Your Thread – November 4

Don’t forget to vote!

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30 thoughts on “Your Thread – November 4

  1. Beautiful morning already. I guess I still have time to plant those dozens of dafodil bulbs I bought last month.

    Don’t forget to vote today.

  2. Happy voting day everyone!

    Could James Glasgow be persuaded to repeat his statement about impending resolution of one or both the Savio and Peterson cases? Tomorrow, just after the election would be good. 🙂

  3. Me too Rescue. Noway I’d wait that long.

    I’d rather see him make an even bigger move today, but after seeing it took 10 years for Dupage to make case on Dugan, I remember the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  4. Hi, Lizanne. Well, now that the election fanfare is just about over and the long awaited Hearsay Law will take effect, I suppose we can expect a lot of movement in the coming days. Or at least start hearing some information about the past year’s investigations. Let’s hope.

    President appoint a committee of five to wait upon his Excellency, the Governor, and inform him that
    the Twenty-Sixth Special Session of the Ninety-Fifth General Assembly is now duly in session in
    pursuance of his proclamation, and is ready to receive any message he may desire to submit.
    The motion prevailed.
    And the resolution was adopted.

    I was confirming that the IL senate reconvenes on 11-12 and I came across this transcription from the September special session.

    Our governors too good to visit Springfield, that must be why it took til October 8th to get it signed.

  6. Palin flew back here at 4AM, so she could cast her vote in Wasilla.

    I figure if she went to all that trouble, the least I can do is head out with my hubby to the elementary school a few blocks from home to cast my vote too. 🙂

  7. Hmm … someone just put another Vote Obama flyer on my front door. I was hoping the campaigning ended yesterday. Here’s to living in the boonies and quick voting. 😉

  8. I live in an area of big old houses, many of which have been converted to multi-unit student aprtments. So, whenever we get flyers they tend to hit every door in case it’s a separate unit.

    I usually end up with three of everything.

    Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

  9. I believe the Dr. Phil commercials said Nov 10th. From the teasers, it looks like Dr Phil might actually call BS on Drew’s BS. One can only hope.

  10. I just went to vote and they handed me my ballot and a ballpoint pen. I almost gave it back. Good thing I didn’t though. I needed it to fill out the ballot!

    Ah, small town living…

  11. LOL … we had black markers. Which I almost took with me. 🙄

    Thanks, tink1, for the Phil-Drew date clarification.

  12. I had electronic machine for the first time. I’m no idiot, but those things are NOT user friendly. Pay very close attention, triple check it chose what you wanted before clicking that “cast ballot” button! I miss the days of our votes actually being anonymous.

  13. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wish they’d finally consider doing away with the Electoral College!!! I think the popular vote vs. the state by state vote is ridiculous. Sometimes, to me, it just seems like the Presidential election isn’t a privilege for many because of the stronghold some states have for one particular party. If it’s not your party, your vote doesn’t count.

  14. Preliminary voting results in Will County:

    County Coroner – Will County – General
    November 04, 2008 – 08:29PM CT
    Illinois – 12 of 452 Precincts Reporting – 3%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    O’Neil , Patrick (i) Dem 2,960 61%
    Lyons , Charles GOP 1,875 39%

    State’s Attorney – Will County – General
    November 04, 2008 – 08:29PM CT
    Illinois – 12 of 452 Precincts Reporting – 3%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Glasgow , James (i) Dem 2,887 58%
    DeVriendt , Judy GOP 2,073 42%

  15. County Coroner – Will County – General
    November 05, 2008 – 12:39AM CT
    Illinois – 452 of 452 Precincts Reporting – 100%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    O’Neil , Patrick (i) Dem 164,451 64%
    Lyons , Charles GOP 94,319 36%

    State’s Attorney – Will County – General
    November 05, 2008 – 12:39AM CT
    Illinois – 452 of 452 Precincts Reporting – 100%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Glasgow , James (i) Dem 162,483 62%
    DeVriendt , Judy GOP 100,852 38%

  16. Good morning everyone!

    Congratulations on the election…..nice clean results, no hanging chads. Onwards and upwards!

    I pray Americans will achieve healthcare reform at last. What tiny fortune and opportunities our family had were lost when my father suffered a serious illness. It took years and years and years and pancakes for dinner to pay off the medical bills. And that was in 1961. It is much worse now, I know. There is so much wrong with it. I hope someone sees sense and bans pharmaceutical advertising to the public, too. So unethical… is medicine, not a consumer must-have. grrrrr.

    sorry about that, off the soapbox.

    Again, congratulations. 🙂

  17. Bucket,

    Good Morning! Glasgow wins. Here is a cut and paste from Joliet Herald article.

    In his next term, Glasgow plans to expand the services offered to victims of domestic violence. He also will push for a new county courthouse.
    Although he didn’t name anyone, Glasgow seemed to be talking about Drew Peterson or Craig Stebic when he mentioned something about cases that had drawn national attention.

    “We are looking forward to moving those forward,” he said. “We look forward to resolving them as quickly as possible.”

  18. O’Neil(retains) beats Lyons for Will County Coroner…

    O’Neil beat Republican challenger Charles Lyons by approximately 69,000 votes.

    During the campaign, the former deputy coroner criticized O’Neil for insensitivity to grieving families and avoiding responsibility for thorough investigation of suspicious deaths, such as the 2004 death of Kathleen Savio.

    Savio was found dead in a bathtub at her residence and an inquest ruled the death an accidental drowning. After Stacy Peterson, the wife of Savio’s ex-husband Drew Peterson, disappeared last year, her body was exhumed and the case was declared a homicide.

    That led the county board to consider shifting death investigations from an elected official to an appointed medical examiner, but the coroner’s position remains after some heated hearings on the matter this summer.

    “I’m proud to say I ran a clean campaign,” Lyons said. “O’Neil and I both stuck to the issues and maintained a sense of dignity, which is what the coroner’s office should have.”

    Lyons said he had no plans to concede the race until absentee ballots were counted, but was “absolutely” planning to run again in 2012 if he didn’t make up the difference.

  19. Hiya whitey!

    Thanks for the election results etc. Happy Guy Fawkes. We’ll have big fireworks and bonfires tonight. 🙂

  20. Have fun Bucket, I just started re-reading “Return of the Native” that begins with the bonfires of Guy Fawkes.

    What an exciting night last night! I felt almost like I did when the Berlin Wall came down.

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