Drew Peterson and Mancow Found New Church.

Drew's Church of Wings It began shortly after murder suspect Drew Peterson’s first appearance on Mancow’s morning radio show at WLS.

A strong spiritual connection was forged somewhere between the time when Mancow Muller thought he had scored an interview with Drew Peterson’s new fiancee, Christina Raines, and the moment when he was informed that there had been a falling out between the two and that he would be interviewing only Drew Peterson.

In a moment of spiritual revelation, much like that of St. Paul who fell from his horse and experienced an epiphany, Mancow Muller became aware that he was to become spiritual advisor to Drew Peterson.

Shortly afterward they were spotted together at the City Church of Chicago, where Drew signed up for Pastor Alli Munsey’s  Ladies KickBoxing/bible study classes only to be told that is was a women-only class. Undaunted, Drew Peterson continued to follow in the way of Mancow. As Drew said, “It’s true. If you sit in church with him it’s very real and heartfelt. I’m heartfelt that Mancow’s the only person on the planet that’s taken any interest in my soul and I appreciate him as a person, for that.”

Eventually Chrissy returned to Peterson’s side and joined the congregation as well. When asked about her new spiritual leader, she demured, “I would do him”.

Saint Drew’s Church of Mancow inhabits the West Loop location which formerly housed a sports bar owned by the wife of Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky. Pressed for a comment about his new congregation and church service Peterson said, “It has the absolute best chicken wings in the city. A great place to drink, eat listen to music, and watch the game.”

Strangely, some radio hosts, like Geoff Pinkus are not as moved by the spirit, saying only , “Mancow is a true piece of garbage as well. He goes to church with that scum and goes out to eat with him. He is a disgrace to radio.”

Saint Drew’s Church of Mancow is located at 1023 West Lake Street, Chicago Illinois. Hours of Worship: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Monday through Friday; 6 p.m..-3 a.m. Saturday; closed Sundays.

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129 thoughts on “Drew Peterson and Mancow Found New Church.

  1. I wonder…Is today the day that the two time murderer is taken into custody ??

    I wonder…Is he pacing the floors now wondering when they are coming ??

    I wonder…Are they setting up now getting ready to take down the murderer ?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm 😉

  2. Upon reading this article, my mind once again turned to Mancow and how he’s the only one who told Drew he was worried for his soul.

    Mancow has not shown a sign that he has a soul of his own. I cannot find this out on the internet anywwhere – but a long, long time ago (back in the early 1990s), Mancow played a parody that included making fun of Michael J. Fox having Parkinson’s Disease. This was right after I had lost my 90-year-old grandmother to the disease and it irked me so much that he could make fun of someone who was diagnosed so young with a debilitating disease. I actually removed that radio station completely from my car quick channels, would never listen to that station, and still cringe when I hear his voice.

    Maybe Mancow had one of those “come to Jesus” moments or something but I’ll never forget that he did that.

  3. I can’t think of a better day to catch a fool than today. Now, that would make this a Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

  4. Mancow’s completely obnoxious. His messages on twitter alternate between preachy religious banalities and pimping out his radio show or the places he goes to dine (maybe he’s getting comped in exchange).

  5. Mancow just said that he is trying to get Drew Peterson connected on his show again in case anyone is curious to listen to what is likely going to be an April Fool’s Day joke.

  6. Drew is on there and says he’s tired of the nonsense, tired of the crap, and he needs to talk to Mancow. He sounds pretty serious. Very, very weird.

  7. I wonder….What could the two time murderer possibly have to say that we haven’t already heard in some form or another…Blah blah blah. Next ! LMAO

    The only thing I want to hear from that idiot’s mouth is a confession. NOT interested in the rest of his BS !

  8. I do think it will most likely just be a joke and some kind of deal between Mancow and Drew to keep people listening to the show.

    If it is an April Fool’s joke though he should get an Oscar for his ability to sound like he is really serious. That undercover work could come in handy for something after all!

  9. He had told Mancow he had a confession to make and that he trusted Mancow to handle it with dignity because of their “relationship”.

    Mancow quickly cleared up that his “relationship” with Drew was just inviting him to church once.

    That is two April Fool’s Day jokes right there!

  10. I am struggling with physical cringes from hearing Mancow’s voice!! I must be sadistic or crazy or something.

  11. I called it on a different forum:

    Re: Peterson Case Discussion # 5
    « Reply #2059 Today at 10:05am »

    It’s probably a confession that he loves the chicken wings at Brodsky’s wife’s bar & grill.

    Or that he believes he’s the best damn guy in the world and he’s available again if the recent rumors are right so the ladies should get lined up again for chances to be lucky enough to win his heart for this month…

    I should have trusted my instinct!

    I also think Mancow is faking being shocked.

  12. This is what Drew said:

    “I’ve just been on the phone with my attorney Joel Brodsky for the last half hour. He’s telling me just to keep my mouth shut and sit tight but I gotta come clean with it.

    I wanted to do it with you. Is that OK with you?

    This is hard, Mancow. This is hard.

    I just got to tell you. It’s been weighing heavy on my chest for some time now and I just gotta say…that the chicken wings at Addiction Bar and Grill are the best I ever had. 1023 West Lake. Happy April Fool’s Day, Mancow!”

  13. Dang – I so wish I could round up enough money to get some ISP cops to go over to his house in their squad cars, go through the steps they do when they process an arrest warrant, bring him to an ISP station, put him in a interview room, make him wait about 3 hours, and then tell have the whole crew jump into the room and yell “April Fool’s Day!! Hahahaha!!”.

    (I’d prefer if he were actually arrested today – but I know that there is a snowball’s chance in Hell that that would really happen so I picked an alternate prank.)

  14. Facs – He lost his Oscar though because in the last call he was like a little kid and lost his ability to sound like he was serious. He was already laughing before the plug came out of his pie hole.

  15. So, what should we be more disgusted over – the slimeball’s poor excuse of an April Fool’s trick, or the idiot radio host who is pretend-whining that he’s just appalled about it all?

  16. TAI, that is the best joke his former collegues from work could do to him LOL.
    BTW, if he was actually arrested today he wouldn’t even know if it is true or not till the midnight 🙂 Oh, I am sure he would/will not laugh, fac LOL.

  17. Well, Mancow hasn’t killed anyone (that I know of), but the fact that he thinks it’s cute to give airtime to a man who has killed two women in order to mock them…well good thing he’s reading his bible, but he might want to switch to Dante. I think there may be a special circle in hell for him.

  18. Wasn’t it a big deal for Joel, that the bar not be connected to him or to Drew in any way?

    I wonder how Liz B is feeling right now about the murder suspect openly plugging the place…and in such an incredibly tasteless fashion.

  19. I wonder…Will DP be pining over his chicken wing fetish on his first day in general population ??

    I hear them boys love them some white meat ! 😉

  20. He is such a sick shit to joke about confessing. My ex, The Judge, thinks it’s hilarious….he also thinks it’s hilarious that stock market traders leaned out their windows waving £20 notes and mocking the G20 protesters in London this morning. (What I found hilarious was the windows of a (closed for the day) branch of Royal Bank of Scotland (now 70% owned by the people and the chief executive will not give back his £700,000 per year pension after leaving in disgrace) were put through not by a brick, but an anchor …signifies ‘wanker’)

  21. So I just got done calling Addictions to tell them how disgusting it is that they would use the death and disappearance of two young mothers to help launch their advertising campaign.

    I told her that she may be getting calls from others that are equally disgusted with this and that I personally wouldn’t work for any company that would stoop to such a low level.

    Anyone else wishing to express their opinion can contact them at 312 421 8845.

  22. Can’t he just be arrested for being such a schmuck?? I’m glad that the man sees humor in the fact that his kids have lost their mothers.

  23. I tend to doubt that the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) would take kindly to Brodsky using Peterson to promote and market his personal business.

    When they take in complaints against attorneys, typically, they contact the attorney involved and that attorney is given time to respond to the complaint.

    So, I would imagine, if Randy Miller was actually asked by Brodsky, and sent an email by him, to promote his wings on the radio in exchange for the privilege of having Drew Peterson on, that’s not lookin’ real good for him as a legal professional. Wonder if Miller was disgusted enough to initiate a complaint with ARDC?

    I guess that’s what’s called “winging it.”

  24. Rescue – I doubt Miller submitted a complaint. I doubt that Pinkus did either. I also doubt that Mancow will.

    I give Miller a huge kudos though for standing up and not accepting such an unethical form of payment for an interview with dumbass.

  25. Hiya Rescue, sweetie 😉

    Does it have to be Miller who complains? There must be at least one other lawyer in Chicago who owns a bar and is smarting at JB’s unfair marketing advantage!!

  26. Hey Bucket. 😉 Hanging in there!

    I think if Miller received an email from Brodsky, and he was being manipulated by Brodsky into a tit for a tat scenario, he would be the one that would probably have to register a complaint with ARDC. We can be appalled all we want, but unless it was one of us personally involved, it doesn’t matter.

    I’m sure ARDC has a thick file of complaints against Brodsky, but that’s just people venting their outrage for his stupid tactics. Miller, though, was on the other end of a specific request by Brodsky to promote his personal business in exchange for him letting his client give an interview. Not good. If it is true that he personally sent an email to Miller, I can’t believe he’d be that stupid!

  27. I’m torn between expressing my outrage at this idiot and wanting to ignore him and everything he does.

    three one two
    four two one
    eight eight four five

    For those of you who want to go the express outrage route.

  28. He’s that stupid. People like JB think they can get do anything they think they can get advantage from because there is no right or wrong, just what they can get away with. Is there an actual code of conduct for attorneys in Illinois?

  29. I have to wonder whether Drew (a double murder suspect) singing the praises of the chicken wings is going to bring in the crowds.

    Good God! I thought she was desperate when she Tweeted for help to save her restaurant but this is just sad.

  30. Rescue – I think you are right. The ISBA/ARDC won’t even log our complaints since we have no solid proof. So we’re stuck with just being appalled and letting the businesses that are getting the benefit of this White Noise Creepshow Circus know that we find it disturbing they would play along with that game.

    I personally hope there was an official email and that Miller or his station would officially file a complaint. I also hope that Brodsky was sloppy enough to also have put something in writing to Pinkus (who was obvsiously disgusted stating “a deal is a deal” before letting them plug the chicken hole).

    My realism/pessimism steps in though and tells me that nothing will be done and we’ll have to hear this kind of crap for a long, long time.

  31. Little birdies tell me that a story will be running Friday. Maybe that can get pushed up by a day or two.

    Where is justice?

  32. You can also express your disgust via twitter. Write and @mancow or @elliebrod tweet. Even if they are blocking you they will get a direct message from you.

    neilschori@facsmiley what a sorry display of disrespect. Send @mancowmuller notes telling him that kind of thing is unacceptable…
    20 minutes ago from web in reply to facsmiley

  33. Here’s mancow’s twitter about DP:

    Mancow and #Drew Peterson is a smash, now check out the new video of #Andy Dick bad mouthing #Mancow on youtube!
    12:13 PM Mar 31st from web

    So why does Cassidy play along with this shit?

  34. TAI, that was actually his twitter yesterday about the youtube video he had posted a while back of his interview with Drew in the hallway.

  35. Why does Drew get so upset when people put up ribbons, posters, flowers and say that it hurts his kids when he goes out and publicly acts like an ass which hurts his kids as well?

    I cannot believe that the judge would not laugh out loud at Drew if he requests a change of venue because the media keeps trying to make him look bad (considering he does a fine job all on his own).

  36. Oh think! I just looked at some mancow vid on youtube and think mocking those with learning difficulties the way he did even lower than the Parkinson’s thing. Gawd, what POS he is.

  37. That’s exactly the point isn’t it? Ribbons to commemorate the missing and the dead, a memorial garden, a prayer service; Peterson interprets these things as attacks against him and claims that they hurt his children.

    But when he takes a dump after public dump on the memory of their moms and cackles like a hyena…that’s good for the kids?

  38. Bucket – and someone said they heard Mancow ranting about Obama’s slip about his bowling skills and the special olympics in spite of all of his past antics ripping on people.

    Like I said – my irk was mostly a personal one due to my grandmother’s passing of Parkinson’s at the same time he was making fun of MJF.

  39. I sorta take that kind of thing ‘personally’ anyway. Wot a pig. I can forgive Obama’s slip, he meant to be self-deprecating and I’m sure he’s sorry, but rining up a special school pretending to be a pupil not picked up by the school bus while the kind lady on the other end was being very sweet and trying to help. His mom must be proud. Tiny ugly loser.

  40. Might be a good thing to let WLS radio know, that they’re listening audience has just gotten smaller..

  41. It doesn’t have to be the 1st April for Drew to come out with a distasteful joke.

    He’s like that all year round (!!)

  42. What ? Nobody posted their experience with those DRY chicken wings from Addiction Bar and Grill on the restaraunt review site yet? Heard the pizza was “ok”…but those wings are SUPER DRY!

  43. Wow! This is the tackiest, sickest stunt yet. It’s quite clear that he is escalating in stupidity. I would love to punch him in his man bits.

  44. Sorry Lavanda! I’ve been including only public forums/blogs on the blogroll. Is Angels for Stacy public or do you need to sign up to read?

  45. aussienat Says:

    April 1, 2009 at 5:39 pm
    Wow! This is the tackiest, sickest stunt yet. It’s quite clear that he is escalating in stupidity. I would love to punch him in his man bits.


    You’re right Aussienat – Drews jokes are already about as funny as a kick in the groin !

  46. What man bits, aussienat? Aren’t those his ears that are hanging there, since that is the head he uses to steer his daily life.

  47. It was a pretty stupid joke anyway. If anyone got punked it’s poor Liz Brodsky whose bar is now associated with a murder suspect.

    Joel made it very clear in his email to Randy Miller that he in no way wanted the place to be associated to himself or Drew Peterson.

    This will confirm that you will be plugging the following establishment at least two times tomorrow and two times on Friday and that the plug will not be connected in any way to Drew Peterson or his attorney.

    Oops, blew that Drew!

    I guess now they’re going to have to just accept it. Maybe Liz could make up some drinks and name them after Stacy and Kitty….or the kids!

  48. I get the feeling the bar is a Drew/Brodsky project and put in Elizabeths name to avoid having assets in their own names, pretty much for the same reason Drew moved money/assets into Steve’s name
    and Brodsky previously declared himself bankrupt, that way the money never goes to the people i’ts supposed to go to (!!)

  49. He did say he wanted to open a restaurant. That’s interesting…I was reading the Illinois State Bar code of practice and I’m pretty sure a client is not allowed to ‘pay’ a relative of the attorney. What happens when he goes to prison? Drew, do you trust Joel to see you right and/or your kids once you’re inside? Really?

  50. It would be interesting to see how long Joel Brodsky has been in the Bar (as in drinking/eating) business ?

    My guess is only since he teamed up with Drew ??

  51. That’s also why Drew says he wants to marry Chrissie a.s.a.p, so he can move money/assets into her name and away from a Savio wrongful death law suit, which he knows is on the cards (!!)

    Since he’s still married to Stacy and with no quickie divorce on the horizon, as he would have liked to, he has to keep moving money/assets in a different direction, hence several projects in other peoples names, as why would Drew be advertising a bar owned by Elizabeth Brodsky if he had no self interest or investment in it ??

  52. That makes me wonder if he could legitimately share his assets with Chrissie if they married. I think the courts will be finding a big chunk belongs to Kitty’s real heirs. Meanwhile his cars are depreciating, house values down, looking at losing pension, etc.

  53. bucketoftea Says:

    April 1, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    That makes me wonder if he could legitimately share his assets with Chrissie if they married. I think the courts will be finding a big chunk belongs to Kitty’s real heirs. Meanwhile his cars are depreciating, house values down, looking at losing pension, etc.


    Yes, but in the meantime he could put a lot of stuff in her (Christinas) name and it would be pretty much out of reach of the Courts or long and tedious processes to get it back, if at all.

    He just has to make sure Christina doesn’t spend it all on make up and clothes or new boyfriends if he is incarcerated – LOL !!

  54. JAH, it’s my understanding that Joel previously co-owned another bar called the “Wild Goose” which is now closed (?)

    I get the feeling Liz got the bar the same way a lot of bored/wealthy wives open a boutique or art gallery. It’s really in her husband’s name but it’s her project. Just guessing, of course…

  55. The only hitch is that at present he can’t dispose of his/Stacy’s joint assets or anything he deliberately put in her name to keep the Savio’s out at the time, so he pretty much shot himself in the foot so to speak (!!)

  56. facsmiley Says:

    April 1, 2009 at 7:59 pm
    JAH, it’s my understanding that Joel previously co-owned another bar called the “Wild Goose” which is now closed (?)


    LOL, One bar closed and the other one struggling.

    Looks like wise investments then !!

  57. Forgot to mention:

    One bar closed, the other one struggling and a murder suspect doing the advertising !

    Did Joel Brodsky mention duelling banjos at some stage ?

    I can hear them now !!

  58. You chaps think it’s possible he met someone at Clow who was driving Stacy’s car and they went to the river/canal together? We don’t know he wasn’t alone. Good reason not to let them examine her car voluntarily….chemical residue, fingerprints, soil, DNA likely present because he hadn’t cleaned it and put a set of used tires on the Denali yet. ? Would he have been changing over to snow tires around that time? Being careful to protect his accomplice? Who would he want to protect? Someone close enough to tie to him? Someone really close to him who if not involved with Kitty’s murder, probably knows something about it.and may benefit more-or-less directly by eventual inheritance? One of a very few people in the world he really wouldn’t like to take the fall.

    She left the car at Clow, ahem, in case they were seen, and physical trace evidence accumulated.

    I mean no disrespect to Amy Jacobson, I think she did a great job, but I also think that it was a decision to cop to it after Tom’s revelations because there probably were cctvs there and he knows it, never mind potential witnesses. Hmm JB probably advised thus, and if he didn’t he’s an even bigger arse than thought possible. (again)ROFL

  59. Bucket, I’m confused. I think Drew might have had an accomplice. I always thought Mike Robinson or Steve C were involved that night.

    But what are you saying about Amy Jacobson?

  60. Gatekeep? Would you mind deleting the first version w/out the ROFL?

    I’m off to bed, but before I go, and just because he’s such a flippin’ April Fool all year round (value for money!), my daughter bade me tell you that she thinks ‘Sellig’ sounds very like ‘selsig’, which is Welsh for ‘sausage’ goodnight 🙂

  61. Whoah, looks like this was the final straw for Ms. Brodsky. I wonder if it was the general failure of the bar, the endorsement by a high-profile murder suspect, or the many calls the bar received today expressing their disgust at the marketing prank:

    Elliebrod: Ok people, decided I’m going for a job that actually pays me , signed my shares over to the partners! Need a job, kid in college soon! Help!

    about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

  62. Sorry, I should give it up when I’m tired.

    The only thing I ws saying about Amy’s radio with Drew, which I thought was great, I’m not sure she wheedled it out of him so much as it perhaps was tactical and even on his attorney’s advice that he reply to Tom’s revelation about the storage lock-up. I didn’t mean that there was any hanky-panky or foreknowledge or anything. (and I forgot to mention phone ping, and GPS)
    I thought she and Pinkus were great together with him.

  63. the endorsement by a high-profile murder suspect.


    LOL,LOL, I find it so incredulous anyone could even remotely think that engaging a high profile murder suspect to endorse ones business could possibly be beneficial (!!)

    I mean honestly, what are these people thinking ??

  64. Has anyone noticed over the past few months Drew has come forward more and more with semi-truthful versions of what really happened on and around October 28, 2007.

    First he suddenly admitted on the Dr.Phil Show he actually drove around the Canal area, when quizzed about the phone pinging in that area.

    After Thomas Morpheys interview, Drew suddenly confirmed he did go looking for a storage facility with Thomas.

    It looks like he is confirming more and more what ISP already knows to be the truth.

    Wonder what he is going to confirm next (!!)

  65. I wonder…Is the two time murderer even capable of telling any kind of truth ?

    I think the only truth this man knows is…

    He is going down for the murder of two women who will NOT be forgotten !

  66. I have a feeling EllieBrod’s twitter is just another April Fool’s Day joke to get people to stop calling the Chicken Hole.

  67. JAH – I’ve always said that the funny thing about the truth is that it never changes.

    All of these intended omissions and subsequent reveals (right at the time when there is evidence proving this new information) just goes to show that his story is incomplete and likely untrue.

    I wish I could head out to a bar and slip him a Mickey with some truth serum in it – nothing to hurt him but to get him to open his pie hole where it can be recorded.

  68. Facs – I think that in addition to having some drinks named after Stacy, Kitty, and the kids they should also serve something like those tiny weiners wrapped in dough (usually called “pigs in a blanket”) and call them “Under Cover Drews”.

  69. So…she signed her shares over to “the partners”? Wouldn’t one of them be Joel? It was his name all over the paperwork…

  70. facsmiley Says:

    April 1, 2009 at 11:36 pm
    So…she signed her shares over to “the partners”? Wouldn’t one of them be Joel? It was his name all over the paperwork…


    Don’t be surprised if “elliebrod” is Brodsky himself as it makes very little sense a “sharp business woman” as Elizabeth is supposed to be would suddenly discuss private details about her investment in a dying bar on a public blog.

    Brodsky on the other hand would gas bag about everything and anything if he thinks it gets him out of a fix !

  71. This whole Bar business is just another case of “Joel Brodsky Exposed”

    He thought he could sneakily and underhandedly get his Bar promoted on Radio, but he got exposed instead !!

  72. jah said

    Don’t be surprised if “elliebrod” is Brodsky himself as it makes very little sense a “sharp business woman” as Elizabeth is supposed to be would suddenly discuss private details about her investment in a dying bar on a public blog.

    * * * * * * * *
    Our only source for her being a ‘sharp business woman’ is herself, lol, and I think ‘sharp-looking’ is as far as she went. LOL

  73. Good Morning!

    While listening to Mancow,at the end of the show, I’m positive, he said Geraldo will be on the show this morning. Will the suspect call in?????

  74. Don’t be surprised if “elliebrod” is Brodsky himself as it makes very little sense a “sharp business woman” as Elizabeth is supposed to be would suddenly discuss private details about her investment in a dying bar on a public blog.

    * * * * * * * *

    They say one can do almost anything with a wig, clever lighting and a touch of photoshop…. lol.

    * * * *

    Morning whitey!
    Thanks for the Geraldolert:-D

  75. Good Morning..Happy GJ Day ( If it is still going on that is ) !!!

    I wonder…Will there be any GJ news soon ???

    I wonder…If we could lasso up the asso..maybe I could use my magic truth telling belt to get a confession from the two time murdeder 😉

  76. MancowMuller#Geraldo will be on The #Mancow Show in the next 15 minutes!

    about 1 hour ago from web

    I guess I missed it.

  77. Mancow is still saying he’s got Geraldo coming on the show soon but doesn’t say when. He’s probably just doing a belated April Fool’s Day joke.

  78. This is OT …

    Spring apparently has come to other parts of the country, and I saw that search efforts were being discussed on another board.

    I wondered if anyone knew anything about upcoming searches.

  79. There are a couple of sites that have pages for search updates, but I haven’t seen or heard a thing.

    BTW, I just heard the Geraldo bit on WLS. He mostly talked about the G20 protests. He did mention Glenn Selig though (in reference to the possible Blago indictment today). Mancow mentioned that Selig hates Geraldo and Geraldo said that Selig is of no importance, “just a sleazy PR guy”.

    I think that’s about right.

  80. It’s kind of funny to hear that Geraldo would say that someone is “just a sleazy PR guy” when many call him “just a sleazy reporter guy”.

  81. As much as I appreciated Geraldo’s “Skunk of Bolingbrook” pronouncement, it really is a sad state of affairs when out of all law enforcement, justice, government, and media, the highest profile individual to come forward strongly in defense of two murdered women is the guy who opened Capone’s empty vault…

  82. Well said, Coffee.

    I kind of felt the same way when Geraldo was broadcasting from New Orleans post-Katrina, sobbing and pleading for help for the “babies”.

    How effed up is a situation when the strongest moral voice to cry out is Geraldo Rivera!?

  83. The universe moves in mysterious ways….redemption is possible even if you are in the gutter. 🙂

  84. Bonnie Kurowski-Alicea is pulling far ahead in the polls for Bolingbrook Mayor! Now we’ll have a real chance now to get justice for Drew’s victims and their families without Boss Hog Claar protecting Drew.

    However, Boss Hog did manage to find 10 people who would vote for him today (in addition to Drew Peterson’s vote):

    10 of Boss Hog’s Public Works and Finance employees are taken down by the FBI for a massive pay to play kickback scam. One fired Claar employee protests, “we just doin’ likes Boss Hogs tolds us to do so he could gets his kickbacks to his Boss Hog Mayoral Fund. Why idn’t he got in twubble too?”

    ABC News coverage of the Boss Hog kickback scam takedown:


    http://www.bolingbrookmayor.com Write-In Vote Bonnie Kurowski-Alicea April 7 for a honest and safe Bolingbrook!

  85. Hi Everyone! I enjoyed your all too funny conversation! For most of us Mancow has been someone we listened to moons ago! Then we all grew up! He’s always been an obnoxious a**hole! Anyway, if he got punked by a pukey punk great but, I’m sure this was all set up! Peterson will catch himself in a web of lies soon enough; you guys keep plugging!And people all over can’t wait for the day that Glascow scoops Peterson up and off to the clinker he goes! I’m in a nearby community and have heard that Claar is a bit crooked and on most days can’t walk a straight line, for many reasons. Good luck on election day!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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