Drew has a Drawer Full of Costume Jewelry?

Drew Peterson Insists Engagement Was Legit
Former Bolingbrook Cop Opens Up About Explosive Breakup
Mike Puccinelli
Feb 6, 2009 5:21 pm US/Central

peterson-cbsDrew Peterson in his Bolingbrook home opened up to CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli about Peterson’s recent breakup with Christina Raines. (Feb. 6, 2009)

Drew Peterson’s romance blew up one week ago with angry words from his ex’s father. Peterson spoke to CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli to tell his side of the bad breakup. The interview marks the first time Peterson has sat down with a local television crew for an extended on-camera interview.

Christina Raines moved out and called their engagement a stunt, but Peterson is on the defensive, insisting his love was true.

“It was a real engagement,” Peterson said.

Peterson, whose third wife, Katheleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub and whose fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has been missing for 15 months, spoke Friday about the young woman he wanted to make wife #5.

“It was a real engagement,” he said. “I considered myself engaged to her and considered her my fiancée.

But last week 24-year-old Christina Raines, with help from her father, moved out of the former police officer’s Bolingbrook home in dramatic fashion.

Then Ernie Raines and his daughter appeared on CBS’s The Early Show where Christina Raines claimed her engagement wasn’t real.

“It was more like a stunt,” she said.

Asked if the engagement was indeed fake, Peterson said, “Christina asked me to marry her like five or six times. So I went to the bottom of a costume jewelry drawer and got her ring.”

Updated 10:47 pm

Peterson says the couple had planned to get a real ring soon and he’d even asked her to get it sized. But Raines said the engagement was phony and was orchestrated by Peterson’s lawyer.

Not so, says Peterson.

“Joel Brodsky advised me not to get engaged. Not to let her move in,” Peterson said. But I don’t always listen to him. My feelings for her were overpowering.”

And he believes her feelings for him are similar.

“I don’t think she can stay away from me,” Peterson said. “I’m a handsome man.”

And asked if Peterson thinks he and Raines will get back together he said, “I do and I think if everybody lets us we will be happy. We will have a very nice life together.”

Peterson said he actually rescued the young woman he calls Chrissy from a string of abusive relationships.

But Ernie Raines didn’t see it that way and said getting his daughter out of Peterson’s house was like beating the devil.

“If I’m the devil because I took better care of her…” Peterson said.

Also Friday, Peterson addressed critics like Raines’ father, who say he never should have been engaged while still married to Stacy.

Asked whether he understands why people think that is the height of disrespect, he responded: “Well, I think the height of disrespect is leaving me with four kids.”

Peterson maintains Stacy ran off with another man. Peterson says Savio drowned when she fell in a bathtub.

Peterson agreed that what happened to both women seems like an unbelievable coincidence.

“Without a doubt, it’s unbelievable and it’s suspicious by nature,” he said. “And if I was looking at it from the outside, I’d agree with that. But that’s just not what happened.”

Peterson says he goes before the cameras because he wants to get his side of the story out to members of the public who might one day sit in judgment of him on a jury.

Sources say Peterson is likely to be charged in connection with the death of Savio sometime in the next few months.



43 thoughts on “Drew has a Drawer Full of Costume Jewelry?

  1. BTW, Brodsky’s laughter when Lisa Bloom asked him if he would want his daughters to date Drew was also very creepy and uncomfortable.

  2. Asked if the engagement was indeed fake, Peterson said, “Christina asked me to marry her like five or six times. So I went to the bottom of a costume jewelry drawer and got her ring.”

    Yuck, yuck, yuck. The bottom of whose jewelry drawer? Stacy’s? What a putz!

  3. Just watched the video from the CBS2 story and just sitting here shaking my head. So, if I heard right, she asked him to marry him 5-6 times, so they are engaged??? WOnder how many times he proposed over the internet.

    Reporter Mike P is a stand up guy and will be interesting to see the second part of the interview.

  4. Hi Whitesoxfan.

    I always did like Puccinelli’s reporting, but this is getting ridiculous, sitting down with this moron and letting him spew.

    Lisa Bloom was the first in a long time of interviewers who finally stuck it to this idiot and his attorney.

    While it’s interesting to pick apart what he says, he’s delusional and beyond bazaar. I think there should be more of the people that no longer swoon over Dopehead, and less of him!

  5. rescuepet,

    I’m hoping the second part has more direct questions. At the end of the video Mike P, teases us with what is coming up at 10pm. Hopefully it’s not fluff. Will have to wait and see.

  6. facs,

    Thanks for posting. I was listening to live, but video is intersting. I had a hard time listening to Mancow at first, but once he got serious, it was ok.

    Wonder, if the younger ones will ever be talked to by ISP or a social worker from IL. Children that young always say the darnest thing. So, if they heard or saw something on that Sunday, they may want to tell.

  7. Isn’t that heartbreaking to see those kids hauled around to daddy’s gabfest, making wisecracks?

    Were they standing there holding daddy’s hands when Mancow asked him if he murdered Stacy? (Specifically, he said “did you kill your wife?”)

  8. rescue,

    It’s hard to tell if the kids are in that part of the interview. I just wathced again, and just before the question is asked, the door behind them opens and than closes. Hoping the kids were in the “green room”.

  9. WTF – He said when she asked “Where’s my ring?” he said he went to the “bottom of a costume jewelry drawer” and pulled one out!! Who has a $15K ring in the bottom of a costume jewlery drawer?? And wouldn’t that ring then be one of Stacy’s rings?????? He is trying to cook his own goose or he is taunting the legal authorities like some sociopathic criminals do.

    Freaky, freaky, freaky.

  10. Drew says he has a drawer full of jewelry but I am starting to hope he has a pocket full of cryptonite and keeps spewing and spewing and spewing to the media because he is his own worst enemy and is sinking his own ship.

  11. Dopehead says Christina asked him to marry her five or six times. He then goes on to say that five or six times he said “yes.”

    If she asked him once and he said yes, why did she need to repeat herself four or five more times? Was he supposed to club her over the head, drag her to the preacher, and demand he perform the service?

    This is just nonsense. He keeps repeating this paragraph over and over, as though he expects it to turn into truth the more he says it.

  12. Man, oh, man, the stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth is beyond illogical.

    If he is as cop-smart and experienced as he has been professing to be, he wouldn’t be opening his trap and saying things like “it never happened,” when he answered Mike P’s question about Stacy’s phone calls to his cell phone the night Kathleen was murdered. Um, I don’t think so.

    Or, the fact that there are all kinds of people who say the opposite of what the two coroners found in the recent autopsies of Kathleen. Where – where are all of these people who disagree with the two recent coroner findings? Did he pull that revelation out of his butt or what?

    You can just watch the subhuman and see that his brain is fried. He can’t form logical statements and couldn’t “if his life depended on it.”

  13. Oke, I’ve finally stopped laughing about Drew pulling a junk jewellery engagement ring out of the bottom drawer because Christina asked him five or six times to get married.

    Of course the idea of an engament or marriage never entered the four times married,five times engaged Mr Peterson’s head.

    He just doesn’t think of those things at all.

    It was Christina forcing the issue, insisting marriage

    Makes perfect sense doesn’t it ??

    Once again Drew Peterson exposed himself as a con as intitially a big fanfare was made about the engagement ring.

    Her father, ex boyfriend etc all commented Christina was wearing an e engagement ring with a big stone and they would not have fussed over it if it were common knowledge it was a cheap “bottom of the drawer” ring.

    Ernie was even photographed holding the supposedly expensive ring and Drews story about it being a “cheap ring” did not emerge until it was mentioned the ring was going to be handed over to Police !

    Of course then it would emerge that this was not “high end jewellery” as Drew is always boasting about, but a bottom of the drawer piece of junk jewellery, therefore Drew had to quickly change his story inadvertently exposing what a cheapskate he really is.

    Now it raises the question about the validity of all the other “high end jewellery” he gave Stacy, Kathleen, etc.

    Maybe the “high end jewellery” is just one of the cons he works on people !

  14. This is why the nitwit does this:

    Peterson says he goes before the cameras because he wants to get his side of the story out to members of the public who might one day sit in judgment of him on a jury.

    Which, in and of itself, is a silly comment when his attorney sat right next to him on Larry King Live and said Drew’s never, ever, never, going to be charged. Never.

    So….. what jury are we talking about here?

  15. I watched part two at 10 and at the beginning Drew explains that he was always able to attract young women, even before becoming a “celebrity or notorious” (stumbling all over those two words) and attributes this skill to his “gift of gab”.

    My boyfriend almost spit out his coke.

  16. “It was a real engagement,” he said. “I considered myself engaged to her and considered her my fiancée.

    Here you are, Drew considers it a real engagement and considers Christina his finance.

    It’s all real, except for the ring which is a piece of crap !


  17. Ah, memories ~ from Larry King Live:

    KING: Where do you think Stacy might be?

    PETERSON: Stacy loves male attention. She could be —

    KING: Ran off with a guy?

    PETERSON: Ran off with a guy and could be dancing somewhere. I don’t know.

    And what the heck does he call what he loves and who he dances with?

  18. Oh, You don’t say !

    Check out what Drew says on Mancow re the ring


    Drew is asked if he still considers himself engaged and Drew says:

    “Well she hasn’t given the ring back”

    So Drew wants the junk jewellery ring back, the one he fished out of the bottom drawer because Christina nagged him to get engaged !

    Drew can’t get his story straight if his life depended on it (and one day that may just be the case)

  19. What is the point of getting worked up over every little thing Drew Peterson does or says?

    Whether you want to admit it or like it – it actually makes you a part of the fan club. Like so many of you say, he pulls these stunts and does things to get back into the spotlight to get attention bestowed upon himself and how pathetic that is. And then focus all of your own attention on him. For him it is, thank you, mission accomplished.

    But one thing to prepare yourself for. You have to keep in mind more murders go unsolved than are solved. If the odds roll in his favor you’ll be looking for little details in what adult diapers he wears.


    BTW the new look is very, very nice. Kudos to whoever is responsible.

  20. I definitely see your point, WITM, but all of his nonsense does bear examining to spot and expose the “inconsistencies” and the involvement of his dark advisors. 🙂

  21. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, lol, even though last week it reached a pitch that hurt my head!

  22. Does anyone else think the ring looks much more like Kitty’s than Stacy’s style? Kitty looks to me like one of God’s own glamourpusses who can effortlessly carry off dramatic looks.

  23. WITM @ #30

    No fan club on my part, thank you very much.

    As to getting worked up over every little thing, let’s just say most of us have been worked up the minute we found out they needed to investigate another unfortunate fate of a Peterson wife. Yes, he’s old news and despicable, but we’re all about keeping hope and keeping the story alive. It gets us to that one place that may push his deeds out in the open once and for all, something that got overlooked and overshawdowed when he killed (IMO) Kathleen.

    With that being said, drop the diapers line and be respectful of others’ opinions. Respect for your opinions will be returned in like kind.

    Thanks for the opinion on the new look. Facs put a lot of effort into it.

  24. Good Morning 🙂 Just stopping by to say I love the new look… Facs and Rescue you have done a bang up job 😉 I am so happy that you have both decided to keep this site up and running…It is one of the BEST sites around for news and up to date information. Best wishes to you both.

  25. I recall the time after O.J. Simpson was acquitted, he pranced freely about. He gave justice the big middle finger for years because he knew he could never be tried again for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

    But his bold, cocky, arrogant ways finally caught up with him and where is he now? Give someone enough rope they will hang themselves. Eventually, something is gonna give.

    The more I see this Dreamer’s Team on with the suspect, the more I see stuttering, stammering, subtle and not-so-subtle changing of of stories.

    So I wouldn’t necessarily call it getting worked up, but rather it is important to document everything that is stated, printed or taped.

    – Watch closely everything that is taped
    – Study any photographs
    – Read carefully everything deemed as an official statement from the attorneys and publicity agency.

    Discussing it, well, that’s all we can do until an arrest is made.

    * Facs, can you also add this link? It’s similar to Eyes For Lies, sorta kinda, and interesting to me anyway.


  26. So sick and tired of the media.
    Suspect is a lying slime. I hope and pray, we soon see justice at its best.
    Prayers to Stacy and Kathleen’s family today as always…..Justice soon.

  27. Response to WITM #30:

    Everyone here has a different reason for following this story. Why get so worked up about us getting worked up?? Coming to this forum and commenting here shows you are no different than we are in your curiousity.

    I’ll give you some insight into my personal reasons for following this case even though I do not know anyone involved.

    First – I grew up seeing one of my female cousins coming over at least 2x a month after being beaten by her CPD hubby. I saw her beaten so bad my parents brought her to the hospital, I saw lots of black eyes and other bruises, I saw her fear of reporting this to the police because it would get him even more pissed off, I saw her unable to bring herself to leave him because she had grown up getting beaten by her own father, I saw my mother struggle with not being able to get her to see she was worth more than going back to this guy, and I saw my mom finally having to put her foot down and tell her Goddaughter that she can’t keep coming over if she wasn’t willing to get real help to get herself out of that situation because she started getting worried that the CPD officer would harm us for helping.

    Second – I was molested in my pre-teens by a 30-year-old cousin who apparently had a thing for “little girls”.

    So seeing someone pompous as Drew taking interest in teens and talking about his attraction to “little girls” strikes a raw nerve with me.

    Does that answer your question??

    I also like reading murder-mystery novels and real-life crime shows so this gives me the feeling that I’m reading a book as it is being written.

    As far as many crimes going unsolved – none of us here are dumb enough to not realize that could very well happen but that adds to the outrage.

    If you look at these forums – there are very few people actually on them compared to the number of people in the communities we represent. The majority of the people in our country could care less about Drew and his antics.

    BTW – We aren’t Drew’s fan club – We’re Stacy’s, Kitty’s, their children’s, Rachel’s, and other lost women’s fan club.

    The truth is that the more the story stays in the news, the greater the chances the case will be solved. And the more the suspect enjoys the limelight (like Drew does) the chances increase that he will incriminate himself or slip on his story eventually. I say put him on every single show out there and throw curve ball questions – the guy is practiced on the canned questions but is even slipping up on those lately.

    Does that answer your questions?? 🙂

  28. I can’t understand why it would be of any importance to document everything that is stated, printed or taped.

    – Watch closely everything that is taped
    – Study any photographs
    – Read carefully everything deemed as an official statement from the attorneys and publicity agency.

    Unless you are an actual LE detective or investigator assigned to this case or with the SA’s office.important?

    I think meirish sez it best. Sick and tired of the media and the publicizing his quest for attention.

  29. Please stay on topic.

    Keep the commentary away from personal opinions about your fellow commenters.

    Whatsinthemirror, you are warned to cease baiting.

    Everyone please take a look at the blog rules if you need a refresher on what they are.


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