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Not that it needs to be said, but anyone who wasn’t joking when they voted for either of the first two options on yesterday’s poll need not comment here. There are a plethora of unmoderated blogs/forums that will allow the discussion to sink to whatever lows the comments bring them to, but this isn’t one of them. Our staff has worked extremely hard over the last year to ensure that this blog remains a place where people are free to examine this case without the fear of being personally attacked. Sometimes that means we have to delete many comments and direct discussion away from certain topics that tend to lead to the chaos.

To be absolutely clear, you are free to discuss any subject you’d like, even the ones that have brought on the intense arguments in the past. Our concern has never been with any particular topic, but with the manner in which the discussion takes place. Personal attacks, circular reasoning, and repetitive arguments do not help foster constructive, truth-seeking dialogue. Instead, they serve to back people into defensive corners and crowd out potentially useful commentary.

Controversy is a healthy part of a lively discussion and we welcome that. But we will not tolerate comments or discussions that make this blog read like the transcript of a Jerry Springer show.

Online posting may offer the benefit of relative anonymity, but that is no reason to write something under the protection of a username that you wouldn’t say to a person standing in front of you. This case has been going for nearly a year now, without the resolution and without the answers for which many of you have been waiting. Nerves are fraying and, in many respects, that’s understandable, even expected. When an argument over a particular aspect of this case begins, keep the bigger picture in mind and remember why you all became interested and involved in this case in the first place.

And if that fails to ease the tension, it is always respectable to simply agree to disagree.

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69 thoughts on “Your Thread – October 22

  1. 😉 Since I finished out the night talking to myself, I might as well start off the morning talking to myself too.

  2. Good morning all.
    I’ve been thinking about this Dr. Phil show. Does this mean that he is going to be out of town on the 28th? Do they tape those shows in advance? What about the kids? I know the younger two won’t know that it is the 1st anniversary but what about the older boys?

  3. facsmiley // October 21, 2008 at 12:46 am

    Apparently, Derek Armstrong’s interview for the Dr. Phil show was pre-recorded on Friday. I wonder (sorry wonder) if the whole thing was prerecorded or if the Brodsky part will be live.

    I would be great if there was an arrest before it aired…
    No telling exactly …

  4. Good morning! If they tape it in advance, that makes DP available for arrest and detention on the 28th. That would be nice.

  5. I read that Derek Armstrong taped his portion last Friday (taping ran late and that was why he missed the frist radio show with Levi). I assume that the entire show was taped that day, but that may not be accurate.

    AFAIK, Drew will be appearing live on the Today show on the 28th. Someone posting here said in a comment that the kids will be babysat at someone else’s house that day.

  6. I guess hoping that DP is available for arrest and detention on live TV is too much to ask for . . . but it would be great for Dr. Phil’s show.

  7. I listened to Hosey on the Justice Interrupted show last night. I didn’t hear much that was new. He did say that he wrote his book because he was approached by an agent and that he got a publisher very soon after.

  8. I’ve thought about that before…I am sure you guys have, too, about him being arrested live on tv. Problem is he’d enjoy that and think how important he must be. I just hope we won’t be denied a perp-wlk somewhere along the line.

  9. bucketoftea // October 22, 2008 at 10:15 am

    I’ve thought about that before…I am sure you guys have, too, about him being arrested live on tv. Problem is he’d enjoy that and think how important he must be. I just hope we won’t be denied a perp-wlk somewhere along the line.
    You’re right about that. He’d enjoy it too much, and it would only deepen his belief that he’s a celebrity.

    I’ll settle for a simple arrest and a really bad mug shot. 😉

  10. Do ya’ll think Dr. Phil will cut thru the bs and really ask the “tough” questions or do you think it will be more of the same… as in rehashing everything that has been said so far?

  11. I’ve never seen Dr. Phil’s show so I don’t know how it usually goes. The only thing I’d really want to hear from DP is a confession, and I strongly doubt that’s going to happen.

    Truthfully, I’d rather see them all on Jerry Springer. At least on that show there’s a chance that someone might throw a chair…and I wouldn’t really mind seeing any of that bunch get hit.

  12. I have little faith in Dr. Phil asking tough questions, but would be happily surprised.

    I’m afraid he’ll focus on the “stress “Drew’s been under for the past year, and how is he dealing with it …

    I wonder if Dr. Phil could address whether it’s age appropriate to tell the little kids that Stacy is still on vacation.

  13. I’m hoping that because Dr. Phil is supposed to be a therapist, he will wait until DP answers and not feed him one.

  14. I’m thinking you are right noway… it will all be about poor poor pitiful Drew. Left holding down the fort while his wife runs around the world “on vacation”.
    I hope Dr. Phil takes up for the kids too. If it is in fact true that they are not allowed to even speak of their moms, he needs to be all over that.

  15. Doesn’t Dr. Phil have a get real philosophy?

    Let’s hope he uses that on Drew Peterson.

    And if Drew says the kids are bored with it all … he needs to be all over that too. IMO

  16. Well, as long as there’s no news:

    Excerpt from ‘Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson’

    Last October, Stacy Peterson disappeared. And with her disappearance, a national spotlight fell on Bolingbrook, the previously tranquil southwest suburb where the 23-year-old woman lived with her husband, Drew Peterson, then a Bolingbrook police sergeant, and their children.

    Suspicion centered on Drew Peterson, who has steadfastly maintained that the missing woman — his fourth wife — ran off, probably with another man. Peterson has not been charged but has been identified by investigators as a “suspect” in the still-unsolved disappearance.

    Adding intrigue: Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, had been found dead in the bathtub of the couple’s home in 2004 — a death that initially had been ruled accidental. But amid questions raised by Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, Savio’s body was exhumed for a second autopsy. As a result of that newly reopened investigation, in February Savio’s death was ruled a homicide.

    In a new book, Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson (Phoenix Books, $25.95), Joe Hosey, a reporter for the Herald News in Joliet since 1999, draws on interviews with the family and friends of the missing woman and with Drew Peterson himself to examine the bizarre case, which Hosey has covered for the Herald News and the Chicago Sun-Times.

    What follows are two excerpts from the book. The first recounts the inquest by Will County Coroner Patrick O’Neil into Savio’s death. The second excerpt begins with Stacy Peterson’s friend Sharon Bychowski’s surprise at not being able to reach her by phone last Oct. 28:

    O’Neil ran the show at Savio’s inquest, but the star player at the proceeding was Special Agent [Herbert] Hardy of the Illinois State Police. Hardy was dispatched to testify, even though he only played a small role in the investigation of the woman’s death. He did not talk to Peterson or Stacy, and he never met with friends or family of Peterson and Savio. He also did not attend Savio’s autopsy and never made an appearance in the second-story bathroom of 392 Pheasant Chase Drive to inspect the death scene. Yet he was the representative the state police selected to attend the inquest of a police sergeant’s former wife, who died mysteriously in the midst of

    an acrimonious divorce, and who had at one time filed an order of protection in which she alleged he had threatened to kill her.

    Hardy did question some of Savio’s neighbors, but . . .

    “I didn’t talk to the ones that were really close to her,” Hardy testified at the inquest. “Myself and [another agent] did what we call a ‘neighborhood canvass,’ and we did speak to quite a few of the neighbors in the general area of the residence.”

    It came as little surprise that Hardy did not get much information out of those neighbors.

    “Did anyone hear or see anything unusual, see any squad cars or anything, any suspicious activity in that area?” O’Neil, the coroner, asked Hardy.

    Hardy said they had not.

    “Did you find any signs of foul play during the course of your investigation?” O’Neil asked.

    “No, sir,” Hardy said. “We did not.”

    There were no indications of a burglary or home invasion, no weapons in the house and, according to Hardy, no signs on Savio’s body or in the home that a struggle had taken place.

    “Everything seemed to be in order,” he said. The only possible exception was an unmade bed with some books and magazines on it. “Nobody related to us that they saw anything unusual in the neighborhood those last few days.”

    The only unusual thing was the dead woman in the dry bathtub.

    “There was no water [in] the tub when our agents arrived,” Hardy said. “It must have drained out after setting for such a long period of time.”

    Savio’s hair was still wet, the special agent noted, her fingertips were pruned, and her skin was wrinkled. She had a cut on the back of her head, and a small amount of blood was in the tub.

    “We think that the laceration from her — that she sustained to the back of her head — was caused by a fall in the tub,” Hardy said. “There was nothing to lead us to believe that anything else occurred. There was no other evidence at this time that shows that anything else occurred.”

    Hardy never laid out a specific scenario about what state police believe immediately preceded the fall in the tub. Had Savio, at the end of her bath, stood to unplug the drain but slipped before she could do so? Had she slipped getting into the tub? State police didn’t say; perhaps it was not something that could be determined. The tub stopper was down — that was confirmed at the inquest — but there was no mention of having tested the stopper to see how fast a tubful of water could seep away. Would a plugged-up tub drain and dry out in less than two days, the amount of time between Savio’s phone call with her boyfriend and the discovery of her body? Would a body lying in a tub trap some water underneath it that wouldn’t evaporate in that time? If any of these questions factored in to the state police’s deliberations, the public never knew of it.

    Savio, state police concluded, had fallen and drowned in the tub while water slowly drained away; she died from an accidental drowning.

    “And at the point we’re at now,” Hardy said, “we’re still waiting. . . . All alibis, all stories were checked as to where people were, and if I remember . . . if I recall correctly, the only thing we’re waiting for now is some phone records to find out if certain calls were made when they said they were made. So at this point, that’s where we’re at.” And it’s at that point that they pretty much stayed for the next three and half years.

    In stark contrast to Hardy’s confidence in how Savio perished, her family testified at the inquest that they never for a moment believed her death was an accident. Rather, they told the jury that Savio lived in terror of Peterson.

    Savio’s sister, Susan Savio, said Kathleen even predicted that, if she died, “It may look like an accident, but it wasn’t.”

    “And it’s just very hard for me to accept that,” Susan continued, “what had happened. His reactions to this were a laughing matter — cleaning everything out, ready to get rid of the house. It’s very hard.”

    Peterson did not attend the inquest.

    Family members also brought up financial issues between Kathleen Savio and Peterson. In the divorce settlement, Savio was to get the house. Once she had it, Susan Savio said, “She was going to sell the house and move away.” But Peterson had other plans, according to Savio family members.

    Around 2 p.m., Bychowski called Stacy’s cell phone. The call went straight to voice mail, which struck Bychowski as odd. “When she’s gone, she never turned her cell off, ever.”

    Bychowski did not hear from Stacy for the rest of the day. At about 8:30 a.m. the next morning — Monday, Oct. 29 — her doorbell rang. She expected it to be Stacy, who usually rang the bell and walked right in. This time, though, it was Peterson. He grabbed Bychowski by the arm and, saying he needed her, took her to his house. She didn’t even have time to put on her shoes.

    “I thought, ‘Oh, my God. Oh, my God, what’s wrong?’ My heart is pounding, that kind of pounding when you get pulled over by the cops? . . . ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ ‘Just come, come.’ He wouldn’t tell me. I see that there’s both cars in the driveway.”

    • • • •

    Once she was inside Peterson’s house, he dropped what he must have thought was a bombshell, only Bychowski knew it was coming.

    “He says, ‘She left me,’ ” Bychowski said. “I go, ‘Yeah.’ . . . I’m thinking, ‘And?’ ‘Cause I know how unhappy she is, and I know she wants to leave him. I thought she left for sure.

    “I said, ‘Where are the kids?’ And he says, ‘They’re upstairs.’ ”

    With this revelation, she knew something was amiss.

    “He goes, ‘I know this is really difficult for you. I know you thought she was your bud and all.’ I’m like, ‘Now what do I do?’ I’m in the house alone with him, basically. And you know what else was odd? Everything was perfect. Like, we have the same flowers. They’re always on her kitchen table. Gone. There’s nothing on the kitchen table. No kids’ place mats. No sippy cups. Nothing. Odd.”

    Peterson then complained of Stacy looting their safe and going on a spending spree. He said she took $25,000 from their safe at home, Bychowski said, but Stacy had told Bychowski the week before that she had transferred $25,000 to pay off a home-equity line of credit so they would only have to divide up assets and not liabilities. “But he doesn’t know that I know that,” Bychowski said. “So I just said, ‘Oh.’ ”

    Peterson said Stacy also took passports and car and house titles and bought herself new clothes and a bikini. The list gave Bychowski further cause for concern.

    “Well, I also know that she has a favorite bikini. She’s not going to give that up. I know she has these fabulous bras that she bought herself as a treat after she had her liposuction. I said, ‘She’s not giving up those bras.’ I know her. She had favorite bras. She’s not giving up all those bras.”

    Bychowski was in disbelief. She figured Stacy would leave Peterson sooner or later, but she could not swallow that the young woman would abruptly depart without taking her children. When she got home and briefed her husband, she said he had a similar sense of dread.

    “I said, ‘Bob, the kids are there.’ He sits up and he goes, ‘OK, that’s not right.’ I said, ‘You don’t think I’m being a drama queen to tell you that I think that there’s something wrong with this?’ And he goes, ‘One thing I know about her is, she’d never leave her kids.’

    “My husband’s not involved with a lot of stuff,” Bychowski said, “but he knows her well enough to know those kids are always with her.”

    Soon after Bychowski returned home, Stacy’s sister Cassandra and Bruce Zidarich were at her door.

    Zidarich asked Bychowski if she’d heard about Stacy; Bychowski said she had. Stacy’s sister, Bychowski said, was crying.

    Cassandra had apparently had a sleepless, stressful night. After not hearing from Stacy all day Sunday, around 11 that evening she had gone to her sister’s house. The driveway was empty. She said she spoke with her nephew Kristopher, who told her his parents had fought that morning, then Stacy had left, and his father was out looking for her.

    Cassandra left the house and called Peterson on his cell phone. She was sitting in the parking lot of a nearby Meijer department store when he told her that Stacy had run off, and he was trying to find her. She said Peterson also told her he was home, which she found difficult to believe, considering she had just been there.

    Cassandra then went to the Downers Grove Police Department. She did not want to trust the matter to the Bolingbrook police, and might have chosen the Downers Grove police because she had grown up in the town, but they sent her to Bolingbrook anyway.

    From the Bolingbrook Police Department, Cassandra drove by her sister’s home again. This time, both the Denali and the Grand Prix were parked there. Cassandra then headed to the nearby District 5 state police headquarters and, in the early hours of Monday, Oct. 29, reported Stacy Peterson missing.

    By the time Cassandra showed up at Bychowski’s house, she had an awful feeling about what had happened to her sister.

    “She said, ‘He killed her. He killed her,’ ” Bychowski said.

  17. This may be OT but in looking at photos of Stacy and Kathleen, there seems to be somewhat of a resemblance. Has anyone else noticed that?

  18. For the record, 314,332 titles are currently selling better than Armstrong’s book.

    Hosey’s book presently ranking #25,687 in Amazon sales.

  19. It’s what we have all been waiting/praying for; an arrest is coming in the near future! I hope he is right, justice needs to be served in this case, enough is enough!!!

  20. Excerpt:

    Oct 22, 2008 11:53 am US/Central

    Peterson, Savio Investigations ‘Highly Productive’

    CHICAGO (STNG) ― With the one-year aniversary of the disapearance of Stacy Peterson coming up next week, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow says the investigation into her disappearance has been “highly productive” and he expects a resolution to her case or that of the murder of Kathleen Savio “in the near future.” …

  21. That is great news!
    I thought I remembered Dr. Phil talking about this situation last year. I went to his web site and found the following excerpt from the show A Killer amoung us? :
    *Dr. Phil turns to Court TV correspondent Lisa Bloom. Lisa has been following this case closely and believes that Drew fits the profile of a killer. Dr. Phil asks why.

    “Well, first of all,” Lisa begins, “his story is preposterous, that she ran off with another man. She didn’t take her car. She didn’t come back and talk to her kids. She’s never called her family. She hasn’t used a credit card. She hasn’t used a cell phone. I mean that’s just insulting to all of our intelligence.” She continues, “The second thing is his demeanor and his attitude. He’s almost dancing on her grave, Dr. Phil. He’s doing a little jig in the driveway in front of the reporters. He’s making jokes about posing for Playgirl. Something’s wrong with this guy.”

    Dr. Phil offers some insight, based on his phone conversation with Drew. He says, “One of the things that bothers me about this is — I always look to see if the person’s emotion, if their affect, is appropriate to the circumstance. I don’t care if you don’t care about your wife anymore; you would still at least care about the mother of your children gone missing in some way, and I just haven’t seen any appropriate emotion or affect about that.” Turning to Lisa, he says, “You’ve seen every inch of tape there’s been, do you ever see anything appropriate with him?”

    “No,” she replies. “He seems to be having the time of his life, doing media interviews, the fact that they’re all camped out in front of his home. And think about his story, Dr. Phil. If she really ran off with another man, wouldn’t he be concerned that he hasn’t heard from her, that the children haven’t heard? Maybe this other man did something to her. He never says that.”

    “You would think,” Dr. Phil agrees. He adds that although Drew has said before that he thought his wife ran off with another man, he told Dr. Phil he didn’t know what happened, that he couldn’t even guess. *

    hmmmmmmmmmm….. he DIDN’T know… he COULDN’T even guess.
    I find those statements very interesting…..

  22. Glasgow also said the investigations prompted him to propose a new law that will enable state prosecutors to “use a murder victim’s cries for help as evidence at trial to convict her brutal killer.”

    Umm, I thought the bill was a joint effort which included State Senator A.J. Wilhelmi and Representative Careen Gordon. I’ll just assume that the reporter overlooked their contributions and not that Glasgow’s current campaigning for re-election prompted him to overlook his partners.

  23. My gut feeling…. when the bill becomes law, he’ll be arrested and charged with Savio’s death. Kathleen’s words will then be used against him. Maybe then he’ll be offered a 2-for-1 plea deal to avoid the death penalty. Admit what happened to Kathleen AND Stacy and only face the one murder charge.

  24. Thanks for the link to the radio show above, noway. It was interesting. Which woman was the one who said she posed as a hot honey and was in contact with ol’ airbiker? I couldn’t figure out who was speaking.

    Thanks for the refresher and the book rankings, facs. All that stuff about how long it would take to empty a plugged bath is down the drain if there was coagulated blood in the tub

  25. I wonder….will there ever be an admission of guilt on his part ? I THINK NOT ! He will never confess IMO. But it would be Wonderful if I am wrong 🙂

  26. WW – I admit I’m cynical but I can’t help thinking that Glasgow is up for re-election and has been called out by his opponent on the lack of an arrest in either case. I’d like to think that this is more than just grandstanding.

    We’ve been hearing “soon” for a very long time.

  27. Most interesting in thCBS report is that the Grand Jury is still hearing evidence….well, we know they’re still meeting. I think the actual term is up in November, but they could have a futher extension….now, that’s a bit ARGH

  28. Thank you, great2bnorth!

    A special grand jury — convened in November 2007 to hear testimony and evidence regarding Stacy Peterson’s disappearance and Savio’s murder — is still receiving evidence, the release said.

    Still receiving evidence.

    This makes me think it’s taking a long time to listen to all those tapes, and gives me hope for an arrest in November.


    FBI Investigating Will County Political Race

    Last Edited: Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008, 8:41 PM CDT
    Created: Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008, 8:41 PM CDT

    Will County Investigation
    Chicago — They’re playing political hardball in Will County. Charges of conflict of interest and political dirty tricks are being leveled and the FBI is stuck in the middle trying to sort through it all. Dane Placko has a Fox Chicago News investigation into rumors swirling around a local race.

    Video at link.

  30. I hear ‘ya facsmiley…. told hubby last night I had reached max saturation point on the election news… ‘nuf already. Let me mark the ballot and get this over with already!

  31. Sorry – hit “Enter” too soon. I didn’t look at the Fox News link – who’s being investigated? The mayor, or is it other Will County officials?

  32. still receiving evidence…….boy they must have just mountains of evidence by now, when will it be ENOUGH evidence?

  33. great2bnorth // October 22, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    still receiving evidence…….boy they must have just mountains of evidence by now, when will it be ENOUGH evidence?


    You do wonder, don’t you?

    Maybe they are also going through the hours of surveillance tapes that the Judge referred to, and I still believe that the original Kathleen Savio investigation played a big part in Peterson not being scrutinized for her death. I’m not sure who investigates the investigators, but if they covered up or screwed up, someone has to get to the bottom of it, and just maybe it is the GJ. I don’t know, but they can’t have too many more witnesses to hear, heh?

  34. Maybe they called more people after hearing stuff on Lenny’s and Paula’s tapes. Or maybe they’re just still listening to hours and hours of Drew talking.

  35. A year of a Special Grand Jury seems like something out of the ordinary, but, then, nothing about the Savio/Peterson investigations is ordinary. I do wonder if those tapes are something the GJ would be required to listen to or not. It’s not like the GJ has to decide Peterson’s guilt or innocence; they just need to come up with an indictment if there’s enough there to do it. On the other hand, since both “death” investigations are tied in together, maybe they want it all completed before they charge him with one crime or another. And, then, again, there’s the lack of a proper Savio investigation in the first place to contend with. Whew.

  36. Also on October 28th there will be a peaceful awareness rally being held in from of the Will County Courthouse to remind them we have not forgotten about Stacy or Kathleen and that we will not allow them to forget. If you would like to attend please email me at the above address.

  37. I wonder….what does soon mean ? I have been hearing soon since July
    I was hoping for it to be a Christmas present last year. It can’t happen soon enough.

    Facs-I hope that this article isn’t for elections-they will do anything, won’t they? ugh

    Didn’t I read that somewhere that they didn’t have enough evidence from Kathleen’s or is that very wrong? I can’t remember.

    I’m hoping that something happens soon and it sticks like glue to Drew.

  38. I loved reading the beginning of this thread. Hopefully all will stay respectfully and stay focused on finding Stacy Peterson.

  39. duckyone // October 22, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    I wonder….what does soon mean ? I have been hearing soon since July
    I’m thinking anytime after Nov 12th. Nov12th is when the House is back in session and signs the amended bill.

    Now back to the baseball game.

  40. Hello again all!
    We are currently in need of volunteers to aid us in a search on Oct 25, 2008. We will once again be search for Stacy Peterson, it is not too late and it is not time to give up. We must push forward and bring this beautiful young woman home.
    If you are available please email me here or at , we will be meeting at 9 am , location to be announced..
    Please feel free to repost this as often as you would like. Thanks again to all who have been helping in the searches and for any further help you may be able to provide.
    Have a blessed day!!!!_____________
    For those who have an issue, this was set up by Cassandra. Do not hold whatever grudges you have against me here, this is for Cass as she asked for it to be done.
    Regardless of all the smack talking, Cass still deserves your support and Stacy still deserves to be found.
    THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!! I hope this means that everyone has put their differences aside and will attend! Coming together right before the anniversary is a prayer answered 🙂

    Danya/Gatehouse-I know that you are at the hearing but maybe you can put this up somewhere. 🙂

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