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stacy-anthony1 Here’s a post to start the weekend thread.

If you haven’t been to the photos page in a while, you might want to check it out.  At one point Danya and company created a beautiful slide show of Stacy’s family photos which will always remain a part of this blog.

When I look at it I’m reminded of the reality of her case, the actuality of a missing mother who was most likely murdered, and the children who are growing up without their mom.

It looks as if the new Stacy Ann Peterson site is up once more. I hope it stays this time!

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  1. When I look at it I’m reminded of the reality of her case, the actuality of a missing mother who was most likely murdered, and the children who are growing up without their mom.

    I wonder if these same thoughts struck Chrissy Raines.

  2. I think they did in the end, Noway. In fact that part of her first appearance on CBS when she was saying “How could she leave them?” she was very expressive. It sounds as though she may have gone on the journey from a disgusted howcouldsheleavethem (because she believed Drew)to the sad and incredulous howcouldsheleavethem.

  3. If Christina only believed and listened to Drew before she moved in with him, I hope she pays special attention now he is publicly humiliating her and her father, her family and childhood, ridiculing the events surrounding the engagement, the nonsense about the ring and if that still doesn’t do it for her, please note the photos and slideshows of Stacy will never go beyond 23 years of age !!

  4. Oke since Im a bit slow, I still want to make another comment about Drew’s drawer of costume jewellery especially since Drew has been adament the ring given to Christina did not belong to Stacy.

    If this ring did not belong to Stacy, whose ring is it then ?

    What other womans costume jewellery is in Drews bottom drawer ??

  5. JAH, That was my observation as well!

    If it wasn’t Stacy’s well then…was it Kathleen’s? And if it wasn’t her’s, then what other woman had a costume jewelry drawer at Peterson’s house?

    This kind of thing is pertinent to the case, because you don’t give away the posessions of people who are still living.

    I’m sure the GJ was very interested in hearing just which items of Stacy’s Drew offered to Chrissy.

  6. Hello facs,

    Exactly, Drew was talking himself in a corner in that interview and no one picked up on it.

    If Drew has costume or “high end” jewellery in his house, it can only belong to Stacy or Kathleen.

    Either way he is giving his dead spouses jewellery away and if this ring doesn’t belong to either of them, he has an even bigger problem !!

  7. BTW – somewhere on line is an inventory of jewellery of Kathleens Estate.

    At the time everyone was surprised how little jewellery there was, considering Drews penchant for giving “high end” (ahum)jewellery.

    If that ring is not on that inventory and according to Drew it doesn’t belong to Stacy either, WHOSE ring is it then ???

    Let’s see if Drew is going to amend the story again ……

  8. I did consider, if just for a moment, that the costume jewellery is Drews and he decks himself out now and again, swanning around his bedroom, pretending he’s Caligula, all dangling shining and rattling.

  9. Hmmm, I can think of one ex-cop who isn’t a stranger to lady’s clothing. He likes to correspond with Brodsky as well.

  10. By “no one picked up on it” I meant the interviewer or the Press in general.

    They seem to stick to questions like: “Did you kill your wife” and I bet Drew can answer that one in his sleep.

  11. bucketoftea Says:

    February 7, 2009 at 3:35 pm
    Would the inventory have been compiled after Drew helped himself?


    Considering there wasn’t much in the inventory, I suppose we already know the answer.

  12. I cringe whenever they ask, “Did you kill your wife?”

    Do they expect he’s suddenly going to slip and say, “Well, Yeah!…I mean, no, not at all”?

  13. Maybe Drew bought a bulk supply of costume jewellery engagement rings just in case someone insists or asks five or six times to get engaged.

    Being as irrestible as Drew you obviously need to be prepared !!

    LOL !!

  14. justanotherhen Says:

    February 7, 2009 at 4:31 pm
    Maybe Drew bought a bulk supply of costume jewellery engagement rings just in case someone insists or asks five or six times to get engaged.

    Being as irrestible as Drew you obviously need to be prepared !!

    LOL !!


    Maybe it is the drawer of all of the jewelry all of the “little girls” over the years have given back to him after they threw them back at him upon realizing that he was so controlling and only in it for one thing. He sure talks like he had a lot of little girls even though there isn’t a lot of time that he was legally single…

  15. Yes, they are extremely worrying statements by this man boasting he has been attracting young girls throughout his career, especially considering he was a Policeman which is a position of unquestionable trust !

    Here are already two young women (Stacy and Christina) who have known Drew since they were under age !

    How many more are/were there ?????

  16. One can only hope Drew was boasting again when he made that statement about attracting young girls as he has never really been “single”, considering every time he got ditched/divorced he was already heavily involved with someone else, so any young girls “attracted to him” as he put it, must have been during his marriages as he only ever married one and that was Stacy !

  17. I poked around and it appears that Drew Peterson has been a contiguously married man for the last 27 years.

    1974 – Married Carol Brown
    1980 – Divorced

    1982 – Married Vicky Connolly
    1992 – Divorced

    1992 – Married Kathleen Savio
    2003 – Divorced

    2003 – Married Stacy Cales

  18. Another thought on the ring:

    If Brodsky was involved in this stunt/engagement … maybe Mrs. Brodsky should check her costume jewelry collection.

    It may be one ring short. 😀

    Did anyone ever say what that stone was? It looks like citrine (birthstone of November).

    Of course, he could have shopped online at … 😉

  19. Looks like 1981 was when he was engaged to Kyle Piry. She was 20 at the time but he was only 27 so not exactly robbing the cradle. Still, pretty young.

  20. I started reading Steve Miller’s blog after he did an interview with Drew a few weeks ago.

    Steve says:

    I’m a reporter for Newsradio 780 WBBM in Chicago.

    Overset is what people in our radio newsroom call stories that are scheduled to run but don’t make it on the air because of time. A blog is my own personal overset.

    This story linked below got to me today. It’s about the sole survivor of the Lane Bryant killings.

    steve miller’s overset

  21. Happy Sunday 🙂

    I’ve only just now seen DP’s latest CBS interview and it’s left me with a big fat question for Bratsky (Please! someone ask him):

    Drew says that for every expert saying that Kitty’s death was a homicide, they have 10 (!) who say no, it’s still an accident. This is very interesting. Who are they and what exactly do they say happened?

    I think that would be interesting in general to keep asking JB to answer to DP’s lies.

    * * * *
    Thank you for the link to Steve Miller’s Overset, Facs. Those poor people. That poor woman is left in limbo and fear. I hope she will know that people she doesn’t even know care what happened and send her loving thoughts. ….an arrest would be good, too.

  22. bucketoftea Says:

    February 7, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    I did consider, if just for a moment, that the costume jewellery is Drews and he decks himself out now and again, swanning around his bedroom, pretending he’s Caligula, all dangling shining and rattling.

    * * * *

    lmao ! “swanning around…” 😀

  23. i love the new look facs, and rescue !
    It’s elegant. 🙂

    My appreciation to Danya for starting and maintaining this informative blog for so long.

    And i’m so happy two good, knowledgeable, dedicated people have taken the challenge of keeping it going.

    The title is perfect.
    We’re all waiting for Justice.

  24. I wonder….Will there ever be justice ??

    I wonder…What else does the GJ need ??

    But most of all I wonder….

    Where is Stacy ??

    Thank You to Facs and Rescue for taking this over so this blog does not close. Good luck on your new undertaking.

  25. I’m bringing this over from Hang Drew’s. Isn’t Jennifer the producer he flirted with during the show? Looks like we may be needing another intervention soon…

    Murderer Hanging Out With WLS Radio Scumbags!!

    Last night the MURDERER was hanging out and drinking at the House Of Blues in Chicago with Mancow, Amy Jacobson (previously from channel 5 news before she was fired) and Jennifer (previously from the Apprentice T.V. show where she too was fired) all 3 of these low lives are now affiliated with WLS radio – let’s not forget this is the same radio show that the MURDERER was on just a few days ago..

    What does this say about these people other than they are pure scum no doubt, it don’t surprise me about Amy Jacobson though as her track record speaks for itself, remember she was the news reporter from channel 5 that was busted out on Channel 2 news for not only hanging out with Craig Stebic (which is another known wife killer) but while hanging out with him at his house she was spotted wearing a bikini and then said it was all part of her investigative reporting, sure it was Amy!! ( do you see a pattern here? Seems she only hangs with the MURDERERS that own a swimming pool ) I don’t remember seeing any other female reporter while covering the Craig Stebic case wearing a bikini while at his house and I don’t recall ever seeing any other female news reporter wearing a bikini while doing investigative work for the Savio or Peterson case!! Amy Jacobson was fired from her job as a news anchor right after the story broke (guess they didn’t think her wearing a bikini while hanging out with Craig Stebic was part of good investigative reporting either), also this might be why her husband has since left her huh? Maybe this is why she is about to lose her house from a lack of being able to secure a good job to make them monthly mortgage payments? Guess the only job she can get right now is a part time one (with her face being hidden!) on WLS radio. You would think she would have learned a lesson from the Craig Stebic case but I guess not. “Guess she can’t pry herself away from hanging with MURDERERS”- When you do a google search on her now all that comes up is the bikini pictures ( which I was nice enough to post with this article) and story’s about her being fired from channel 5 news as a result of the Stebic case. So a BIG shout out and a huge golf clap to Amy Jacobson for f*cking her whole life and career up – way to go slugger!!

    As for Jennifer? Well she never had a career to f*ck up, so keep kicking it with the MURDERER and with any luck maybe you’ll be next bitch!! Mancow can go f*ck himself as well – he changes radio station jobs (from being fired) like the MURDERER changes wives & girlfriends!! I guess all 3 of these sorry f*cks hang together and have something in common and that is they have all been FIRED!!

  26. Someone please tell me that this was some sort of “make good” for Drew from WLS because of the phone calls during his appearance, and not that they actually are treating the man as some sort of celebrity.

    I know that news shows will sometimes send gift baskets, etc…but this is just too much.

  27. It’s WAY too much. They’re crap if they can’t spell ostrasized-from-polite-society. Unless and until Amy J turns out to be some kind of Lenny or Paula I may want to reconsider my apology.

    It’s a gamble, I guess, but the more time you spend in a suspect’s company the greater your chances of scooping the arrest because he’ll be right there, sleeping it off on your couch.

    ps It is impossible for a man to be a cow. They would be bulls and we know what they’re full of. 🙂

  28. From post #34:

    “Unless and until Amy J turns out to be some kind of Lenny or Paula I may want to reconsider my apology.”

    What is a Lenny and Paula?

  29. Have a question for you all. So, did Peterson arrest Christina as a minor(15yr) and that’s how he met her and her father? Or was Peterson only being a “good” guy and keeping her out of trouble as a minor?

    If it was an arrest, isn’t the name of the minor supposed to kept private? Or since 9 years or so has past, can a former cop tlak about cases, especially cases/arrests that involve a minor?

    Hopefully, I haven’t confused you all.

  30. Breaking News……..Wonder what type of clean will be needed and how far they need to go into the water.

    Large oil spill in Des Plaines River

    Developing story: Law enforcement officials confirmed a Sunday oil spill at the Caterpillar plant has leaked into the Des Plaines River near Southwest Suburban Joliet Township. A broken holding tank has spilled about 65,000 gallons of oil sludge and contaminated a 3-mile area around the Des Plaines River. The U.S. Coast Guard says about 6,000 gallons of oil sludge has seeped into the water. A spokeswoman for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says the spill is being contained and that there is no evidence of a fish kill or harm to water fowl.

  31. WhiteSox, I’ve come across four court cases for Chrissy but they are all traffic related and nothing before 2004.

    I don’t supposed juvenile cases are routinely made public, though!

    It does seem as if Ernie’s references to Drew ‘helping’ him in the past could have to do with Drwe intervening when Chrissy ran away and got into fights. Why would he even be involved in those situations unless it was in an law enforcement capacity?

    The story goes that they all met for the first time at a laundromat, when Ernie pointed how it nice it was of Stacy to be washing ‘her dad’s’ clothing.

  32. The story goes that they all met for the first time at a laundromat, when Ernie pointed how it nice it was of Stacy to be washing ‘her dad’s’ clothing.

    You mean one story goes … Drew also said that he first met Chrissy when she was about 15 and then ran into her at a club and gave her his number.

    Actually, I thought it was Chrissy who thought Drew was Stacy’s dad …

    See what JB has accomplished? I’m not even sure of my own name now!


  33. Well, the latest version I’ve heard (from Drew) is that they met when she was 15, through her dad and that more recently he saw her in a bar and gave her his number.

    The truth probably contains some and maybe all of the factoids we’ve read/heard.

    Here’s where I got that her dad made the embarrassing faux pas. 🙂

    Ernie Raines said he and his daughter met Drew and Stacy Peterson at a Bolingbrook coin-op laundry in 2003. He said that he told a then-17-year-old Stacy it was nice that she was doing her father’s laundry, but that in fact the clothes belonged to Drew.

  34. I did see this comment on the Mancow Youtube video:

    OMG He DOES look like the Cowardly Lion! I see no reason his attorneys are contacting ManCow about that interview, it’s not like he got him to confess or anything.

    Now I really wonder if the plus one for the “Cowboy Mouth” show was an attempt to make nice with Drew after he walked out in the middle of the radio appearance.

    Good heavens, I hope they didn’t offer up that young producer as well!

  35. I don’t think it has much to do with ethics. If Brodsky is threatening some sort of legal action they may just be trying to get out of it by schmoozing Drew.

    Maybe they had promised that they would take an even number of calls from those who suspect Drew and those who support him. The only supportive call I heard was after Drew had left the studio.

    BTW, I think I just invited Drew to be my Twitter friend by mistake. Oh, Gak.

  36. morning!

    Thanks for the link to the raw vid above. He gives himself away from 19:13ish in response to a question about the Armstrong version of the timeline. He usually controls that stuff pretty well, but he responds with first a sort of flicker in his eyes and slightly prolonged scratching of the left side of his nose with his right hand in a gesture that covers his mouth and altogether is buying time to think.

    Facs said
    BTW I think I just invited Drew to be my twitter friend by mistake. Oh, Gak.
    * * * * * *
    Be safe, sister! You don’t want Glenn messing with you. If he isn’t afraid of Geraldo’s 3rd assistant via phone, he won’t be afraid of you! lol

    Glad you like the avatar. I think it’s a bit dark and I rather fancied something green in colour, but this is simply too perfect for an authentically cyber cafe 🙂

  37. I have done my research and alot of reading. There is alot out there on Lenny & Paula. And I believe that Amy J. may have just well done a “Lenny & Paula”.

    Similar 1. Both allege they were working on some angle in missing women cases. Amy J. on Stebic & Lenny & Paula on the Peterson case.

    Similar 2. Both used some sort of sex appeal in extracting info. Amy J. a bikini top and Lenny & Paula (Lenny)……well let’s just say skin. lol

    Similar 3. Both SAID they had gotten something from their work. Amy J. has never said or shown what it was and neither have Lenny & Paula.

    Similar 4. There is no reason to believe that any of either Amy J. or Lenny & Paulas work has contributed to anything in either case.

    Similar 5. Also similar is the unemployment issue. Amy J.’s work led to her being temporarily jobless as Lenny has been for years and continues to be.

    Similar 6. Both Amy J. & Lenny & Paula were forced out of their homes by money issues. Amy couldn’t afford hers anymore with no TV news anchor job and I believe paying alimony to her recently divorced husband. She moved into smaller quarters. Lenny & Paula were evicted from the house they rented. Don’t know where they went. But did find out the story some peole wanted to pedal of them living next door to DPs was not true.

    But in the end I have to wish them all good fortune and better days ahead.

  38. As to where Lenny & Paula (or L&P as is common) have disappeared to I am getting vibes that they are being hidden as DP’s 1/2 brother Tom Morphey was for a good while. Could this be to protect them until a soon to be trial?

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