Geraldo Rivera to Drew Peterson: “I think that you’re a repulsive person.”

The Nuisance of News ~vs~ the Skunk of Bolingbrook

The Nuisance of News ~vs~ the Skunk of Bolingbrook

Poor Dana Pretzer. His much sought after Geraldo ~vs~ Drew Peterson showdown finally occcured this morning…but on Mancow’s radio show, not his.

I transcribed it for you!

Drew Peterson & Geraldo Rivera face off on Mancow & Cassidy – WLS Radio

[In progress]

MULLER: Geraldo, we have a caller for you. Caller, are you there? You’re on WLS.

PETERSON: I’m here.

CASSIDY: It’s somebody you’re not a big fan of, Geraldo.

RIVERA: Who’s this?

PETERSON: Hey, Geraldo. How you’ve been, buddy?

RIVERA: Who’s this? Tell me who it is?

PETERSON: This is your arch-enemy.

RIVERA: Is this Drew Peterson?

PETERSON: It sure is. How’ve you been?

RIVERA: Oh, I don’t think I have much to say to you. Except, that I can’t wait ‘til you get indicted and that’s all I can say to you. And I don’t know why people in the media kiss your ass to put you on television. I think that you’re a repulsive person.

PETERSON: I’m having trouble hearing you.

RIVERA: And I think you murdered both your wives.

PETERSON: Well, that’s wrong and I’m glad you’re an objective reporter, here. I’m glad you take time to look at both sides.

MULLER: Drew, you have said that you think many people have given you a fair shake but you don’t think Geraldo has.

PETERSON: Not at all. Not at all.

MULLER: You think he’s been unfair to you.

PETERSON: There’s no objectivity with him. He’s a sensationalist.

MULLER: Everybody called you a liar, Drew, about your fiancée. It turns out you were the only one telling the truth. She was even lying. She moved back in?

PETERSON: I’m the only one telling the truth, yes.

RIVERA: [unintelligible] the mother of your children and then Stacy, the young and beautiful girl, she goes missing and now you, what? Are you going to kill the fifth one—this new one?

PETERSON: [unintelligible] Geraldo.

RIVERA: You’re pathetic. You’re a pathetic cretin. You are! You’re disgusting!

PETERSON: You’re the nuisance of news!

RIVERA: You’re disgusting to me. You are!


MULLER: OK, we gotta bleep Geraldo there.

CASSIDY: You went a little over the line Geraldo, but the fact is, Geraldo, he hasn’t been charged with anything.

RIVERA: Call the Illinois State Police about him. And the fact that you’ll use him for entertainment is just a symbol of how low we’ve fallen.

MULLER: But, wait, how am I using him for entertainment? This is a major news story in Chicago. You’ve interviewed him

RIVERA: Is it necessary to put him on with me?

MULLER: What’s that?

RIVERA: Aww, he’s a disgusting piece of crap. He is. And you know he killed those women and he’s laughing at you and he’s using you all…

MULLER: But Geraldo, you have O.J. on. You have Michael Jackson. I’d do the same interviews.

RIVERA: I don’t have O.J. on.

MULLER: How, how…

RIVERA: Michael Jackson was acquitted.

MULLER: How do you know Drew Peterson won’t be?

RIVERA: I do not believe…as I understand the evidence and I understand the intent of the State Police, he’s going to be indicted on at least one of those homicides sometime soon and he did a very clever job. Give the murderer credit in hiding his tracks and I think it’s just a matter of time. They’ll get him. What goes around comes around buddy! What goes around comes around. There’s cosmic justice and Drew Peterson, it’s like O.J. Simpson. It took a while but it will happen.

MULLER: I agree with everything. Look I agree with cosmic justice and all that. I will tell you that half the cops that I speak with in Chicago, and I have a lot of cop friends, half of them think he’s absolutely guilty and the other half are convinced he’s not. It really is down the middle.

RIVERA: You haven’t talked to any state policemen, cuz those are the guys who are in the know. Not the local guys. Talk to some of the neighboring cops around Bolingbrook. Ask them what they think of him.


MULLER: Geraldo at large. Fox news channel.

RIVERA: Well, I’d say it was a pleasure but you really upset me. I still love you.

MULLER: Why did I upset you?

RIVERA: Just to put me on with that…

MULLER: But you put him on your TV show!

RIVERA: I didn’t put him on. Well, I put him on at the very beginning.

CASSIDY: You wouldn’t put him on now?

RIVERA: He goes on now and they play him like…it’s like murderers have become celebrities in our culture. It’s fascinating how this happens with all of the tabloid shows and all of the court shows and everything else a person famous for being the suspect in the murder of two wives becomes a celebrity.

MULLER: It’s a big story in our city.

RIVERA: It’s a symbol of where we’ve sunken as a culture.

There’s more, but the post was getting too long. You can download and listen at the WLS site.

Download the MP3 from the WLS web site.

View transcript of the Geraldo-Peterson portion of the show.

Mad props to Bucketoftea for finding the free MP3 source!

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65 thoughts on “Geraldo Rivera to Drew Peterson: “I think that you’re a repulsive person.”

  1. MULLER: Everybody called you a liar, Drew, about your fiancée. It turns out you were the only one telling the truth.

    God, this cooment was annoying. Who is ‘everybody’? The only one who claimed the engagement was a stunt was Christina. Why would anyone else know or care?

  2. 😀 Facs … I read through your transcript twice and thought it was a bad case of Medicine Head that I couldn’t understand the title.

    I don’t know what to call it after you’ve had to transcribe Drew Peterson, but I think you’re suffering from it.

  3. I wonder…What in the HE double hockey sticks is next now ??

    I wonder…Do I really want to know ??

    Answer : Only if there is an indictment involved !!!

  4. Noway – I’m suffering and that’s no lie.

    When in doubt just use the actual insults. I have such a cache of them here now that I could just swap them out for the next few days.

    Thanks, Geraldo!

  5. Well done, Facs. Transcribing DP must be a nightmare… a lot of what he says doesn’t scan. I suggest rolling in the early morning dew or a nice big hot chocolate with a shot of cognac) at your leisure as an antidote. 🙂

  6. omg bucket!! I misread and thought you were suggesting facs try “rolling in the early morning dRew”
    YIPES!!! :-0

  7. noway406 Says:

    February 11, 2009 at 1:54 pm
    bucketoftea Says:

    February 11, 2009 at 12:54 pm
    I hope The Herald News paid for them

    I’m not so much concerned with whether TM got paid for his pictures as much as I’m concerned that he took them in the first place.

    I believed TM’s story. Believed that he was scared for his own life so much that he tried to take his own. Believed he was laying low trying to protect his girlfriend and her kids.

    Am I the only one who thinks that him taking pictures of Drew from a neighbor’s house looks bad if we are to believe how afraid of Drew he was?

    I would like to clear some things up on the pic taking of DREW PETERSON. This comes from a very reliable source. Tom Morphy was NOT THERE to snap pictures of DREW.

    Tom Morphey was taking pictures of garden and DREW approached him , so Tom got a photo of DREW COMING @ him.

  8. I have heard the same thing shark, that there is a good reason that Tom Morphey was taking pictures that day. He was taking pictures of the garden when Drew approached him. This was not the first time that Drew has tried to approach him, Drew was also taking picture of him this summer while he was at the garden.

    I love how things are going here and read here everyday.

  9. Thanks for clearing that up about TM. Actually, I hadn’t thought that he was there specifically to take pictures of Drew.

    But it makes no logical sense to me that he was be at Sharon’s in the first place.

  10. 1wonderwoman Says:

    February 11, 2009 at 9:16 pm
    I wonder…What does a reliable source mean exactly ? In this case I wonder if there is such a thing anymore

    I have to say I agree with you Wonder, but it is true what I posted 😉 This case has more ups and downs than an oil rig 😦

  11. noway406 Says:

    February 11, 2009 at 9:34 pm
    Thanks for clearing that up about TM. Actually, I hadn’t thought that he was there specifically to take pictures of Drew.

    But it makes no logical sense to me that he was be at Sharon’s in the first place.

    Your welcome Noway 🙂 Oops on the “was be” I bet you were thinking “would be” 😉

  12. 😀 It makes me think of the “Stacy sighting” and the former cop taking picture of his family while getting “Stacy” in the background. Whatever works.

    LMJ, not sure what I was thinking with the was be. but your explanation is as good as anything. 😉

    Wonder, I believe LMJ about the source. And maybe TM just isn’t afraid of Drew anymore. I’m still afraid of the dark but I have heard that people get over fears.

  13. I think lately we’ve all observed some stellar applications of ‘Drew-speak’.

    It’s that funloving, con-man twist that Drew Peterson applies to the truth…and always when it’s just bit him in the ass.

  14. For what it’s worth, you can see in that picture that Drew is walking across the front lawn and approaching Sharon’s yard.

    It’s clear that he is past the entrance to his own house (we know he usually enters by the garage anyway).

  15. Drew Peterson ‘living happily ever after’
    Fiancée back in Drew’s house

    February 11, 2009


    BOLINGBROOK — On Wednesday morning, the police showed up at Drew Peterson’s door. That night, he had a network camera crew pulling up outside to tape him for a morning show appearance Thursday.

    That’s life when your third wife was killed, your fourth wife vanishes, and you get a woman 30 years your junior to move in and agree to take a chance as bride No. 5.

    “Me and (fiancée) Chrissy Raines are living happily ever after in my house,” a jubilant Drew Peterson said Wednesday, moments before a crew from NBC’s “The Today Show” arrived to tape an interview he said was scheduled to broadcast Thursday morning.

  16. facsmiley Says:

    February 11, 2009 at 10:32 pm
    For what it’s worth, you can see in that picture that Drew is walking across the front lawn and approaching Sharon’s yard.

    It’s clear that he is past the entrance to his own house (we know he usually enters by the garage anyway).


    That’s right, it is not a picture of Drew happily strolling with his lovely “finance”.

    It is a picture of Drew walking away from his fiance and toward someone and the look on his face is not that of a happily engaged man (LOL !)

  17. Good morning everyone

    Glad you like my little salute to Geraldo, Facs. …I’m finding the avatar thing a bit like karaoke…once you overcome your initial resistance, you can’t stop! I see potential avatars everywhere lol.

    I don’t think Tom Morphey is afraid of Drew any more. 😉

  18. The ambush of Geraldo on the radio…that’s got Bratsky’s greasy trotter prints all over it ala Win a Date with Drew, huh? Sealed the deal at House of Blues, no doubt. Brave man, Brodsky. I think Geraldo should be able to find an opportunity to give Brodders a dose of his own, don’t you?
    Please? 🙂

  19. Hiya noway! That Morning Show was brilliant, though, wasn’t it? I think the snip of film where DP is clearly erupting, calling LnP pos, begging to be arrested and pointedly not denying he’d go suicide-by-cop. (hard to understand why he can’t have his FOID back, isn’t it?)

  20. er what I meant to finish that sentence with is that’ where that snip comes from, in a corridor at the Morning Show studio.

  21. TM did the right thing … not confronting DP. That would have made it worse.

    I was looking at that picture TM took (link posted above by Facs) and of Chrissy in the background.

    I’m finding it hard to understand why Chrissy went back to him but am trying hard to not think of her as stupid.

    When she left Drew, whe went from being as cute as a button to a teenage run amok. See how that works, Chrissy? It’s all fine until you have a mind of your own.

  22. OT but does anyone know what happened with Mike Robinson’s court date?

    ROBINSON MICHAEL 2 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY 3 Setting
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 2 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 DOMESTIC BTRY/PHYSICAL 2 Setting
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 2 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 INTIMIDATION/PHYSICAL 1 Setting

  23. There was more to that court information.

    After “setting” there was (For [rest cut off]) on the end of the entry.

    I didn’t know what it meant but saw this posted on another board.

    Please note that only matters which have matured for trial on their merits will be called for setting at Docket,

    It was then believed that this meant a court date was set, but if there are any legal experts who would like to explain, please do.

  24. LOL no expert, but I interpret it as meaning it is ready for trial but awaiting a time and place…setting it in the calendar/docket? Do they want to move the venue? Ah, mysterious Michael Robinson. You think he’s talking, Drew?

    I think any street rats who haven’t by then been spilling their guts just might once they see which way the wind blows as Kitty’s Estate is reopened and examined.

  25. Happy Grand Jury Day !

    I wonder….Could the GJ possibly be wrapping things up today ??

    I wonder…What else will we learn today
    about DP and his “why should I live without it” girl today ??

  26. LOVE the changes! I don’t post often but try to read daily. Didn’t see anything on the Today show website about an interview today. Was it bumped?


    CASE UPDATE: Appellate court shoots down Peterson

    02/12/2009, 7:14 am
    Dan Churney,, 815-431-4050

    The Third District Appellate Court in Ottawa last week rejected the appeal of Drew Peterson — a former Bolingbrook police sergeant suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife.

    The 55-year-old Peterson was at the courthouse Jan. 27 to hear his attorneys argue a Will County Circuit Court judge should not have reopened the estate of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose 2004 death was first considered an accidental drowning, but which now is considered a homicide. Savio’s family had the estate reopened with an eye to filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Peterson. Attorneys for the Savio family argued the Will County judge’s decision was correct.

    The appeal was heard by justices Robert L. Carter, Mary McDade and Daniel L. Schmidt.

    Peterson has denied involvement in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson or Savio’s death. Will County is in the jurisdiction of the Third District Appellate Court.

    Before the Jan. 27 hearing, Peterson and his attorneys lunched at the Bee Hive restaurant in Ottawa; after the hearing, they went to JJ’s Pub in Ottawa.

  28. bucketoftea Says:

    February 12, 2009 at 10:11 am
    Hahahaha Glenn’s had to take the PR announcing Drew and Christina’s joint interview down.

    Trouble in Paradise?

    Is this the one where he spelled the name of the city as Bowlingbrook?

    Does anyone remember an article in which they discussed the dollar amounts that Drew’s uncle allegedly transferred from the children to Drew? I think it was a range …

  29. Is this the one where he spelled the name of the city as Bowlingbrook?

    Does anyone remember an article in which they discussed the dollar amounts that Drew’s uncle allegedly transferred from the children to Drew? I think it was a range …

    *cursing the runaway italics*

  30. In the appellate court decision it includes information that had been documented by Richard Kavanagh, who was appointed by the court as the independent administrator of Savio’s estate before they knew about the will Drew turned over.

    in Kavanagh’s opinion, Carrol’s actions were not in the best interest of the estate or its beneficiaries and served to transfer anywhere from approximately $144,000 to $288,000 away from the beneficiaries to Peterson


  31. There was an announcement up at Selig’s and I missed it? Crap.

    Was there a Today show appearance? I recorded the show but if someone tells me there was no interview, you’ll spare me fast-forwarding through three hours of it…

    Also, while I was lying in bed with aching sinuses I was thinking about how it was such a typical Drew “funloving con” to take part in that Mancow stunt. Honestly, if he wants people to take him seriously, he maybe should stop with the childish, disrespectful crap.

  32. Facs, I feel your pain on the sinuses. I have been plagued with sinus infections this year. I think I’d had maybe 2 in my life before this.

    I’ve not seen any report of them actually being on the Today Show … just lots of asking if they were.

  33. OK, here’s what Selig’s announcement said. BOWLingbrook! Teee heee. And she’s 24! (I’m so annoyed I missed this originally. When does Rescue get back!!?)

    Drew Peterson and Fiancee Back Together; To Appear in First Joint TV Interview on NBC’s ‘Today’ Show

    Their engagement made national headlines. Their breakup had the tabloids talking. Now Drew Peterson is back with his fiancee and will appear together on NBC’s ‘Today’ show. – February 09, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Bowlingbrook, Ill. / After a much publicized breakup, Drew Peterson is back together with his 23-year-old fiancee.

    Peterson and Christina Raines will appear together for the first time for an interview on NBC’s ‘Today’ show to set the record straight on their relationship, says Glenn Selig, Peterson’s publicist.

    “There has been a lot of misinformation and confusion that played out on national television,” says Selig. “Drew tried to shield Christina from the media spotlight but when they broke up for a short time she did a live interview and it didn’t go well.”

    After questioning from Julie Chen on CBS’ ‘The Early Show,’ Raines said that the engagement was a stunt orchestrated by Peterson’s attorney. But Raines then recanted the statement later that day saying she never meant to say that.

    Despite facing intense pressures from Raines’ family, the couple has reunited. Raines and her two children moved back in with Peterson on Tuesday afternoon. They are still engaged.

    On NBC’s ‘Today,’ the couple will set the record straight and explain why they decided to get back together and Raines explains what she says to those who worry about her being with a man who’s accused in the disappearance of his current wife Stacy and implicated in the death of his third.

    Peterson denies involvement in both and has not been charged.

    This first joint interview with Peterson and Raines was taped inside Peterson’s Bowlingbrook home and is scheduled to air Thursday on ‘Today.’

  34. Facs – LOL! I noticed the Bowlingbrook spelling error yesterday and just chuckled to myself. I thought everyone would have noticed it but didn’t post anything because it is just way too easy to pick on him for his bad spelling and grammar.

    The press release isn’t on so who knows what happened.

  35. They must have cancelled the show or something. There is a Google link to Glenn’s press release:

    But when you click on it you see:

    The Article you’re trying to access is no longer available

    I wonder what the Oops! was. Didn’t one of the news reports say that the Today show film crew had arrived and that Ernie had the Dr. Phil film crew with him? This is starting to sound like Michael Jackson’s Beat It video!!

  36. TAI – I missed the whole press release. I never saw it until this morning.

    Yes, apparently something changed between the time of the taping at Drew’s house and showtime this morning.

    The release is no longer on the PRNewschannel site but I found it cached.

  37. I still have yet to see a quote from Christina recanting her statement that the engagement was ‘more like a stunt’.

    I know Ernie called around and spoke for her, I’ve seen Drew and Joel both speaking for her.

    Lately, it’s this aspect of things that has really been bothering me. I know it’s not on the same level but remember when one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims freed himself and was wandering, bleeding and naked down the corridor of his apartment building? The cops came and Dahmer explained that his ‘friend’ was drunk and apologized. So the cops returned the hostage to Dahmer’s care, tittering with disgust and embarassment. He immediately killed the boy.

    I know I’ve called the woman stupid and I think she is, but I still get all kinds of alarms going off when I see a bunch of men herding a young woman back and forth between them, speaking for her, hushing her up, controlling her.

    It frightens me, actually.

  38. It’s creepy, facs. She doesn’t seem to have any real awareness of her situation.
    I think we’ve probably all known instances where even when a young person THINKS they know what they’re doing, they quite obviously don’t. She definitely appears to be “managed.”

  39. I think it’s because she has never seen a healthy relationship with a male.

    She has no idea that what we see raises red flags.

    (not a professional nor do I have insight into the growing up years of Chrissy Raines)

  40. Tony Yauk.

    The Dahmer thing gave me the creepy crawly feeling. A guy I used to work with was one of his college roommates. Talk about a good bar story!

    I think Chrissy is a typical 24-year-old girl who has found herself in a position where she really likes more than one guy and can’t decide between them so whoever has pissed her off at the moment turns her towards the other guy.

    Generally that means you don’t really love either guy but you are afraid of being alone.

    I wish she had a good female friend or a family member that could take her and the kids in with no strings attached other than her paying her fair share and cleaning up after her own kids.

  41. Chrissy may have found herself in a typical love-traingle situation, but the fact that one of the guys is a high-profile murder suspect makes it a-typical.

    She also doesn’t appear to be basking in the glorious position of being able to choose between two suitors.

    Her interview on the CBS Early Show made Joaquin Phoenix look normal.

  42. How can anyone be so stupid as to get hooked up with Drew. Even if she doesn’t care about herself she should at least think of her kids…what a world


    From Steve Miller’s blog:

    drew life adventures

    I called the Bolingbrook Police Department on a hunch.

    I mean, Christina Raines had just spent her first night back at Drew Peterson’s house. You’ll remember, of course, that Raines was Peterson’s fiancee who left him and told TV interviewers that their engagement was all a publicity stunt.

    I asked Police Lieutenant Ken Teppel whether they’d been called out in the middle of the night for some new Peterson-related drama.

    As a matter of fact, no. “But,” Teppel said, “We sent a car over less than an hour ago.”

    Nice. I had a story.

    Teppel said Ernest Raines, Christina’s hovering dad, had appeared at the police station with a “Dr. Phil” show camera crew in tow, natch. He was upset, Teppel said, because he didn’t have his daughter’s new cell phone number and was worried.

    “As a courtesy,” Teppel said, “we sent a car over there.”

    Police asked Christina if she would share her cell phone number with her father, she said yes, and that was that. Officers reported back to Raines, who had waited at the police station, and he talked to his daughter on the phone, presumably with Dr. Phil’s cameras rolling.

    A source says Ernest Raines was “especially irritated” because he’d gotten wind of a rumor that Drew Peterson was getting $300,000 for a reality show deal. A deal that depended on Christina’s participation. And the source says Raines was upset that be wasn’t getting a cent of it.

    One of Peterson’s public relations agents, Justin Herndon, says he “can’t confirm or deny” the reality show deal.

    “It’s an urban legend,” says Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky. “There is no reality show.”

    Indeed, why have a reality show? We’re already in it, and the media revisits it almost every day.

  44. noway406 Says:

    February 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    qhorses, I haven’t seen a peep from Mike or the kids’ dad (drawing blank on name … Rauk, Yauk …)? Help!


    Tony Yauk can’t have a say or do anything at present as he is incarcerated right now (!)

    Even so, all he can do is jump up and down and make noise as paternity of the two children with Christina hasn’t been established (!)

    Looks like Christina has never been known for making good choices in her life and is not about to start now either (!!)

  45. Indeed, why have a reality show? We’re already in it, and the media revisits it almost every day.

    😀 Facs, this is what you and I said yesterday. I think the deal has been struck and we’re living it.

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