Reporter’s Notebook: Hearing Update

Hey everyone,

Just broke through the traffic to get an update on the hearing posted. Nothing terribly exciting but basically Brodsky and Abood have asked the judge to force the state to turn over all documents relating to their decision to charge Drew with the gun crimes. The defense hopes these documents will prove their “vindictive” or “selective” prosecution defense, which essentially argues that the state is unfairly charging Drew with a crime because he attempted to exercise his constitutional right to his property.

The state, on the other hand, is arguing that the motion is simply a “fishing expedition” and that the defense just wants to see what other evidence the state has. The judge said he will make his ruling at the next hearing, scheduled for Nov. 20. I’ll more of a story up in a bit.


One thought on “Reporter’s Notebook: Hearing Update

  1. Thanks Danya. I doubt that any documents will support the vindictive prosecution defense.

    Unless they have an email that says, “I know it’s never been done before but I’m sick of this SOB and I’m taking him down even if we have to make up the charges!”

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