Drew Peterson’s April Fool’s Day Prank? Tanked.

Yesterday, in an apparent attempt to punk the listening public, suspect Drew Peterson called Mancow’s WLS show. Sounding weary and somber, Drew stated that he wanted to make a confession but that he would call back in a half an hour.

After ensuring that Mancow and WLS received another half hour of listenership (I wonder what was advertised during that half hour?) Drew again called the station ready, it would appear, to unburden himself. Hesitant and pausing, he said,

“I’ve just been on the phone with my attorney Joel Brodsky for the last half hour. He’s telling me just to keep my mouth shut and sit tight but I gotta come clean with it.

I wanted to do it with you. Is that OK with you? This is hard, Mancow. This is hard.

I just got to tell you. It’s been weighing heavy on my chest for some time now and I just gotta say…that the chicken wings at Addiction Bar and Grill are the best I ever had. Ten twenty-three West Lake. Happy April Fool’s Day, Mancow!”

He then laughed heartily before hanging up the phone.

While Mancow pretended to be shocked and perturbed by the audacity of the April Fool’s prank, he sounded completely insincere. I assume the entire call was set up in advance by Mancow who appears to be Peterson’s new event planner and spiritual adviser. Why else the half-hour wait between the set-up and the ‘reveal’?

Endorsement from a murder suspect - bad idea?

Endorsement from a murder suspect - bad idea?

Strangely, the person truly punked by Peterson’s actions was his own lawyer! Addiction Bar and Grill is part-owned by Joel Brodsky. In the past Brodsky has made it very clear that although he is willing to barter Drew’s airtime in exchange for advertisements for the business (including faked testimonials from show hosts), that he in no way wants Drew to be publicly associated with it. Apparently, in the excitement of taking yet another public dump on the memory of his missing and dead wives, Peterson forgot about that detail.

Predictably, after Drew’s tasteless prank the bar began to receive phone calls from the public expressing their outrage and disgust that the notoriety of a murder suspect would be used to promote the wings at a sports bar. One caller said that they didn’t think it was right to have a murderer advertise their business. The person who answered the call said simply, “I agree.”

Elizabeth Brodsky, part-owner of the failing business, who had been begging people on Twitter to help save her bar, apparently has had enough. Last night, she sent out a tweet announcing that she had signed her shares over to her partners. She says that she’s now looking for a job.

It’s interesting that in the past she has also sent out a tweet stating that if you think Drew Peterson is innocent she has “a bridge in Brooklyn for sale !” Hey, it’s America and she has a right to her opinion, no matter who she’s married to.

I wish her good luck in her job search!

Download an MP3 of Drew Peterson’s “confession”. (Click in the yellow box that says “Click Here to Start Download”.)

UPDATE April 3: Bucketoftea emailed WLS about the tasteless stunt and received this reply:

This was not a setup April fools joke. We truly believe Drew was going to confess. If that were the case we needed to put him on the air.

It turned out to not be the case and made us look bad. We handled a great number of issues on a daily basis and sometimes we make mistakes.

I hope you will give us another chance.


Mike Fowler
President and General Manager
190 N State Street
Chicago, IL 60601
312-984-5351 phone
312-357-1205 fax

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104 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s April Fool’s Day Prank? Tanked.

  1. I always thought Drews real April Fools day joke was his engagement to Christina and the token ring he gave her.

    Check the video with Drew and Mancow where Mancow asks Drew if he still thinks he is engaged, after Christina pulled her own April Fools day joke on Drew and watch Drew say: ” She never gave the ring back” etc

    So Drew expected the token ring back ??

    Now that’s a proper April Fools day joke –
    LMAO !!

  2. Didn’t Elizabeth Brodsky already have a job as Joel Brodsky’s secretary/running his office ?

  3. …The interview is interrupted when Odeh needs to speak with him about another case. The message from Odeh is delivered by Brodsky’s wife, Elizabeth, who is temporarily helping in the office because of the Peterson onslaught.

    That’s from a story from December 07, though.

  4. It is clear that the only section of Drew’s brain left is the speech centre and my diagnosis is that it should be resected as well asap.

  5. justanotherhen Says:
    April 2, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Didn’t Elizabeth Brodsky already have a job as Joel Brodsky’s secretary/running his office ?
    Someone has to start earning money in this family.
    Brodsky is an expert, but only in bankrupcy.

  6. Why would a “high-profile” lawyers wife be desperate for a job (to put a child through college) anyway.

    Doesn’t Joel make any money ?

  7. Brodsky has mounted an aggressive campaign for media coverage, including interviews with national TV shows.

    Asked whether she discussed those issues with Brodsky, Odeh said, “Absolutely. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I think it is in the client’s best interest to keep it quiet and focus on the case. But he just says the case is going to make us famous and we’re all going to get book deals.”

  8. justanotherhen Says:
    April 2, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Why would a “high-profile” lawyers wife be desperate for a job (to put a child through college) anyway.
    JAH, as you say he is a “high-profile” lawyer. That is why Elizabeth has to look for a job. LOL

  9. and what is Joels book going to be called:

    “The Joel Brodsky Book Of Business Ethics”


    “Joel Brodsky – Spelling And Grammar Made Easy”

  10. Just saw that Blago’s been indicted on 16 felony counts by the Feds. Hopefully we’re not far from hearing some “indictment news” on Selig’s other infamous Illinois client.

  11. Wing-gate story from Erika Slife is finally out!

    Drew Peterson: Ex-Bolingbrook cop, associates drawn to perks of notoriety
    Media appearances can yield paid vacations to New York or Los Angeles, book deals and more
    By Erika Slife | Tribune reporter

    April 3, 2009
    Even in today’s troubled economy, nothing seems to shut down the high-flying media circus surrounding the Drew Peterson story.

    With the insatiable appetite for all news related to the former Bolingbrook police sergeant, those involved with the story live in a world of paid vacations to New York or Los Angeles, book deals, high-profile interviews and soaring ratings.

    Last Friday, Peterson, 55, and fiance Christina Raines, 24, were featured in People magazine—the second time Peterson has graced the pages of the celebrity magazine.

    Peterson said he wasn’t paid for the People article and that he has not made a penny since he became the suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, and implicated in the 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Although there have been two books written about the cases, and Peterson has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, he says he doesn’t get royalties from the books and doesn’t get paid for appearing on shows…


  12. [EXCERPT]

    But Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, said he doesn’t see a problem in trying to make a buck off the story. Several weeks ago, he got into a dispute with Randy Miller, a guest disc jockey on WGN, after Miller blasted Brodsky for demanding that a bar and grill that he partly owned be plugged on the air in exchange for an interview with Peterson.

    “What difference does it make? People do advertising for their businesses all the time. So what?” said Brodsky, who provided an e-mail showing that Miller had agreed to do the plugs. “We’re out there at their request. I’m not asking to be on TV. I don’t ask to be on the radio shows. They’re not paying me any money to be on there. It’s taking time out of my day. So, like everybody else, I plug something that’s important to me.”

    Miller told the Tribune that he never had any intention of honoring Brodsky’s request.

  13. Um, er… no. No, Mr. Brodsky, “everybody else” DOESN’T “plug something.”
    Hate to break this to you, but… You’re not on a talk show because you’re a celebrity and there’s general interest in your latest book, film, art installation, whatever.
    Anywhere and everywhere you appear it is only the “Ick factor” bringing the audience. You are the legal representative of a multiple murder suspect.

  14. I guess Geoff Pinkus must have declined to comment. I’m really disappointed in how he wussed out on wing-gate after he was so great in his interview with Peterson. I know Brodsky threatened to sue him…I guess that would be scary.

    I forwarded Erika everything we had from him. Oh, well.

  15. Coffee, plus it wasn’t just that he had something to plug, but that he wanted it plugged in such an utterly dishonest fashion. He wanted the interviewers to pretend that they had been there, and to give testimonials to how great the food was.

    When he did his own plugs, he pretended that he had nothing to do with the establishment but had just gone there as a customer!

    Disgusting. Bah! I’m feeling sick of the whole situation tonight. The more it’s prolonged the more opportunities for people to show just how low they can sink.

  16. Yes it was definitely the underhanded way they went about it, by holding the Drew Peterson interview to ransom for a free plug for their bar and chicken wings with personal endorsement from the Radio host.

    The good thing that came out of it was that it exposed Drew and Joel for their underhandedness instead and did the Bar and chicken wings untold damage !!

  17. “It’s funny, all these people who are criticizing me are profiting from me,” he said. “These people are capitalizing. I’m not making any money.”

    If he isn’t, it’s not from lack of trying.

  18. “What difference does it make” Joel Brodsky says?

    He’s sure not going to get rich having a good night selling chicken parts, so if it was worth it for him to do this, what’s there to say?

  19. After listening a couple of times to that Drew “confession” to Mancow, I am beginning to think Drew really did want to play a prank on Mancow, especially because it has that same bizarre hyenic laughter at the end.

    It has all the hallmarks of an “I want to get even” prank, rather than something Mancow was part of !

  20. I guess I had expected the story to question the Illinois Bar Association ethics rules too.

    I don’t think that Brodsky is dumb enough to not know that getting a plug for HIS OWN business IS THE SAME AS BEING PAID.

    If Ericka did get information from Brodsky admitting that he setup this agreement – then I’d think that she could go to the Bar Association and file a complaint. Once again – I doubt anyone will and these two asses will keep getting things for themselves on the backs of two young mothers.

  21. From the article:

    Peterson said it’s just one example of people who have made money off his fame.

    FU, Drew!! Your fame is due to a tragedy that happened to two young mothers and your own children. Stop making this whole world all about you!!

    And right – you did your crying??? WTF – you never squeezed out a single tear or an ounce of concern for either of your wives. You were talking about a divorce and tugging your ear to Lenny pretending to feel bad for your kids.

    Somehow this has to be back to the heart of the matter – Stacy and Kitty.

  22. TAI, oh, so true! As much as I would like to think otherwise, he’s going to keep kicking up his heels and thumbing his nose at his naysayers. His attorney is as disgusting as he is.

    Yes, I would have liked to have seen some indication as to what ramifications DP’s attorney might face as a result of using his client as a bargaining chip to do interviews in exchange for promoting his own sports bar. Cashing in on his client’s “fame” is one thing, but is it unethical, improper, illegal, or, on the other hand, perfectly okay to do as a sideline in case the lawyer’s law firm isn’t doing so well?

    We all know what goes on. The question is, how does it continue to do so? Must be legal, ethical, proper and just peachy, heh?

  23. I wonder…When is the GJ going to put an end to these two idiots antics ??

    I wonder…What could the hold up possibly be ??

    I wonder…How much more indignity will KS & SP suffer at the hands of these two asses ??

    I wonder…When are we going to see this “Dried up
    baggy eyed, saggy assed sorry excuse of a human I have ever heard of” taken into custody ??

  24. Thanks JAH….It’s going to take more than that to cheer me up 😉

    I wonder…Do you have anything with the idiot being taken into custody on youtube ? Now that would definately make me feel better !! 🙂

  25. Snipped from a post by Joel Brodsky Jul 26, 2008, 1:14pm on SYM.

    … Secondly, what I am saying is of course Wawczak and Stark are in it for the money. They are just too dumb to know how to get the big money. Hosey probably gave them $500, which is big money to Len and Paula.

    It makes you wonder …

    If Drew is not profiting from the People article, is he also too dumb to know how to get the big money?

    And where does that leave Joel (lawyer extraordinaire) :-[ and Glenn (marketing guru). :-[

    Wouldn’t they be in the too dumb category too?

    It’s probably all just lies by omission, and Drew set it up so his kids or Chrissy’s kids got the $.

  26. You’re right, Noway. Joel doesn’t have a very high opinion of those who don’t know how to profit from these tragedies.

    Joel posted this that same day at SYM:

    Here is absolute proof that Len Wawczak and Paula Stark are two of the dumbest people on the planet. Wawczak and Stark said that they had Illinois State Police approval to go public with their undercover informant status. So what do they do? They come out through Joe Hosey and the Sun Times for free.

    My media guru told me that if they had gone to either the National Enquirer or TMZ, and agreed to come out exclusively through one of those outlets, they would have been paid at least $1,000,000.00, (thats one million dollars!!!!) for the exclusive rights to come out with that story! Thats right, Len and Paula just blew a million dollars.

    So Selig, the “media guru” is aware that publications will pay for interviews…but he’s not letting Drew in on that little tip? Pfffft!

  27. Good morning!

    grrr. I’m very disappointed in Erica’s piece. The least she could do is include a link here to the actual email from JB. Sue me, baldy.

    How did JB really get the black eye I’m bound to wonder, too. Trouble in bar-owning paradise?

  28. We wondered why some sort of women is being attracted to the men like Drew. It seems to me MancowMonkey has the same problem.

  29. Here is the reply I received from Citadel Comm. to the complaint I made about Mancow n Drewpy:
    * * * *
    Thanks for taking time to e-mail us. This was not a setup April fools joke. We truly believe Drew was going to confess. If that were the case we needed to put him on the air.

    It turned out to not be the case and made us look bad. We handled a great number of issues on a daily basis and sometimes we make mistakes.

    I hope you will give us another chance.


    Mike Fowler

    President and General Manager


    190 N State Street

    Chicago, IL 60601

    312-984-5351 phone

    312-357-1205 fax


  30. Good morning.

    Hey, Bucket, thanks for the update regarding the sick April Fool’s joke. It’s hard to imagine that the radio station wasn’t in on this whole thing. Guess they are hearing about it now.

    Have a good day, everyone.

  31. Good morning.

    I wonder…Now that Blago is going down….Is it time for the two time murderer next ?

  32. So one time Joel will say that people are only in it for the money. Then he’ll say that they were dumb to provide their story for free. WTH?? The guy wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    Bottom line – Joel is going to bad mouth any witnesses against his client no matter what they do. I’d like to see what he says about people that get paid money that actually support Drew – but besides himself and Mancow there aren’t any other supporters getting something out of this case. Joel is obviously not being paid enough by his client that he has to restort to BS tactics to get publicity for the Chicken Hole instead of using the money he EARNS from Drew to pay for an ethical radio spot on his own.

    Mancow likes notoriety and he’ll keep using Drew as a pawn to get his ratings up. Other than that he probably just gets free beer and wings from the Chicken Hole and is trying to earn some brownie points with the man above by caring about DipShit’s soul…

    Chrissy is in it for money too – she did interviews with and without Drew.

    Mike R is pretty much quiet and behind the scenes dealing with his own problems but he is getting his college paid for by pimp daddy D.

    Drew’s mom isn’t getting anything out of this.

    All of the stupid little girls in the bar aren’t getting anything out of this – it’s probably costing them as they probably are dumb enough to actually pay for Drew’s drinks.

    Did I miss any other supporters??? I don’t think so.

  33. OK – I think that I know what my problem is. I’ve been watching too much Nancy Grace and was expecting the article to be more NGish full of outrage, disbelief, and anger.

  34. IMO it’s semantics.

    My guess is Drew has it set up so the money paid is done so under his kids’ names (and Chrissy’s for the People article). And Glenn gets a percentage of any media story he sets up. I’m not sure where that leaves Joel. Holding the chicken wings?

  35. I agree with you 200%. All three of these Stooges (Drew, Joel, and Glenn) are wordsmiths by trade. They all have jobs that give the knowledge of how to say something (or omit something) so they aren’t technically lying.

    Money is being made and someone is getting it.

  36. Thanks for following up with that email, Bucket!

    I also don’t think that WLS believed for a minute that Drew would actually confess. It was April Fool’s Day! But they did want to make sure they aired whatever it is he had to say, and they made sure to hype it up for a half hour to give people the time to get the word out. They were willing to take the disapproving emails and calls in exchange for the ratings.

    They can’t convince me Mancow was expecting an actual confession. None of us were!

  37. IMO, WLS is just trying to cover their asses for going along with something so tacky. The fact that it was April Fools Day gave them an out.

  38. “We handled a great number of issues on a daily basis and sometimes we make mistakes.”

    I’d say every time they’ve had Drew on the air has been a mistake. Allowing a person like Mancow to handle the interviews is a slap in the face to two dead women.

    Pat Cassidy seems genuinely embarrassed to be in the studio with Drew, so at least he comes off as human. But, only Amy Jacobson seems to have the guts to refuse to pander to him and kiss his ass. She did a good job both on WLS and with Geoff Pinkus at WIND. Geoff was great too, until…well, I’d just be repeating myself.

  39. thinkaboutit2 Says:
    April 3, 2009 at 9:20 am edit

    OK – I think that I know what my problem is. I’ve been watching too much Nancy Grace and was expecting the article to be more NGish full of outrage, disbelief, and anger

    If Brodsky is violating ethic rules or procedures regarding his profession, then he’ll pay the piper. If not, then I guess we’ll have to sit back and continue to watch the freak show he and his POS client put on for our entertainment. On the other hand, I suppose there is always the possibility that Glasgow’s office continues to work on bringing to a conclusion a rock solid case that will ensure there won’t be any doubt that Peterson will be charged and convicted. Until then, we’re their captive audience.

  40. I replied to Mike Fowler thanking him for his reply but asking again (as I included in my first message) if he and the shareholders were OK with Mancow ringing up their grandad pretending to be Death, mocking the disabled, etc, and pomiting out that there is quite a collection of his excrement on you tube, that this stuff never goes away. His by return:

    I understand that there is a lot of things out on u tube, but nothing from his show on WLS. He had a very different show the last time he was on in Chicago.
    His show Is #1 in his day part.
    We work with him on daily basis
    to continue to make his show better.
    Thais again for taking time to e-mail me.

  41. The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Debuts Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Wednesday April 8, 2009 at 3:00PM Central Standard Time

    Join Susan Murphy Milano and her special guest: Joseph Hosey reporter and Author of “Fatal Vows The Tragic Wives of Sergent Drew Peterson.”

    We will take your questions live in the chat room discussing the dangers Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio endured while married to a violent abuser with a badge. And learn what you can do in preparing to leave with your life! Joining the panel are the administrator’s of the Peterson Story Website and Police Perpetrated Violence Expert Susan Rhoades.

    To listen live go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmurphymilano and click on the “Click to Listen” icon. You might want to refresh your page because the icon will not show until the show begins.

    Call in live at: 347-326-9337 to participate in the show.


    “Admins of the Peterson Story Website” Heh, that’s Rescue and me!

  42. facsmiley Says:
    April 3, 2009 at 10:09 am edit

    They can’t convince me Mancow was expecting an actual confession. None of us were!


    Yeah, that’s the thing. No one expected a confession, of course. Are these radio people so fat headed that they think their listeners are nothing more than zombies that have lost their wits? If we believed anything that DP says or was about to say, we wouldn’t be blogging about how guilty he appears to be, in spite of his denials, would we?

  43. Rescue – Now that this article is out and it didn’t include what I had hoped it would – I will confess that I personally called the Illinois Bar Association to inquire about ethics rules regarding Brodsky using Drew to panhandle the Chicken Hole repeatedly on air.

    I expressed my concern that if Drew is ever tried and convicted of harming either of his wives that he could argue in an appeal that he had ineffective counsel and would likely get a new trial (as many, many lawyers have expressed disbelief with the way that Joel has had his client out in the media from day one when most would say the best course is to remain silent).

    The woman I spoke to said it is absolutely against their ethics rules for a lawyer to get into any business dealings with their clients. She said that it is very likely that since Brodsky is having Drew doing the advertising for him and it is being used as payment for interview of his client that it would consistute a business agreement with his client and that does break the rule.

    However, the person on the phone said that nothing would be done unless someone officially files a complaint. The Illinois Bar Association doesn’t start any charges on their own. I asked who was able to file one and she said that only someone that has the actual evidence (such as the original emails from Joel) can submit the complaint and then it would go through a process that doesn’t guarantee anything will happen. Even if something did happen it would likely be a fine or something to that effect.

    So right now that would mean that the only people that could file a complaint are the radio hosts and newspaper reporters that could do so and I pretty much think there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell any of them will. And even if that snowball survived the heat – the punishment would be a slap on the wrist anyway.

    (I have to get out of the doldrums today.)

  44. If they expected a real confession, did they call LE to arrest Drew on the spot so he didn’t flee?

    I didn’t think so.

    And I look forward to listening to Susan’s show and your involvement, F and R!

  45. I’m impressed on a daily basis with the lengths people on this blog will go to get answers to these questions and to work towards justice.

  46. Facs & Rescue – I wish you guys luck with the show. Please remind us again as it gets closer. If my work is slow enough (I so wish it was busier), I should be able to listen and possibly call in if I get brave enough.

  47. We’ll get a new post up with an annoucment soon. SMM suggested we collect questions from everyone and read them to Hosey on the air.

    I’m all for doing that since I really have no intention of ‘winging it’. 🙂

  48. TAI – 😉

    I doubt that DP would be able to say he had incompetent counsel and win the day with a mistrial, because he hasn’t even been charged yet. He’s got ample time to discharge Brodsky and get new counsel. He can’t very well say he didn’t represent him correctly and use these past months as an excuse for lousy representation when he isn’t going through a trial. He had a different lawyer in the first days, and he didn’t waste any time discharging him, so he has the guy he believes in.

    Besides, I know from seeing it myself, if a client loses a case, their lawyer is the first one they blame. But, in the present situation, he can’t blame Brodsky for things he hasn’t done yet.

    As to ethics of the profession, a disgruntled client certainly has the right to notify the ARDC of a complaint they have, so if Peterson is happily moving along with the representation he has, then Brodksy is da man.

  49. I guess Brodsky must have the complete blessing of his client in using him to promote chicken parts on behalf of his failing bar, and parading him around from interview to interview like a leashed monkey, so as long as Peterson is good with it now, that’s all that counts. The rules change during a trial.

    Then again, honestly, I think Brodsky is the leashed monkey and it’s Peterson leading him around. Maybe Brodsky will be the one to go whining that he had a lunatic for a client, and he just dragged him down with him, hmmmmm? Good book material?

  50. Facs & Rescue – Congrats on the upcoming show. I know you both will do great and have a lot to contribute to the conversations.

    I know I am jumping the gun here but this is the first question that popped into my head for Drew.. “What do you tell your children when they ask why you keep replacing their Mommy with a NEW Mommy?”

  51. Rescue – I do realize that the ineffective counsel argument would only come up if he is charged and convicted. I think I just worded my comment wrong.

    This is very similar to the argument that the Florida prosecutors have alleged about Jose Baez in the Casey Anthony case although they had not provided any concrete proof that he had a conflict of interest. Either way – if one does exist, the client can waive their right to argue it later down the line.

  52. I’ve realized the other reason why I’m in the doldrums.

    The thing that is tugging so hard at my heart is wondering how these kids (especially Kris and Tommy) are handling missing 2 of their moms. I lost my mother in late 2006 and my heart aches as though it were yesterday. Mother’s Day is coming up and that is the worst holiday for me for some reason. And it just got made worse last night catching the end of the final ER show where one of the nurses called her mom after seeing a family go through losing theirs.

    My mother-in-law is a sweetheart and I think she kind of thought that I’d get as close to her as my mom. It just doesn’t work like that though. No one can just jump in and replace your mother – there is always a hole in your heart that never goes away and can be filled by no one else.

    My prayers are with the kids. I wish that DP would stop this shit and focus on them and their feelings instead of just trying to sweep Kitty and Stacy’s memories under the rug. I pray the boys are strong enough to keep their own memories – even if they have to keep them below the surface until they are old enough to be on their own.

  53. I think things are a bit different here. If naughtiness comes to the attention of their professional body in a public way such as this, the naughty lawyer may well expect a letter…..they have something called ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’. They’re all at it here, as well, of course, so it doesn’t happen very often.

    So, the way it is done, an attorney may be as dodgy as he likes so long as his client is OK with it? That can’t be right, can it?

  54. How does a man with teen sons who’ve lost both a biological and adopted mother within 3 years time, manage to get control of such a horrible situation and put across that those teens are normal in every way, good with the fact that he’s dishonored their memories, and publicly dragged their reputations through the mud? On top of that, they are willing to welcome any bimbo he drags off the street to screw in their mothers’ beds as their next mom?

    Does he bribe them, brainwash them, humiliate them, embarrass them? What, what does he do to continue to play up the notion that they’re well-adjusted, happy kids? Because, he might want to look into using his method to make some money, since he’s up for ideas on how to cash in, according to Slife’s Tribune article. This has got to be THE one – how to teach your kids to love you, even though you’re suspected of killing their moms. The head doctors need to contact him asap, as he’s got a goldmine of a cure in his hands.

  55. http://cbs2chicago.com/local/drew.peterson.girlfriend.2.975342.html

    Drew Peterson’s Girlfriend Moves Out Again

    Peterson Says Christina Raines’ Departure Was Mutual Decision


    Christina Raines has moved out of Drew Peterson’s house for the second time.

    Peterson told CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli early Friday afternoon that his fiancée Christina Rianes had moved out his Bolingbrook home.

    Peterson said it was a mutual decision and they have both agreed that they are going to remain friends.

    Raines’ children have already moved out. Raines was seen picking up some of her belongings a short while ago.

    Their engagement ring is being held by Illinois State Police.

    Peterson has been named a suspect in the disappearance and suspected death of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who has not been seen since October 2007.

    Peterson is also being investigated for the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose body was found in a dry bathtub in 2004. Originally, her death was ruled an accidental drowning, but following an exhumation in late 2007, it was reclassified as a homicide.

    Just a couple of weeks, ago, Raines was reportedly hoping to get married to Drew Peterson in June.

    Raines’ father, Ernie Raines, has been in a feud with Peterson so intense that it has made the CBS Early Show and the “Dr. Phil” show.

    Ernie Raines has said he was scared for his 24-year-old daughter’s safety, and he confronted Peterson repeatedly and appeared on “Dr. Phil” to voice his concerns.

    Christina Raines moved out of Peterson’s house once before. In late January, Ernie Raines and an Early Show camera crew came to Peterson’s house, for a dramatic breakup highlighted by a shouting match between Peterson and Ernie Raines through the closed front door.

    But Christina Raines moved back into Peterson’s house a couple of weeks later.

  56. I think the most interesting comment in that artcle is that the ring was being held by the ISP.

    So did Drew do his quick dial to 911 again??

  57. You buy them cool stuff, further assure them that all women are worthless, (so what makes you think you need a mom), teach them the Death Grip and show them how to rip-off whores That would work for a little while….what about they way he raised Steve, I wonder?

  58. Those sweet kids, all of them. I sure hope they have been able to carry on seeing their extended families. I’m glad for Chrissy’s sake she’s gone. I didn’t like reading that she had lost weight and tried to hide her name tag. It ties my stomach in knots.

    I wonder if she’ll be joining them at Sharon’s for a cup of tea?

  59. Wow. Does the ring have eyes or ears? Cool. Where can we get one like it? Does it have magic powers?

    Yeah, why’s Joel so quiet? Oh, yeah, he’s working on a press release that blames Raines for psychologically damaging the children, now that the plant and poster people, the ISP, and Lenny and Paula’s damage has worn off.

  60. Hmmm – I wonder if that was the token ring that he allegedly grabbed from his token jewelry drawer or if it matches the ring that he had just given Stacy before he disappeared.

  61. bucketoftea Says:
    April 3, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    You buy them cool stuff, further assure them that all women are worthless, (so what makes you think you need a mom), teach them the Death Grip and show them how to rip-off whores That would work for a little while….what about they way he raised Steve, I wonder?
    It sounds so sad that it may be the option, rescue.
    That is exactly what my cousin sister’s husband was doing with their daughter: buying cool stuff, taking on expensive holidays and threatening that he would not see her anymore if she had been against him. The effect was that her own daughter was helping her dad to abuse my sister calling her names, etc. It is easy to manipulate a child.

    I hope Tom and Kris do not buy it. Fortunately, they learnt from Kathy and Stacy for most of their childhood, much less from Drew. I have impression he has always been somehow absent in his children’s lives.

  62. I wonder if Drew did a really stupid April Fool’s Day joke on Chrissy like tell her he had won the divorce and they could marry right away and then said “Happy April Fool’s Day!!” along with his schmucklike chuckle.

  63. thinkaboutit2 Says:
    April 3, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Hmmm – I wonder if that was the token ring that he allegedly grabbed from his token jewelry drawer or if it matches the ring that he had just given Stacy before he disappeared.
    Or Kathleen’s ring. He took all the jewerly from her house.

  64. Cyrhla – I still think that it is not surprising that even as Drew tried to do his big image make-over they never showed any photos of him cuddling the kids as babies or when they were young. The only photos of him with the little ones (other than one of him with Tom and/or Kris when he was still married to Kitty) have been taken after Stacy left.

    That is the total opposite of all of the cuddling photos of Stacy and the kids (including her stepsons). I still always grin when I see the photo of her in the playpen with one of the tykes.

  65. But I don’t think the ISP would care if it was one of Kitty’s rings as he had won all of her possessions within the house due to the shoddy divorce settlement.

    Now if it was Stacy’s ring – why would she leave it back and not take it with her when she ran away? Most women that are pissed off at a man will try to keep the ring just to piss the guy off. Even if she didn’t want it she could easily have pawned it or sold it for spending money.

  66. When I drove by this week I did notice some garbage bags full of stuff in the garage. Maybe it was some of her belongings. Isn’t that how they transported them last time?

    So I guess Chrissy’s night on the town with her sis and Mike S, was her celebrating getting away from him again…

    I just hope grandma has the kids most of the time.

  67. So when is Chrissy going to have her next TV show? 😉
    Did she come back to this terrible Mike who had abused her and been always drunk? He probably proposed to her at the Tailgaotr’s and they can get married as soon as in May. Much earlier than Drew could. First come, first served. 😉

  68. I’m very disappointed in Derek Amrstrong. Three months ago this story would have had his slime all over it!

  69. Well, I kind of get the feeling that Joel may not be so motivated these days to speak up every time Drew makes a move. I think representing Drew hasn’t turned out to be as lucrative as he first imagined.

    I hear his washing machine is on the fritz and that the Mercedes is for sale…

  70. I recall my nephew, who is a policeman in NY, telling me – after having read Kathleen’s autopsy report – that it looks as if someone had removed Kathleen’s jewerly.

    On the dorsum of 1st finger, there is circular 1/8-in abrasion.

    Maybe that is the reason why ISP is interested in the ring?
    Just a thought…

  71. Facs – My family often uses garbage bags or store bags when moving something temporarily or going from place to place.

    We refer to it as “Polish luggage”. (Disclaimer: I’m Polish.)


  72. Facs – I still wonder if something didn’t happen to good ol’ Derrik. He hasn’t updated anything on his websites since he exposed Drew and Chrissy’s first break up.

  73. I guess we should have realized Chrissy was gone when we didn’t hear her screaming in the background during his call to WLS on Wednesday.

  74. In the first place, why is the ISP involved at all with Chrissy Raines leaving Peterson? Why would the ring even come into play? Did they approach her, did she approach them? If it’s Peterson’s property after all, he’s sure taking it well that ISP has it and Boobsky hasn’t had Sellit issue a press release accusing the ISP of holding onto something that has nothing to do with the murder of Kathleen or the disappearance of Stacy. Or does it?

  75. This ring really is magical. We’ve got pictures of Ernie Raines with it from the first time Chrissy and Drew split up. He was saying it was worth thousands. Then supposedly it was turned over to the ISP.

    According to Drew the ring was costume jewelry that had been ‘found in a drawer’, even though he insisted it had belonged to none of his wives. He claimed that a real ring would be purchased somewhere down the line.

    Most recently Chrissy was spotted with no ring on her finger.

  76. I swear I have got one suitcase for travelling abroad, TAI 😉 LOL

    You cannot probably understand that but 25-30 years ago carrying a plastic colorful shopping bag from any western supermarket here in Poland was like strolling being dressed at Donna Karan along 5th Avenue in NY now ;).

    I love that name, TAI LOL.

  77. Yikes. The ring Ernie showed us looks exactly the kind of ring one might wear on the first finger by a glamourpuss like Kitty.

  78. Does anyone quickly have the link to the young woman that was intering with the ISP and was keeping a blog of her activities?

  79. TAI – I know exactly what you mean about Mother’s Day. My mother passed away on my birthday in 1985 and I still get those waves of grief that can just crash you down even still.

    Now, each year when other people start making brunch plans or ordering flowers I start a list of gifts my mother gave to me and the rest of our family. Not things, but different sayings (“Just remember, money doesn’t care who owns it” is still one of my faves along w. “When a child spills something you’ve got a choice; you can get upset or you can get a towel. Believe me, in the long run the towel’s the best choice for everybody”), special support and all the general Love Stuff.

    Come Mother’s Day, I look at my list and realize how lucky I was and am.

    It sounds as if you had a great relationship with your Mom. I bet your list would be terrific! We’re the lucky ones. x

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