Drew Peterson and an Imminent Arrest: Prepared or Scared?

In light of the latest news article by Joe Hosey about the immunity offer to Tom Morphey, and amid speculation about an imminent arrest, it seems that Drew Peterson himself may be waiting for that day to come, sooner rather than later.

In November, Drew stated on the Scared Monkeys radio show that he was prepared for an arrest: “You just get everybody ready for something…So contingencies are in place…”

Source:Scared Monkeys Radio Show

In December, when the story first came out about Drew’s engagement to Christina Raines, Raines father recounted: “He put the ring on her finger…He said, ‘We’re going to get married and get a house’…He said he’ll probably go to jail for a couple of days, but will probably be bonded out . . .”

Source:Peterson Spotted at Downers Grove Club

In a February 8, 2009 interview with Mike Puccinelli, of CBS – Channel 2 News, Chicago, he was asked if he expected to do any time in connection with the murder of Kathleen Savio or the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

DREW PETERSON: “I don’t know. Innocent people go to jail all the time…and guilty people get set free, so I don’t know…”

Source:Video: Drew peterson: “Innocent People go to Jail.”

It would seem that Drew Peterson has been ready for an arrest since that day in 2007 he wrote that 250k check over to his son, or maybe ever since the night in 2004 when he spoke to Stacy while dressed all in black and hastily loading the family clothes washer with his ex-wife’s clothing. But for Drew life goes on, media appearances are made, vacations are taken, jokes are played, night clubs visited, women romanced and welcomed into his house to share his life, a grandchild is born.

When will there be an arrest? Will there be an arrest?

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26 thoughts on “Drew Peterson and an Imminent Arrest: Prepared or Scared?

  1. Rescue and I kind of worked together on this post. Feel free to discuss the topic or…whatever…while we wait for more news. 🙂

  2. Oh I am reminded of the way he behaved when arrested over the gun charges…the way he tried to shake hands with a detective, and told cop stories. Really creepy.

    Do they give prisoners orange boiler suits to wear to court in Illinois? Like it.

    Would he get bail?

  3. Going to visit Tom Morphey in hospital…..would that be enough to kiss bail goodbye? (interfering with a witness)

  4. Let’s see – he drives around a Canal looking for his wife and her car, even after she told him she ran away and where the car can be found. He gives up that theory, gets her car from where she said she left it, goes home and goes to bed. Takes it all in stride — the day’s events of his wife dumping his ass, leaving him with four kids, and the fact that his wife’s sister reported her missing to the cops, but, hey, he’s tired and he just goes to bed.

    Finds out the next day the stepbrother he’s not close to tries to kill himself, so he rushes over there to lend his moral support. Never mind that his whole world just came crashing down on him and he’s the one that needs moral support — he’s got a suicidal stepbrother he needs to coddle.

    Yup, it all sounds reasonable.

  5. October 28, 2008

    Interview with Matt Lauer

    ….. Lauer then asked if Peterson expects to be charged with murder and tried.

    “I really don’t know. I would hope not,” Peterson answered. “All I can do is mentally prepare for it and prepare for the well-being of my children.”

  6. I saw that a poster on SYM said that “TV news” reported Tom Morphey did sign the immunity agreement back when it was offered.

    Sorry there was no link to what station and all that.

    IMO, Glasgow would have made the offer if Tom Morphey were as big a mess as Drew Peterson would have us believe.

    Because if Joel Brodsky (or whoever Drew’s lawyer is at that point) were to rip Tom apart on the stand, it wouldn’t look very good for Glasgow, would it?

    And now I’m wondering if there is anything on the overhears about Tom Morphey.

  7. Bucket, yes that’s what I was thinking … some statement by Drew that indicates he did see Tom Morphey that day.

    Maybe not during the conversations with Lenny and Paula but IIRC the house was bugged too. Maybe Drew talks to himself.

  8. I tend to believe Morphey’s story versus Drew’s. This is simply because no matter what substances Tom partook of that day, it would be very strange for them to have resulted in such a detailed and ripping yarn.

    Morphey told his friend Walter about specific places and times; at this time at a coffee shop, at that time at a park. He detailed a conversation with Drew; one in which Drew stated that his wife was a ‘problem’ that needed to be solved. He named something that was given to him; a cell phone. And he detailed what happened with that cell phone; the calls that occurred and what popped up on the display as calls came in. He told Walter about another meeting at Drew’s; the request that was made of him to help move a container. The container itself; its color, its warmth, its weight. He told Walter that he was paid for his help and he showed him the money, pressed it upon him, asked Walter to take it. Add to that the fact that Morphey, distraught, then tried to take his own life.

    That’s just a whole lot of something against Drew’s assertion that nothing happened.

    I just don’t buy that for a minute. SOMETHING happened.

  9. I, too, believe Morphey over DP, facs. When I try to step back & forget my loathing for DP… even try to reverse the stories and their sources, the story which contains believable details, is also the consistent one.

    I think LOTS of SOMETHINGS happened.

    Poor TM. Can you IMAGINE the dawning of that realization?…

  10. Facs – that was a good analysis of what would give anyone pause as to whether the exchange between Peterson and Morphey actually did take place that day. Very good points.

    Coffee – I really liked you pointing out that you “step back & forget….loathing for DP” in order to think about other possible scenarios or theories. Unfortunately, Peterson doesn’t make that easy — everything goes back to him, with no one else that could want harm to come to Kathleen and Stacy but him.

  11. For Drew Peterson to be telling the truth (pick your version)about anything to do with either case, everybody around him has to be a prolific pathological liar with deliberate intent to conspire against him for no reason (!)

    Considering the amount of people involved that is just unrealistic and statistically impossible unless there is something in the drinking water in Bolingbrook we don’t know about !

  12. Was it Sherlock Holmes said something along the lines of….When you eliminate the impossible your left with the truth ??

  13. Just checked out the Will County court schedule and see the suspect is back in court on March 18th at 9am, room RVJC, 04P 000232, Status.

    Couldn’t recall if this was posted. Wonder if something will happen here??

    Also, suspect’s friend is in court today. Anybody hear anything????
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 3 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY 3 Pretrial
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 3 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 DOMESTIC BTRY/PHYSICAL 2 Pretrial
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 3 9 9 404 930 08CF000098 0 INTIMIDATION/PHYSICAL 1 Pretrial

  14. Here’s another article……

    Police dealing with Morphey again
    State police talk to Peterson’s stepbrother

    March 9, 2009
    By JOE HOSEY jhosey@scn1.com

    BOLINGBROOK — Thomas Morphey felt like a forgotten man after not hearing from the state police for months after his return home following a stint away for his own safety, but the cops did not waste much time showing up at his home after The Herald News got ahold of his immunity agreement.

    A pair of state troopers pulled onto Morphey’s block and had him get in their white sport utility vehicle Monday afternoon

    Morphey, who recently divulged the role he said he played in the alleged homicide of Stacy Peterson, sat in the troopers’ SUV for about a half hour. Afterward, he declined to detail what the law wanted to discuss with him.

    “I’ve said my piece,” Morphey said. “For now, I have nothing more to offer.”

    Morphey said he wondered why state police, who over the course of a year spent upward of 40 hours grilling him about what part he may have played in Stay’s October 2007 disappearance, seemingly no longer had any use for him.

    Morphey also felt “betrayed,” both by the apparent cold shoulder and the perceived lack of activity in the case, considering the sacrifices he has made, including leaving his family for five months and holing up in small-town motels for his protection, at the behest of the state police, he said.

    No arrests have been made in connection with Stacy’s disappearance, though state police Capt. Carl Dobrich called it a “potential homicide” 16 months ago and named the missing woman’s husband, Drew Peterson, as the cops’ sole suspect..

  15. Mary Caliendo says, Just like with Casey Anthony, sooner or later the lies will catch up to him, he’s living in them and wading in them and eventually he’ll forget exactly which lie he told to who when and then he will help to put himself away!

    He and his legal team will do anything to discredit anyone who go against him.
    All I can say is good luck Drew your days are numbered!

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
    Mary Caliendo

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