Stacy Peterson’s sister confronts Drew Peterson on radio show

Drew Peterson’s sister-in-law confronted him Thursday on the “Mancow” Muller radio show on WLS radio.

Possibly inspired by Fox news’ Jeff Goldblatt who broke the news on the show about obtaining ISP documents (including a timeline of Drew Peterson’s whereabouts on the day her sister went missing), Cassandra Cales called into the program after it went off the air at 11 am. However, the call was recorded and played during today’s broadcast.

“You killed her after she got off the phone between 10:15 and 10:59,” she said. “The state police know where you were and what you did and you will pay.”

Read Joe Hosey’s story at the Sun-Times

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158 thoughts on “Stacy Peterson’s sister confronts Drew Peterson on radio show

  1. Every time Joel says “There’s not going to be an indictment” it just makes me all the more excited knowing that when it does come, his words will remain, making him look ridiculous.

  2. I’m moving my last comment over here since it was posted after the new thread was started. Can someone delete the other one so there is no confusion? Thx.


    I think you guys missed my point. I’m not saying that Cassie is a bad influence. I’m saying Drew is conveniently saying that now even though it didn’t seem to bug him before.

    He did the same thing with Sharon. He says she is nuts – yet she is the first one he called to watch the kids that day. He says bad things about Lenny and Paula and yet they were the ones he had watch the kids while he went to NY. He rips on Yelton for being a sex offender yet expressed that he’d let him see the kids. He says Chrissy is a bad person for telling his family she’d be with them and then left – yet took her back into his home quickly putting his kids’ feelings at risk again. My point was to point out his contradictions.

    The Yelton comment absolutely was brought up by Joel while they were on the air yesterday. It is my understanding that is part of why Cassie even called into the show.

    They then taped that comment off-air yesterday and some of the discussion that Mancow and Cassidy had was today after listening to it again. However, they only listened to Cassie’s call. I really think they forgot what Joel said the day before.

    I argee with Cassie that Drew keeps digging himself deeper. There are so many things he has said and admitted in the interviews he has gone to that I scratch my head and cannot understand why he doesn’t just clam up.

  3. Thanks, TAI. I totally agree with you and I wasn’t responding to you when I posted about Cass. I was just venting after spending an hour putting together the freakin’ video. 🙂

    BTW, if you listen carefully to the audio, you do hear someone (I think it’s Joel) says “Where’s Yelton?” and Cassandra responds to that. She didn’t bring him up during her call. They did.

  4. There’s another issue I have with these two nitwits.

    Where is their “proof” that Stacy’s mother ran away? They keep bringing this up, that Stacy ran away, just like her mother. Where are the investigative reports that show activity that she is alive and living somewhere, or that she left behind a letter about running away?

    Because if they have “proof” that Stacy’s mother ran away, why are they withholding that evidence from law enforcement, and not allowing her family to make contact with her, if they’re so smart and know the facts? Brodsky merely repeats what his goof of a client tells him to. Brodsky has known Peterson for 18 months. Did he do his own investigation into her disappearance? How the hell does he have firsthand knowledge regarding the whereabouts of Stacy’s mother in this short period of time?

  5. A part of the show yesterday that was really interesting was when Cassidy was asking Drew about “taking down signs”. He thought that Drew and his son had removed some offensive signs that had been posted in the neighborhood, and then finally Drew addressed it and said, “No, they were streamers”. Oh, like streamers that said offensive stuff…” “No, just colored…streamers” and suddenly Drew looked such a total madman.

    I’ll look for that later. It was a nice moment.

  6. Yeah, and he said they were mucking up (my words) the neighborhood. Totally went around the issue of having his son help him do this at midnight (thank you, Facs, another admission), and taking on the responsibility of being the neighborhood watchdog for beautification. Or is that lack of beautification?

  7. According to Drew, Chrissy wants to lie low these days. Her coworker mentioned in his blog that the boxing match between Peterson and her BF Mike is scheduled for the end of June. I guess we’ll see…

  8. I thought Drew said that Chrissy wanted “anything that went on between them” to be kept private. If she means it, she’ll stay quiet.

  9. And I guess that includes friendship, since he also said that he and Chrissy are just friends. (Damn that catch-22 media!)

  10. FYI: There’s a story written by Joe Hosey on the Sun Times website today regarding Cassandra’s radio call-in, which includes some pictures. I had brief email contact with Joe, who is out of the office, regarding one particular picture that was used. It was of Cassandra and Stacy. He directed me to call a gentleman in his office, as Joe was not aware of what pictures were used along with his story.

    Obviously, Peterson didn’t have a problem taking that picture at the time, but must feel it’s beneficial to him now in trying to tarnish the images of his wife, Stacy, and her sister, Cassandra, by releasing it to various outlets.

    It turns out that Joe called in his story, has no idea what pictures were used, and has no control over what pictures are used. They are put up on the Sun Times website by the editorial people. Those are the people to call in situations like this, where one feels a picture is offensive, etc.

    The picture on the ST website is offensive to me, personally, but I wanted to clarify that here – that the reporter in this instance, Joe Hosey, had no control over the website picture content.

  11. I love the picture you included, Facs, of the two of them as youngsters wearing hats and looking really happy.

  12. I was pretty surprised that the photo made it out there as well. I thought they were doing a good job of keeping that out of the public out of respect for her family.

  13. Cassandra did a good job of hammering home the vital points of this case. I love how she stayed on track with what this case is about…two murdered women.

    Watch your back Skunk!

  14. I think she did a great job!

    This is the conversation where Drew calls the memorial ribbons for his missing wife “tacky” “streamers” :

    Cassidy: Is was reported that you and your son went around recently at night and tore down signs in the neighbrohood that were, that you didn’t find too flattering. Is that true?

    Peterson: No, it wasn’t signs. It was streamers the neighbors were sticking up. Particularly one neighbor next door to me was putting up streamers all up and down the street and it was kind of offensive to me and my children so.

    Mancow: What did they say?

    Peterson: They were just streamers they were sticking on the trees…and it really kind of made the neighborhood look kind of tacky.

  15. I may be the only one here, but I find the call in radio interviews to Mancow extremely disturbing.

    This type of Media gives Drew an open platform to deliberately denigrade/ridicule his victims families and friends as they call in, which serves no purpose at all other than creating the type of animosity and upheaval Drew so thrives on.

    Why willingly give him that satisfaction ??

  16. JAH, because, I imagine, this is one place where his targets can get personal satisfaction and slam him back. No one gets that opportunity when he’s on the news’ outlets, where most of them make it a Drewfest. Today, it was Cassandra. For what she’s enduring all these months, she is, IMO, entitled to give it right back to him.

    It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s the only way right now, until his victims’ families get their chance in court. Hopefully.

  17. He doesn’t want the kids to see her because of her bad driving record?

    Now I have heard everything!!!!!!!!

    Arrest this POS already!

  18. Yes, in an ideal world a murder suspect would keep a low profile and go about his life instead of trying to create a second career as a celebrity while mocking the missing and the dead by appearing on radio shows where the hosts giggle (yes,they DID laugh – I can make an MP3 if you want)while asking him if he murdered his two wives.

    After a year and a half of seeing the memory of her missing sister publicly denigrated and insulted in every possible way by the man who most likely killed her, who can blame a woman for finally giving in and letting him have it during one of those appearances? She only did it this one time and I doubt she’ll do it again.

    And really, I don’t think he thrives on the animosity and upheaval of a confrontation. He badly wants someone in his corner, a sympathetic ear, a yes-man and he’ll take it from anywhere. If Mancow Muller takes advantage of that and kisses up to him in order to get him on the show and boost his ratings, then shame on Mancow and that boob of a lawyer who allows it.

  19. In my opinion Pam Bosco already does an excellent job as spokes person for the Cales family.

    She has class and style and does not evoke a bun fight with Drew through her statements !

  20. I can only imagine it was a hugely difficult mixture of satisfaction and frustration for Cassandra to be able actually to say directly to Drew, with an audience of witnesses, that he is a pos who murdered her sister.

  21. I admire Cassandra’s restraint in that it took her this long before she blew a gasket. I don’t know that I would have been able to hold it in as long as she has.

    That Mancow is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Blobsky is disgusting. How do any of the sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror? Disgusting!!!

  22. Let’s just take comfort from the fact, Drew placed himself squarely in the picture as the prime murder suspect, by being with Stacy at the same place and the same time of her last sighting and communication !!!

  23. Where do I start?

    Its amazing that JB thinks he deserves anytype of civility or respect when he SNOWBALLS and talks out his both sides of his mouth…NOT!!!

    How can anyone respect you when you defend DP like you were his abused wife?

    You deflect questions like a 5 y/o in a family squabble.

    You become flustered and speak with difficulty .

    You cant put up a good fight, and have been caught on camera talking out both sides of your mouth…

    Im so glad she called a spade a spade and told him he shutup and that he svcked.

    I believe DP has more brains than his attorney and thats pretty sad..

    WAITING so JB can eat his words..

  24. Thanks, Joe!,peterson-timeline_jo043009.article

    Timeline: Stacy Peterson’s last days seen alive

    April 30, 2009

    The Illinois State Police reportedly lost possession of sensitive documents from the case file of missing mom Stacy Peterson. Included in these documents, according to reports, was a timeline of the last day Stacy was seen alive, and the immediate aftermath of her disappearance.

    Here is the timeline created by author and Herald News reporter Joe Hosey, based on his articles for the newspaper and his true crime sensation, “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson.”

    All times are approximate.

    Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007
    3 to 4 a.m.: Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson skipped out of his shift early, by his own admission, and returned home. He joined his sleeping wife in bed.

    9 a.m.: Peterson’s children woke him up. Peterson said he “believes” his wife Stacy was still in the house, but due to his sleepy state, did not fully trust his memory. Peterson did recollect his wife telling him she was leaving to help Bruce Zidarich, a friend of her sister, Cassandra Cales, paint the home of her brother, Yelton Cales, in Yorkville.

    10:15 a.m.: Zidarich spoke on the phone with Stacy, for what turns out to be the last time. He said she sounded “depressed” and told him she had been lounging in bed. Stacy never showed up to paint.

    11:55 a.m.: The Petersons’ next-door-neighbor, Sharon Bychowski, said she called the Peterson home to offer the children some lollipops she had bought. Peterson’s then-13 year old son Kristopher answered. Bychowski said Kristopher sounded disoriented and stumbled on his words. Peterson then took the phone, she said, and told her Stacy went to visit her grandfather and to run some errands.

    1:15 p.m.: Peterson took three of his children, Kristopher, Anthony, then 4, and Lacy, then 2, over to Bychowski’s house and asked her to watch them.

    1:30 p.m.: Peterson returned and collects his children.

    2 p.m.: Bychowski called Stacy’s cell phone. The call went straight to voice mail. Bychowski found this highly unusual.

    2:30 p.m.: Peterson called in sick from his shift that evening.

    7 p.m.: Drew Peterson picked up his stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, from his home a few minutes away and headed to a Bolingbrook Starbucks. Peterson related to Morphey that he is having problems with his much younger fourth wife, Stacy, and asks for Morphey’s help. Peterson drove Morphey to a nearby park, gave him his cell phone and left him there.

    7:45 p.m.: Peterson’s cell phone, left in Morphey’s possession, rang. It showed Stacy’s name on the caller ID. A second call came in soon after in the same manner.

    8:30 p.m.: Peterson returned to the park, picked up Morphey and headed to the Peterson home.

    8:40 p.m.: Morphey and Peterson carried a blue barrel downstairs from the master bedroom to the driveway and Peterson’s Yukon Denali.

    8:50 p.m.: Peterson dropped Morphey at his home.

    9 p.m.: Peterson claimed Stacy called his cell phone to inform him she met another man and has abandoned her family.

    10 p.m.: Morphey walked down the street to his friend Walter Martineck’s house. He told Martineck he believes he helped dispose of Stacy Peterson’s body.

    11 p.m.: Cassandra Cales drove to the Peterson house. She found the driveway empty of vehicles. Cales spoke with Kristopher, who told her Peterson and Stacy fought, Stacy has left, and his father is out looking for her.

    11:15 p.m.: Cales called Peterson’s cell phone from the parking lot of a department store near the Peterson home. Cales said Peterson sounded out of breath and told her he was at his home. Cales said she had been outside his house shortly before she made the call and Peterson was nowhere to be found.

    11:40 p.m.: Cales went to the Downers Grove Police Department to seek advice. She was sent to the Bolingbrook Police Department.

    Midnight: Cales went to the Bolingbrook Police Department to report her sister missing.

    Monday, Oct. 29, 2007
    2:30 a.m.: Cales drove by the Peterson home again and saw both the Denali and Stacy’s Pontiac Grand Prix in the driveway.

    4 a.m.: Cales went to the state police District 5 headquarters in Lockport and reported her sister missing again. Later that morning, the state police took over the investigation from the Bolingbrook police.

  25. Read the timeline above as it relates to Cassandra and then the below from an interview with Joel Brodsky on Greta’s On The Record (November 30, 2007) and I think you’ll agree he deserves to be called way worse than “bald”:

    BRODSKY: …Remember, Cassandra, that’s the one that reported Stacy missing at 4:00 o’clock in the morning, correct?


    BRODSKY: And to me, that’s a very strange time to report somebody missing, at 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I mean, you know, you would report them, certainly, if they didn’t show up right away and you couldn’t track them down, which would have been much earlier in the day, or perhaps in the morning when you woke up. But 4:00 o’clock in the morning seems to me a very strange time to be reporting somebody missing. I don’t know, was she waiting for the bars to close? Maybe she knows something more about Stacy’s habits than she’s saying.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Was Stacy a drinker, or is she a drinker?

    BRODSKY: I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is that that’s a very, very strange time to make the missing persons call.

  26. Good find! I remember that very exchange. Brodsky’s so full of himself, he’s sickening.

    Reminds me of a recent head scarf issue he used to incite people’s rage. Except, luckily, it didn’t work, and that murdering client got locked up for now and they threw away the key. Too bad they didn’t do the same with this numskull he wipes up after.

    When Brodsky is asked legitimate, telling questions on behalf of his client, he bumbles, and substitutes snide remarks about his victims’ families as the answers. He sounds and acts like the ass that he is.

  27. I will never listen to this ” Man Cow ” or madcow or whatever ! No integrity and he’s full of himself. Everyone seems to talk over the other in some pointless wall of noise he calls his show. ..ewwwwwww..

    I want to congratulate Cassandra for the great job she did in handling herself with her sisters killer. A friend of mine was listening to ” man cow ” while you were confronting the thing called Drew. This friends said ” hey, I LIKE her ” He has a thing for tough females 😉

  28. Also, Facs, further to your post about blobsky on GVS, he AS USUAL was being economical with the facts.

    If he told the whole story he would have said Cassandra had been worried all day about Stacy and had gone over to the house around 11pm to look for her after a day of unanswered calls. She then went to BBPD to report Stacy missing and they told her to go to another jurisdiction (was it ISP) because of the DP conenction. She finally LEFT the police station at 4am after completing the MP report.

    Hey Boobsky: she didn’t just rock in there at 4am to report her sister missing you big boob!

  29. Drew can avert attention as much as he wants, carry on about someones driving habits (!!) or other highly irrelevant occurrences.

    At the end of the day he is still stuck with the fact of being in the house with Stacy, the last time she was heard from or seen !!

  30. To Richard Pearson, Executive Chairman. Illinois State Rifle Association,

    I’m writing to you because I’m worried that a blogger is suggesting that you become involved in trying to restore Drew Peterson’s FOID. It is my understanding that it was revoked on the grounds that he poses a threat to public safety because of having been recorded at least twice alluding to resorting to a shoot-out with law enforcement, and talked about taking hostages in front of witnesses, not because he is suspected of murder.

    Is this something you would do? This is really a valid reason to revoke a FOID.

    Thank you for your attention

    From Richard Pearson ISRA

    As far as I know none of what you say ever happened, except his FOID was revolked. We took no official stand on his situation. In the US being accused of something is not grounds the take anyone civil rights away. What ever he is, the fact is he wasn’t charged or convicted of anything.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  31. The thing and his pet jackass are using the ” detract and attack ” method of dealing with questions which make the thing quiver. By calling them on it and returning STAT to the issue, they are disarmed.

  32. Wow, Bucket. That’s some response.

    Does he mean “none of what you say ever happened” to be that DP hasn’t shot up anyone yet, or does he mean it to be that he’s not aware of DP saying it might be a problem for the police if they appear at his home to arrest him? We know there’s a video where Drew makes an off-color remark.

    “Whatever he is” – now that’s funny. I guess the head of the IRSA doesn’t have a problem with DP being a skunk. He’s good with him being a skunk that shouldn’t have his civil rights taken away.

    Maybe Mr. Pearson would like to be the guy who knocks on the skunk’s door the day they come to take him away. He’ll just need to be quick on his feet to dodge those flying bullets. Or challenge him to a duel. Fastest draw wins.

  33. Facs –

    BRODSKY: And to me, that’s a very strange time to report somebody missing, at 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I mean, you know, you would report them, certainly, if they didn’t show up right away and you couldn’t track them down, which would have been much earlier in the day, or perhaps in the morning when you woke up. But 4:00 o’clock in the morning seems to me a very strange time to be reporting somebody missing. I don’t know, was she waiting for the bars to close? Maybe she knows something more about Stacy’s habits than she’s saying.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Was Stacy a drinker, or is she a drinker?

    BRODSKY: I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is that that’s a very, very strange time to make the missing persons call.

    What a dumb statement coming from a man whose wife owns a bar that he makes people advertise for interviews with his bar-hopping buddy, Drew. The only photos/videos I’ve seen of someone partying up at bars, getting in cars and driving off like a madman, and looking for the attention of the opposite sex are of Drew.

    What a joke. I didn’t recall him saying that but once again it shows that they will sit there and say Drew is Mr. Perfect and everyone else is flawed severely.

    It’s amazing how he tries to hit two birds with one stone by implying Cassie was out at a bar partying until the wee hours of the morning and then implies that Stacy has a habit of partying too??

    Isn’t it funny how he completely skips over the fact that he knows that Cassie was at Drew’s house before that looking for her and on the phone with him while he was admittedly trolling around the Canal looking for Stacy.

  34. Harking back to Manurecow, what was with the flippin music they had playing in the backgound. Cheesey, sleazy! How many times did he say he took Drew to church? Didn’t mention sinking a few at House of Blues, did he?

  35. Did anyone, by any chance, remember hearing Peterson explain away how he screwed up with the mom’s NOT coming home remark? It was because he was bumfuzzled by Jan Jeffcoat’s hotness. He couldn’t handle it, she was “hot.”


  36. IIRC that was on the first Mancow appearance while they were waiting for Jeff Goldblatt to show when he talked about Jan’s hotness.

  37. rescueapet Says:

    April 30, 2009 at 10:29 pm
    Did anyone, by any chance, remember hearing Peterson explain away how he screwed up with the mom’s NOT coming home remark? It was because he was bumfuzzled by Jan Jeffcoat’s hotness. He couldn’t handle it, she was “hot.”


    If that is so, maybe she can get him to confess to a thing or two – LOL !

  38. Guess we’ve all figured out by now that the smart, intelligent women can slam dunk Peterson in a lick, turning him into a bumbling idiot. Give him a Chrissy Raines, and he gets his beer muscles all flexed up.


  39. The picture of Stacy and Cass has been removed from the site and I happy about it because people can take it in a different way.

    I am not personally shocked with it and could notice it was not just taken at home but at some sort of photo atelieur (judging from the background). Stacy does not look happy in it and as I suppose she and Cass could not just have taken all the uniform and the rifle from house without Drew’s knowledge, so guess who wanted them to take the photo. What I think is totally unfair of Drew is to let this picture be published and it just shows his (lack of) class.

  40. Morning Cyrhla!

    Drew had himself a sideline in photography. I think it’s safe to assume he took those pictures. No, they don’t look happy. He’s a sick feck.

  41. I sure hope that ISP is watching and listening to everything this POS says and does.. He is making more and more slip ups. And he talks about Cass’s driving history? Hmm…what about when he leaves Tailgators,or Bar Louie all jacked up,and stops to chat with BBPD? Hmmm…..what is it here in Illinois? .08? Let’s not talk about Cassandra’s driving record here Drew, I would bet the house,you should have had a few DUI’S by now….

  42. He shouldn’t have mentioned anything about any high speed chase, either, because it just reminds us that he has been in trouble for the same thing!! On duty!!

  43. I can’t help but wonder what goes through Mr.Glasgow’s and ISP’s minds about now. What do they really think? I would love to be a fly on the wall. I also wonder when they will take down this mommy murderer. He gets more sickening by the day. Concidering Mr. Glasgow dosent have a good conviction rate, my guess is that he wants a confession from the SWINE, or Stacy’s body…What about Kathleen? I ask this of Mr. Glasgow,please make this nightmare end. And OH MY….how did those documents get stolen? That is pathetic…

  44. Good morning. Only 1 more GJ session to go.

    I wonder…How does the two time murderer feel about his upcoming indictment,arrest,trial,conviction and sentence ??

    Speaking of which…I wonder..When the two time murderer gets convicted what will his sentence be ??

    I don’t think BURN IN HELL is a state option, but it work’s for me 😉

  45. I’m wondering about the search on Wednesday. Just no announcement from LE or no one asked the question?

  46. I’m going out on a big of a limb here because of my dislike for Mancow from his past years but I’d really like to see Cassie go into the show and sit face to face with Mancow and Cassidy. Think about it – Mancow says that when he reads things about Drew he thinks he is guilty but when he sees Drew in person with his family he is conflicted.

    Right now the only experience these guys have is with Cassie who was obviusly irritated with Drew and Joel and it was probably the first time she got to say anything to either of them in a long time.

    I’d love to see Pam and Cassie go to the show without Drew or Joel’s chances of interruptions.

    I’m sure Mancow would see that would help them see Cassie’s side of the story better. She seemed to be OK with Mancow and Cassidy and started out with a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor.

  47. Wonderful question Bucket.

    I wonder..Why no news ?

    I wonder…Were they really looking for something or were they just trying to look like they were looking for something ?? Hmmm

    I wonder…After all this time, why there, why for only a few hours, why just a small area comparatively speaking ?? WHY WHY WHY

    I am feeling WHYnny today !

  48. Good morning, everyone.

    Bucket, I scoured as many sites as I could yesterday, looking for something regarding a continued Canal search. Also, police activity being there again hasn’t been mentioned by our contacts.

    We were anxious to get that question answered too.

  49. If there’s no arrest, when this session of the GJ ends,
    Does the state have to ask immediately to reconvene for another session? Does anyone know if there is a time period? LET’S HOPE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN.

  50. Grandam – I asked that question of Joe Hosey. Yes, another GJ can be convened, but they would have to be brought up-to-date on all of the testimony, etc., and that, alone, would take an enormous amount of time. Eighteen months is the end of this GJ session, which is about a week away.

  51. Here was my thought on the GJ. This current GJ has been used as an investigative GJ. They have been used to gather evidence via forcing people to testify under oath to them. They have heard lots of information – including information that really may not have been useful to bring forth charges.

    So I’m thinking that maybe they let this GJ go and then use a new GJ for indictment. They do not have to show them everything. In fact – it could be as short as the Casey Anthony case where they hand-picked only the most critical witnesses and evidence to present. Heck – they did the Casey Anthony GJ within a week and it was all just circumstantial evidence too.

    That’s my current theory. It’s probably wrong but it’s a theory. 🙂

  52. Forgive me my stupid question, but who decides about all those things with GJ, like if it is given more time or makes a decission right now?

    If what you say, rescue, is true (I though the same GJ can be given another 6 months but I was probably wrong), it seems to me it is another manipulation with time. The mean they used in many cases (Mayor Claar for instance, or with Jeff Tomczak’s client who raped an old woman).

  53. We have year 2009, what means this is the end of storing phone records from 2004. I wonder if they were FINALLY checked.

  54. Happy May Day!

    It wasn’t really worth copying here but I saw a funny bit about how swine flu is damaging the reputation of pigs. The reporter actually put a call in to Glenn Selig and asked him what his strategy would be in attempting to salvage swine in the eyes of the public.

  55. TAI, I admit I don’t understand the inner workings of the GJ … but if the evidence this GJ would pass onto the next GJ is already in the hands of this GJ, why call another GJ?

    Why not just have this one indicate “no indictment” or “indictment”?

    What, if anything, would be the point of calling a complete new GJ?

    Also, isn’t this GJ listening to evidence in the Lisa Stebic case as well (in addition to Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson)?

    Does that affect your theory? Or do you think the same applies for the Lisa Stebic case?

  56. This is how Hosey answered Rescue’s question aabout the Grand Jury on SMM’s show:

    Q: What is the status of the Grand Jury?

    JOE: After the eighteen-month term is over they’re going to have to have to let them go, by law. They’d have to empanel a whole new Grand Jury and bring them up to speed and I think that would take an awful lot of time after eighteen months of testimony to bring an entirely new Grand Jury up to speed. I would hope that, you know you hear from State’s Attorney’s office that there’s going to be an imminent resolution. He didn’t say ‘imminent’, he said pending resolution. I would hope that’s coming soon but I hope it’s before this Grand Jury term expires.

    Q: So it’s still going on?

    JOE: Yes, I believe until the first week of May. If my memory serves me, I believe Drew was at the first session of the Grand Jury and that was the first Wednesday after Stacy was reported missing or the second Wednesday. That would have been the first week in November and that would make eighteen weeks the first week in May.

  57. I rather liked the sound of your theory, Think, because it sounds like it would work! But I’m clueless. lol

  58. I wonder…What will Glasgow say if there is no decision, after all didn’t he say he expected a resolution to atleast one of these cases soon ?

    I wonder…What is the “legal” definition of soon ?

    Well the wonderful news is that we all will know in one week from now. I think that’s better news than any money saved on car insurance ! 😉

  59. Facs, did Joe really mean 18 months?

    That would have been the first week in November and that would make eighteen weeks the first week in May.


    “Glenn Selig, the public relations agent representing former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson, is an expert at managing crisis situations. He’s just the kind of person for a swine in need.

    Noting that hogs “have typically not gotten the greatest of raps,” he recommends recruiting one of the few pigs that Americans can relate to — the aforementioned Wilbur or, perhaps, Miss Piggy — and creating a public service announcement.

    “You can take somebody that people like and have that pig act as a spokesperson,” Selig said. “Take someone like Miss Piggy and maybe do some kind of commercial saying, ‘We’re getting a bad rap here. There are lots of pigs that are great, and lots of pigs that are good for you. And delicious.’

  61. I figured Joel would arrange for Drew to wear a pig snout and that would be their next gig.

    It never occurred to me to enlist the help of Babe, Wilbur, or Miss Piggy.

  62. Stay tuned for an ABC exclusive of Wilbur and Miss Piggy at home, making peanut butter sandwiches.

  63. I admit that my theory has some holes in it and it is partially just a hope that some day they will indict someone.

    This GJ is working on a few cases. I have no idea where they are in those investigations and in Stacy and Kathleen’s case I only know what I read and hear on TV. No offense to Joe Hosey, but I don’t consider him to be a GJ expert.

    My theory is one of hope that if this GJ gets dismissed without doing anything that it doesn’t mean the next GJ (or one in the future) would have to sit through all of the interviews that this first GJ did.

  64. Facs – Don’t forget Babe the pig. I have a friend who was so touched by Babe that he stopped eating pork completely after seeing the movie.

  65. Maybe we can find an Illinois lawyer who would be willing to answer the Grand Jury questions for us.

  66. One more thing on GJs. GJs are put together for a certain period of time rather than on a case-by-case basis. They handle many cases. It is probably very common for there to be some layover on some cases and they do not routinely extend a GJ but let the new GJ decide on cases that hadn’t been finalized.

    I think they do have the ability to extend this GJ again via some process but for some reason I think it is unlikely they would.

  67. TAI, it’s wishful thinking on my part that 18 months of testimony is enough to make a decision one way or another. LOL … that’s why I hope you’re theory is wrong. 🙂

  68. I found this relating to continuation of Grand Jury past the “jury service term”

    “132.120 Jury service term; continuation. When the jury service term is completed the grand jury must be discharged by the court; but the judge may, by an order made either in open court or at chambers anywhere in the judicial district and entered of record, stating the reasons, continue the grand jury in session for such period of time as the judge deems advisable. [Amended by 1959 c.638 §13; 1973 c.836 §42; 1985 c.540 §30; 1985 c.703 §26]”

  69. LOL. Guess I’m a bit more pessimistic than Noway or I’m just used to things not going the way I think they should so I already have my next level of theories set and ready to go ahead of time. I do have hope that an indictment will come out of this GJ based on the information they obtained in their investigation and I hope it is for the right person and there is enough evidence to get a conviction.

  70. The family of Laci Peterson dropped their civil suit against Scott Peterson today. Might be some interesting reasons for it, including not wanting to supply Peterson with any more discovery which could help with his appeals.

    Family Drops Wrongful Death Suit Against Scott Peterson

    MODESTO, Calif. — A civil lawsuit filed by the parents of slain Modesto schoolteacher Laci Peterson against her convicted killer – her husband Scott Peterson – has been dropped, court officials said Thursdday…

  71. OT – But this is something I’ve decided to do each May 1st.


    Mother’s Day Wish…

    Spring is in the air. Some days we start getting a peek at the nice weather ahead and we get to shed our coats and heavy clothing. Everyone has a little extra spring in their step. The first flowers are in full bloom all around and they are extra special because they are so short-lived. Mother’s Day commercials are everywhere on TV, radio, storefronts, and in the malls.

    It is also an conflicted time for me because all of this beauty and hoopla is a harsh reminder that my mother is no longer here for me to show my appreciation for her giving me life and helping me bloom into the person that I am today. It’s my third Mother’s Day without her and I have to say it is the hardest holiday to get through for me.

    I especially feel for the Peterson, Stebic, and other children who no longer have their mothers with them for what ever reason.

    My mother used to always half joke around that she didn’t want anyone who didn’t bring her flowers in life to put flowers on her grave when she wouldn’t get to enjoy them.

    So my wish this year is that those who are still fortunate enough to have their mothers in their life:

    – Give your mother flowers in my mother’s memory and for the mothers that are missing this Mother’s Day.

    – Bring her a flower or flowers to her at random times during the year – even if they are just wild flowers picked from a field.

    – Appreciate having her in your life.

    – Listen to her stories about the days of the past – even if you’ve heard them a million times before and know the stories seem to change a bit over time.

    – Answer the phone when she’s calling just to complain about others in the family or her aches and pains.

    – Ask her what she thinks.

    – Do what she needs without expecting anything in return.

    For those that are in the same club I am in would give anything to bring our flowers to our mothers instead of laying them on her headstone.

    I’m blessed with peace of mind knowing that I did all of the above before my mother left this earth. I don’t live with the guilt that some do from realizing too late that the little things matter to them too.

    PS – I love you mom – RIP.

  72. I wanted to add something about Robert W Deel from ISP. I just learnt this man comes from Lemont and lives there. It makes me think again about the Lemont Shooting Range again. I hope you can remember.

    I sent some info to Burek about it and he passed it on to the investigators but I wonder why aren’t they searching THERE but again in the canal? If Deel is still responsible for this investigation, and I believe he is as a person responsible for all the crime investigations and forensic evidence in Will County, what influence does he have AGAIN on the cases and the searches? I somehow cannot imagine someone standing on the bridge and throwing a body (or a barrel) from it, sorry… .

  73. Does anyody know what is the longest time a Grand Jury has ever been convened and what that case (or cases)was about ??

    I think a comparison with the longest time would be better than with the shortest time in this instance (!!)

  74. cyrhia, What is so special about the Lemont shooting range? I know I have thought of that area myself and just curious what you think about it. There is a lot of less traveled roads in the area where a barrel could be easily unoticeably dumped into the canal or river from. I do believe though the area most likely used to hide Stacy is very secluded yet accessable by a vehicle. With maybe a short walk involved. So many fit that description. I read today that they do tests for even bugs or dirt common to an area to maybe place a vehicle in. The thing being is that I don’t believe DP was watched very well that first week and therefore she could of possibly been moved as well.

  75. I wonder..Will this be the last Friday night the two time murderer is free and able to run the streets ??

  76. I was listening today while out in the car, it wasn’t Mancow, someone else & he talked about Cass calling into the show & they replayed part of it.

    The radio guys (about 11 a.m. today) were talking about how DP turned all red in the face after Cass asked “where were you at 10:59 a.m.) they said he blamed it on the coffee but they said he drank the coffee an hour before. They made it clear they were not buying into his lies!!!

    They said he was definitely flustered at the mention of the time!

  77. All times are approximate.

    Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007
    3 to 4 a.m.: Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson skipped out of his shift early, by his own admission, and returned home. He joined his sleeping wife in bed.


    I wonder if this means anything:

    Drew skipping out of his shift early on Oct 28, 2007.

    Why did he skip out of his shift early that particular day ??

    Had he been doing preparations for what was to come ??

    What time did he actually arrive home that morning ??

  78. Maybe Jan Jeffcoat can ask him.

    He seems to be giving her some pretty honest answers – LOL !

  79. Because he needed to cover up for the murder he just committed. Oh you mean the lie he came up with ?
    No clue. This is just in response to why he skipped out of his shift. 😉

  80. 1wonderwoman Says:

    May 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm
    Because he needed to cover up for the murder he just committed. Oh you mean the lie he came up with ?


    wonderwoman, he hadn’t committed that murder yet (!!), but there is a large time gap from when he left his shift early.

    So what did he do in that time ??????????

  81. facsmiley Says:

    May 1, 2009 at 9:52 pm
    Wonder, he came home early the night before Stacy went missing.


    OH MY !!!

  82. Well let’s just be kind to Drew and say he left his shift early at 4 am and came home at 6 am (his regular time ?).

    That is 2 hours of pre dawn activity (!!)

    What did he do, where did he go, who did he see ??????

  83. givarat Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    cyrhia, What is so special about the Lemont shooting range? I know I have thought of that area myself and just curious what you think about it. There is a lot of less traveled roads in the area where a barrel could be easily unoticeably dumped into the canal or river from. I do believe though the area most likely used to hide Stacy is very secluded yet accessable by a vehicle. With maybe a short walk involved. So many fit that description. ”
    I tell you why.
    Sure, there are lots of other areas in and around BB where Stacy could have been dumped and all the searching is a sort of lottery. I am not a fortune teller and cannot be sure that this particular area is correct. I do not think she is in a river or a canel, however, but in a quarry. OK…
    1) One of my friends, who used to be a policeman, told me that police officers have their places to meet (and sometimes dump some things). Few people are aware of this shooting range, even from ISP. The area used to be a lime quarry and is full of small ponds and bushes. No one takes care of it, except its small section, which is the range. There are also lots of snakes all around the nearby pond and the access to the SR restricted to policemen only. There is a good access by road, but … there are no tresspassing signs and for the visitors they can only use trails. That makes it the first reason to make me think, Stacy will never be found.
    2) Secondly, the area is a part of Glenwater Falls and is not planned for any further development EVER.
    3) Placing her over there sounds to be a crazy idea, doesn’t it? This is a police area! 😉
    4) But as there are no tourist and policemen come to shoot, not to look for pills overthere, who could find Stacy there by accident?
    4) (for those who believe in psychics) The area lies between Quarry Rd and 111th st. And not only this.

    I have many more reasons to stick to this place, though I cannot swear IT IS where Stacy is.

    I do not believe Drew would be so stupid to stop on the bridge and just throw anyone/anything down the river or canal. He could be easily seen. So I am sure if he even disposed of Stacy in the river or a canal, it must have been a remote place, without buildings or any other activity round.

  84. The fact Drew was a Police Officer may have been in his favor in planning and plotting, but it may also be to his detriment in as far as his collegues/superiors being aware of his movements/whereabouts on- as well as off duty, what places he frequented or what type of things he talked about when in their company.

    It would not be hard to guess a lot of things he did whilst on/off duty did not make any sense at the time, but have fallen into place since (!!)

  85. Good morning all.

    Interesting ideas, Cyrhla!

    JAH- As watch commander through the night, I think he could go anywhere and do just about anything he liked and no one would know. Including sloping off early, shaking down truck drivers etc etc

  86. Yes, it’s obvious he ran his own race within that Police Department most of the time, but he wasn’t a lone wolf all the time and he would have had to account for at least some of his time or location and he did talk to his collegues etc, so that would have given them a bit of an idea what he was up to (?) especially if things weren’t adding up or he had other officers (voluntary or otherwise) covering for him not being where he was supposed to be etc.

    When people do weird stuff at work or tell pathological lies, it would be very difficult to go unnoticed or not adversly effect the work environment (!)

  87. Didn’t the man-cow say that other cops were afraid of him ? IMO they knew he was dirty and connected. He outs a fellow cop as a DEA agent, gets the axe and is reinstated. He stalks via BB Police computers and beats his wife up repeatedly and….nothing.A dirty cop with friends in high places who help him because he helps them!
    I don’t think Glasgow’s office can handle this in an impartial manner.

  88. Good morning. Well color me confused. I thought we were asking why DP called off his shift the day he murdered SP. I didn’t realize you were talking about him coming home early from his shift that morning before he did his deed.

  89. My concern is that it is not in the interest of LE to admit police officers were involved. First of all, it might cause claims of families for compensation. Then it would demand punishing those who were corrupted or made use of their position. There are lots of people in this story who do not feel any remorses or who do not want to speak at all, like this Rober W Deel. IMO, he is the key person here. I do not know what his relation with Drew is but he has been an experienced crime scene investigator in authority and I will never believe he thought everything was OK about KS’s death. What is worse he is still on his position and must have big influence on everything what is going on now. Is it in his interest to prove Drew killed Kathleen (or Stacy)? I think he is the last person who would like to the case to be solved. Glasgow? He made lots of fuss around him before being elected and now probably has more important things on his head (like Blago). What about the new act on harrasay we were so happy about? What abot all of those who thought the arrest is coming ‘soon’ (like Lenny and Paula, Sharon, Thomas Morphey, etc.) and must feel like idiots now? To convict Drew they must want to do it. It seems to me – and I WANT TO BE WRONG – the story repeats again. The witnesses can’t speak (they interrupt the investigation!) but Drew can work on improving his image, spreading lies and accusing those who lost their lives or suffer. Is it called justice?
    I am praying GJ is going to make a good decision next week and the Court is not going to interrupt it in any way. Please, God, help us!

  90. Bucket, I can remember this video and the other ones when the police cars were standing there and Drew was pissing them off getting out through his back yard.
    I think no one treated this situation seriously at the very beginning.

  91. And take one thing into consideration, this is not a jury itself that calls the witnesses but the prosecutor. Is that why Thomas Morphey has never been called? This is not a trial and he could easily be a witness now, IMO.

  92. Thanks cyrhla for your response. I agree with you that he didn’t throw her off some busy bridge somewhere. Nor like you believe he dumped her in water. Police and emergency crews no about floaters. yet still you can’t completely discount it if she was in a barrel and perhaps weighted down a lot so as not to float. Yes there are quarries in that area and the 111th and quary rd. do line up in that area. Also some of the numbers on Brians dream do match the address of that gun club. I know the area was searched, but I don’t know how well for sure. Most of the remaining quaries around that area are filled with water. Possibly could have been put in there. I basicly used to live at Glenwood Falls in my younger years and know that area well, yet not really traveled as far west as the shooting range, I know it is fenced in from the west side and I do believe it is accesible from the north by road and east via Glenwood Falls. I don’t think any searches were on the east side.

  93. Why not this theory, instead of putting blame on most everyone that wears a star within a 50 mile radius of Drew Peterson.

    He’s a sick man, he’s cold, heartless and calculated. He’s not part of a big, major conspiracy, he just happens to be someone with tactical knowledge of how to plan, murder and dispose of a victim. His mindset is evil, and, I don’t think it means jack squat whether he’s a police officer, or a plumber.

  94. I can’t imagine anyone in Drews circles being happy about all the unwanted attention he’s been drawing to himself and others.

    A lot of people are now feeling the heat because of his compulsion to so brazenly rid himself of his wives when they no longer suit him.

    The Kathleen Savio case – closed for four years – has been re opened, questions are now being asked, documents and signatures are being looked at, witnesses are called and people end up in front of a Grand Jury !

    His friendship with the Bolingbrook Mayor has come under scrutiny with the Mayor backpeddling and downplaying or distancing himself from Drew at every opportunity and these are only the few people we know about.

    There must be many more hoping to Christ Drew keeps his big mouth shut as they can see for themselves he is not very good at it and most likely blabs or sell them out in a New York minute if that would benefit his cause or save him from the gallows !

    Remember when Bindi Rock was called in front of the Grand Jury, Drew started belittling and badmouthing him straight away, boasting how he arrested him in the past etc etc.

    Makes you wonder how many friends he really does have and how many people want to still stick their neck out for him (!!)

  95. IMHO, we’ve all had to work alongside of boobs we can’t stand. Or be civil to an acquaintance or family member who’d we’d rather see beamed up to another planet. That’s just the way it is. I’d like to take a few face pictures of a couple of lawyers I’ve worked for and use them as targets on a dartboard.

    There are many people, I am sure, in Peterson’s life that kept silent for their own personal reasons, including his victims. It’s certainly not my plan to figure out why they did so, or what their motives were for doing so. IMHO, before we single out any one particular group of people, we’d best look at the whole picture of all that passed through the life of the crime suspect. Wives, children, siblings, parents, police partners, co-workers, friends, uncles, judges, coroners, coroner panels, and on and on. Why pick out one group? In all that we’ve seen, they’re all in on the vast conspiracy. 😉

  96. I agree with you, bucket, that he does not have real friends. He used to have some people around who trusted him and considered him to be their friend, since at particular time of their life he helped them; they did not know he just used them. He would help people but he expected loyality from them or something else in exchange. Drew thinks that a friend is a person who will ALWAYS stand by him, no matter what he does. Do you have to pay your friend for helping you?

  97. You know, rescue, I generally believe in people’s good intentions and I bet at least half of those people involved were manipulated by Drew. I also think that might have been in case of KS and Robert Deel. Even if they are not friends, they were both policemen at that time. I can imagine myself being in his position, with Drew running all around and crying “what am I going to tell my sons”, thinking “come on, he has a pregnant new wife and another child with her, these two boys”, and so on. I do not know what I would have done then. But … four years passed, there is another victim of this murderer… They cannot return to the same point and change the things, but they could say “I am sorry” and do something now. They do not feel any remorses. And THAT is what makes me think that was conspiracy and it still is. Enough evidence and Drew is still free? There is something wrong with it now, when the GJ might be dismissed. I will change my mind if they make the right decision and arrest Drew next week.
    This is (only?!) GJ, not a trial, so let Drew to exercise his arrogance at a little bit higher level, please… 😉

  98. I am very frustrated in the length of time this has taken, especially in light of the way Peterson has used it for his benefit. Or, should I say, has tried to use it for his benefit, making himself into a self-professed celebrity. I suppose, as much as I hate to admit it, the SA’s office, down to the LE investigators, don’t, won’t or can’t divulge many things that they’ve gathered on this crime suspect. What information has come out sure points to one person, and one person alone, as being the prime suspect in Kathleen’s death and Stacy’s disappearance and presumed death. But, I also think that the way Peterson has run with this and thumbed his nose at the public is the main reason why many of the conspiracy and cover-up theories have been prominent in all of this. It’s more frustration than anything else. Many can’t understand why he hasn’t been arrested yet. I’m one of them. Yet, if I sit back and look at this reasonably, I can also understand why the SA’s Office would want to do this right the first time, since there are no second chances, and be relatively assured there is a solid, methodical case built against him.

    Peterson has reared his ugly head so much in the public, it is hard to find anyone who would even think of giving him the benefit of the doubt. We have the right to blog and say what we feel. He’ll get his chance, should he be charged, to exercise his constitutional rights, which is where it really counts. The name calling of his victims’ families and friends, the ugly portrayals he and his attorney have used time and time again, won’t mean jack squat. Where he was and when during crucial time lines, motive and means will be what does him in.

  99. Cyrhla – Your post about Drew sneaking out the back while the police were out front made me laugh. Talk about Keystone Cops! Did they hire the guys from the movie Beverly Hills Cop? Did they have a banana stuffed in their tailpipe?

    But seriously – if you suspect someone of murder, how the heck do they sneak out their backyard and into Lenny and Paula’s van without being noticed? Or were Lenny and Paula already wearing wires and the police knew that was happening and they were able to track him while he thought he was fooling them?

  100. BTW, we have some very interesting opinions of David Murray, the author who wrote the story in Chicago Magazine, Unanswered Cries. We’re just waiting for a response from him confirming that we can use our questions, along with his verbatim responses, on the blog.

  101. TAI, great comparison 🙂 Maybe Peterson ordered some burgers or doughnuts for them then?

    I am talking about the very first few days so I do not think Lenny and Paula were already involved in (rather the time when Rick Mimms was over there).

    The police had a missing person report and not of a teenager on a run-away. Cass clearly stated she was afraid of Stacy’s life. And they sat a couple of cops in a police car for what? To protect Drew against journalists or his house when he leaves with the eveidence or what? Yes, if it was not tragic, it could be a good plot for a comedy…

  102. There is a part of me that thinks that there was something to hide in Stacy’s car because Drew wouldn’t let them search it initially – even though he gave them access to his home and his Denali.

    That evening state police investigators searched the Peterson home.

    “At the time, Mr. Peterson was cooperative and allowed our officers,including a crime-scene technician, into the residence to do a limited consensual search,” Dobrich said. “Nothing was found. Both vehicles were found at the residence: a GMC Denali and a Pontiac Grand Prix. We were allowed access to the Denali, but not to the Grand Prix.”


    This is why a part of me thinks she did leave the house but he followed her. Maybe he didn’t have a chance to look it over to see if there was any evidence in there that would show she was trying to leave him or was scared of him. Or maybe something happened in the car. IDK – It is just weird that he stopped them from doing that until they had an official warrant.

  103. Thanks, Facs. I was only going to add the one thing about his father that’s ever been mentioned publicly is that Peterson talked about how meticulous his mother was in cleaning her house, because his father liked things done a certain way. He said when his dad got out of bed to brush his teeth, his mom would rush to make the bed before he was done.

  104. I asked about his father because I found an ex-marine (Donald J Peterson, 82) who is listed as a relative of Betty Morphey in Willowbrook and is still alive.


    You know, TAI, I was also thinking about it. I am also open to the option that he took Stacy’s body to her car immediately after killing her and the barrel story was to distract attention or it contained evidence, not her body.
    BTW, we cannot be sure the car was at the Clow Airport all the time.

  105. Or it could just be that he didn’t have a chance to have checked it for evidence that she was afraid of him or evidence about her saying he harmed Kathleen in her notes or on her laptop (which allegedly has not been found). It just doesn’t sit with me why he’d let them check one car and not the other.

    I wonder if they were able to see if he was near any car washes or places that he could have cleaned the Denali.

  106. The GJ is about to wrap up next week.

    In the recent Fox News frenzy about the documents that contradict the Peterson time line, Karen Conti, a Chicago attorney was briefly mentioned, where it was reported she’s either participating in or will be participating in a mock trial concerning Peterson. I can’t remember now the exact points made during that particular segment. She’s done other analysis for Fox News before, and, at one time, she reviewed the Savio probate documents for them.,2933,323140,00.html

    Karen Conti, a Chicago attorney, reviewed the documents of Savio’s estate. Conti said she believes the will was beneficial to Peterson.

    I didn’t give it much thought before this, or even at the time I saw the mention of it, but, wow, does that make sense now. Wouldn’t it be just as beneficial for the prosecution to hold a mock trial, as defense attorneys also do, to see what obstacles might come up, and then go “back to the field” to shore up the weaknesses? Isn’t it best to get as much information about one’s opponent to better prepare oneself? It is, after all, the prosecution that is holding their cards closely, and it’s the defense that is clueless as to what information they have.

    Wouldn’t that be something!


    Written by Karen Conti
    November 14, 2007

    Who’s interested in the Drew Peterson matter? Anyone out there think he’s not guilty? Have you seen his interview on the Today Show? Anyone interested should log onto and go to the Today show video tape (two parts) of the interview. Any signs he is lying?

    My opinion is that he is very smooth. Very cool. Very smart. But, does someone take the time to fly out to New York while the mother of his children is missing to beg and plea for free legal counsel? Why isn’t he home comforting his children? Cooperating with the police to find his wife? Helping with the search?

    From a defense lawyer’s perspective, this is a nightmare. Talking to the press, no matter how smart or how innocent he is, is a very bad idea. We lawyers make our living taking someone’s words and using them to our client’s advantage. Any decent prosecutor (if Peterson is charged and tried and takes the stand) can make minced meat of him with his own words.


  108. Hey, Bucket.

    That Karen Conti remark above was made just a couple of weeks after Stacy’s disappearance. There’s been eighteen months of Peterson’s blah, blah, blah. Oh, joy.

  109. “At the time, Mr. Peterson was cooperative and allowed our officers,including a crime-scene technician, into the residence to do a limited consensual search,”

    It was a limited consensual search of the house also, not just the cars.

    There were areas in the house too he would not let them search, including the basement.

  110. I’ve been looking for any mention of the mock trial since the Fox report but can’t find anything as to where and when it will occur.

  111. rescueapet Says:

    May 2, 2009 at 11:44 am
    IMHO, we’ve all had to work alongside of boobs we can’t stand.


    Thank you rescue, that’s exactly the point I was trying to make re Drew’s collegues at BB Police Department.

    If he was corrupting from within and basicly making his own rules, that would not have gone unnoticed for very long and it would have been difficult to work for him/with him, so if anything BB Police Department should have a nice clear picture of what Drew was up to over time.

    They have 29 years of records to consult and compare (!!)

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