Has Tom Morphey Run Away to Join the Media Circus?

This is a little concerning. Just how much is Tom going to talk…and what will he say?

Do you think Tom should be speaking out publicly about the events surrounding Stacy’s disappearance? Give us your opinion by taking the poll at the end of this post.

Chris Cuomo, the reporter who interviewed Tom Morphey for tomorrow’s Good Morning America appearance, hosted a Twitter chat this morning about the interview. Scroll down the comments on this thread to see what Cuomo had to say.

Preview of Morphey’s appearance on Good Morning America.


Tom Morphey will appear on Good Morning America Monday.

Tom Morphey will appear on Good Morning America Monday.

Peterson’s stepbrother wanted on TV news shows
March 13, 2009

By JOE HOSEY jhosey@scn1.com

Thomas Morphey laid low for nearly a year and a half and watched his stepbrother Drew Peterson make the rounds of various TV news shows.

Now Morphey, who says Peterson pulled him into a sinister murder plot against his will, is taking his turn on the small screen.

Tom Morphey, Drew Peterson’s stepbrother, has come clean about what happened in the time around the disappearance of Drew’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson in October 2007.

Morphey jetted out to New York on Thursday to tape an interview on “Good Morning America.” It is the first TV appearance for Morphey since he went public with his story that Peterson not only asked him to commit murder, but roped him into disposing of his wife’s body. The show will air Monday morning.

Peterson’s wife, Stacy Peterson, vanished in October 2007. State police consider Stacy, who is Peterson’s fourth wife, to be the victim of a “potential homicide” and named Drew Peterson their sole suspect.

State police also are investigating the mysterious, March 2004 bathtub homicide of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio. State police first found nothing fishy about Savio’s death, but got another shot at it after Stacy vanished.

Morphey first told his harrowing tale of the past 17 months in The Herald News, including how he attempted suicide the day after Stacy was reported missing, and how State’s Attorney James Glasgow offered him immunity in exchange for his testimony the next day.

Morphey also said state police shuffled him between small-town motels for his own safety and that he was eventually moved out of state.

Peterson had little to say when informed his stepbrother was going on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“Good for him,” said Peterson, who was not aware of any upcoming TV appearances of his own.

Peterson and his attorney, Joel Brodsky, have repeatedly disparaged Morphey. Peterson has called Morphey an alcoholic and a “goofy guy.” Brodsky said Morphey “has a documented history of severe mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction.”

Morphey disputes this, and said their comments are what prompted him to agree to a TV interview.

“I’m going so the public can see who I really am,” he said, “as opposed to the picture Drew and his lawyer have tried to paint of me.”

Read the article at the Bolingbrook Sun

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208 thoughts on “Has Tom Morphey Run Away to Join the Media Circus?

  1. Okay – here’s how I look at this. The Peterson/Brodsky train wreck is getting old and older. It’s time to stop the rumor mill, say it like it is, and push the train wreck over the cliff!

    I just hope that Tom Morphey can pull it off and sound as credible and sincere as he has in the news pieces about him, which can only make Peterson look twice as bad as he already does.

    Otherwise, just get this maniac, Peterson, out of our sight and in a cell. He makes me sick.

    Two words for Drew.

  2. Doesn’t Thomas Morphey have an attorney to advise him what he can discuss and what he can’t ??

    He would surely be free to address all the slanderous remarks Drew and Brodsky have piled on him over the past 17 months ???

    It’s about time someone muzzles Joel Brodsky !

  3. I agree with Rescue. I think a good interview will do no harm, and may make Bratsky STFU on at least that point.

  4. How weird is it that elections are April7th and GJ ends April 8th? How weird is it to have ballots where everyone is running unopposed? That’s not normal, people.

  5. I am SO sure the suspect is annoyed that Tom is getting attention. Yes, he is very jealous…as betrayed by his criticism that Tom just wants to be a hero to his family.

    Yes, there is redemption in doing the right thing, Drewsy. Give it a try 😉

  6. Bucketoftea, I hope Bonnie will win the election in BB. It even came to my mind that this election will be carefully observed by the authorities. Glasgow has had his eyes focused on Claar for pretty a long time. Bonnie sued BB clique for trying to reject her person.

  7. I hope someone gets enough write-in votes. Like I said. It’s not normal.

    Just BTW when we were all looking at a map a week or two ago showing the park that DP took TM, I remember thinking “Blimey! What a lot of golf courses in a relatively small area”, remembering that Claar’s BB golf course is controversial for being a more expensive round than other private courses nearby. And then I read that Mr Claar wants to build yet another.

    Golf courses, a private airfield and a tract of McMansions. Just what BB probably doesn’t need.

  8. From Tamara Holder blog:

    Last November, I discussed how an attorney must be very conscious of not only their client’s image but of how their own image can adversely affect their client. Blog here

    Yesterday, Joel Brodsky addressed the media (yet again) in response to Drew Peterson’s step-brother’s recent interview. Article here Thomas Morphey told the media several days ago that he believes he unknowingly helped Drew carry Stacy’s body in a blue barrel out of the Peterson home.

    Brodsky felt the need to give an opinion: “A person like that has fantasies—they are delusional. They can create things for whatever reason, they can twist facts or circumstances to meet their own needs. So you can’t really take a person like that at their word.” Interestingly, Brodsky previously said, “But Tom Morphey is a very ill (ph) man with all his multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and his problems with alcohol and his multiple suicide attempts. There’s no question that he is a very disturbed person.”

    Brodsky previously suggested “Maybe she [Stacy] fell in with bad people … I’m not saying it happened, but it certainly starts creeping into your thoughts as a possibility.”

    What Brodsky is attempting to do is poison the jury pool with doubt that Drew actually killed Kitty and Stacy. Instead, Brodsky is poisoning the image of Drew that is already tarnished.

    So why do I say Brodsky is the BEST thing that happened to Drew? Well, while Brodsky is running his mouth and holding press conferences, the state’s attorney is grinding away and building a case against Drew. That’s perfect; we would not want it any other way! Keep in mind, we know cocky Drew will demand a “speedy trial” – that means the state must put on their case within 120 days. They are using the grand jury for trial prep while Brodsky is buying new suits for his next presser.

    Here’s some more on this issue at the Stacy &Kitty href=”https://petersonstory.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/joel-brodsky-this-witness-isnt-credible-because-hes-lying-i-mean-confused/”>Blog

    (On a side note, the new girlfriend, Kristina Raines, allegedly moved out of Drew’s home, yet again


    This is also a good one

    Kudos Tamara………Glad there are some credible people calling out Brodsky on his dubious tactics.

    Tamara if you come around, could you elaborate on this
    On a side note, the new girlfriend, Kristina (sp?) Raines, allegedly moved out of Drew’s home, yet again

  9. Morning!

    Thanks for posting the links and video Womenscorned. I added your video to the ‘vodpod’ dealy in the sidebar.

    I also heard that Chrissy moved out and that Drew has been running after her all over town, but no confirmation.

    Wonder if she took ‘her’ car…

  10. Hello everyone.

    So, rumor has it that Raines is thinking with her head again and moved out, heh?

    Well, in, out, in, out – I’m sure the media is moving on to new and better stories now. The ones cover the people who know what really happened the night Kathleen disappeared. But, this might be unsettling to dopehead, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his own media event today, told them his ‘ho left again, and blame her father, or her kids, or his kids, or maybe our kids, the media. Pick one.

    Two words for Peterson.

  11. Man, that’s hard to look at that before coffee! 😉

    The part where he tries to pull up the pictures comes at about 7 minutes into the video.

    Wow, Cyrhla, he does say “recent pictures”. What a rat!

  12. Hopefully, it’s a good thing that Tom M. is doing Good Morning America. Have a feeling if he was going to do a show, GMA is better than a Greta or Nancy Grace.

    I wonder why she moved out again? If it’s true that he signed over the car to her, did she also want the house????

    Wonder if Steve C will come out and do some interviews? How about Ric Mimms or Lenny and Paula? Sure would drive DP crazy. Though with his court date on the 18th, I’m sure he will “try” and get noticed in the media.

  13. It would be great if they replayed Brodsky saying ‘recent pictures’ from MSNBC during the interview with Tom on Monday. It shows how credible Brodsky’s words are. I am very thankful to Joe Hosey to tell us the story of the pictures. I would also love to see Tom’s former girfriend on TV saying how they wanted to obtain the picture and she is not missing and well opposite to what Brodsky once said. BTW, these two black sheep should be given a reward for finding her after 10 years, right? ;).

  14. Well, well, well. A little birdie has told us that dopehead must be avoiding his Bar Louie’s drinking hole for his former one, since he was seen in Tailgater’s last night with Carcerano, sans Chrissy.

    A man about to have a summer wedding should be busy making reception plans, ironing out seating arrangements, lining up flowers, photographers. Not trolling the bars, yet again, for another engagement nominee.

  15. Rescue,

    Thanks for update. Must be planning for the “fight” in Vegas with Mike. Hopefully, that’s it and nothing against any of the witnesses in this case.

  16. WSF – you’re welcome. As facs says, Peterson doesn’t like to be laughed at – he thinks everyone should look up to him.

    Well, you know what? We ALL laughing.

    Two words Drew.

  17. Heh – Carcerano has sold his soul to the devil.

    Which is a good thing. Because if he’s going to offer any “credible” testimony in a future trial for dopey, he’ll look just about as sinister and evil. Funny how Boobsky likes to talk about every one else’s past indiscretions, police run-ins. Carcerano – ? Not a choir boy. He’s going to get his turn talking about his “slip-ups” too.

  18. And Robinson? How do you get charged and go on trial for beating three women in a drunken, violent rage, continue to hang out with dopey, the bff, and expect to be treated like a credible, believable witness in a potential trial against a suspected murderer?

    Hmmmm? That’s worth a paying ticket to see that unfold.

  19. Now that we know the who and what, we need someone to tell us the why.

    That would be news! I can think of 10 reasons why she should have bugged out of that idiot’s den of iniquity, but Raines’ reason would be something to hear.

  20. I wonder…Would this “alleged move-out-again” be the attention the two time murderer is trying to get this week ?

    Oh the drama-rama of it all.

  21. I saw this comment on one of the news stories:

    Drew’s people are probably the one’s who leaked the Morphey story to the press. Drew will be almost impossible to prosecute now. They’ll have to move this trial to the moon to get an impartial jury, sure as hell can’t find one within a thousand miles of Will County. This will turn into an O.J. fiasco 3 ring media circus, with Drew walking in the end.

    Beyond the obvious ignorance revealed in the statement about “Drew’s people” being behind the story (Morphey gave the interview. Duh) it’s just pretty laughable to imagine that the hours and hours of interviews Drew has granted, the book he published (yeah I know, it’s not ‘his’ book), and the media shenanigans he’s taken part in couldn’t possibly have had any influence on the jury pool. But, Tom stepping forward to corroborate the story that Walter told to the press 17 months ago, now THAT’s the thing that’s going to bias the jury. 🙂

    And if they think this thing isn’t already an “O.J. fiasco 3 ring media circus” they need to just do a quick Google of “Drew Peterson” to confirm it…and it’s the fault of Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky who have never, for a moment let the publicity and tasteless hijinks die down.

    I do agree that Drew will walk at the end…dressed in an orange jumpsuit and shackles on his way to prison. How frustrating it will be for him that he can’t give out hugs to the ladies as he exits from the courtroom.

  22. Facs, what do you EXpect from comments like this? It probably comes straight for the horseass’s mouth. Well, er, a surrogate horseass.

  23. When is Drew going to start hanging out with a better class of people?

    Is this yet another misunderstanding and Chrissy overheard a few things and misunderstood, and moved out?

    Just in case, Drew might want to install a revolving door.

  24. I have to admit that part of me wants to see him prove on national TV that Joel is making stuff up. Recent picture indeed!

    Um … doesn’t that car have a GPS tracker installed for Chrissy’s safety? Drew shouldn’t have all that much trouble finding her. 😉

  25. I’d have to admit that I’d enjoy seeing him disprove a few of the things that have been said about him by the wrecking crew.

    The pictures, him saying on national tv that those pictures were purchased by Peterson and Carcerano from an ex-girlfriend.

    As an aside, I can’t imagine how Brodsky can justify posting those pictures on the Legal Blog, amongst fellow attorneys, as “proof” that Morphey has recently been involved in drugs, knowing full well where and how those pictures were obtained.

    If he’s not a laughing stock by now…..

  26. I wonder when the last show with DP and Brodsky was recorded. Before or after Hosey’s article mentioning all the story with the pictures.

  27. cyrhla – do you mean the link that womenscorned put up to the interview with Dan Abrams? That was from last April.

    “Verdict with Dan Abrams:Thursday, April 24, 2008”

  28. Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

    ABRAMS: But there‘s a lot of people talking about killing them. I mean, that‘s the thing. You‘ve got a lot of ex-wives, and a fiance, and they‘re all talking about not just, we didn‘t get along, not just things weren‘t going so well. They‘re using the word “killing” with regard to Drew Peterson.

    BRODSKY: Well, you mentioned Tom Morphey, for example, for example. When you look at him – I‘ve got pictures to show you – recent pictures of Tom Morphey to show you what they‘re relying on.

    ABRAMS: You say he‘s not credible. You say he‘s not credible.

    BRODSKY: Well, look at this.

    ABRAMS: All right.

    BRODSKY: This is a recent picture of him smoking dope.

    ABRAMS: You say you‘ve got pictures of him doing drugs.

    BRODSKY: Yes.

    ABRAMS: Look, even if – you claim you have pictures. OK.

    BRODSKY: What do you do when he‘s not credible? You can‘t trust a man like that, that‘s so stoned he can‘t even stand up.

    ABRAMS: Did you see, though, that everyone in the context of the case – everyone except for Joel Brodsky and Drew Peterson has to be lying?

    BRODSKY: No. We didn‘t say that. But what you have to do is you have to examine each person‘s story individually. I mean you can‘t lump them together and say everybody is lying. That‘s simply unfair. That‘s a loaded question.

    You have to examine each statement individually and look at each person – that‘s how you testify in court. Each statement goes up there. It‘s given. You cross examine it and you‘ll test its reliability. That‘s what we have to do. Just saying there‘s a lot of stuff and gee whiz, statistically you must be guilty is unfair and is a loaded question.

  29. Yes. Thanks, facsmiley. Sorry for my stupid question; I must have missed it then though I read about it for sure 🙂
    So if it was in April, Hosey’s story makes a total fool of Brodsky.

  30. Cyrhla – the last time that I know of was when Peterson/Brodsky appeared on Larry King Live. That was last April. Also, at that time, Peterson specifically said, when the subject of Morphey came up, he didn’t want to speak badly of him.

  31. I must have seen this show because I remember Brodsky showing the pictures but maybe I was busy at the time and did not notice that he said these pictures had been recently taken. That is probably why I though the show has been recently 😉 made.
    Thanks for making it clear to me.

  32. noway406 Says:

    March 14, 2009 at 3:11 pm.

    Just in case, Drew might want to install a revolving door


    LOL, LOL,

    Even if Chrissie moved out again for real (!), I still get the feeling this is a deliberate attempt to divert attention away from Thomas Morphey being in the news.

    Unfortunately for Drew, every time Christina continues the moving in and out charade, it only makes them look as stupid, childish, pathetic, immature, mindless and inedequate as they truly are AND it isn’t even news anymore (!!)

  33. I wonder how Brodsky is feeling about the success of his ‘saturate the media’ ‘white noise technique’ now that it’s coming together to bite him and his client in the ass?

    It’s going to put Brodsky in the text books alright, but not the way he was dreaming of…

  34. A three page-teaser plus video at ABC now:

    ‘Love Me … Enough to Kill for Me?’ Stepbrother Says Peterson Asked

    Drew Peterson Asked Odd Questions as Stacy Vanished, Stepbrother Tells ‘GMA’

    March 14, 2009

    Drew Peterson’s stepbrother says in his first network television interview that conversations with Peterson made him highly suspicious Peterson was planning on killing someone.

    Drew Peterson’s stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, discusses his suspicions.”He said, ‘How much do you love me?,'” the stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, told ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “I said, ‘I do.’ And he said, ‘Enough to kill for me?'”

    Morphey, who has spoken to authorities about his experiences, remembers that conversation as having occurred the day before Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared. He also told “GMA” of other conversations he recalled with his stepbrother that convinced him Peterson was up to no good…


  35. Hmm – that was the longest advertisement I’ve ever seen. They aren’t really spilling anything yet.

    “…mentioned a storage locker”? Didn’t they go together to attempt to rent one?

    I will be patient. I will be patient. I will be patient.

  36. facsmiley Says:

    March 14, 2009 at 5:54 pm
    I wonder how Brodsky is feeling about the success of his ’saturate the media’ ‘white noise technique’ now that it’s coming together to bite him and his client in the ass?

    It’s going to put Brodsky in the text books alright, but not the way he was dreaming of…


    It may have worked well if the Media Campaign were conducted by a lawyer with credibilty instead of a loose cannon like JB !

  37. facsmiley Says:

    March 14, 2009 at 5:36 pm
    Yeah cyrhla, a fool and what is worse, a liar.

    Does an innocent man’s lawyer need to lie?


    AND above all, resort to very dirty tricks ??

  38. Quick, hurry, run, Sellit, get dopey on Matt Lauer’s show at the same time, put out a press release, pull a stunt. Do something! Someone is taking dopey out of the spotlight. Oh, no.

  39. IMO, and it does not worry me at all, DP will have to face an additional allegation: fabricating evidence. Letters, pictures of Stacy, now paying for pictures of Tom’s to put the main witness in the bad light, as well as fake phone calls and messages from Stacy.
    If ISP is able to prove it, the case will not be moved to another county and Brodsky’s accusation that the police is not looking for Stacy in Peoria, Kentucky, Jamaica or Thailand will have no basis.

  40. Peterson has said Stacy decided to leave him in 2007 for someone else.

    “She said she was leaving,” Peterson said. “She found somebody else. She’ll be gone for a while.”

    Gone for a while? How long is a while?

  41. cyrhla Says:

    March 14, 2009 at 7:50 pm
    IMO, and it does not worry me at all, DP will have to face an additional allegation: fabricating evidence. Letters, pictures of Stacy, now paying for pictures of Tom’s to put the main witness in the bad light, as well as fake phone calls and messages from Stacy.
    If ISP is able to prove it, the case will not be moved to another county and Brodsky’s accusation that the police is not looking for Stacy in Peoria, Kentucky, Jamaica or Thailand will have no basis.


    Yes Drew and Brodsky fabricating evidence – phony emails, phone messages “ridding like a bucking bronco”, phony sightings, letters and pictures, the stupidity never ends !

  42. BRODSKY: This is a recent picture of him smoking dope.


    I find it so disgusting anyone ever taken a headache tablet, having a drink or smoked a cone in their lifetime is labelled a person with mental illness and drug/alcohol problems by a murder suspect and a lawyer with an extremely dishonest and problematic past !

    What gives !

  43. Or my personal favorite…Brodsky holding himself hostage with a shotgun…I don’t call that sane behavior. I think it would be “wonderful” if some reporter ( I don’t care who at this point) would confront him on it…say something along the lines of…

    Well Mr. Brodsky you say that TM has a history of mental illness, could you please tell us about your mental breakdown when you decided to hold yourself hostage with a shotgun and scare the hell out of your family ?? I am sure the public would love to hear your expertise in this matter…PUKE !

  44. WSF – thanks for the info. That would appear to be the very reason the media doesn’t bother with those two anymore. She could very well be out one minute and back the next. The ink would hardly be dry on the story before it would change again.

  45. Or my personal favorite…Brodsky holding himself hostage with a shotgun…I don’t call that sane behavior. I think it would be “wonderful” if some reporter ( I don’t care who at this point) would confront him on it…say something along the lines of…

    Well Mr. Brodsky you say that TM has a history of mental illness, could you please tell us about your mental breakdown when you decided to hold yourself hostage with a shotgun and scare the hell out of your family ?? I am sure the public would love to hear your expertise in this matter…PUKE !


    The only one that’s ever done that so far has been Lenny !

    When Joel was prodding Lenny with his relentless accusations, Lenny reminded Joel of an incident in a Court room where Joel had been tied to a desk (!!)

    That was the best come back ever !

  46. Oh yeah I remember that. LMAO that was a good one. G’nite everyone,nice chatting with all this wonderful evening 🙂

  47. Thanks WSF. Who was it who said ‘revolving door’?

    As for the tying himself to a desk incident, was that the interview with Mike and Juliet when Lenny threw that in Joel’s face?

  48. There should be many more of those great come backs as Joel Brosdky has a closet full of skeletons and more “incidences of mental illness” than anyone he has ever accused of !!

  49. facsmiley Says:

    March 14, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    6:25 or so on this video Lenny tells Joel to go chain himself to a courtroom table again.


    Joels reaction to that is priceless !

    He is really losing it big time, a reaction worthy of a tranquilizer dart – LOL !

  50. How desperate is Drew to be back on telly now? Bad enough to risk Mike and Juliet again? 😀

    Will Joel be made to produce all the letters containing death threats against DPig? Remember him stammering and admitting that they hadn’t been turned over to LE to be examined and followed up, but rather Jowls said he was keeping them on file?

    Something else that I find peculiar in a general way is that people still appear to be horrified by weed, but accept alcohol. I’ll bet Jowls himself is a regular drug-taker!

  51. Thanks Cyrhla. That’s interesting reading. I didn’t realise there was a ‘problem’ with Uncle Carrol’s final inventory of the estate.He appears to descibe anything above and beyond the boys’ trust fund ‘of little value’, if I’ve understood that correctly. Oops. It’s looking worse than I thought.

  52. FYI, at noon Eastern Time (about 15 minutes from now) Chris Cuomo of Good Morning America is holding a Twitter Chat. If you are on Twitter you can join and ask questions about his interview with Tom Morphey.

    Sorry about short the notice. I just got word myself.

    Follow Chris’ Twitter page for more info:


    half a minute ago from TwitterBerry

  54. ChrisCuomo: Morphey says peterson asked for help night before stacy disappeared. And asked his help to move a barrell the following night. #petersoncase -11:11 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: tm says barrell heavy enough to need two. says drew had leverage on him (warrants, addiction, no job, asking for money). -11:24 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: police held him in protective custody he says for 2 months+. police never gave reason for not arresting or sending to gjury -11:26 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: when tm learned abt stacy missing, says overdosed and was in hospital. coming forward because not sure will get day in court -11:27 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: says peterson told him to say he knew nothing if police q him. says peterson asked him if he loved him enough to kill for him -11:27 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: says he put barrel in drew’s car and drew drove away after saying “this never happened”. main q is: is tm credible? -11:29 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: tm’s wife sent to gjury but not him. sometimes key witness is last straw prior to arrest. but seems long delay here. -11:31 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: tm admits to constant struggle with addiction. says was drunk night of barrel. seemed fine in intv -11:32 AM Mar 15th, 2009

  55. ChrisCuomo: tm says cops said no media. also gave him immunity. he did a print intv now this. -11:34 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: interesting, tm says dp left him with dp’s cell in park night of barrell. says stacy called twice. why? -11:36 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    (OK, we’ll watch – we’ll watch! Obviously the chat is a promo for the show…)

    ChrisCuomo: tm says afraid of dp. felt powerless against powerful cop. says dp was telling what was up without telling him -11:39 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo: says doing intv now because does not know if will get day in court. cops and dp lawyer asked for comment. waiting -11:40 AM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo:…tm story interesting tomorrow because you will get to evaulate the best possible scenario that implicates dp for yourself

  56. Well, it appears Mr. Cuomo, although initiating the chat, did not realize that there was a chat room and he was just posting from this twitter account. Therefore he didn’t see the majority of the questions posted.

    Here’s what he posted after he was made aware of the fact:

    ChrisCuomo @facsmiley we asked cops and drew peterson’s lawyer for comment. no answer yet -12:04 PM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo apologies. until one of you sent the link, i did not know you can set up an isolated chat…still dont know how -12:08 PM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo this is an exclusive -12:07 PM Mar 15th, 2009 (I had asked if Morphey had any other interviews scheudled while in NYC or if the GMA appearnce was an exclusive)

    ChrisCuomo tm’s story has not changed. solid incator of reliability. friend and wife sent to gjury. but not him -12:06 PM Mar 15th, 2009 (I asked if he thought Tom was credible)

    ChrisCuomo tm does not know if calls were from stacy or dp. either way, smart move to establish location -12:05 PM Mar 15th, 2009 (I asked if Tom thought the ‘Stacy’ calls were actually from DP)

  57. ChrisCuomo @seminolegirl97: a person can be drunk and still be a witness, of course -12:30 PM Mar 15th, 2009

    ChrisCuomo @seminolegirl97: he should not be exposed to any legal action by authorities. dp attny may contradict him with gusto -12:56 PM Mar 15th, 2009

  58. You scoopster, you, Facs….He is safe from legal action by authorities. good 🙂
    LOL “..Dp atty may contradict him with gusto” rofl
    ….we’ve been here before, so to speak…the moment when at the periphery of our minds somewhere we’re certain Brodsky will not disgrace himself again.Will he? Won’t he? Surely not! and stop calling him Shirley. lol

  59. I tried to get in the chat but couldn’t. Gave up and went to shut it down, and now I’m in … obviously twitter-challenged. 🙄

  60. I’m wondering why it’s taking Joel so long to comment … is he waiting until he watches Tom? Or is there some stunt in the making even as I type?

  61. If he learns from the experience, Noway, he is going to wait till Monday. During his last press confrence he made a total fool of himself accusing Tom of being not credible and long history of mental, alcohol and drug problems. Then Hosey published the information on the pictures. As some musicians say, do not start playing before the ochestra :).

    However, it is also possible he will never learn anything…or simply Sellig is spending this weekend with his family, not at work 😉

  62. I was a little alarmed to hear that Morphey gave the GMA interview with no attorney present. I hope he’s at least getting advice from one.

    I scrambled to figure out the Tweetchat thingy – luckily happened to remember my password. It was a bit of a clusterfuck but a couple of good tidbits came out of it.

    Thanks to Skunk of Bolingbrook/aka Drew Peterson for letting me know it was about to happen!

  63. A tweet from Pastor Schori:

    neilschori: a friend texted me last night to let me know that he was 10 feet from Drew Peterson at Bar Louie in Naperville. How is that joker free?!?!?

    about 1 hour ago from web

  64. I just don’t understand why Thomas Morphey thinks he’s been neglected/abandoned by States Attorney/LE if they put him in protective custody in the first place ??

    This is still an ongoing investigation, there haven’t been any arrests, let alone a Court case, so how can Thomas say he’s been overlooked or forgotten as nothing has happened yet ??

  65. This is why States Attorney/LE did take Thomas Morpheys statements seriously:

    Protective Custody

    An arrangement whereby a person is safeguarded by law enforcement authorities in a location other than the person’s home because his or her safety is seriously threatened.

    When a witness to a crime is intimidated not to testify because the alleged perpetrator or her associates have threatened physical violence against the witness or the witness’s family, law enforcement authorities have the ability to offer the witness protective custody.

    Protective custody may last only until the end of a trial or it may last for several years. State and federal governments operate witness protection programs that provide assistance to those who wish to cooperate but who are afraid of physical retaliation.

  66. Didn’t Thomas Morphey want to kill himself because he feared Drews retaliation and feared for the safety of his family ??

    If the States Attorney came to the hospital (in person no less) to offer immunity to Thomas in lieu for his statements, they must have taken him VERY, VERY seriously, so why does Thomas think they’re done with him and abandoned him ???

    HUH ???

  67. Maybe he is just getting antsy becuase they are taking so long. I think everyone is puzzled that it it taking so long to build this case. It must be even more frustrating for a witness who has experienced the events firsthand.

  68. I wonder…How much longer before an indictment is handed down ?

    Days ? weeks ? months ?

    I wonder…What is definition of soon according to the Illinois SA ??

    I wonder…If I am this impatient…How much more impatient are the friends and families of the victims ? Or do they have some comfort in knowing this SOB is going down..it’s just a matter of time…IMO 😉

  69. noway406 Says:

    March 15, 2009 at 3:08 pm
    I’m wondering why it’s taking Joel so long to comment … is he waiting until he watches Tom? Or is there some stunt in the making even as I type?


    LOL, LOL !

    Isn’t every comment Joel makes a stunt in itself ??

  70. Could it be Thomas as well as Lenny and Paula etc were thinking Drew would be arrested straight away on the strength of their statements/overhears etc as I also remember Lenny saying Drew would be arrested within a month, so maybe everyone thinks their information will put Drew behind bars, but everything they contributed is all part of the giant puzzle and my guess is the puzzle is at least 100.000 pieces !!

  71. I wonder….What could possibly be on the “overhear’s” that made L & P think
    he is guilty ? I mean what specifically ??

    It sure will be interesting to hear whatever it turns out to be….

    At trial 😉

  72. Oh and I find myself wondering…What was it that DP tried to bury in L & P’s backyard ??I got to admit that has me stumped.


    Levi Page Show

    Date / Time: 3/15/2009 9:00 PM
    Category: Current Events
    Call-in Number: (347) 838-9781

    The evidence piles up in the case against Casey Anthony charged with the brutal murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The case has been declared a “circumstancial case” by legal experts and many court watchers predict a “dogfight” in court. Blog Talk Radio host Levi Page looks at where the case stands now with former detective and crime author Stacy Dittrich, criminal defense lawyer Stephen Naratil and murder prosecutor Donna Pendergast in a Live prime time special. Also new developments in the case against Drew Peterson! Will there ever be justice for 23-year-old mother Stacy Peterson who went missing in October of 2007? Joseph Hosey, author and reporter for the Chicago area’s Herald News has the latest.

  74. http://usesherbrain.blogspot.com/2009/03/day-eleven-friday-march-13-2009.html

    Here’s a little bit from a blog called “Brain Candy”. This is how the blogger describes herself:

    Illinois, United States
    Currently interning with the Illinois State Police in order to finish up my undergrad degree in Criminal Justice from Illinois State University.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009
    Day Eleven: Friday March 13, 2009

    …I ended up heading to Joliet with Ken to follow up on a few leads….

    We started out by stopping in the District 5 Headquarters in Lockport to talk to a few other investigators about some tips they had received that morning. Afterwards, we headed out to talk to someone who had seen some suspicious activity from around the time Stacy went missing. We followed up with him and then met up with the others for a lunch meeting…

    …one of the District 5 agents, Jurgita, took me over to Drew Peterson’s house to check on a few things. It was interesting to see that his next door neighbor has her front yard covered with signs for Stacy’s missing person tip line and cameras that are trained on Drew’s house all hours of the day…

    Monday, March 9, 2009
    Day Seven: Monday March 9, 2009

    I always imagined investigations with the Illinois State Police to be some amazing enterprise with lots of excitement and adventure. However, my first day was quite the opposite. I can’t divulge much of what I was working on, but I can say this: it’s a lot of paperwork, and no glory (at least not yet). I’m working on the Stacy Peterson missing person case. And even though I’m doing grunt-work, it’s still going to be quite an accomplishment to look back in ten years when all the movies come out and say, “Yeah, I helped solve that case!” I’m hoping that when/if they make an arrest, they’ll let me tag along. Or at least if they go to interview someone, or do any kind of field work, they’ll let me be there with them. It would be an amazing experience for me.

  75. Ever since it’s become known Joel Brodsky wanted to sabotage Joe Hosey and his career, Joe has been doing his best ever investigative journalistic work on the Drew Peterson case.

    I think that’s called Poetic Justice !

    LOL !

  76. Anyone else listen to the Levi Page show?

    Hosey said that he has more information and evidence related to the case that he’s trying to get into the papers (not sure what that means).

    He also said he never asked Tom Morphey if he had been given a polygraph exam, but he didn’t think that he had.

    He said when people see Tom on GMA tomorrow they will see that hes a “soft spoken articulate man” rather than the drugged out mental case Joel would like you to think he is.

    Tom didn’t want to talk about the money that Drew did or didn’t give him the night that he moved the barrel. I missed exactly why that was. Something about Walter…

    Also mentioned that Drew and Joel were on the radio this evening on some AM radio show.

    There should be a recording available at some point. I wasn’t able to give the show my full attention so I know I missed some things…

  77. The only other thing I got about the money issue is that it was something that came out through Walter, and, yes, TMorphey didn’t want to get into it.

    I also was intrigued by Joe Hosey saying there’s more he’s trying to get into the paper about the events of that day.

  78. facsmiley Says:

    March 15, 2009 at 10:25 pm
    Anyone else listen to the Levi Page show?

    Hosey said that he has more information and evidence related to the case that he’s trying to get into the papers (not sure what that means).


    You can bet your butt there is lots and lots more information and evidence relative to Thomas Morpheys account of things, but I just hope what is going to be revealed is not going to jeopardize either the ongoing investigation or any future Court hearings.

  79. I’m also convinced the craziness, drug/alcohol problems and mental illnesses are not on Thomas Morpheys side.

    Just one look at Drews version of the timeline will tell you Drew must have been hallucinating/on drugs/mentally ill when he made that up (!!)

  80. I don’t think the money makes it worse for Tom, that’s always been in the narrative. Just too much detail for now. Records for Drewpy withdrawing whatever the amount? DP’s DNA on the bills? 😉

  81. I couldn’t find a recording at WIND AM, but one may appear. ( he’s gone for comfortable teritory, I think…this Geoff Pinkus, like mancow, protest too much about man-things 😉 )

  82. Hi, bucketoftea:)
    I cannot wait for the show with Thomas. Will it be shown live? And what time exactly? Have you got any idea?

  83. This is getting better all the time !!

    Drew now admits he and Thomas Morphey went to a storage facility because Drew needed to store some tyres.

    Didn’t Drew say on Saturday he was supposed to take Thomas to a job interview, but Thomas was “too drunk” to go (!!)

    So if Thomas was “too drunk” and useless to go anywhere, what was the point in Drew taking him to the Storage facility ???

    Once again that story doesn’t make sense !

  84. Good morning…I wonder…did anyone else get the impression we were going to hear more details about that day than what we did ?

    Also I find TM a hell of alot more credible than JB or DP.

    I wonder…will DP get life or death when he is convicted ? hmmmmmm

  85. Thanks for link, Bucket!

    Drew Peterson acknowledged in a radio interview Sunday that he and a stepbrother visited a southwest suburban storage facility the day before his wife Stacy disappeared in 2007, but he insisted he was not plotting a murder.

    Peterson, in an interview on WIND-AM (560), said he and Thomas Morphey visited the facility on Illinois 53 because Peterson needed a place to store tires cluttering the garage of his Bolingbrook home. He said he was just looking and did not rent a storage space.

    Sounds like he’s afraid someone’s going to come up with some video or document evidence.

  86. I hope the tides are turning, and Peterson will be on the run now; be the one that has to defend his credibility and un-squeaky clean life. It’s about time.

  87. There must have been a lot more to the discussion between Drew and Thomas Morphey as why would Thomas asked: “isn’t that going to smell” ?
    and Drew said: “No, it’s going to be in a sealed container”

    What was that discussion about ???

    Storing tyres ???

  88. OMG Tires ? That is the best he can come up with ?? Who the hell pays to store something like that when they are a homeowner ??

    I wonder…Anyone else see an “indictment,trial,conviction and an
    incarceration” in the near future for the
    two time murderer ?

  89. Can DP or his annoying attorney find ANYONE to say during that time DP had SOO MANY tires in his garage, that it warranted a storage facility?
    That would be a lot of tires.

  90. BTW – we’ve all seen plenty of pictures of the inside of Drews garage around the time Stacy went missing and his garage was a mess, lots of storage racks, kids toys, a motorbike,a very large tool cabinet belonging to Anthony Cales and lots of other junk, but did anyone see any tyres ???

    LMAO !!

  91. The time line. Peterson hired Derek Armstrong to put it in a book for him. Short and sweet.

    And now, when detail after detail starts to come out that can be proven and verified, he’s looking even more evil. He can spit and spew all he wants – no one finds him credible.

    Tom Morphey’s revelation about the storage locker has the murder suspect having to start explaining his whereabouts. It’s about time.

    Before this, it’s been nothing but name calling and character assassination. No more. Renting a storage locker to store tires? Yeah, okay.

  92. Although the slobo really could use somewhere to store some of that mess in that disgusting garage. Might be why they came up with that “story”. Be interesting to hear if he said just “tires”.
    You would think being retired, he would have time to straighten out that mess, but that would cut into his drinking time.

  93. If you listen to this short portion of the WIND radio interview, he doesn’t sound like the obnoxious, arrogant slob like he always does. He sounds like a stuttering, blubbering moron who’s trying to make it up as he goes along. I hope soon we’ll be able to hear the whole interview.

  94. I just listened to that radio blip.
    “Did DP say “STUFF CAME UP”????
    Is why they did not go through with the rental? I could not hear that too well. Stuff?

  95. If you were thinkin’ about hiring a storage unit for tyres, wouldn’t you just phone or look up rates online? Why would you scope it out? If one were storing fabric or art that must be dry, you might want to look it over. Likewise, if you were going to store something valuable, you might reasonably check out the security yourself. Is the storage facility across the street from the supermarket or something? Probably not, huh.

  96. He’s already had to admit he was near the canal and now he’s admitting he was going to rent a storage facility.

    Oh man the precious timeline in his book is really shot to pieces.

    It’s all Derek Armstrongs fault.

    He made him do it !

  97. If they went into that storage place, would there not be someone to say “the one guy did not have an I.D., so they left”? That would prove it was not DP checking out storage facilities for his “tires and whatnot”.

  98. Womenscorned – yes, “stuff came up.”

    I believe Morphey’s explanation for “stuff” is that he did not have his State ID with him, so, apparently, the locker couldn’t have been rented in his name. He said that they left because, rather than go get his ID and return, the murder suspect didn’t want to draw anymore attention.

    In this short clip, Peterson is also questioned by the interviewer about what his current status is with regard to ISP. He blubbered and stuttered, and refused to acknowledge that he is, in fact, considered a suspect in Stacy’s disappearance.

    It is so clear, like what happened with Shepherd Smith and the blue barrel question, when he’s put on the spot without a chance to have prepared ahead of time with scripted questions, he is terrible.

    Just what the doctor ordered! Drew Peterson peppered with spontaneous questions of what’s going to be coming out in the news from the main witnesses, and he has no idea what!

  99. rescue: I believe Morphey’s explanation for “stuff” is that he did not have his State ID with him.
    Exactly what I was thinking. I think ‘ol DiP is falling apart!

  100. It will be interesting to find out if this is the closest storage facility to Drew’s home (especially if there is one closer to him that is the same company).

    The more that Drew keeps confirming tidbits to make his story fit into what Tom is saying – the more he is giving credibility to Tom’s accounts. Silly, silly man. I wonder if he’s thinking that he picked the wrong person to use as his patsy.

  101. So Thomas wasn’t hallucinating about the storage unit after all.

    Looks like Thomas Morphey’s recollecting of events is a lot better than Drews and Thomas isn’t into “white noise” either !

    He is very clear and concise with an exact recollection what took place !!

  102. AMY: You’re a suspect!
    DP: O.K.
    JB: You’re a sus……he’s a suspect… …..ahhahh…mm…….in Kath …ahhahhh ….Stacy’s……..
    What happened to JB’s stint as a “Guest Legal Commentator” for TruTV?

  103. ROFL … are the “tires” the ones on the kids’ tricycle and wagon?

    Funny how Tom’s story was all lies, all fantasy, all hallucination … until yesterday when Drew admits they did go to a storage unit on Saturday.

    Makes ya go hmm.


    So the interview was good with TOm then good , Iam waiting to watch it here. boy have I missed alot . as for a storage unit , that is interesting. I agree with one of you . could look on the net or call.
    that is what we did before we rented one , and it does not cost 2.000 as someone said. it was 80 amonth for 12 months. but maybe cause stupid said tires lol it cost more lol. but I do hope he goes in jail soon. does anyone know how LENNY AND PAULA are doing with all this . and that new girl toy he has is wrong wrong. could she be there to spy on drewpy or what … anythoughts.

  105. FYI – I’m waiting for a call back from WIND Radio as to whether or not the full radio interview will be on the website. If so, I’ll let you know.

  106. Was a storge unit ever rented? I heard Drew say he was just INQUIRING about renting.

    Did he INQUIRE at any other storage units … compare prices and unit size?

    Backpedal, backpedal, backpedal!

  107. I wonder….In regards to the “alleged” phone call DP got from SP…If they spoke on the phone meaning her cellphone and his cellphone connected for a certain amount of time wouldn’t that show up on the phone records as opposed to just an attempt on her part to call him ( since we know TM had DP’s cellphone in the park and DP had SP’s with him god only knows where ) I don’t recall hearing or reading anything about whether or not TM answered DP’s cellphone or just let it ring and to go voicemail. I would think there is a way to tell if the call was connected to voicemail as opposed to someone actually answering the call. Just wondering 😉

  108. That’s puzzled me too, wonder. Of course records show whether or not the call was ‘completed’….There’s no charge if it isn’t answered.

  109. Ooh … my bad. I do see tires in that picture. They are hanging on the wall. Yeah … it’s the TIRES that were cluttering up that garage. 🙄

    OT … Hello Lug!

  110. Drew has previously admitted that he was with Tom Morphey the day before Stacy went missing – trying to help him get a job. Somehow he left off the whole storage facility piece though – why would that be??

    PUCCINELLI: How can you explain Thomas Morphey and his involvement?
    PETERSON: Thomas Morphey is a drug and alcohol addict. There’s plenty of
    explanations for Thomas Morphey. The day before this happened I was with him and
    I was trying to get him a job. His entire family told me “Stay away from him because
    he’s got issues that’s he’s not going to work out, with drugs and alcohol” and I was
    actually trying to get him a job and help him like I’ve continued to do all this time
    and I was trying to get a job and he was so drunk that day that I couldn’t even take
    him to the interview so why he is saying what he is saying, I don’t know. I can’t even
    explain what’s going on through his mind.

    Source: http://www.scribd.com/docinfo/11989889?access_key=key-21u44si0bm33979wdj6v

    So it still looks like if there becomes some way to tie Drew and Tom together on Monday that will be a big problem for Drew and his lawyer because they will have to back track from Joel’s assertion that he didn’t see him at all on the day Stay went missing.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Has your — did your client see Tom Morphey or talk to him on the Sunday Stacy disappeared?

    BRODSKY: Absolutely not.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Never saw him.

    BRODSKY: Never saw him.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Never picked him up in a park.

    BRODSKY: Never picked him up in a park or anywhere else.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Never took him to a coffee shop and put a cell phone down on the table.

    BRODSKY: Never, which would — it would seem to me that that could be verified by the fact that there’s no video of it. In this day and age, you know, every coffee shop, Starbucks or such, has video surveillance in it. And since there’s no video, I mean, once again, it goes to prove the lack of credibility of the story.

    Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,314129,00.html (November 30, 2007)

    Why doesn’t Brodsky ever say that Drew is innocent? All he ever does is say that the other witness isn’t credible, the pastor shouldn’t tell people what someone told him, and that there aren’t any videos or other proof.

  111. Wonder – The story that’s out there is that Peterson told Morphey not to answer the cell phone.

    As to the cell phone calls, etc., it gets confusing.

    Morphey says he was in a park, dropped off by DP, holding his phone, when two calls came in from “Stacy.”

    Yet, if I am not mistaken, DP said Stacy called him when he was “at home with the kids.”

    If that cell phone was with Morphey in the park, how can DP “prove” he was home with the kids when she called him?

    Does that sound confusing? Cuz I am confused!!!!!

  112. * 9 p.m. – Drew is at home when he receives a call from Stacy informing him she is leaving with another man.

    * 9:15 p.m. – Drew leaves to go look for Stacy.

    * 11-11:30 p.m. – Drew returns home as Cassandra Cales calls him looking for her sister. Drew tells her Stacy had left him and took clothes, money and her passport.

    * 11:45 p.m. – Drew walks to the airport to drive Stacy’s car back home.

    * Midnight – Drew goes to bed.

    * 2:30 a.m. – Bolingbrook police call Drew to inform him that Cassandra Cales has filed a missing persons report for Stacy.

  113. PETERSON: The day before this happened I was with him and
    I was trying to get him a job and he was so drunk that day that I couldn’t even take him to the interview.


    This is what Drew Peterson said previously about Thomas Morphey and the Saturday prior to Stacy going missing.

    That Thomas was so drunk, he couldn’t even take him to the interview.

    Now he is admitting he was with Thomas on Saturday and they went to the Storage facility together.

    Nothing about Thomas being too drunk to go anywhere.

    Never let a lie get in the way of another lie (!!)

  114. I think BOTH Tom and Sheryl appeared very credible.

    Tom certainly wasn’t the stereotypical drug/alchol addict suffering from mental illness. I think his appearing on TV dispeled that picture in a lot of peoples’ minds.

    I was against him appearing at all but may need to rethink that.

  115. I wonder…Will it be the phone records that nail this two time murderer to the wall ?

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm 😉

  116. Noway says: Tom certainly wasn’t the stereotypical drug/alchol addict suffering from mental illness. I think his appearing on TV dispeled that picture in a lot of peoples’ minds.


    On the opposite side, Drew certainly is the stereotypical crime suspect, who has two wives dead or missing under mysterious circumstances, he has gaps in a timeline for his whereabouts of the day, he’s made conflicting statements or left out details about things that he’s backtracking about now, and the last time I noticed, he’s been in a bar/lounge every weekend, even photographed and videotaped, with a bottle neck shoved in his puss.

    Go figure how he thinks he’s credible?????

  117. I read on another board that Drew also has a storage shed on his property.

    Can anyone confirm that? He says they were cluttering up his garage, but I wondered whether he does have a storage shed too.

  118. bucketoftea Says:

    March 16, 2009 at 9:37 am

    That’s puzzled me too, wonder. Of course records show whether or not the call was ‘completed’….There’s no charge if it isn’t answered.

    I think you made excellent point, Bucketoftea. If Drew had answered the phone and talked to Stacy, there would be charges on her account. Tom says he did not answer the phone but we do not unfortunately know if any voice message was recorded on Drew’s phone or not. I believe no message was left, but Drew’s phone was just ringing for 5 minutes. So her account was not charged then.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  119. If Peterson got a call from Stacy at home, as he said he did, it wasn’t on his home phone, because he went to all those lengths to have her call show up on his cell phone. The one that Morphey was holding. Morphey says he was told not to answer it. Yet, if Peterson was going to go to all the trouble of setting up pings and calls, why didn’t he just tell Morphey to answer it, wait until the call ended on the other end, then disconnect? As it sounds now, two calls showed up on Drew’s cell phone, I believe Morphey has said, both unanswered.

    Also, I wonder if that park is very near Peterson’s house, in which the cell phone would ping from the same tower as if he were home. He seemed to have a quickly thrown together plan going, so this might be one of the aspects of it.

    I just wonder how Morphey could spend all that time in a park, waiting for Peterson to go through his convoluted scheme, without anyone seeing Morphey alone there, lingering in the park.

  120. Funny how Joel’s story about Drew has changed over the year and change:

    http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=3557855n (Nov 30, 2007)

    Funny how he’d go on TV and say there was never an order of protection taken out.

    And funny how he also says that Tom’s wife vanished 10 years ago and now it is somehow 15 years ago.

    And interesting that he only gave a roundabout answer to the last question – “Do you maintain your client is innocent of all, well he hasn’t been charged, but he is certainly a suspect in this murder case?”

  121. “There was never any barrel.”

    What are they going to say or do about the mystery neighbor who reported there WAS a barrel? Two men, one being Peterson, carrying it out of the house?

  122. It could be possible that Drew called Morphey from his home and then left his phone with the older boys. Then he could have taken Stacy’s phone back from Tom and called his cell phone to talk to his boys for a couple of minutes to register the call there.

    Bottom line though is that his knowledge of phone pings would indeed make it harder for the prosecution. However, it would be great if Morphey had a cell phone as well that could be used to back up his story but I’ve heard no mention of him having his own cell or one with him those days anyway.

  123. And the ‘white noise’ technique bites Joel and Drew in the ass once more.

    If Drew had said nothing about what he and Tom Morphey did the day before his wife disappeared, we’d have nothing to compare his earlier statements to.

    Instead we’ve heard Drew say over and over for a year and a half that he took Tom to a job interview with NEVER a mention of a storyage facility. NOW he suddenly says that, oh by the way, they DID go to a storage facility as well?


  124. TAI, it seems like Drew was pretty careful to not phone Morphey, and instead just ‘showed up’ at his house when he needed him.

    Tom has said that he called Drew a couple of times, but who knows if that was from a land line or…

  125. I thought Drew said he was in the driveway during that call from Stacy … and I wondered if a phone would ping differently IN his HOUSE versus IN his DRIVEWAY.

    Also, not sure about when that picture of the cluttered garage was taken (November 2007 is as good as I can do) but since Drew said the unit was never rented (and therefore, the tires remained where they were?) I don’t think he got rid of the tires before the picture was taken.

    It is believed this was after his head clearing trip, but does he deny that it took place too?

  126. Yes, Facs, and no professional, respectable defense attorney would condone his client making statements all over the place for over a year, to come back to bite him in his ass later.

    Even Brodsky is guilty of doing that.

    Brodsky is not the “lawyer,” Peterson is. He’s calling the shots, and all he uses Brodsky for is his law license to be able to appear before a judge in a court room. Big deal. All of the strategies are Peterson’s.

    Statements, lie detector tests, time lines, pictures, text messages, ramblings, drew dates, drew fights. What respectable attorney would do this?

  127. Rescue – LOL!

    Here is a hypothetical situation play-by-play in slower motion…

    1) Drew leaves Stacy’s phone at park with Morphey.

    2) Drew goes near Rosetto’s home and calls Stacy’s phone 2x from his own cell phone.

    3) Drew returns to park and picks up Morphey.

    4) Drew drops his cell phone off at his home and tells the boys (Kris/Tom) to answer it.

    5) Drew calls his own cell phone from Stacy’s phone and talks to them for a couple of minutes.

    6) Drew removes the battery and disposes of Stacy’s phone somewhere.

  128. Facs – I agree with you 100%. All this time Drew and Joel kept saying over and over how Drew was going to take Tom on an interview and he was too drunk to go.

    No word of visiting a storage facility. Drew is an ex-cop. He intentionally left that off because he KNOWS that it would be suspicious.

    The funny thing about the truth is that it never changes! Some people never get that.

  129. I really felt bad for Tom’s girlfriend in that interview. I found it extremely interesting though that Drew went and visited their home and asked her why she was there. Umm – she lives there!! WTF was he doing there???

  130. For someone who put so much emphasis on pinging in all the right places, I find that ironic.

    I do recall Brodsky saying that phone records are not reliable all the time. He said we’ve all had billing errors relating to our phones – that’s his theory on why they’re not reliable.

    So, if they’re not reliable for us, then I don’t give a rat’s ass where his phones pinged from or who called who.

  131. The Big Story w/Gibson

    BRODSKY: Well, like I say, I’m not going to get into time lines about where Drew said he was. He gave that to the state police, but anybody that’s ever had a problem with their cell phone bill knows that the cell phone records are not 100 percent reliable. They have millions upon millions of bits of data coming in almost an hourly basis and you know, while they are somewhat indicative of what can happen, they are not 100 percent reliable as we’ve just found out when the state police realized there are nothing there.

    NAUERT: Joel, you are his attorney, why can’t you tell us what his alibi is?

    BRODSKY: Well, because as any good lawyer will tell you, once you give a statement once and give it to the authorities — that’s where it ends. And we’re not going to go into the detail about that. Now, if the Illinois State Police wish to release the copy of Drew’s statement, that’s fine, but we’re not going to give another statement or another explanation about the timeline on that night. Remember, they said he’s a suspect. He’s the target of their investigation, so we have to be cautious.

  132. LOL I just listened to the little audio clip again..

    Brodsky: “..disappearing is not a crime”
    LOL neither is being murdered.

    Unfortunately, causing another to disappear against their will, uhm, uh, is.

  133. OK. Guys. I may be a bit loopy here but I recall someone saying something about a psychic indicating the numbers 26 and 9 some time back on the Topix forum. (I have to look back at this to make sure that is the right numbers.)

    OK – So here is what is freaking me out again (as it did when I first stumbled upon something on mapquest).

    Exit 269 on I55 is the Joliet Road (aka Route 53 at some points) exit.

  134. Yesterday, neither one of them could figure out what Peterson was – suspect or liar.

    Time lines – you only give one and don’t go into detail?


  135. LOL – Psychic, schymic. They’re not tuned in very well. She’s still missing, no matter what they throw out there.

  136. Route 53 is about 5-7 miles away from the Peterson home yet there are a few storage facilities listed as being less a mile from Peterson’s home. Who goes that far away to store their own stuff??

    And in this day and age – most people go for the closest and cheapest and let their fingers do the walking – rather than go in and talk to the places to see what they charge. That has to be the dumbest explanation I’ve heard so far out of Drew’s mouth.

  137. cyrhla Says:

    March 16, 2009 at 11:19 am
    TAI, Tom had Drew’s phone with him, not Stacy’s. Drew took Stacy’s phone with him and called his phone.


    OOPS! You’re right. I think my theory just had the phones reversed. Should have been:

    1) Drew leaves HIS phone at park with Morphey.

    2) Drew goes near Rosetto’s home and calls HIS phone 2x from STACY’s cell phone.

    (See what happens when I try to talk slower!)

  138. Drew took Stacy’s phone with him and called his phone.


    Yet, he says he was at home with the kids when she called.

    That’s why I’m asking if that park that Morphey was in would ping from the same tower, as though he were in his house.

  139. rescueapet Says:

    March 16, 2009 at 11:19 am
    LOL – Psychic, schymic. They’re not tuned in very well. She’s still missing, no matter what they throw out there.


    I know – it is just weird about that exit for some reason. This is right around where the new I355 extension meets I55. I’ve heard that they did search around here.

    Drew said that he went to a storage facility off of Rt 53 – of course he doesn’t state which one or where along Rt 53.

  140. The interview this morning sure causes me to wonder what might have been the outcome for Morphey if he had been home alone that morning. Drew asking Cheryl what she was doing home that morning, makes me think he was the one caught off guard. Morphey may have very well saved his own life by swallowing those pills and ending up in the hospital. It’s fair to assume, Drew had something pretty important in mind for Morphey when he appeared at his house at a time when he presumed he’d be home alone, and then he followed up and took the risk of being seen at the hospital. It’s not out of the question that Drew had in mind something as sinister as making sure Tom would never live to tell what he knew, and making it appear that his loser step-brother had coincidentally commited suicide two days after his wife ran off with another man.

  141. Yeah, TAI, it would make sense that they searched in that area. It’s nearby where he lives. I-355 wasn’t yet open, though; it was still being finished up. Some people theorized that he disposed of her in the construction area.

    We’re all here thinking and analyzing everything, which, of course, has been gone over for almost a year and a half by LE. I’m sure it’s clear what happened and how. What’s not clear is – is this case going to take a back seat to Peterson being charged first with Kathleen’s murder, or the fraud relating to her probate estate? Or the original investigation – have records been uncovered that will prove that Peterson was given a pass, or that Kathleen’s death/investigation was merely incompetency?

    So many other branches of this mess.

  142. Rescue, I think Tom was talking about the small park just next to Drew’s house Indian Chase Meadows.

    It picks up the same ping as Drew’s house for sure.

    As for the psychics I do not know, but the place with the shooting range I told you about two days ago, is in the TRIANGLE between 111th St and Quarry Rd. Just next to Lemont Rd (9). There is a kind of box next to this place with a number on it I cannot unfortunately read from the Brird’s Eye view 3D. Would be great if someone could check it.

    This view of the place from the other side resembles me a picture of Brian he once made saying Stacy is a quarry. I have the reflections of the electric tower in water on my mind.


  143. cyrhla, I replaced the very long link in your post above with a tinyurl version as the long link was breaking the page.

    I’d like to ask everyone to please make use of tinyurls if they want to post long links.


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