Fatal Vows – Update on Susan Murphy Milano’s New Show

Fatal Vows by Joe Hosey

Fatal Vows by Joe Hosey

Yesterday, Susan Murphy Milano debuted her new blogttalk radio show. Rescueapet and I were invited to ask some questions about the Drew Peterson cases of her guest, Joe Hosey as was Delilah from Peace4theMissing.  We tried to ask the questions that people posted here, so I hope you heard yours answered.

Not everyone was able to hear the show or to download the MP3, and have asked us for a synopsis, and I started to write one but I just sort of ended up transcribing the Q & A portion of the show plus a little more.

Here you go:

Intro by Susan MM: Lies women tell themselves as they endure daily abuse, the secrets they hold close to their hearts for fear their true identity as battered women will be revealed and the life they lead until one day we all read about them with our morning coffee, suddenly vanished without a trace, their lifeless bodies discovered.

Q: What is the status of the Grand Jury?

JOE: After the eighteen-month term is over they’re going to have to have to let them go, by law. They’d have to empanel a whole new Grand Jury and bring them up to speed and I think that would take an awful lot of time after eighteen months of testimony to bring an entirely new Grand Jury up to speed. I would hope that, you know you hear from State’s Attorney’s office that there’s going to be an imminent resolution. He didn’t say ‘imminent’, he said pending resolution. I would hope that’s coming soon but I hope it’s before this Grand Jury term expires.

Q: So it’s still going on?

JOE: Yes, I believe until the first week of May. If my memory serves me, I believe Drew was at the first session of the Grand Jury and that was the first Wednesday after Stacy was reported missing or the second Wednesday. That would have been the first week in November and that would make eighteen weeks the first week in May.

Q: When Joe was last on your radio show he mentioned that he was surprised that Drew hasn’t been arrested yet and it seems like Joe does know some things that we don’t. Why is Joe wondering why Drew has not been arrested?

SUSAN: What happens is you can’t dilute the importance of a case. Sometimes you can allude to things, you want to say things. You want to keep the integrity of the case. You want to keep the integrity of you as a journalist. Am I wrong Joe?

JOE: No, you’re absolutely right. I’m doing the best I can to get the things that I know in the paper. Maybe if I did a better job they’d be in there by now, but I’m doing the best I can. Also, things that I hear and I don’t know if they’re true I’m still working on trying to find out if some of the things that I’m told, if I can prove them. I can’t just repeat things that I hear.

SUSAN: Joe is part of a list of very credible reporters who will only report the facts because if he doesn’t it’s really going to hurt because he’ll be brought in for questioning himself. He could be subpoenaed to the Grand Jury for articles he’s written or things that he has said, and that’s why everybody has been so careful.

Q: How do you deal with criticism for covering the smaller details of a case (like Drew’s fiancée moving in or out) when it’s been going on as long as this one has?

JOE: The romance of Chrissy Raines story – it was in People Magazine. I thought it was a pretty soft sell story that People did on Drew and Chrissy. But I’ve been questioning the validity of these stories like, ‘why should I care about this’ but in the pantheon of Drew Peterson stories I kind of think that these ones are important if only you look at the track record. The third wife was a victim of a homicide, the fourth wife’s missing and presumed murdered.

Now you might have a potential fifth wife – no matter who did this to these two women – you have a fifth wife following this pattern. If somebody was sitting in the middle of the street pouring gasoline on themselves that would be a valid story. If a woman follows in the path of these other two women who apparently were victims of foul play, at least according to the police, I would think that’s valid. It’s more than just a silly, wacky ‘Drew is getting engaged’ story. A woman’s life may be at risk.

SUSAN: She’s got these two children she’s bringing into this relationship. What planet did she fall from to come and move into this house because you see all this stuff and it’s no different from women who write prisoners in jail…they want this connection, they want this power…but there’s no power. If you see somebody who’s this violent …I go back to the only kind of proof we have are those pictures of Kathleen, are the orders of protection are what she did to get out. That should say everything right there –someone who’s clever and cunning and manipulative. The legal system failed Kathleen and in turn it failed Stacy. Damn that State’s Attorney, Tomczak who didn’t do his job.

Q: Where is Drew’s support group? Why does no one come forward on his behalf?

JOE: I don’t know if he ever had a large support group. You look at the two people he entrusted with his children when he went to either coast to do a talk show, either California or New York; Len Wawczak and Paula Stark who turned out to be wiretapping him and also weren’t really close friend beforehand. After he found at they were wiretapping him he was the first to say, ‘I didn’t really know them that well, I wasn’t really good friends with them”, but you left your children with them for the weekend, I mean it wasn’t a two-hour babysitter, the girl down the street you might not really know that well but you trust her dad. He’d leave his woman with this man and woman over the weekend. So, do you know them well or do you not know them well? Are you a bad dad or did you really think these were your best friends?

I don’t think he really has friends per se. Steve Carcerano did not have that much of a relationship with Drew-–now that’s one of the few people he associates with it seems. I don’t know who is really friends with Drew Peterson except maybe his attorney.

Q: What’s the status of the reopening of Kathleen Savio’s estate?

SUSAN: He’s filed with the Supreme Court. Everyone says this isn’t going to go through, that it’s just paper they’re throwing up at the walls to see what sticks. They have a very good lawyer out of New York who specializes in this so I’m confident that he’ll prevail.

Q: What do you think Stacy and Kathleen could have done differently to maybe be alive today?

JOE: if the Savio case was handled properly at least Stacy would be alive I would think. That wasn’t even a lot of research. In 2004 I walked out of the inquest shocked that I was watching a State police detective sit up there and say that there were no signs of foul play and I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m just a reporter. But, when a couple’s in the midst of a contentious divorce and he’s about to lose a great deal of his assets, and on the weekend he has his children she just happens to drown in a bathtub when she’s a healthy forty-year old woman, I got to think there are signs of foul play. I sat up there and watched a state police agent sit up there and say there were none. It was just handled improperly from the beginning.

I don’t know if that’s part of the problem now. I think the State’s Attorney’s office would like to pursue the Kathleen Savio case. I think the State Police don’t. I think they are much more interested in pursuing Stacy’s case because it’s embarrassing. For what happened in 2004, they’ve really never been called to the carpet. In the early days of this case everyone was jumping on the coroner and jumping on Pat O’Neil, wrongly so. I think maybe he could have done something or maybe not. He wasn’t the one who dropped the ball. He’s like almost a judge at this proceeding. He can’t tell the jury how to rule. I don’t think you can blame the jury when they’re told directly by the State Police that there’s no indication of foul play. I don’t know if they were supposed to come back and say it was a homicide after being told by the investigator that it was not. No one’s ever called the State Police out on this.

SUSAN: Also what didn’t come out at the time was how the divorce proceedings took place because technically, the issue of the financial matters had been reserved.

JOE: Right, and I did write about that at the time. I did raise that issue.

SUSAN: But they didn’t. That was not a consideration and it should have been because that’s a huge red flag that he had had his lawyer set aside these things and wasn’t it interesting that technically, even though they had just divorced, the will and other things played a part in this?

JOE: The only time that was brought up during the inquest was when Kathleen’s sister called out from the audience about it. I don’t even know if the detective from the State Police was aware of it. I think he knew they were divorcing or divorced. He didn’t seem sure of anything and Kathleen’s sister called out from the audience and told these horror stories. I don’t know how much credence the jury puts in a bereaved family member, an obviously stressed family member who just lost a relative or the official from the State Police who is supposed to be of some stature, is supposed to be the authority.

SUSAN: Drew’s other son, Eric. Where has he been through all this? I was told that after Kathleen died that he left. That he allegedly said something to his father, ‘I suspect you may have had something to do with this. I’ll never forgive you for this. I’m not returning. I’m not going to talk to you again.’ So you’ve not seen much of a connection with he and his father?

JOE: No, he’s not around. You don’t hear from him at all.

Q: have you ever interviewed him?

JOE: No. I’ve never met him. I believe he’s a waiter. I think they’re estranged. I’ve heard different stories. I don’t really feel comfortable repeating any of them because I don’t know whether they are true of not, without speaking to Eric.

Q. Do domestic calls for police officers get tracked in an internal system for review?

JOE: I don’t know if department policies vary from municipality to municipality but where I live I’m fairly certain that they do. I talked to McGrury about this and I don’t know if they did at the time in Bolingbrook but he seemed kind of appalled at the way the whole domestic situation was handled with Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio. No matter what the truth was, who was at fault, whose allegations were borne out, he said the first time I talked to him. The second time it’s an internal affairs investigation and I’m going off the top of my head and it was a conversation we had more than a year ago that I do have notes and recording of but, I can tell you unequivocally, that he did not agree with the way the department handled Drew and Kathleen’s domestic situation. He was not the chief then either, I should mention.

Susan: Joe, how do you think the boys are faring through all this?

JOE: Well, one of them was out with Drew cutting ribbons off trees in the middle of the night, dressed in black. That’s disturbing in itself. I don’t know how good the relationship was with Kathleen’s children and Stacy. That’s who supposedly was out with Drew dressed in black cutting down ribbons put up in honor of his mother’s memory and in his adopted mother’s memory. That can’t be a good sign. It doesn’t sound healthy to me.

SUSAN R: Why isn’t the state of Illinois looking into that incident of abuse? Isn’t that abuse when you take a child out in the middle of the night for that purpose?

JOE: The tragedy of what Stacy went through and what Kathleen went through is so far in the past now, and I don’t forget it and a lot of people don’t forget it but the shock of that’s worn off and I think people are just dumbfounded that nothing’s been done. The system broke down and it’s still broke down. I think they’re at cross-purposes. I think the State Police would like one woman’s case to be focused on and the State’s Attorney would like another woman’s case to be focused on.

SUSAN: I think in these cases there needs to be a special prosecutor.

Finally Susan quoted from Joe’s acknowledgements from “Fatal Vows”

“… I must acknowledge Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio. Although you are not here to tell your stories, I hope I have you done justice.”

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  1. I think these are worth reposting on this thread:

    Bolingbrook woman found dead in home
    Herald News – Joliet (IL)
    March 3, 2004
    Joe Hosey

    State police questioned a local officer who found his estranged wife dead in her bathtub after trying to return their two children from visitation Monday. The officer, Sgt. Drew Peterson, faces no criminal charges and continues to work for the Bolingbrook Police Department. “At this point, I don’t even consider this a homicide,” said Lt. Larry Brouk, a state police investigator. The matter currently is nothing more than an investigation into the death of Peterson’s estranged wife, 40-year-old Kathleen Savio.

    An autopsy performed on Savio Tuesday afternoon revealed no signs of foul play, said Coroner Patrick O’Neil. Her cause of death is undetermined pending the results of the autopsy.

    Coroner rules Bolingbrook death accidental
    The Herald News – Joliet (IL)
    May 8, 2004
    Joe Hosey

    A coroner’s jury ruled the mysterious death of a Bolingbrook police officer’s ex-wife accidental and state investigators likely will close their probe on the woman’s demise. The jury rendered their verdict in the death of 40-year-old Kathleen Savio Friday morning. Savio was found dead when her ex-husband, police Sgt. Drew Peterson, arrived at her home to return their sons, ages 11 and 9, after a weekend visit in March.

    No one answered the door and Peterson went to a neighbor’s to call a locksmith, police said. Once entry was gained, the neighbor went inside and found Savio laying dead in a waterless bathtub.

    Peterson stayed outside while the neighbor went to check his wife’s home.

  2. Oke, thank you all.

    I now understand Joe’s comment re Drews arrest in 7 weeks or not at all to be relevant to the ultimate duration of the Grand Jury.

    Could it be they want to let this Grand Jury run as long as possible (beginning of May)especially if they are still interviewing people who may provide the icing on the cake ?

  3. I think it’s interesting that Joe thinks it’s possibly embarrassment on the part of the State Police over how Kathleen’s inquest was handled that is holding up an arrest. That situation might make them want to concentrate their efforts more on Stacy’s case, which puts them at odds with Glasgow’s people who are probably readier to make charges based on Kathleen’s death.

  4. Yeah, how does ISP investigate their own in the Kathleen Savio case ?

    Wouldn’t that be handled by an outside Agency such as FBI to avoid conflict of interest or a repeat of same ??

  5. I’ve been thinking.

    I always thought that there is always a GJ seated and their term and days they work depend on what cases are on the docket. So I think it is possible that they could have made a tactical decision to use this GJ for investigative purposes only – mostly to get some witness testimony officially documented. Isn’t it possible they can then use the new GJ to get an indictment by providing them with a shortened case that only includes the key evidence and witnesses (like they did in the Casey Anthony case)?

    I personally don’t think the end of the current GJ means the end of the active case.

  6. Here is some stuff on Mike Calcarano. I would say that is the same old story… Unfortunatelly.


    February 7, 2003
    The hot line; Program recycles wireless phones for emergency use by domestic violence victims.

    Linda Bahr, left, a social worker for the Bolingbrook Police Department, Deputy Police Chief Mike Calcagno, of the Bolingbrook Police Department, and John Crowe, Director of Customer Service for Sprint have worked together on the “Call to Protect” program that gives cell phones to victims of domestic abuse.

    To combat domestic abuse from all sides, Bolingbrook police recently instituted the Call to Protect program with help from Sprint PCS and Rep. Jim Meyer, R-Bolingbrook. The program distributes new and used wireless phones to victims of domestic abuse in Bolingbrook so police can be reached at any time.

    September 12, 2003
    Bolingbrook has a new top cop. Mike Calcagno was appointed chief of police Tuesday after eight years of serving as deputy chief. Well-known in the community and involved in various organizations, Calcagno was an easy choice, village officials said. “He knows the troops, knows the town and he knows the concerns of the town,” said Bolingbrook Trustee Leroy Brown.

    Choosing a chief of police is the responsibility of Mayor Roger Claar, but he confers with the Village Board and the Bolingbrook Fire and Police Board, said Brown and Fire and Police Board Chairman Bob Armstrong.

    The position has been open since former police chief Ken Each resigned in late March.

    Over and out; After 33 years on the force, Police Chief Mike Calcagno decides it’s to,e to hang it up

    August 5, 2005

    Bolingbrook Police Chief Mike Calcagno became the village’s top cop in 2003. Aug. 5 marks his last day on the job after 33 years with the department. Retiring Police Chief Mike Calcagno began with the Bolingbrook Police Department 33 years ago. This is a look at him early in his career with the force.

    Today is Bolingbrook Police Chief Mike Calcagno’s last day on the job. After 33 years with the department, he has opted for a change of pace. The new lifestyle will certainly include some time on the links, he said. The village gave Calcagno a farewell gift of a social membership in the Bolingbrook Golf Club. “I’m going to take some time off, go on vacation and go back to work.

    Some other excerpts on him for the press:


  7. Morning everyone. Good round-up, Facs, thank you.

    I think Joe and others very charitable to say ISP ‘dropped the ball’ when what it looks like is that they stole the ball and kicked it far, far away.

    ISP really has only one legitimate option as an institution. It isn’t really justice at all if it isn’t for both women and doesn’t make the conspirators suffer the consequences. How can anyone trust the outcome without Fed involvement?

  8. Good morning, bucket.

    I don’t think FBI is interested in the case. At least it wasn’t at the very beginning. On the other hand, Drew and Brodsky succeeded in taking down the blog. Thanks to FBI or local authorities?


    Saturday, November 24, 2007
    The FBI will join the search for the wife of a former suburban police sergeant, whom authorities have called a suspect in her disappearance nearly a month ago, a spokesman for the federal agency said Saturday.

    The FBI’s involvement comes at the request of the Illinois State Police, which is leading the investigation into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, 23, from the couple’s home.

    FBI spokesman Ross Rice said the agency has no reason to believe federal laws were broken, which would give it jurisdiction. But it has agreed to help in the case, he said.
    Charles Pelkie, a spokesman for the Will County state’s attorney, said FBI investigators will be briefed Monday by the state police. The FBI’s involvement will add manpower to the investigation and provide technical assistance during water searches, he said.

    ovember 27, 2007

    The lawyer for Drew Peterson is hailing the joining of the FBI in the search for the man’s missing wife.

    Attorney Joel Brodsky says he hopes the arrival of the federal agents will end the ”witch hunt” against his client. Brodsky would not identify who he believed was leading the witch hunt, saying only that ”people can draw their own conclusions.”

    ThePublicityAgency.com – May 20, 2008

    When Stacy Peterson disappeared, the FindStacyPeterson.com blog became a hub for information for concerned family, friends and members of the community.

    But in the months since, her husband Drew Peterson, a suspect in her disappearance, has complained that the site has done little to find his missing wife, and instead, had become a vehicle to spy on him, discuss plans to harass him, and to reveal his personal comings and goings.

    The site, he says, had intruded on his personal life and Peterson filed two complaints against the blog–one with the FBI and one with local authorities.

    While the information Web site is still online, the popular blog has now been taken down.

    A message on the site reads: We are restructuring our site to become an information based only site. Thank you to all who have have contributed to the forum.

    “I’m not certain if the complaints we made caused the authorities to take the blog down or if it was something else,” says Joel A. Brodsky, Peterson’s criminal defense attorney, “but they crossed the line with the site there’s no doubt about it.”

    Drew Peterson says he’s pleased the blog has been dropped and he hopes the focus can now shift back to finding Stacy.

  9. It’s not Ok with me as well, bucket. ;(

    There is so much corruption or at least ‘buddy-buddy’ suporting over there which seems to be difficult to be punished. Yes, if they at least could admit they did not take the right decission! But nothing like that. Everyone feels OK and justified. They still consider themselves professionals.

    I wonder what could be the other reason for a crime scene technician to say nothing was wrong (for the expert in this field!) than just the willing to help Drew get rid of it? Kathleen had rivor mortis on the wrong side of her body, what means she had been moved; one of the most important thing the investigator are looking for at EVERY scene involving death and in this case it had been totally ignored (along with lots of the other things, as we all know well). Then, the other experts are present at the autopsy (BTW, taking place BEFORE Kathleen’s body was even found, concluding from the time and date on the report) and they decide the deep and sharp laceration was due to the (smooth!) edge of the bathtub. Experienced experts, not the beginners! Had Drew removed the night stand before they came?

    Then the coroner’s jury has a member expressing his personal knowlegde of Drew (what is forbidden according to the procedure of CJ!), fake witness who had no idea of the case testifies, and the jury itself having 30 minutes to decide (not having one of the option: undetermined). No phone records presented, not even trying to obtain them.

    And everyone feels they did good job?!

    It reminds of Bush praising Brown from FEMA after Hurricane Kathrina saying “You did a heck of a job”, when people were dying there waiting in vein for help…

  10. They live in a totally different world from the rest of us, it seems.

    The nightstand- I think Drewser-loser didn’t get rid of it until after he killed Stacy, between the first and second searches. By doing that he told us there’s something significant about it.

    Apart from DNA/blood traces possibly being on the nightstand, though, it may have been possible to retrieve traces/tiny flakes of varnish or such from the wound when they looked the second time.

  11. Horrible to imagine the ‘sadistic fun’ he enjoyed every time he emptied his pockets onto that nightstand or Stacy put something in its drawer.

  12. Great job transcribing, Facs! You have a talent! It’s funny how you pick up on things differently with the written word as opposed to just listening.

  13. Oh, you are so right about the tapescript, deliah. I listen to the program live with my kids playing behind my back and it is really good to have it now in writing. Thanks, Facs:)

    And as for the nightsatnd… I wonder if Drew did not take it away to his new house where he lived with Stacy AFTER he killed Kathy and BEFORE he went there the other day, not only because of DNA traces but also the shape it had, consistent with the laceration on her head. What would be the other reason for Drew to remove it just after he learnt Glasgow was considering the exhumation of Kathy?
    Yes, bucket, I agree. What a sadist you must be to kill your wife and then use ‘the tool’ of murder for a few years, look at it every day…

    And a word about FindStacyPeterson.com … was it the only forum watching his whereabouts and revealing people’s data (by the way, public ones)? Why isn’t he going to remove this site then (and many others)? ;). The reason is simple, I think. There was Cass and Sharon closly involved in it and it was organizing the SEARCHES. And there was the same moment he started tax issues and so on…
    BTW… Has anyone asked Drew if he paid HIS taxes for all the bucks he earned taking advantage of the murder he had commited?

    My blood boils when I think those who suffer, and know much more than they can tell, must be quiet (because the investigation is in progress…) and this monkey is stuffing the public with all his BS. How can we know if it is not (again) in the interest of Drew, not the justice? Anna Doman was also asked to be quiet and we know the result… It is all so sad.

  14. Just a reminder: prnewsagency is owned and run by Drew’s PR man, Glenn Selig. You can assume any media release from that agency will have a pro-innocence bias(or more correctly, an anti-witness bias).

    I wouldn’t rely on it for the facts, but as a way to see what the defense’s stance might be in any given situation, or to read Drew’s ‘official’ response to any allegations that come up in the press.

  15. Anyone who was here last May and reading what Joel Brodsky was posting at SYM, will remember tht Joel was very interested in the FSP forum and very curious to know why it closed down when it did.

    He and Drew both fervently hoped that it was due to thier complaints to the FBI (or so it seemed to me) and he was very eager to find confirmation of that fact.

    Their complaints may or may not have been what brought an end to the site, but for whatever reason you know its’ removal was a relief to Drew and Joel.

    There is one public Stacy blog (sans forum or commenting ability)that I would love to see updated with search information and case updates: http://findstacypeterson.net/

  16. So, any confirmation that DP has taken the kids to the Dells? Is that supposed to be some consolation for their latest ‘mommy’ flying the coop?

  17. BTW, I thought Joe made a really interesting point about covering things like Drew’s engagement and/or dating habits:

    If somebody was sitting in the middle of the street pouring gasoline on themselves that would be a valid story. If a woman follows in the path of these other two women who apparently were victims of foul play, at least according to the police, I would think that’s valid. It’s more than just a silly, wacky ‘Drew is getting engaged’ story. A woman’s life may be at risk.

    That’s why I feel OK about discussing Drew’s personal life on this blog as well. The death and disappearance of two wives is a domestic, personal situation and any new woman who enters into the suspect’s life is a new potential suspect.

    Also, until Stacy’s whereabouts is determined, there’s a matter of shared marital assets. If Drew hooks up with a new ‘life partner’ then he begins dispersing those shared assets that by rights are still Stacy’s.

  18. Heh, looks like we may have called it. Joel spotted trying to get a piece of the Blago defense?

    I spy …

    Gulp! Joel Brodsky, the attorney for former Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson, whose fourth wife, Stacy, is still missing, and attorney Sam Adam Jr., who has worked on Blago’s defense, were spotted dining together at Gibsons this week.


    I imagine it would have to be more lucrative than defending a retired suburban police sergeant…except isn’t Blago supposed to be technically broke as well? At least, that’s what Sneed is saying.

  19. Now, for change,Brodsky with Blago scratching their balls on TV screen? Or this time Brodsky wearing a toupee?
    God, save me!

    What does Brodsky eat? His restaurant business is going down and his career as well, and he is still going to do his job for free? 😉

  20. Funny that Brodsky was spied dining with Sam Adam, the FORMER attorney for Blago.

    Blago has lost three of his defense attorneys now. Genson, Adam and Gillespie.

    No wonder that piece started out with Gulp. Is Brodsky going to be signing on to yet another loser’s case, set up a website for money, and use Blago to promote his chicken parts?

    ….stay tuned would be a good way to end this!

  21. If anyone needs a refresher:

  22. http://amlawdaily.typepad.com/amlawdaily/2009/04/another-blago-defense-lawyer-defects.html

    …one well-regarded Chicago litigator told us in December that any defendant hoping to beat federal corruption charges in court must be willing to pay top dollar…

    Of course, it’s not always about the money. As if comparing himself to Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr., wasn’t weird enough, Blago does seem a little, you know, out of touch.

    “As much as lawyers like high-profile cases, even when they aren’t sure about being paid in full, Blagojevich may be scaring off some of them because he behaves so bizarrely,” Loyola University Chicago School of Law dean David Yellen told NLJ. “An unpredictable client is worse than a guilty one.”

    Whoah – Brodsky could be their man! He doesn’t seem to have any problems with an unpredictable self-sabotaging client.

  23. facsmiley Says:
    April 10, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Whoah – Brodsky could be their man! He doesn’t seem to have any problems with an unpredictable self-sabotaging client.
    He can deal with such a client easily as has no general concept. He is unpredictable himself and makes such a terrible mess around that everyone can get confused if you do not constantly follow his stories. He accuses someone providing fake or concoted evidence (recent pictures of Thomas Morphey, for instance) and never gets the things straight.
    I think it IS dangerous for the case and I would not really scorn it even though we here know these are all lies. What’s more, when it comes to a serious problem, he has a bunch of GOOD lawyers knowing what to do and what gap in laws to look for and make use of (the case of guns).
    Unpredictable people are really dangerous. You never know what their next step going to be and you are unable to predict it. If he was predictable, it would be a piece of cake for Glasgow to catch Drew.
    IMO, Brodsky’s role in this story is to make a mess.

    As for Blago, do you really think he does not have money? He is probably as stony-broke as Drew is/was. LOL Just a few TV shows and he can run easy life.

  24. BTW, is it a new way of getting out of finacial problems, i.e. commit a crime, get the interest of the media and … publish books (etc.)…and maybe shoot a movie?

  25. I think people like Brodsky, Drew or Blago must have some competition.;)
    What do you think about organizing a TV show with us, all Stacy’s funs and witnesses, and inviting some guests like Tomczak, Pratl, Hardy, and so on… asking them questions, presenting OUR evidence and OUR doubts?

    Do you think they would pay us a dime we could spend on searching Stacy? ;).

  26. Have you read this one?
    Sources: Off-duty cop in deadly crash was drunk


    The off-duty Chicago police detective involved in a fiery crash that killed two men this morning was drunk at the time, with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit of .08, sources said.

    The 41-year-old officer is in police custody at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was being treated for injuries from the crash. The Tribune is not naming him because he has not been charged.

    Do you think he wouldn’t be named if it was an ordinary citizen?

  27. cyrhla Says: Do you think he wouldn’t be named if it was an ordinary citizen?


    May I ask on what you base this question?

  28. Since there is no news lately I delved back into my saved stuff and found some posts from more than a year ago. These were posted on another blog by someone who claimed to be “close to the family”. As I’m not a journalist and have no integrity to uphold; as a lowly blogger I paste them here:

    “Please understand that Drew is an anomaly in this family and they are not as they are being portrayed in a lot of the various blogs.”

    Paul Peterson’s presence at Drew’s after Stacy Disappeared:
    “…the only reason his brother Paul was there after Stacy went missing was simply to take care of the kids as Stacy was the main caregiver for the kids and they didn’t think he could take care of them by himself. They, along with cassandra and were close with the kids. Paul Peterson is NOT a locksmith, he is a graphic artist by trade and always has been. ”

    Drew’s parent’s divorce:
    “Drew has NO half sisters!! Their parents divorce never went through. They reconciled well before his death and Betty was married to Albert Morphey a few years after Don’s death. Al has 7 children from his previous marriage in which he was widowed, one of them being Tom Morphey.”

    Eric Peterson:
    “Eric Peterson lived with Stacy and Drew for a short period of time after Kathy’s death. About 2-3 months but was very abusive towards Stacy as she was so much younger than him and he was upset with his father for being with her. He wrote the whole family off after he left and the only one he keeps in contact with is Stephen.”

    On Drew:
    “Drew is a narcissistic, arrogant psycopath!! It is hard for you to go there because for most of us it’s unimaginable to act in that manner but Drew has always been very cocky and used his gun and intimidation to keep people from saying too much. Of this I am sure. If they arrest him, you will find all kinds of people coming forward with stories about things he did to them. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time.

    No one wants to believe anyone could be that evil but if you knew all the things that Drew had done over the years to various people, it might make it easier to believe what most people do as far as he is concerned. Stacy would have NEVER left her children voluntarily, period.

    Having known the family for as long as I have, we have seen many instances of his narcissistic behavior, even with his own family. I wish I thought differently but knowing the family as long as I have, I am convinced we are dealing with a very smart, nefarious person who has no regard for anyone other than himself.”

    James Carroll and the will:
    “As far as James Carroll goes, he is related to Drew by his mothers side. It’s his mothers sisters’ husband. Betty’s sister passed away 13 years ago of a heart attack so he is a widower. Both Drew and Kathy were close to him. Kathy did trust their Uncle Jimmy and knew him well. At the time that the will was made up, which was right before Drew and Kathy went on vacation, it was what they both wanted. Drews mom always wanted to make sure before anyone went on an airplane that a will was around just in case. She doesn’t trust plane rides and always worries that the plane will go down. Just a weird thing she has. I know she did this with other family members too.”

  29. Wow, Facs, that’s some interesting stuff to read. I remember nothing of that, other than seeing something about Eric breaking ties with his father around the time of Kathleen’s death, and that he’s still in contact with Stephen.

    What’s old is new, I guess. Thanks for posting this.

  30. Drew has no half-sisters, but he does have a sister. That I’ve been told. Strangely, there’s never been any talk of her, in fact, it’s as though she’s non-existent.

  31. Wow – if you poke back there’s all kinds of fascinating (albeit unsubstantiated stuff)

    Mike on November 6th, 2007 5:40 pm
    I have lived in Bolingbrook many years ago. Back then in the 70s drew molested my sister. So I know he has a problem.

    Mike on November 7th, 2007 5:31 pm
    My sister is following this story closely. She has never done anything about it. It was a big deal when it happened. Afterwards he passed out and my sister left and took his pistol. If he reads this he will know exactly who we are. Which may not be a good thing. There were many of the officers involved in retrieving the gun and it was kept below the radar screen. She was a young teen when this happened. So it was hard to report something like this to the police when some were involved.

  32. Rescue, the site I was just looking at named Drew’s full sister as Laura. Laura L. Peterson, born 1957(?) Now living in Naperville with the last name of Morris?

    Why hasn’t she ever come forward in support of her brother, stating her loyalty and shock that he’s suspected of such heinous acts?

  33. Drew and Joel are as pathological as each other.

    Having said that, if their relationship were to sour, I think Drew will still be able to pull one over Joel and it will be interesting to watch !

  34. Now that we’re aware that Peterson used his son on a midnight run, I’m curious as to whether or not school officials follow up with reports like this and would have questioned Kris about it. I certainly think that the school officials try to keep tabs on the school’s children to make sure their home environment is stable. Of course, that can never be the case living with Peterson, but I hope someone had enough sense to check it out. I can’t imagine that these teens can even have any friends outside of school, because I think it’s quite likely that no parent would want their young kids anywhere inside that house of horrors.

  35. Facs @ 5:01 – because, as I was sure to get pointed out on SMM’s radio show through Joe Hosey, he has NO support. He was quick to point out on LKL last year that he has a shitload of supporters, but the press doesn’t interview them. Idiot. Stupid ass. What Joe did point out is that once Lenny and Paula were outted as wearing wires for the cops, all of a sudden they were merely acquaintances of his, street people he befriended. But he was secure enough in having them stay with his two small and two teen kids for weekends away. Where were the sister and brother of this mutant to watch their neice and nephews? In fact, hopefully they’ve come forward themselves to help screw the moron. I hope so. I hope they’re not dumping that responsibility on everyone but themselves. Maybe they were honorable enough to man up besides Lenny and Paula.

  36. Hello rescue,

    Not sure what the school could do if a father takes his young son on a midnight excursion in the neighborhood, unless the boy fell asleep in class or didn’t turn up at all.

  37. rescueapet Says:
    April 10, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    cyrhla Says: Do you think he wouldn’t be named if it was an ordinary citizen?


    May I ask on what you base this question?

    I base my opinion on the news I read everyday, rescue. If there is a serious accident they usually say who caused it (of course if this person’s ID is known). Am I wrong?

  38. Hmmm… As for the kids, I wonder if they have any real psychological support. Knowing how controlling Drew is, I am almost 100% sure the psychologist, if any, was chosen by Drew or from their school. I would not open before such a person if I was a child thinking this person can reveal my secrets… If the boys were threatened enough by Drew, they will not say a word to anyone. Taboo.

    I have these doubts because Drew says different stupid things about his psycholigist’s opinion from time to time (when it is comfortable for him, of course because he never mentions one when he takes his son for a night stroll). Mother on long holidays… sorry, I do not know a psychologist who would tell someone to lie.
    Kris was suspicious about Stacy leaving on the first few days as he was (to some extent) a witness of what happend then. Is he going to believe his father Stacy left for another man? I do not think so…

    Can you remember Tom saying the children were not at home or in their rooms when he was moving the barrell with Drew? On the next day, Drew called Sharon into his house. No children at all again. But when Cass came at 11pm they were at home. And I think they were there all the time. I do not think it was normal for them before to sit in their rooms (in the basement?) and be quiet. They must have been frightened. That is why they may be afraid of speaking to anyone about it and I think his friends and their parents do not want to get involved.

    I would like to be wrong.

  39. On various occasions at least one of the teenage boys has stayed at the School principals house after Stacy went missing.

    The school principal has also been before the Grand Jury.

    The children were at home on both occasions, when Thomas/Drew moved the blue barrel and when Drew called Sharon over to the house the next morning.

  40. This is an except of a post, the author I’ll leave for you to either guess, or who you may remember. It is definitely one of those oldies but goodies.

    Ask any neighbor of Drew (except next door neighbor Sharon Bychowski who will never admit it), and they will tell you that Drew was the neighbor who would give them a hand when they needed it. Ask any Bolingbrook cop and they will tell you that Drew would always help when they asked (lend a few bucks, help drive someone who’s car is in the shop, watch the kids when there was no sitter, etc.). Ask yourself, why is none of this in the news? We try to get this out but nobody publishes it. Is that fair? Ask yourself, is Drew being railroaded because it sells newspapers and increases cable TV ratings? If your answer is yes, then ask is there something you can do about it. Yes there is. Go on the blogs and newspapers article comment sections and complain and post. Tell them you want the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but he truth.


    Yeah, we do want the WHOLE TRUTH. Now that would be a story – asking Drew’s family, friends and neighbors just how much of this bull crap above is true. That’d fill-up the day’s newspaper, I’m sure.

  41. Nice, Rescue!

    That appeal for Drew’s family, friends and neighbors to come to Drew’s aid was back in May 08. They certainly have been constrained in their outcry haven’t they?

  42. I’ll tell you one thing for sure. If Drew’s son, Stephen, and his wife, would even think of bringing their daughter anywhere near that idiot, they should have their heads examined. What a poor excuse of a grandfather he is.

  43. “ask any Bolingbrook cop” what a good friend Drew has been and how he would have taken a bullet for any of them – LOL !!

  44. ask Police Lt Col Janota what a great friend and work collegue Drew turned out to be and how he would have taken a bullet for any of them too !

    or did he mean he would have let any of them take a bullet for him instead (!!)

  45. Another Brodsky moment. Ripping Joe Hosey for exactly what he does on behalf of his client. Only, Brodsky’s financial interest at the moment is the sports bar that houses his delicious chicken wings. Why would Peterson call into Mancow on April 1st and plug the chickie parts? What’s in it for him?


    Joel A. Brodsky said…

    I don’t want to get into a p-ssing match with Joe Hosey, but we did have words yesterday. (5/16/08) Bottom line is this: He chose to write a book, and the more a book sells the more the author makes. Therefore (unless he has a very unusual deal) Hosey appears to have a financial interest in keeping the Drew Peterson case in the public eye since if the story dies out the book won’t sell as much. (Is this why his paper is the only one that seems to be pursuing the story of the 22 year old girl?) This creates a potential for conflict of interest. I think that if Hosey is going to continue to write for the suntimes group on the Peterson story then full disclosure of his book deal needs to be made.

  46. JAH, or Jeff Drabeck who wouldn’t talk to Drew after he was interviewed during the weapons charge hearings.

  47. Huh, was Hosey’s book deal any sort of secret, at any time? Full Disolosure!! What a hoot!

    That’s such Brodsky style, puff all up and come out guns a blarin’ full of obscenities and threats.

  48. LOL, Yes I remember that Joel Brodsky moment very well, if only for his bizarre reasoning re the “potential conflict of interest” he accused Joe Hosey of (!)

    I still say Joel could never stomach the fact Joe Hosey got a book deal straight away and Drew and Joel couldn’t give their story away for all the tea in China as no decent publisher would touch them (!)

  49. And they had to finally resort to a self-publishing Canadian fiction author to pose as some sort of authority (remember they approached M. William Phelps who actually writes true-crime stories and he turned them down).

  50. And one more (I did not write this; an attorney did at Legal Pub)

    But what assurance does Peterson or his attorney, Joel Brodsky have that Raines is not working with the authorities as an informant?
    It makes sense that this could at least be a possibility. After all, what beautiful 24 year old lady is going to agree to be Peterson’s 6th finacee? No offense to Drew as he has not been convicted of any crime at this point, but he is 55 and has been married four times. That alone would put most women on guard. Perhaps love is the sole motivation for Christina Raines. But if you were a suspect under police scrutiny, wouldn’t you at least consider some other possibilites?

  51. Oh Yes, Jeff Drabeck was another one Drew used his same favorite line:

    “I would have taken a bullet for you and you know it”

    Drews martyrism within the Police Force is legendary !

  52. Drew and Joel are both running around with such a hugely inflated opinion of themselves, they are oblivious to caution or even the most basics of common sense.

    Drew would never consider anyone he is lusting after could be wired up and Joel thinks all book publishers were going to scratch the hinges out of his front door to give them a book deal – LOL !

  53. Does anyone know is the children go to church?
    Do they have friends? Do they have friends over at the house?

  54. Ambulance chasing attorney has new client
    Brodsky crawls from under rock to defend admitted child killer.
    ‘Ol Droop is probably shltting in his pants. I’m sure him or Glenny will think of something to put Brodsky’s focus back on the suspect.

    But Alaeddin Hadid – who insists his wife is innocent, said Orlando Park police are “really going to be in big trouble” for releasing the woman’s photo after being charged with 1st degree murder.
    People have been calling me about this all day

    Brodsky, best known lately for being Drew Peterson’s attorney, said he believed Orland Park police had “deliberately” humiliated Hadid with the photo as part of “an illegal interrogation.” He suggested he’d try to have the confession removed from evidence.

    According to Brodsky, she was just kidding when she admitted, on video tape, to repeatedly beating the child’s body using wooden spoon, a stick and shoes, prosecutors said. She also bit and pinched the child on the chest
    (I hope OP police read Miranda in correct language)

    I can picture Brodsky’s eyes looking like this $ $ when he heard about this.

    Look at all the sources of possible revenue….. $ Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Society of North America, Bridgeview Mosque Foundation, Islamic Organizations of Chicago $

    If you read all the latest on this, the focus is on “the photo”, instead of a murdered child. “White noise?”

    A child was murdered by being beaten with a wooden spoon, a stick, shoes, and was bitten………………. and they are more worried about a photo.
    Brodsky will make money on it though. Sick.


  55. So does that mean Joel is now qualified to defend capital murder charges? Or just wants to get all the publicity before trial? He won’t win any more muslim friends (or business) if he makes a big ass out of himself here, too.

  56. I wonder how long before Glenn Selig takes Hadid on as a client and we are treated to a video tour of her at home with the kids?

  57. (I hope OP police read Miranda in correct language)

    The confession was videotaped, so if they did things right she states that she understands her rights on the tape.

  58. Joel Brodsky is this woman’s “new” attorney. In a 4/10 article, she had an attorney by the name of Frank Celani.

    There are a couple of interesting facts in the first article. Namely: Islamic advocacy groups seem wary of taking up Hadid’s cause. This is contrary to the husbands claims: Islam ‘insulted’ by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband. Brodsky is yapping about this woman’s head gear and blaming the cops for her “humiliation.” Sounds like he’s all geared up from using that kind of noise during Drew Peterson’s gun charges. Blaming the cops for his client’s woes.

    Also, in that article, the husband says the cops “are really going to be in big trouble” for releasing the woman’s booking photo to the news media. Actually, this man is also under investigation for this baby’s death, so he might want to shut up himself.

    More: The child had 55 separate bruises and was beaten “from head to toe,” according to prosecutors, who say Hadid confessed.

    If Brodsky thinks the majority of us should be outraged by this woman being photographed without her headscarf, he’s been drinking too much of whatever it is that washes down his bar’s chicken wings. But, he’s doing what he does best, making noise to distract what’s important here. He might think he’s winning the day with this crap, but getting her off of these charges? Naw. That’s going to take more than beefing about a photograph.


  59. Yes, she does look ashamed in her mug shot. I really hope that her shame is based on being exposed as a child-murderer and not from some dispraportionate sense of ‘modesty’.

  60. Shall we be looking for the prince of darkness to stir up his pot of stewed wings and bring forth some juicy tidbits to get himself back in the limelight, instead of Brodsky and his new cause?

  61. Just out of curiosity, what would this woman that Brodsky is defending have to face in her native country if she’d have been accused of murdering an innocent baby? At least, in America, she can have her own Brodsky, accusing the cops of humiliating her and bringing even more attention on her scarfless head by whining to the media, and getting her face plastered all over the Internet now.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that this woman is accused of beating to death a poor, defenseless baby, this would be laughable.

  62. “..if it was a nun being accused of these crimes, would she be treated the same?”

    YES. You sure have a point, Rescue. I’m sure I would rather face these charges in the US than Jordan.

  63. Two clients, three victims. One attorney. Same bull.

    No compassion for the victims, outrage over how the suspects are treated.

  64. Well, I understand that as a defense attorney it’s Joel’s job to come up with ways to get his clients off the hook. But in this case, why attempt to defend on a technicality that just holds her up for ridicule and more exposure? He’s going to be hard pressed to find anyone who will fault the police with asking a woman to remove her face covering for a photograph that is taken in order to keep a record of what she looks like.

    I’m sorry if she felt humiliated, but hey, I feel humilated every time I make a purchase at Best Buy and get stopped on the way out the door so security can look at my receipt and confirm that I’m not a thief. It’s insulting but I endure it and I haven’t even been charged with a crime!

    If Brodsky wants to keep jettisoning his law career further and further out to sea, it’s fine with me.

    BTW, I get the feeling that her new request for a Quran in Arabic is just Brodsky laying a foundation for saying that she didn’t understand her Miranda rights when they were read to her in English. Just a feeling…

  65. Could be. I hate this kind of nonsense because it winds up the ignorant and feeds their bigotry. Joel should STFU.

  66. It’s not just annoying and disrespectful of victims, it’s stamping on people who have really suffered at the hands of police and serious miscarriages of justice. He (I say “he”, but you can insert many names and categories as you like) takes it to another level, insulting everyone on the planet by broadcasting lies globally, swearing black is white. It doesn’t have to be the truth. It’s all about what you can get away with.

    Joels whitenoise strategy…boasting of this as he does…like Selig telling us their strategy..it sorta doesn’t work when you’re telling us that you are deliberately going to confuse the issues (how evil is that? We want to find the truth, not go to war) He is literally telling us black is white, it is in fact blacknoise.

    Joel did allude to Phil Spector’s trial, and how whitenoise was deployed there. Whitenoise = sliming the victim.

  67. It is hard to grasp that she is more humiliated at being photographed without her headscarf and not by confessing to the murder of a sweet 2 year old.

    I suppose I have different priorities and just don’t understand.

    Hadid allegedly said she beat the child because her husband accused her (Nour Hadid) of stealing money and called her names. In a videotaped confession, she said she took it out on the child, according to court records.


  68. Isn’t it more humiliating to the husband that she was photographed without her headscarf?

    I just cannot understand the killing of a child. There is nothing that justifies it. 😈

  69. In fairness, I don’t think that she’s more humiliated by being photographed without her head scarf than having confessed to killing a child, it’s just the only thing Joel can think of in an attempt to get her confession thrown out.

  70. I wonder if Joel did any research before taking up such a loaded defense.

    “Jeffrey Toobin, CNN senior legal analyst, said that when it comes to cases involving headwear, courts “generally weigh the government necessity vs. the interest in religious freedom.”

  71. Thank you cyrhla! LOL That gave me such a good laugh, it makes my day. what it all about, really? (this such a The Judge move) It really is like trying to conduct serious business with a naughty 9yr old boy. (I know you are but what am I). Ha ha ha. Reminds me of The Judge’s best advice, oft repeated: “Never put a date on a document until you absolutely have to.”I’d LOL except it sucks and that’s the way these trasholes do business. I would wager more often than not they conduct their personal/famly lives the same way too.

    ROFL at you think!!!

  72. I am sure that if the Orland Police Department violated any Islamic Rules that they (or we, for that matter) are bound by, then Brodsky will have this all sorted out for us, I assume, by posting it online through one of his bff’s. Funny that if there were, in fact, rules in place for things such as this, the Orland Police purposely would avoid following them with the sole purpose of humiliating this woman publicly so they could subject themselves to a lawsuit (says her husband), and a thrown out confession (says Brodsky).

  73. JAH said:
    Do Drew/Joel have a bone to pick with Orlando Park Police perhaps ?

    Damn, those wngs is nothin’ BUT bones.

  74. If you make enough noise about the head scarf then murder becomes very insignificant.

    Very similar to saying what a good father Drew is !

  75. Is there a reason Joel wants to specifically embarrass the Orland Park Police Department this way as it surely would not be the first time a Muslim woman has had her mugshot taken ??

  76. bucketoftea Says:

    April 11, 2009 at 5:50 pm
    JAH said:
    Do Drew/Joel have a bone to pick with Orlando Park Police perhaps ?

    Damn, those wngs is nothin’ BUT bones.


    LOL, LOL, Yeah I shouldn’t be talking about bones to pick, pecking order or getting feathers ruffled – LOL, LOL !

  77. Joel A. Brodsky said…

    I don’t want to get into a p-ssing match with Joe Hosey, but we did have words yesterday. (5/16/08)


    Is this public confirmation of Joel Brodsky’s threats against Joe Hosey on the Lenny/Paula tapes ??

    Would be interesting to see if these threats are on tape around that same date 5/16/08 ??

  78. aha clever you, justie, to see that.

    I don’t want to get into a p-ssing match with Joe Hosey

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    And why not?? I thought that was what you do for a living.lol

  79. JAH – There could be something on tape…but um…I do know why Joe contacted Joel that day (resulting in ‘words’) and AFAIK it had nothing to do with overhears. Although the overhears may have confirmed something later.

  80. Although the overhears may have confirmed something later.


    That’s exactly what I meant, facs, as around May no one knew anything about Paula/Lenny overhears and neither did Joel.

    That was not made public until a lot later, so if Joel is admitting he had “words” with Joe Hosey around mid May and this was confirmed by taped threats from Joel on the Lenny/Paula overhears, then that doesn’t look too good for Joel !!

  81. You mean the bit about Joel and Joe having words and then the rumor that Lenny was asked to ‘do something’ to Joe? (I heard that they were going to tell Joe that Kim M was pregnant and hope he would report it, only to then produce some doc that said DP has had a vasectomy in an effort to discredit Joe).

    Still, not sure what that does except confirm yet another ‘stunt’ on the part of Drew and the legal marshamallow roaster though…

  82. What a nice little plot that was, too. How Drew and Joel…it wouldn’t cost them anything, just the remaining shreds of Kim’s reputation. Oh, how they laughed.

  83. Rescue & Facs,

    Happy Easter to both of you. Thanks for keeping this blog together. Hopefully justice will be served soon. Seems I have typed this many times, but still believe an arrest will be made.

    As Joe Hosey said in radio interview, a lot of research goes into his work before reporting in the news. It is well know in the area about the vasectomy.

    Enjoy your day!

  84. Happy Easter to you 🙂

    Just for some holiday entertainment for you:
    Can you remember Tom Dellaca a retired police oficer from Australia, who ‘absolutely by chance’ (=being just on holidays) took some photographs of Stacy in Bangkok?
    This man is an owner of Aspac Protective / Investigative Services

    Aspac protective/investigative services is made up of former US and Australian military and police personel. We offer close personal protection(body guard) along with investigative services into any matter. ,b>Our group has a wide range of experience including combat service and conducting complicated investigations such as fraud and missing persons. We offer well trained and experienced members of our team with abilities in a range of languages. We are based in Bangkok Thailand but work worldwide.

    Country/Territory Thailand
    Products/Services We Offer: Security products, body guard
    Business Type: Other
    Industry Focus: Bodyguard, Surveillance Equipment, Security Project, Police & Military Supplies
    Geographic Markets Southeast Asia
    No. of Employees 5 – 10 People
    Annual Sales Range (USD) Below US$1 Million
    Year Established 2005


    Contact person Mr Thomas Dellaca
    Postal address 41 Sukhumvit Soi 8, ; Bangkok, Thailand
    Fax number 66 2 6532758
    Phone number 66 2 6531232
    Zip code 10110

    Tom Dellaca is 53 and comes from Perth.

    His nickname at some sites (let’s say sort of drew likes as well 😉 ) is tad21213.
    He has a profile on eBay with only one transaction on 03/02/2008 with the man who’s no longer registered there as sailkylake from US.

    I wonder if Drew met this man on the Internet?

  85. Happy Easter all….is that chocolate I can smell on your breath?

    Thank you cyrhla. That is an interesting little read.
    sailkentuckylake? Here’s another Kentucky connection…Selig and of course Drew’s bs about relocating there.

    I wonder what they mean precisely by security products? Could that include arms? just wondering

  86. HAPPY EASTER and let there be chocolate for everyone !

    Amazing super sleuthing cyrhla.

    I wonder if this is the “Team Of Private Investigators” Joel Brodsky is always referring to ?

    Just a thought, if this agency is made up of former US/Australian Military and Police personnel, Drew may have already known about its existance well before Stacy went “missing”.

    Remember Stacy went somewhere “warm”, “I’d be looking on a beach somewhere”, “Stacy may be dancing in Thailand ” – Drew has said on more than one occasion.

    Why the deliberate connection to Thailand all the time ??

  87. Now I also wonder why Joel Brodsky is always so cagey who the “private investigators” are, supposedly looking for Stacy, yet as it turns out mentioned the guy by name himself in the “photo in Thailand” episode (!!)

    What kind of BS is behind all this then ?

  88. Brodsky Pulls Abu-Ghraib Card

    I don’t know how many members of the Orland Park Police Department have served in Iraq or are a part of the military either the guard or full time,” Brodsky said Sunday during a telephone interview. “But this whole thing smacks of what happened at Abu Ghraib.”

    Brodsky referred to Abu-Ghraib repeatedly during the interview

    “There is no way that Nour Hadid is guilty in this death. Clearly, humiliation was used to pressure her just as it was used at Abu-Ghraib. And, in the case of the pathology report, it was probably based on the observations of individuals in the emergency room at the hospital and they are not trained to conduct autopsies or to conclude whether incidents are or are not murder Brodsky said


    Does Brodsky really think the little girl “fell down the stairs”?
    I guess the removal of the Hijab and other forms of pressure “were used to humiliate her” into providing what Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said: “She outlined in detail how the child was abused.”
    Detail being the key word.

    I thought this might be a “spoof” story, but sadly it’s not.
    A friend of mine asked me “how is this guy even a Lawyer”?
    He sure can put a dent in the word “law”

    In fact, Odeh has had run-ins with the Orland Park Police over Arab and Muslim clients who have alleged abuse at the hands of the department. In one incident, a police officer retaliated against Odeh by filing a complaint with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) which was later proved unfounded and cleared.

    Odeh is also Arab and Muslim. She will be the guest on “Radio Chicagoland” Monday morning at 8:20 am to discuss the significance of a Hijab and Muslim culture. The show is broadcast on WJJG 1530 AM Radio and is available live on the internet at http://www.RadioChicagoland.com

    I guess Reem has a beef with OP Police. I think she lives in Homer Township.

    I hope the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is keeping an eye on Brodsky.

    …….it was probably based on the observations of individuals in the emergency room….
    and they are not trained to conduct autopsies or to conclude whether incidents are or are not murder
    I think Brodsky had this in his notes, and confused this with the Kathleen Savio case.

  89. I thought he was cagey because they didn’t have PIs at all.lol….nearly! Do you think a one-off payment to buy manufactured doubt counts? Not very sophisticated. Gosh, I hope they didn’t pay very much…second thoughts, no, I hope he turned them upside-down and shook them till their pockets were bleeding. 🙂

  90. Joel, Passover greetings to you, my brother, Liz, kids and all your loved ones. It is such a beautiful time of year and I hope you are enjoying our solar system’s gift of fresh starts and new life.

    I have a little tip to help you speak peace, Brother. Ditch the tight collars and ties. They’re causing such a constriction obstruction at your 3rd chakra, it makes it impossible to access your higher self when you speak. Or act. It’s all about the Floel, Joel.

    Would anyone else like me to fluff up their aura while I’m here? 😀

  91. Ok, rescue. It was not my intention to talk about muslim customs or so. I think the only mistake the police made was that the photograph should have been taken in hijab but with her face fully visible, to respect the religious issues. However, I cannot be 100% sure. This is at least the rule which is in force in UK.

    As usually, Brodsky went much further ;)Taking the pictures in the wrong way and publishing them, makes this woman innocent. The girl was naughty and drove the woman crazy for four days…
    He probably thinks all people die in result of accidents or because of natural reasons…
    The problem with Brodsky is $$ $$ reflection in his eyes… For a few bucks his ethics is for sale.
    I do not wonder. If he was different he would not be Drew’s lawyer, right?

    What about Drew now? Doesn’t he feel abandoned? 😉

  92. I think Brodsky’s defense tactics, as usual, leave something to be desired. How appalling that he likens the police officers possible military service with humiliating this woman into a confession, based on a military prison.

    How strange that this woman did not call 911 to help this baby that “fell down the stairs,” but, instead called her husband.

    Brodsky and his partner haven’t gotten much in the way of vocal support from the people they are saying are outraged over the way the police handled this homicide suspect who, in fact, confessed. So, as Brodsky did with Peterson, he goes public and demands that people fall in line with his way of thinking and get outraged. Once again, he has a client that is a victim. Seems with this dude, the dead are gone and, well, so what if they are. He’s got a breathing, money paying client to cause a public stir about.

    This guy is a disgrace. JMHO.

  93. Happy vernal equinox! This is a wonderufl time for starting anew. May the season mean rebirth in many ways–especially investigations.

  94. Just to clarify things about how wrong Brodsky is (BTW, Timothy McCarthy was the distinguished Secret Service Agent who was shot protecting President Reagan):

    Frederick T. Owens Village Hall
    14700 South Ravinia Avenue Orland Park, IL 60462
    708/403-6145 (TX) 708/403-6171 (FAX)
    CONTACT: Patty Vlazny, Media/Special Events Coordinator
    May 4, 2005
    ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS – Orland Park Police Chief Timothy J. McCarthy is the recipient of the Illinois State Bar Association Law Enforcement Award. Robert K. Downs, President-elect of the Illinois State Bar Association presented the award to Chief McCarthy at the Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, May 2, 2005.
    The Law Enforcement Award was created to recognize sworn law enforcement officers for conduct that promotes justice and to distinguish those individuals whose service to the public brings honor and respect to the entire criminal justice system. The award is given sparingly to recognize those who truly excel in the field of law enforcement.
    In his nomination letter, Attorney Michael T. Huguelet, said that “Chief McCarthy has been a force in the Cook and Will County Law Enforcement Communities, as well as the State of Illinois.”
    As the Chief Law Enforcement Official of one of the larger Police Departments in the state, McCarthy has been a leader in innovation that others model. Chief McCarthy is very passionate about his feelings regarding Domestic Violence and related matters. He has designated a Problem/Orientated Domestic Violence Police Officer who continually monitors, assesses, and mediates these types of matters on a full time basis.



  95. To me it doesn’t seem too smart to bring up that Odeh has had run-ins with Orland Park PO. All that does is make me think that Brodsky/Odeh have a personal agenda and it weakens their case for this individual.

  96. I read all of that in a totally different context, rescue, searching for his connection with Dennis Pratl and Kevin McCarthy (BB new Police Chief).

    I really appreciate what he did for president Reagan but I still remain very sceptical about all the awards and so on when I start thinking about Jeff Tomczak, for example.Yes, I know it sounds as if I depreciated him.
    Please do not take me wrong; I do not want to say that IMO Brodsky is correct (he isn’t, with all his crazy attitude at all!)but I somehow lost my faith about all those awards and titles.

  97. After listening to that radio show, I lost what respect I had for Reem Odeh. She sounded just like Brodsky with the “Abu Ghraib” rant.
    She said the allegations of abuse against Nour Hadid are “completely false” but admitted she did not even see the pathology report.
    Odeh said Nour Hadid was stripped down to her undergarments. (not true read below)
    Odeh did not know that the “Hijab” was a one piece one that covered her shoulders also.
    (not a real Hijab)
    She said the confession was “pretty much, almost, the only evidence they have”
    Then Orland Park Police Chief, Tim McCarthy, called in (to that radio show this morning) and had a few facts for Reem and Joel.

    The Chiefs comments:

    The interview was not done by OP police, but by Arab speaking members of the task force, including FBI, monitored by Asst. States Attorney, and videotaped

    The investigation was done by South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force not Orland Park police officers

    Nour Hadid was not “stripped down” – “that is what she had on, no more no less”

    It was not a regular “Hijab” she had with her, it was a one piece one that covered her shoulders (she did not have in on, she brought it with her when arrested)

    She did have an FBI interpreter

    Investigation was initiated because of “the expert opinion of the Medical Examiners Office”

    The press demanded the photo
    Also The Chief said “Their entire premise is wrong. It would be helpful if they knew the facts before they came out and made things up along the way”
    “Their entire premise of saying anything about the Orland Park Police is absolutely, totally false, misleading, and something they didn’t know the facts about”
    (wonder who he was referring to?)

    I think the Chief was mostly upset about Brodsky’s standard tactics:

    There is no way that Nour Hadid is guilty in this death. Clearly, humiliation was used to pressure her just as it was used at Abu-Ghraib. And, in the case of the pathology report, it was probably based on the observations of individuals in the emergency room at the hospital and they are not trained to conduct autopsies or to conclude whether incidents are or are not murder,” Brodsky said


    I don’t know how many members of the Orland Park Police Department have served in Iraq or are a part of the military either the guard or full time,” Brodsky said Sunday during a telephone interview. “But this whole thing smacks of what happened at Abu Ghraib.

    As a side note the Chief never said “probably”

  98. Glad you were able to listen Womenscorned. Brodksy/Odeh = Boobsky/Oh snap!

    It looks like there might be a podcast available in a day or two…

  99. Thanks for all of the information, Womenscorned. It certainly puts this all in a new perspective, especially now that we know Brodsky and his partner are shooting off their mouths before boning up on facts. It’s their reputations on the line. Again, if it wasn’t for the fact that there’s another homicide victim involved, it would be laughable how unprofessional these attorneys are.

  100. As they say, be careful what you wish for. Now that Brodsky and Odeh have made so much noise about this, I truly believe the media just might dig even deeper in this woman’s life. Just like they have with Peterson. Bringing even more disdain for the charged. Is this what “good” lawyering is supposed to be about? Oh, my.

  101. How can an attorney comment as a legal professional on an autopsy/pathology report without even seeing it? Yet, her partner said the people examining the child’s body don’t know what they’re talking about. These sure do not appear to be very competent defense lawyers. One only has to read what transpired during that radio show to come to that conclusion.

    Anyway, I hope they continue to represent Drew Peterson. If so, he’s a shoe-in for a prison cell when he’s charged and tried.

  102. I know, I know. These two incompetents got such big heads signing on with the headmaster, their brains are wedged between their fat skulls and they can’t distinguish truth from lies anymore. Yeah, that’s it.

  103. I agree, rescue. The media will certainly dig deep in her life. It is really rediculous Brodsky wants his client to get through it.

    This woman killed a child.
    No religion justifies it; nor mine, nor Brodsky’s or hers.

    I wonder if Elisabeth Brodsky is not afraid of her life with Brodsky’s ethics and thinks he gives good example to their children.

  104. Judging by the Twitters I’ve seen of Mrs. Brodsky’s, she seems to make more comments about what alcoholic drink she has in her hand at the time than what influence Brodsky and Peterson have on her girls.

    This is the same Mrs. Brodsky, don’t forget, that called the cops, who had to send a Swat Team, because good ‘ol Joel had a shotgun with him while holed up in his house, threatening to harm himself. That’s public record.

    Of course, she said that cops mistook it all and blew it all out of proportion. That happens a lot with these people.

  105. Thanks Womenscorned.

    Overall, I thought Odeh sounded uninformed and unprepared for the interview. It will be interesting to read what Ray writes next after hearing what the Chief had to say.

  106. No problem.
    It also seems to me that Reem was uninformed and unprepared. Brodsky was probably setting up radio interviews the second he got wind of this, without regard to any facts.
    ( I said probably)

    Also, I think some people are conveniently using the word “undergarments” in place of “tank top”

  107. Did she by any chance mention, or was she even asked, if she had actually seen the videotaped confession? I’d be curious to know that since both attorneys are saying she was humiliated into making this confession, and I would have to assume they are going by what they saw for themselves? Or are they winging it and making it up as they go along? Because I’d really like to know just when they actually saw the confession as opposed to when they came out with all of these accusations against its validity.

  108. At the very end the lady from aloffok.com said something like “we need more information to even talk about it”

  109. rescue:
    From what Joel and Reem were saying, I would guess they did not see it. I think that is one of the things that the Chief was saying about “facts” They did not even know who did the interview.

  110. What if neither attorney saw the actual confession, only to see it later and find that it doesn’t substantiate all of the accusations they are ranting about? That is always a possibility, isn’t it? Since Chief McCarthy pointed out some inconsistencies in what Odeh and Brodsky are saying, I would think this could turn out to be a big problem for the direction they’re taking now and the outrage they are trying to stir up. Seems to me that could very well work against their client. Are they causing more damage to their client than good?

  111. Womenscorned – thanks. I think you may be right. Which is my point. They are going off half cocked before they even know the circumstances.

    For example, what if they see this confession and learn from it something that could help their client? Like this woman has a history within her marriage that causes her great distress and has caused her mental instability. I understand her husband has not been cleared by the police himself and is being investigated. What if he had something to do with it, or everything to do with it and she confessed not because of the police, but because of her fear of her husband?

    Damn, wouldn’t that be a kick in their asses.

  112. Of all the stupid things that I have seen printed that came out of Brodsky’s mouth regarding his latest client, this one has to take the cake.

    And, in the case of the pathology report, it was probably based on the observations of individuals in the emergency room at the hospital and they are not trained to conduct autopsies or to conclude whether incidents are or are not murder,” Brodsky said.

    On the other hand, in this case of his client, Drew Peterson, and the death of his ex-wife, Kathleen, Brodsky is defending the way the crime scene was handled, and the information that was provided regarding her death by the initial responders. He has not come off his “belief” that Kathleen died accidentally. This is based, PROBABLY, on this:

    Although a state police crime-scene technician had covered Savio’s hands with bags to preserve evidence—a procedure that typically precedes a homicide investigation—the statements of police that night indicated no evidence of trauma or foul play, according to the deputy coroner’s report.

    Good guys, bad guys. Which is it with him?

  113. The comparison to Abu Ghraib is just way over the top. She is not stripped down. She had on a shirt – not underwear as Odeh is trying to say. She admits on this radio show that she hasn’t seen all of the evidence yet so WTH is she doing making such horrible charges against the Orland Park police.

    And maybe she and Brodsky need to look back at the evidence about Abu Ghraib so they can see there is no comparison to what appears to have happened in their client’s case.

    The men at Abu Ghraib were forced to be completely NAKED in front of women, made to do naked pyramids, and to wear dog collars with a woman holding the leash. They were chained and bloody in some cases. It is an insult to those victims of that prison to be compared to making this woman be in a shoulder-up only photo with clothing on. In case Brodsky needs a reminder – here are some links to the disturbing photos of Abu Ghraib (warning: some are very graphic).



    And they also need to realize that a medical examiner is the one that ruled homicide and they have their client on tape saying she beat the baby with a wooden spoon and other objects. So trying the white noise about it being untrained people saying the baby was bruised is just white noise.

  114. What better can you expect now of the man who said:

    „Kathleen’s death should not be a source of entertainment”,
    That was the way Brodsky disputed Baden’s new autopsy conclusion dated on 11/18/2007

    For WHOM does he think it was an ENTERTAINMENT?! Did he mean KS’s family? Dr Baden? Those who exhumed her body?!

  115. Guess he didn’t realize that her death and Stacy’s disappearance also should not be a source of advertisement for his wife’s bar and grill.

  116. Cerastes – I think that many of us non-Arab, non-Muslims aren’t aware of the true rules and some of our opinions are based on what we have seen in the news. There have been stories about women in some countries being beaten and killed for not covering up. Thank you for the education on this.

    I do agree that there is prejudism. I live in Palos Heights and recall vividly about the church thing mentioned on the radio show. People were afraid but there was some truth to the street possibly not being able to handle the traffic that the service could have brought. It is one lane in each direction with water ditches (no curbs or sewers) and barely handles the traffic we already have on that street. However, our police force assists with traffic control when one of the larger Catholic churches lets out so it seems they could have done the same for the mosque IMO.

    I was appalled by the prejudicial tones in people’s arguments in my town but I was in the minority and the mosque ended up being built in Orland Park instead.

  117. Cerastes, I think you forgot about orthodox communities (not countries). Formally you do not have to wear hijab or shave you head, but if you live in such a community, you follow the rules. I have no idea if it applies to this case, but if it does, she should have been treated with respect and as far as I have heard, she was.

    I do not think these 2 questions above do not make sense.
    If she killed this baby somewhere else she would be probably killed by her community or would be given death sentense. She has more chances here, in the USA. Unfortunatelly.

    As for question 2, it might have been humiliating for her husband.

    I also have some friends among Muslims and their culture (objectively) differs.
    I promissed to rescue, not to develop this topic…;)

  118. But I have to agree about racist issues with both of you. Lack of tolerance and understanding drives us to prejustice and fear…

  119. Some comments have been moved to “pending”, to keep us from getting any further sidetracked.

    Let’s try to focus more on Drew’s attorneys and their professionalism (or lack thereof) rather than on cultural conflicts.

  120. Sometimes white noise does work to stray us from the topic at hand.


    I do think they should be able to represent whoever they want to. Many law firms try to jump on high exposure cases for the free advertisement in newspaper articles to get them other cases. It’s how the business works.

    I think that much like some of Joel’s rush comments on Drew’s gun charge, existence of overhears, etc – that they jump the gun and speak out before they know the facts. This is what it seems like Rheem did in this case. It was good to hear the Orland Park police chief call in and provide information from the other side without giving out information that he should not have.

  121. I think Joel equates being high-profile with creating a controversial defense. It would nice if he would put his clients’ concerns before his desire to be famous.

  122. Maybe he likes to use the “media circus defense” as an advertisement tool. I haven’t heard much about his actual track record of getting defendents off on their charges. (I’m not counting the gun charge as a win yet as it is still in appeals. And to be fair and balanced – I’m not counting the wrongful death suit/reopening of the Savio estate as a loss either since it is also on appeal.)

  123. TAI – I think it was good, too, for Chief McCarthy to set the record straight when Odeh was misconstruing the facts without even knowing them.

    Not that it’s the same thing, but it brought to mind something I just came across about Brodsky. He hee’d and haw’d about not allowing his client to take a lie detector test. Said they’re not admissible in court, and they’re unreliable.

    Yet, when it came out that Drew kinda “passed” a few questions during one of two lie detector tests he took, Brodsky says something to the effect: well, if you do believe in them, he did answer the questions about Kathleen truthfully.

    These two nitwits aren’t worth the time of day. No matter who they represent.

  124. Attorneys from the firm Brodsky & Odeh said Baden had indicated the conclusion before he conducted the autopsy

    What does Brodsky and Odeh say now that they’re in the same position — they’ve indicated a conclusion before they’ve even seen the pathology report. Shit happens?

  125. As a defense lawyer – you have to divert attention from your client and put the blame elsewhere. They will argue they are just doing their job. No matter what information you have in front of you – you take any opportunity you have to point out the slightest thing that indicates your client is innocent and push down anything that indicates they may be guilty.

    I think that is why people dislike lawyers that represent people that we truly think are guilty. It is terrible how many guilty people get off on technicalities or on a hole the defense attorney picks in the prosecutor’s case.

  126. Yes, but making accusations against a police authority like she did, without even realizing they weren’t the ones involved, or making a broad statement without even reading the confession, is beyond diverting attention, don’t you think? Actually, I think Odeh should be the one that is humiliated. She made a fool out of herself, LOL.

  127. I don’t think lawyers feel humiliation very easily. 😀

    The Chief certainly shot down many of her arguments though.

  128. In fairness to Odeh, I think Joel put in her in a bad position and she was left to pick up the pieces.

    Kind of reminds me of when she opposed Drew going public and doing interviews, etc and was shushed with promises that they would all get book deals.

    I wish she had wised up at that point and found a better partner. That Brodsky stank is going to follow her the rest of her career.

  129. Facs: I know what you mean about Reem.The slime may be starting to rub off.
    I think Brodsky is hurting her career. She would be much better off without him.

    You have a point there, but Brodsky is a whole different story.

    Another example of Joel Brodsky “just doing his job”

    A suggestion by Drew Peterson and his lawyer that the ex-Bolingbrook cop look for dates on a popular Chicago radio program irritated relatives of Peterson’s missing wife and some listeners. But an e-mail response by Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, really ticked off one already angry listener……..

    Brodsky’s response to Valure only infuriated her.

    “What’s the matter, Deborah, not getting any?” Brodsky replied in a Thursday e-mail. Later Thursday, Brodsky defended his response, essentially saying Valure started hurling the insults.

    “She calls me a pig and a whack job of a lawyer. This is my response,” Brodsky said, adding: “I guess she can dish it out but she can’t take it


  130. cyrhla Says:

    April 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    BTW, is it a new way of getting out of finacial problems, i.e. commit a crime, get the interest of the media and … publish books (etc.)…and maybe shoot a movie?


    We have a law in Australia that says you are not allowed to profit from crime. Basically, anybody convicted of an offence is not allowed to be paid to tell their story. If they do, the government moves in and seized the money.

  131. BTW – Phil Spector has been found guilty of murder.

    Didn’t Joel Brodsky say how helpful the white noise was in that case ?

  132. He’s a retired police officer so maybe he felt bad for his brother in blue… Do we know that Drew actually hired this guy?

  133. Joel Brodsky tends to get personal when he can’t win an argument in an intelligent or professional manner.

    He can’t hold himself together for very long and that will be his undoing in any situation, let alone when representing someone in Court.

  134. thinkaboutit2 Says:

    April 13, 2009 at 5:23 pm
    He’s a retired police officer so maybe he felt bad for his brother in blue… Do we know that Drew actually hired this guy?


    Dunno, but Joel publicly used his name and a picture he allegedly took, so there must be some sort of connection/arrangement in place …….

  135. RE: BTW – Phil Spector has been found guilty of murder.
    White noise didn’t work?
    Pauley is going to be really bummed!

  136. Womenscorned – well, Paulie might now see that his buddy, Brodsky, isn’t the warm and fuzzy guy he thinks he is. Brodsky came out of the gate swinging and hotting about the Orland Park Police for no substantiated reason. That’s against what Paulie stands for. Ya learn the hard way.

  137. aussienat Says:
    April 13, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    cyrhla Says:

    April 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    BTW, is it a new way of getting out of finacial problems, i.e. commit a crime, get the interest of the media and … publish books (etc.)…and maybe shoot a movie?


    We have a law in Australia that says you are not allowed to profit from crime. Basically, anybody convicted of an offence is not allowed to be paid to tell their story. If they do, the government moves in and seized the money.

    It works the same here in Poland. Additionally, you can go to jail.
    My hubby says it works the same in the States but I do not belive in it now ;).

  138. Drew is cashing in early since he’s only a suspect.

    The big issue is going to be where the money went once he’s been convicted.

    That may be a completely new chapter on its own !!

  139. I believe there are rules regarding this here – often called “The Son of Sam” laws. They usually only go into effect though once a person is convicted of a crime. At this point Drew isn’t even charged with the disappearance of Stacy nor the death of Kathleen so technically he isn’t breaking any laws making money off of his stories.


  140. Joel Brodsky beggars belief! Surely he must be the laughing stock of the Illinois legal profession. Every single time he opens his mouth he seems to shove his feet deeper down his throat. I’m kind of stunned that he is still in business. I get the feeling that you would need to take a really thorough shower if you stood too close to him for more than a second or two.

  141. I agree, JAH. I wonder if Glasgow has undertaken any steps to check it. Why the authorities remain so indifferent about it? At least I have such an impression… ;(.

  142. Yeah, good point. The scumbag has not yet been convicted, which gives him carte blance to make as much as he wants. I, too, wonder if the government has any power to take the money if/when the person is convicted?

    I’m going to check and let you know…

  143. thinkaboutit2 Says:
    April 13, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    I believe there are rules regarding this here – often called “The Son of Sam” laws. They usually only go into effect though once a person is convicted of a crime. At this point Drew isn’t even charged with the disappearance of Stacy nor the death of Kathleen so technically he isn’t breaking any laws making money off of his stories.


    It would give me some hope, that he will have to give the money back if it hasn’t been spent yet…

    The law should then apply not only to the person convicted but any person wanting to make profit from someone’s death or going missing.

  144. You know, as much as I am sick and tired of Peterson, Brodsky and Selig, and lost in the hope that this will be over soon enough, it makes plenty of sense that the end may be when the GJ is dismissed, finally. Once Peterson is charged, he has the right to a speedy trial, which, I believe, is 120 days. Assuming the State’s Attorney has been using all these days to gather and process evidence and prepare their case, if and when they charge him, they’re pretty much prepared. On the other hand, if there is a boatload of evidence against him, his attorneys will have more to deal with than slinging mud at potential witnesses that happen to say things about their client they don’t like.

    Those hours and hours of overhears didn’t just vaporize, and the State did not divulge much in the way of discovery to keep it out of the hands of the defense. So, if all of this makes any sense, the clock is tick tocking.

  145. No doubt Drew and Joel are squirelling money like mad at present in case the axe is going to fall one day.

    The most interesting part in all this is most likely if Joel is ultimately going to (financially)screw Drew or the other way around.

  146. and with Joels history, you’d certainly don’t want him to be the one to invest or keep money in trust for you and that is most likely exactly what Drew is doing (!!)

  147. The trust accounts in the childrens names are also fairly meaningless in as far the children would be the only ones to benefit as Drew can easily help himself in case of minor children and once they concern adult children they are often offered money for their signature for part or complete surrender of the account, so there are lots of ways to get around these seemingly solid financial securities for children and Drew and Joel would know all of them !

  148. Oh Yeah and MEL GIBSON is getting a divorce, so maybe Drew will get some serious competition on the singles scene (!!)

  149. A new blog from Chrissy’s co-worker:

    If you haven’t heard yet, my co-worker is the on-again, off-again fiance’ of the (alleged) murderer. She has moved into and out of his house so many times that I’ve lost track… and interest….

    …Chrissy’s ex is Mike and he ALSO works with us at the restaurant. Mike has tried to stay out of this circus until he was given an offer that he couldn’t refuse – a chance to beat the hell out of Drew. Mike asked me to attend his interview with Q101, but I declined. I don’t really want to be involved with all of this. However, he did get a great deal of media coaching from me. I also encouraged him to give a portion of the proceeds to whatever he does to the families of those effected…

    …This was right around the time that his step-brother was granted immunity for his story about his involvement with the blue barrel removal.

    According to Chrissy when that story broke, things were not as peachy in the Peterson household as they had been in the past. As a matter of fact, she talked about how much she hated having people there 24/7 going over possible scenarios with Drew.

    What probably hurt his feelings a great deal was when two weeks ago she declined to go on a vacation to Vegas with him. This was when she was going to (allegedly) tie the knot with him. I wonder what gave her cold feet?

    Although, the marriage wouldn’t be legal. Drew still needs to get a divorce from Stacy. In order for that to happen, he would have to be found innocent of any wrong-doing in her disappearance. That is a wish not likely to be granted any time soon…


    I imagine that’s what any women who gets involved with him can look forward to. Every day for Drew Peterson is just another day of planning what to do when he gets arrested.

  150. While I wasn’t with Mike for this interview, I may be with him for the next one that he does which may be Mancow.

    Oh, joy. Maybe he’ll plug the TGI Friday’s wings.

  151. And about the Sherman and Tingle interview with Mike:

    When you listen to the interviews below, none of it has been staged. All Mike did was tell Chrissy to listen at a specific time and he knew that the info would get back to Drew.

    Ya think? Since they were living together I guess the info was probably gonna travel to him pretty quick.

  152. All these people are playing pretty stupid games with each other and regardless what one thinks of Drew, to deliberately challenge him to fights or “tease” him on radio about intended infidelities is just unnecessarily flirting with danger as Drew is not the type of guy that needs prodding in that direction !

  153. “As a matter of fact, she talked about how much she hated having people there 24/7 going over possible scenarios with Drew.”


    I am really looking forward to the arrest, trial and incarceration. Then, and only then, will we get the full story of what has been going on in that dropkick’s life over the past 18 months.

  154. I meant to add, it’s statements like the one above (people in the house going over cover stories with Drew) that lead me to believe he will eventually pay for what he has done. I mean, if a bunch of bloggers and media people can see that he has done something, surely LE can as well (hopefully!)

  155. I’ve always been a bit curious about something: If Joe Hosey has so much information he can’t reveal, why on earth did he rush out to publish a book so quickly? Wouldn’t it have been better to wait, then publish a book with the whole story?

    He may be a good reporter, but the speed in which Fatal Vows came out smacks of him being an opportunist.

  156. Aussie, IMO, he did the right thing. I personally learnt some new stuff from his book and his book gave sort of balance against Drew-Exposed.

  157. Good morning, everyone.

    Aussienat – in fairness to Joe Hosey, he covered the Kathleen Savio death investigation/inquest before any of us ever heard of her, Drew Peterson or Stacy. So, IMHO, he didn’t “rush out to publish” a book, and I certainly don’t think he’s being an opportunist. He continued a story that he covered from the first days, beginning in 2004. One reason, according to him, he doesn’t reveal of details of some things he knows is because he has to verify their validity. One example, he has never personally interviewed Drew Peterson’s estranged son, Eric, so publishing things he may have heard from others can’t be confirmed. I can’t speak for him, but does anyone think that an arrest wouldn’t have come before now?

    No disrespect to your opinion, but I would consider Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky, among other things, opportunists. Sorry, but I cannot lump Joe Hosey in with those two for more than a few reasons.

  158. I wonder…Will there ever be an arrest ??

    This is beyond ridiculous !!

    I wonder…WTH are they waiting for ?? An
    indictment lined in gold ?? UGH

  159. Tomorrow is the seven week mark that Joe Hosey predicted an arrest. Am i wrong, didn’t Joe say,seven weeks or not at all. Lets hope the second part of his prediction is also wrong.
    Geraldo said, arrest by last Aug. Len said Spring,
    Hosey said, seven weeks, and last but not least Mr. Glascow said Soon. I’m still waiting!!!

  160. facsmiley Says:
    April 14, 2009 at 10:16 am

    The wheels of justice need some grease.
    Or a kick in the ass……

  161. # 1wonderwoman Says:
    April 14, 2009 at 8:49 am

    I wonder…Will there ever be an arrest ??

    This is beyond ridiculous !!

    I wonder…WTH are they waiting for ?? An
    indictment lined in gold ?? UGH
    # cyrhla Says:
    April 14, 2009 at 8:55 am

    414. I wonder… 😉
    I wonder & cyrhla,

    We can only hope it is today, but with Blago having to appear in court today, I’m doubting it.

  162. It seems like it is time again for Drew to try to stir the media pot. He isn’t in any news stories for over a week now using a Google news search(aside from his lawyer being tied to the Orland Park toddler murder).

    I’m sure he’ll have something up his sleeve to keep the “Sinister Sells” circus in the spotlight.

  163. I really kind of wonder if his new tactic isn’t “keeping a low profile”. Can the leopard change his spots?

  164. I don’t think he was really laying low. He was just out of town and busy with the kids. It is good that they got to go to the Dells though. Those kids deserve some fun and down time.

  165. I think he must be at the end of his tether, what with all the scenario surmising. Yeah, I think he’s flipping out. Remember how Lenny and Paula described what he was like while he was hiding out at their home…not sleeping, pacing, fretting endlessly about the GJ?

    I wish I could find that bit of vid where he’s in the corridor of a tv studio, calls Lenny and Paula names (doesn’t get mad, he says) refuses to deny his desire to die ala suicide by cop, and virtually begs to be arrested…(“or just tell my attorney and we’ll turn myself in”) he looked fit to be tied.

  166. Thanks, rescue.

    “I’m not targeting younger women,” he says. “It’s just what happened.”

  167. Oh boy! I wonder if there is a PRNewsChannel alert for this one.


    Reality Rod? Blago Seeks Role In ‘Celebrity’ Show


    Illinois’ disgraced former governor now wants to try his hand at reality television, sources say.

    A source close to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he plans to compete in a new NBC-TV created show styled on CBS’s successful “Survivor” series that features “celebrities.”

    The source explains this is why Blagojevich today asked federal Judge James Zagel to allow his to travel under an increased bond. Blagojevich was arraigned today on an array of federal corruption charges, including a scheme to sell President Obama’s old Senate seat. The former governor pleaded not guilty during a brief hearing at the Dirksen Federal Building

    The three-week stint is in June in Costa Rica. NBC is planning a summer series titled “I’m A Celebrity .. Get Me Out Of Here!” in which several “celebrities” are dropped into the heart of the jungle to face “fun and comedic challenges designed to test their survivor skills,” according to NBC’s web site. It is unclear whether Blagojevich is involved with this project.

    Blagojevich the source says will travel to Los Angeles at the end of April to finalize his participation deal.

  168. I remember seeing that show a few years ago. It was disappointing. The celebs didn’t want to play by the same rules as ‘regular’ peopls.

  169. I wonder…Since when is being a criminal considered being a celebrity ???

    I wonder…If I go out and commit some crimes then can I get a people magazine article and maybe a reality show ???

    I wonder….Does anyone else see this insanity ??

    WTH is wrong with some people ???

    These “celebrities” are nothing but criminals who have killed, stolen, bribed,lied and who knows what else…

    OMG I think it’s time to step away from the computer, I am ready to blow. Thanks for letting me vent.

  170. I so much agree with you Wonder. I think that it is fine to air their dirty laundry, but not ok to make them out to be celebrities. I do like the idea of dropping them off on an island though, but one more like Alcatraz. Then let them try and swim home when they get hungry all while filming the show. Now that would be entertaining and justified programming, JMO

  171. Rescue, of course I wouldn’t put Joe Hosey in the same category as Joel and Drew, that goes without saying.

    Fair enough, I see your point. I guess I just thought Fatal Vows was more about Stacy’s disappearance than anything else. I stand corrected.

  172. I wonder…Convicted of what ?? When ?? This lifetime ??? The next lifetime ??

    Nothing personal against anyone. I am so sick of hearing about how “He will be indicted or arrested, or convicted etc” I wonder…Will we ever see it ??

    I USED to think so too….now I WONDER !!!

  173. 1wonderwoman, I used to feel that way. I was totally over seeing predictions about how it will be soon, only to see drew and joel go on and on with their antics and seemingly getting away with the sort of behaviour that not many do.

    However, I think in this case, the old saying: give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves applies. As time goes by he is having trouble maintaining his stories and seems to be unraveling before our very eyes.

    Not a good turn that Roger the Dodger got back in as Mayor though! Very disappointing.

  174. Disclaimer: Some of the above “celebreties” have only been charged with a crime and are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  175. Dang – My post is being held until moderation. I’ll repost it here without the links to the mug shots. Maybe there were just too many of them.

    Littlemamajo – I’d watch that show!!

    “Alleged Celebrity Criminals Escape from Alcatraz”*


    Michael “Top Dog” Vick

    Lil “I punked the Grand Jury but lost” Kim

    Vince “Sham Wow” Schlomi

    Lorena “I’ll throw your willy out the window” Bobbitt

    Charles “I was out to get some oral sex and instead I blew a DUI” Barkely

    Paris “That pink cell was hot” Hilton

    Rod “I’ve done nothing wrong and will tell everyone in the world the same thing over and over and over until they get sick and tired of me and let me go free just so I shut up” Blagojevich

    Tawny “Man a**-kicking” Kittaen

    Drew “little girls love me and then leave” Peterson

    Tanya “Trailer trash ain’t got nothing on me” Harding

    and special guest star, Michael “who’s been sleeping in my bed” Jackson

    *Disclaimer: All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  176. 😀 TAI

    Rod “I’ve done nothing wrong and will tell everyone in the world the same thing over and over and over until they get sick and tired of me and let me go free just so I shut up” Blagojevich

    I had to laugh at Blago’s nick … 10x as long-winded as everyone else’s. Just like him?

  177. I hope ya’ll will join us on Susan’s radio show today!

    1:00 pm Pacific–3:00 pm Central–4:00 pm Eastern

    To listen live to todays show or participate in the chatroom go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmurphymilano

    Today’s Guests:
    Heather Thompson, the North Carolina Mother and “Success Survivor” will talk her current caseand offer words of wisdom to those currently in an abusive relationship.

  178. Any ideas what happened to Derek Armstrong ?

    Could it be he called Drew a “Sociopath” on the Dr. Phil Show a while back and said other unflattering things about him when it was his turn to speak ?

    Could it be the tape recordings that inspired the book are now also in the hands of LE ?

  179. JAH – I’ve been wondering that for a long, long time. Seems the last time we heard from him was when Drew and Chrissy broke up the first time. Either he got scared with a lawsuit or he is MIA. He hasn’t posted anything on any of his blogs – including his own fan site that he set up for himself. Strange.

  180. Didn’t someone who posted here live by Derek? 😀 Maybe this would be the excuse she was looking for — she could stop by and check on him.

  181. Could he be sick if he hasn’t done any blogging or posting on his own fan site either ?

    Strange if he received the publicity he so craved and then grows completely silent !

    Doesn’t make sense !

  182. I think it was Q horses who lived near DA. He’s been publishing lots of non-fictino titles (at least his publishing house is), but I haven’t seen any personal blogs at all.

  183. BTW, Joe Hosey did consent to do an “email interview” for us and one of the questions I’ve asked has to do with DA and his eerie silence.

    Thanks to those of you who suggested following up with him!

  184. delilah1234 Says:

    April 15, 2009 at 10:46 am
    I hope ya’ll will join us on Susan’s radio show today!

    1:00 pm Pacific–3:00 pm Central–4:00 pm Eastern

    To listen live to todays show or participate in the chatroom go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmurphymilano

    Today’s Guests:
    Heather Thompson, the North Carolina Mother and “Success Survivor” will talk her current caseand offer words of wisdom to those currently in an abusive relationship.


    Most domestic violence victims stay or return to their abusers before it’s too late, but Kathleen and Stacy couldn’t get away from him in the first place because he was a Police Officer and that makes their stories all the more tragic !

  185. One also wonders how much messages of imminent danger in domestic violence are getting through to young women if Christina Raines is anything to go by (!!)

  186. Justanotherhen….you hit the nail on the head! Most women think it just won’t happen to them, that they can “fix” the guy! I’m sure Chrissy is feeling the same thing, she is already under the spell! yuk

  187. Yeah, if a 55 year old guy with four underage children, four failed marriages of which two wives happened to be missing and/or murdered is still a good catch, there must be slim pickings in Bolingbrook (!!)

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