Brodsky’s Latest Cunning Stunt.

The Publicity Agency Lands Client on TruTV as Guest Legal Commentator

Criminal defense attorney Joel Brodsky to provide commentary on ‘Banfield & Ford: Courtside with Ashleigh Banfield and Jack Ford.’ – February 05, 2009
 Criminal defense attorney Joel Brodsky, The Publicity Agency client.
(PRNewsChannel) / Tampa, Fla. / Chicago-based criminal defense attorney Joel Brodsky appears today on TruTV (formerly CourtTV) as a guest commentator. 

Brodsky makes his debut on ‘Banfield & Ford: Courtside with Ashleigh Banfield and Jack Ford.’  The program airs from 1pm ET to 3pm ET.  Brodsky will offer commentary on a Massachusetts murder trial.

“Joel’s goal is to provide analysis on high-profile court cases,” says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency (  “TruTV is the perfect outlet for that. It’s what many lawyers dream of doing and Joel’s doing it today.”

Brodsky is a partner in the law firm Brodsky & Odeh based in Chicago…



20 thoughts on “Brodsky’s Latest Cunning Stunt.

  1. LOL, looks like Boobsky doesn’t need a stinkin’ client like Dopehead. Looks like they’re all movin’ away, movin’ on.

    Although, who in their right mind would want to hear what this snake has to say?

    Not me.

  2. How can he comment on a murder trial [when as far as i know] he’s never been certified as a lead attorney or tried a murder case?

    Is there any knowledge, doubtful!!!!

  3. How can he share his expertise in “high profile court cases” when all he’s done is hold is client’s hand at interviews for a year?

    I guess the gun charge counts for something…but I’m still not impressed.

  4. Wow. They make this out like he has a solid spot on the TruTV show when it is just a one-day appearance. Big whip.

    And it sure seems like a far reach to say that many lawyers dream about being on Banfield and Ford. I think most lawyers dream more about being on and winning a tough case and making goo-gobs of money doing it.

  5. “Joel’s goal is to provide analysis on high-profile court cases,” says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency (


    Does having one high-profile case make you enough of an expert that you can analyze other high-profile cases?

    I’ll watch if I can but will be hoping more than just a little bit that he makes a fool of himself.

  6. Wow – It is snazzy! I thought I accidentally clicked on a different link.

    BTW – I have to tell you that I have a very naughty brain because every time I read the headline of this particular thread, my mind keeps mentally switching the beginning letters of the last two words so “cunning stunt” becomes “stunning …” I need serious help – don’t I!!

    I wish I knew how to do a quick smily that shows embarrassment but I just had to confess since I’m in the Justice Cafe now!

  7. What? Peace in the Middle East agreed so soon? DP’s assorted cases all under control?
    Beware if you watch, everyone. Might cause some psychological damage.

  8. I KNEW it! Brodsky isn’t really a lawyer, he just plays one on TV!

    Boy, he better watch out. If Brodsky gets too famous, he won’t need Drew anymore. Then Drew will be left all alone in the cold and get jealous. And we all know what happens to his girlfriends/wives when Drew gets jealous.

    Seriously, though, yes for Joel to get involved in something like this there would be money involved. He is probably paying Selig to get him listed as a ‘legal expert’ for all mannner of shows, and they just happened to pick him up.

    For most lawyers, it would be a way of advertising their business. For Joel, it’s a way of getting famous.

  9. > What? Peace in the Middle East agreed so
    > soon? DP’s assorted cases all under
    > control?

    Well, if you read some of the press releases, they make it sound like Brodsky and Odeh have single handedly created peace in the Middle East without ever having to set foot in Jerusalem, Ramalla, Jaffa or Elbireh! Pretty amazing that!

    Of course, they also go out of their way to stereotypically make Brodsky look MORE Jewish and Odeh look MORE Palestinian, so I’m half surprised we don’t see them running around with bagels and gefilte fish blasting klezmer music or clad in Arafat style kaffiyehs selling zahter to tourists.

    I guess time will tell.

  10. Joel’s already famous, though, isn’t he? Famous for thieving from a dead client, famous for pursuing a love rival through the courts (alienation of affection, for heaven’s sake, in this day and age), trying to incite Lenny to do a favour for him by “messing with” a journalist, causing his wife to call for assistance from a SWAT team, “lawyering” by slime and lies,and picking himself up a low scum client on spec because he wants to use this tragedy (and others….dead Gazans..) to make his name.

    Yeah, I want to hear his opinion on other cases….NOT.

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