 block of North Schmidt Road, hurling obscenities as gawkers egged him on.

    “I’ll beat the [expletive] out of you!” Wawczak yelled. “You ain’t nothing but a murderer. Say something!”

    “Hit me,” Peterson replied. “I’m going down.”

    As Wawczak kept yelling, Peterson turned around and Wawczak pushed him in the back. Peterson later said his back hurt.

    Both men later turned themselves in at the Bolingbrook Police Dept., where Peterson was released and Wawczak charged with battery.

    Wawczak had just heard that Peterson was supposedly telling people he had slept with Wawczak’s wife. He also was angry after hearing that Peterson has shot dirty looks at Wawczak’s 20-year-old son at the barbershop.

    Earlier that week, Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark, said they had worn a wire on Peterson for seven months.

    Peterson has been named a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson. Police are also investigating the bathtub drowning of Peterson’s fourth wife, Kathleen Savio, which has been labeled a homicide.

    Peterson has denied having anything to do with Savio’s death or Stacy’s disappearance.

  8. Paulie rings in with his .02.

    (not linked for a reason) 😉

    Man Held In Unprovoked Attack Against Drew Peterson Pled Guilty today.

    Bolingbrook, IL–Len Wawczak claimed Drew Peterson would be charged for murder long before he’d be facing a battery charge in court. Wawaczak was wrong charges have not been brought against Peterson in connection with the disappearance of his wife Stacy Peterson.

    Wawaczak assaulted Peterson in an unprovoked, videotaped attack outside a Bolingbrook barber shop last July.

    Wawaczak entered a Guilty plea for that crime this morning before Will County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Nash. Nash will decide Wawaczak’s punishment before Friday.

    Wawaczak bragged about his criminal deed to any and everyone who would listen including national news outlets. It’s clear he is neither repentant and would repeat the crime at first opportunity.

    Wawaczak’s conduct clearly demonstrated that he is both dangerous and obviously mentally unstable.

    Drew Peterson deserves the protection of the law from the likes of the obsessed, out-of-control, admitted criminal Len Wawaczak. Hopefully some jail time and closely supervised probation will keep a tight leash on this miscreant.

    In the meantime the Wawaczak diversion should not affect the search for the missing Stacy Peterson. Drew Peterson has denied any wrongdoing and has been only charged with a highly technical weapon possession violation. “

  9. Nancy Grace Field Producers give first-hand accounts of the search for missing tot Caylee Anthony. Check here for frequent updates as producers blog live from the scene.

    Orlando, Florida — Wednesday – September 10, 2008
    (From Natisha Lance, Nancy Grace Field Producer)

    4:53 PM ET – A man got the woman’s sign out of the garbage and brought it back to her.

    4:48 PM ET – Lee just took the sign of the woman with the dog. He took it one door down from his home and put it in the garbage.

    3:54 PM ET – Another patrol car just showed up. Two officers are still talking to Cindy and Lee and two officers are asking people to move cars that are incorrectly parked.

    3:52 PM ET – Two more officers show up apparently to help determine if this woman is trespassing.

    3:48 PM ET – Lee just joined his mother outside to talk to the officer.

    3:45 PM ET – Casey just arrived home driven by her brother, Lee.

    3:43 PM ET – Cindy outside talking to officer. He is calling something in from his cell phone.

    3:42 PM ET – Police just showed up at Anthony home.

    3:31 PM ET – A woman from about 60 miles north of Orlando came and sat down with her 5 year-old St. Bernard Bernice in front of the Anthony home. She brought with her a sign taller than me that says “I wouldn’t let my dog go missing for 1 month without looking.” She said she wants to keep Casey’s feet to the fire. She doesn’t have kids but she’s had Bernice for 4 years and said if her dog was missing she would go to shelters and the Humane Society to find her and it’s hard to imagine that Casey would let her daughter go missing for a month without looking. Although it is raining, she has on a tank top and only a baseball cap to shield her from the rain. She wants to be there when Casey gets home, however Cindy Anthony did come out not long after she set up with a warning of trespassing. The woman didn’t seem concerned about Cindy’s warning or the raining saying “I figured Caylee is in the rain, I can handle it for a few hours.” Her husband will be back to pick her up when he gets off work.

    2:58 PM ET – Unidentified woman walks up to front door of Anthony home. Cindy opened the door and spoke to her in the doorway for about 10 mins. And then the woman left. She did not say a word to reporters when she walked to the house or before she left.

    1:28 PM ET – Spoke to Deputy Padilla to confirm UCF search and to get Sheriff Beary’s thoughts on possible million dollar deal when police have used countless resources and dollars to find Caylee

  10. Len’s guilty plea shouldn’t have come as any surprise, since he was open and straight-forward from the get-go about his reasons for confronting Peterson, and his lack of fear in backing down. Obvious to me, Lenny was probably told by someone that Peterson would be arrested before that date. Possibly, and it’s no secret here, the Hearsay matter needs to be resolved first. If Peterson does, then, get arrested, Paulie and his associates can STFU.

    Facs – As to that Brodsky dudette piece that you posted, I absolutely think it was written not by Paulie, but by Brodsky. That piece is written exactly as it would be by Brodsky. If it wasn’t written by Brodsky and is, in fact, written by Paulie himself, he’s a good-learning grasshopper.

  11. P.S. By the way, the piece has since been spell checked, but, a little advice for Paulie, go back and read “your” piece. You still need to fix a sentence or two.

    As to this remark: “Drew Peterson deserves the protection of the law…”, you’re kidding, right? Since I understand that Drew Peterson has, in fact, leeched onto another young thang, I think it is she that needs protection from “Drew Peterson’s laws.” We ALL know it is quite dangerous being a Mrs. Peterson.

  12. Lavonda – they are going to re-arrest her because of further bad checks she passed on to businesses. Something like the bad checks she was previously arrested for.


    Peterson friend pleads guilty to battery

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 | 7:00 PM

    Photo: Drew Peterson and Len Wawczak argue outside Bolingbrook barbershop (Joliet Herald)

    The man who wore a wire to record conversations with Drew Peterson entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor battery charge.
    Len Wawczak shoved Peterson during an argument outside a Bolingbrook barber shop in July. Peterson kept his cool as the scuffle with his former friend was captured on camera.
    Peterson is considered a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson. He has denied any involvement.
    A sentence for Wawczak was expected in a few days.

    (Copyright ©2008 WLS-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

  14. Hedidit- I’m not sure what you mean by “held,” but NG reported that the mother from hell is going to be re-arrested for passing even more bad checks.

    I think it’s all about wearing her down, really. And I’m sure they’re going to continue to do so until they totally get on her nerves, if that’s at all possible. I highly doubt it, though, since the life was sucked out of that woman by aliens years ago!


    Man pleads guilty to pushing Drew Peterson
    Len Wawczak had reportedly worked with police to secretly record the husband of Stacy Peterson, missing for almost a year

    Tribune staff report
    Updated: 31 minutes ago
    7:21 PM CDT, September 10, 2008

    A Bolingbrook man who reportedly worked with police to secretly record Drew Peterson pleaded guilty Wednesday to pushing Peterson outside a barbershop in July, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. John Sullivan said.

    Len Wawczak appeared before Will County Circuit Judge Ray Nash. The disposition of the case would be released within a few days, Sullivan said.

    Wawczak and Peterson had scuffled outside Hyroglyphics Barber Shop in July. That same week, Wawczak had claimed to have secretly recorded Peterson for the Illinois State Police.

    Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, is the suspect in the Oct. 28 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy. The investigation has led authorities to re-examine the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

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    The search for Stacy Peterson Photos
    Drew vs. the media Photos
    ‘I gotta say something, I just can’t stand by’ Video
    Drew and Stacy Peterson family Photos
    Peterson case timeline Multimedia
    Drew Peterson news Peterson has not been charged and denies any wrongdoing.

  16. Oh, Hedidit – I see where the word “held” came from. That was regarding Lenny. Pay no attention to that blogger – he makes things up as he goes along, LOL.

  17. Haven’t heard anything about this murderer in awhile; Nice takedown. WTG Glasgow.

    Arrested him rather quickly, but taking forever for the trial.

    And, man, that is one busy judge!

    Judge to rule if jacket can be tested in Vaughn case

    September 9, 2008Recommend

    JOLIET — State prosecutors want to test a piece of evidence in the Christopher Vaughn case, but the procedure might destroy the item.

    Will County Judge Dan Rozak must decide if the test should be done or not. A hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. Thursday on the issue.

    Vaughn, a former Oswego resident who worked as a private investigator, was charged last year with the June 14, 2007, murders of his wife and three children. Early that morning, state police found the four bodies in the family’s SUV while it was parked on an Interstate 55 frontage road in Channahon Township.

    Vaughn has been accused of shooting his wife, Kimberly, 34; and children Abigayle, 12; Cassandra, 11; and Blake, 8, while they were inside the car. Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow will seek the death penalty in the case.

    In October 2007, Glasgow asked Rozak to seal evidence and other related material, so it can’t be viewed by the public. In the written motion related to this move, Glasgow cited published reports from August and September 2007, including the fact that two newspaper reporters had contacted potential witnesses.

    Both sides were aware that various subpoenas and witness lists would be added to the file as the case proceeds in court. Sealing that evidence would ensure a fair trial, Glasgow said. Since then, information on the case has been sketchy and limited to what is said or done in open court.

    Represented by Gerald Kielian,, Vaughn appeared in Rozak’s courtroom Monday for a case management conference.

    The state wants to test a jacket related to the case, Will County Assistant State’s Attorney John Connor, said. But the testing might damage the fabric. Connor didn’t say who owned or wore the jacket.

    Vaughn will return to court at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 17 for another case management conference.



    Ex-pal pleads guilty after Peterson fight

    September 10, 2008Recommend (3)

    BOLINGBROOK — A push in the back got Len Wawczak a slap on the wrist.

    Wawczak, who has said he and his wife, Paula Stark, wore a wire for police for months in hopes of nailing Drew Peterson for a pair of murders, pleaded guilty to battering Peterson in a strip mall parking lot in July. Wawczak had already admitted he confronted Peterson and pushed him in the back.

    Wawczak says Peterson was shooting dirty looks at his 20-year-old son, Len Jr., prompting him to go after his former friend.

    In exchange for his plea, Wawczak was hit with a $250 fine and six months court supervision, leaving him wishing he had done more to Peterson.

    “If I’d known that’s all it was going to be, I would have popped (him),” Wawczak said, who accused Peterson of being a murderer.

    State police have named Peterson a suspect in the October disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson. They have classified the case a “potential homicide” investigation.

    State police also are investigating the March 2004 apparent bathtub drowning of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio. At the time of her death, state police found nothing suspicious about the drowning, which was ruled an
    accident. After Stacy’s disappearance, Savio’s death was determined to be a homicide.

    “I call him Houdini Peterson,” Wawczak said, “because he makes (expletive) disappear.”

    At the time of his arrest, Wawczak said he expected Peterson to be charged with murder before his own court appearance for the battery charge. He said Wednesday that was a “bad calculation,” but was still convinced Peterson
    would be locked up.

    “I have 100 percent faith in (State¹s Attorney) James Glasgow’s office that they’re going to arrest him,” Wawczak said. “An arrest is imminent on Drew Peterson.”

    Wawczak in court
    Wawczak wore a T-shirt emblazoned with Stacy’s image to his court appearance.

    “I wore it for two reasons,” he said. “No. 1, because Stacy’s still missing. And No. 2, I was hoping he’d be here and I could disgrace him in his own backyard.”

    Peterson was not present. He said Wednesday that he was unimpressed with the sentence imposed on Wawczak and mocked his attacker”s attire.

    “He’s become one of the cult,” said Peterson, referring to the large group of Stacy’s friends and family who have banded together to keep her disappearance in the public eye.

    Wawczak’s faith in Glasgow notwithstanding, he said he has plans for Peterson if action is not taken by the time he was off court supervision.

    “If he’s still around in six months,” Wawczak said, “I’m going to (expletive) throw him around again like a rag doll.”

    Comment on this story.

    » Click to enlarge image Lenny Wawczak (left) confronts Drew Peterson in the parking lot of a strip mall on the 300 block of North Schmidt Road in Bolingbrook in July. Bolingbrook Police were called to the scene.

    (Janet Lundquist/Staff writer)

  19. Thanks, you rock, Hediddy.

    I hadn’t heard of the (OMG how terrible) Vaughn case. His lawyer says can’t test the jacket? surely the judge won’t “wear”it. LOL.

  20. I sure hope the judge in Florida sees off Baez’ attempt to delay further analysis of physical evidence. On what basis? I believe it’s already possible for defense to have some independent testing done. Weird. One of my former professional incarnations was as a lab rat. The last thing you need while you’re focussing at your bench is for someone to be breathing down your neck. And more people in the room = raised risk of comtamination.Maybe the prosecuter should file to have someone present during meetings between Casey and Baez to make sure he’s not doing anything wrong.

    Licensed, accredited laboratories have continuous internal and external quality control checks. The scientists do not need a lawyer to tell them how to do their job.

  21. Wawczak’s faith in Glasgow notwithstanding, he said he has plans for Peterson if action is not taken by the time he was off court supervision.

    “If he’s still around in six months,” Wawczak said, “I’m going to (expletive) throw him around again like a rag doll.”


    WHEN will this man learn to shut his mouth?

  22. Has anyone seen the movie Gone Baby Gone?

    It’s about a mother, drug user, who steals money from her drug dealer. He then takes her 4yr old daughter. Sound like a story we’ve heard about?? Its been showing on Starz channel.

  23. Hi Grandam!

    I’ve heard of it…was controversial in its coincidental parallels with Madeleine McCann. Release was delayed here. I’ve no idea if it has been released here yet.

  24. No, Noway. I don’t think so. Except if I were them I would certainly think of popping the odd beta-blocker before going in front of cameras.

    I followed it like mad. Mrs. Dr. Mccann and I share a forename, and I have a Madeleine of my own.

    I have my ideas about it, but have never believed they were guilty of anything except their conviction “somehow” that they felt safe to dine out of sight and earshot of their apartment, and this they have admitted and suffer bitterly for. The eyesforlies lady agrees with me.

    Onedifficulty they had was cultural, even difficult for Americans to understand. It’s not just stiff upper lip in the ususal way, but both being doctors, especially Gerry as a Consultant, their “emotional continence” in public is nothing more than

  25. noway406 // September 11, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Wawczak’s faith in Glasgow notwithstanding, he said he has plans for Peterson if action is not taken by the time he was off court supervision.

    “If he’s still around in six months,” Wawczak said, “I’m going to (expletive) throw him around again like a rag doll.”


    WHEN will this man learn to shut his mouth?


    I just don’t get it either Noway. Couldn’t he actually be charged with threatening Drew which would be a violation of his supervision?

    It is obvious he is pissed off at Drew – but I think that when people get that way it can backfire.

  26. IMO his statement (threat) will land him in more trouble.

    I believe his past history and behavior clearly demonstrates he has no self-respect. Therefore there is gross lack of respect for not just rules and authority but literally anyone and anything around him.

    There has to be some reason why Judge Nash let him off with as little punishment as he received. He received a punishment equal to what is typically handed out for some traffis offenses.

  27. whatsinthemirror // September 11, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    IMO his statement (threat) will land him in more trouble.

    I believe his past history and behavior clearly demonstrates he has no self-respect. Therefore there is gross lack of respect for not just rules and authority but literally anyone and anything around him.

    There has to be some reason why Judge Nash let him off with as little punishment as he received. He received a punishment equal to what is typically handed out for some traffis offenses.
    IMHO, I find the same to be true of Drew Peterson, actually. No respect for the law or for women, for that matter. I also think there has to be some reason why the investigation into the manner of death of Kathleen Savio was so haphazard, especially after the history of his relationship with her.

  28. I couldn’t care less about how Len behaves or what he says. He’s not the suspect in the murder of one woman and the disappearance of another.

    Since Len wore a wire, what was recorded on the wire is of a lot more interest than any testimony He could bring to a court room. None of his actions will change what Drew did or didn’t say on tape. He probably knows that as well.

  29. I have to agree with you, Facsmiley. What Len (who is not a suspect in the disappearance of his wife) says or does will not change Drew’s own words on the seven months of tapes.

    And there must be something on those tapes because in order for it to have go on that long, I believe the judge has to approve each 30 day period to continue to record.

    If there was nothing of any substance, they would not let them continue in their efforts.

    I am curious if Len had legal representation in his court case for battery though, because even though it is being said that the fines and supervision were a slap on the wrist, seems like it should not even have been that much.

    Heck, I coulda referred him to my attorney. I once broke a mirror and he got me off with only 3 years bad luck 😆

    Oh and one more big difference, at least Len did admit HeDidIt.

  30. I agree. No biggie.

    I see no evidence of his lack of self respect….on the contrary. Go Lenny.

    So. What is in the mirror?

  31. sorry about the late update folks. we were not able to stay very long at the grand jury building yesterday and did not see anything while we were there. we’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

    also, the Sept. 12 thread is up, click on the front page tab above to get to the new thread.

    have a great weekend folks! We’ll be at the poker run tomorrow and hopefully have some video of the event up by later in the evening.

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