Drew Peterson Wouldn’t “Man Up”

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Last summer, Lenny Wawczak confronted Drew Peterson in a Bolingbrook parking lot, which was the subject of a media frenzy for a while.  This was shortly after it was reported that he and Paula Stark were wearing wires to gather information on Drew.  It appeared to be a confrontation Lenny initiated to iron out the day’s events regarding his son feeling intimidated by Drew.  Of course, Drew used his own spin to try and mangle the events to appear that it was remarks he made about Paula that were the subject of Lenny’s ire.  However, when Lenny confronted Drew directly, Drew wouldn’t “man up.”

Drew’s idea of being a man appears to mean cutting off any and all contacts of his love interest of the moment, so it is he that is the center of her universe.  In much of the media coverage regarding his relationships with women, both during his marriages to Kathleen and Stacy, up to the present, Drew has tried to justify why he is the better choice in men for each of them.  He has lashed out at their parents, their siblings, extended families, friends, co-workers, classmates and, most of all, their prior relationships.  Only he, as he so enjoys reminding us, is capable of providing love, nurturing and comfort, and a stable home with financial stability.

Drew Peterson will never be a man when considering what he brings into his relationships.   The only things Drew can man up to are carefully contrived media circuses that promote his perception of his fighting abilities.  Hawking his abilities to try and get Geraldo Rivera to agree to one of his publicity stunts, or calling into a radio station to hammer out his rules to engage Mike Siuda in a fight are hardly manly actions.  Put him in a parking lot with an angry ex-friend, or in a bar with an angry boyfriend, and he calls in the reserves – 911, or a host of sympathetic street rats to stand-in for him.

Quit abusing women and the people in their lives.  Man up, Drew.  It’s about time.

Thanks WomenScorned for posting the Mike and Juliet Show videos at Youtube!
Mike and Juliet Show part 1
Mike and Juliet Show part 2

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Follow up interview with Mike and Juliet on the Roe Conn Show


Drew Peterson Challenges Fiancée’s Ex to an Ultimate Fight Match.

"Hands and feet!"

"Hands and feet!"

This morning, Drew Peterson called in to the Sherman and Tingle show at Q101 while they were talking to Mike Siuda, the ex-boyfriend of Chrissy Raines. My guess was that Drew must already have a venue booked for the Geraldo fight and he’s afraid of losing his deposit, but Sherman assures me that Drew’s call was a complete surprise and that Q101 is now working on getting a venue for this latest stunt. *sigh*

The one thing about their conversation that interested me (besides Chrissy constantly yelling in the background) was Mike’s accusation that Drew had illegally gotten information on his legal standing. More interesting was Drew’s admission that this is true: “You’ve been checked on, brother.”

As usual, I transcribed the crap out of it. I can’t tell a Sherman from a Tingle so I did my best…

S or T: We have in the studio right now, Mike, who is the ex-boyfriend of Christina Raines who is now Drew Peterson’s fiancée.
S or T: Actually we have Drew Peterson on the line right now. This is truly Drew Peterson?

PETERSON: This is truly Drew Peterson:

S or T: Alright, let’s have a conversation. Drew Peterson, we appreciate you calling up. Do you have anything you’d like to reply back to Mike that’s in the studio right now?

PETERSON: Well obviously she didn’t leave him to be with me. She left him because she didn’t want to be with him anymore and she had to put up with him stalking her. She had to put up with coming home drunk and one night he threw her and the two kids out in the cold at 2 o’clock in the morning.

SIUDA: Is that really how it happened? Is it?

PETERSON: The constant fighting. Coming home and cutting up her clothes, the stalking and pulling her out of bars…

S or T: Did you ever cut up any clothes?

SIUDA: Never. Never ever. Never

S or T: Did you stalk at all?

SIUDA: No. there was never any stalking. There was never any anything. You know you were the problem and why she left. You know exactly.

PETERSON: Do you have an order of protection on you from a prior girlfriend?

SIUDA: I have no idea. No I don’t, actually.

PETERSON: I think you do!

SIUDA: How would you know that?

PETERSON: Because you’ve been checked on, brother.

SIUDA: Oh, I know. You looked into my private records because you’re a scumbag.

PETERSON: [Laughing]
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Arrest for Drew Peterson in the Next Seven Weeks?

ji_thumbIf you don’t already listen to Justice Interrupted on Blog Talk Radio, you might want to give it a try!

The show is hosted by names that should be familiar to many who read and comment here: Stacy Dittrich, Susan Murphy-Milano, and Robin Sax, who take to the air weekly to provide justice for those whose lives have been interrupted by rape, murder, sexual predators of children, strange and unexplained disappearances, domestic violence, and cold cases yet to be solved.

Last night one of their guests was Joe Hosey, reporter for the Joliet Herald-News and author of Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson. There was lively discussion about the status of the Peterson cases including some conjecture as to arrest dates.

Joe Hosey and Susan Murphy-Milano both mentioned having new information that they’ve been keeping under their hats for the sake of the investigation. Hosey did say that he feels that an arrest will come within the next seven weeks. Any guesses as to that particular timeframe?

Take a listen to the show at the Justice Interrupted web site at Blogtalk radio (the 2/24 show) and give us your impressions.

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More from the Morpheys

A little more detailed story from Mike Puccinelli, tonight. John Morphey says that when Drew left Tom with the cell phone which rang two times indicating calls from “Stacy” it was at a park, the Remington Lakes Sports Complex, not a coffeehouse. There’s video at the link as well.

John Morphey, brother of Thomas Morphey

John Morphey, brother of Thomas Morphey

Brother Of Witness In Drew Peterson Case Speaks
Mike Puccinelli BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (CBS) ― Feb 23, 2009 10:42 pm US/Central

He may be a key witness in the investigation of Stacy Peterson. On the night she disappeared, Tom Morphey claimed he helped Drew Peterson move a barrel into the former Bolingbrook police sergeant’s truck. The next day, Tom tried to kill himself, but survived. Tom isn’t talking to the media. But his brother John is – only with CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli.

Tom Morphey is the man who says he helped Drew Peterson carry a barrel from his upstairs bedroom into a truck. A barrel that investigators believe contained the body of Stacy Peterson. Tom Morphey has been ordered not to talk by investigators so his brother John is speaking for him.

Puccinelli: “What did your brother tell you about that night and what he did?

John Morphey: “He thought he helped dispose of Stacy’s dead body in a blue barrel.”

That was on October 28, 2007 – the last day Stacy Peterson was seen alive.

Puccinelli: “What made him think Stacy was inside that barrel?

John Morphey: “He said he just knew.”
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Your Thread – Open Discussion

family Here’s a new thread for open discussion, while we await news of any legal proceedings and/or the next media hijinks from the murder suspect and his cohorts.

I wonder if these photos are still hanging in the Peterson home. Will Chrissy allow the display to stay up, will she remove it, or will she just slip a photo of herself over Stacy’s picture?

I wonder how life is for her and her children inside this haunted house?

On a housekeeping note, we’ve added a Documents page to the blog with links to interview transcripts and legal documents.

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Christina Raines to Drew Peterson: “Are you Going to Drown Me in the Bathtub Too?”

I'm just playing!

I'm just playing!

Yes, Christina Raines and Drew Peterson appeared together on the Mancow and Cassidy show this morning and as I imagined might happen, the shenanigans made me despair for humanity.

Did Glenn Selig book this  horror show of callousness and idiocy?

As one of Drew’s youngsters injured itself and wailed in the hallway, Drew and Chrissy cuddled and answered questions in the WLS studio. Chrissy seemed clueless and infantile–barely audible. Was she refusing to approach the mic, or just too intimidated to speak up?

With all the composure of an insecure adolescent, this mother of two and fiancée of a double-murder suspect, gained confidence as she flirted with the show’s hosts and then blurted out tasteless jokey replies to questions, only to immediately retract her answers.

MULLER: When he first asked you out, what did you think? Were you nervous at first?
RAINES: I thought he was weird. I thought he was trying to molest me.. Just joking!


As for Drew himself, he gave credence to the reality show rumors (remember Drew spoke to a Las Vegas boxing rep) by challenging Geraldo Rivera to a fight in Las Vegas.

PETERSON: Geraldo, quit messing with her dad. Quit messing with her family. I think if you’ve got something to say you should come say it to my face and I think if you really have it in for me like you say, I think me and you should go out back and take the gloves off and go at it a little bit. Geraldo Rivera, I’m challenging you to a fight.
MULLER: You’re challenging Geraldo Rivera to a fight.
MULLER: Where would this take place?
PETERSON: Let’s put it on TV. Let’s do it for some charity event.
MULLER: Would you do it in Chicago or do it in New York?
PETERSON: Let’s do it in Vegas.

Meanwhile the bromance between Drew and Mancow continues to blossom.

CASSIDY: You went to church together a couple of times—Mancow’s church in the West Loop and what was that like for you, Drew?
PETERSON: I’m heartfelt that Mancow’s the only person on the planet that’s taken any interest in my soul and I appreciate him as a person, for that.
CASSIDY: …I know he was on the phone with you talking about your soul.
CASSIDY: And it’s like he really cares. It’s not a bunch of hooey.
PETERSON: It’s true. If you sit in church with him it’s very real and heartfelt.

I think there are plenty of the people on the planet concerned for Drew Peterson’s soul. But by all indications, he’s knocking on the wrong doors and speed dialing the wrong names on his cellphone. I’d advise him to stop turning to the people who are going to make a buck from getting close to him. Maybe reach out to some actual clergy, rather than a washed up shock-jock who makes Drew his plus-one to comped shows at the House of Blues.

Download an MP3 of the Show at the WLS web site.

Read a rush transcript (unproofread).

BTW, don’t forget that Drew has a status hearing for the Savio Estate case at the River Valley Justice Center tomorrow morning, at 9 am.

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Drew Peterson’s Publicist: “It’s gone better than I ever could have imagined”

Since neither of his high-profile clients has gone to trial yet, I imagine Glenn must be referring only to the money he has made when he says how well things have gone for him.

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Glenn Selig Loves a Challenge

Tampa publicist Glenn Selig helps Blagojevich, Drew Peterson battle image problems
By Eric Deggans, Times TV/Media Critic
In Print: Monday, February 16, 2009


…The call that changed Selig’s life came while he was on a Disney cruise with his wife, Charyn, and young children, daughter Drew and son Joshua, at the end of 2007. It was Peterson’s attorney with an intriguing proposal.

How would he like to represent the most controversial husband in America?

Peterson already had an awful public image, behaving oddly during interviews about his missing 23-year-old wife and attempting to participate in a dating contest overseen by a Chicago shock jock. Selig met with the retired officer in Orlando, weighing whether his potential client was misunderstood or someone looking to bamboozle the world.

“Do I know whether he did it or not? No, because I wasn’t there,” said Selig, who eventually brokered interviews with NBC’s Today show and the Associated Press emphasizing Peterson’s parenting skills. “Do I believe he did it? No. And because no one else knows, either, he needs to be presumed innocent. … It’s a noble cause to defend someone’s image in the court of public opinion.”
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