Your Thread – October 21

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79 thoughts on “Your Thread – October 21

  1. Will be interesting to see the results of the poll at the end of the day. From reading posts from last two days, I thought I was on a Jerry Springer blog or watching one of his shows.

    Hopefully in the next 30 days there will be an arrest and some truth to what actually have on 10/28/07 and the days after.

  2. JB and DP sure have some nerve appearing on morning tv on the anniversary. Not surprised, but am nauseated. 😦

  3. good morning bucket,

    Yes very quiet for now. Thinking others are sleeping. JB and DP always want to be in spot light, but have really nothing to say.

    Once all is done, thinking they will look like two deers in headlights.

    Off to work and be back tonight, maybe.

  4. whitesoxfan // October 21, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Will be interesting to see the results of the poll at the end of the day.


    I think we’ll get the Bradley effect- some people poll the way they think they should, not how they really feel.
    And I think there’s some strong feelings buried around here!
    Where’s Dr Phil when you need him?

  5. Hi lizanne!

    Oxon (some of their abbreviations are mysterious), short for Oxfordshire, is lovely. I used to live in a little rural village 6 miles from where I am now, in Wales, in a town on the Bristol Channel, nearest city Cardiff.

    Have you been able to visit?

  6. Never, but once the kids are gone . . . The closest I’ve been is google earth!

    It looks good from the air, I’ll have to check on Cardiff.

  7. Wow that looks like a beautiful area, too. I would love to spend a month in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland. Someday….

    Have you been here?

  8. thanx facs

    liz, i was born in LA , lived in NY, Virginia, and Northern Calif, but have been here for longer than I ever lived “at home”. I think I’m one of them, now….well almost…you can take the girl out of california, but you can’t take california out of the girl.

  9. Liz, I hope you do get to come. There’s so much to see…especially if you love history/archaeology. Just within 3 or 4 miles from me there are dinosaur footprints, 2 prehistoric tombs, very early medieaval churches, Roman ruins, etc etc

  10. Facs, thanks for the radio program notice. I’ve added reminder to computer and hope I’ll be around tonight to listen.

    If not, I’ll count on someone here to keep us updated.

  11. Let see:

    Bucket: Originally- Lymington, Hampshire. Now- Anchorage.

    Liz: Do the UK tour + Eire. Totally worth it.

    WhiteSox: Only Jerry Springer I know is a very silly song by Weird Al.

    Georgia: Only reason I can imagine DP wanting to be on Dr. Phil is so he can meet the doc’s daughter-in-law.

    Facs: Joe Hosey is a pregnant yak.

    Rescue: Good afternoon! Hope we have a good day too!

    Noway: Thanks for getting rid of the underage Thai hookers. Couldn’t have done it without you!

    Wonder: I learned 3 things yesterday:
    1) Never take underage Thai hookers fishing.
    2) Never underestimate the power of cajones.
    3) Some reporters wouldn’t know a hell of a scoop if it ran up and bit them on the arse whilst playing the Star Spangled Banner on an accordian and garggling V-8.

    Kimmer: I promise I won’t post those XXX pics of you if you won’t post mine.

    Wonder (again): Not sure- probably whomever took the underage Thai hookers out fishing?

  12. My Internet was down most of the day.

    Bash, if Hosey gives birth to a baby yak, I hope he gives it to me. I’ll bet little yaks are adorable.

  13. I didn’t learn it yesterday and I didn’t learn it today, but as a survivor of the Days of Roller Disco (god help me, it’s true) I’d second keeping a lid on rollerskate distribution, Ms. Bash. 😉

  14. Found this is at Kimmers:

    ~~~~CONFIRMED ~~~~

    All that has been posted here and at WordPress in the past few days regarding Sharon/Roy and the misused FoSP funds.

    *The debit card was not approved by the Board.

    Quote:the fact remains there was not supposed to be a debit card on that account that good ole roy was using to fill up his jeep sharon did that and completely went against the 3 signature rule and made purchase after purchase and let roy make purchases without answering to the FSP committee members or being held accountable the only way this was found was through reconciliation of the funds

    *Sharon did take the last fundraisers (Bike Run) money and put it in an account in her name and added Uncle Kyle to it.

    *Monies from the fund were found to have been spent by people not on the approved spender list and for non-search essential items such as food, party supplies, flowers, personal gas, etc.

    *Roy knew the fund was potentially not going to get approved and decided to use the debit card anyways.
    When he got tired of trying to get people to sign Anthony Laatz name, he was overheard saying “Just sign Tony’s name, let him take the fall.”

    *He was also recently heard saying ” If it goes through, great if not , oh well… so they don’t get a tax deduction.
    We have it (the donated pontoon boat) already so what does it matter”.

    *By the way, the boats were still not licensed nor registered as of the time when the tornado hit Bolingbrook.

    *No payment has been recieved to this day by ANY of the professional teams who came in to help.

    *Sharon refused to attend the private memorial if the media would not be allowed to attend.

  15. Hey! I’ve got at least 2 people hilariously attempting to impersonate me in a sinister manner at the bobblehead blog. 😯

    Guess they got tired of sending hate PM’s and emails.

    Do I win a cake for that? 🙂

  16. It takes more than a * in G*d to be Basherette. 🙄

    At the very least, you should get a cake. But if it comes from the bobblehead blog, check it for razor blades first.

  17. rescueapet // October 21, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    [i]Rescue a pest ~ warthogs are hard to catch. You would know.[/i]

    Is this from the bobbleheads too?

  18. noway – a “longer” version of my nic here is being used at that playland they created.

    G*d help them all. They’ll rip each other apart for a 99-cents hamburger charged on a card.

    Think Rescue a Pest is Queenie?????

  19. If that’s going to be the show tonight, I’ll spring for popcorn for everyone. Please note, I am using my very own debit card.

  20. NO I am only Queeny66. I do not use other names. This is my only screen name. My time is not wasted on making fun of people and or their handles on this blog or otherwise.

  21. When I got to Mass on Sunday, I’ll light an extra candle next to the one I light for all the soldiers away at the real war.

  22. Bash – I think the “wayward Whopper” is in reference to the alleged unauthorized purchase of such a burger from Burger King, AKA “Home of the Whopper”.

  23. Hey, at least they came up with a half-arsed, almost clever pseudonym for your name.

    I got stuck with plain ‘ol “bash” and “basherette”. What- no one could use their imagination?

    Though, of course, I do find it quite scandalous that they didn’t bother to use a capital letter as required for the grammatically correct presentation of a proper name. And, of course, there *is* the fact that their sentence structure, comportment and spelling is of a level *almost* approaching that of an unemployed, drunken garden slug with sagging mammaries hailing from Tierra Del Fuego.

    My G*D, if they are willing to overlook the particulars of proper English, there’s no telling what the miscreants might do NEXT!

    Pass the ammo, Berthie…

  24. noway406 // October 21, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Is that microwave popcorn? Lavanda warned me of the dangers of microwave popcorn …

    Dangers ???

  25. noway406 // October 21, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    I think it had to do with lung cancer. Microwave popcorn and lung cancer.

    And all this time they said it was smoking that did that. Dang I quit the wrong thing.

  26. Queeny, I said Lavanda warned me. I still eat the stuff.

    The popcorn bags are made out of paper that has to be coated with a substance to repel grease and moisture so the bag doesn’t become soggy and rip while it’s getting heated in the microwaave. The chemicals used to coat the paper break down, when heated, in to a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA).

    The Environmental Protection Agency has identified PFOA as a “lilely carcinogen.”

    You can google it for more info but I’m sure they meant likely carcinogen above.

  27. noway406 // October 21, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    Or did you want proof it gave you gas?

    Yes, I wasn’t asking for proof about the popcorn thingy. OMG ROFLMAO @ you Noway, your hilarious

  28. Madonna lives on the stuff instead of food. No proof – just read it somewhere. Maybe that’s why her and Guy are done. Gas, you know.

  29. Well there goes my fun, got to give up licking the inside of the popcorn bags, no smoking, no reeses peanut butter cups, I dont drink. I know what I learned today !!! Thank you very much.

  30. Hey, one of the main reasons I divorced was because my ex was constantly picking his nose.

    So… never underestimate the collateral damage of gas. Or nose picking, for that matter!

  31. already gamble via lottery scratchers, too much of a tightwad to spend money, and the other is just plain morally wrong to charge money for,
    I draw the line there !! LMAO thats sekrit code for no one wants to pay me ..wink wink

  32. Thanks for being nice everyone. It was nice to play nice. Have a nice night all. My presence is requested in the drawing room for the King.


  33. Apparently one of my sisters divorced because her husband kept putting the rubber bands fromthe newpaper in the wrong drawer.

  34. facsmiley // October 21, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Apparently one of my sisters divorced because her husband kept putting the rubber bands fromthe newpaper in the wrong drawer.
    Four out of five marriages end for this reason alone.

    No, I don’t have proof. 😉

  35. The people who don’t subscribe to the newspaper don’t know how close they’ve come to being just another statistic.

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