Where was Drew Peterson at 10:59 am on October 28, 2007?

drew-docsThat’s the question that Fox reporter Jeff Goldblatt says we should be asking Drew Peterson.

Drew’s answer? “Refer that question to my attorney.”

Since last night Fox news has been saying that they have a “bombshell” regarding the Peterson case and that it relates to Stacy Peterson. Both Peterson and Goldblatt appeared on the Mancow & Cassidy WLS radio show this morning, Goldblatt to promote the rport on tonight’s 9 o’clock news hour and Drew to promote…Drew?

Mancow of course, dangled the story and tittilated the listening audience with nonsense for the majority of his show but I’ll spare you the fluff and cut to the meat of the conversation.

MULLER: “”You know how uncomfortable we are? We’ve got Drew Peterson looking at us. He’s about two feet away standing in the studio.”

GOLDBLATT: “The point of this is not to “destroy” him as you said, Mancow. You’re just embellishing on things. The point of this is not to make him uncomfortable. That’s what you do. The point of this is two things.

First of all there’s some key investigative documents, confidential authoritative documents that we got a hold of. They got out into the public.

The other thing is, Mancow, as we both use each other here, because we certainly have worked together in the past, is that a lot of this evidence, or these documents points squarely at Drew Peterson. So that’s what I’m out to do. I’m not out to destroy him. I’m out to present what we’ve gotten and then just let people think what they want. I don’t have anything against Drew Peterson. I don’t know where he was on this day or that day. A lot of people have a personal vendetta against him. That’s fine. Let people do that.

There’s a time line, for starters, surrounding Stacy Peterson’s death — her disappearance — and it points squarely at Drew. It documents where he was in the time leading up to that day, October 28th. Ask DP where he was 10:59 am October 28th. It’s not a question he’ll answer.

We offered his attorney a chance to go on camera with us to talk about these documents. They wanted all the documents photocopied as a precondition to go on camera with us. That’s not my job. At trial they can go ahead and get these documents.

They showed up anonymously in a manila envelope. We confirmed with the State’s Attorney’s office that they are indeed a copy of legitimate documents, but here’s also part of the rub, and here’s potentially where the defense is going to have a bone of contention. They said this is a flawed investigation from the get-go and we’ve learned from Will County State’s Attorney that these documents were taken, were stolen from an Illinois State Police car.

Someone brought these key investigative documents and our time line, probably about a year ago, they were out there and were floating we believe in the U.S. mail for all that time and then the Post Office, we presume, saw an address inside these files to the sister of Kathleen Savio, Drew’s former third wife, sent the documents to that family. The family then turned all these documents over to authorities but a couple of months subsequently documents also showed up at the station. So who knows how many copies of these documents are out there, but they’re out there.”

In the ensuing next few minutes, Joel Brodsky showed up at the studio to advise his client who, after this consultation, chose not to answer the question about his whereabouts (although his face did flush when he was asked). Joel then consulted a copy of Drew’s “official” timeline as was provided to author Derek Armstrong for inclusion in his book about the case. Using that timeline as a reference Joel stated that Drew was still in bed, being awakened by his children at the time in question.

Cassandra Cales, sister of Stacy Peterson apparently called into the show during the last few minutes, but they lost their connection to her call and we weren’t able to hear from her.

UPDATE 2:17pm: Fox has a story out about the document:

It starts 13 days before Stacy is first reported missing…October 16, 2007. That night Stacy discussed with her sister leaving Drew by Halloween.

The next day, the timeline shows Drew using a Bolingbrook Police computer to look into whether Stacy had a potential boyfriend.

October 28th…the timeline reads: “Dead.” Stacy stops returning calls and text messages from friends at 10:59 AM. Drew calls off work at 2:30.

At least one other person received the same documents we did. That would be Charlie Doman, nephew to Kathleen Savio, He claims State Police showed up at his home and threatened to kick in the door and search for the documents. He handed them over. But he told us the evidence he saw strengthens his belief that Drew Peterson should be arrested.

Read the rest of the story at Fox News.

UPDATE 2:18pm: The Sanitary Shipping canal is again being searched. State Police confirm the search is related to the Stacy Peterson investigation.

Read the story at NBC.

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182 thoughts on “Where was Drew Peterson at 10:59 am on October 28, 2007?

  1. He murdering POS has already admitted he was there by his own timeline. The question should be — what was he doing at 10:59 AM on October 28, 2007?

    Thank you, Facs, for transcribing this for all of us. And, thank you, Rescue, for expressing your sentiments about this. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I guess we’ll know fairly soon whether the “Man” is going to deliver.

  2. Drew’s timeline for Oct. 28 (As published in “Drew Peterson Exposed,” by Derek Armstrong)

    5:30-6 a.m. – Drew returns home from his night shift. Before he goes to bed, Stacy tells him she is going to visit her grandfather in the morning.
    10-11 a.m. – The children wake Drew up and he notices that Stacy is not home.
    Noon-1 p.m. – Drew home with children.

    1-1:30 p.m. – Drew runs Sunday errands while Tom and Kris watch Anthony and Lacy.
    2 p.m. – Drew calls in to request the night off because he has accumulated sick time he could use before his December retirement.
    3:15 p.m. – Tom’s school friends pick him for a band concert.
    6 p.m. – Drew takes the three other children to McDonald’s.
    7: 30 p.m. – Drew and the children return home.
    8 p.m. – Tom returns from band concert.
    9 p.m. – Drew is at home when he receives a call from Stacy informing him she is leaving with another man.
    9:15 p.m. – Drew leaves to go look for Stacy.
    11-11:30 p.m. – Drew returns home as Cassandra Cales calls him looking for her sister. Drew tells her Stacy had left him and took clothes, money and her passport.
    11:45 p.m. – Drew walks to the airport to drive Stacy’s car back home.
    Midnight – Drew goes to bed.
    2:30 a.m. – Bolingbrook police call Drew to inform him that Cassandra Cales has filed a missing persons report for Stacy.

    Hmm … so what was he doing from 11-noon … he didn’t really give a timeline for the whole day now did he?

  3. I got the impression that Fox thinks the leaked ISP timeline is a “bombshell” because it will show Drew being somewhere other than home (where he said he was). It may show that he was at Clow airport purchasing gasoline, or at a nearby bank, or a park.

    I do hope they will let us know what the timeline says and not just tell us again that they have it.

  4. You’ll notice it is not 11 to 1 that Drew is home with the children, and if they woke him up 10-11 and he was home then, wouldn’t it be 11-1 that he was home with the children, if he hadn’t left?

    So where was he during that time … and how did they come up with 10:59 a.m. as opposed to 11 a.m.?

  5. Then again, they were looking at video surveillance from various buildings in the area. He could have been caught on that.

  6. Timeline established through accounts by Stacy’s friends and family.

    * 9:40 a.m. – Peterson neighbor Sharon Bychowski leaves her home to go to the grocery store and notes seeing both of the Petersons’ vehicle in their driveway.

    * 10:15 a.m. – A friend calls Stacy Peterson about painting the house that day. Peterson, still in bed, says she will meet to paint the house later.

    * 11:55 a.m. – Bychowski returns from the grocery store and says she saw only one of the vehicles in the Peterson driveway. Bychowski calls next door to see if the Peterson children want to come over for suckers. She asks for Stacy when one of the children answers the phone and Drew Peterson tells her his wife went to visit her grandfather.

  7. That’s brilliant, ms b! I think I’ve got to get myself a pink shawl. Maharishi taught that there wouldn’t be an improvement in the state of the world until women exerted their rightful authority. 🙂

  8. http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/wildcard_14/DrewEvidence

    Fox Exclusive: Evidence of Drew’s Guilt
    Last Edited: Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009, 11:36 AM CDT
    Created On: Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009, 11:14 AM CDT

    Chicago, IL – In a Fox Chicago News Exclusive, Jeff Goldblatt tonight will report on secret state evidence that points to Drew Peterson’s guilt in the disappearance and murder of his fourth wife, Stacy.

    The evidence was delivered anonymously to Goldblatt here at the Fox Chicago newsroom. Inside a manila envelope was a timeline of the murder investigation, other documents and the police report from the night of the murder of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    We do not know who left it, only that it had been stolen from a state police car. The State’s Attorney’s office only would confirm that the documents were missing, adding our story would not compromise its investigation.

    Of greatest interest, the investigators’ timeline.

    It starts 13 days before Stacy is first reported missing…October 16, 2007. That night Stacy discussed with her sister leaving Drew by Halloween.

    The next day, the timeline shows Drew using a Bolingbrook Police computer to look into whether Stacy had a potential boyfriend.

    October 28th…the timeline reads: “Dead.” Stacy stops returning calls and text messages from friends at 10:59 AM. Drew calls off work at 2:30.

    Later that night, the timeline says Drew met with his step brother, Tom Morphy, at a Bolingbrook Starbucks. The two return to Drew’s home and move a “…large blue round plastic container weighing approximately 150 pounds with a screw-on top with clear plastic protruding from outside the master bedroom area.”

    At 11:14, Stacy’s sister drives to Drew’s home, worried about Stacy. Drew is not home. (Investigators believe he could be at a nearby quarry, possibly disposing of the body.)

    At least one other person received the same documents we did. That would be Charlie Doman, nephew to Kathleen Savio, He claims State Police showed up at his home and threatened to kick in the door and search for the documents. He handed them over. But he told us the evidence he saw strengthens his belief that Drew Peterson should be arrested.

  9. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Police-Search-Des-Plaines-River-Canal-for-Clues-in-Stacy-Peterson-Case-April-29-2009.html

    Police Search Canal for Clues in Stacy Peterson Case

    Updated 1:56 PM CDT, Wed, Apr 29, 2009

    State police and the U.S. Coast Guard combed a canal adjacent to the Des Plaines River on Wednesday for clues into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

    Peterson disappeared in October 2007.

    Divers searched an area of the Sanitary Drainage and Ship Canal between Romeoville and Lockport. The canal runs parallel to the river.

    State police confirmed the search was related to the Peterson investigation.

    “Whenever the investigation leads us to an area that investigators feel needs to be searched, it’s done when it’s feasible,” said State Police Sgt. Tom Burek.

    Stacy’s retired police officer husband, Drew, has been named a suspect in the disappearance.

  10. Heh, looks like that is Charles Doman in the photo. Rescue called it last night.

    Yes, they are searching the canal right now.

  11. WONDERFUL – searching AGAIN!! It has renewed my faith that they are actively working on this. According to that FOX article, LE think time of death was right after 10:59am due to the fact that is when she stopped replying back. I think the only thing holding up the arrest now is finding Stacy’s remains…. :mrgreen:

  12. “Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? Whatya gonna do when they come for you….”

    I am doing a happy dance right now, I don’t want them to find Stacy dead, but I am afraid they will and FINALLY…FINALLY the family and friends can have some closure!!!!! 🙂

  13. Holy cow! Why are they threatening to kick down Doman’s door?? The police already had that information and they are the ones that lost it.

    Why all of a sudden do the search of the Canal again?

    I cannot figure out how this is at all related if the police had already had that information (unless it was their only copy and way to get that information).

  14. I wonder if all the papers were not returned to the Savios and therefore to LE, and that the media got more …

  15. I’m having a whopper of a news day. The Feds raided the Village of Crestwood offices too. I had lived there for 11 years and am hoping to get to the truth about why my family was given tainted water for 11 years – which I put in my own babies’ bottles.

    I just wish that this part of the nightmare would come to an end for Stacy’s family and they find out what really happened to her. Not knowing has to be the worst thing in the world.

  16. It probably costs a lot to send people out there. I’m guessing they got a good tip or more evidence and that’s why they are searching. At least they are following up and that’s encouraging (at least to me).

  17. Hi Everyone! Busy day today in will county. When I saw about the news for 9PM tonight, I realized it was kathleen’s brother that was shown. It appears he has lost weight, so it was hard to recognize him at first. But the tatoo gave it away. Peterson, your time has ran out!

  18. Applealley – what’s his first name? He definitely looked a lot like Charlie Doman but there were some features that were different that I wouldn’t expect weight loss to change.

  19. I think it is Charlie, could be wrong…I did meet the one brother at one of the vigils and looks like him. I remembered the tatoo. I think because the way the pic was taken, he closed his eyes and that is why they seem smaller.

  20. I looked at his tatoo while standing next to him….I remember thinking,”wow”. Very creative artwork.

  21. I’ve just had another scout round and can’t find any other report about the canal search. Just seems weird to me ….2 hours. Hey Drew looks like a microbe kicked you further down the news.

  22. Grandam, You may be on to something with Robinson…they don’t go and search just for the heck of it. I can’t believe the national news hounds have not picked up on this story.

  23. No doubts, Charlie Doman 🙂

    Exclusive:Files Found
    Exposing Peterson
    Documents Detail Case Against


    Call it the case against Drew Peterson. It’s been over three years since his third wife Kathleen Savio was murdered and a year and a half since his fourth wife Stacy disappeared. Tonight, for the first time, Fox Chicago News has obtained documents showing how prosecutors are building their case against the former Bolingbrook police officer.

    The documents were stolen from an Illinois State Police car then photocopied and dropped off for anchor Jeff Goldblatt. Inside is information never before seen by the public including a timeline of what happened to Stacy, a list of 59 leads, and the police report from the night of Kathleen Savio’s murder.

    “I was shocked by what was in there, I was really, really shocked,” said Charlie Doman, Kathleen nephew. Doman received a copy of the documents after the Post Office found the papers, saw the Savio name, and delivered them to his mom.

    But he adds his life has changed for the worse ever since the State Police found out he had the information. At one point he contends troopers threatened him to get the paperwork back. He says, “The female State Police said at first they were going to kick my door in and search every piece of paper in my house until they find what they were looking for if i didn’t give them right then and there.”

    Doman eventually returned his copy. But you can see why police wanted them. The timeline alone lays out in great detail what investigators think happened to Stacy Peterson and what Drew did with her body. According to the documents, they note Stacy was dead by 10:59 am on October 28th. That night, they describe Drew removing the body with his step brother Tom Morphey in a “large blue round plastic container weighing approximately 150 pounds with screw on top with clear plastic protruding from outside.”

    As for what Drew did with the body, the timeline indicates they believe he may have disposed of it in a quarry in the Bolingbrook area.

    Fox Chicago News contacted the State’s Attorney’s office about the documents. A spokesman told us he was aware they were stolen but did not think our story would compromise their investigation.

    Pamela Bosco, a spokeswoman for Stacy’s family, said she’s been told the case is still active and investigators are still gathering evidence. When we told her about the missing documents, she replied, “when we want to go to court on this, we want to make sure it is done correctly and im sure the prosecution and ISP know this is an important case.”

    This is an important case for Charlie Doman as well. He feels coming forward will help expedite the investigation although he admits he fears the State’s Attorney and State Police will be upset with him. When Jeff Goldblatt asked Charlie how he would respond if they say this tarnishes their case, he replied, “I think they need to step it up a notch then.”

    For the full story including a more in-depth look at the timeline, watch Jeff Goldblatt’s exclusive investigation only on Fox Chicago News tonight at nine.

  24. Hmmmm, what ????

    “Stolen” documents floating around in the mail system for more than a year ???

    Hmmmmm, what ??

    someone just happens to see a Savio name on them and sends them on ???

    Hmmmmmm, what ???

    ISP has documents “stolen” from a vehicle and then won’t make an arrest because they can’t remember what’s on them ???

    Hmmmmmmm, what ????

    Does that make ANY SENSE ?????

  25. I wonder if the ISP filed a police report on the papers stolen from the police car. What else was taken? Laptop?

  26. It’s the black folder every media outlet would love to get their hands on.

    “This has literally the entire timeline in it which is huge.”

    Illinois State Police Sergeant Tom Burek is normally stationed at police headquarters in East Moline, but these days he’s taking on the case of a lifetime, overseeing public information for both the Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson investigations.

    The link to the entire article does not work, but for reference: http://tinyurl.com/6q58lu

    I didn’t want to post the entire article but do have it.

    I just wondered whether it was Tom Burdek’s vehicle that was broken into. Or that these papers were stolen from.

  27. It does not make any sense to me, JAH.

    IMO, they could have been distributed by someone from ISP who had suspected some people should know not to let the case die or for any other reason.Can these documents be accepted at the trial now?

    BTW, why aren’t they looking for Stacy in quarries then? Oh, maybe they are.

  28. cryhla, according to Joel, the documents were a police-generated timeline. We’ll have to wait for Fox to let us know whether there was more to what they were given.

  29. noway406 Says:
    April 29, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    cryhla, according to Joel, the documents were a police-generated timeline. We’ll have to wait for Fox to let us know whether there was more to what they were given.
    I am just speculating, noway ;).
    I cannot wait what they say (and show) on Fox.

  30. I have to go to bed now so you must promise me to tell all so I can read it in the morning!! 🙂

    Floating around in the post for a year? Does that mean the Domans sent it to whatever authority but said authority say they never received it??

  31. Bucket, from what I’ve read and heard, the docs were lost when they were orignally mailed (we don’t know to who) but eventually mailed to an address that appeared inside the contents – that of Kathleen’s sister. Charlie Doman said he had a copy but turned it over to ISP when asked.

    Jeff Goldblatt said that there were multiple copies floating around. I suspect that means it was mailed to other media outlets as well, who probably did not feel right going public with it.

  32. 10.59 am is the time Stacy ceased all contact with the world (at this stage via not ever answering her phone again).

  33. The Dresden Lock and Dam is about 30 miles downriver from where they were searching today.

    I’m sure if they had any compelling leads they would have searched that area.

  34. Let’s face it. ISP has investigated credible leads and probably gotten a wealth of information, as it appears will be reported on Fox, and it’s not been enough for the SA to go forward with criminal charges, so I’m pretty sure they’re not going to investigate tips from people who have visions. Personally, neither would I.

  35. noway406 Says:

    April 29, 2009 at 1:31 pm
    You’ll notice it is not 11 to 1 that Drew is home with the children, and if they woke him up 10-11 and he was home then, wouldn’t it be 11-1 that he was home with the children, if he hadn’t left?

    So where was he during that time … and how did they come up with 10:59 a.m. as opposed to 11 a.m.?


    10.59 am is the time Stacy ceased all contact with the world (at this stage via not ever answering her phone again).

    Sorry I had this in a seperate reply to noway, but there were so many other replies in between it didn’t make sense on its own.

  36. cyrhla

    I read the article at Kimmer’s board. The tinyurl did not work but the entire article was posted.

  37. Sandra Belanger predicted Stacy being found in April. She said that early last year, leading me to believe she mean April 08, however I don’t think the year was really specified. This is the last day of April (It’s already Thursday here).

    My only question is, if they have enough to arrest him, and had these documents a year ago, why didn’t they?

  38. There is a lot we don’t know at this point. It would behoove us all to see the report tonight and learn as much as Fox will tell us about how the documents were obtained.

    It’s certainly not far-fetched to believe that something was misadressed and not delivered for a long while, nor that something could have been taken from a squad car or misplaced by an officer.

    Rather than get indignant and/or start tossing out even wilder theories and making accusations, let’s stay level headed, hear what they have to say and discuss as we always do.

  39. What worries me a little is WHY did the ISP threaten to kick Charlie Doman’s door down for the information? Just thinking outloud here, but if somebody is still protecting drew, maybe they wanted those documents back so Doman wouldn’t have any ‘proof’ of the ISP timeline.

  40. I assumed that since the documents belonged to the ISP, they didn’t like the idea of the general public having access to them, or the possibility that they would be leaked to the press…as they were.

  41. I’m sorry, don’t want to be mean, but if Sandra Belanger, or any of the other “prediction queens” were worth anything, they’d be millionaires, because, damn, I’d be picking every stinkin’ number in every lottery I could!

    Funny how their predictions work, IMHO. I wonder if she could predict where Osama Bin Laden is so we can quit worrying about him and his maniacs blowing us up!

  42. rescue, I wasn’t even close to implying the police should follow up on leads from people with “visions”. I wasn’t implying they follow up on Sandra’s work. If you spent a fraction of the time you spend here to read & listen to the info at that link, you might have understood. Some things are being brought to our attention, possibly, that were documented by Sandra Belanger’s a very long time ago. I just find it interesting. Wasn’t trying to make ANYONE open their mind.

    And if Dresden is 30 miles downstream, that also would be one more thing that fits info given by Sandra Belanger. (EVP, not visions)

    I’m just getting very hopeful Stacy may actually be found & still thinking it sounds too good to be true.

  43. Don’t get me wrong rescue, I don’t believe in psychics one little bit. I used to. Now I am open about it. IE: I think they are full of crap, but am willing to be convinced if there is anyone can prove it to me.

    I’m just pointing out what she said as there are claims she has been right in the past, especially about Lacey Peterson.

  44. Sometime between the very small time frame of 10.15 am (or the END of that call to be more precise) and 10.59 am (when she never answered her phone again) something happened to Stacy Peterson (!!).

  45. TInk1, Stacy being found is what we are all hoping for. I can’t even imagine the pain of not even knowing where a loved one was. The pain of not knowing 100 per cent they were dead. It would be very, very hard to fully go through the grieving process when your loved one is still missing. Every day would be overshadowed by the thoughts of ‘could today be the day they find her’.

    I pray for everybody involved that Stacy is found.

  46. I know ladies, but, honestly, it’s a subject that makes me uncomfortable because it is so controversial, so I’d just as soon avoid it and stick with the solid, potential leads that come from witness, etc. I could go round and round about people who set up websites for just this thing, and it’s not an issue I’m fond of pursuing.

    As my friend, Facs, would say, pictures or it didn’t happen.

  47. JAH I too suspect there might be something on Stacy’s phone that indicates 10.59am. I can’t think of anything else that would pinpoint so precise a time.

    I’m only guessing of course, and Bucket suggested earlier there might have been a petrol receipt or something, but IIRC it wasn’t until the evening that drew felt safe to move Stacy’s body.

    I hope Fox have a bit more on the story at 9pm.

  48. Rescueapet, I’m sorry you feel that way about Sandra, she is a very giving person, who has given countless hours to helping families, just like Stacy’s.
    She actually came here to Illinois and met with family members out of the goodnes of her heart!

    She also worked on the Laci Peterson case & she WAS found where Sandra said she would be.

    There are many psychics who have helped police find missing persons….

  49. Tink1 and luvpups – I followed Sandra since she began posting about this case. A lot of the information is right on point. I too am hopeful that Stacy is found soon (April – fingers crossed). She did state that Stacy and/or “the barrell” was tossed from a bridge. Maybe ISP, LE, and the like should take that into consideration. Dresden locks should be searched as I don’t believe they have been due to authorization road blocks. JMO – Would love to see him squirm!!!

  50. Drew already put himself in the same place at the same time as Stacy between 10.15 am and 10.59 am, so he is the last person to have seen her alive, unless you count the children (!!)

  51. p.m. – Drew calls in to request the night off because he has accumulated sick time he could use before his December retirement.


    I would like to know if this is what Drew really gave as a reason or did he mention his wife had run away and he had to look after the children ???

    Isn’t that what the Dispatcher at BB Police Department had confirmed or is the Dispatcher lying too ?

  52. I don’t often allow myself to get into taking sides, but on this issue I’m definitely in Rescue’s corner. Predicting where Laci Peterson would be found was a pretty safe bet — one I predicted myself. And, I am no psychic. I have a friend who volunteers on a large scale with search and rescue missions all over this continent. He was asked to followup on a psychic’s lead in this case, and he declined because it’s been his experience that his own gutt level intuition has proven to be more reliable than any leads he’s ever chased down from a psychic. It’s a lot to ask of professional volunteers and professional LE to followup on anything other than what they deem to be credible leads where the evidence leads them. It’s a subject that can cause discomfort for those of us who are not bent in that direction. It’s fair for Rescue to want to steer this forum in the direction of sticking with credible information and facts, and let the psychics do their thing where they’re most comfortable.

  53. I just wonder how much more they can tell us than what they’ve already leaked. According to Goldblatt, they aren’t going to make the file avaiable to Brodsky: “At trial they can go ahead and get these documents.” so…how much of the contents can they share without jeopardizing the investigation? or, is that already a moot point since supposedly there are numerous copied floating around already.

    Who else got them besides Fox? Did the Tribune? Did Sun-Times?

  54. I wonder if Hosey did. Since he and Susan were talking about knowing something about the investigation and they knew it from different sources.

  55. The thing that has always bugged me about the refusal to answer the timeline is: if it’s the truth, and the truth shows you are innocent, why skirt the issue? Why the secrecy? That has never made sense to me.

    If I am innocent of a crime and can prove I wasn’t there by giving a timeline that can be checked out, then I’m going to sing that timeline to anybody that will give me the time of day!

  56. It looks like the heat has been turned up a notch or two in this investigation (!!).

    Detailed information re the exact times of Stacy’s final time line and the canal being searched again.

    It may be a mystery to us but Drew knows exactly what this is all about.

    Maybe worthy another revealing interview on his part ?

  57. Noway, I remember Joe said he had some evidence-related information but was trying to find a way to get it into the papers. Maybe it was the same thing and the Sun-Times is just more conservative about stepping on LE’s toes?

  58. A little bird tells me Cassandra did finally get through to Mancow’s show this morning and that the conversation was recorded since they had gone off the air by that time. They should be playing it tomorrow (for those who can stand to listen two days in a row).

  59. Too much skullduggery. The feds need to be involved and Glasgow needs to resign. Useless career politican.

  60. Does anyone know if Romeoville Beach has been searched ? This is an old quarry now a private “lake” which according to google earth, had a unpaved road leading right up to edge of water. It’s private and most people don’t even know it’s there. It is located W of New Ave E of I & M Canal & S of 135th.

  61. That’s the question that Fox reporter Jeff Goldblatt says we should be asking Drew Peterson.

    Drew’s answer? “Refer that question to my attorney.”


    Funny how Drew suddenly wants this question referred to his attorney !

    Joel was right, once you give a time line you have to stick to it, especially if it’s already published in a book – LOL !

  62. Darn! I am trying to watch MyFoxChicago live on my computer and it won’t let me! Double Darn.

    Is anybody watching it as we speak?

  63. Police Search Canal for Clues in Stacy Peterson Case Stacy Peterson has been missing since October, 2007

    Updated 7:10 PM CDT, Wed, Apr 29, 2009

    State police and the U.S. Coast Guard combed a canal adjacent to the Des Plaines River on Wednesday for clues into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

    Canal Searched for Signs of Stacy Peterson

    Divers searched a roughly one-mile portion of the Sanitary Drainage and Ship Canal between Romeoville and Lockport, concentrating in an area behind the Will County Power Plant. The canal runs parallel to the river.

    While State police confirmed the search was related to the Peterson investigation, they wouldn’t comment specifically on if divers were searching for evidence or Stacy herself.

    “Whenever the investigation leads us to an area that investigators feel needs to be searched, it’s done when it’s feasible,” said State Police Sgt. Tom Burek.

    Since her disappearance in October of 2007, the focus of the investigation has been on her retired police officer husband, Drew. His attorney, Joel Brodsky, called Wednesday’s search a waste of time.

    “They did it all last summer,” Brodsky said. They’re doing it again, so I don’t think it’s of any significance.”

    But the spokeswoman of Stacy Peterson’s family said that it’s searches like these that give the family hope.

    “I think what we can take from that is that they’re still considering this a very important investigation, and that it’s very active,” said family spokeswoman Pam Bosco. “We believe she can be found yet, and so we want to put all our efforts into doing our searches. Yet we believe that eventually we will find Stacy.”

    Brodksy said that the search, coupled with an apparent leak of internal police documents about the day Stacy disappeared is an attempt to bait Drew Peterson into making a mistake. To Brodsky, that document is a detective’s hour-by-hour timeline of what Drew Peterson was doing the day Stacy Peterson disappeared.

    “I think that the state may be doing both of these things on the same day in order to provoke some sort of reaction from Drew,” Brodsky said. “It’s time for authorities to start pursuinig the possibility that Drew Peterson is telling the truth when he says Stacy ran away.”


  64. Peterson uncle: I liked slain wife
    Man awarded assets to Drew

    April 29, 2009
    By JOE HOSEY jhosey@scn1.com

    WESTCHESTER — The man who awarded Drew Peterson all of his slain ex-wife’s assets said he is just an “honest guy” with nothing against the dead woman.

    “I might be the only one who liked Kathleen,” James B. Carroll said of Kathleen Savio, the dead wife of his nephew, Peterson.

    Whether Carroll liked her or not, Savio’s sister and father filed a wrongful death lawsuit last week against Carroll and Peterson.

    Savio and Peterson were in the midst of a contentious divorce when she was found drowned in a dry bathtub in March 2004. The couple’s marriage was legally severed but their finances had yet to be divided. Savio died shortly before that was scheduled to occur.

    State police investigated but failed to find any indication of foul play in Savio’s death. Soon after, Drew Peterson produced a will that named Carroll the executor of Savio’s estate.

    Carroll said the will was made at his suggestion — but added he had no idea Peterson was going to name him executor.

    He recalled Peterson asking for advice about making out a will shortly before the couple took a vacation to the Bahamas.

    “I remember saying to him make a will,” Carroll said.

    ‘I was family’

    The state police are reinvestigating Savio’s death. The disappearance of Peterson’s next wife, Stacy Peterson, in October 2007 prompted them to revisit the case.

    The state police consider Stacy Peterson the victim of a “potential homicide” and named Drew Peterson their sole suspect. In the wake of her disappearance, authorities decided Savio’s death, which was first determined to be an accidental drowning, was actually homicide.

    The recently filed wrongful death lawsuit accuses Carroll of working out an “agreement” with Peterson to ensure his nephew held on to all of the marital assets, including the sale proceeds of a tavern and printing company; insurance policies; and personal property.

    The lawsuit alleges the assets were “diverted to the personal benefit” of Peterson, Carroll or both of them.

    Carroll insists he received nothing for acting as the executor of Savio’s estate.

    “Heck no,” he said. “I was family.”

    An ‘honest guy’

    Carroll said he was not even aware that Peterson followed through on his advice to make out a will until his nephew came up with it after Savio died. He said Peterson explained that he made him executor because he thought of his “Uncle Jimmy” as an “honest guy.”

    Carroll said he last saw Peterson in January, when the family celebrated Peterson’s 55th birthday and the 16th birthday of Peterson’s son Thomas.

    Carroll’s wife and Drew Peterson’s mother were sisters. Carroll’s wife died 14 years ago, he said.

    The Westchester resident said he is retired from his job with AT%26T, and while he does not think the Savio family can get any money out of him through the wrongful death lawsuit, he is not happy about being named a defendant.

    “It stinks,” he said.


  65. “I might be the only one who liked Kathleen,” James B. Carroll said of Kathleen Savio, the dead wife of his nephew, Peterson.


    What kind of a stupid remark is that? “I might be the only one….”


  66. Facs – yes, about 8:30am, I think he mentioned, there will be more in-depth information regarding the documents.

  67. I wonder..Does he mean between him and DP ? What
    an idiotic thing to say.

    I wonder…After the two time murderer’s upcoming indictment,arrest,trial,conviction and sentence, who will be able to say they like DP ?

    No one comes to mind. Hmmmmmm

  68. Good morning!

    Hmmm. Nothing new? I’m not liking Carroll. Do you believe an attorney would just say “make a will” and then sign off something really substandard? That smells to me.

    I guess it’s a good thing that no more is revealed, but what happened to the other docs that Goldblatt said he had?

    Predictable JB answer that it’s all made up to make Drew make mistakes…but looks like Drew doesn’t need need any help cocking things up!

  69. Good morning, bucket and everyone (who is not sleeping now).

    I agree with you as for Carroll. I do not believe in his good intentions. How could he say “I might be the only one who liked Kathleen.”? Lack of respect if you REALLY like someone, right?

    Maybe Drew wanted to kill Kathleen when on Bahamas? I wonder what this vacations were like. He was abusive to her long before that and as his pattern has always been to reject a woman after she had children with him, so I am sure he had been cheating on her. In 1997 Kathleen started getting anonymous letters on it, and (is it just coincidence?) he wanted to sign a will…
    I can only a little justify Caroll due to the fact that Drew likes manipulating people. People who do not have to have bad intentions.
    Wasn’t it like that when he granted power of attorney to his former buddy from BBPD, JEFFERY ORTINAU, asked Rick Mimms to follow Kathleen, etc.?

  70. Morning cyrhla, wonder.

    Yeah , I know Drew manipulates, but that doesn’t explain Carroll’s questionable actions while doing something within the remit of his profession.

  71. Good morning, everyone.

    Another busy news day? Don’t forget, it you can bear to listen, DP will be on Mancow this morning, and so will Cass.

  72. re: uncle Carroll:
    He is in deep ^%$* and he knows it. Lots of legal footprints left behind and questionable practices outside of what would be considered normal. When there is a divorce and minor kids involved, there are supposed to be bonds posted and proceeds LEGALLY set aside for the benefit of the kids via IUTMA. Looks like uncle Carroll may have gone way out of his way to
    *help out* Drew. Wonder if he represented D in the real estate transactions ? This is going to get very interesting indeed. Perhaps unc & D can share a cell.

  73. meant to say: ” when there is a divorce and a death of a parent and assets involved..”

    There is a paper trail leading to unc & D and whoever else was involved. unc is going down.

  74. If unc Carroll was or is a lawyer..an officer of the court..and he was aware of the intense hostility D had for Kathleen ( as evidenced by quote from Joe Hosey ) then he had a responsibility to uphold the law. Here is yet another person who ENABLED Drew. We must uncover everyone of D’s enablers, from those who violated her right to equal protection in Will County
    to those like unc who enabled D to loot her estate.

  75. I wonder…How much more can there be to tell. It was a bunch of nothing as far as I am concerned.

    I wonder..Will justice ever be served in Kill County ??

  76. Writerofwrongs – You took the thoughts out of my brain. Sometimes people are made exeutors of wills and these people know nothing about what they are supposed to actually do and their lack of knowledge may result in something like that happening. However, I thought Mr. Carroll was some kind of a lawyer. That means he has legal training and should have absolutely known that what he did wasn’t right. Plus – we all know that the public guardian brought this stuff up as questionable in the court.

    The Savios shouldn’t have to be in this mess. The kids shouldn’t have to be looking at them as bad people. If the will was executed properly, the money would have all been put aside for the 2 boys.

    It is a shame.

  77. I heard on the radio this morning that today is the 2-year anniversary of Lisa Stebic’s disappearance. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones.

  78. Mancow said something about having a discussion about Drew and his sister-in-law’s confrontation was coming up soon. Not sure what that is about.

  79. They said it was going to be in 1/2 an hour. It is 9:33 right now. They said it was something between Drew and Cassie and it was “brutal”.

  80. They said that it was recorded yesterday off-air when Cassie called back in and had an exchange with Drew.

  81. During the Mancow radio interview, it is my understanding that Brodsky was in his usual form, by bringing up Cassandra’s brother and his legal woes. Brodsky is good for doing that, heh? He gives Mike Robinson a pass because he’s Drew’s BFF, but he likes to bring up the victims’ family members whenever he can. Cassandra, however, reminded him that her brother is not a murderer, like his client is!

    I fail to understand the reason for bringing up the victim’s brother by Brodsky, when he has nothing to do with Drew being responsible for Kathleen’s death and Stacy’s disappearance.

  82. Maybe someone should phone in and confront them with MR’s 6 counts of assorted battery and physical intimidation charges. Battery against 3 different women.

  83. OT. ROFL at Fox Chicago’s news icon to represent Swine Flu….the symbol of the god of medicine cheek by jowl with a photo of a pig. A bit basic, eh, Facs?

  84. Well, that was really ugly but it was nice to hear Cassandra say some of what we all would like to say to that POS.

    It was almost funny in a completely insane way to have him pulling out crap about Yelton, or the way Cassandra drives her car when she can always counter with, “YOU MURDERED MY SISTER”.

  85. Go Cass. I can think of no one more entitled to do that. Go girl. I hope it’s given you some relief…I bet it will. 🙂 Feels great to vent that shite in the appropiate direction. In fact, you’ll probably feel even better tomorrow after a sleep. Fist bump, Cass!

  86. Cass can handle herself very, very well! It’s amazing how Peterson and Brodsky veer off onto unrelated, unsubstantial digs and slams to avoid answering the tough questions.

    I am glad she made it clear that HE does not allow her access to the children. Because of her “driving?”

    How does he get to nurture and raise four children and be a crime suspect at the same time?

    This is all just sickening, meaning Drew Peterson!

  87. Rescue was just on Mancow’s show asking why Drew allows people like Mike Robinson around the kids and not Cassandra.

    They ignored the Mike Robinson reference and got it wrong and said that Cass had first brought up Yelton, but she had her say and it was a good one!

    *hearty handshake, my friend*

  88. Yeah, well, they cut me off when I wanted to remind Peterson that Robinson is going through the Court right now for domestic battery/violence.

  89. Now. It was my understanding that the exchange between Cass and DP followed her multiple attempts to get through while still on air. It was also my impression that she was “answering” what they said earlier, ie sliming Yelton. Therefore Blobsky bought it up.

    The broadcasters were wrong and the lady on the phone was correct. 🙂 Too bad she didn’t get to finish what she was saying 😦

  90. Here’s my email to Mancow. Mancow and his ethics are very questionable.

    I was just on to ask why Peterson/Brodsky bring up the victims’ family members’ legal problems anytime they want to avoid a direct question, but, yet, Peterson allows his friend, Mike Robinson around his kids and not Cassandra. You say Cassandra brought up Yelton, a sex offender. She did NOT bring him up, Brodsky did.

    BTW, Robinson is going through court right now for domestic battery/violence.

    I was not allowed to bring that up – I was cut off. What a railroad job you did on me!

  91. Another stupid comment from the suspect:

    Peterson said he was suspicious of how the documents surfaced. “If some kid was stealing something from the car, they’d be looking for guns or binoculars, something police-related, not the Drew Peterson exclusive timeline,” he said.

    Now, how would he know if guns, binoculars and something police related weren’t stolen from the car? I didn’t hear a report on that one way or the other.

    Oh, just STFU.

  92. Rescue, that was why I wondered if a police report was filed. I wonder if they caught the one(s) who did it.

    My thought was, if you’re going to risk breaking into a police car (!) then you must have seen something worth taking (laptop, police gear).

    It seems unlikely that only papers would be taken during a break-in.

  93. My guess is that the papers were possibly in with a laptop (which I’ve been known to do). They were of no use to the thief/thieves but were kindhearted enough to turn them over to the Savio family and the media.

    If the papers were the only thing that was taken … then something stinks there.

  94. It is very possible that it was an unmarked car and the person thought they were just stealing from a regular person. If so – I’d expect that a laptop was also stolen because who would steal papers or a folder with papers????

    It still smells fishy though – like someone sold it rather than stole it.

  95. If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

    Peterson’s commentary about Cass’ driving, and that being part of the reason he won’t allow her to see his kids, was on the radio today for all to hear. And it sounded as ridiculous as it is!

    The truth is, he “shields” his kids from any contact with family members who are not sympathetic to him. That is, family members whose loved ones he killed.

    Oh, and by the way, if I recall, wasn’t it Peterson who was pulled over for speeding when he was on his way to meet-up with one of his damsels in distress?

  96. Typical defense – discredit all possible prosecution witnesses and throw a lot of white noise when asked direct questions.

  97. BTW, I ‘admire’ someone’s courage to break into a police car… ;). I know “things like that happen” but it seems to be the thief must have feel remorses… or … broke into the car to steal the documents.
    I wonder if it is possible in any way that it was done on behalf of Brodsky and Drew with some hope the media or Savio family will publish them so that Brodsky could reject some evidence during the trail (or any other proceeding) calling it the leakage of the investigation materials to public done by the police. I hope you catch what I mean ;).

  98. That’s it – take his kids away. He was pulled over by the Naperville Police for speeding. He shouldn’t be allowed to be with his kids for that. 😉

  99. Personally, I don’t buy into any of the “conspiracy” theories about who stole the documents and why. Don’t forget, these documents were found a year ago, I believe.

    It is also my understanding that they’re police notes and interviews. They’re not receipts for storage lockers, barrels, chlorine purchases, diving weights – well, you get what I am saying. If they are notes that coincide with actual time lines and/or events, that doesn’t change the fact that they know where Drew Peterson was at a certain time, and it can be validated. Right?

  100. cyrhla, I get what you mean (#12:10). The thought occurred to me when someone jokingly posted that Drew probably wasn’t the one who had done it (since it benefited the Savios). That’s why I want to see the police report.

    It’s not likely that whoever took them knew what they were beforehand. So it wouldn’t be known who it would benefit until they were read. And for a true thief, if he couldn’t hock it, then it was useless to him.

    Was the car an unmarked car, was it locked, what else was stolen? I have sooo many questions.

  101. What this means to me is that a folder of notes was found that indicate just how familiar the police are (or were, at the time) with Peterson’s whereabouts. It is what it is. You can’t change the facts as they happened. If he left a mark, a trail, or was sighted, and it was documented by a witness, or a picture, or a video, or a number of people, the fact remains, he was not at home sleeping, where he SAID he was.

    This folder of papers, IMHO, was distributed because someone is thinking how point on the police are in knowing all of this, and wondering why they aren’t going forward with an arrest, that’s all. It doesn’t change anything.

  102. Maybe not. But I still would like to know what else was stolen and who stole them. Because we don’t know if all the papers that were stolen were returned, do we?

    ISP has been closed-mouthed on this (as with other parts of the investigation).

  103. This confrontation is hitting the news wires pretty fast as people pick up Hosey’s article:


    Sister of Stacy Peterson Cassandra Cales confronts Drew Peterson on Mancow radio show
    Recommend (7) Comments

    April 30, 2009

    BY JOE HOSEY jhosey@scn1.com

    [audio src="http://www.google.com/reader/ui/3247397568-audio-player.swf?audioUrl=http://www.suntimes.com/images/cds/MP3/Drew_peterson_cales.mp3" /]

    Drew Peterson’s last morning radio appearance apparently was too much for the sister of missing mom Stacy Peterson to bear.

    Stacy’s sister, Cassandra Cales, called into the Mancow Muller show on WLS radio Wednesday and lit into Drew Peterson, calling him a killer in a profanity-punctuated tirade.

    “You killed her after she got off the phone,” Cales barked at Peterson. “You will pay. I know what happened, I told the State Police. Drew knows. It’s not for the public’s eyes. The truth will be told in court.”

    Peterson has not been charged in connection with the disappearance of Stacy, his fourth wife, in October 2007. Stacy reportedly last spoke with a mutual friend of her and Cales on her cell phone just before she vanished.

    Peterson, who has said he believes his wife ran off with another man, has been a regular guest on the Mancow show over the last few months. But Wednesday’s appearance veered from the usual light-heart banter.

    The exchange between Peterson and Cales was taped Wednesday and aired this morning.

    Besides claiming Peterson murdered her sister, Cales accused Peterson of keeping Stacy’s young son and daughter away from their Aunt Cassandra.

    Peterson claimed he does not want the children around Cales because of her poor driving record. He also explained that Cales was involved in a high-speed chase during which the police “had to Taser her down to bring her to justice.”

    Cales laughed that off and returned to calling Peterson a killer, and possibly worse, before hanging up the phone.

    “My friend talked to my sister at 10:15 a.m.,” Cales said. “She was laying in bed, and Drew wasn’t in bed. Where were you Drew? You killed her after she got off the phone, you piece of (bleep).”

  104. And we don’t know if papers were the only thing that was stolen from that police car. It’s the only thing that was reported stolen as far as I know.

  105. Sorry – link to mp3 on Suntimes site was wrong above:

    [audio src="http://www.suntimes.com/images/cds/MP3/Drew_peterson_cales.mp3" /]

    It’s pretty bad quality.

  106. Maybe, that is why this is taking so long. Glasglow’s office would have to assume that the line of defense, regarding the theft of this folder, is going to be a major bone of contention for them. So, to ward off any adverse effect it will have once Peterson is charged, I assume the ISP was told by the SA’s Office to reconstruct his time line with facts, not just witness statements. Prove it. Pings, video tapes along his presumed routes, etc. Again, these are all things that can’t be changed after the fact.

    In fact, I tend to think the SA has the upper hand, since, if Peterson and Brodsky are just getting wind of this now (yeah, right), Glaslow’s office is two steps ahead of them, and working around the possible conflict this may have caused.

  107. I’m sure the keystone cops will never tell us exactly what was stolen from the police car. There is no way in heck they will admit when they screw up – that is why we hadn’t ever heard that they knew something was missing.

  108. Sad thing is I think the stuff was allegedly stolen from an ISP car – not a Kill County car. So the incompetence apparently goes all the way up to the state level.

  109. Thanks for the link to the interview. It is heart-breaking. Mancow is a swine, for sure. Attacking Cass and defending Drew. Stupid guy! The only thing I can agree with him is that the children are great but that’s all. All they wanted was to get out of Cass what she knew. Great girl, cool answers!

    I have to calm down now for a while.

  110. Actually – I thought Mancow had a moment of human-ness about him in this interview when he said that he cannot imagine how he’d react if it were his sibling missing.

    I think they made a mistake and forgot what Brodsky said yesterday about Yelton. Cassie is right though – the defense is trying to make this about everyone else to divert attention from Drew.

    I personally would have asked Drew why he’d have let Cassie be around the kids so much before Stacy was missing if she was such a bad influence.

    Drew stayed cool as a cucumber again though in spite of Cassie’s obvious anger which sometimes makes other people appear to be aggressors or volatile ones.

  111. thinkaboutit says: I think they made a mistake and forgot what Brodsky said yesterday about Yelton. Cassie is right though – the defense is trying to make this about everyone else to divert attention from Drew.


    Absolutely, they made a mistake!!!!!! She was answering to an earlier session where THEY brought up Yelton.

  112. If you listen closely you can hear Joel (I think) say “Where’s Yelton?” Cass then repeats, “Where’s Yelton?” She did not bring him up. They did.

  113. Does anyone know if they are still searching the Canal today? Has it been said what information they have regarding the timeline?

  114. thinkaboutit says: I personally would have asked Drew why he’d have let Cassie be around the kids so much before Stacy was missing if she was such a bad influence.

    Well, “think about” this. Drew has ADMITTED allowing Yelton to see his niece and nephew, albeit supervised, after being released from prison.

    Yet, he will not allow Cassandra to see the little people? Supervised? What does that tell you?

    While I am on the subject of admissions, the more he talks, the more we listen:

    He admitted (on Dr. Phil) he was driving around the Canal, looking for Stacy and the car, even though his wife had already called and said she was blowing town, and where the car was;

    He admitted that he went through a self-made hole in a section of drywall to enter Kathleen’s home after she changed the locks to keep him out;

    He admitted to “transphering” a gun to Paula, even though it should have been confiscated during a search warrant;

    He admitted to looking into procuring a storage locker the day before his wife went missing;

    He admitted to the fact that Stacy is NOT coming back.

  115. What diversion, at the very least on the 2 clowns part. This is not about where is Yelton, the question is,”WHERE IS STACY”! I am glad Cass got the chance to say a little bit of what she really feels, it was long overdue. The day is coming for her to be able to say much more, and I am sure that there will be some satisfaction, when she is able to watch him do the perp walk out of the courtroom and staight to a cell.

  116. TAI and apple, could you do me a favor and move your last posts over to the new thread? I would move them if I could but I don’t have the ability.

    After you repost there, I’ll remove them from this thread. Thanks!

  117. IMO the corruption and cover ups go straight to the top. Remember Kathleens sister stating ” Drew is a man with a lot of secrets..” food 4 thought
    Important papers such as the timetable are not *stolen* from police vehicles. Someone wants to perhaps “muddy up ” the waters as best as they can OR
    possibly someone wants to make sure this investigation stays on track and not lost in the big black hole of Kill County justice. It’s a wild card.

    The thing called Drew and his pet jackass will detract and attack whenever possible. Cassandras driving record had nothing to do w/her visiting with the kids; they could have met at a restaurant w/the thing chauffering them to and fro since he is so concerned about their safety, which is BS because he routinely leaves them alone at night while out on a bender. Remember, they want to fight this on their terms: detract and attack. Don’t play their game. The issue is the thing called Drew and what he did to 2 women and his whereabouts and who helped him.

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