Your Thread – Sept. 15

Looks like the rain has finally passed over us. Hope you all managed to stay dry over the weekend. Here’s to hoping for a bit more sunshine this week.

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13 thoughts on “Your Thread – Sept. 15

  1. Well, we know you all are out there lurking today because we keep getting people signing up on the Twitter account. Why so quiet?

    Here’s a question for you all to get something started. At the last pre-trial hearing, Drew’s attorney Andrew Abood mentioned the possibility of moving Drew’s gun trial out of Will County. You all seem to be from around the state and country, do you think moving the trial to a larger venue, like Cook County, could produce a more impartial jury pool?

  2. I question why Abood and his client are opting for a jury trial at all. Isn’t it the accused’s right to have a jury trial one that can be waived at his desire?

    Is there any reason why he has to have a trial by jury?

  3. YooHoo everyone 🙂

    Facs, I wonder that too. They insist that the charge is “technical” in which case they’re probably better off with jut a judge hearing it.
    Prolonging the agony? Dress rehearsal for the big one (two)? They’d be able to test their jury-selection mettle. And maniplation.

  4. ….And make a bigger deal out of it than necessary to attract more attention so they can cry foul, tainted jury pool for “the big one”.


  5. I really don’t think they need to move anything anywhere!

    If he’d just lay low for a long while and shut up, people get caught-up in their own lives and tend to move on to other things. The sun doesn’t rise and shine on Drew Peterson and his entourage, even though he and his attorney like to think it does, but only when it suits them.

    There’s people who don’t follow blogs and know the dirty little details about Drew Peterson many of the bloggers do, so I don’t doubt that they could find an impartial jury.

  6. I wonder…Does a change of venue cause any kind of delay in getting the process going ?

    Hey everyone. Long time, no chat. Hope everyone made it okay thru Ike and continue
    endure its wrath. My prayers are with those who need it.

    I have missed this place. How is everyone ? Great I hope. 🙂

  7. Hi All. Hope all is doing well. I have a question. I’m hoping someone can remember the answer.
    Does anyone recall a friend of Drew’s that lived in Kentucky that Drew telephoned and went to visit and the friend wasn’t home? I believe it was someone that may have phoned him for support shortly after Stacy went “missing”…if I recall. Anyhow…anyone know about a friend of Drew’s that resides in Kentucky?

  8. I don’t Lavanda. According to Joel, Drew visited a friend in Wisconsin when he took off on his bike for a few days, but that’s the only out of state pal that I know of.

  9. Casey Anthony arrested again, back in jail
    Casey Anthony is back in custody after surrendering to authorities at the Orange County Jail on new charges of uttering a forged check, criminal use of personal identification and petty theft of $100 or more.

  10. Hey facs, just checked back in before calling it a night. Nice to hear from you. Sorry I missed you earlier. Maybe we can chat tomorrow I will be checking in more often and I am going to try to start posting more so we can get the conversation going on. The heat has certainly got to start up soon. Well one can hope. Hope all is well and Have a great night Facs.

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