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Hey everybody,

Danya here. I’ve just started using my long-dormant Twitter account. If  any of you have a Twitter account of your own, you can now add me to your ‘following’ list. If I get enough, even a few of you, to sign up and add me to your list, then I’ll start sending Peterson-related updates while I’m out covering the case.

For those of you who don’t know what Twitter is, it’s one of the many social networking sites currently available. It allows users to send brief updates to people who sign up to follow their accounts. You can sign up to get the updates through your e-mail or through text messages.

This could be a valuable tool to help us disseminate information when there’s fast breaking news and I can’t step away long enough to update the blog. I’ve set up the account to allow me to send updates from my work cell phone, which unfortunately has a camera on it. So, I won’t be able to take it into the courthouse with me, but I’ll be able to send quick updates as soon as I leave. With Drew’s trial on the gun charges about to begin, this could allow me to get information out to you all almost immediately.

I will occasionally put updates on there that are not Peterson-related for friends and colleagues who are following my Twitter account. For instance, my current update for the evening is that my brother’s wife is currently in labor. So, in a short amount of time (hopefully, for her sake) I will become a first-time aunt.

I will try to limit such updates if the account becomes a valuable work tool. If any of you are interested, go to and search “danyahooker.” Last time I checked, I was the only account to show up under that search 🙂

Have a great week everyone!