Bikers to help raise funds for Peterson search effort

What: Searching for Stacy Poker Run, a 75-mile motorcycle run through five stops.
When: Registration from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 13; first bike leaves at 10:30 a.m.
Where: Meet at Brunswick Zone XL, continue to Conrad’s Harley-Davidson, Joliet, head to Conrad’s Harley-Davidson, in Joliet, continue to Tuffy’s Lounge, in Wilmington, head to City of Champions Sports Bar & Grill, in Joliet, continue to Wilmington, and return to Brunswick Zone.
Cost: $25 for single rider. $35 for rider with a passenger. $15 for non-riders. Additional $25 for non-riders who want to play poker.

By Danya Hooker,

Motorcycle enthusiasts from around the Chicago area are expected to descend upon Romeoville Saturday, Sept. 13, to raise money to help in the search for missing Bolingbrook woman Stacy Peterson.

The group Friends of Stacy Peterson has organized a motorcycle poker run, which will lead bikers on a 75-mile route through the Joliet area and four of its area businesses. Participants will meet at Brunswick Zone, 735 N. Center Blvd., Romeoville, Saturday morning and head to Conrad’s Harley-Davidson in Joliet.

Carol Penning, event organizer and Peterson’s close friend, said participants will be given a poker card at each of the five stops, with the top three hands winning prizes. The event also will include food, entertainment and an auction when the riders gather again at Brunswick for the end of the run.

Peterson supporters said they chose the poker run in honor of the missing woman. Motorcycles were always a part of Peterson’s life, her friend and neighbor Sharon Bychowski said. Her father, Anthony Cales, is an avid rider, and she used to sit on the back of his bike during family rides.

“She always wanted to have her own bike,” Bychowski recalls.

Last summer, she got her wish when she rolled up in a brand new Harley Davidson bike, which she named “Lady Merlot,” a tribute to her favorite color and favorite wine.

The bike now sits unused in the garage of the home she shared with her husband Drew Peterson, the sole suspect in her disappearance.

Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, has maintained his innocence in the case, insisting his wife called him the night of Oct. 28 to tell him she was leaving him.
Police are investigating the March 2004 drowning of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in the bathtub of her Bolingbrook home. Peterson has not been charged with a crime in either case.

The poker run will proceed rain or shine, Penning said. Although the group is hoping for clear weather, Penning said the forecast of clouds and rain will match the moods of those close to Stacy Peterson, who are now facing the approaching one-year anniversary of her disappearance.

“It’s like a cloud hanging over us,” Penning said.

All proceeds from the event will go toward the cost of fuel, food, lodging, and equipment used in the search for Peterson. Penning said few people have pre-registered, but she is confident the riders will show up en masse since the event is listed on the Web sites several major motorcycling groups. Penning said the event planners also have an army of volunteers out spreading the word.

“We think Stacy’s up in heaven pulling our strings, telling us what she wants us to do,” Penning said.


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  1. The rain really put a damper on things today. The turnout was terrible. Almost entirely the usual groups of FOSP volunteers.

    Much, much more publicity was needed in the weeks and months leading up to his.

  2. I was just wondering how it went, and heard that the weather was bad there.

    I think the biker angle was because Stacy rode … but that doesn’t appeal to the masses.

  3. All three of you have valid points, but…..

    The poor turn out was due to one thing and one thing only – RAIN!! Nothing is more uncomfortable or dangerous than a motorcycle in the rain.

    The weather did not cooperate today.. 😦

  4. thanks suziejane … i’d read comments from people who were from the bolingbrook area and they were surprised that the poker run was not advertised more … and it does suck about the weather not cooperating.

  5. The flooding in the streets around here is terrible. Being on a motorcycle was definitely not an option today. Sorry for that and the good intentions it was meant to bring.

  6. Bummer.

    I hope people aren’t going to let it discourage them. It’s only rain and it happens. Nice try.

    Onwards and upwards. 🙂

  7. Good Morning!

    I helped and attended the poker run yesterday. The rain was a major factor in the attendance. Worked one of the poker run stops. Spoke to Sharon towards the end and they had about eighty people. Most stayed at the Brunswick Zone for the afternoon. However, people were very generous with their donations for the raffles. Sure there will be a follow-up there in the next few days.

  8. On average a first year bike run will have 100 people (about 75 actual bikes). Having 80 people there for a first time run on a rainy day is excellent.

  9. The poker run was nice and the organization of this event was fantastic! Hats off to everyone who attended or helped in any way that they could. Unfortunatley, the rain did put a damper on the turnout, however, It still was a great event.

  10. Nice to hear that there was some good news for the Poker Run in spite of the miserable weather we’ve been having. At least those that were able to attend made the best of a bad situation.

  11. facsmiley // September 13, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    I don’t really understand the biker angle. Such a small segment to appeal to. I guess because Stacy loved bikes.

    You are correct. Stacy loved motorcycles.

  12. YES chicago got about 7inches of rain that is what my step dad’s sister said . it was terrible there , lots of flooding there. so that is proubly why there was not much of a turn out,.

  13. I also wanted to say, I am grateful for meeting so many wonderful and passionate people who really care about finding Stacy, and are sincerly looking to help in bringing Stacy home. I know one thing, if this was to ever happen in my family or to one of my friends, I know they all would be their in a heart beat. That is just the way these caring and loving people are. I am proud to call all of them, my friends.

  14. applealley,

    Volunteered for the day. Was out at the village at 6:50 to help transport raffle prizes to Brunswick. Than went out to stop 4 with wife and daughter waiting for the riders.

  15. suziejane // September 13, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    All three of you have valid points, but…..

    The poor turn out was due to one thing and one thing only – RAIN!! Nothing is more uncomfortable or dangerous than a motorcycle in the rain.

    The weather did not cooperate today..

    The poor turn out started before the poker run even started. Carol Penning stated that the preregistration was terrible.

    Let’s just chalk this up to a lesson and make sure there is more publicity on future events.

    Is there anything in the works?

  16. whatsinthemirror,

    Just to let you know, the pre-registration for the other fundraiser were low as well. However, the others had alot of people just coming the day of the event. More than 1,400 flyers were passed out and signs up at various locations(especially the stops).

    Heard at last meeting before this event, a couple of things may be coming up. Once finialized, I’m sure it will be posted here.


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  18. Watching game as well. During first game, they mentioned the Cell had taken in 9″ of rain since Friday. Hard to believe they are playing tonight.

    Cubs are also winning 5-0 in bottom of 5th. BigZ is pitching and has a no-no with 1 out in the 5th.

    I LOVE BASEBALL!!!!!!!!

  19. People must fascinated by this conversation lol.

    Another riveting fact:

    Thome’s #539 was hit off of Kenny Rogers 8th pitch of the sequence.

    Also, of note, Steve Stone will swap places with DJ “Darrin Jackson” next year in the booth.

    DJ will call with Farmey and Stoney with The Hawk.


  20. Thinking it’s just the two of us here. Read about Steve Stone in the Trib today. I have loved listening to him on the radio this year. He truly knows the game.

    Hopefully, Hawk will allow him to analyze the game.

  21. Base hit Cabrera.

    1 0n, 1 out.

    Random Sox Fact:

    The Chicago White Sox are one of only eleven teams in baseball history to go wire-to-wire , during their 2005 World Series Championship season.

  22. That is my favorite part of the park, where Anderson just hit.

    Everything you need is there and great view, plus fireworks remnants fall on you 😀


    Stebics back in court over visitation]

    September 14, 2008

    By JANET LUNDQUIST The Herald News
    JOLIET — The lawyers attempting to arrange visits between the family of missing Plainfield mom Lisa Stebic and her children, who are cared for by her husband Craig Stebic, were in court Friday morning for a closed-door conference with a judge.

    Apparently, they didn’t get much closer to their goal.

    “The judge gave recommendations to settle or address the difficulties the parties are having,” said Dion Davi, Craig Stebic’s lawyer, outside the courtroom.

    The case will return to court Sept. 29, when both sides will report whether they were able to resolve their differences.

    In July, the parties reached an agreement on a petition filed in November by Lisa Stebic’s parents and grandparents – Lawrence and Judith Ruttenberg and Milton and Charlotte Ruttenberg – seeking visits with the two Stebic kids.

    The visitation agreement is confidential, as is the date of the visit between the grandparents and grandchildren that occurred this summer.

    The case was in court Sept. 5, when lawyers told Judge Robert Brumund they hit some roadblocks while trying to schedule a second visit.

    During that hearing the Ruttenbergs’ attorney, Timothy Daw, accused Craig of unreasonably withholding a second visit. Davi denied that and said the dispute centered on the Ruttenbergs rejecting the date and time Craig chose for a second visit.

    “Lisa’s family is steadfast in their resolution to do everything they can to see Lisa’s children,” said Melanie Greenberg, spokeswoman for Lisa’s family. “We’re going to take this as far as the judge will allow us.”

    Lisa was reported missing May 1, 2007, after she was last seen at her Plainfield home. Despite extensive searches and investigation, no trace of her has been found.

    Sun-Times News Group

  24. Hopefully, we will see the Sox and Cubs in the World Series this year.

    And we know who will win……


  25. Nancy Grace Weekend says Primetime LIVE Exclusive, covering the Caylee Anthony case.

    Replays tonight at midnight and 2 AM CST.

  26. Thanx Hediddy

    What did I miss re Steve Carcerano? Fugitive? I thought he was up for a DUI.

    Sorry to be so thick, but is Mike R’s trial beginning?

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