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Before I post the vigil story, I wanted to include an excerpt of the note Stacy’s Aunt Candace asked pastor Neil Schori to read to attendees as there wasn’t room to include it in the story and that section of video footage isn’t working properly. The note is a letter to Stacy (any typos are mine from the transcription):

“I miss you deeply and I cannot express the grief and pain I feel. Your life spoke volumes to many more than you will ever know. I believe your life will continue to speak and bring healing to many. You were a gift to us and you continue to give to many because of your inspiration to us all. I believe your light will never be snuffed out. You touched so many lives because you noticed and loved people, even though you were hurting so much inside. I know you’re in heaven with our lord Jesus Christ and that you do not live in silent pain anymore. You will never be forgotten and you will remain in our hearts forever. No one can take that from us. Your legacy will live on. I know I will see you again some day and that gives me strength to carry on. I believe we will have closure and justice to bring you home. -With all my love, Aunt Candy”

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  1. Beans. I just posted my query about cattle prods on the “Gone But Not Forgotten” thread…

    HELP GATEHOUSE!!!!! Please DELETE cattle prod post on abovementioned thread.


  2. Do any ranchers out there know if I need to bring a cow, goat or sheep with me to an IL County Court to be in compliance with whatever statutes I can’t find about the legal possession of and carrying of a cattle prod into IL County Courthouses? Or can I skip the cow and just carry the prod?

    Much obliged.

  3. Bash, I don’t guess you could say it was your cane, and you needed it to get about?

    Maybe if you put a tennis ball over the prongs until they are needed? 😉

  4. I saw the news coverage last night, and it looked to be very respectful and heartfelt. I think it looked to accomplish exactly what the participants wanted it to. A coming together of people for a combined cause of keeping in the spotlight the memory of two women who were taken away too soon.

  5. I wonder (sorry, Wonder), over and over, how Drew Peterson explains and deals with all of the horrible things he says about his kids’ mothers, such as what he did in Drew Peterson Exposed, especially about Kathleen?

    He makes a PR statement about how no one should worry about his kids, because he claims he’s got it all under control and they’re all happy and adjusted. How do two teens adjust to their father demeaning and disrespecting their mother on tv and in a book?

    Yes, those kids need prayers and vigils! They need to learn the real truth about their moms and what happened to them. Not what Drew Peterson wants them to hear and know. The TRUTH.

  6. Zounds, I really hope Glasgow (<– neiner neiner, JB, I can spell it correctly) follows through with some bonafide legal actions/resolutions regarding Kathleen’s and Stacy’s deliberately, criminally, permanently, despicably, horrifically premature deaths- and isn’t just whistling “Dixie” up our collective arses …

    That would DEFINITELY be a cattle prod-worthy offense in my book…

  7. Well, Bash, I totally agree with that. However, I especially want to know how Kathleen’s death investigation got so screwed up the first time. I want to know how, why and who’s responsible for her being buried as an accidental death victim?

    That deserves as much exposure as the current death investigations, and is prod-worthy in my book too. JMHO

  8. BTW, no one in Will County should let that get past them. It was brought out in the open and now it needs to be dealt with and resolved!

    Phone records that were never verified, records that would have shown he was being called on his cell phone even though he wasn’t at home where he was supposed to be. Stacy could’ve been confronted with this and possibly made to reveal the truth. She was young and she could have been swayed, I believe, but the good guys, not the animal she was living with. But, we’ll never know, now, will we?

  9. There were two other adult people living in that house at the time, and, mysteriously, their names never came up that I’ve ever been able to find. Steve Peterson and his gf at the time, Jennifer.

    Not a mention that I know of that they were questioned, that they were there, or that they weren’t there that night. Yet, it’s now been publicized that Jennifer, Steve’s gf, has a criminal defense lawyer and appeared for hours before the GJ. How come now, and not then?

    Too many unanswered questions about the first investigation, and Kathleen’s family should be outraged. However, they continue to act dignified and participate in a joint vigil to keep hope alive that justice will be done.

    They rock!

  10. Well, I’d certainly want to see some people thoroughly sacked, but how can you sack someone if they’ve already retired or left the job they held at the time of the miscarriage of justice?

    Go for punitive damages? I don’t think there’s enough money in the whole world that can replace the value of an innocent life deliberately and/or premeditativly extinguished by murder.

    Don’t suppose the DA would have a go for the death penalty in such a case…?

  11. Well, Bash, that may all be true about being sacked or retired, but when and how is it all going to come out how it is that Kathleen had to be exhumed to get to the real truth? Who’s responsible for exposing the flaws from the first investigation? The FBI, the ISP?

    Was it cover-up, or shoddy police work? Or a combination of both? Doesn’t anyone wonder why not one word has been said about the first investigation since it was exposed? WTF?

  12. I just figured an in-depth investigation was being done by the Feebs, and as an ongoing investigation, that not much, if anything, could be revealed without jeopardizing the whole enchilda…

    Then again, I *am* blonde… and living in Alaska… for over 20 years…


  13. LOL
    Sorry for the double post. It didn’t seem to work, so I decided to remove thet post about searching for Caylee (which did not make sense when I read it) and post again.


  14. Hon, double posts happen- goodness knows how many of the darn things I’ve had- no need to apologize.

    I must admit, though, that I am greatly troubled by the incredulously simplistic and pathetically denying obliviousness that wee angel Caylee’s grandparents are weilding as a defense mechanism against the scientifically concrete evidence indicating that their beloved granddaughter is not alive, and was most likely murdered deliberately or neglectfully by accident.

    What in the wide, wide world of sports have they been smoking?

    No wonder their daughter’s so foxtrot’d uniform.

    Wouldn’t be surprised one bit if it turns out that the King and Queen of Denial helped cover up the crime.

    There *IS* a “special” place to rot in hello dolly for the twisted familial enablers and protectors of henious murderers… right?

    If not, then there friggin’ beaver dam well ought to be one…

  15. basherette // October 29, 2008 at 2:13 pm


    That’s just so wrong. He should be aware as anyone else that Casey is perfectly suited for Drew – not him.

  16. Oh, I so agree about Casey’s parents being over-the-top with this propping up position they’ve taken.

    I used to feel very sorry for the Anthonys. I still do, because they’ve lost so much. What I am sick of hearing is how everyone else is to blame because they’ve come to understand and believe that little Caylee is dead. People that were there for the Anthonys from day one, trying to help them, search for a living Caylee. Now, they’re sinister and evil.

    Casey is a compulsive, obsessive liar, and she didn’t get that way overnight. She had enablers.

    Must be open season on anyone that doesn’t believe a killer these days, heh?

  17. Even worse…

    It’s allegedly a false report…

    Which was allegedly revealed to reporters…

    By one (or more) of OCJ corrections officers…

    Who, in turn, were allegedly told by Casey herself (no less!)…

    That Scott Peterson was waxing poetical whilst writing personal missives to her…


    PLEASE do NOT tell me that the beloved state of Florida, pleading ignorance, has *STILL* not discovered the many blessed uses, talents, practicality and strength of the iconically treasured classic roll of silver duct tape! For shame!!!

    Anyhoot, here’s an updated Orlando Sentinel blurb semi-filled with obvious dissembling and thorough shirking of responsiblility about the faux pas:


  18. Here’s the link to Joe Hosey’s story about the vigil.,4_1_JO29_PETERSON_S1.article

    But, isn’t this sad, and just plain wrong:

    Reached Tuesday evening after his appearance on the “Today” show and shortly before the vigil, Peterson, who said he was weather-bound in New York, expressed no interest in attending the anniversary proceedings.

    “Nah, I ain’t coming to that,” he said. “That’s crazy.”

    Peterson said his children were staying with his brother and his brother’s wife, Paul and Norma Peterson. He was relieved the children would not be present for the vigil, saying, “They ain’t going to be there for that goofy (stuff).”

  19. Sat Nov 1st Search

    Meeting place – Shell Gas station
    I-55 and Weber rd in Bolingbrook.

    Time- Please be there by 9am.

    Thanks again to all who came out last weekend, we hope to see you again this time around. Please dress for the weather and bring a light snack and bottled water to keep your energy up.

    Please keep us in your prayers! Thanks

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