Your Thread – October 15

Hey folks. Brand new one for Wednesday.

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205 thoughts on “Your Thread – October 15

  1. Good morning everyone!

    Yes, rescue 6 hours ahead of you….our clocks used to go back a coupla weeks before you, making it 7 hours for awhile, but I think yours go back sooner now….I don’t always say goodnight because I might come back!

    Re Dearheart post last night. I’ve never been accued of being Lenny, but I have received a twitter message asking if I’m Sonia. LOL I feel I’ve arrived.LOL

  2. morning bucket 🙂 lol yeah someone thought i was you hehehe … i was thrilled that someone thought i was u 🙂 cos you’re a nice poster 🙂 Sorry they confused you with me? Such an affliction noone should bare hahahha . I also recieved a twitter and that wonderful person had me giggling cos she is awesome . Anyway GoodMorning Bucket hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  3. You’re only halfway there if you’ve been accused of being Drew. Once you’ve been accused of being Lenny you’ve really made the grade!

  4. love it, facs 😀 ….I might just have to post a pic of our jackrussell….any excuse to turn him upside down lol

  5. All right now! What have you wicked, wicked women been doing to poor Amanda? How do you use your evil powers to force her to post here, even though she does not want to?

    I LOVE YOU! 🙂

  6. Saw this posted on a blog by a Chicago mystery writer, Libby Hellmann. Interesting post.

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008
    Cold Case Already?

    by Libby Hellmann

    I had that feeling of helplessness and outrage when I read this article the other day. Apparently, the disappearance of Stacy Peterson is now a cold case. For those of you not in Chicago, Stacy Peterson was the fourth wife of former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson. She disappeared almost a year ago (hard to believe it’s been that long) after telling friends she wanted to leave him and that if she were found dead, it would be no accident.


  7. Amanda-great post! I tried the same the other day and the reactions of people here and over “there” were to attack me. It’s ok-I have thick skin-almost as thick as my head. LOL

    I guess that someone else is “their” target again. Yes, her name, address, license number is displayed. There are many, many THREATS to this person. It is wrong, it is illegal and I sure hope that this person goes to authorities for the threats that she is receiving.

    Noway-you are correct. I hope it gets through to at least ONE person.

    BTW Amanda-I tried to sign up and you denied me. I am shattered. J/K

    Almost a year-and the lynch mob won’t listen to a word that Cassandra and her family has said. Their requests are being ignored. This is the biggest shame of it all. Shame on every single person that is ignoring the family requests.

    Gatehouse-will you be looking into the misappropriations of funds by FoSP?

    My opinions are my opinions and if the posters here don’t like it, too bad! Complain to Gatehouse but don’t call me out again. We are all welcome to post our opinions, this is an open/public blog and as long as I don’t violate rules to GATEHOUSE, then stop your personal attacks. Gatehouse is the BOSS here and hit the report button if you don’t like what people say. We are ALL guests of Gatehouse and IMO you have NO right to tell people to leave etc.

  8. Hi, this is my first time on Stacys blog site. I have been following her case for about a month now and have found a great deal or similaraties to an almost 5 year old missing woman case out of Marshall , MI (Mary Lands). While the 2 cases are not connected, both the suspects involved seem to be very very similar as do both of the missing women.

    Both men have the same physco obseve personalaties, both women made very similar statements to family prior to their disapperance, both women were planning on leaving their men, both vanished “without a trace” and both families are going through the same things.

    Never give up and fight everyday to find your missing loved one. Never let those negative people deter you from your gaol, finding Stacy. Trust me when I say the bad guys will blog and submist false tips and info to throw you off track and get under your skin. Always beleive and one day you will find what you are looking for.

  9. I guess the author, Libby Hellmann, feels like a lot of people do, especially when it brings to mind the high profile cases that are yet to be solved in Will County.

    I just thought she had a good way of explaining it all.

  10. Thanks for sharing that one, Rescue. I really liked the article and felt she was expressing feelings not just familar to me, but things I’ve heard from many. Most especially, many women.

  11. Hi, coffee, and you’re welcome. Yeah, I thought it was well written and says how things are concisely. Sad, in a way.

    But, sad for Kathleen too. They have a body, they probably had even more valuable evidence at the time she was found.

  12. I took interest in this particular comment:

    “Still, I get the feeling Drew Peterson is almost daring police to indict him. And I’m frustrated enough to ask why we shouldn’t take him up on it.”

    I have felt for some time that he is thumbing his nose at LE and daring them to make their move. In fact, I think he even elaborated on that himself at one time or another.

  13. pearlsgirl – there’s been nothing reported about any GJ witnesses for quite a while now. So, I guess the answer to that would be, “who knows?”

  14. “Yes, he was stripped of being a police officer, and yes, he’s been convicted of illegal gun possession which might put him behind bars for a few years. “

    Well now ,she’s ‘jumping the gun ‘a little on that, since the trial is in December. But I think her frustration is shared by just about everyone.

  15. Thanks Rescueapet.

    And BTW. We did just rescue a little Chihuahua that had been severely abused. She is gradually starting to trust us, but I still think we have a long road ahead.

  16. pearlsgirl – oh, that is so wonderful!!!!!! I know at first it’s tricky, been there, done that. But, once they realize you’re not going to send them back, so to speak, they do come around! Trust is everything.

    BTW – you’re welcome. We all wish there was some news, but no news coming from the SA’s Office, unfortunately.

  17. The thought of him walking away forever due to double jeopardy is just too awful for me to contemplate.

    I thought about Kathleen, Stacy and their families yesterday. Although the Anthony family is certainly not happy now, at least they are seeing some movement, some change in the progress of the case. It can’t bring joy, but perhaps a small, growing feeling of something… Satisfaction, maybe?

    And I want at least that for poor Kathleen, Stacy and all those who love them. Answers are no substitute for a mother, sister, daughter or friend, but they are something.

  18. Coffee – I thought about them as well yesterday after the Casey arrest. Such a rush of emotions. I just can’t imagine how it would feel, even though we have waited for so long, to get an indictment in either Stacy or Kathleen’s cases.

  19. I always assumed that DP might be charged first with Kathleen’s death, since they have autopsy findings, pictures of the crime scene, and possibly evidence. At least it’s been made public the fact that Stacy tried calling his cell phone during the hours he was supposed to be at home with her, which certainly doesn’t bode well for him. You don’t call someone who is supposed to be right next to you, or in the same house with you.

    I’m guessing that the Hearsay Law will benefit her case too, because of the number of people that are aware of statements she made regarding her fear of DP killing her. Although, you would think that written letters and journals would be a sure thing.

    Who knows anymore.

  20. facsmiley // October 15, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    We have Coffee and Tea in the house!
    lol – Now we need to start trolling for PlatterofPastry to join us!

  21. coffee0city,

    The not knowing what happened and the fact that someone is getting away with murder would be very hard. I have a hard time dealing with injustice. I just don’t know how the families can not be consumed with anger, especially with all the statements and actions that have been made to specifically rub the family’s nose in the fact that their loved one is gone and the perp is getting away with it. It is like a display of ultimate control.

  22. Facs – yeah, for all the feelings that come up regarding the finality of arresting a suspect in a homicide, such as in the case of Casey Anthony, it doesn’t exactly bring joy and make you want to do a happy dance. Because, then you start to realize all of the souls that are affected by an arrest and possible trial/conviction.

    In this case, I don’t know when DP’s kids will ever be better off, because they’ve lost so much already.

  23. The Anthony arrest should be a nice reality slap to the face for Joel and Drew though. I’ll bet they’ve gotten pretty complacent these last 6 months or so.

  24. Facs – you’re talking about the “no body” controversy.

    Again, since they probably have things to tie Drew Peterson in with Kathleen’s demise, I suppose they can always delay charging him with Stacy’s disappearance/homicide as long as they want to while focusing on convicting him for Kathleen’s death. Which then brings up the issue of DP killing Stacy to quiet her from exposing him in Kathleen’s death. Since it’s public knowledge she talked to Pastor Schori about it, then the Hearsay Law makes sense here now. I still wonder if she also, in fact, told Attorney Smith things about that night? We shall see, I guess.

  25. I think you’re right, pearl.

    And that ‘control’ aspect is so terrible. It’s a denial of the abused person’s basic humanity. When someone you love, who purportedly loves you, treats you as if you are so far less than a person… well, eventually you believe them.

  26. facsmiley // October 15, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    The Anthony arrest should be a nice reality slap to the face for Joel and Drew though. I’ll bet they’ve gotten pretty complacent these last 6 months or so.
    This is terrible… but BOY would I love to deliver a real slap!

  27. Amazon update!

    Fifty-eight titles in the “murder and mayhem” category currently selling better than Armstrong’s book.

  28. do you think that the grand jury on Drew Peterson case might have voted for no charges because of a lack of evidence, and they may have to get more evidence and try again? I don’t know if they would announce that fact or not…

  29. qhorses – no, I don’t think so, because when DP was in court for the weapons issue recently, the State’s Attorney’s Office, according to the Judge, turned over extensive tapes, cd’s, dvd’s. So, you almost have to believe that there’s something on that surveillance that isn’t beneficial to DP. Maybe nothing he said directly, but something that put LE on a path that they wouldn’t have gone down had it not been for the information on those tapes.

  30. LOL, knew what you meant, qhorses.

    The way, big difference in the two cases. The Orlando officials spilled the beans on just about everything, and “mini-tried” Casey in the public. The defense was quiet.

    In Peterson’s case, the defense is the one that is spilling the beans and having a mini-trial in the public, and the prosecution is being the quiet one. Although, in the case of Peterson’s defense, they don’t have any evidence to back up anything they say, just words of cruelty and unkindness towards the victims and their families, etc.

    I think I prefer the evidence to back up the accusations myself.

  31. Hi Q, pearlsgirl, all 🙂

    Cheer up, I say. He’s going down, fret not. It’s only the Nancy Grace Cold Case page that’s calling it cold. It has been a long time, but with good reason.

    Don’t forget that DP isn’t the pokerface he wants us to think. He’s scared, he knows he’s done for. Remember Lenny and Paula describing his agitation? Remember him in the corridor outside the tv studio calling LnP names and begging to be arrested?

  32. Bucket, remember how Joel and Drew went on and on about Geraldo predicting an arrest date and being wrong. It seemed so funny that they wanted him held accountable for that…but if you think about how scared he probably is…wondering if Geraldo actually had some inside information and preparing himself…only to have the date go by and still be a free man. In some ways he’d probably find it a relief to be arrested.

  33. Bucket – oh, he’s got a lot to worry about, and he knows it. For one thing, he doesn’t know who is going to turn on him next.

    I’ll bet he does know, though, what’s on those tapes, hmmmm?

  34. Absobloodylutely. I flatter ourselves that we may have put the wind up him about being arrested in court. They even whined about that and “what that does to a person”. Feh

    I say we really do infiltrate the courthouse greenroom and Gerald-over every single jury candidate…..or just draw that little picture for you.LOL

  35. These cases get sadder by the minute. I have followed this case since the beginning with all of its twists and turns. I also feel very disappointed with the way this and other missing persons cases are being handled. I don’t live in IL but I feel as though someone dropped the ball or assisted with a cover-up with KS case. IMO, I feel as though Drew is 100% guilty and is daring the BBPD to arrest him because he has dirt on higher authorities. If he is arrested, he will leak the info that he has – “You show your hand and I’ll show mine.” I think the quote was along those lines. He will use anyone for his benefit – his kids, Steve C, Mike R, Steve P. I would like to know if the GJ ever got around to interviewing Tom Morphey. I realize that for the most part this is all circumstantial, but doesn’t it become less circumstantial when it can be proven (the cell phone records and pings, his timelines, etc.) I feel and would like to see the SAO/PD release some sort of update. This post is JMHO.

  36. Facs, I think he did have something. As did LnP. If that is the case, it points to the old high-end forensics (I’m thinking the evidence he tried to destroy in LnP’s backyard. Those guys n gals from forensics were all over it, you bet, just as a for instance) which can take time, the hearsay law, both and/or with whatever can of woims da g-men got on conspiracy to obstruct justice, etc etc. Takes time. ….but the timings of the predictions seems to fit well with what everyone thought was happening with the hearsay bill.

  37. Hi mom2babies.

    I was interested in your statement about DP using anyone for his benefit, his kids, etc. The adults, well, IMHO, can take care of themselves, and do or not do the right thing. The kids, they’re victims all around. Losing their moms, and, most of all, they have to live with that man, whether they believe in him or not. What a hell of a situation to be in, huh? What if they’re expressly told not to discuss either Kathleen or Stacy in his presence? Who’s to say what he tells them or what goes on in that house. Well, we have heard, though, the details of his inability to keep willing participants, namely 22 and 23 year old women, out of his house.

  38. Those pure kids, especially the two older ones. They are old enough to know what is going on. I feel truly sorry for them, this could ruin them for life…so sad

  39. I saw this barely mentioned yesterday, and there’s not been another word about it today.

    There was another body found in a trash can, a 45 year old female, which has gotten updated tday, but not this one.

    I am NOT saying this is tied-in to anything we talk about here, but I’ve been watching to see an update, yet, nothing.

    City Workers Find Decomposed Body in Sewer
    Last Edited: Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008, 3:13 PM

    Chicago, IL. —

    A Chicago Park District crew working in a North Side park found a sewer lid askew and made a gruesome discovery when they fixed it Tuesday morning in the Uptown neighborhood.
    Chicago Park District crews doing a “winterizing” project near the Clarendon Park Community Center saw an upside down sewer lid in the 4500 block of North Clarendon Avenue at 9:53 a.m. When crews straightened it they saw a decomposed body inside the sewer, head first, according to Town Hall District police.

    It was not known how long the remains had been there, if the body was clothed or how the person apparently died, Town Hall District police said.

    Early Wednesday, the identity, gender and race of the badly decomposed body remained undetermined, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, which declared the body dead at 11:30 a.m. on the scene.

    Belmont Area detectives are investigating.

  40. Yes, it was really sad and sort of disugusting to see how he used the kids on his ‘official timeline’ and then made sure that his son’s comment to Ric Mims was debunked in Armstrong’s book.

    Those kids (the eldest) probably can’t even remember the truth about what happened on October 28th, anymore.

  41. I still haven’t been able to read the DA ook- hurts my eyes! but also because something from Joe Hosey’s book has haunted me so much that I don’t rush to find more. I can only paraphrase because I can’t bring myself to look for it or find it again…

    DP in JH’s presence bade Kris to recall something that *happened, you know, back when Kathleen was your mom* Like it’s the same thing as a cleaning lady or babysitter or football coach.

  42. “back when Kathleen was your mom”

    *Gulp”* oh damn.

    That may actually be worse than when he referred to her as the “Kathleen Savio case” on the radio the other night. At first I couldn’t believe I’d even heard right.

  43. Let’s face it, that house is a dysfunctional one! I’m not saying it’s the fault of the children, it’s not. Until they’re adults and on their own, they have no control over their home life or their living arrangements. So, they are a captive audience. But, as to the teens, no one is going to tell me they’re adoring of their father. I highly disbelieve that.

    Bucket – I did not know that, and that was an extremely difficult thing to read. Yet again, another sad detail in the lives of Peterson’s children.

  44. Back in July, the S & S canal was searched for a body and nothing ever was said about it again. I looked and searched everyday for about 2 months and found nothing. I cannot imagine what those poor children are going thru. IMO, Drew “got away” with it the first time (KS) and thought it would just go away again with (SP). I think his goose was cooked when they exhumed KS. I am too wondering why nothing has been done or no one has been disciplined for the poor handling of her case.

  45. mom2babies – I think it’s complicated, and I must assume that there is and was a totally separate investigation into the handling of Kathleen’s death. How could there not be an investigation?

    So, I’ve always wondered if the GJ also hears from witnesses that have information about who was handling the first investigation, who dropped the ball, etc. Or, is that an “internal” police investigation matter, possibly turned over to another authority that is impartial? Certainly, one wouldn’t expect to see the same department investigating themselves from an earlier death case. I suppose you can say that it’s a vicious circle, huh? Then, bring in the politics and the politicians, and you’ve got a big, giant stew pot to stir!

  46. oh my goodness, he said that? You know what that is…..that’s all it is to him. expletive deleted…..but what’s interesting is the many things that these users who use each other do…they end up really identifying with one another. DP thinks he’s a lawyer now, too, as JB has surely enjoyed the odd hogriding, guntoting fantasy. (jmho)

  47. facsmiley // October 15, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    “Yes, he was stripped of being a police officer, and yes, he’s been convicted of illegal gun possession which might put him behind bars for a few years. “

    Well now ,she’s ‘jumping the gun ‘a little on that, since the trial is in December. But I think her frustration is shared by just about everyone.
    It’s too bad she didn’t get the facts right. It detracts from her whole message and leaves me wondering what else she has wrong that I don’t know about …

    It does seem that he got away with murder (twice) and IMO frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.

  48. … back when Kathleen was your mother …

    … the Kathleen Savio case …

    I can see why the ladies are lining up at his door.


  49. Here it is:

    The other All-Geraldo-All_the_Time interview with Pretzer is there as well, but that one is so dull I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have reached the end of the Internet and really have nothing else available to you.

  50. bucketoftea // October 15, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    DP thinks he’s a lawyer now, too, as JB has surely enjoyed the odd hogriding, guntoting fantasy. (jmho)

    I think you are on to something there. The relationship is a strange one and far from professional. Remember, Drew calls Joel, “Mom.”

  51. LOL, yes, it is a very strange relationship the boys have. BFF. I’ve not heard of any instances before where the suspect guy and the lawyer guy become one. Book deals together, trips together. Well, hey, I guess they’ve become so close that the lawyer guy has let the suspect guy run the show. That is a fact, because the lawyer guy has no control over the suspect guy. You don’t say, as a lawyer, I do not believe in polygraph examination results because they’re similar to coin-flips, then turn around and set one up.

    Yes, dear.

  52. I keep forgetting to bring this up, but Pretzer pretty much let us know what a jerk he is with his opening statement from the other day’s show:

    “There’s a new book out – Kunati is the publisher. I gotta be careful how I say that – “

    Really? Really? That’s where we’re going?

  53. Rescue, maybe we’re just not feeling the magnetism that Joel projects in person. Armstrong was certainly embarrassingly smitten with him. That freckled pate, the bumbling and the picking, the Chicago acccent…

  54. bucketoftea // October 15, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Thing is, JB could bail out. But he hasn’t.

    He hasn’t finished his book!

  55. Does anyone have the website for what is being called the “Hang Drew Blog”? I read there before they opened a new site.

  56. Like Darth Vader! LOL. The SP case has turned into a total three ring circus. I read that article that this is now considered a cold case and I was so pissed! There are so many players in these cases and I don’t think they have all been to the GJ. I cannot fathom that Drew thought no one would miss Stacy. Thank God for Cass and her quick action to report her sister missing.

  57. Yes that is the one to which I was referring. Thanks! I must admit that reading here is far better and less immature than at the other site. I think I will just stick with this one. I love the discussions about the case that make a person sit back and think. You don’t get that over there. With the Kimmers and HangDrews, well need I say more?

  58. I was a little puzzled by Dearheart’s post earlier, announcing who she is (user names). I did not know that she was Thelma on the other board. I had not heard anything from her in a bit. I thought she was some kind of psychic.

  59. I wonder why some are so enthralled with trying to point out that Peterson is a wonderful dad, a regular Mr. Mom, simply because he’s running a house with four kids? He has to. He has no choice. He’s their father, their legal guardian, their provider. That doesn’t make him father of the year. It means he’s living up to his legal responsibilities.

    There’s indisputable information about how he sits at his computer quite a bit with the little ones around, looking at internet whores, he brings young females into his home for companionship and sex without fully knowing their backgrounds, he rushes out in the middle of the night to rescue a 22 year old that’s been known to sleep over, and Paula even said little Lacy clammed up discussing her mother when Peterson walked into the room.

    Also, in Armie’s book, when DCFS questioned them, the little ones didn’t like the examiner and just wanted him to leave, and answered ‘no’ to all his questions. (does daddy ever hit you, did daddy ever yell at you).

    When the DCFS person didn’t get the responses he wanted, he proposed a follow-up session, but Reem denied it. Said the children had been through enough from the media….

    “A letter came a week later indicating all complaints of abuse were unfounded. Case closed”

    I can imagine and draw my own conclusions. Guess everyone else can too.

  60. mom2babies – yes, this place usually rates a PG13, LOL. Sometimes an R. It’s just best to keep the blogs separate and apart, and express oneself wherever one feels comfortable. JMHO.

  61. Rescue, it’s always the same. Men are supposed to get some sort of medal for doing anything domestic. Like judge judy says, you don’t get extra points for DOING WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO. (her caps, not mine, lol)

  62. Bucket – one of my least favorite expressions: “oh, my husband is home, babysitting.”

    What? You mean the kids’ dad is the parent in charge while your away, right?

  63. rescueapet // October 15, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    ducky – it’s up there at 1:37pm.
    Thank you for trying to help-but that is not the one that I was asking about.

    GATEHOUSE-where did my post go?

  64. duckyone // October 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Gatehouse-where did my post go?


    Duckyone, when you walk in the room it’s like all the windows were just opened on a beautiful Indian summer day.

    Said another way, you are such a breath of fresh.

  65. Rescue & Bucket – As Chris Rock says, “You’re SUPPOSED to take care of your kids! You’re NOT SUPPOSED to go to JAIL! You DON’T GET CREDIT for taking care of your kids or keeping your a## outta jail.”

  66. teneleven // October 15, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    duckyone // October 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Gatehouse-where did my post go?


    Duckyone, when you walk in the room it’s like all the windows were just opened on a beautiful Indian summer day.

    Said another way, you are such a breath of fresh.
    Thank you! Right back at ya! Just wait until you see my new post-if Gatehouse ever finds it. lol

  67. Well, according to Armie’s book, Drew also spends his evenings cybering on the ‘net since he’s a virtual prisoner in house.

    He forgot to mention he also orders a lot of take-out and delivery…

  68. Rescue – I have a sister-in-law who shares (probably along w. most women) your hatred for that phrase. Her strategy is always to respond to use of “my husband’s babysitting” with some smart alec response like, “Why I had no idea your husband had taken a second job!”

  69. coffee – I like that! I agree with that one. I would think that it’s a joint responsibility, and the idea of a parent being a “babysitter” isn’t exactly my idea of an accurate description.

  70. Rescue – As Bucket might say, it’s “absobloodylutely” ridiculous! 🙂

    (babysit your own child my foot!)

  71. noway406 // October 15, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    What in the world is a renowned death hag?


    I have NO CLUE-but it is scary! LOL Thank goodness you don’t have to meet most of these people in real life. 😛

  72. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Wonder pop on today, since I’m used to seeing her ask about GJ day.

    Don’t we all wonder what’s up with that?????

  73. Yes Coffee-I don’t appreciate people saying stuff about me or stating my opinions or my thoughts.

    Did you need to make that major announcement? We sure do have differences-I have class and respect for others. I wouldn’t include you in a smart@ss comment like you did to me.

    Your apology is accepted. 🙂

  74. Rescue, I’m wondering if the GJ has said You don’t have enough evidence, call us again when you have something new.

    Although, on second thought, that would have warranted some television appearances by Drew and Joel … so maybe they are still listening to tapes and CDs and watching film footage?

    I just don’t know.

    Good luck trying to control my mind … I can’t even control it … would be good if someone could. 😉

  75. Just like kids….the more you tell them what to do and when to do it, the more they do just the opposite. Go figure……

  76. Quick question-is anyone going to really look at what Amanda and others say and have a real dialog? Or is this blog just about someone posting a very heartfelt post and they are just ripped apart or made fun of? I guess that the only dialog comes when it’s Drew bashing.

  77. GJ – Morphey is another mystery. You just KNOW he had to have appeared. But, when? Obviously, he was wisked in and out without anyone’s knowledge, or the media was told mum’s the word or else. Maybe he was the last one, maybe not.

    So many questions – hope they all get answered soon.

  78. Oh golly, Armstrong’s book has dropped to #99 in “murder and mayhem” but good news, used copies are a steal at $12.97!

  79. Facs – Sure that’s a good price for the used ones, but does it say WHAT they were used for?….

  80. “You get your toilet book out of here, and I won’t jump over this counter and punch you in the brain!”

    Good episode!

  81. rescueapet // October 15, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    You see that big, pink elephant in the middle of the room?
    AHA! My ability to plant hallucinations is working!! muahahahahahhahah

  82. 😉
    I guess nutcases might be seen as a bit extreme and might be seen as a personal attack.

    Please substitute your own politically correct term when reading that post.

    I need that edit button!

  83. Huh, Joe Hosey’s book is currently outselling Armstrong’s book on Amazon by almost two to one! His book has been out for a month longer too.

    Nice to see that people aren’t easily taken in…

  84. Facs – that’s good to see, because we know that Joe Hosey interviewed many people and had/has firsthand knowledge of a lot of things. Armie merely strings together a conglomeration of published media reports as though he did in-depth investigations.

    In a law office, it’s called research. Lexis.

  85. facsmiley // October 15, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    Coffee – I see it too. Get out of my brain!!!
    * * * * * * * * *

  86. I do wish we could post pictures …

    I don’t know how Coffee has done it … but pink elephants are real.

    I saw it on wikipedia. 😉

  87. Rescue – For as silly as I’m being, it must be ‘gooses!’

    Thanks, Noway! (For those that recall 70s music… I Have The Power!)

  88. amandareckonwith // October 15, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    I feel like it is the one thing I might be able to do for Stacy’s sister.

    Amanda, after reading your comment, it made me think of the article I saw posted yesterday. I think Cass would appreciate your efforts.

    “I look at her pictures everyday and tell her I love her,” Cassandra told me. “And I tell her I won’t give up.”

  89. Amanda, with the recent events i.e. Cassandra taking hold of “things”, will you rejoin any future searches or events?

  90. I have a friend at your forum and they have told me that you were an active “foot soldier” (not just a screen name) in searching (from what I think I understand, for Lisa Stebic also), donating and showing your your support by attending the fundraiser.

    I am thrilled that Cassandra is taking charge and I can’t wait to get back out there.

  91. Thanks Amanda. I will try to register again. I was just playing-you didn’t hurt my ego at all.

    Coffee-the differnce in MY opinion is that I stated my opinion about the “other thingy” and you attacked me as a person/poster. I have never done that to you. Most of the people here need to get off their arses, stop attacking people, making fun of them, and stop their ridiculous want to be funny-one liners.


    Ten-was my post worth waiting for? LOL.

    Noway-if we continue on-maybe, just maybe we can get through one thick skull. I am an optimist-I know! LOL!

  92. kudos to cass for trying to take control. i hope ppl honor her wishes. cuz if i was sp i would haunt everyone of them forever for putting extra grief, trauma whatever you want to call it on to my children & justifing it with dp did it 1st or dp did worse. it makes zero sense. as far as the amanda gizmo thing that was made i’m glad i cant watch it. takes a pretty immature person to do that.

  93. teneleven // October 15, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Amanda, with the recent events i.e. Cassandra taking hold of “things”, will you rejoin any future searches or events?
    Ten-when they are ready and able to do things in the right way for Stacy-I will be there! I’m not ever giving up. LOL

    Amanda said it very well-so many of us have lost faith but not hope!! YOU NAILED IT AMANDA!

    I’m hoping that the family will put an end to the other stuff and there will be a renewed energy in the searches and donations. Personally, I know many that will begin to help again if they get rid of the lynch mob, or if they put others in control. I wonder if Roy and the others will still search if they aren’t in charge. Pondering that question. 😕

  94. rescueapet // October 15, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    um, noway does funny one-liners….
    Yes she does. I believe that she is the only one here that has that down to a science 🙂

  95. Ducky, it was better than what I expected!

    Thank you for the invite Amanda thank you. I am not sure how much I can contribute, I am pretty much just a reader, but now and again my fingers get the best of me 😉

    There are those who choose to walk around and ignore the big pink elephants, and there those who walk in and greet it. The greeters usually are the do’ers/realistic/logical thinkers. IMO

  96. mom2babies // October 15, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    I was a little puzzled by Dearheart’s post earlier, announcing who she is (user names). I did not know that she was Thelma on the other board. I had not heard anything from her in a bit. I thought she was some kind of psychic.

    I announced it to end all speculation and accusations of any admin on that blog being a member of the family or friends of the victims, I’m not a “psychic” I’m an intuitive, some think that means psychic and it doesn’t, I’m just very in tune with my instincts, everyone has intuition some just develops stronger with time, it’s not a science I’ve been known to be wrong but I’ve also have been right many times, I have dreams as well think of Brian from Brian’s Dreams his intuition comes to him in the form of dreams, many of them vivid, he has an excellent track record considering the number of cases that have been submitted to him, my record isn’t even close to being like his but I have assisted in a few cases where I’ve been right on the money.

    to reiterate the purpose of my post, I outted myself to end all speculation, it was becoming tiresome seeing the accusations and playing into the cloak and dagger game that some posters were playing trying to confirm my identity, I stand by my membership on that blog even if others think it is wrong I’ve made it very clear when I do not agree with content, there are many times I do not agree with content, that doesn’t mean I don’t support what Lenny and Paula did, it took guts even if some don’t agree with it, some people think I’m “wrong” for being there and I’m sorry they feel that way but I have my reasons just as every person has theirs and their right to visit any site they wish to

    as I stated before you may not agree with all content there, neither do I, I also don’t agree with a lot of content on other boards but we’re all entitled to an opinion, the bottom line is all that does matter is finding Stacy, I believe she is gone I do believe it was at that man’s hand and I want her found so the children and other women are safe and she can be laid to rest the way she deserves to be.

  97. Dearhart, the content there is beyond disgusting and you are turning Peterson into a victim of lynch mob mentality.

    I read your post about our soldiers fighting for our freedom of speech. My son is there fighting for our entire constitution, which entitles and affords every American due process.

    The jail raping thing is sick. Did anyone stop to think there may be Stacy Peterson supporters who have a family member incarcerated – ummm how about the brother of the missing young lady. Helloooo?

    When Peterson goes to the penitentary he will NOT be in the population. NO EX LE are in general population. You do know that?

  98. Deer, can I call you Deer? You can call me Vig, Vigie. Your need to explain yourselv says to me that your not really ok with it all.

  99. Hey Amanda-anytime you and Kimmer want pictures of all of them-let me know. Dang-I’m not good at making videos like facs-but you can include that one too!

    dearheart-nice to see you too! how’s the weather? If you are on that blog, you are a supporter of the trash-or you would DELETE the contents-as the FAMILY wishes! Please don’t flatter yourself that I am cyberstalking you. I would have to disagree that alot of people hang out at cemetaries and dish dirt on death. What’s Orgish and Rotten? Wow-it’s really scary that you are into this stuff.

    To each it’s own.

  100. deer in the headlights that should have “seen” this coming.

    Can anyone please tell us if they support that other place, despite the family wishes?

    How does this help bring Stacy home?

    Basic questions that a 3rd grader could answer.

  101. Noway, which topic shall we discuss?

    How about Tom Morphey? Any thoughts about him/that?

    We were led to believe for a long time that he was in PC, then he shows up at the bike run?

  102. Teneleven, Tom Morphey would be a fine topic.

    Yes, the story was that he was in protective custody (aka rehab, some said).

    But him showing up at the poker run sure does seem (IMO) to negate any protective custody possibility.

    Will we ever know where he really was? Is his testimony the crucial piece of evidence that some say it is?


  103. According to Peterson’s timeline – no mention of Morphey. His kids would know if there Uncle was there that day. NO? Well the 2 older ones at least.

  104. dearheart-nice to see you too! how’s the weather? If you are on that blog, you are a supporter of the trash-or you would DELETE the contents-as the FAMILY wishes! Please don’t flatter yourself that I am cyberstalking you. I would have to disagree that alot of people hang out at cemetaries and dish dirt on death. What’s Orgish and Rotten? Wow-it’s really scary that you are into this stuff.

    To each it’s own.

    actually, I was originally on that blog in support of Lenny and Paula and what they did for the case as well as exposing Drew for the liar that he is, chatting it up with females while he makes his Mr. Mom video’s and tugs at his earlobe of love while proclaiming he’s still in love with Stacy needed to be exposed, again I am defending the FACT that I do not agree with all content, never said that I did, and yes if you’re taking the time to “google” my screen name to find sites that I belong to then that is a twisted form of cyber stalking, but to each his own, guess that makes you better than Lenny huh?

    oh and I beg to differ with you, first of all you have no clue what I do for a living, no one does, and for you to say that cemetery tours and celebrity dish isn’t popular? wow, what’s Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, TMZ, the National Enquirer etc etc etc, the man who runs that site is the founded of the Helter Skelter tours as well as Dearly Departed Tours in LA, and he would beg to differ with you too! Interest in celebrities or high profile cases isn’t much different than those that collect or tour Gettysburg or Rwanda, OR belong to crime websites but again, I’m coming across like I’m “defending” myself to YOU of all people! When in reality I don’t give a patooti what you think of me, you want to be insulting but not actually have a conversation? well heck! how could anyone ever even try to defend themselves with you or converse rationally with you???? I’ve said all I’m going to say to you unless you wish to IM me instead of going back and forth here, think whatever you want even though I’ve said my peace on the subject, you don’t know me and if you did your opinion might just matter to me, as it stands right now it would have mattered if not for your behavior. Oh and BTW I’ve been a member over there for a long time you have many posts to read through make sure you make copious notes so you can trash me some more as you blog hop! Have a nice day!

  105. Teneleven, I haven’t read Armstrong’s book, but may have to break down and do so for discussion purposes.

    I understand that you are talking about October 28, but wanted to ask whether Drew mentioned visiting Tom Morphey when he was in the hospital after his (Tom’s) suicide attempt.

  106. Peterson will say, he went to hospital to support his step brother.

    But seems a bit “funny” yeah? Tom Morphey just happened to attempt suicide next day.
    Says he was there, unkowningly helped him etc. and Peterson is banking on people believing Morphey is just a mentally unstable alcoholic/dope fein.

  107. I am of the believe that they will never indicte him for Stacy without a body.

    But how about for Kathleen’s murder? I have to tell you that considering the supposed 1000’s of hours of overhears, I am troubled by the length of time that has gone by as far as indicting him for Kathleen Savio’s murder.

  108. When I say troubled, I mean as in, knowing he did it but not being able to prove it. Troubled as in it will be on A&E Cold Case Files in 10 years. Not sure I can wait that long. I can only imagine how it must feel for the Savios.

  109. Noway, I know that we’re trying to keep to a topic that is condusive to all, but I have to say that I cannot understand that some do not get that being a scumbag, skirt chaser doesn’t get you convicted for murder.

  110. NOWAY, now you’re making me look crazy, talking to myself – lol.

    That’s ok I am a little crazy. Me and my pink elephant are good buds. 😉

  111. 😀
    I’ll save you from yourself, Teneleven! It’s hard to type without those pesky one-liners and it’s taking me awhile to respond. 😉

    Tom Morphey is not the ideal witness, that is true. I don’t know how I would view him if I were a juror.

    With the speed the GJ operated in the Casey Anthony case, it made me wonder whether the GJ in Illinois could have at any time said okay, this is enough for an arrest, go ahead … and I think they could have.

    So it concerns me that there is no arrest yet — for either Stacy or Kathleen.

  112. Questions4you, the bad thing about posting others’ posts is that they sometimes use language that violates the rules here.

    Of course, I posted a link to porn once, and I’m still here, so I think Gatehouse will cut you some slack and just remove the post. 😀

  113. oh sorry didnt know about that Im just upset he would say such things about her. Sorry if I violated any rules. It still disgusting the thing he says

  114. I remember posting something from Ashlen’s at one time and being lucky enough to have posted it somewhere with an Edit button.

    Had to go back and remove the profanity. Pretty much eliminated the entire post. 😉

  115. ?4U, not that I agree with what that poster has said, but what I walked away from it with is that, that person is trying in their own distorted way, to make a point. That no one has the right to call anyone else anything (girls who choose to spend time with Peterson who are playing Russian Roullette)

    Maybe I really am crazy, but I get what he/she is tyring to drive home. It’s to bad he couldn’t have done it in a more classy way. But then again, it’s too bad that the staunch haters can’t do it more classily too.

    I ask this really for an honest response/answer.

    If it’s ok for one, is it not ok for the other?

    I don’t agree. I don’t. People (Stacy) make mistakes, she was a very young girl with a troubled upbringing. IT DOESN’T MAKE IT OK FOR HIM TO MAKE HER DEAD.

  116. All I can hope is that one or more of the women currently seeing Drew is wired too. Although, part of me hopes he would be smart enough to check now.

    And thank you Teneleven. She is precious. 😉

  117. If this blog is not open for discussing some of the hard stuff that surrounds this case, then I think Danya should state that upfront for anyone who wants to post here, as does the drewpetersonkills place.

    If this is a place to only support that Drew Peterson is guilty, and not exchange opinions/comments about the process in which our country is based upon, then she just needs to say that and I do believe people will respect it and go on their way.

    (I am not justifying or saying to accept any vulgarity)

  118. Teneleven, this forum has been the sight of many really good discussions. I think as action has died down, the discussions have too.

    I don’t think it’s a “Drew Peterson is guilty” site, although many who post here, including me, think he is guilty. And I’m sure there are lots of people who are thinking Is she serious?

    We don’t have all the evidence that law enforcement does but they too have only one suspect: Drew Peterson.

    I wish we could see how they eliminated others as suspects only to check off for myself that others were thoroughly investigated.

    A link to the rules of this forum is posted above. I’ve put it here for convenience.

    Typos are the fault of that girl in the precious avatar. She is crawling all around the bed. 🙂

  119. Noway, I also think he is guilty.

    I also could careless what anyone else thinks they know about what I think. I don’t mean that towards you, I just mean that because I can look at all and try to understand where others come from doesn’t make me a Peterson supporter.

    I know OJ was guilty, but there were major problems that violated our system, so although I wanted him to be found guilty, the laws that we are governed by made it impossible to be that way.

    What does that make me? A democrate – – – LOL.

  120. That is what concerns me about this case.

    I think Drew killed both of them or had hand in hiring someone to do so.

    But if there is not enough evidence to present to a court, he could go free.

    I can’t imagine what that will be like for the Savio and Cales families.

  121. That was EXACTLY my reasons for feeling troubled.

    Good news, if he doesn’t get punished while he’s walking this earth, he’ll get it in his next episode.

    I believe that.

  122. Noway, I guess we ran off the regulars. Oh well, they’ll be a new thread to tomorrow to do their thing with I guess.

    Anyhow, pleased to meet you Noway!

  123. noway406 // October 15, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    duckyone // October 15, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Quick question-is anyone going to really look at what Amanda and others say and have a real dialog? Or is this blog just about someone posting a very heartfelt post and they are just ripped apart or made fun of? I guess that the only dialog comes when it’s Drew bashing.

    Ducky, I thought Amanda’s post was excellent.

    The problem I see with it is that she isn’t going to get through to the nutcases at the DrewKills blog.

    They have an agenda there, and nobody is going to get them to veer from it.

    IMO it would have been interesting to see the reaction to that post if someone other than Amanda had written it.

    I have to agree with you here Noway, I myself have written very similar posts and they were not bashed in such a way. I don’t care who the poster is , people need to stop this ” You are a Drew-lover”, ” Bah Drew hurt the kids, we are barely doing anything in comparison to killing their moms” bs and actually take the time to think.

    I recieved a copy of Amanda’s post , and am not ashamed to say it was a great post. I wish everyone here and elsewhere could take the time to step back, forget all the old bs and remember Stacy and Kathleen instead of their childish grudges.

    Remember Stacy!!!!!!!! Remember Kathleen!!!!! Think of the kids!

    Danya, I would like for you to please contact me if you ever have an issue with something I post. I have always respected you, I saw you out there with us mucking it in the woods. Remember? We are all on the same team. This mess, it’s the same as those thorny bushes that were in our way in the woods that day. If we all stick on the RIGHT path, we will find what we are looking for.

    ( Due to the screen name you may not remember so here ya go , remember when your notebook ended up in the woods, myself and Sue Olsen brought it back to you, 🙂 You know how to reach me)

  124. Fuzzymouser, I hope to see you again at the searches.

    You are an itty bitty 100 pounds of dynamite.

    Please, Please, keep us informed of upcoming searches, family approved fundraisers, vigils.

    Thank you.

  125. Will do Ten! When she is ready for us to do our thing we will. We have a few small things going on soon, I have to clear them through Cass but as soon as I hear I will post for you.

    🙂 Have a great night all!

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