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Here’s a new one for Thursday folks.

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  1. SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 8 (UPI) — Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is urging state legislators to approve a bill that would allow some hearsay evidence to be admissible in murder trials.

    The measure, if approved, could have an effect on the prosecution of former Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant Drew Peterson in the disappearance of his wife, Stacy, and the death of his former wife, Kathleen Savio, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

    Under Blagojevich’s revision of the bill, presented as an amendatory veto of earlier legislation, hearsay evidence could be considered in first-degree murder cases if prosecutors could prove that a defendant killed a witness to prevent their testimony, the newspaper said.

    The bill is scheduled to be taken up in the November veto session of the Illinois Legislature, the Tribune said.

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    Don’t ya love Blago “urging state legislators to approve the bill” when they have already overwhelmingly though it has sat on his desk for
    ages. Politicians, there they go taking credit for anything they can.

  2. bucketoftea,

    I agree. He had it since Aug, I had made a few phone calls in Sept and all they said was it was on his desk. However, he was smart enough to amend it so it goes immediately into effect.

    Does anyone know if the GJ is done with either the Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson cases? Maybe they are listening to the tapes from Lenny and Paula.

  3. Hiya, whitey! Please call me bucket 😉

    Grand Jury is supposed to be secret…we can guess what’s up, but until there is official word, or witnesses seen going in and out as before, we just have to wait!… the suspect.

    mmm….that’s not quite right. He is the only person who can end the suspense. Where is Stacy?

  4. I wonder…will the GJ ever finish ? I also wonder…does anyone know if there is any kind of annoucement from the GJ when they start to deliberate or is it ALL secret until they return a bill or no bill of indictment ?

    I wonder….Is the ISP keeping the family notified of the status of the cases in both KS and SP ? I wonder…will they ever find SP ?

    I also wonder……..hows everyone been ?

  5. hi wonder!

    All good here, thanks. Hope you are, too.

    I think the GJ is usually silent til the end. I hope ISP and FBI talking to the families. They have in the past.

    And Q hiya! Iguess that means she probably won’t be able to search the nightclubs!

  6. Glad to hear it Bucket. I have been so busy. Have not been around in a few days, and I have missed this for sure. I sure hope the GJ wraps up soon, so we atleast know where the cases stand.
    It’ll probably be years before this scumbag is behind bars for good. arghhhhhhhh

  7. Hi Bucket….hopefully that grand jury won’t take as long to indict as Drew’s but mind you there is a lot of forenzic evidence against Casey.

  8. So my brain had a thought today… Is it possible that the GJ has completed the KS and SP review and have given the OK for the prosecution to proceed but the prosecution is waiting for the Hearsay Bill to be signed into law? I mean there is no rule that they have to say that the GJ said yay or nay right?

  9. I wonder……how easy is it to research the rules of the GJ for Illinois ? I think I am going to go do some research. Have a Wonderful day
    everybody. BBL

  10. High profile, Will County, unsolved cases:

    Kathleen Savio
    Rachael Mellon
    Stacy Peterson
    Lisa Stebic
    Riley Fox
    Lane Bryant Murders

  11. I think a liaison in that office to keep their high profile cases in the forefront might be beneficial. Letting their unsolved cases wither in the wind, without any updates to get the public’s attention, maybe leading to tips and revitalized interest, might be a good thing.

    The non-news position they take seems non-productive.

  12. Different approach:

    Mother of Missing Florida Toddler Caylee Anthony Might Soon Be Charged With Murder,2933,435002,00.html

    This poor excuse of a human being couldn’t pick her nose without law enforcement jumping on it and releasing it to the public. This is as the opposite end of the spectrum as far as media affairs in a high profile case.

    Just comparing different agency’s techniques. Which is right, which is wrong, or is there a happy medium?

  13. You’re welcome!

    Big factors in keeping quiet about the investigation in DP’s case is the many-faceted nature of his *possible* criminal career and the lingering miasma of corruption. V.V.V. tricky, if you know what I mean.

  14. I don’t think it has all to do with an agencies technique. It also has to do with how colourful the accused is making it, and Drew and Casey and her family have certainly done that. If the accused fades into the background after the initial report the media and public will forget about it, or at least put it on the back burner.

  15. Yeah, Bucket, I think that’s a correct assumption about Peterson’s wives’ fates. I guess it can be looked at as an investigation inside an investigation when it comes to Kathleen’s death case.

    Stephen Peterson was hauled before a hearing board and handed an eight-day suspension for taking a patrol car to a personal grand jury appearance. What’s going to happen to the investigators who didn’t exactly follow protocol in the Kathleen Savio <homicide?

  16. You’re right. I think we all forget how long an investigation like this would take. There’s only one suspect, but think of all the witnesses and their timelines.

  17. Yeah, rescue. Who knows? We haven’t heard a peep of any description from Mr. Hardy. ( I always think “Kismet, Hardy. *gasp*”)

  18. I think that the police sometimes use different tactics if they think they’ll get a response out of their suspect. I think they underestimated Casey and thought she would fold under the pressure. I mean – she’s just a kid and should be scared about what is going on.

    I personally think they made a mistake in putting out Casey’s jailhouse conversations. I think she would have been dumb enough to slip and say something. Instead they ended up making her look like she was the victim and got people to stand up and pay her bail.

  19. Hi Think

    LOL I think it was a normal expectation that she would fold when all her lies were exposed.

    I agree with you about the tapes. I was dumbfounded when they did that.

  20. thinkaboutit – yeah, but they’ll always be someone out there that holds out the suspect as the “victim.” Some will never be in the corner of law enforcement or prosecutors. You see that every time a news show has both defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys. The defense attorneys will rip someone’s eyes out to get their point across that, no matter how guilty someone may be, there’s a way around it.

    I’m sure no one expected the mother-from-hell to be as crafty as she is. To have seasoned investigators claim she’s a tough nut to crack says a lot. Maybe she’s one that only comes along once in a lifetime.

    It goes without saying. Those that can take the life of another, and then continue to move around in their everyday world as though it was just an irrelevant moment in their life, are those that need all the attention they can get from the ones that can stop them from ever hurting anyone again!

  21. I wonder….Has anyone here ever looked up GJ procedure for the state of Illinois ? I read the GJ handbook, but it was for the jurors, it didn’t really answer my question from earlier.

  22. yes, especially if you were to disagree with her. No wonder her mother & father were siding with her to the point of being rediculous…

  23. You know – they keep replaying the tape from Lee Anthony’s interview where he says:

    “Well, I kept saying, Well, I don`t get it. What`s in it for you? Why are you letting, you know, the police get involved with this? This seems — this doesn`t make any sense to me. She`s, like, Well, maybe this should have been done a long time ago. Stolen money from Mom. I`ve been a bad daughter. You know, I`ve been — she said, I`ve stolen money from you. You know, I`ve been untrustworthy, you know? And she goes, And I have been a — a — you know, a bad mother, a daughter and sister. She said, you know, So this should have been done a long time ago.”

    Why do I feel like she is basically saying that people should have turned her in and put her in jail a long time ago as an excuse to blame their inactions for her actions??

  24. Its just like after she had the fight with her mother she just went biszerk doing all the bad things that her mother probably accused her of all the time. Because she didn’t seem to care if she got caught or not she did it right out in the open with camera’s catching her as well. It was as if she was rebelling and saying you think I’m bad well what do you think of me now…..

  25. When were her parents ever going to admit that she was a major head case and do something about it? Yeah, she is 22 years old, but she lived with them and basically they supported her and little Caylee. I’d say they’d have some authority over her with that.

    Casey wasn’t just a nuisance and a liar, her head was screwed on backwards. If they couldn’t see that, then they’re reaping the effects of the denial now! Big time. I am sorry for their losses, but cleaning up after a head case like her time after time did nothing to help anyone!

  26. qhorses // October 9, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Its just like after she had the fight with her mother she just went biszerk doing all the bad things that her mother probably accused her of all the time. Because she didn’t seem to care if she got caught or not she did it right out in the open with camera’s catching her as well. It was as if she was rebelling and saying you think I’m bad well what do you think of me now…..


    Man – I will tell you that you hit a nail on the head here. I have a sister that has major issues. She has time and time again blamed her bad behavior (including drug use) on everyone in our family. She has said things like she was that way because that is what people expected of her.

    There must be a part of your brain that handles your “personal responsibility” meter. Casey’s and my sister’s are both broken.

    I used to joke around and say that I sucked the last of the responsibility jean from my parents reproductive systems as I’m probably hyper-responsible and take responsibility for things that aren’t even mine.

  27. qhorses // October 9, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Exactly..that is why I think her family is to blame for a lot of what happened….


    Nope. Casey is to blame for her own actions. If she was still a minor I’d say otherwise but as happened in my family, my parents ended up taking on supporting my sister so my niece and nephew wouldn’t suffer. If there weren’t little ones involved – my parents probably would have let my sister learn her own lesson. My sister is now in her 40s and still lives with my dad but she has never killed or physically harmed her children.

  28. Yeah, but Casey’s mother is an obvious enabler. She called the authorities when she was peed as hell at Casey for stealing money from her grandparent, stealing her car, and stealing her money. She wanted the cops to come and get her. She smelled death in the car. As soon as the heat started coming down on Casey, mom Cindy reverted back into her denial shell and made a complete shambles of her life, her husband’s and their son. Other than a few sympathizers and supporters, most everyone has lost respect for Cindy and the family. Her response isn’t going to change the outcome. Most likely, Casey killed the baby, and disposed of her. She’s going to be charged. What did Cindy accomplish by letting the witch drag them down with her?

  29. Thinkaboutit – maybe every family has a member like that. With me it’s a brother, now middle aged still living with mom, who drinks “because of her” although she has bailed him out, saved his life and supported him for almost 50 years. She’s just tired of fighting now.

  30. Rescue – you know where I stand on this one. I think that the grandparents have accepted that they’ve lost that baby and can’t face losing another child (casey), so they are going to do whatever it takes to protect her and keep her in their lives. It’s effed up, but I think I understand it.

    MHO, as always.

  31. Facs – I actually think that Cindy hasn’t accepted that the baby is gone yet. I think she is believing Casey’s wild tale of dangerous people that will harm Caylee. I think she thinks that someone else did something to her but cannot let herself realize her own daughter did it.

    I think George has realized it. He’s been awful quiet lately.

  32. I understand completely their rationale for what they’ve done. There can’t possibly be anyone that would want to trade places with them or be in their shoes. It’s just that they were in a no-win situation, and trying to convince the rest of the public, through the media, that they should buy into the lies of their daughter is living in a fantasy world. Actually, Casey’s world, one which I believe they’re quite used to living in. They held onto all hope that something in that mess of lies she told them could be salvaged, giving them back little Caylee.

    You can’t deny that Cindy used the media to straighten out the mess that her daughter created. This was something that was a private matter, between them, Casey and the police. Instead, Cindy used it to promote Casey’s lies that the baby was kidnapped. That’s a bunch of crap if ever there was!

  33. I think they all know. It’s terrible. Have you listened to the police interview tapes?

    Many of us at one time or another find themselves using the magical thinking that if we don’t hope and believe enough it will be our fault. Hoping

  34. Rescue, for all my sympathy for Cindy, enough is enough. I think LE and the courts will be taking everything out of mom and dad’s hands.

  35. Maybe we’ll never hear the truth. That being, did Cindy Anthony hold out hope and honestly believe that Casey messed with the wrong people, and Caylee was taken and held for owed drug money, or that someone took her to scare Casey, or did she figure out early on that Casey really did harm Caylee and she needed to cover for her in her own way?

    Bucket – yes, Cindy Anthony has, IMHO, no credibility and doesn’t warrant anymore time and/or effort in her promoting her daughter’s innocence in Caylee’s disappearance. Enough is enough. How the heck is Casey going to come clean if her own mother is doing the same thing?

  36. Do some lawyers believe what they actually say? Some are real pips.

    From Legal Pub where Joel Brodsky occasionally posts.

    Reader: How reliable are polygraphs?

    Legal Pub: In my view, they are not reliable and a client should not submit to a lie detector test even if he is innocent because scientific data calls into question the reliability of polygraphs. (“Scientific Validity of Polygraph Testing: A Research Review and Evaluation”. Washington, D. C.: U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment (1983). ) Advocates may argue that the test is 90% – 95% reliable, but too often the polygraph is just a means to launch an aggressive interrogation. In 1997, 421 psychologists concluded that the accuracy of polygraphs is about 61%. (USA Today LINK).

  37. Further, in the comments section:

    Blogger Politely Asking said…

    Joel Brodsky sure effed that up then didn’t he?

    Excerpt from letter from McCord and Associates (polygraph examiner):

    “On May 25, 2008, Drew Peterson voluntarily submitted to a polygraph examination at the request of his Attorney Joel Brodsky of Brodsky and Odeh.”

    October 2, 2008 8:43 PM
    Blogger Legal Pub said…

    The strategy of lawyers may vary. Sometimes a lawyer will ask his client to submit to a private lie detector tests to see if he will pass. This is done more as a measure of the clients demeanor then it is for determining veracity.

    I have not discussed the polygraph with J. Brodsky so I do not know the circumstances of Drew Peterson taking a polygraph. Perhaps that can be a subject for a future interview.

    Won’t admit Brodsky screwed up!

  38. Holy Giamoli!


    Casey Anthony’s Father To Testify Against Her In Front Of Grand Jury

    POSTED: 5:56 pm EDT October 9, 2008
    UPDATED: 6:29 pm EDT October 9, 2008

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Detectives think they have a solid case against Casey Anthony and Eyewitness News found out Thursday that Casey’s own father will testify against her in front of Orange County’s grand jury next week.

    Sources told Eyewitness News that prosecutors now have all the forensic evidence they need to ask the grand jury to indict Casey for the murder of her daughter Caylee.

    Two members of the Anthony family now have key roles in the case against Casey, her father for what he’s going to do and her brother Lee for what he didn’t want to do.

    Full Story:

  39. Two members of the Anthony family now have key roles in the case against Casey, her father for what he’s going to do and her brother Lee for what he didn’t want to do.

    That sounds so sad…

  40. Two members of the Anthony family now have key roles in the case against Casey, her father for what he’s going to do and her brother Lee for what he didn’t want to do.

    Lee has a key role against Casey for what he didn’t want to do?

    He didn’t want to take polygraph and didn’t want to submit DNA. What else didn’t he want to do?

    I’m not understanding that sentence. It’s not that late here, so I’m not sure what my excuse is for not understanding it. 🙄 Opened a big can of stupid I guess.

  41. Noway – I read that to mean Dad is going to testify, and Lee is going to submit the DNA even though he didn’t want to.

    I guess those are key roles?

  42. What do make of a lawyer that repeatedly makes comments about being against a client taking a polygraph examination, yet, who then turns around and sets up an exam for his client? Not in privacy, to be kept secret, but to “appease” a book author?

    I think “some” people should start fessing up to the facts and reality and quit trying to write pieces that dance around the issues.

  43. Excerpt from letter from McCord and Associates (polygraph examiner):

    “On May 25, 2008, Drew Peterson voluntarily submitted to a polygraph examination at the request of his Attorney Joel Brodsky of Brodsky and Odeh.”

    What a Silly Billy. Probably not the best move to sign off on ‘hundreds of hours’ of interviews that the author is now making available upon request, either.


  44. When are “some” going to step up to the plate and quit blaming everyone and everything other than the suspect in two women’s fates, at least one of which names him officially as a suspect in his wife’s disappearance/homicide, and quit stroking the attorney that has been trying to baby sit a run-away, uncontrollable client? Hmmm?

  45. An attorney who comes back with silly, willy (kind of like silly, billy) remarks such as one that says polygraph exams aren’t his bag, but, in this particular instance, if you’re going to believe in them, my client DID pass a few of the questions???

    Now, if that’s not bordering on incompetent lawyering, someone will let me know what does, heh?

    What lawyer goes on record by saying he won’t allow his client to take a poly, but turns around and sets one up for him anyway? Not to determine for himself where his client is coming from in regards to truthfulness or what have you, but to promote the sale of a book that is purported to put his client in the light of the world as a shining example of Mr. Mom and goodness?

    Someone has been sneaking into the liquor cabinet again, because I can’t understand how educated, trained individuals can honestly spew out this stuff without choking on the words.

  46. “Brodsky has mounted an aggressive campaign for media coverage.

    Asked whether she discussed those issues with Brodsky, Odeh said, “Absolutely. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I think it is in the client’s best interest to keep it quiet and focus on the case. But he just says the case is going to make us famous and we’re all going to get book deals.”

    Odeh better hope her “model” look, as described in the book, will get her a pictorial book deal, because I don’t think there’s much hope of anything else after this fiasco.

    Brodsky can try and align himself with a comic book publisher about a wayward client and his adoring lawyer. Abood can do the sketches.

  47. Sorry to go back, but Legal blogger said:
    The strategy of lawyers may vary. Sometimes a lawyer will ask his client to submit to a private lie detector tests to see if he will pass. This is done more as a measure of the clients demeanor then it is for determining veracity.

    Oh, ROFL, pull the other one it’s got bells on!

  48. Hi Bucket….I know Padilla said he refused to take a poly before, and now he doesn’t want his DNA taken. I still wonder about the BIO dad of Caylee I still wander about him..I know its a terrible thing to think but I keep going back to it…

  49. Good morning everybody.

    Lee Anthony is turning out to be quite the mystery here. NG’s show again made the comment that when asked to take a lie detector test, the parents were willing to do so, but Lee said no and convinced them not to.

    Maybe there is other DNA mixed in with the DNA taken from the trunk of the car and that’s what they’re trying to get at. Maybe he helped her.

    That is one strange, dysfunctional family.

  50. I wonder…….If he might indeed be trying to hide something, since he does not want to give up his DNA, perhaps a past crime ? It could be anything. Strange family. I see a murder conviction in the near future with that case. She’ll be on death row before they ever arrest Peterson the way things are going in Illinios.

  51. I think you’re right, wonder. It looks like it’s all over for her.

    I don’t know why, really, but I don’t think she had any help.

  52. Me either. I really dont. I think she killed that baby so she could have her single life back. Thats what I see in her actions. I hope I am wrong. Sad sad case.

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