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94 thoughts on “Your Thread – November 3

  1. I saw a post on SYM on August 19, in which the locksmith business was IDd. One of the posters said it was old information … which to me it had not been.

    The original post was from Louise (on Ashlen’s I suppose) dated August 18.

    The name Facs posted is not the same name … but when I asked at another site, the business name they came up with was linked with the locksmith name Facs has.

    I’ll post my SYM message below.

  2. I wonder….If anyone here had to pick just ONE thing from what is publicly known ( I can”t say evidence as we bloggers have no evidence) from the KS case that you think would indeed convict DP of her murder…what would it be ? Same question for SP’s case..what would that ONE thing be ?

  3. noway
    Re: Ashley Blog Discussion # 2
    « Result #2 on Aug 19, 2008, 9:44pm »

    Aug 19, 2008, 2:14pm, larry wrote:The name of the locksmith is old news. Everything else they are discussing is just rehashing known info and patting each others backs for it. …

    You’re not the “Larry” that Louise mentions below are you? Is that why the locksmith name was old news?

    Louise said…
    Entity Name A WINDY CITY LOCK & SAFE SERVICE, INC. File Number 53766714
    Entity Type CORPORATION Type of Corp DOMESTIC BCA
    Incorporation Date (Domestic) 03/07/1985 State ILLINOIS
    Agent Name LAWRENCE T KUTELLA Agent Change Date 03/24/1992
    Agent Street Address 6943 TICONDEROGA RD President Name & Address LAWRENCE T KUTELLA 6943 TICONDEOGA RD DOWNERS GROVE 60515
    Agent City DOWNERS GROVE Secretary Name & Address JODY L KUTELLA SAME
    Agent Zip 60515 Duration Date PERPETUAL
    Annual Report Filing Date 03/24/2008 For Year 2008
    Old Corp Name 12/18/2000 – RILEY LOCK & KEY SERVICE, LTD.

    August 18, 2008 1:18 AM

  4. Louise said…
    Hmm when I ran a check on the one in Bolingbrook it gives this guys name as the owner. But this is the place in BB definately he told me about. …

    And the name given is Robert Akin, which is the guy Facs mentions.

    Gatehouse, maybe the post above needs to be deleted since it’s just a lead-in to this … ?

  5. Good morning.

    Wonder – well, I guess his phone records would be an obvious choice, since they would probably show he received calls from his home when he was supposed to be there (Stacy, his alibi, called him repeatedly when she discovered him gone).

    But, I’d have to say the fact that he knowingly “tampered” with a death scene by not initially calling the police, allowed people to disturb the house and touch things, and walked through crucial areas himself, including the bedroom and bathroom where she was found, is of major importance. He “knew” he’d be the prime suspect and would be questioned upon finding her dead, and he knew he’d destroy any evidence by allowing others into the house as he did.

  6. Hey Rescue, great points. Did you get my post yesterday in reference to the email response I finally got back from BBPD ?

  7. Yes, Wonder, I did see your post. I tried writing an email to a newspaper reporter (not Danya) that wrote a story about the Savio investigation, but haven’t received any response. I asked if the reporter is going to do a follow-up, and who, actually, is in charge of investigating the investigators.

  8. I hope you hear something back. I figure since I personally have no direct evidence of anything ( even though its all out there ) I am unable to do anything other than inquire. I am too far away also really to do anything.

  9. I wonder….will the Savio Family pursue this injustice toward their loved one ? It would seem to me that it might be up to KS’s family to request an inquest or whatever they call it into the obvious mishandling of her death ? It will probably be done via civil court only. I sure hope not, it would be nice to know that those that chose to participate in this miscarriage of justice will be held accountable and not just a financial penalty.

  10. We were discussing the Savio death panel the other day, and the idea that a police officer was on the panel. I was looking at ACR, and saw this, a report (Channel 2). I never gave much thought to the idea that there was yet another p.o. involved in the death investigation, and always assumed it was only Hardy.

    (11/13/2007) WALTER LEE JAMES, JUROR AT SAVIO CORONER’S INQUEST: “at the time, we were given three options to either come to a decision as to whether it was natural, homicide or accidental. We did not have at the time the option of determining “undetermined” status.” – “there was a police officer on the panel, and he indicated at the time he knew or knew of Peterson. And he indicated to the panel that he thought that Peterson was a good policeman. He was charitable and helped his neighbors, and so on and so forth. So I think that — I think that might have influenced some of the panel members, but I don’t know that for sure.” – “I was kind of apprehensive with one photograph showing her face down in an empty tub. And there was a lot of blood remaining in the tub, and I just — I didn’t — myself did not consider — it was inconsistent with drowning. I feel that the blood that was in the tub should have probably dissipated into the water and drained out with the water. But like I said, I’m not an expert forensic person, so as a layperson, that’s just how I felt.
    (11/13/2007)PUCCINELLI: “Now the States Attorney in office at the time [2004] chose not to file charges. I spoke with two jury members this evening and neither one wanted to go on camera, but one told me, “I don’t think Drew had anything to do with Kathleen’s death or Stacy’s disappearance. I think Stacy is a kid who ran away.” Drew Peterson has not been declared a suspect in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson or in the death of Kathleen Savio.”

    So, my question is, WHO is this jury panel member that thinks Drew had nothing to do with Kathleen’s death, and that Stacy ran away??????????

  11. So Rescue, is there any one thing you would pick for the SP case ? I would pick the phone records also in KS’s case. I am not sure about the SP case.

  12. Now, in an exclusive interview with ABC News Senior Law & Justice correspondent Jim Avila, a juror on the coroner’s inquest that initially determined Savio’s death was an accident says he wishes he had listened to her family.

    An autopsy at the time of Savio’s death found that she had drowned and speculated that she may have slipped and hit her head on the tub. A state police officer testified at the inquest that there was no evidence that Savio had been murdered.

    [Jim]Pretto faulted investigators for failing to present enough evidence at the inquest and said that if he had known all the facts about the case in 2004, he would have called Savio’s death a homicide.

    “There was no evidence at all to point toward it being a murder,” Pretto said. “There was nothing presented at all.”

    Though a police officer at the inquest said police had received domestic disturbance calls from Savio, the jurors did not hear that police were called to Savio and Peterson’s house 18 times. Peterson was never arrested.***

    ***Which police officer was this? Hardy, or, yet, another police officer? Why did he have this information at the inquest, but it wasn’t presented?***

    The jury also did not hear that Savio in 2002 asked for a restraining order against Peterson. The papers read, “he has restrained me, held me down, knocked me into walls … left marks on my body all the time.”

    A police officer who testified at the inquiry did not go to the scene of Savio’s death or attend her autopsy. He testified that he was not aware of any insurance policies on Savio, though she did have life insurance.

  13. Dennis Pratl … Orland PD.

    hedidit // August 18, 2008 at 10:23 pm


    If you read the transcripts of the Walter James interviews (one of the jurors) it is also interesting to note how DP’s police bud (Dennis Pratl-of Orland Park PD NOT the school coach/child porn guy from Oak Lawn) was singing his praises and how they felt influenced by that.

  14. Hi everyone. If you go no where else on the above
    question on getting Drew for Kathleen..please
    go here.

    Then go here: This is a must read case, and pivitol to the subject at hand. This jerk was a Cop too!

    phew! I hope you can get all of this. Most informative. jp The Thomas York case..He murdered his wife and thought he was home free. (Chicago Cop)

  15. Could someone please tell me what happned to
    the links I left in the above post? (Then I tried to post one link again) Am I violating any rule?


  16. Put a space between the www and the rest … posts with links to go spam but not sure why your whole post didn’t go …

  17. Wonder – In Stacy’s disappearance/death, I think LE’s initial thoughts were accurate and thought provoking. I think Peterson’s initial reactions, those that were spontaneous and not well thought out, are very telling.

    Peterson was under the impression that Stacy had an “interest” in Scott Rosetto. He also, at first, didn’t realize that Stacy had transferred $25,000 to pay off a home-equity line of credit (so they would only have to divide up assets and not liabilities in a divorce, according to Sharon in Fatal Vows).

    When she told him she wanted a divorce, I really believe he thought Stacy was leaving him for another man, Scott, and took or hid this $25,000. He didn’t know where the $25,000 was at first, so he probably figured she took it to use during the divorce, or whatever.

    So, I think, in his haste after harming her, he quickly had to concoct a “story,” since he knew he’d be the prime suspect in her disappearance.

    He, of course, came up with the idea to tell the cops that Stacy left him for another man, with $25,000. She “called” him from “Shorewood,” where Scott Rosetto lived (according to cell phone pings), to tell him she was leaving him. In fact, I believe LE looked in the Shorewood area for her body, and may even still be thinking she’s in that area, because they thought Peterson was laying the blame for her disappearance on him.

    So, I think, by their initial reactions, they’re right, judging by what he probably told them during his first (one of many) time lines. That is, after he killed her, he tried to do the best he could to cast suspicion on Rosetto, maybe even placing her body near his home.

  18. (Chicago Sun Times | 11/28/07 | JOE HOSEY AND JANET LUNDQUIST )

    ………To date, the investigation has shown that one of Stacy Peterson’s last known cell phone calls was made in the Shorewood area, sources say. Investigators speculate that Drew Peterson actually made that phone call from Shorewood in an attempt to frame Rossetto as the killer.

    Rossetto, a 35-year-old registered nurse, has told reporters he traded racy e-mails with Stacy Peterson, 23, in the weeks before she disappeared, but denies any romantic involvement with her. But Rossetto, who has been called to testify before the grand jury examining the Stacy Peterson case, said It’s possible Drew Peterson could have “misconstrued” the messages if he’d seen them.

    Drew Peterson has denied any involvement in his wife’s disappearance, and on Tuesday, he refused to answer a reporter’s questions about the blue barrel.

    Stacy Peterson was reported missing Oct. 29. One law enforcement source said Illinois State Police called Shorewood police that same day, asking them to post an unmarked police car outside Rossetto’s home. Shorewood police have also been shown a photograph of a barrel similar to the one loaded into Drew Peterson’s SUV the day Stacy Peterson vanished.

    State Police also have sought video surveillance tape from businesses on Illinois Route 59 just north of Plainfield and south to Shorewood, one source said.

  19. 1wonder…..the thing that cinched it for me was Tom Morphey’s alleged suicide attempt, Drew’s hospital visit to him, then Morphey’s disappearance from the face of the earth until recently. That’s what got me to start reading further about Stacy’s case. There’s no one else to look at, in my opinion. Soooo many dead/missing people around DP. I firmly believe there are many more victims of his than just KS & SP. I think he had his eye on very young Stacy & made her mom go missing, staging his “rescue” of Stacy later. The girls brother who expressed his disapproval of DP & his sister who suddenly hung himself….didn’t DP conveniently find his body too?

    Was this the guy that I read about one of the officers on the scene swinging the body around, or abusing the body in some way?

    John Spira….didn’t DP purchase the infamous blue container from John’s cable company? Maybe this turned out to be rumor. I need to go back to acandyrose & refresh my memory. There are so many things that point to DP.

  20. Tink1

    Well with me, I can’t pick just one thing for the SP case. It would have to be her body, which is still missing. Thank you for the response. I like to hear others opinion on this, make me think and wonder more…which I love to do.

    Rescue great points as well.

  21. OK, this is my last shot at what I wanted you all to
    take a look at. Forget the links. Just go the the
    Then go to a piece on Drew Peterson and US attorney patrick Glasgcow. I think it was in an article she wrote in around April 8, 2008. It is all
    there and an eye opener. Oh please, oh powers that be..let this go through. jmo pj

  22. Of course, 1 “thing” can’t convict someone. We need more “things”. Well, we’ve been served up countless “things” on a silver platter pointing to DP’s guilt. I’m still amazed this man has not been charged. So many crooked LE & politicians will be exposed from this. I understand the hearsay thing & that could be very important with no body, so I just pray he’ll be arrested as soon as that’s in effect.

    After reading for the last year about this case, I now understand why I could not get LE or FBI to do a damn thing when a Chicago man (our former employee) stole me & my family’s business identity in ’06 to the tune of $200,000. We have tons of proof, plenty of victims who want to talk to the FBI or any LE. No one will give us the time of day. To me, nothing but corruption up there. I’m truly embarassed to say I was born in IL.

  23. I feel the same tink. There’s no one thing that would do it for me. There are some big pieces missing from the puzzle and if they were in place I think they could form a preponderance of evidence. Physical evidence would be a very important addition to either case. Eye witnesses to either crime. A confession, of course, but that’s just not going to happen.

  24. Physical evidence is, of course, very important. However, in Kathleen’s case, even though they do have a body and it’s been determined that she was murdered, it doesn’t tell them who murdered her.

    It’s been four and a half years since her death, and, of course, we all know that whatever evidence may have been surrounding her at the time of her death was trampled on, touched and moved around. DPeterson saw to that, didn’t he?

    Q.1) Why

  25. ooops, hit the submit too soon.

    Why wasn’t Peterson even at the death inquest, I wonder? Nothing about the original death inquest is available online, even though there’s a separate transcript from the inquest. If there had to be someone there to “vouch” for him, why wasn’t he there himself to question? I find that unusual.

  26. and what about that nightstand?

    scuba weights?

    No missing mystery man? for a whole year….yeah, sure.

    Didn’t Ric Mims say that DP mentioned something about “if I need to take you hostage”? Not a direct quote, but y’all know what I mean. Why would he have a plan to take a hostage? Duh.

    Sneaking around in the middle of the night with something under his jacket, according to Mims (I think).

    I’m soooooo anxious for the hearsays/videos, etc to become public record, along with all the other evidence we aren’t aware of yet.

    Saddest part is DPs boys are wife-erasers-in-training & daughter is learning to be abused by her men when she grows up. I pray the powers that be make sure those kids get REAL long term therapy as soon as they can remove those kids from his power.

    so frustrating.

  27. Tink1…there was also the body found in the canal that was a boyfriend of one of his wives or girlfriends. No wonder he’s good at it he’s had lots of practice…

  28. I’m finding more information as I look.

    By Matthew Walberg
    March 10, 2008 (Chicago Tribune Archives)

    ….But two days after Savio’s body was discovered, court records show, the grand jury, which investigates cases brought to it by the state’s attorney’s office, appointed an Illinois State Police sergeant as an investigator in a death investigation. While the records do not contain the victim’s name, a source familiar with the investigation confirmed Sgt. Pat Collins appeared before the grand jury that day in connection with the Savio case.

    The coroner confirmed the involvement of the state’s attorney’s office.

    “Sgt. Pat Collins of the Illinois State Police obtained the assistance of State’s Atty. [Jeff] Tomczak’s office on March 3, 2004, in his investigation,” O’Neil said in a statement defending his handling of the case. “Any criminal charges that might have resulted against any individual would have been the responsibility of the former state’s attorney.”
    Collins declined to comment, and it’s unclear whether the investigation was returned to a grand jury before November, when a special grand jury began investigating Savio’s case and the Oct. 28 disappearance of Peterson’s current wife, Stacy.

    Glasgow learned of the Savio case as police investigated Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, Pelkie said. “We don’t know what occurred under the prior administration because [the case was] never presented to our administration,” he said.
    After Pelkie told the Tribune on Oct. 31 that state police had presented evidence to Tomczak’s office, Tomczak filed a Freedom of Information Actrequest with Glasgow’s office the next day challenging it to produce any documents that would “verify Mr. Pelkie’s public statement.” Glasgow’s office denied the request, citing investigative privilege.
    Tomczak did not respond to requests to discuss whether he knew his office brought the Savio case to the grand jury.

    Doman said O’Neil’s office also was too willing to accept the coroner’sjury’s ruling of an accidental death. “When it was over, we asked the people in the coroner’s office if we could contest [the jury’s finding],” Doman said. “They told us that unless there is some new evidence that comes up, it’s done. We were fit to be tied.”
    Lyons, who spent four years as a deputy coroner under O’Neil, said the office violated protocol in the Savio case.

    “Suspicious death protocols weren’t followed, so the police didn’t get triggered to do a bigger investigation,” said Lyons, who is running as aRepublican against O’Neil. “The state’s attorney at the time was not notified to do a bigger investigation. So we lose the crime scene, because to the police and the state’s attorney at the time, there’s been no crime committed.”

    Lyons said O’Neil also botched the inquest.
    “He never listened to the family,” he said. “He had the family standing there saying, ‘We think this wasn’t accidental.’ Besides that, he had an officer [testify] who wasn’t at the scene. It doesn’t make sense.”

    O’Neil, who called Lyons a disgruntled employee, said the protocol was not followed because the state police told them not to use it.
    “The Will County coroner’s office asked the state police if they wanted us to follow the suspicious death protocol, and they said no,” O’Neil said. “I don’t know why they said that. The police that are in control of the [death]scene, we have to follow their instructions.” Collins did not appear before the inquest. Instead, state police Special Agent Herbert Hardy testified that authorities were still awaiting phone records but that there did not appear to be anything criminal about Savio’s death. State Police Lt. Scott Compton said that Collins was on leave and unavailable and that Hardy “had the knowledge necessary to appear before the coroner’s inquest.” He said investigators followed agency procedure.

  29. So, the investigating officer that was appointed in the death investigation was unable to appear before the coroner’s inquest, and that is the reason why Herbert Hardy was the one to testify. I don’t understand the remark “Hardy had the knowledge necessary to appear before the coroner’s inquest,” because we now know that to be untrue. He didn’t have phone records, he didn’t have any of the domestic calls to present, he said he didn’t show up at the crime scene. He was only repeating what he was told.

  30. qhorses, I forgot about that. There are many more, I’ve just forgotten.

    And I forgot to say above how it sure was a coincidence that John Spira’s building burnt last fall also. At the time I figured it was to destroy any possible record of DP purchasing the blue container from that business.

    I really need to re-read all this again, my memory is failing me.

  31. I think it was a different cable company from John Spira’s, but he had a connection with DP because he was in a band that played regularly at DP’s bar.

    I think Tom’s ex wife has been accounted for, not dead.

  32. qhorses // November 3, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    also…Tom his stepbrother’s wife also disappeared.

    bucketoftea // November 3, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    I think it was a different cable company from John Spira’s, but he had a connection with DP because he was in a band that played regularly at DP’s bar.

    I think Tom’s ex wife has been accounted for, not dead.

    You are right, Bucket. I think TM had not spoken to her in some time so he didn’t know where she was. But she wasn’t missing in the sense that nobody knew where she was.

    I think that was a rumor started by Joel Brodsky IIRC.

  33. Interesting finds, rescue! All this is familiar, but gosh there is just so much, over so long.

    …so, Pat Collins testified before he GJ, but not the inquest?

  34. I didn’t realize last November when I was reading about this suspect that I should have been writing it all down to try & keep it straight.

  35. Does anyone recall off the top of their head if John Spira’s place burned after Stacy’s murder…I mean erasure? there was a reason back then I decided DP was responsible for the fire.

  36. John’s Business was burned to the ground Sunday, September 16, 2007. The (now) gutted building that was once home to former Du Page County “Business of the year” nominee, Universal Cable Construction Inc., is co-owned by John’s estranged wife and the wife of John’s business partner, David W. Stubben.


  37. Something funky is going on here. Why are my posts jumping way up there?

    Is it because of the time difference? LOL

  38. Hey folks, sorry about the confusion with comments being posted further above. We tried resetting the time settings to account for day light savings, but it’s only affecting new posts, not old ones. We switched it back so any new posts should show up where they’re supposed. We’ll wait until midnight to make the time setting change. Might be best to repost comments that aren’t showing up properly.

  39. Here is the accurate post about John Spira’s business.

    I’m reposting as Gatehouse suggested.

    noway406 // November 3, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    John’s Business was burned to the ground Sunday, September 16, 2007. The (now) gutted building that was once home to former Du Page County “Business of the year” nominee, Universal Cable Construction Inc., is co-owned by John’s estranged wife and the wife of John’s business partner, David W. Stubben.


  40. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but David is a common name.

    Why don’t the psychics ever get last names too? 😉

  41. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

    There wasn’t much of interest on the flyer left on my door today … but this was good to know:

    Still haven’t registered by November 4?

    Go to your county election administrator’s office between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on November 4 to register and vote all in one stop.

  42. I transcribed the latest Scared Monkeys interview. If anyone is interested in reading it, it’s here:

  43. There’s a real cringeworthy moment in there when Drew uses the term ‘celebrate’ in reference to the anniversary of Stacy’s disappearance. He’s saying that he doesn’t see a need to note the anniversary, but he really picks the wrong word.

  44. Also, I didn’t note before that Joel stated that he has a new defense strategy for Drew’s weapons charge.

    He’s going to try to convince the jury that the gun charge was an attempt to punish Drew for reclaiming his weapons after they were taken under the search warrant. He’ll try to prove that LE kepting taking more and more extreme steps to make sure Drew never got the guns back.

    He called it something like “additive prosecution”. I think I spelled it ‘addictive’ in the transcription. Maybe a legal beagle can tell us what the actual term is.

  45. Newsflash here for Joel. Um, yeah, LE is trying to punish Drew. They’re trying to punish Drew for taking the law into his own hands by being in possession of an illegal weapon, and they’re trying to punish him by bringing that evidence before a jury and looking for a conviction.

    He’s nuts. He likes to hear himself talk, but the only one that will listen (besides Crimefile dude) is Dana Pretzer, an obscure radio Drewpie groupie.

    Ding, ding, ding. Right answer.

  46. Rescue, oh I know! This is an example of what Pretzer considers a question:

    “PRETZER: Drew, I’m going to ask you this question. A police officer over thirty years. We usually put people before the courts. We usually don’t go before the courts. Of course, there’s this stigma about bad cops and this cop did this bad and that cop did that bad. You’re going to be going to trial on a weapons charge. You’re going to be vilified again and again and again in the media. I’d like you to comment on that from the perspective of being a former police officer.”

    He basically asks it and answers it himself before he ever lets a guest take a stab at it. In fact, what exactly is the question?

    It would make more sense if he said, “Drew, please repeat after me.”

  47. grandam. What do you mean “all links on Stacy Peterson?” Do you mean the website? If so, I can’t answer that. Just that the site is down, or gone, I guess.

  48. I found confirmation that, in fact, a police officer on the KS death inquest panel was from Orland Park (By Don Grigas,
    GateHouse News Service
    Fri Nov 23, 2007, 11:51 AM CST )

    According to recent published reports, one of the jurors at the time of the Savio inquest was a police officer who may have known Drew Peterson.

    In his statement, Claar said the police officer was from Orland Park, not Bolingbrook.

  49. Denis Pratl of Orland Park, a woman who’s last name matched the name of a BB police officer, and a ISP police officer who attended the inquest because the investigating officer was on vacation.

    I think we’ve got it all straight now, heh?

  50. And………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..?

  51. What deductions are to be taken from all this?

    I see no link whatsoever of any OPPD officer to ANY BBPD officer.

  52. The connection was made by Walter “Lee” James, another inquest juror.

    It’s been quoted before … the short version is:

    “there was a police officer on the panel, and he indicated at the time he knew or knew of Peterson. And he indicated to the panel that he thought that Peterson was a good policeman. He was charitable and helped his neighbors, and so on and so forth. So I think that — I think that might have influenced some of the panel members, but I don’t know that for sure.” –

  53. whatsinthemirror – We were merely discussing the fact that the coroner’s inquest panel included a police officer buddy of Drew Peterson, who happened to be an Orland Park p.o., and a member on the panel apparently was married to a BB p.o. The link? Why were people who KNEW Drew Peterson on a supposedly impartial panel that was supposed to be investigating the man’s ex-wife’s death?

  54. Dennis Pratl was, as far as I know, the only policeman on the jury.

    But one of the juror’s husband was a friend of Drew’s according to Ric Mims.

    MIMS: Well one of the ladies who signed off on is named, her last name matches the same as a Bolingbrook cop and I know there are reports that there was a Bolingbrook police officer on the inquiry board but with the signatures that I’ve received from A and W, you can’t read the last three names on there and one of them was like a Cockleeono (sp?) or something like that but the one we are looking at is one of the female names on there with the last name is the same as a friend of his that’s a Bolingbrook cop.

    I’ve looked at the names again and don’t really see any name close to what Ric mentions above, but since it’s not the name he was interested in, I suppose it doesn’t matter …

  55. Noway – I didn’t see anything close that name either. If it’s Italian it would be something like Cochliano, but I still didn’t see anything close to that on the list of juror’s signatures.

  56. Oh … the top one on the right could be what he meant. I got confused by what I think could be the wild cross of the T.

    Cotleono? Of course, now that I “know” that … and realize that’s not the name of interest, I am guessing it’s the Lisa or the Elizabeth who matters.

  57. Well I did look up PO’s with the last name of Hodge but only found that guy who is in corrections in cook county.

  58. For some reason, I was thinking it was the Elizabeth person … like someone had already found that info.

    HeDidIt … where are you?

    😀 H-E-L-P

  59. Hey, no matter how you look at it, the panel was stacked. I’d like to know who the one was that says Drew Peterson didn’t kill Kathleen, and Stacy merely ran away.

  60. James & Juli Coughlin, both listed on the 2005 BBPD roster. http://

    The 4th name on the jury panel sigs could be J—- Coughlin??? That would be two cops? On an impartial randomly selected jury?

    I think Elizabeth was the Hodges person who someone said was married to a cop, but maybe it was Juli Coughlin instead.

  61. Exactly. With such a small panel, why was a PO even allowed to take part? Shouldn’t that have eliminated him from the beginning?

  62. Liz, it looks like Lisa’s last name is Hodge and Elizabeth is S________ V_______.

    I think the last guess was Sampson Verde or something close to that.

  63. Seriously … the men in white coats are going to be hauling me away after this conversation!

    Who’s on first? No, Who’s married to a cop. No, Who is a cop. 😉

  64. I thought Samson-Verde? Hard one too.

    Shoot, maybe Hodges was married to a cop too.

    I think maybe the jury commissioner should be looked at. Even if jurors are selected randomly, they should be dismissed for not being impartial. Seems like a no-brainer.

  65. If you go back and read Walter Lee James’ comment about the reason they ruled Kathleen’s death an accident, this comment is very interesting:

    “in reviewing the evidence at hand, we did decide that it was an accident due to the fact that we were laypeople and were not medical examiners or anything like that.

    Yet, he admits that at least one of the panel members was a cop that vouched for Peterson. Smells stinky to me.

  66. I hope carma comes and bites him in the arse.

    Sorry Noway about the abbott & costello. I think he knows everyone he needed to know after all this time.

  67. Since when is a cop a layperson in the criminal field??
    I would think they should bring a special insight into a case, not sweep it under the rug before its looked at.

  68. Today, I read that Walter Lee James said they were told about insurance policies, yet, I also read that Hardy testified she didn’t have policies that he was aware of. Geesh.

  69. All guilty by association IMO.

    I read about how many women Stacy moved to leave their violent spouses and it made me think. First how wonderful that is, and then I wondered how many men (or cops) have changed?

    How many bad cops are going to treat their families a little better now. Now that Drew brought all this attention to bad cops and all the ones that associated with him. Who’s going to want to help out a Drew-type anymore, knowing they may be dragged through his mud?

    Maybe some things will change because she suffered.

    A shame its only after dragging a lot of crap out from under the bed, and pulling the covers off who he’s sleeping with.

  70. I hope abuser cops will be better to their families but I’m not holding my breath.

    What I do hope for is more involvement by good men in this fight. When women are harmed I always think where’s their father/brother/uncle/good friend to stand up for them? I fear that it’s because many men think “I could go there under the wrong circumstances”, so they back off. I include rape and any other form of violence, exploitation and control.

    I’d really like to see men debate “women’s” issues.

    This is why I am so happy to see whitesoxfan here (hiya, whitey!) and why I admire Lenny for going round to the barber shop for Paula’s honour. If we had more of that we may have fewer dead mommies.

    It’s a long old fight with lots of history…it isn’t very many generations ago that beating your wife was legal so long as you didn’t actually maim or kill.

    I keep waiting for some men somewhere to prove my suspicions wrong.

  71. Good Morning everyone, may today be one day closer to finding Stacy,and one day closer to an arrest. Everyone, go and vote today.

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