Kathleen Savio, Justice Vanishing

***UPDATE*** Following is a link to a chilling and stark reminder regarding the details of Kathleen Savio’s death, the investigation, and the ensuing probate estate issues, written by Susan Murphy Milano. I urge everyone to read it – it’s compelling. ~ Rescueapet

Kathleen Savio’s Interruption of Justice Continues….

This timely post by Delilah originally appeared yesterday on the Mothers are Vanishing blog. We’d like to commemorate and honor Kathleen today by re-posting it here. Thank you, Delilah.

Kathleen's grave markerAs her white casket was pulled from the ground on November 17, 2007, questions arose concerning her “accidental” death, drowning in her own bathtub. Her peaceful rest was disturbed by questioning, probing and sampling. It would mark the beginning of a spotlight that has not shone on Kathleen Savio and the circumstances of her death, nor the two boys she left behind, but on her ex-husband, Drew Peterson, and the three ring circus he has created, basking in every minute of the limelight and insisting on his innocence.

Kathleen’s last day on earth was March 1, 2004, not a date that too many are remembering these days, as her death has been overshadowed by news of Drew’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, and possible fifth, fiancee Chrissy Raines, but the Savio family continues to mourn and seek justice on her behalf. Little did they know, but suspected, that their beloved “Kitty” did not die accidentally, and, as a new investigation has reported, she was a victim of homicide.

He wants me dead.Kathleen lived with and reported many beatings, threats and petitioned for Orders of Protection. Police were called to her home several times, many reports were take, but many were not. She went so far as to write to the Illinois States Attorney describing what would happen to her according to the threats she was receiving. She laid it all out describing in detail what was happening in her life and the lives of her children, and what was going to happen to her next. Kitty eerily knew she was going to die, and die at the hands of her ex-husband, according to her letters and petitions. Please take the time to read for yourself the words she wrote predicting her fate.

But where is the proof? Was Drew Peterson responsible for her death? A Grand Jury in Will County, Illinois has been probing into this for over a year and still no arrest has been made. Was Drew Peterson, as a veteran Bolingbrook police officer, able to conceal every piece of evidence of a crime scene? It’s a very real possibility that he will never be charged, never found guilty, never be sentenced, and although the mother of two of his children has been gone for five years, circumstantial evidence and the layout of Kathleen’s letters must not be good enough to arrest or convict.

Kathleen SavioIt’s hard to find accounts of Kathleen before her connection with Drew, but I am assuming she, as other of his wives, thought she had found what she was looking for. A nice home, two children, nursing school, a police officer husband, all look like a positive lifestyle from an outsider’s viewpoint. However, Kathleen, as so many others, was living a nightmare behind closed doors, the dirty little secret of domestic abuse hiding behind the policeman coward’s badge.

As many before, and many will again, Kathleen lost her life.

She had no safety strategy plan set in place to get out of this marriage with her life. Police officers are trained in crime scene evidence, in how to use weapons, and, in a lot of cases, how to cover up a crime committed by one of their own. It seems that the circumstances Kathleen predicted five long years ago have come true. In her words she stated that he threatened to kill her and no one would suspect. So far, Drew Peterson was telling the truth.

Kathleen, Tom and KrisMay the Savio family and the children of Kathleen and Stacy know that there are many, many out here that have not forgotten, that wish to see justice served, that continue to keep the memory of Kathleen as a woman and a mother alive and not just yesterday’s news article about the “puppetmaster”, Drew Peterson. May Kathleen rest assured that many are concerned for her children and only want what’s in their best interest.

Peace to you, Kathleen.

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29 thoughts on “Kathleen Savio, Justice Vanishing

  1. My prayers also go out to Thomas and Kristopher. Those boys have suffered more loss than most people 4x their age.

    I truly hope that they know nothing about either open case. However, I hope that if they do know anything that some day when they get older and are independent that they are strong enough inside to be able to talk to authorities and help put together some missing pieces of the puzzle.

  2. I hope the Savio and Doman families know that people have not forgotten. We are thinking about Kathleen and her kids and we’re cheering for justice.

  3. Unfortunately, and sadly, the dark reminders of Drew Peterson’s life are becoming more common than not. Of course, these sad anniversaries are grim reminders that his children are the ultimate victims.

    Anniversaries of the death of Kathleen, Kathleen’s birthday, Kathleen’s death being revealed as a homicide, Stacy’s disappearance, Stacy’s birthday….

    These young women left behind memories for many, who will not forget them or who is responsible for their fates. As sad as today’s reminder is, today’s significance is not going to be tossed aside anymore.

    The focus and suspect in the death of Kathleen and the disappearance of Stacy can’t hide anymore. His sinister ways have been exposed, and the day will come when he will have to answer for his actions. I believe that!!!

  4. Facs and Delilah,

    Thanks for reposting here and allowing us all to read. My prayers are with the Savio family today. Hopefully justice will be served in the very near future.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic, if an arrest was made today in Kathleen’s honor????

  5. rescueapet Says:

    The focus and suspect in the death of Kathleen and the disappearance of Stacy can’t hide anymore. His sinister ways have been exposed, and the day will come when he will have to answer for his actions. I believe that!!!


    Amen !

    God Bless You Kathleen !

    It’s been a long time coming, but Justice Will Be Done !

  6. copy of Kathleens obituary from Chicago Trib.
    Kathleen Savio, age 40, suddenly March 1, 2004, at her residence in Bolingbrook, formerly of Glendale Heights. Survived by her loving children Thomas and Kristopher Peterson; devoted daughter of Henry (Marcia) Savio; sister of Anna Marie Savio-Doman, Susan M. Savio, Henry M….

  7. God Bless Kathleen. Kitty,justice will be served.
    Prayers to Thomas and Kristopher, and to the family of Kathleen.
    You are in my heart and prayers daily.

  8. Susan’s entry today really brings home the fact that Will County has as much blood on it’s hands as the one who murdered Kathleen, and the one’s who will be next.

    To totally ignore all the pleas from Kathleen, in writing, is a travesty that is still going on every day in the lives of so many other women that won’t make it.

    Until Orders of Protection and plea downs are taken seriously by the judicial system, the blood of many more women will be spilled.

  9. Hi guys

    Funny you should say that, Noway. I was just noodling around on the net and there are quite a few bits and pieces online about the Bolingbrook ballot.

  10. I read it wrong! LOL I thought Bucketoftea said “Bolingbrook Ballet”. Kind of like “dancing around the truth” or something!

  11. Looks like Glenn got the ex-gov a book deal…with Phoenix books.

    Fmr. Illinois Gov. Blagojevich Lands Six Figure Book Deal
    The publishing deal with Beverly Hills-based Phoenix Books includes the largest advance ever given by the independent book publisher.

    Phoenix Books is run by maverick publisher Michael Viner whose titles include books from celebrities like mega-rock star and businessman Gene Simmons and talk show host Larry King. Phoenix also has a large selection of popular fiction and intriguing mystery books.

    “The governor chose to go with a large independent company because he wanted to tell his story without any restrictions over content that might’ve come with a major publishing house,” says Glenn Selig, Blagojevich’s publicist and founder of The Publicity Agency. “He simply did not want to accept constraints or conditions on what he could say in this book.”

    If Phoenix books sounds familiar, it should. They published Joe Hosey’s “Fatal Vows”. Interestingly, when Armstrong’s book was coming out, Drew’s people were trashing Phoenix as being an inferior publishing house. It’s funny that Glenn doesn’t mention Hosey’s book here, isn’t it?

  12. Gene Simmons and Larry King. I see Phoenix is well acquainted with pie-hot controversy. lol. What a bunch of Mavericks. rofl.

  13. Personally, I’m just shocked that they didn’t work something out with Armstrong and his publishing house, Kunati.

    Even stronger indication to me that there has been trouble at the watering hole amongst some of the predators and vermin drinking there.

  14. Ewwwwwwwwwwww, the ex gov doing a book. What would he possibly have to offer me, or anyone else for that matter, that would convince me to pay for a book that benefits him financially, only after he got thrown out of office and couldn’t do it the easy way anymore?

    Gawd, I wish Sellit would bug out, and take his misfit clients with him.

    Here’s hoping that garbage winds up on the clearance table real soon.

  15. I think Derek can’t afford the advance required. “Tell those m….f…s this is worth something

  16. I can hear the phone call now: “It’s a (bleeping) valuable thing. You don’t just give it away for nothing. If they’re not going to offer anything of value I might just take it. I’ve got this thing and it’s (bleeping) golden. I’m not just giving it up for (bleeping) nothing.”

  17. “The governor chose to go with a large independent company because he wanted to tell his story without any restrictions over content that might’ve come with a major publishing house,”

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Like, no libel, no poor spelling? Phoenix made the only/best offer, period.

  18. http://www.wbbm780.com/Peterson-May-Fight-GF-s-ex-BF/3950474

    Posted: Tuesday, 03 March 2009 6:26AM

    Peterson May Fight GF’s ex-BF

    Steve Miller Reporting
    WBBM Newsradio 780

    (WBBM) – Drew Peterson says West Coast promoters may set up a fight between him and his live-in girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

    It is the latest twist in a sideshow that’s almost a year and a half old now.

    Drew Peterson says he has been challenged to a fight by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

    “Let him put his money where his mouth is and see what he’s got. Actually, he’s been kind of nuisancy to her and the guy was stalking her.”

    Peterson’s girlfried is Christina Raines, 24.

    Trained as a police officer, 55-year-old Peterson says it’s been 35 years since he was in a fight.

    “I mean, it’s going to be interesting watching me take on a guy 25 years my junior. But we’ll see how it goes.”

    WBBM asked Peterson what he’d do with his share of the money: keep it or give it to charity.

    “My biggest charity is my children. So if anything develops or if I make any money from it, anything would be for their future.”

    Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy, and his third wife died under mysterious circumstances.

  19. “Promoters MAY set up a fight….

    ….IF something develops….”

    Did they ring DP up or did he ring them with this non-news?

  20. If Kathy Savio’s family are reading this, I hope you can see that there are a lot of people out here who know what happened to her. I hope to God he is convicted and dies in jail for what he did. RIP Kathy. The picture of her with the two boys breaks my heart!

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