Your Thread – December 1

Sorry for getting this up late!

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11 thoughts on “Your Thread – December 1

  1. Who the heck let December in??

    I was born in Chicago and have lived here all of my life but I really, really only like snow on the trees, grass, and roof tops.

    My oldest is in her first real year of driving in the snow. Prior to this she only worked 3 blocks from home and I drove her to school. My husband finally admitted he was worried about her driving in the snow after she showed absolutely no fear or concern about getting home after closing work at 1pm last night a couple of towns away.

    Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

  2. Ignorance is bliss, Think!

    I remember sliding down an icy hill backwards, and to this day when I drive on that road, even in the heat of summer, I get chills.

    Rescue, I read about EH in our paper. If he’s holed up with the Freemen, it will be interesting if they find him. Creepy guy!

    My husband used to hunt with a friend whose relatives owned property that bordered the Montana Freemen property … I thought it was near Sidney, but I’ll have to ask him.

  3. HDI reminds me that despite what SMM wrote, there has been at least one no-body conviction in Illinois since 1850 and it was a very famous case as well.

    “Edward was convicted of his wife’s murder in 1994 and sentenced to 14 to 50 years in prison. After his murder conviction, he was convicted of solicitation to commit murder, and was sentenced an additional 50 years’ incarceration…”

  4. Thinkabout it, my oldest had his first winter driving experience last year and accordingly wrapped his dad’s car around a tree. Luckily, he wasn’t going too fast and wasn’t hurt. I’m hoping that he’s learned his lesson.

  5. Thanks Facs! I feel so much more relieved now. I’m glad that he was not hurt. I hope my daughter’s lesson doesn’t involve injury to her, our car, or any trees. Save the trees!!

  6. FYI:

    Jennifer Hudson’s BIL, Balfour, was arrested for the murder of her mother, brother and nephew. He’s already in jail for parole violation.

  7. I think the Freeman are scattered in Montana Noway aren’t they? I went to Montana with a friend and camped out on some property he was interested in buying.. supposedly on a farm down the street ws owned by Freeman. Forgot the name of the nearest town, but it was near that lake the Colorado river turns into. Just be careful you don’t slide off the road and end up in a culy. Forgive the spelling. I’ll have to look that one

  8. I suppose the Freemen are scattered around … but when I started reading, and saw “Jordan” I remembered that’s where my hubby used to hunt. It was more than 10 years ago and my memory isn’t that good.

    Are you sure you mean the Colorado River? I don’t know that it goes through Montana … 😯

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