Drew Peterson Wouldn’t “Man Up”

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Last summer, Lenny Wawczak confronted Drew Peterson in a Bolingbrook parking lot, which was the subject of a media frenzy for a while.  This was shortly after it was reported that he and Paula Stark were wearing wires to gather information on Drew.  It appeared to be a confrontation Lenny initiated to iron out the day’s events regarding his son feeling intimidated by Drew.  Of course, Drew used his own spin to try and mangle the events to appear that it was remarks he made about Paula that were the subject of Lenny’s ire.  However, when Lenny confronted Drew directly, Drew wouldn’t “man up.”

Drew’s idea of being a man appears to mean cutting off any and all contacts of his love interest of the moment, so it is he that is the center of her universe.  In much of the media coverage regarding his relationships with women, both during his marriages to Kathleen and Stacy, up to the present, Drew has tried to justify why he is the better choice in men for each of them.  He has lashed out at their parents, their siblings, extended families, friends, co-workers, classmates and, most of all, their prior relationships.  Only he, as he so enjoys reminding us, is capable of providing love, nurturing and comfort, and a stable home with financial stability.

Drew Peterson will never be a man when considering what he brings into his relationships.   The only things Drew can man up to are carefully contrived media circuses that promote his perception of his fighting abilities.  Hawking his abilities to try and get Geraldo Rivera to agree to one of his publicity stunts, or calling into a radio station to hammer out his rules to engage Mike Siuda in a fight are hardly manly actions.  Put him in a parking lot with an angry ex-friend, or in a bar with an angry boyfriend, and he calls in the reserves – 911, or a host of sympathetic street rats to stand-in for him.

Quit abusing women and the people in their lives.  Man up, Drew.  It’s about time.

Thanks WomenScorned for posting the Mike and Juliet Show videos at Youtube!
Mike and Juliet Show part 1
Mike and Juliet Show part 2

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40 thoughts on “Drew Peterson Wouldn’t “Man Up”

  1. Thanks, Bucket. This is actually a post by Rescueapet! Kudos, Rescue!

    I do find it ironic and a little funny that Drew has been so quick to dial 911 when an injured party confronts him and wants to take him on, yet if there’s some chance at making it into some sort of media spectacle with $$$ involved, he’s all for getting his ass kicked.

    What a sick, sick situation.

  2. I was just thinking about the part in the follow-up interview with Mike and Juliet how they mention Drew approaching some woman on their show and telling her, “Give me a hug.” I guess this is what he did to that producer on the Macow show as well. My God, what a creep!

  3. The comment that gets me is the one about wishing he’d had Kathleen cremated.

    If he had nothing to do with her murder, why would he wish she’d been cremated? So the murdered would never be found?

  4. Noway, Paula said further to having her cremated, he could dispose of the ashes out the car window, to put her in the street where she belongs.


  5. Well, it’s just good to be reminded that this coward doesn’t intimidate and scare everybody — he likes to think he’s a big man, but he needs to have people reminded that he’s not. He merely preys on weak, vulnerable woman and uses them as his personal punching bags, after he alienates them from everyone else in their lives.

    Now put him in a ring or situation with a woman or two who isn’t intimidated by him, and, yes, I’d pay to see that.

  6. He preys on weak and vulnerable men, too, to do his bidding. He uses everyone, including his children. Recently he was saying the children were timid upon meeting someone, and quotes them as asking “Will you be nice to us?”, saying so many people have hurt them.

    If he and those around them have been suggesting and reinforcing the idea that all these people have been using them, they are doing enormous damage, not just storing up for the future, but fear and confusion now. When Baldsky ranted on about the psychological damage ISP had caused, and said they “Had to be told that LnP didn’t really love them and were just using them”, I didn’t believe they would actually do that, but I must say I am very worried I was wrong.

  7. And of course he drags them along to media appearances in an attempt to use them as human shields to escape scrutiny of the press. Come to think of it hed does the same thing with his neighbors as well.

  8. Drew is a pussy who’s been hiding behind his badge to intimidate and stand over people.

    Now he’s no longer in the Force, he’s a cry baby who runs to Roger Claar when people park in his street (!!)

    He always says he “would have taken a bullet” for his fellow police officers, yet rats them out to drug dealers instead !

    He notarizes and writes his own documents so he can steal from his wife and children.

    Oh and he is a lovely fellow and so good to Christina (!!)

  9. This idiot is a big POS. I would also pay to watch him up against any women he cant intimmidate…Those poor,poor children. Children are a blessing,any yet he uses them,to add to his FREAK SHOW..His 3 ring circus. Excuse me while I BARF!

  10. This occurred to me the other day. Whenever a new character gets dragged into this sordid mess and there are news stories posted on the Internet, there follow comments about those people from family, friends and acquaintances who have something to say – either to criticize or to support the person in question.

    But in all this time I’ve never seen any comments from friends or family of Drew coming to his support. Never seen even one comment from someone saying that they can’t conceive of Drew hurting one of his wives.

    I can only recall one comment from someone who met him at a water park saying that he appeared to be nice to his kids…and that was a stranger’s comment.

  11. You’re right, Facs. I think Steverino Carcerino said nice things once a long time ago, and Rick Mims, very early on…until the penny dropped….

  12. Facs, perhaps there are no family or friends who are supporting Drew.

    I think his mother did early on. But of course, as he or Joel explained it, she almost had Alzheimers, so I don’t know if she counts?

  13. Well his mother said Drew would never hurt anyone and Stacy caused all the problems “because she was just too young”

    Mrs Morphey has been wearing rose colored glasses for a long time (!)

  14. Mrs Morphey also said all of Drews previous wives were no good, except for wife no 1 and that he should have stayed married to her (!!)

  15. Hey, now, don’t you remember when he was on LKL that he proclaimed to have plenty of supporters, but no one lets them come forward? Hell, by now, they should’ve been all over the place, like flies on *hit. The only fly I saw on his *hit is the one that used to fire up her keyboard after his court hearings. He used her to dispense his propaganda, and she fell for it.

    Yup, never do his supporters go to the comment sections of the newspapers, tv outlets or radio outlets. He’s a lonely, lonely man, who is only able to attract the weak and vulnerable, the ones he can control and manipulate.

  16. You would think one of his plenty supporters would have offered to accompany him to the Mancow/Cassidy show … and another to watch the children so they didn’t have to go.

  17. I was thinking specifically about comments following news stories on the Internet. You would think that under an anonymous psuedonym his friends might have the courage to defend him, if nowhere else. But nada.

  18. Mrs Morphey obviously hasn’t been told yet Drew considered marriage no 1 “technically over” when Carol was pregnant with their 2nd child and when a woman gets busy with babies things aren’t interesting or romantic enough for Drew anymore and he needs to “move on”.

  19. Drew doesn’t have any friends, he only has accomplices and victims and once you’re no longer an accomplice, you automatically become a victim.

  20. Oh, and I did mean to clarify something. When Lenny confronted dopey, he said it was in response to his son feeling intimidated by seeing dopey earlier. Of course, dopey wanted people to think Lenny was pissed about his saying he had an intimate rendezvous with Paula.

    Even if it was one of the reasons Lenny high-tailed it on over there, at least his intentions were to defend his family.

    This goof gets on a radio station and uses this excuse:

    S or T: Is she mad at Mike for coming on?

    PETERSON: Yes, she is. But I’m not going to sit and let him badmouth her like that.

    SIUDA: At what point did I…guys, did I ever badmouth her once?

    PETERSON: If this knucklehead wants to go in the ring with me, you set it up.


    Mike didn’t utter an unkind word about Chrissy. The goof used that lame excuse for trying to set up this fight. Now, if you want to talk about badmouthing something about a woman…….

    pot. kettle. black.

  21. When Christina moved out and was no longer considered an “accomplice” by Drew, he started victimizing (badmouthing) her straight away by critisizing her eating habits, him having to watch the children when she went out to get her nails done, saying all she wanted to do was go out, etc.

    He even went as far to say the engagement ring was only a “cheap” ring he took out of a drawer with costume jewellery (!!)

    Anything to make Christina deem worthless !

  22. To get back to the subject at hand:

    Notice the Morphey family stick up for their brother Thomas under siege from Drew and other than Drews mother coming to Drews defense, NO ONE in Drews family, ex wives families, previous work collegues, friends, acquaintesses or previous neighbors have ever come forward to vouch for Drews good character.

    A very barren landscape indeed, considering Drew has been around the Bolingbrook area for such a long time (!!)

  23. Heh, Drew has quite a few morbid reminders of his past loves to remember ponder.

    Maybe Chrissy better be careful what she wishes for.

  24. anyone notice in the video clip how Drew says he only knew Lenny from picking him up for all sorts of “nonsense” and only knows him from talking to him whilst in his patrol car and in the next breath he says he was going to go in business with Lenny (!!)

    LOL !

  25. It’s so hard to keep up with all the new characters in this sordid soap opera!

    My feelings are that whenever there is something coming up that will take the attention away from narcissist Drew, he pulls one of his “media stunts.”

    Today is the fifth anniversary of Kathleen’s death and I’m sure Drew doesn’t want anyone poking around there! I can’t imagine how he will blow this day off to Kathleen’s sons. How much has he diminished her worth to them? Makes me sick.

  26. copy of Kathleens obituary from Chicago Trib.
    Kathleen Savio, age 40, suddenly March 1, 2004, at her residence in Bolingbrook, formerly of Glendale Heights. Survived by her loving children Thomas and Kristopher Peterson; devoted daughter of Henry (Marcia) Savio; sister of Anna Marie Savio-Doman, Susan M. Savio, Henry M….

  27. “Noway, Paula said further to having her cremated, he could dispose of the ashes out the car window, to put her in the street where she belongs.”

    This is the true Drew Peterson. How disgusting! Poor Kathy Savio, and you know who I feel the worst for? Kris and Tom. How awful for those poor boys to hear their father speak about their mother that way. Drew Peterson is scum and if I lived in America I would probably go to Bolingbrook just to find him and punch him in the nuts!

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