Arrest for Drew Peterson in the Next Seven Weeks?

ji_thumbIf you don’t already listen to Justice Interrupted on Blog Talk Radio, you might want to give it a try!

The show is hosted by names that should be familiar to many who read and comment here: Stacy Dittrich, Susan Murphy-Milano, and Robin Sax, who take to the air weekly to provide justice for those whose lives have been interrupted by rape, murder, sexual predators of children, strange and unexplained disappearances, domestic violence, and cold cases yet to be solved.

Last night one of their guests was Joe Hosey, reporter for the Joliet Herald-News and author of Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson. There was lively discussion about the status of the Peterson cases including some conjecture as to arrest dates.

Joe Hosey and Susan Murphy-Milano both mentioned having new information that they’ve been keeping under their hats for the sake of the investigation. Hosey did say that he feels that an arrest will come within the next seven weeks. Any guesses as to that particular timeframe?

Take a listen to the show at the Justice Interrupted web site at Blogtalk radio (the 2/24 show) and give us your impressions.

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68 thoughts on “Arrest for Drew Peterson in the Next Seven Weeks?

  1. Thank you for the new thread. I had already downloaded the turbo feature. I think my issue was with my laptop wanting to download some updates and me telling it no, no, no.

  2. I think we’re all at a loss as to understand what’s going on and wondering when charges will be coming.

    Then again, it seems a little encouraging to me that Mike Puccinelli from Channel 2 has brought Stacy’s case back out in the open with airtime, and now Hosey has commented that he’s learned some new things in the last couple of weeks.

    How ’bout that Brodsky trying to get Hosey fired for alleging he “hacked” into Drew’s computer.

    Oh, you just can’t make this stuff up.

  3. One of the parts of last night show I enjoyed the most was discussion of Brodsky calling Hosey’s editor and trying to get him fired. So lame!

    I also loved hearing other people discuss Armstrong the way we have here. So great to hear from people who actually picked up the book, rather than just seeing how Derek Armstrong presents himself on TV. The book was such an obvious and shameful defense of Drew from beginning to end – an “embarrassment” as Joe said.

  4. It is kind of getting old hearing people say things like “charges will be filed soon”, “charges will be filed in weeks”, “charges are imminent”. I am at a point where I really won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.

    With as much circumstantial evidence as has been made public and Drew’s continuous own actions to make himself look worse and worse every time he opens his mouth – I still think the prosecution doesn’t have enough confidence of a guaranteed conviction and they will wait and wait until Stacy “shows herself”.

    And since they haven’t presented any charges in Kathleen’s case where there is a body and a determination of homocide upon the new autopsy – I have to start believing they don’t have enough circumstantial evidence in this case either.

    The fact that they haven’t discharged the GJ yet though indicates they haven’t given up yet though. And since there is no statute of limitations for charging someone with murder – it is very possible that no charges will be filed for years and years and years.

    Man – I’m Debbie Downer today! I think I’m beaten down by hearing our legislature fighting with each other, pointing fingers, posturing for political purposes instead of working together to find a fix to this financial mess.

  5. Why should we even believe what Boobsky says about Peterson not getting any money proceeds regarding this Armstrong book.

    I’m beginning to learn how to pick apart what Boobsky says. I’ll have to see if I can find more of his “wording” about this book, but here’s one example:

    Peterson received no money for his cooperation with Armstrong, who told NBC News that when he examined all the evidence in the case, he began to believe Peterson may have killed the 23-year-old Stacy Peterson as well as his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Okay, he received no money for his cooperation with Armstrong. Doesn’t say he is not receiving any portion of the money from sales proceeds, heh?

    This was excerpted from:

  6. facsmiley Says:

    February 25, 2009 at 11:37 am
    One of the parts of last night show I enjoyed the most was discussion of Brodsky calling Hosey’s editor and trying to get him fired. So lame!


    Did he steal that move from Blago?? LOL!! Maybe Selig passed the idea to Brodsky after a meeting with his other notorious client!

  7. I suppose Hosey had served his purpose in Joel’s/Drew’s minds. I think they underestimated Joe Hosey.

    Regarding today’s radio show, we can only hope that the GJ also has the information Joe Hosey spoke of.

    JB shows his true colors didn’t he? Trying to get Joe Hosey fired. Hosey struck a nerve. I wish she’d mentioned what he’d done that pissed JB off so much.

    Maybe JB will come back on the show to clarify what he was “really” doing.

  8. TAI, I don’t blame you for being a Debbie Downer. Remember Hosey followed up his “next 7 weeks” with “or not at all”. Apparently, he’s frustrated with the status of this investigation as well. At one point he said that he doesn’t think Drew will ever be charged with any crimes against Stacy – that they’ll only go with the ‘easier’ charges pertaining to Kathleen Savio.

  9. Brodsky’s had it in for Hosey ever since he reported on the speeding arrest the night Drew rushed out to aid Kim Matuska.

    Joel claimed at SYM that Hosey had misquoted Matuska when she said that she was already on the phone with Drew when the car was pulled over. Hosey phoned Joel to challenge that assertion and they ‘had words’. But whatever, Joel isn’t going to be happy with any reporter who goes for the facts rather than kissing his ass.

    That’s why Joel was so happy to post at SYM and to do radio appearances with Pretzer. As long as someone is willing to pander to him and/or fawn over Drew, he’s a happy guy.

  10. Noway, re #10, could you tell which one of them said that? I can’t tell the three women by their voices. Was it Robin Sax, the prosecutor?

  11. Personally, I found it a little difficult at time to understand because the sound quality wasn’t all that great — at least for me.

  12. The thing hurt my ears because two of the ladies were extremely loud while Hosey and another person were very quiet. I’d keep turning it up to hear Hosey and then get my ears blasted out.

  13. Those phone-in Internet radio shows always seem to be that way. Whoever calls in from farthest away or with the crappiest phone is the quietest. You crank up the speakers to hear them and then Bam!

    Actually, the same thing was going on at the Mancow show when Chrissy wouldn’t get near the mic. I’d turn up the speakers to hear her and then get blasted by that nightmarish phony annoying Mancow bray. Torture!

  14. Was it Murphy-Milano who said that Drew’s reality show is going to be called,”The Dickless Wonder That Didn’t Get Charged”?

  15. OK, I tried a little bit of it. Apologies if I Sax is actually Dittrich:

    MURPHY-MILANO: He seems to be on your derrier a lot because you have, as an investigative reporter, gone above and beyond with this case and I say that from personal knowledge. I know what you’ve been doing. I know how hard you’ve worked and I know that Brodsky has not been happy with you. I do know that. Actually, I overheard it the other day. I was shocked because you’re doing your job and he’s not liking it that you’re on their tail so much, I would suspect. I know it wasn’t rumor. I heard it for a fact.

    HOSEY: No it’s not a rumor and he’s pretty unhappy and what does that tell you when people are finding out the truth and he’s unhappy about it?

    MURPHY-MILANO: That’s right and it’s in the paper in the morning. But the fact that he would go to the length–can I say what he tried to do?

    HOSEY: Oh sure. I don’t know what he’s doing.

    MURPHY-MILANO: OK. He tried to get you fired, Joe.

    HOSEY: Oh really? [laughter]

    SAX(?): Wow, breaking news from Susan Murphy-Milano!

    MURPHY-MILANO: He tried to get you fired. He called your editor and wanted your rear end out! you didn’t know I knew that, did you?

    HOSEY: I didn’t know that either. I knew he was complaining about me.

    MURPHY-MILANO: He was more than complaining about you.

    SAX(?): And we had Brodsky on the show! He failed to mention that part.

    MURPHY-MILANO: He was so livid over something that you did recently, that that was the last straw because he wanted to know what you were doing. Were you stalking his computer?

    HOSEY: I knew he was accusing me of hacking into Drew’s computer but… I wish I could do things like that. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  16. I’ll bet it was the story about the reality show and the Las Vegas boxing promoter that made Drew think Hosey had hacked into his computer.

    How funny. Drew should know by now that he can’t trust anyone with his secrets.

    Wasn’t it Derek Armstrong who stated that it was Chrissy herself who had told him about the engagement? 🙂

  17. Two sources said Peterson traveled to Las Vegas around the last week in January. One of the sources said Peterson was meeting with Palmer, who was introduced to him by Steve Carcerano. Carcerano lives down the street from the Pheasant Chase Court house that Peterson shared with Stacy but now lives in with Raines and her two children. Carcerano resides even closer to the Pheasant Chase Drive home Peterson lived in with Savio and their two sons.

    Carcerano was present the March 2004 night Savio was found drowned in her own dry bathtub.

    Carcerano failed to return numerous calls for comment. Both sources said Carcerano is to be cut in on whatever revenue is generated by a reality series.

  18. Well … new to Joe Hosey doesn’t mean new to LE.

    Seven weeks seems so far away. I’m feeling the frustration that many of you have felt for months.

  19. I think the animosity between Hosey and Joel/Drew goes back to the “early” book deal period.

    It appeared Drew/Joel/Hosey were very chummy at first with lots of mutual back scratching and pro Drew articles in Joe Hoseys paper.

    When it became known Joe Hosey was getting a book deal Joel Brodsky appeared to be extatic, boasting it was a million dollar deal etc etc, which made me think it was a three way deal between Drew/Joel/Joe.

    Next Joel Brodsky suddenly turned on Joe Hosey and the book deal with a very bad dose of sour grapes on Joels part.

    As it turned out Joe Hosey got his book published and Drew/Joel were still shopping for a publisher (!!).

    Matt Phelps didn’t want them either and Drew/Joel finally found an ally in Derek Armstrong with a copy/paste job of disparaging chapters about Drews wives and victims.

    Needless to say as vindictive as Drew and Joel are by nature, it is now open season on Joe Hosey as already became very apparant on the Paula/Lenny tapes (!!)

  20. LOL ! – considering it has been Joel Brodskys main aim “to get a book deal and we’ll all get rich” it must have been devastating for Joel to find Joe Hosey got the book deal first !

    I ALMOST feel sorry for him – LOL !

  21. I don’t know where people get their information from by saying Drew is going to be arrested within a few weeks or even put a more definite time frame on it.

    LE NEVER, EVER releases that type of information to anyone and that’s why I found it just as peculiar when Lenny started saying Drew was going to be arrested before a certain date because they couldn’t have told him that.

    The fact Drew is still walking around is proof LE doesn’t pass that information out.

    They’ll arrest him when they are well and truly ready, whenever that may be !

  22. “JAH, When it became known Joe Hosey was getting a book deal Joel Brodsky appeared to be extatic, boasting it was a million dollar deal etc etc,”

    Wow, I don’t have any recollection of that at all. I do remember Brodsky telling Reem that they would write book and make millions but I don’t remember Hosey having anything at all do with that.

  23. Of course, Joel went after Walberg after this and tried to get him fired,etc. 🙂


    By Matthew Walberg | Tribune reporter
    February 28, 2008

    …Meanwhile, while Brodsky and Peterson flew to New York for his third appearance on the NBC show, Brodsky’s law partner, Reem Odeh, questioned the way the case was being managed.

    “I’m concerned that there’s more emphasis and more of an effort to cater to the media frenzy than there is to looking into the issues surrounding the investigations,” Odeh said. “It just seems to me that when there’s nothing going on with the investigation and things are quiet in the media, it seems like sometimes either Joel or Drew says something to start the media frenzy all over again.”

    Brodsky has mounted an aggressive campaign for media coverage.

    Asked whether she discussed those issues with Brodsky, Odeh said, “Absolutely. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I think it is in the client’s best interest to keep it quiet and focus on the case. But he just says the case is going to make us famous and we’re all going to get book deals.”

    Odeh said she plans to meet with Peterson and tell him that she believes he should behave in a more professional manner, and if that doesn’t happen, she will push to have him dropped as a client.

  24. At #32 Facs shared “Odeh said she plans to meet with Peterson and tell him that she believes he should behave in a more professional manner…”
    So, just how does a PROFESSIONAL multiple murderer / con man / pathological liar / abusing, disgusting, ugly mess behave?

  25. Yes, LOL, that was the first mention of Brodsky’s hunger for fame and book deals and it came from his partner Reem Odeh – straight from the horses mouth so to speak – LOL !

  26. Needless to say Joel Brodsky has been lusting after a book deal (and getting rich) from day one.

    Imagine his immense disappointment Joe Hosey actually scooped the trophy from right under his nose – LOL !

  27. coffeeocity Says:

    February 25, 2009 at 6:06 pm
    At #32 Facs shared “Odeh said she plans to meet with Peterson and tell him that she believes he should behave in a more professional manner…”
    So, just how does a PROFESSIONAL multiple murderer / con man / pathological liar / abusing, disgusting, ugly mess behave?


    Well he obviously doesn’t as he still hasn’t been dropped as a client, but Reem Odeh is the one awfully quiet of late instead !!

  28. JAH @ #30 – true, LE in this case hasn’t said much of anything, but Glasgow did. He said he expected one of the cases to be resolved after the New Year. I know he didn’t have a specific time frame, but he did put it out there for us to draw our conclusions. My conclusion – that an arrest was coming soon.

    I know that’s just my opinion, but isn’t that what he tried to insinuate to us?

    Calling the investigations into the two cases “highly productive,” Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow last week said he expected to conclude one of the probes shortly.

    “I fully expect there to be a resolution in at least one of these investigations in the near future,” Glasgow said in a written statement.

    Whatever did he mean?

  29. facsmiley Says:

    February 25, 2009 at 5:56 pm
    Of course, Joel went after Walberg after this and tried to get him fired,etc.


    Joel said that article was distorted and spliced and “made to look” like Reem Odeh said this.

    According to Drew and Joel every reporter, interviewer distorts and splices everything they say to make it look like something they didn’t say – LOL !

  30. Oh, pooh, Boobsky is full of manure! Of course she said it, and he can push it, pull it and pump it all he wants – he’s not believable himself!

  31. “I fully expect there to be a resolution in at least one of these investigations in the near future,” Glasgow said in a written statement.


    Glasgow said “in the near future”

    He didn’t say six weeks or eight weeks and he also didn’t say never.

  32. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s coming up on two weeks without a peep out of the Pudderhead camp, so I’m expecting a de-engagement to get pulled out of his butt again or some other nonsense. Maybe he’s going to have Sellit report that he had his vasectomy reversed and he’s going to be a daddy/grandfather, all at the same time. Or maybe Raines is prego – yet another immaculate conception.

    Who knows?

  33. I think the 7 week thing came out because of the future elections on 4/7, including that of the Mayor of Bolingbrook.

  34. If a States Attorney says investigations are “highly productive” that is extremely good news and if he says

    “I fully expect there to be a resolution in at least one of these investigations in the near future,”

    that is extremely good news too as their usual response is they “can’t comment as it is an ongoing investigation”.

  35. The way it sounded to me was that Hosey felt like there is now enough to make an arrest in either Stacy or Kathleen’s cases, so he would expect it to come during these next (campaign) weeks. But if that doesn’t happen, he gives up on there ever being an arrest.

    I mean, investigative reporters may get more info than we have but the workings of LE are a mystery to everyone!

  36. Also look at Blago,

    he has been under investigation for THREE YEARS.

    There were no reports anywhere he was going to be arrested in one week, three weeks, eight weeks or never, whatever.

    They just “whammo” arrested him early one frosty morning and so unexpectantly Blago didn’t even have a chance to bouffant his hair !

  37. facsmiley Says:

    February 25, 2009 at 6:56 pm
    But remember last year at this time? we were hearing “arrest coming in April!” as in April 2008.


    LE/FBI/States Attorney don’t make public when arrests are coming, let alone a month, date, time or season.

  38. I thought the end of the investigation was near when water levels in Cal Sag were being lowered and divers went in the freezing cold water just before Christmas 2007 !

  39. “Isn’t it always about the ratings and how many people are watching (or listening) to your show? Or reading your book? Don’t all reporters (Aussienat excluded) shoot for the ratings?”

    LOL – thanks for the vote of confidence.

    You are absolutely correct, it’s all about ratings. Which is why I am not working as a reporter any more. I still write, but not for newspapers – I don’t think I will ever want to again. I couldn’t stand the mentality. I have seen a lot of reporters I have worked with become not very nice people over the years.

  40. Sure it’s all about the ratings, but just don’t lie about it and pretend that you (Pretzer) are any different from the “mainstream media” in wanting those ratings, while bashing other media outlets and reporters at every opportunity.

  41. Good morning, Happy GJ day !

    I wonder…Will there be any news today from
    the gj ??

    I wonder…How much longer can this GJ possibly need to hear ??

    I wonder…Will there be an indictment at all ??

    I wonder…What will happen if there is no indictment at this time ?? Riots ??

    Most of all I wonder…Will there ever be justice for KS and SP and their families ??

  42. So, I hear that Drew was on Q101 this morning (Sherman and Tingle show) with Chrissy’s ex, Mike.

    He challenged Mike to a duel.

  43. oooh thanks :-). I’ve got that Jenny audio downloaded. Have you ever seen/heard JB or anyone else dispute this? I haven’t. Verrry interesting. It hasn’t been repeated widely, has it? I suppose she may have been asked to keep quiet.

    mod\ I removed your last two posts – hope that’s ok. 🙂

  44. I wish someone would play that snippet (where Jenny says Chrissy has been messing with Drew for years) for him and ask him about it, but I think I know what he would say “I never heard of that person. No idea why she would say that.”

  45. Just in case anyone needs a refresher:

    “I would tell her to get out and leave that boy – leave that guy – alone. She’s been messing with him for years…and just leave it alone and find someone her own age. Find someone who will love her and stop trying to find someone to just take care of her and just get out of it. I don’t want to see my cousin in the paper saying that she’s missing and the kids have no mom. I think that would be really really sad and they’re awesome kids.”

  46. Umm, “she’s been messing with him for years…”

    Works both ways – he’s been messing with her for years if you look at it from my prospective.

    Maybe that’s all been uncovered since she’s immersed herself so totally in his life of late. Maybe during her “break” with the dope, she spilled her guts to the GJ.

    They’re all from a bad gene pool if you ask me.

  47. I’ll type up a transcipt in a bit. It’s actually interesting for at least one reason (which has nothing to do with the media stunt).

    Might even be wortha new post…

  48. My, it is interesting in a few ways!

    Really liked Drew saying how terrible Mike was to Chrissy by dragging her out of bars. ROFL.

    Isn’t Mike well-spoken?

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