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Hi folks,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the weather, which could not have been better for the folks out on John’s search. The story, video and photos from that search are due out on Thursday. In the meantime, our staff is working hard on putting together material for a package in recognition of the one-year anniversary of Stacy’s disappearance.

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  1. This late hour reminds me of some of the past ones, especially when Basherette was blogging and it really got interesting!

  2. right, when we refreshed the page, it went to a woo boy, you’re in the wrong place kind of thing, lol. Only way we could get back on the thread was to click on a past post.

    Does that make sense?

  3. Maybe it was a late-night issue, but I never had any of the problems described above.

    I was just reading and not posting . . .

  4. Good morning. I’m just copying Bucket’s comment over here from the 10/10 thread. She made some good points:

    bucketoftea // October 13, 2008 at 5:41 am

    Good Morning, mes petits choux.

    I’m really sorry I missed last night’s chat. I’ve had a cup of tea, wandered about a bit, more tea, but still annoyed.

    1.You have totally missed the point if you don’t realise the other sites are for DREW’S consumption. People who went there to argue with them don’t seem to have gotten it, and have been singed.

    2. Welcome back, but you’re not winning new friends by insinuating our book discussions were trivial, and no one needs to “make” this thread into anything other than what it has successfully and happily been for ages.

    Now, please have a cup of tea and a couple of these wonderful ginger cookies.

  5. LOL
    Thanks facs! I’ve been sitting like a muppet on the wrong thread, and seeing no responses, feared I had killed the thread dead in the water.

  6. I saw on Kathleen’s website that her sisters would be participating in the vigil.

    10-03-2008 9:21:03 AM CST

    Every one please show support for my sister kathleen and for stacy on oct 28 7.00pm. We will have a walk starting at 392 pleasant chase kathleens home and ending at stacys home 6 pleasant chase bolingbrook il PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THESE BEATIFUL WOMAN.

    I have mixed feelings about the location of the vigil although I understand that this neighborhood is where Kathleen died, and where many people Stacy died.

    I wonder if Drew will do something idiotic to disturb the participants (like having his car alarms going off) or whether he’ll take the kids and be out of the neighborhood.

    If he is home, I hope the participants ignore him and conduct themselves with dignity.

  7. Thanks for the info, Noway. It seems that not only does Kathleen’s family want to remember her in a dignified way, they are trying to keep her death in the forefront too.

    People are losing interest because there’s been no news forthcoming for months. This has to stay active in people’s minds.

    Funny, Brodsky and Peterson do a good job of keeping themselves in the news, but in a sick way.

  8. I was bored this morning so I typed up a transcript from the Mike and Juliet show the other day. It’s short and interesting to read after the Pretzer discussion about the appearance:

    The most interesting quote for me is when they pressed him to indicate whether or not he thought Drew was guilty. Armstrong did deflect for a bit but ultimately said this:

    DEREK: Yeah. He, when he talks about his wives he’s very cold. He’s very unemotional. There’s a lot to worry me there as an investigator. If I was investigating this as an officer of the law, I would be really concerned. I would make him definitely a major suspect. I don’t think there’s enough yet to charge him, unfortunately.


  9. I’m not going to repeat myself again about it being a shame that people can’t come together (well maybe I just did), but it make me feel better about the vigil to know that Kathleen’s family is involved.

  10. facsmiley // October 13, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    The most interesting quote for me is when they pressed him to indicate whether or not he thought Drew was guilty. Armstrong did deflect for a bit but ultimately said this:

    DEREK: Yeah. He, when he talks about his wives he’s very cold. He’s very unemotional. There’s a lot to worry me there as an investigator. If I was investigating this as an officer of the law, I would be really concerned. I would make him definitely a major suspect. I don’t think there’s enough yet to charge him, unfortunately.


    Help me out here. Then, where does this statement fit in with the scheme of things, because this is yet another position taken by the author:

    “… I propose this theory after having spent a lot of time with this enigmatic man. He strikes me as a misunderstood man, a good father, a moral enigma, but not a killer. Is he a liar? Perhaps in areas that might affect the opinion of his children.”

    When did Armstrong change his mind?

  11. Facs, knowing who else is involved in that vigil … it doesn’t make me feel all that better knowing that Kathleen’s family is involved.

    I saw the You Tube version of that show … Derek Armstrong is wishy washy to say the least.

  12. hiya

    Thanks, noway. I bet it will be just fine. I’ll be sure to be thinking of them all.

    Yeah, that Derek has said some sensible things. I think he regrets a bunch of stuff he wrote. On Pretezer he refused to acquiesce the importance of the way treated women.

  13. sorry! the importance of the way Drew regarded women… a sensible thing he said, not something he regrets writing. Sorry!

  14. When did Armstrong change his mind?

    Maybe he met with his pastor, and when he got home, there was a message from Drew saying he’d like to meet with the pastor too.

    Sorry, that was uncalled for. But perhaps Derek Armstrong actually listened to what Drew said with the mindset that he was a killer, and suddenly things took on a more sinister meaning?

  15. I’m certainly not saying that Kathleen’s family reads the blogs or participates in them, but, perhaps, they do. In that case, they may or may not have their opinions about the various blogs, but are still hopeful and willing to participate in a vigil to honor these two women at the one-year mark of Stacy’s disappearance in spite of them.

    The blogs and bloggers did not take the lives of these two women, Drew Peterson is suspected of doing that. It’s going to take a lot more than words on a blog to charge, try and convict him. I think emotions are running high right now, and people have their opinions on what is proper and what isn’t, but, in the end, if it is troublesome to read, don’t do it then. At least the latest blog to be at the center of attention requires one to read and agree to a content warning before even reading the posts.

  16. Rescue, my read on it is that Armstrong has always suspected Drew of being guilty.

    It’s only in the book that he takes a pro-innocence stance, since that’s what he contracted to do.

    The man is a complete sellout.

  17. I’m not quite sure just how much it is selling. It’s not, that I know of, in a second printing, so I don’t know how that fares statistically. I’ve not seen it written about in any local papers, and it’s not on the New York Times Best Seller List, or at least in the first 35 top sellers.

    In fact, I checked both the Chicago Sun Times and The Chicago Tribune, and neither has it listed at all.

  18. Book that are currently outselling Derek’s on Amazon:

    Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
    by Vicki Myron

    The Graveyard Book
    by Neil Gaiman

    Eat This Not That!: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds-or More!
    by David Zinczenko

    Big Words for Little People
    by Jamie Lee Curtis

    What to Expect When You’re Expecting: 4th Edition
    by Heidi Murkoff

    Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty
    by Jeff Pearlman

    …and 79,912 more titles.

  19. If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer is currently ranking #715 at Amazon and is #3 in “Murder & Mayhem” and #4 “True Crime.”

    Huh, maybe Derek should have gone with that OJ book he was approached about instead of the Drew Peterson book.

  20. The frank and unvarnished portrait of Drew Peterson that emerges

    Not quite what I got from posts about the book. 😀 Haven’t bought it or read it.

    I guess this thread has given Derek’s book more talk time than anywhere else. Even if it’s not all positive. 🙄

  21. noway406 // October 13, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    And yet … his book is selling and people are talking about it.

    So being a sellout must be working for him.
    This was meant sarcastically but apprently not taken as such as evident by the flurry of stats on DA’s book.


    And with so many posts in a row, it’s time for me to take a break!

  22. “I guess this thread has given Derek’s book more talk time than anywhere else”

    Good thing, too! I believe our outing the pro-innocence stance of the book has played a part in bringing about the miserable sales ranking. I know Rescue’s research and the resulting ‘early reveal” of the polygraph certainly had a hand in it!

    Of course, we did some ‘behind the scene’ work as well… 😉

  23. No worries Noway. I actually had no idea how the book was doing, but once I saw that it wasn’t doing great, it was fun to take a look at the top sellers on Amazon and think about the many many books taht are seliln g better!

  24. When is someone from the media going to do a complete news night covering all of the now known discrepancies, uncovered findings, and compare time line statements, without the dreaded duo to mock, slime, slam and otherwise open their big traps for a change? Why doesn’t Larry King, The Today Show or The Early Show do something constructive now that the one-year anniversary is approaching regarding Stacy’s disappearance.

    No more Drew and Brodsky. We’ve heard it all and seen it all. We don’t need to hear his side anymore, or what he has to say. We need to hear the truth, and hear from those in the know for a change!

  25. Thanks! 😉

    We’d love to see that all spelled out , wouldn’t we? Maybe there’s some sensitivity about blurting it all out before the trial? Otherwise, I’m sure we’ll see something like you describe for the anniversary, and if not, perhaps during the gun trial especially is it goes badly wrong for the suspect.

  26. I really miss a proper Halloween. They just don’t get it here. We make a fuss at our house-decorate, jackolantern, sweeties, but lucky if one or two little groups turn up. Many adults here find trick-or-treating distastefully akin to begging, LOL.

    I wonder if Woolworth’s has got any Geraldo masks?

    You know, it wouldn’t take that much tweaking with a bit of temporary hair colour and and the right specs to give Glasgow a Geraldo-over. He might like to consider it as a festive gesture for The Arrest.

  27. I share the problem Bucket, only because there are no kids in our neighborhood. Last year (our first here) I was verydisappointed when we only got one trick-or-treater, but this year I’m decorating anyway…just because I like to.

    But I’ll only buy one bag of candy.

  28. LOL maybe you and I should go out reverse-trickortreating. We dress up and go from door to door dragging the little recalcitrants out!

  29. Congrats Danya on your honorable mention!! Great job!

    h ttp://

  30. Danya, I didn’t see an honorable mention there, but congrats on your First Prize!

    Best Web Project
    First: The Search for Stacy Peterson blog (reporter Danya Hooker)

  31. Saw them both, and congrats:

    Best Web Project
    First: The Search for Stacy Peterson blog (reporter Danya Hooker)

    Enterprise/Feature Writing
    Honorable mention: Uncommon bonds: Families of missing people (reporter Danya Hooker)

  32. Thank you everyone. Of course, most of the credit should go to you all as this blog wouldn’t be much without you. Ya’ll really do rock and it’s been a blast…except for maybe that week or two where the editors and I were up at all hours of the night deleting comments 😉

  33. FYI – Caylee Anthony

    I was just reading on the website of Local 6 News/Orlando. This is so sad. Adding to that, Casey’s mother is beyond being in denial. What a shame that she will not come to grips with her daughter’s involvement in all of this, and would rather put blame on others. Seems that Casey’s living environment just kept her hedging forward to assume the lying ways that she did. I certainly don’t agree with the byline “Missing Girl’s Grandmother Breaks Silence, Says Leaks Are Politically Motivated, since Cindy Anthony has been very, very vocal and supporting her daughter publicly from day one. “Breaks Silence?” I don’t think so.

    Dress In Woods ‘Very Similar’ To Caylee’s; Grand Jury Hears Evidence
    Missing Girl’s Grandmother Breaks Silence, Says Leaks Are Politically Motivated

    POSTED: 12:39 am EDT October 14, 2008
    UPDATED: 8:30 am EDT October 14, 2008

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A grand jury could charge Casey Anthony with murder Tuesday after reports surfaced that searchers found clothing that is “very, very similar” to an article of clothing belonging to missing Caylee.

    Texas EquuSearch reported that they found a size six dress in a wooded area near Orlando Regional Airport during a search for the missing 3-year-old.

    “An article of clothing that is very, very similar to an article of clothing that Caylee was wearing at one time and there is a picture of it,” EquuSearch’s Tim Miller said.

    The dress was sent to authorities for testing.


  34. I saw later where Tim Miller said he did not believe it was connected to Caylee. The dress Caylee had like it, she wore when she was only 1 … not likely that she would have worn a size 6 then or now.

    Any link to Jose’s news conference?

    It was at 1:30 outside his office … with Casey and Cindy attending.

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