Your Thread – January 8

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196 thoughts on “Your Thread – January 8

  1. Selig, Brodsky, Armstrong…………..What a team!
    You could not make this stuff up!
    Snips from the last two bits of wisdom from the self proclaimed “spelling and grammar” guru……….

    “What we do is wrestle back some of that control for clients and act a bridge between our clients, their attorneys

    act as a bridge? Glenny fixed this. See Facs post above or jpg for original wording.
    and their attorneys? Glenny fixed this by adding “and the media”, but he forgot the comma. See Facs post above or jpg for original wording.

    Now with The Publcity Agency page on Twitter, members of the media will able to track the Drew Peterson case and get ideas and contacts for other important stories
    Publicity? Glenny also fixed this.
    will be able to? Still did not fix this yet.

    Press Release
    Twitter Press Release

    I saved original html pages. He needs to triple check before publishing.
    Original before fix
    Original Twitter Press Release
    Original Press Release
    He truly is the guru.

    Selig did the same thing a while ago………….saying how only “unprofessional” PR firms contain spelling and grammar errors, and to hire him if you want “professional”
    Why would this “guru” persist to embarrass himself by continuing to promote his grammar and spelling prowess, and have errors in the very same story. He can not even spell the name of his company correctly in his own story!
    I’m thinking Brodsky and Selig had the same spelling and grammar teachers.
    I see JB does not post on fourm (sic) too much anymore.

    Is it just me, or does he seem like an enemy of his clients, as everything he does seems to have a negative message to “that pool of jurors”?
    One of the main reasons Selig was hired, was for future book and movie deals. Glenny must live in the bizarro world, or thinks everyone else does.
    Quiet (sic) the guru!

    This video has NG calling Glenny a “guru”, but it shows she thinks he’s not.
    Nancy pwns Glenn Selig
    Check out the video response, the cheesy “Interactive dad TV golfing with dad” video. Glenny also is a TV guru.

  2. I have to laugh at this. This is the same interview that I recall but I couldn’t find reference to her calling him a PR guru. Well – i found the video:

    It is an earlier part of that interview that you had posted. I really don’t think that Glen understands sarcasm. I think that Nancy said that in a tongue-and-cheek manner and the only thing she implied in that whole show was that his PR stunt was misguided in her opinion.

    The funny thing is that Glen puts this bashing that NG gives him on his own website as though it was something to brag about.

  3. All great points, WomenScorned. I had almost forgotten that it was Selig whom Armstrong contacted when he initially offered up his services to write Drew’s book.

    I was forwarded an email in which Selig states that Derek Armstrong does not work for or with him. Well, obviously they have some sort of professional relationship that seems to go a little beyond between publicist and client.

    Armstrong’s book contains only four actual interviews with people related to the case: Drew, the polygraph examiner, Joel Brodsky and Glenn Selig. Exactly why is it that both Brodksy and Selig are so eager to publicly distance themselves from Armstrong and any relation to the book, yet they both granted interviews for it, and then proceeded to promote it? We’ve all seen the press releases about the book produced by Glenn’s company. Who paid for those – Armstrong, Brodsky or was it gratis?

    It’s pretty clear that Brodsky, Selig and Armstrong are all in the tub together scrubbing each other’s backs, taking advantage of every step and misstep Peterson makes, pimping out both him, his children and the various women in his life to their own advantage.

  4. Happy New Year ! Happy GJ Day. It is Wonderful to be back. I have missed this forum.

    I Wonder…How much longer can this GJ go on ?
    I Wonder…How the heck is everyone ?

  5. And OK I’ll admit this is a little catty, but in Selig’s press release about the new and shiny Twitter account, he keeps referring to it as a social networking ‘site’. Well, yeah, technically you do have a site you can access to both send and read your twitter messages, but the idea behind twitter is that you can send and receive updates as quick text messages from your phone and other wireless devices. It’s the messages that are the medium in the case of Twitter.

    The fact that they keep harping on their Twitter ‘page’ just makes them seem sort of lame and UN-savvy while they’re attempting to boast about being the opposite.

  6. Hey bucket, wonder!

    A great use of Twitter was when Danya used it to send us updates of courtroom proceedings that one time…hint…hint…

  7. Hi everyone! A special hi to you, Wonder. Glad to see you back.

    As long as we’re helping Glenn Selig self promote his grammar and spelling accolades, I thought I’d pass this along from his current news release.

    Selig also has Peterson’s criminal defense attorney Joel Brodsky as a client.

    Grade school grammar and English answer:

    Selig also has Peterson’s criminal defense attorney, Joel Brodsky, as a client.

    Commas, Glenn, commas. We wouldn’t notice if you weren’t such as stickler for these things, heh?

  8. “If the case goes to criminal court that pool of jurors is picked from the court of public opinion so it’s critical to be concerned about public opinion–in my opinion,” says Selig. “Even lawyers adept in the courtroom may need help in the court of public opinion.”


    Yikes, that’s a mouthful.

    The sentence lacks punctuation. It’s hideous.

    The content is laughable. Woooooo, is the court of public opinion ever so on the other side of the fence! Drew Peterson is considered one of the most disliked, despicable people in the news these days. I’m glad Glenn is continuing to work at rehabilitating the suspect’s image, because he’s failing miserably!

  9. rescueapet // January 8, 2009 at 10:31 am

    “If the case goes to criminal court that pool of jurors is picked from the court of public opinion so it’s critical to be concerned about public opinion–in my opinion,” says Selig. “Even lawyers adept in the courtroom may need help in the court of public opinion.”


    Hahaha! That sentence is missing commas too!

    Should be “If the case goes to criminal court, that pool of jurors is picked from the court of public opinion so it’s critical to be concerned about public opinion–in my opinion,” …

    I’m not normally the grammar police – but this doofus makes it hard not to point out the obvious and mock him!! LOL!

  10. Thanks everyone for the Wonderful welcome back. I am ok, thanks for asking, actually I recently broke my foot,had to have surgery and will be “resting” on pain medication and thought I would come back here for some much needed

  11. TAI – that was my point exactly is cutting and pasting yet another disaster of a paragraph.

    There was NO punctuation.

    Facs is right – the use of the term “public opinion” three times in two sentences.

    None of us are the grammar police. We’re just taking to heart Mr. Selig’s own words:

    “…..These people send out press releases with grammatical and spelling errors. Give me a break. That is not who we are or what we’re about. Trust me when I say there is a big difference.”

    I would like to know when the big difference begins?????????????

  12. Thank you Rescue. I will be, I was a dimwit in breaking it in the first place, forgot how old I am and got caught up in the moment. 🙂

  13. I do hope we hear GJ news … even if it’s only to say that they met!

    Wonder, so sorry to hear about your foot. So you thought you were 21, and you’re really 22?

  14. The thing I’m wondering about with the GJ is what more they’re going to be presented with.

    The GJ session is lasting as long as a criminal trial would. That’s unusual, to say the least. Why would they have to continue to evaluate evidence that is coming in? They still don’t have anything, or enough, to link Peterson to the fates of his two wives? What’s up with that?

  15. ~ Drew Peterson enforced the law by locking up people that abused their spouses, threatened them, were violent, broke the law. Probably wrote a few traffic tickets for speeding (oops, he did it himself chasing down his 23 year old Kim friend).

    ~ Joel Brodsky took an oath to practice law, before forging a dead client’s name to a check, getting suspended from the Bar, holing himself up in his house with a gun and threatening to shoot himself. (Said the cops blew the whole thing out of proportion. Oops.)

    ~ Glenn Selig writes fantasy releases for a media battered client, but not before he stresses that he’s good under this kind of pressure, and inept, grammar-challenged PR agents can’t compare to him. Oh, and it’s his supreme job to make his client look good. (Oops, they ain’t happening.)

    Talk about the pots calling the kettles black. 😉

  16. Wonderful things to Wonder about for sure Rescue.

    I wonder…When will we hear anything about the GJ ??

    Noway – Thank You….Yeah right…21…um more like 28 years ago !

    But I got to say it was “almost” worth it..sliding down that firemans pole (inside a friends house) I do not know what the heck I was thinking…It sounded fun, however I am here to tell you it was anything but !!

    I guess I should have stuck to pole dancing like the rest of the ladies at the party ! But oh no Not

    I have totally ruined my reputation as a superhero !! LOL

  17. LOL, Wonder, before I even laid eyes on your line about the pole dancing, as I was reading your post about sliding down the pole, I was also thinking you should have used that pole for a few smooth dance moves. I guess having a friend with a fireman’s pole just got the best of you and you went for the gusto.

    Take care, Wonder.

  18. Good Evening All,

    Found out from reliable source no GJ today. Asking to find out when they will meet again and will let you all know.

  19. Man, that is a bummer. I just figured there can’t be that much more to cover after all this time, just delayed because of the holidays. Come ON already, argh! Okay, patience, or whatever…

  20. Selig and Armstrong – together again!

    Police Check on Drew Peterson: Fiancé’s Ex-Boyfriend a Stalker?
    Armstrong obtains exclusive interview with Drew Peterson after alleged stalking incident. – January 08, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Bolingbrook, Ill. /
    Drew Peterson confirmed in a taped interview with Derek Armstrong, author of Drew Peterson Exposed, that Bolingbrook Police visited his house at 5pm today, investigating a stalking report. The ex boyfriend of Christina Raines, Drew Peterson’s new 23-year-old fiancé, allegedly boasted about stalking the Peterson house last night. Raines’ father Ernie was concerned enough to call the police, who checked on Peterson’s welfare.

    “This guy is insanely jealous,” Peterson said in an exclusive taped interview with Derek Armstrong. “He won’t leave her alone. A couple of nights ago he was abusive enough that she had to leave their shared apartment with her two children.” Peterson also described an event about a month ago at a public bar where ex-boyfriend Mike physically pulled her away from Peterson. “He can get physical and he’s definitely verbally abusive. He even stole the token ring I gave Chrissie when I proposed.”

    In an extensive taped interview—available to media for mandatory courtesy—he described their relationship, explained the situation with the ex-boyfriend and how Peterson suggested she consider and “order of protection” against her ex. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Mike works as a bartender in same workplace as Chistina Raines.

    “I am delighted to know her father was concerned about my safety,” Peterson said, at one point. “He may not agree fully with our relationship, but he did the right thing.”

    When asked if he was concerned about the ex, Drew sounded non-chalant: “I’ve been threatened before. I’m not worried about me. But I need to make sure he stays away from Chrissie.” He mentioned he would start picking her up at work or loan her one of his cars to make sure she gets around safely without harassment. “For the time-being she’s safe with a family member with her kids.”

  21. I have looked all over the place, and cannot figure out, where and how to add an avatar. Can someone please help me out?

  22. Hey, Facs, good morning.

    I don’t know whether to say thanks for posting that made-up story Armie’s pushing now, or hold on a minute while I go and throw up.

  23. Transcript of the audio clip (as I hear it):

    PETERSON: Right between four or five sometime Bolingbrook Police came to my door and asked me if I was OK. I said, “Why?” They said, “Earnest Raines, who is Chrissy Raines’ father, called the police. and had the police there checking on my well being. Reason being, I was being stalked by Chrissy Raine’s ex-boyfriend.

    ARMSTRONG: You faded out there. Chrissy Raine’s boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend?

    PETERSON: Her ex-boyfriend.

    ARMSTRONG: What’s his name?

    PETERSON: Mike.

    ARMSTRONG: Do you know his last name?

    PETERSON: I’m not sure of his last name, no.

    ARMSTRONG: So they said he’s stalking you? Did they say he had threatened you in any way?

    PETERSON: The father of Chrissy, my fiancee, called them and had information from Chrissy that he’s stlalking me and I guess last night he was stalking around my house late in the evening – early this morning.

    ARMSTRONG: Was he actually seen by anyone or this was the father saying this?

    PETERSON: This is the father saying this. He got this information – I guess Chrissy talked to Mike today and Mike said that he was out in front of my house trying to (?) with me.

    ARMSTRONG: So Mike actually confesses to his ex-girlfriend, Chrissy.

    PETERSON: Correct.

  24. “He won’t leave her alone. A couple of nights ago he was abusive enough that she had to leave their shared apartment with her two children.”

    This makes no sense. I thought Chrissy had moved back in with her mom. She’s back in the apartment with her “ex”? This whole story sinks like bad fish.

  25. And interestingly – the ONLY place that this news is being reported is the PRNC. I think that someone is just upset their name is no longer in the news.

    And regarding some of the comments about people stalking and being abusive all I can say is pot-kettle-black.

  26. I was wondering why the stooges were so quiet lately. Looks like they put their fatheads together and thought of something to stir up.

    Won’t people just be outraged that Drew was “in danger”, being “stalked” by his fiancee’s ex-boyfriend.

    Of course, it’s a little confusing. SHE says they’re not engaged and it’s all a lie, but SHE says Mike is stalking Drew. Do we all pick and choose which parts we want to believe, or do we just fall down to our knees and beg for more, more?

  27. Yes, TAI, no one appears to have picked up the story yet. Perhaps they were put off by Armstrong’s attempt to wring money out of them.

    BTW, I can’t believe I didn’t get a tweet about this ‘breaking news’ via one of their new social networking sites.

  28. Looks like the House has voted to impeach Blago by a vote of 114 (Yes) 1 (No) 1 (Present). Now onto the Senate I believe.

  29. Still got some time before it officially happens Facs – this is the government which does not have the word swift in it’s vocabulary!

    I found it funny that one person said that it would be fitting to impeach Blago today because it is the birthday of his hero, Nixon. They then went on to say that Nixon acted more dignified by resigning before he was impeached.

    I want to know more about the guy that voted against the impeachment. It shows that his name is Patterson. Guess he doesn’t want to get re-elected next term… 🙂

  30. facsmiley, thanks, but i can’t find where it says my account. Upper left, where? on what screen?
    Sorry, i must not be all here today.

  31. “…I need to make sure he stays away from Chrissie.” He mentioned he would start picking her up at work or loan her one of his cars to make sure she gets around safely without harassment. ”

    Ummm, they work together at the same restaurant. How is picking her up from work going to keep Mike away from her?

  32. I thought this young woman was afraid of the bad publicity, by stating emphatically that she wasn’t engaged to this creep, and and saying she didn’t want to lose her job. Is Peterson trying to ruin this 23 year old for good, cause her to lose her job so she’d be unable to support herself and her children? What the hell is wrong with him? Sounds like HE’s the one harassing her by saying he would start picking her up at work. Just some more of the same stalking he did with Stacy. Pity anyone that gets hooked up with that monster.

  33. If it was Patterson that voted against the impeachment, I think it’s the same guy that got up on the Floor when they were discussing the final passage of the amended Hearsay bill and rambled on and on and didn’t make any sense. I think he has one of those kind of reputations that makes him stand out from crowd – he travels to the beat of his own drum.

  34. Bucket – Jefferies voted Present (not technically the same as abstaining from voting).

    Rescue – I believe that guy that did all of the jawboning was in the Senate (not the House). I believe it was Mr. Black if my memory serves me correctly.

  35. rescueapet // January 9, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    I thought this young woman was afraid of the bad publicity, by stating emphatically that she wasn’t engaged to this creep, and and saying she didn’t want to lose her job. Is Peterson trying to ruin this 23 year old for good, cause her to lose her job so she’d be unable to support herself and her children? What the hell is wrong with him? Sounds like HE’s the one harassing her by saying he would start picking her up at work. Just some more of the same stalking he did with Stacy. Pity anyone that gets hooked up with that monster.


    Nothing is hotter than a little girl that appears to need some protection and attention… Right??

  36. thinkaboutit2 // January 9, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Rescue – I believe that guy that did all of the jawboning was in the Senate (not the House). I believe it was Mr. Black if my memory serves me correctly.


    Thanks for the clarification, TAI. That does sound familiar now. Can’t keep it all straight anymore, LOL.

  37. No problem, Rescue – I seem to have a knack of being able to remember pretty useless information for many, many years. My friends always make fun of me for it.

  38. Maybe she’ll learn the hard way that she will have no life beyond that which is his. Seems apparent already.

    This goes back to the big spew that went on months back when Stacy started admitting to others that she was afraid of Drew and that she was smothering because he knew her every move. There was a big stink that if Stacy was THEIR sister, they would have dragged her out of there and get her away from him.

    Well, here it is again. Raines’ “ex-boyfriend” is trying to get her out of his grip, her father told the suspect to stay away from his daughter, yet, Peterson claims she’s still his fiancee.

    So, now what? Who’s going to be THE ONE to drag this woman out of the mitts of Drew Peterson?

  39. If you go to, you can click on the live link to see Blago’s response to the House’s impeachment of him at 2pm CST.

  40. I certainly hope the Drew supporters are working on their dossiers of dirt on everyone involved in Christina’s life.

    They’re going to need to trot those out when Drew is implicated in her disappearance. How better to take the media’s attention off Drew and discredit the witnesses?

  41. Blago is a total Mo. The guy comes out swinging and saying that the House has planned to impeach him since about 2006. Duh – What an idiot. He could have fought to say that the only reason they were impeaching him was due to the criminal investigations and their lack of attempting to do so earlier shows this is the sole reason. Dummy!!

    OMG – He thinks he makes the rules!!

    The guy sounds like he’s totally coked up (or had tons of caffeine) because he is talking about 500 wpm.

  42. Okay, I’m lost. What’s good PR about a 54 year old preying on a 23 year old with two kids, who’s “ex” boyfriend is trying to drag her out of the mess she’s possibly got herself in?

    Typical Drew fashion of sliming his victims’ families and friends, except now he has a patsy of an “author” and PR agent to do it for him.

    That coward his always hiding behind the cops to save his rear-end from some disgruntled, anti-Drew person, isn’t he? First words out of his coward mouth when Lenny wanted to punch his face in was “someone call 911.”

  43. It’s good PR that Drew still has enough game to snatch a 23-year-old chick away from an ex-boyfriend even if her father is against it. Right?

    And it’s better PR if it creates a big enough ripple in the media to get him a free vacation and paid interview on some talk show.

  44. Is that what it is TAI? the free travel?

    Because I’m starting to get very confused as to how Selig can have both Peterson and Armstrong as clients, simultaneously. It’s starting to look like a real conflict of interest.

    And I’m sincerely having trouble buying that Peterson in no way profits from Armstrong’s royalties. Otherwise, why would he be granting interviews to Armstrong that are then used to market the thing?

    There is evidently some current and ongoing connection between Drew, Joel, Glenn and Derek and it simply has to do with money. What else could it be?

  45. You’re probably right about the PR, TAI.

    Even ‘spun’ though, it still sounds so icky I grimace involuntarily & say, “eewww” at the thought.
    But then again, DP and the ever-growing Cast of Creeps around him generally make me feel a shower’s a good idea.

  46. I honestly think things like the free travel ARE part of their association. Note that it is not paid for by any member of that cozy cabal.

    Amongst the lot of them I doubt they have much actual cash. I think they are mainly bartering their gifts & talents w. one another, each for their own agenda/gain.

    Drew murders and is a freakin’ buffoon, so draws attention.
    Brodsky ‘chased the ambulance’ right onto national TV.
    Armstrong gets ‘inside info,’ ‘exclusives’ and is happy to disseminate Brodsky/DP crap as if it’s objective info.
    Selig mentions himself or his agency in releases for each of the other.

    They mirror and magnify for each other until they’ve transformed tragedy, notoriety and shame into fame, a little travel and a few bucks.

    (I’m gettin’ that need-a-shower feeling…)

  47. facsmiley // January 9, 2009 at 9:41 am

    “He won’t leave her alone. A couple of nights ago he was abusive enough that she had to leave their shared apartment with her two children.”

    This makes no sense. I thought Chrissy had moved back in with her mom. She’s back in the apartment with her “ex”? This whole story sinks like bad fish.


    Oh and here is DP again, wanting to “rescue” another woman from an unfortunate boyfriend.

    Gheez, how many times has he used that story now ??

    All these women really want to be with Drew, but their parents, boyfriends, friends, family, neighbors, work collegues, etc just won’t let them.

    Poor Drew is so misunderstood – I think I’m going to have a little cry for him !!

  48. The money and paid interviews are the only logical explanation my brain can wrap itself around. That, along with the 15-minutes of fame, seeing himself on TV (he probably thinks he’s smoking hot), and the potential for future income from a book or movie deal where the more twists and turns there are the more money people will likely pay for it.

  49. Oke, I’ve finished having my little cry for Drew and now I’m wondering why Drew would let his new “fiance” continue to be “abused/stalked” by an “ex boyfriend” to the extent she has to leave from wherever she lives and let the fiances father deal with this situation, whilst fiance-ex-cop-Drew is sitting at home twiddling his thumbs.

    The fiances father is then worried about Drews welfare more than his daughters (?) by ringing the cops to make sure Drew is oke.

    Hmmmm, somehow Drews story doesn’t make any sense (yet again) !!

  50. JAH – Drew’s story doesn’t make any sense because he’s out of his gourd. We know that. The money suckers he surrounds himself with don’t care, though, so we’ll have to take it all with a grain of salt.

  51. Rescue, I am just amazed every time I read these Drew/Selig/Amstrong/Brodsky concoctions, how little intelligence they credit their audience with.

    I thought they would know by now an audience with basic grammar/ spelling skills would also have basic intelligence and reasoning skills, but apparently that hasn’t dawned on them yet !!

  52. No, it hasn’t dawned on them yet that most all the bloggers on all the boards have figured out that preying on wives and young women is sickening, and reading these stunt releases is merely for their own benefit, not ours. If these stooges want to associate themselves with this, whatever.

  53. I am often wondering if they are insulting everyone’s intelligence on purpose or if they can’t see past a world as sociopathic/narcistic as their own (?)

    It would have to be the latter – wouldn’t it ??

  54. 🙂 You’re funny, Facs!

    But we don’t want Armstrong’s contributions ignored, so maybe “Tragedy, Notoriety, Hack & Shame” would work? That way each of the evil dwarves gets their name on the door.

  55. I just can’t believe someone would publish a release dissing those that appear with basic clerical errors and have those same basic errors contained in that release on pupose. (Matter of fact, it’s a pretty good definition of stupid & lazy.)

  56. decafoccity // January 9, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    JAH – What about the option that none of them is anywhere near as clever as they think?


    Would they consider it to be clever to contradict their own time line or say Drew drove to the Canal “looking for Stacy and her car” when by Drews own admission Stacy supposedly “rang” him and told him where the car was in the first place.

    Next Drew is “engaged” yet the next night he goes to a bar minus any fiance and drools and slobbers all over the female patrons.

    I just can’t figure out where they are going with all this type of nonsense (!)

  57. JAH –
    That’s what I mean; those are more errors. Not the kind a person w. a conscience might make, but maybe they’ve been given too much credit.

    Factoring in stupidity, freedom from ethics and (IMO) morals, persistence and an apparent inability to feel shame, your examples make as much sense to me as they ever will.

    There is no logic to a long story from a liar, because the lie is only constructed to accommodate the present, the past and what the liar Thinks might be the future.

    I’m thinking there are no zebras here, just horses. And stupid, lazy, lying horses, at that.

  58. …Factoring in stupidity, freedom from ethics and (IMO) morals, persistence and an apparent inability to feel shame…
    I’m thinking there are no zebras here, just horses. And stupid, lazy, lying horses, at that.

    lol You got that right!

    I just read the “breaking news”
    Facs, was this in the middle of that page yesterday?

    NOTE: Mandatory courtesy credit required to quote this material, please, including book cover. Credit: Derek Armstrong, author Drew Peterson Exposed. Tapes of full interview with Drew Peterson available.

    Including book cover?

    and get involved in high profile criminal cases just to make a movie or for some other ulterior motive.
    …Give me a break. That is not who we are or what we’re about. Trust me when I say there is a big difference.

    Give Me a break.. C’mon Glenny……. Man up!

    Might be why no other media picked up this “story”
    Me thinks the “media” is on to their game, as we have been all along.

  59. I think you’re right, woman. Remember though, the “media” is always in need of content . If they come up with something salacious enough on a slow news day, they’ll be right back in it.

    Sort of a sick, symbiotic cocktail party… “Famewhores, I’d like to introduce you to Contentwhores. I’m sure you’ll find something to talk about…”

  60. I am just LONGING for the time when the slimy hangers-on are peeled away, that murdering creep’s bs is stripped away in a court of law and he goes away for the rest of his life.

  61. Could not have said it better myself, Decaf.

    With all that is going on, I guess NBC thinks Monday will be a slow news day. Geesh.
    Another “sick, symbiotic cocktail party”.

    More propaganda from Selig, Armstrong, and Brodsky.

    Rob Stafford jumps on the bandwagon, with yet ANOTHER “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson” on Monday.

    Folding clothes, DP says, “This is the playboy lifestyle of Drew Peterson”

    The commercial starts out You’ve seen the public side…..but what is it like behind closed doors

    Doesn’t Rob Stafford or the producers at NBC have any idea what this piece of work is really like?
    I guess not. I suppose, after all, the “media” still does not “get it”.
    You would think a “journalist” or “reporter” would do some research before doing a story.

    I would like to see someone do a FULL and COMPLETE story, sans the propaganda.

    CAUTION: the following may make you nauseated:
    nbc commercial

    The media truly is in need of a makeover.

  62. Sheesh. Enough, already.

    At least no one has yet picked up the stupid stalking story, but what is NBC’s problem? Chicago forgotten DP? Forgotten the Mr Mom video?

    We know he has no playboy lifestyle because he is a disgraced ex-cop, child abuser extraordinaire waiting for the knock to take him to trial for murder of his children’s mothers.

    No one wants to see him folding laundry or anything else. Just the perp walk, please, NB bloody C.

  63. After further thought, we must all be wrong. I mean, someone who’s able to fold clothes on camera, a feat we all know can only be accomplished by the pure of heart, could never be a multiple murderer, now could he?

    Oh, thank you, NBC’s owned & operated Chicago station! Thank you for showing us all the answer to all the pesky evidence he’s a multiple murderer!!

  64. Bucket – Think maybe their piece is equally weighted with ‘news’ about his non-laundry-related pastimes, say, murder?

    I wonder how much footage they’ll have of Kitty or Stacy happy at home?

  65. Maybe someone should tell peterson, the best way to get media coverage is to confess.
    NBC is doing old stories, Greta’s been there done that!!!!

  66. Are they going to also run the clip of him at a nightclub making out with some 20-yeard old girl who he just met then speeding off with a few drinks in him?

  67. My comment done disappeared. 😦

    I said this:

    “What do you think matters more to his children – that Dad folds the towels and does the shopping, or that dad leaves them alone at night to get his ego stroked by drunk young things and flaunt that their one mother is missing and the other a victim of homicide?

    This “Mr. Mom ” package is just a rerun of what his PR people tried to sell us last Spring. It didn’t work then, either. Maybe NBC should produce a segment about the many people who will try to insert themselves into a high-profile missing person case for their own profit, regardless of whether it puts the investigation or suspect at risk. Drew’s publicist, Glenn Selig and author Derek Armstrong would be a good starting point.”

  68. oh wait – I think I missed the bit about “your comment will be posted shortly. No need to resubmit”

    I resubmitted. Oops.

  69. It takes a few minutes for a comment to show up. This is about all I’m going to watch of this latest piece of disgusting news story.

    Do you think his fiancee is going to be featured in it? Do you think they’re going to follow him to the lounge he frequents the most in “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson?”

    Do you think they’re going to film him drinking in the lounge whilst he tries to prey on less-than-sober 23 year olds, in “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson?”

    Do you think they’re going to show his childrens’ classmate parents cozying up to him and professing their support for him while he attending a school event in “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson?”

    Do you think they’re going to film him surrounded by friends and family in a show of support in “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson?”

    I’ll give NBC the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re using this teaser as a way to get people to watch, only to show the REAL dirt bag in “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson.”

  70. A LOT of snow going on here. I had errands planned, too!

    It’s interesting to me how Selig likes to market the “Mr. Mom” Drew, and yet we know how much he detests that role. It isn’t what he bargained for. This is a man who is used to running around with his pals, flying his plane, riding his bike, and being free to prowl at will. Think of all the IM conversations we’ve witnessed where he makes no bones about the fact that he is looking for a woman to take care of his kids and house. I get the feeling that he never thought he’d still be doing the “woman’s work” a year after he got rid of Stacy. I’ll bet it annoys the crap out of him.

    So why try to to sell us on a role for Drew that he doesn’t even believe in?

  71. Facs – “So why try to to sell us on a role for Drew that he doesn’t even believe in?”
    Because with this client, there ARE no legitimate “mitigating or good qualities” to try and sell.

    Still sickening, though.

  72. I see your birdie, grandam. You just need to clear your browser cache.

    I am thinking more and more that old baggy eyes’ new marriage plans would be better furthered if his missing wife would turn up. He keeps up this Mr. Mom image so that when her remains are found, we’re to think he couldn’t possibly be the misfit that killed her. He folds clothes. How could he kill anyone?

  73. Thanks for posting the link to Monday’s report. Wonder if NBC will show a hung over father letting his older boys taking care of the young ones?

  74. Do you really think they are going to tell the truth in that story? He is trying to make himself look like Mr. Mom again.

  75. Hey, whitesox fan!

    Now that would be a reality report, heh? Go over to the link and post that comment, please. It’s a good one!

  76. But I have an idea. What is everyone calls the reporter and tell him how you feel about him doing this story about Drew Peterson. Maybe he should do a story about the kind of mother Stacy was. That would be more appropriate, I think.

  77. Would anybody like the cell phone number of Rob Stafford the guy who is doing the story? The guy who was outside Drew’s house and Sharon’s house taking pictures last week? Who also took a picture of the garden?

  78. TTTTT – maybe, just maybe, their teaser is just that, and this will come off as a respectable, honest, real piece on “A Day in the Life of Drew Peterson.”

    We can hope!

  79. rescue,

    I already posted and waiting for it to appear. Posted the same comment as I did here. Wonder if they will allow it to be seen.

  80. WSF – I thought mine about boozed up 23 year olds hanging on the crime suspect might be a little edgy, but as long as there’s no profanity, I assume they will allow just about any comment.

    Hey, BTW, I heard a rumor that Peterson’s son, Tom, and a group of his H.S. friends, are asking that people leave Drew Peterson and his family alone. Does that include Armstrong, Selig, Raines’ father, his fiancee’s ex-boyfriend, and the news media?

  81. rescue,

    Just refreshed NBC site and saw my post. Posted the story on another blog and asked people to comment.

    Didn’t hear the rumor on TP and friends.

  82. In addition to sending comments, maybe it would be better to call Rob Stafford on his cell phone and really let him know how you feel about his disgusting story. The number is 312-502-7925. I hope we can stop this story from airing.

  83. stopwhining 2 minutes ago FLAG COMMENT Wow talk about reactions from people. It sounds like alot of people here know that Drew did kill those women. Have you brought that evidence to the police yet? With this being broadcast it is bringing the 2 women’s name back out to the public. There are many people out there who have forgotten about them and gone on with their lifes.


    This comment is from NBC.

    Gone on with their lifes?

    Who writes like that?

    Note to stopwhining – lives, big daddy, lives.

  84. I actually have no issue with that Facebook group. IMO ,Peterson’s kids have no choice but to support their father and I think it’s great that their friends support them.

  85. timetotellthetruth // January 10, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    whitesoxfan, I posted over there under hereforstacy.
    Just read. Also, seems to be one Peterson supporter that posted under “stop whining”

  86. Yeah, I guess your right, Fac. At least until they reach the age of Eric, who did exercise his moral authority and told his father to kiss off.

  87. rescueapet // January 10, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    “Gone on with their lifes?”

    Who writes like that?


  88. LOL, Facs, yeah, 😉 is right!

    Could be anybody. Paulie, Armstrong, Selig, Peterson, Brodsky.

    And the hits they just keep coming.

  89. Rescue, I’m positive that one day these kids will do the same. They are never going to forget that their last memory of Stacy was hearing an argument behind closed doors…and then silence.

    See, for victim’s families you never really “forget about them and get on with your life”.

    It just doesn’t work that way, no matter how murderers and their pals wish it would.

  90. “It sounds like alot of people here know that Drew did kill those women.”


    Well, I say, “it sounds like some people here know that Drew didn’t kill those women.”

    Now, how is that?

  91. Maybe somebody should explain to Tom that when his father does dumb things like having cameras follow him around for a day it enrages people. If Drew would stop doing these dumb things, I’m sure the family would get some peace.

  92. stopwhining 2 minutes ago FLAG COMMENT Every time you hear Drew’s name they have who is a suspect in his missing 4th wife, Stacy Peterson and whose 3rd wife Kathleen Savio died mysteriously and the case has been reopened. That is how he is bringing their names back out to the public. Next everyone will be complaining he didn’t seperate the whites from the colors.

    I’d rather play with stopwhining over here than on the NBC site ~

    No, I won’t complain about separating the whites from the colors. I will complaining about separating the men from the cowards. The cowards that prey only on women and yell for someone to call 911 when a man wants to rearrange his face for him, or have a talk with him about dating a 23 year old. Now, that is the real “Day in the Life of Drew Peterson.”

  93. TTTT, I think it was a well-meaning friend of Tom who started the group. But, yeah, absolutely they should weigh their criticism of the media against the vigor with which Drew Peterson courts it. If he weren’t granting interviews, calling radio stations and signing release forms left and right we wouldn’t be so over-saturated with “Drew News”. No one is forcing him to roll down his car window on the way to the courthouse or answer telephone calls from Derek Armstrong.

    You can’t be a media whore and then complain about your exposure.

  94. No you can’t. While I feel sorry for the kids, they have to realize their father is the one seeking the attention. We are just as happy to never hear about Drew Peterson again until the day he is arrested.

  95. It’s a sad day when men suspected of murdering their wives, and this goes for Stebic too, have the privilege of having the love of their children, even though they don’t deserve a minute of it. Washing and folding clothes on camera a father does not one make. Or Stebic, for example, going on the record and proclaiming how he knows how it feels to be in Drew Peterson’s shoes – what with the media making them out to be sinister.

    What a couple of low life donkeys.

  96. Drew’s favorite line of late (since he doesn’t have his big, bad guns anymore)


  97. I’m assuming, since Stebic doesn’t have a Selig media “guru” up his butt, that the reason NBC isn’t following him around is because he hasn’t got a media whore to plug his Mr. Mom image, heh?

    I mean, come on, if Stebic is also being called a suspect in a crime, that being the disappearance/homicide of his wife, why not follow him around for a change, and let Peterson fall off the fame cliff, flat on his puss?

  98. Hey, come to think of it, Mr. SOMEONE CALL 911, I’d like to meet Kim Matuska’s mother, because, one this is for sure, when got wind of her daughter schmoozing with you, the party was over!!!! She sounds like a woman that finally kicked your sorry butt.

  99. I wish my Father, (if he were a suspect in my Mothers disappearance, et all) would roll his window down (on camera) for a reporter who was asking him questions, and say “You’re hot”, then laugh and drive away.
    Father of the year.
    He brings everything on himself.

    TTTTT, that phone number seems to be wrong.
    Can you or anyone post a number (or email) for NBC everywhere for all to call or write? We can ask them to do a story about Stacy or Kathleen, and please stop the BS.
    Squeaky wheels get oiled.

  100. LOL, I just read over at NBC, and it looks like stopwhining forgot to take their medication today.

    Exlax would be a good idea. Get the doo doo out.

  101. Ya, when I first read that, I thought it was an old link…then I saw 2009.
    I wish someone would come up with an appropriate contact for NBC.
    I will start looking.

  102. Yes, I do know that “posted” isn’t spelled like “toasted” but again…you hit submit and then you see your typo, and then you sit and watch while it mocks you for about ten seconds…

  103. I thought this post was good! Especially, “I want to live longer than he would let me” in response to stopwhining’s stupid posts:

    Kate 29 minutes ago FLAG COMMENT Again is someone helping him to get away with two murders? Sorry, people, but if you can fold your clothes and wash dishes in front of the camera, does it mean you may not murder your wife? Any adult person should be able to do ALL the things at home. I am sure my husband would no have any problems with it. A man of my dreams, stopwhining? You must be kidding. I want to live longer than he would let me.

  104. Nice coomment.

    Just want to point out that my man not only does the grocery shopping, but he cooks most of the meals…and the icing on the cake? He’s not a murder suspect.

    I think I’ll keep him. 🙂

  105. Thanks facs, that led me to this::
    http://www.nbcchicago contacts

    They say:
    We love to hear from you, but due to the volume of e-mail we receive each day, we are not always able to respond personally to each e-mail. We do read each e-mail, and try to forward it to the person most likely able to act on your comments.

    President, Central and Western Region

    Director of Community Relations

    Main Number: (312) 836-5555

    Audience Services and News Questions
    (312) 836-5503

    Email and call. Post this everywhere.
    If enough people call and write, they just might “get it”!

  106. Also for “press releases” fax Pam Oliver at 312-527-4238
    She might have been the first to obtain “The Day in the Life” story!
    I will fax her my press release about two women who are not here.

  107. I am holding out for a story called: “A Day In Drews Life Sentence”.

    I know that story will come !

    ISP/FBI/State Attorney’s Office is working on it …….

  108. I wonder………How much longer is this circus with this man going to go on before he is arrested and tried for the crimes we all know he did ? ARGH ! ENOUGH is ENOUGH !

  109. From comment on

    Danya Today at 2:44 AM COMMENT

    Ok folks take it easy on NBC and Mr. Stafford. If you all tune in you will have a very pleasant surprise right after it. Alot more is going on than you know and everything will make sense Monday night. I see alot of familiar names and will say it is something you all have been waiting for.

    Please, please tell me this is you Danya!

  110. The latest rumour of arrest was “around the 10th”…..if it’s not his arrest, I hope we get to see someone telling him off if not punching him in the nose.

  111. A toast to the families and friends of the victims, searchers, supporters, investigators and prosecutors. May this part of the struggle be over with very soon. 😉

  112. Good Morning All,

    I have some doubts it was Danya. Why wouldn’t she also post a comment here. I asked her to e-mail me for confirmation. Will let you all know if she does. Hopefully, she goes back and reads the NBC blog.

    I will be watching the news tomorrow night.

  113. BTW, this was the last line of my comment over at NBC:

    Come on, NBC, give me hope that you’re going to present the real Drew Peterson!

    That’s about all I can say about that.

  114. Hey back at you, Bucket! We’re breaking out of the snow, only to be socked again with it mid-week. We need some good news.

  115. Sorry to here about your snow. Makes everything a bit harder. No snow here, but it it -3c. Brrr.

    I hope we have confirmation that the post at NBC was our Danya.

  116. As far as we know, the GJ didn’t meet this week.
    Maybe tomorrow, and an indictment will be issued. Let’s wipe that smirk off his face.

  117. “it is something you all have been waiting for.”

    In what way? Does Drew break down on camera and show how he killed Stacy and where he put her body? Does it document him turning himself into police?

    I’m sick of the man. Sick. The only context in which I could bear to hear his voice or see his face would be one in which he is being arrested. Otherwise I just don’t care to look at him.

  118. As much as I try I can’t understand why everyone insists on beating themselves up so much over this by playing into the media. Be sure to tune in to see the “real” Drew Peterson. Save yourself the time and anguish if you think you are going to see the Drew Peterson you WANT to see, sitting in a room surrounded with flames, the devil himself. That ain’t gonna happen. I bet you see him doing the household stuff, getting the younger son off to and from school, attending school things, shoveling snow……..

    Big announcement or something due? Clue. Arrests of murder suspects for the murder they are suspected of are not prescheduled or preannounced.

    So what about this guy (Mike?) who is watching Peterson. Whats up with that?!

  119. “So what about this guy (Mike?) who is watching Peterson. Whats up with that?!”

    Obviously of no interest to news agencies or they would have picked up the story. I think when they’ve learned to ignore “press releases” from Derek Armstrong.

  120. Yeah, boy, and if they haven’t learned yet to ignore press releases that come from Selig or Armstrong, they might just want to start.

  121. Oh, and BTW, I’ve no intention on tuning in to see that news piece if it’s going to be portraying him as the teaser wants us to think ~ that he’s a Mr. Mom.

    But, we do have the option of voicing our complaints and concerns about indulging that crime suspect. The news agencies thrive on peoples’ opinions and responses. Right?

  122. Let’s see, who would post at NBC and use Danya’s name? Tell the “familiar” names to watch and be surprised?

    It’s amazing how low some will go to get their kicks! Maybe someone who’s disgruntled with Danya would be sinister enough to do that, heh?

  123. I must admit I got my hopes up as soon as I read that, without thinking too much.
    Who would want to quell the storm, and/or attract more viewers.

  124. Womenscorned – Yet another coward hiding behind a name, but using a name of a reporter. That’s cheap, that’s sooooooooooo typical of the usual crowd that beats their chests and slimes everyone else but the suspect himself!

  125. LOL – Judging by the time of Danya’s post, must’ve been posted by a drunk who just fell out of the bar they spent the night in. Beer muscles will do that, you know.

  126. whatsinthemirror, you said
    As much as I try I can’t understand why everyone insists on beating themselves up so much over this by playing into the media.
    Then a couple seconds later you said
    So what about this guy (Mike?) who is watching Peterson. Whats up with that?!
    Seems kind of oxymoronish

    This story about the distribution of nonsense news, may help you with your question about “Mike”:

    Selig taken to task by one of his peers-
    When is a Press Release Not a Press Release?

    Once upon a time, press releases were written and distributed when a company had, well, news. Apparently now, those days are gone.

    With the advent of the wild, wild west known as the Internet, the rules have changed. You now have anyone and everyone distributing what they call “press releases,” but are nothing more than advertorials designed to drive traffic to their sites or get their names out there for no concrete reason.

    As I have said before, I have a problem with this way of thinking. There are people out there advocating the distribution of nonsense news that does nothing more than to bring the information superhighway to a standstill.

    One press release distribution company sent out a “press release” about this very subject . They basically are encouraging people to write a “release” (their quotes, not mine) as a marketing strategy.

    “The term ‘press’ implies the news media, but the Internet has put a whole new twist on the press release,” says Glenn Selig , founder of press release distribution company). “Now, a press release is not just for the press but is geared to the consumer and offers a terrific option for online marketing.”

    Basically this is good advice. But here’s the thing: A press release will do you no good unless you have something relevant to say. I promise you, your release will not get any pickup — even if it is sent to a million media outlets – if it is nonsense.

    Quite honestly, it is in a press release distribution company’s best interest to encourage as many companies as possible to write, write, write so they can send, send, send for you. For a small fee, of course.

    Understandably, everyone has to make a living. But again, as I have posted before, I am hesitant to take advice from a source where it is in their best interest for you to take their “expert” advice.

    Especially when their “release” is positioned as an industry trend report, entitled “Popular Trend: Online Marketing Using ‘Press’ Releases.”

    Plus, you can do this yourself. You can set up your own email distribution list of key publications relevant to your industry. It takes some groundwork, but once it is done, it is merely a push of a button.

    If you need some guidance, feel free to email me for advice. No charge — I am still a journalist at heart. I can’t help it.
    Posted by Lynne O’Leary at 12:10 AM


  127. ♬♬♬ Show me the way to go home
    I’m tired and I want to go to bed
    I had a little drink about an hour ago
    And it went right to my head ♬♬♬

  128. FYI – Danya was as surprised as the rest of us with “her” post on NBC.

    She confirmed it was not her post through a twitter message.

  129. WITM, Clue: When a “press release” is distributed on behalf of a book publisher, demands “mandatory credit” for the info which is spelled out to include the title of a book, and offers audio tapes for sale, it’s not going to be taken seriously by a credible news agency.

  130. Gatehouse,
    Thanks for clearing up.

    We just have to wait to watch the piece tomorrow night. Can only image who made the post and what will be shown. My imagination is giving me some crazy thoughts. Will just stay calm and patient(very unlike me).

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