Drew Peterson: “Society, you can kiss my butt!”

I spent some time transcribing the CBS 2 interview with Drew Peterson, and while doing so I noticed that for the most part Drew remains very composed and reticent. The few times that he does gesture or react I found noteworthy, especially if you are a follower of the Lie to Me or Eyes for Lies style of analysis.

I made some screen captures of those moments.  What do you think? When Drew reacts, are his reactions telling us something about what he is hearing and saying, or is he just a guy with a couple of itches and a sense of humor?


TIME: 01'18"

PUCINELLI: Do you love her?
PETERSON: Like she says, “I thought I did.”

At this point Drew was just asked if he loves Christina Raines. He uses the very words that Chrissy used in an interview when she was asked if she loved him. Then he laughs at his joke. Contrast his emotional state to hers when she spoke those words.


TIME: 14'10"

PETERSON: I was home with Stacy. Stacy had just had her wisdom teeth taken out and I had spent the weekend and the prior week with her, basically babysitting her and taking care of her.
Drew has just given a statement describing his whereabouts on the day before Kathleen’s body was discovered. The interviewer is continuing to ask about Kathleen’s death and Drew looks a little nervous as he begins to rub his mouth.


TIME: 17'14"

 PETERSON: I think there’s going to be a day she’s going to walk through the door and then society, you can kiss my butt!
A strange moment of cockiness and levity from Drew as he describes how he will react if and when Stacy shows up alive. Is it a fantasy of his to imagine that somehow she is still alive and that this scenario could actually take place? If he really wants to clear his name and have society kiss his butt, why doesn’t he put more effort into finding her than in trying to find a replacement?


TMIE: 19'07"

PUCINELLI: What about this timeline that Armstrong came up with in the book? Do you agree with it?
Another face touch as Puccinelli asks a direct question about Drew’s “official timeline”. He seems unsure of how to answer.

View my homemade transcript for the complete video.

Watch the video at the CBS 2 web site.

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41 thoughts on “Drew Peterson: “Society, you can kiss my butt!”

  1. Here’s the direct link to the transcript for anyone who wants it:

  2. One thing he says in the interview that made me crazy, was that if Stacy were to return the media wouldn’t make a big deal out of it because they are determined to ‘sensationalise’ only the sinister side of him.

    Again, what’s up with this man’s nutty ego!?

    The media takes no prisoners. If Stacy were to suddenly show up at #6 Pheasant Chase one day, they’d go NUTS. She’d be the next Casey Anthony, raked over the coals for torturing her sister, abandoning her children and allowing her poor husband to be harrassed and badgered by the press and public alike, not to mention the possibility of homicide charges and the wasted manhours of investigative work devoted to the case. There would be no end to the hoopla that would ensue if a thing like that were to happen.

  3. I thought Stacy was pregnant when Kathleen was found murdered and staged to look like a household accident?

    If that is the case, since when do they do dental work on expecting moms that could wait?? I am not making sense of his explanation at all. Elective dental work while pregnant? Can someone help me out here?

    “basically babysitting” was his explanation for where he was when Kathleen died. THe week before and that weekend…could have sworn I read that DP and Stacy had taken the children to Chicago on an outing?

  4. Wouldn’t it be something if Stacy was found amidst this oil spill? I know that it sounds a little far-fetched, but nothing is impossible. I believe that eventually she will be found, one way or another. It is said that “what you do in the dark, comes out in the light.” Think about it.

  5. Thanks Qhorses.

    This bit bothers me too, and I’m not sure Drew has thought his theory out very well.

    PETERSON: No. that’s not what happened and the thing is, and a another theory is if she was trying to get a divorce from me and she was trying to get rid of me, what better way to do it than to make allegations that I did something illegal? I go to prison based on her say so and then all of a sudden she gets everything. She doesn’t have to bother with a divorce. [Shrugs] Think about it.

    Well, I am thinking about it. Say I want to divorce my abusive husband. He gets charged and is convicted of murdering his ex-wife and locked up. How does that benefit me when:

    1. Upon her death my ex-husband inherited all of his ex-wife’s assets. Now that he’s been convicted of her murder, that will have to be revisited in court since he shouldn’t have benefitted from he death. That means I am probably going to lose some of our marital assets.

    2. He in prison and can’t work, so no income. He can’t pay me alimony or child support.

    3. He was about to retire and gather a pension from the police force? Say goodbye to that.

    I’ve got an email in to a lawyer asking if there would be any benefit to Stacy in the scenario Drew laid out. I’ll tell you what he says.

  6. FYI, Rescueapet is on vacation. She said she was bringing her laptop and intends to log on from time to time but apparently the allure of ‘having a life’ has beaten out that of obsessive blogging. Hrummmph! 🙂

  7. Chrissy’s diet consisted of cigarettes, chocolate, diet pop and beer and it’s just like, I went ahead and if you look over at my counter over there, and I went and bought her vitamins and was trying to get her healthy—eat healthy.

    So, as soon as she was in that house he was trying to change her eating habits…according to Tamara Holder he also asked her to give up her cell phone, use the one he bought her and to quit her job.

    Even when he’s trying to make a case for himself, he betrays how controlling he is.

  8. Chrissy’s diet consisted of cigarettes, chocolate, diet pop and beer and it’s just like, I went ahead and if you look over at my counter over there, and I went and bought her vitamins and was trying to get her healthy—eat healthy.

    You wonder why Drew bothers with all these totally unsuitable people as girlfriends,fiancees and wives if he is such a magnet to women.

    He would surely be able to find one not into cigarettes, chocolates, soda pop and beer, so he won’t have to do so much complaining about them afterwards !

  9. In regards to Stacy one day walking the the door. I don’t want to get into the butt kissing thing.

    Would she somehow be held liable for various things? I have thought about it a great deal and I believe the answer is no.

    Right now the focus is on DP. I have never heard of a case where an attempt to hold the accused liable for costs, etc. has ever happened.

    If she were to show up DP has all along said he has done nothing to harm her. That he believes (as far as he knows) that she is “out there somewhere”. He was questioned by police and told them essentially the same. He also never filed the missing persons report. So as they are legally married and neither DP or SP has spoke of or reported anything I see no culpability.

    However, I do see a great potential for suits based upon slander, liable (sp?) and defamation of character…….SHOULD SHE RE-APPEAR.

    He seems awfully cocky in speaking about this don’t you think?

  10. whitesoxfan Says:

    February 8, 2009 at 7:53 pm
    Breaking News……..Wonder what type of clean will be needed and how far they need to go into the water.

    Large oil spill in Des Plaines River

    Developing story: Law enforcement officials confirmed a Sunday oil spill at the Caterpillar plant has leaked into the Des Plaines River near Southwest Suburban Joliet Township. A broken holding tank has spilled about 65,000 gallons of oil sludge and contaminated a 3-mile area around the Des Plaines River. The U.S. Coast Guard says about 6,000 gallons of oil sludge has seeped into the water. A spokeswoman for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says the spill is being contained and that there is no evidence of a fish kill or harm to water fowl.

    I see today’s news story quotes SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND gallons – not six thousand.

    Just a tiny difference.

  11. I have done my research and alot of reading. There is alot out there on Lenny & Paula. And I believe that Amy J. may have just well done a “Lenny & Paula”.

    Similar 1. Both allege they were working on some angle in missing women cases. Amy J. on Stebic & Lenny & Paula on the Peterson case.

    Similar 2. Both used some sort of sex appeal in extracting info. Amy J. a bikini top and Lenny & Paula (Lenny)……well let’s just say skin. lol

    Similar 3. Both SAID they had gotten something from their work. Amy J. has never said or shown what it was and neither have Lenny & Paula.

    Similar 4. There is no reason to believe that any of either Amy J. or Lenny & Paulas work has contributed to anything in either case.

    Similar 5. Also similar is the unemployment issue. Amy J.’s work led to her being temporarily jobless as Lenny has been for years and continues to be.

    Similar 6. Both Amy J. & Lenny & Paula were forced out of their homes by money issues. Amy couldn’t afford hers anymore with no TV news anchor job and I believe paying alimony to her recently divorced husband. She moved into smaller quarters. Lenny & Paula were evicted from the house they rented. Don’t know where they went. But did find out the story some peole wanted to pedal of them living next door to DPs was not true.

    But in the end I have to wish them all good fortune and better days ahead.

  12. As to where Lenny & Paula (or L&P as is common) have disappeared to I am getting vibes that they are being hidden as DP’s 1/2 brother Tom Morphey was for a good while. Could this be to protect them until a soon to be trial?

  13. WITM, for as much as Drew likes to give a nod to the possibility of Stacy “showing her head” or crawling out of her “hole”, his actions betray that of a man who does not expect his wife to return.

  14. WITM, interesting comparison between Amy Jacobson and Lenny & Paula.

    Although the two entities are similar in that they both worked to extract information from suspects in missing person cases in Will County, I’d also mark some contrasts as well.

    Jacobson was a credentialed reporter working for a news service. Like all reporters, she was aware that she was working under certain restrictions in order to maintain the integrity of her reports and protect the reputation of her reporting body. Her professional reputation came into question when she overstepped accepted bounds. Whatever risks she took, it was her personal choice and one she undertook alone. She took it upon herself to decide what she would share with LE and when to share it.

    L&P were private individuals who were recruited by LE to go undercover in order to extract information under the protection of a judge-issued warrant. They had no professional credentials to protect and no expectation to be rewarded with the accolades of their peers should they come away from this with a ‘scoop’.

  15. I think the major thing AJ did that people construed as out of line was wear a bikini. I think people could have swallowed her letting her kids swim with the other kids if she had worn something else, just about anything else – lol.

    As to L&P being recruited by LE. For what it is worth; I didn’t read anywhere that LE has laid claim to recruiting L&P. Just some comments from a judge saying that overhears were being listened to, never mentioning the source of the overhears. The judge did not say L&P were the source or that they were LE initiated overhears.

    Could the overhears be from a listening device within Petersons house? Listening in on his phone? We really don’t know.

    I am just one that needs to have things verified before I put any weight in them. There is just too much gossip and cup filling in this whole thing.

    I try to remain neutral & objective in order to think thoroughly. I know it isn’t popular to do and it’s easier to jump on the bandwagon but that just isn’t going to happen. I prefer to think for myself regardless of what other people choose to do. No sheeple here.

    PS Cup filling is when someone says something and then if enough people also say it, then eventually the cup goes from half-empty to half-full to full just as a result of simple repetition.

  16. WITM @ #16 posted – “I try to remain neutral & objective in order to think thoroughly.”
    Geez, WITM, if your post @ #12 was “neutral,” I don’t ever want to be on your bad side! Numbers 5 & 6 in that post are NOT neutral towards Lenny & Paula by any stretch of the imagination!

  17. post12

    Similar 4. There is no reason to believe that any of either Amy J. or Lenny & Paulas work has contributed to anything in either case.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    There are plenty of reasons in the case of Lenny and Paula. Hundreds and hundreds of CDs,tapes and DVDs and a series of warrants granted only when the judge is satisfied the operation should continue. 🙂

    In the case of Amy Jacobson and Craig Stebic…..meh. She was “conducting her own investigation” 😉

  18. #16 whatsinthemirror Says:

    February 9, 2009 at 7:25 pm
    I am just one that needs to have things verified before I put any weight in them.

    And, yet you post about your “vibes” regarding the whereabouts of Lenny and Paula, something that isn’t relevant to anything, much less verified?

  19. Maybe Armstrong should have sat on that book for a little, because I believe Drew has just provided the perfect title.

  20. I think that Drew forgets one thing on the whole Stacy reappearing after he is convicted, arrested, and sent to jail for her disappearance – if she DID show up then he would be set free as it would be obvious that he didn’t harm her. Even if he was sentenced to death – she’d have to go hiding for about 20+ years before all of the appeals were finished.

    Now if he is sent away for Kathleen’s murder and then she reappears then that may be another story. In fact, could it be possible that due to his past employment and shady undercover dealings that she was put in the witness protection system? Wouldn’t that be something!

    I don’t think either of these scenarios are true though but with all of the twists, turns, and crazy characters in this case – I wouldn’t rule anything out…

  21. Anybody here think Pastor Schori told Stacy to go home and make things right with her husband?

    Drew have any way of knowing what Pastor Schori said to Stacy? NO

  22. bucketoftea Says:
    February 9, 2009 at 7:51 pm
    Society, you can kiss my butt…
    That’s what he always thinks.
    And society always thinks, “What a butt he is!”

  23. whatsinthemirror,

    My post on the oil spill was taken rigt from the Joliet Herald news. 6,000 gallons went into the Desplaines River. the 65,000 gallons was the total amount released. The majority was on the land in the area.

    Below is the link to today’s article and small snap shot.

    Oil spill cleanup could take several days
    Update: Environmental officials say it’ll take two or three more days to clean up a 65,000-gallon oil spill along the Des Plaines river south of Joliet. While most spilled on the ground at the Rockdale Caterpillar plant, more than 6,000 gallons of waste oil ran into the river.

  24. bucketoftea Says:

    February 9, 2009 at 7:55 pm
    Anybody here think Pastor Schori told Stacy to go home and make things right with her husband?

    Drew have any way of knowing what Pastor Schori said to Stacy? NO


    I’d imagine that he wouldn’t say that but I’d also imagine that he knew that due to him talking to him as her pastor that he couldn’t tell anyone. Priests and pastors hear confessions from criminals all the time and cannot turn them in.

    If it were in the old days I could indeed see a pastor/priest tell the woman to go back home to her hubby as they made a commitment “til death do us part”.

    Did I hear correctly in this interview that Drew said something about Stacy losing her faith? And did he also actually say that she showed the utmost in disrespect by leaving him and cheating on him (which he claimed was proven). If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black – I don’t know what is!!

  25. mom2babies Says:

    February 9, 2009 at 3:29 pm
    Wouldn’t it be something if Stacy was found amidst this oil spill? I know that it sounds a little far-fetched, but nothing is impossible. I believe that eventually she will be found, one way or another. It is said that “what you do in the dark, comes out in the light.” Think about it.

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

  26. WITM – I think that there are several reporters that have done the same thing that Amy did with Craig Stebic. They are honed in on getting a story no matter what it takes. Breaking a story or being the one that catches a criminal by getting them to say the right thing is a goal for many reporters in this day of tabloid news.

    One could only hope that someone – anyone – gets in there with a wire on anyone suspected of murder and finds a way to help the prosecution get a conviction.

    There is something to be said about a person who surrounds themself with so many people whose characters could easily be assaulted if need be. But then you have to ask why all of these people were considered friends – until they turn the other cheek.

  27. TAI, I was thinking too how it’s always the cheaters who become incensed when they are cheated upon. I fully believe that Stacy meant to divorce Drew and that she was flirting with others and I’m sure Drew believes that she was cheating on him.

    Drew should know better than anyone that adultry is not a crime much less a mandatory death-sentence in this country.

    It’s really too bad that he couldn’t look at his wife and grant her the freedom of his own credo, “I sacrificed it for a bit but it’s something that I enjoy and the thing is why should I live without it?”

  28. For Drew, Stacy seeing someone else was the height of disrespect.

    For Drew, him seeing someone else was something he enjoyed that he shouldn’t be expected to live without.

    Don’t you see the difference? 🙄

  29. Did anyone notice how worked up Drew got when the word “disrespect” was brought up.

    He really honed in on that one and really got him going about Stacy’s supposed “disrespect” for HIM instead.

    It sure looked like Mike touched on Drews achilles heel with that one.

    Control freaks always have issues about “respect”.

    They never give it but always demand it from everybody else !

  30. Hmmm, maybe this accounts for some of his mouth rubbing after stating that he had spent the weekend “babysitting” Stacy after she had had her wisdom teeth removed:

    Police interviewed Stacy Peterson for one hour March 3. She said she and her husband had spent the weekend with the children, backing up Peterson’s statements made to police a day earlier. She said they had spent Saturday hanging around the house and had gone to the Shedd Aquarium Sunday. The only time Peterson left was Sunday morning to get doughnuts and to go to work Sunday evening. Savio was found the next day, a Monday.


  31. Or how about an excerpt from Drew Peterson exposed, where you can pretty much assume the timeline was provided by Joel Brodsky:

    Drew’s timeline for last weekend of February 2004 (As published in “Drew Peterson Exposed,” by Derek Armstrong)

    Feb. 27 – Drew picks up Tom and Kris from Savio’s home. He spends the rest of the
    night at home with Stacy and his children.

    Feb. 28 – Drew spends the day at home with his family, including his adult son Stephen.

    Feb. 29 – Drew, Stacy and the children go to the Shedd Aquarium before attempting to return Tom and Kris at about 8 p.m. Savio does not answer the door or her phone.

    March 1 – Drew calls and leaves messages for Savio throughout the day but does not get a response. He goes to work at 5 p.m. and goes to Savio’s house at 7 p.m. He summons Savio’s neighbors, Mary Ponterelli and Steve Carcerano, and a locksmith to gain entry to Savio’s home. Ponterelli and Carcerano enter the home while Peterson waits outside. Peterson runs into the house when he hears the neighbors scream.

    BTW, the 29th was a Sunday and Kathleen’s body was discovered the next day, Casimir Pulaski Day, March 1st.

  32. Remember when Joel used to sit at Drew’s arm and keep him from answering timeline questions? I guess now we know why.

    Now Drew says that he sat at home all day Sunday tending to stacy’s sore mouth. But previously we had reports of a trip to the Shedd, donuts and going to work.

  33. OMG – Don’t tell me he’s doing it again.

    But of course, Drew needs to tell “his side” over and over again, each time with a completely different story.

    Apparently Drew still doesn’t know the truth consists of only ONE event and not a different story every time someone asks !

    I also noted Drew says he doesn’t listen to his attorney either, so what is the point of having one?

  34. I wonder if Drew is kicking himself in the butt for not doing his manly duties at Kathleen’s house fixing that darn leaky bathtub drain instead of chasing little girls around…

  35. facs – rescue, good job on the new look!

    Very good analysis…….. and thanks for the transcript.

    I noticed, with your frequent updates and scintillating titles you are often at the top of search pages.
    Maybe you can use this story, with Joel Brodsky in it, so people can find it while searching. lol

    The Peterson file

    Dine, Dance & Pray:

    Sneed hears Drew Peterson, whose fourth wife has disappeared and whose third wife’s death was ruled a homicide, has been spending quality time with WLS radio’s Mancow Muller.

    • • Translation: Peterson was spotted spooling at La Scarola eatery Friday night and dancing backstage to “Cowboy Mouth” at the House of Blues with his attorney, Joel Brodsky — and Muller, who had Peterson as a guest on his WLS-AM radio show last Tuesday.

    • • Pew news: Sneed also hears reports Peterson and his four children attended City Church, 700 N. Green St., with Muller, where Pastor Kent Munsey sermonized on forgiveness.

    • • Sidenote: Word is reporter Amy Jacobson, a WLS radio contributor who also questioned Peterson on the Mancow show, was also invited to dinner, but kindly passed!


    re: sermonized on forgiveness…….

    “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” ~ Luke 23 ~

    re: …dancing backstage to “Cowboy Mouth” at the House of Blues with his attorney, Joel Brodsky …….

    I hope someone got video of that…… think Elaine thumb dance – Seinfeld.

    re: Amy Jacobson……….
    That’s all she needed, while attempting to repair her reputation.

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