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Sorry this got posted so late folks.

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  1. good morning all….Hi Facs…I went to see if I could find Armstrong’s farm on Saturday, and the only one that could be it did not have a name anywhere. The farm did’nt have a sign with its name and the mail box did’nt have a name either. That is very strange, usually you would think his farm would have a sign with KD farms on it. Also it had 2 driveways and both had gates with chains on them. You would have thought it was fort knox. It was a beautiful place, huge house and lots of white fencing it even had statues on the front lawn…..

  2. Good morning, Bucket. Thanks for posting that refreshing article. It is balanced and fair. The author pointed out Joe Hosey’s method of collecting information via interviews with involved parties, even speaking with Drew Peterson. In fact, this article pretty much explains how much Joe Hosey’s book and method of writing is the complete opposite of Derek Armstrong’s book. In his there are no interviews, no direct examination of evidence, but merely comparing Drew Peterson’s version of events to reported witness statements. And calling those witnesses liars and not credible because they don’t agree with Drew Peterson’s. Even going so far as to admit he is gaa gaa goo goo over Brodsky and clearly proclaims Drew Peterson innocent of being a killer!

    Crimefile dude must be gearing up for something. Sounds like the puppeteers are, once again, pulling his strings. Dance Paulie, dance.

  3. hiya q, hiya rescue!

    ROFLSM (Some More) someone commenting at the UPI story is accusing facs of being Lenny. I might add that it was posted by someone who can’t read and write.LOL

    oohh that Paulie!

  4. I didn’t mean to sound like I thought Paulie was the one outing facs, in fact, if I had to guess, I’d be inclined to think it was the sus himself.

  5. They were obviously annoyed enough to note where faxy is. Not many people would be that bugged, would they? Faxy must have struck some nerves.

  6. I just looked up myself on two random IP locators. The first one put me in New York, NY and the second one in Marina Del Rey, CA.

  7. I do think it’s interesting that as soon as something I say is found threatening to someone, I become male.

    I used to create humorous Internet quizzes and ran a web site that hosted them (they were even on TV a few times!). It was funny that anytime someone became offended at the content or disagreed with their scores and emailed me, they would assume I was male.

    It’s a man’s world I tell you…

  8. Okay, what is it? Two more days before the Hearsay Bill time frame runs out as far as the Gov doing something about it?

  9. Heh, I love that song.

    I thought the ninth for the hearsay bill, but I haven’t been following it as closely as some other people.

  10. bucketoftea // October 6, 2008 at 9:01 am

    I’ve just read a reference to DP paying Michael Robinson’s college fees. Anyone know anything about that?

    I’ve seen the rumor but that’s all…

  11. facsmiley // October 6, 2008 at 10:23 am

    I just looked up myself on two random IP locators. The first one put me in New York, NY and the second one in Marina Del Rey, CA.
    For me: La Junta, CO; Purchase, NY; and Helena, MT.

    Another one I’d tried put me somewhere in UT, but I can’t find it now …

    I must travel much more than I thought I did. 😉

  12. bucketoftea // October 6, 2008 at 11:15 am

    The 9th is a GJ day (in theory….we don’t know wot’s going on).


    Must be an elite group that handles the PR for Will County and the progress of their investigations. Hmmmm.

  13. Oh … could it be that the $25,000 “Stacy took” was actually meant to pay for Mike’s “college expenses”?


  14. Bucket, where did you read the reference to Mike Robinson and college fees? Another forumblogboard?

    Maybe he “graduated” from assaulting women to killing one, and needed money for “college fees”?

  15. I’m so ashamed….I read it on the *new* drew bashing site aka Ashlen2.0. That’s all. I just had to ask if anyone here knew anything.

  16. 😀
    Bucket, you’re right. I don’t want to go there. I just thought there might be other posts that referenced it.

    I’m sure someone will continue to post the “good stuff” from there. 😉

  17. I don’t believe Mike R is actually taking college courses…for that we require at least half/brain.
    I’m guessing it was more like a hands on tech class. Maybe to be a mechanic?
    Careful where you take your vehicles to be worked on huh?
    All honesty…not college courses…but it has made me chuckle. Mike R is probably not capable of filling out an application in an appropriate manner.

    Hey there’s an idea, Drew can send Mike to finishing school…maybe he can learn how to NOT beat up or abuse women. This school goes by the name of jail…one day soon Drew’s circle of friends could all be there? Steve C and Mike R. IMHO

  18. A Hearsay Bill gets passed and sent to the Governor, as of August 8, 2008. News reports indicate there’s an important effective date element missing from the Bill, and the Governor will determine how to handle it. End of story. Nada. Not another word. Why not?

    An almost year-long investigation into the fates of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio leave many wondering why law enforcement isn’t forthcoming with general information about the progress of the investigations and whether charges, or lack of them, will be taking place.

    Revelations about the inept procedures and investigations are uncovered about Kathleen Savio’s death, her remains are exhumed and findings are revealed. Findings that positively point to being murdered. A meaningless story about a bath tub being taken into law enforcement’s inventory. Wow. Now, nothing. Nada. Not another word. Why not?

    Stacy Peterson’s disappearance went from a missing person to a missing person/possible homicide victim, with her husband being named early on as THE suspect. Law enforcement reports are made about GJ appearances, blue-barrel witness, cell phone pings. FOID card revoked, illegal weapon violation charge. (Former) Police Chief, early in the investigation, claims Drew Peterson brought shame on the Department and was involved in unsavory activities while on duty. Considered having him investigated for corrupt activities while an officer, until he resigned voluntarily. Now, nothing. Nada. Not another word. Why not?

    Lisa Stebic has been missing since April 30, 2007. Her husband, Craig, went from a person of interest to a suspect in her disappearance/possible homicide. Reports were that blood was found in the back of his truck. He said it was “deer” blood from hunting. Hunting season runs from October through December in Michigan. Not April. Their marriage was troubled. She was in the process of having him removed from the house. No up-to-date news from law enforcement about the progress of the investigation. Now, nothing. Nada. Not another word. Why not?

    What in the world is going on in Will County’s State’s Attorney’s Office? Why the lack of public news affairs? How is anyone supposed to believe that this is nothing but an elitist group who apparently doesn’t think they don’t need to inform the public of anything they do.

    Not Kathleen all over again.

  19. oops, correction: but an elitist group who apparently doesn’t think they need to inform the public of anything they do.

  20. facsmiley // October 6, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Drew’s timeline at the Joliet-Herald. No by line.

    Man, I’d love it if some reporter somewhere might actually read the timeline before describing it as a “detailed account ” when it so obviously is not.

    Lazy, press-release quoting….,4_1_JO06_DREWTIMELINE_S1.article
    2 p.m.: Calls Bolingbrook police to take the night off. (He was retiring in December and had sick time to use or lose.)

    3: 15 p.m: Tom, his 14-year-old son, is picked up by friends for a band concert.

    6 p.m.: Takes Kris, Anthony and Lacy to McDonald’s. They have dinner and play at the playground at McDonald’s.

    Considering he could have been anywhere when he called work at 2, and doesn’t actually say he was at home when Tom was picked up, there seems to be 4 hours here unaccounted for.

    Details, details. 🙄

  21. JOLIET, Ill. — A man who says he found the body of a former police officer’s third wife in a bathtub said he was summoned by a grand jury convened to review her death.
    Steve Carcerano, a friend of Kathleen Savio’s ex-husband Drew Peterson, said he was called by the grand jury, but did not get to testify Wednesday and was told to return at a later date. Illinois State Police have said Peterson’s brother, Paul, also was subpoenaed by a grand jury.
    Investigators initially said Savio’s death was an accidental drowning when she was found in the bathtub three years ago. But now, with Peterson’s fourth wife missing for more than two weeks, authorities are re-examining the circumstances of her death.

    Savio’s body was exhumed this week at the request by state’s attorney James Glasgow, who has said after examining evidence he believes her death was a homicide staged to look like an accident.
    Peterson, 53, who resigned this week as a Bolingbrook police sergeant, has not been named a suspect in Savio’s death. But he is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth and current wife, Stacy, who was last seen Oct. 28 and whose case authorities have called a possible homicide investigation.
    Click here to read Jamie Colby’s blog: “Inside Drew Peterson’s House.”
    Drew Peterson has denied any involvement in either case and said he believes his 23-year-old wife left him for another man and is alive.
    He told America’s Most Wanted he hopes she, “exposes herself to be alive and well.”
    Click here to read the report from America’s Most Wanted.
    Vicki Connolly, Peterson’s second wife, told the Chicago Tribune that during their marriage an increasingly controlling Peterson hit her and told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident.
    Connolly told the Tribune she did not believe Peterson would ever kill her, but confided in Bolingbrook police officers who she considered friends.
    “So they would know he said these things to me,” Connolly told the Tribune.
    The husband of Peterson’s first wife told WGN-TV on Wednesday his wife hasn’t talked to Peterson in more than ten years. But he said his wife never has mentioned Peterson being violent or threatening.
    “She didn’t have any of that kind of problem with him that long ago,” said Dave Brown.
    Documents released by Savio’s family show she had accused Peterson of once stealing her car while she was in church with one of her children. She also, according to one letter the family said was sent to the Will County State’s Attorney’s office in November 2002, accused Peterson of beating her a number of times so severely she “ended up in the emergency room.”
    She also described in the letter an incident in which she believed he would kill her: “He pulled out his knife that he kept around his leg and brought it to my neck.”
    Charles Pelkie, a spokesman for the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office, said it remains unclear if that letter ever came to the office. He said it was not in the files Glasgow read when he began reinvestigating Savio’s drowning.
    But many allegations in the letter are consistent with those Savio made in an order of protection filed against Drew Peterson in 2002, as well as accounts given by her family members.
    Attorney Fred Morelli, who once represented Peterson, said he never heard the knife claims about his former client.
    “That’s the first I’ve heard of that,” Morelli said. “That’s crazy. … (Peterson) was a very pleasant, personable fellow. Other than that, I don’t know.”

    Fearing that Stacy’s case will be swept just as Kathleen’s was. Will County needs to step forward and address this case in some way!!
    Send a letter or email today to James Glasgow…let him know the case is important to you, why can’t they update someone?

    Will County let the Kathleen and her family down!! Please let’s not have a repeat.

  22. jeepers – thanks for all of the info from the various reports.

    No one is demanding (well, maybe some are) that Drew Peterson/Craig Stebic be absolutely charged, tried and convicted at this exact point in time, but absolutely no reassurances from the Will County officials are forthcoming, one way or the other. Since they are such high profile cases, and Kathleen Savio’s death was handled so poorly, right down to no one taking responsibility for even acknowledging receiving letters she wrote asking for help, I’d like to know how they assume they are not accountable to anyone for their investigative findings/activities.

  23. What’s the reason for the cloud of secrecy regarding the Hearsay Bill? I mean, did it leave the Gov’s desk to go back for revision, or is it sitting there as a desk ornament? Why can’t anyone find the answers to it’s whereabouts?

    I thought politicians want their constituents to be proactive and involved in government? No wonder we’re all sick of politicians. Only to hear later that they, themselves, are the ones charged with crimes!

  24. ROFLMAO. Armie has his buddies logging onto Amazon and posting their first and only reviews, 5-stars, no less. One writes his review along the lines of the way we learned to read in kindergarten. This book is good, Buy this book. It is good.

    The second one uses “Lynch-mob mentality and rush to judgement” as a description.

    Can you spell judgment? j-u-d-g-m-e-n-t. There ya go.

  25. Well, it seems the Gov’s Office News has been posted for today, and the only press release is about Illinois’ fallen.

    The Hearsay Bill status is still a big secret as of today, 10/6. And, boy, can “they” all keep a secret.

  26. Armstrong was a busy bee this weekend, updating blogs and self-reviewing his book. This one post is the first time I’ve seen any reference to the fact that Joel and Drew pre-empted his appearance and ‘broke’ the embargo on the CBS early show (with clip from video).

    Drew Peterson Exposed, exposed too early

    Drew Peterson broke the release embargo on the book Drew Peterson Exposed, set to release Oct 1. Peterson and his lawyer went on The Early Show Sept 29, jumping ahead of an author appearance planned for Oct 1, to deny the deceptive results in the polygraph he took for the book. Watch his body language in this very revealing video:

    We now know that Armstrong never did make an appearance (face it, who would want him without Peterson), but I don’t get a feel from this post how he felt about the pre-emption.

    Was it all planned to go down that way from the beginning, or did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum actually cause him to get bumped from the Today show and if so, how does he feel about that?

  27. Facs – how does Armie come out and express his true feelings about that when, in all reality, he’s tied into this book deal and can’t exactly throw the water out with the baby?

    All he can do now is promote the “facts” of the book by dwelling on the questions that were purported to be answered non-deceptively and/or deceptively during a polygraph. That’s the only “new” revelation he can actually account for in this book, because there’s nothing that he’s uncovered that hasn’t already been written about. He’s even said in the book he doesn’t think DP is a killer.

    Drew Peterson breaking the embargo and, thus, not appearing with him on The Today Show is probably a kick in the butt for Armie, but, again, what’s he to do? Say it’s all a sham what he wrote, he hates Drew and really thinks he is a killer, and go on his merry way. That’s not going to happen.

    Book sales. Money.

  28. I notice some really bad spelling going on at Amazon. I know of a certain attorney that has that affliction. Can’t spell worth a darn.

    Neither can his client! 🙂

  29. Armie’s got to be a little cross. I think it’s possible Today bumped them…I like to think because they wouldn’t let them see the book.

    Or …JB and DP went their own way and depending upon the contract they have, maybe he can sue them! I don’t think it was planned to happen that way.

    Or….DA ran off with 25k, the autographed Toady Show cap and Drew’s bikini AKA Drew killed him and that’s why he couldn’t appear on telly.

  30. excuse me, OT delayed response to Noway…..That crazy casey anthony. They’re not going to let her do that, are they???Do you have a fave forum for the anthonys, Noway?

  31. Bucket- are you talking about Casey wanting freedom to search for her daughter in Mexico? Yeah, maybe she could take her bikini with her while she’s at it. She’ll need someone to finance her sorry butt, because it’s a well known fact she only writes other people’s checks and forges them!

  32. It’s mad, rescue, isn’t it? It’s completely nuts. She’s only trying to make the lie stretch further. I really feel for Cindy…not popular viewpoint, I know, but maybe more people will cut her some slack since senior detectives in Orlando think Casey’s the toughest nut they’ve met.

  33. I can’t judge her for not turning her in to the cops from stealing from her. How hard to thow your daughter under that particular bus when you’re getting near to retirement, (ie, tired), and you know that you’re the one who would have to pick up allthe pieces.

  34. Yeah, Bucket, as much as I think Cindy is Casey’s enabler, the fact remains that not only did she lose her little granddaughter, her family is in shambles, and her whole life is public knowledge.

    It’s just too bad that they can’t tear themselves away from the belief that their daughter has some truth in her ramblings, and letting themselves be caught-up in the notion that little Caylee is alive. But, I guess the hope that that baby girl may come home to them is the only thing they have to hold onto. As far as Casey, it’s hard to even go there as far as I’m concerned. She’s an evil witch.

  35. She seems to be happy to blame everyone else. She will be blaming the police for not arresting her soon enough. Have you listened to the police interviews?

  36. Oh, yeah, I do follow the investigation. Once I heard the comment, though, that Casey probably disposed of Caylee’s body in a pond full of alligators, I just didn’t want to hear that mother-from-hell’s name for a while!


    This is where I first saw that Casey wanted permission to search for Caylee.

    You have to be a member to post, but not to read.

    Websleuths is a little like shopping at an outlet … there is a lot of stuff to dig through before you find what you want, but the search through the racks is worth it. 😉

  38. So…no changes since this post?

    “heidi442 // September 22, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    Rescueapet…..I just got off the phone with the Governor’s office and it’s still on his desk and he has until around Oct 9th to decide what he is going to do with the hearsay bill.”

  39. facsmiley…I called my state rep’s office last week and asked them to find out about the Hearsay Bill. I received a call back explaining that they had the following info for me:

    It seems Wilhelmi has requested the Governor to do an amendatory veto because of the effective date. If this is considered it will go back to the house and senate where they will consider all amendatory vetoed bills in November.

    I was pretty upset when I heard this and didn’t take notes so I may be off on the info a little. I will be calling the Governor’s office again tomorrow for more info on the bill.

  40. Casey Anthony would make the perfect Wife #5 for Drewpy….both are murderers/ liars & cheaters!

    The only place I would let Casey travel – is back to jail where she belongs!

  41. bucketoftea // October 6, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    excuse me, OT delayed response to Noway…..That crazy casey anthony. They’re not going to let her do that, are they???Do you have a fave forum for the anthonys, Noway?

    Hi everyone! I’ve not posted here in awhile, but I do try to keep up with your postings. Although this post was not directed to me, if you don’t mind, I’d like to respond. I am on a ‘secret’ forum, it is public and if any of you would like to go there it is the Cookies thread at Topix. Noway, are you there as Nobody, by chance? Just curious.

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