Update to the Twitter account

Hey everyone,

It’s Danya again. So the response to the Twitter account was great. I will start sending the updates via my cell phone this Thursday. This is the first time I’ve used Twitter for case coverage so I’m not sure how it will go. One thing that I wanted to make you all aware of is the option to receive updates via text messaging. If you would like to receive updates via texts, make sure add your cell phone number under Twitter’s “devices” tab. Once you do this, click on your “following” menu on the right sidebar. My account will show up along with the option to turn “device updates” on or off. If you want the updates to go to your cell phone, click “on.” Twitter does not charge for the texts but you will be charged by your cell phone plan as it allows. So if your cell phone company charges 10 cents/text, you’ll be charged 10 cents. If you have unlimited texting, it will be free.

I’ve also added all of you to my “following” list so that you can message me at any time. For those of you who don’t want to receive updates via texting, make sure to check your Twitter homepage regularly, especially on court dates or when there’s breaking news, and you’ll be able to see updates that way.

As I said before, I haven’t used Twitter in this capacity, so bear with me as we work out the kinks. Thanks!