Your Thread – September 23

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32 thoughts on “Your Thread – September 23

  1. Good morning!

    I’ve just listened to the scared monkeys radio interview with JB and DP. ROFL!!!!

    If you haven’t heard it, you can listen at

    My sides ache. ROFL.

  2. bucketoftea,

    Listen to it last night and agree. Thought they would talk about the book some, but this was better. Will try and watch Geraldo this Sat for a response.

  3. ROFL. I want due credit for being the first one to suggest DP would be arrested when he appeared in court on the gun charges!!!

  4. Maybe Geraldo will make a comment on the Mike and Juilette show today.

    bucketoftea, maybe in the next radio appearance they will mention you and go after you.

    Off to work. Can’t access this site from there.

  5. Bucket, have you given your public apology to Drew for being wrong about him being arrested at the courthouse? 😀

    Maybe you should wait … it still could come true. 😉

    He had the last word … why didn’t he tell Stacy to contact her sister … or a friend … or the police wherever she is?

    Yes, we would have said he was incincere, but if my spouse had run off and as a result, my life and my kids’ life was miserable, I’d still have pleaded for her to come home. Wouldn’t much care what I sounded like.

  6. I’ve been trying to type up a transcript to this. I gave up and went to bed late last night.

    I felt like an ass though when I realized that 20 miutes of the show was devoted to outrage, OUTRAGE I tell you, over people making inaccurate predictions about the date of Drew’s arrest.

    Nobody’s being held accountable! No one is being responsible!

    Geez, what’s the problem? Is Drew annoyed because he keeps packing and unpacking his suitcase? Did he not renew his vehicle registration in anticipation of his arrest?

  7. Oh, LOL at you facs!…packing and unpacking his suitcase. It sounds as if they shouldn’t be so worried about influence on the jury pool, but influence on them!

    Facs, you’re some kind of hero to even attempt to transcrbe this stuff.

  8. Just another little reminder…I bet everyone remembers that Geraldo did answer Joel when he asked him what he’ll do when he’s wrong, G said “”you’ll call me.” Looks like that prediction was on the money! LOL

  9. I’m sure he wants an arrest to be quick and before a body is found – that gives him the best chance for an acquittal and some doubt (which the jury has to decide if it is a reasonable doubt).

  10. I just listened to the scaredmonkey interview.

    It is messed up that Joel is putting excuses out there about how the media attention is draining the court resources when it was HIS client that went on national TV on his own when it was just a local story and said all kinds of stupid things about Stacy’s PMS which is what helped propel this case to national media attention.

    Now he is giving personal interviews for a book after he was charged with the gun violations and wants to cry foul?? This was a two-way street – they are at least 50% of the blame on the media attention this case has received.

    Talk about someone not taking account for their actions (and Joel would say).

  11. BTW – I think they all know that not too many people consider Geraldo the authority on anything after his vault stunt. 🙂

    They are correct, however, in everything being ratings driven. That is how TV works. They can charge more for their commercials when they have higher ratings. Ratings = $$$.

    I personally look at NG and GR about the same. They are both pretty much over-the-top and I can only watch them for a while. But I’m smart enough to form my own opinions from what I see in actions by the people themself.

  12. I think they sound like ridiculous babies to complain about how Geraldo treats guests. If they are that sensitive, they shouldn’t have agreed to appear on Geraldo’s show or be interviewed. Drew allowed the man to come into his home. It’s his choice.

    Don’t they watch TV? I don’t buy this pretense of shock and disappontment because Geraldo wasn’t ‘nice’.

    Here’s the transcript as promised. It’s six pages long so I’m just giving a link to my Word doc.

  13. I also had to laugh at the claims that all of Drew’s appearances have been in response to some leak or statement that they felt compelled to address.

    Again, if they want to address something that’s their choice. Stebic has had plenty said about him but he doesn’t respond by appearing on TV and radio shows.

    He should have asked them about calling up Dahl’s morning show and agreeing to go on the Drew Dating Game.

    It’s too bad Pretzer just lets them go on and on rather than challenge a thing they say. Gawd that transcription was ponderous! I can’t respect him at all after listening to that interview. All he does is pander.

  14. I think my favorite part though is when Drew is given the floor at the end of the interview and he asks Dana, “What should I say?”

    This right after complaining about Geraldo Rivera telling him what to say during an interview.


  15. Armstrong has added this FAQ to the description of the book at Amazon:

    FAQs from the Author

    1. How many hours did you interview Peterson?

    Several hundred hours, including home visits, round-the-clock sessions, and phone interviews.

    2. What other methods did you use to investigate the case?

    That’s embargoed information.

    3. What conclusions did you come to?

    I impartially present the evidence. I don’t draw conclusions. There’s a lot of material in the book, much of it never before reported.

    4. Why the embargo?

    To ensure distribution of books securely prior to broader media reports on the contents.

    5. Do Illinois State Police know about Drew Peterson Exposed?

    Almost certainly.

  16. facsmiley // September 23, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    “think”…makes me think…


    I thought you were giving me a compliment for making you think. Then I saw the typo… LOL!!

  17. Thanks Facs for transcribing that interview.
    It saved me from having to do it.

    I understand why it wasn’t on mainstream media.

    Seriously, a Geraldo ripfest?

    I wish Glenn would get him a new catch phrase.

    Sinsiter sells is so 2007.

    And Brodsky complaining about leaks? That is why they go on television?

    Oh pull my ear and call me Ashley fer cry eye.

  18. facsmiley // September 23, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Do you think they owed Pretzer a favor or something? They really had nothing at all to talk about.
    Reminds me of some meetings I attended when I actually worked for a living. Nothing to talk about so we talked about nothing. 😉

    And those meetings were far more interesting than that radio program … without any mention of Geraldo either.

  19. I know it’s fictional but I am in awe of how meetings are ended on the show Mad Men. A challenge is discussed, someone comes up with an idea and then silently, they all depart.

    I’d love to have a meeting like that. Just once.

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