Interview: David Murray, Author of Chicago Magazine’s Unanswered Cries; Kathleen Savio Death Investigation

David Murray

David Murray

David Murray was gracious enough to answer some questions regarding the original Kathleen Savio investigation. We thank him for his time.

[Excerpt From Chicago Magazine, May, 2008]:   Chicago magazine’s unofficial Bolingbrook bureau, David Murray writes this month in the Reporter column Unanswered Cries about the death of Kathleen Savio, Drew Peterson’s third wife. Making appearances are the chief of police, the Will County state’s attorney, and Bolingbrook mayor Roger Claar (whom Murray profiled in Chicago’s October 2007 issue). “I don’t think [the Peterson saga] could have happened in Chicago,” Murray says. “It’s specifically a story about Bolingbrook and Will County.” Explosive population growth and its concomitant problems have come to the new southwestern suburbs in the past few decades, but in many cases, the towns are governed by the same people who governed them when they were smaller. “They are seriously in the big leagues,” Murray says.

When you were writing the Unanswered Cries piece, did you uncover anything or learn anything in particular that gave you a reason to conclude how accident was listed as Kathleen’s cause of death? Cover up, incompetency, complacency? What is your opinion?

I’d say incompetence due to complacency, and then kind of a queasy cover-up. A longtime Will County watcher I spoke with called the politicians and law enforcement people out there “a bunch of chicken farmers.” Meaning, most of them rose through the ranks many years ago when Will County was basically Joliet surrounded by farm country and some villages—long before it became a Chicago-like bustling population center with a high volume of exotic crimes and other problems. The feeling I got as I grilled various Will County officials about why they didn’t take this Savio story more seriously from beginning to end (and after the end) was kind of a self-pitying: How could we have known this was going to become such a big deal? To be honest, I felt for them—and hoped voters would put them out to pasture on the nearest remaining chicken farm. Or maybe they’ve learned their lessons and are getting up to speed. You guys would know that better than I would.

Did you interview anyone who wasn’t comfortable with the findings regarding Kathleen’s death, but, for obvious reasons, wouldn’t or couldn’t come forward?

Not that I recall. There were some people who I wanted to talk to who I couldn’t reach—Savio’s boyfriend for instance—and didn’t have the resources to track down. Did I walk away from this story believing there was more to it than I had written down? Yes.

Did you interview anyone within the BB village that gave you the impression Peterson was their dirty little secret, but they were willing to turn a blind eye for unknown reasons? Do you think his superiors, or Village officials, were willing to short circuit a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his ex-wife’s death?

Mayor Claar had a relationship with Peterson and I’m sure would have rather kept this story inside Bolingbrook and maybe tried to hush it, perhaps sympathetic to Peterson’s characterization of his wife as a “hellcat.” But had he believed Savio was in real danger I don’t think he would have protected Drew. And I never found any evidence that Claar had any influence on the state police investigation of Savio’s death or on the coroner’s jury.

Do you have an opinion how a police official testified before the panel who wasn’t even present at the death scene, and had no firsthand knowledge of the crime scene investigation?

No. I told Coroner Pat O’Neil that I thought he should have postponed the coroner’s jury until the state police’s lead investigator could appear, and he simply said that wasn’t done. I got the feeling it would be done from now on.

Do you have an opinion about whether the political BB incumbents are either hampering or helping in the present investigation of what’s now been classified as a homicide of Kathleen Savio?

As far as I know, BB authorities—from mayor to the new police chief—haven’t been involved in the investigation—but I haven’t been on this for more than a year, so maybe you know something I don’t. I appreciate your continuing to follow this case, and will look to your blog to keep myself up to speed.

Read David Murray’s Story at Chicago Magazine

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162 thoughts on “Interview: David Murray, Author of Chicago Magazine’s Unanswered Cries; Kathleen Savio Death Investigation

  1. I have not read the story however:

    “I don’t think [the Peterson saga] could have happened in Chicago,” Murray says. “It’s specifically a story about Bolingbrook and Will County.”

    No it’s not. It’s the story of how 2 women were
    ” erase ” by a dirty connected cop. It’s about how Kathleens civil rights were violated over and over by the same authorities who were supposed to be protecting her. It’s about the good old boys network and one hand washing the other, botched investigations and incompetence. This happens all over the country and a certain amount of this has to do with how disappearences and deaths are catagorized as ” domestic ” thus glossed over as a lovers spat, with the main suspect controlling the investigation.

  2. There are laws to protect vurnerable people and people in need. The problem is that they stay on paper only. There is lack of people to execute them properly; people who would feel they were given their positions and are paid to serve the others, not to be served to make their lifes easier.

  3. quote from article:
    While they wait to see what happens in the murder case, Kathy’s sisters have filed a lawsuit seeking to reopen Kathy’s estate in preparation for a wrongful death suit against Drew Peterson. They say they are also considering suing the institutions that failed to respond to her calls for help.

    They all need to be held accountable, every entity. Kathleen’s civil rights were repeatedly violated because they were friends of ” the thing called Drew”
    Now make them pay. Rip everyone of them brand new rectums. You must. For all the women like Kathleen and the future Kathleens you must make them accountable.
    The mayor Claar allowed his officials to engage in statutory rape. He is incompetent and corrupt but apparently not enough for the Bolingbrook voters who rehired him in the last election.

  4. A compensation Kathleen’s family will have the right to is probably what makes Glasgow think what to do with her case. Admitting that her death was covered by cops and other people in power brings a lot of uncomfortable questions that would have to be answered.
    The testimony of Pastor Shori did not leave any other choice for the authorities than to exhume her body and I have got impression they do not know what to do with it now.

    That is why I think the documentation that was stolen from the police car was not stolen, in fact. They wanted to make it public to be accused of leaking evidence to the public. Luckily, neither KS’s family or the press caught the hook and let us know. I would love to know when exactly the incident with this ‘theft’ happened, not just “nearly a year ago”: when the folded gun was given by Drew to Paula and Lenny, or when Paula and Lenny stopped recording Drew?

  5. That is all the more reason the justice dept. or a special prosecutor needs to take over the matter of DP and his crimes and his enablers.
    I do not believe Glasgow wants to have his own political aspirations ” erased ” by going after other LE and career politicans who may be involved. This is a political hot potato for him and he knows it.

  6. Hey everybody. We want to give you a heads-up that Cassandra, Stacy’s sister, is going to be on Mancow tomorrow. Mancow, as you know, is on between 9am and 11am, but we understand she will be on around 10am. This is to take place without Drew Peterson’s commentary or rhetoric.

    Mancow contacted her to give her the opportunity to express her feelings. We certainly hope that she is given that opportunity, without having to confront her sister’s husband, the suspect in her disappearance.

  7. YOU ROCK CASS!!! God Bless YOU and your family now and always!

    I hate Mancow,now its his turn,to make things right. And if he does…..God Bless him….time for Drew to man up!

  8. My husband was just on his way to work at Citgo and called to say there was a lot of activity by the canal. NBC had cameras set up and there were dive crews from Lockport, Plainfield, Romeoville, Westmont and Joliet dive teams. There was also a vehicle from a Marbas Dive and Recovery there. Helicopters flying above also.
    It may be nothing but this is the area they were searching the other day.

  9. Here’s what’s going on (although just heard there’s been activity there for the past couple of days):

    Divers search river after person reported in water
    May 3, 2009 5:24 PM | No Comments

    Emergency crews were searching the Des Plaines River in Romeoville this afternoon with divers after they received reports of a person in the water.

    Dive teams from several suburban departments were also called and the Chicago Fire Department also deployed its helicopter to help with the search, said department spokesman Kevin MacGregor.

    As of 5:30 p.m., there was no confirmation that a person had fallen in the water.

  10. Snyder – Someone’s going over there to check things out, so we’ll let you know one way or the other what is going on. Thanks again for the information.

  11. What a bizarre report !

    To send all these search and rescue people out there just to come back with the conclusion, there was no confirmation anyone had actually fallen in the water (!!)

    WHAT ????????

  12. Sounds like the teams responded to a call about a person in the water but they can’t confirm that a person had actually fallen in.

    It makes sense to me.

  13. “Crews responded to the incident which began at 501 E. Romeoville Road — listed as the Isla A La Cache Museum — at 3:58 p.m., according to a Lockport Township Fire Dept. lieutenant.

    A passerby called 911 telling police that a person may have been “swept away” into the water, according to the lieutenant, who said the claims were unfounded and crews were sent home about 6:30 p.m.”,divers-search-Des-Plaines-body_jo050309.article

  14. Mayor Claar had a relationship with Peterson and I’m sure would have rather kept this story inside Bolingbrook and maybe tried to hush it, perhaps sympathetic to Peterson’s characterization of his wife as a “hellcat.” But had he believed Savio was in real danger I don’t think he would have protected Drew. And I never found any evidence that Claar had any influence on the state police investigation of Savio’s death or on the coroner’s jury.


    David Murrays story makes a lot of sense and particularly what he has said in this paragraph.

    I believe there’s been a lot of back scratching and political/social canoodling between Drew and many others but it remains to be seen killing his own wives on a regular basis has been part of any deliberate arrangement with anyone.

    It appears Drew manipulated his way through Kathleens murder with his “one good deed deserves another” approach and his apparent preparedness to always “take a bullet” for those who favor him while the going is good !

    Now they are all finding out Drews word is not worth much !

  15. Rescue -Thanks for letting us know about Cassie being on the show tomorrow. I think it is a good opportunity for her to calmly get her side out to him.

  16. I think it is a very bad idea !

    Cassandra doesn’t need Mancow and his nonsense or get her point across on his show !

    It will only be more ground for Drew to ridicule and degrade her and her family at a later stage.

    Mancow should be the last one for her to involve herself with !

  17. I agree with you, JAH.
    He is not on her/our side, and I am sure Drew is going to ‘prepare’ him well to this interview. I do not believe in any good intentions of ManCow. This is the last radio station she should go to but if this is Cass’s decision, I cannot help.
    Keep my fingers crossed and hope they will not force Cass to say something she should not say.

  18. Good morning!

    As far as I’m concerned Cass has a free ticket to say, rant, scream as much as she likes and can tear Mancow off a strip while she’s at it.

    Bottom line Mancow isn’t doing anything to provide balance to the story, just using a DP victim to keep his own involvement current.

    I hope if Mancow mentions again that he thinks DP’s innocent because the kids are wonderful she will be able to instruct him in the truth that they are wonderful because they were born that way and had GREAT moms laying GREAT foundations for them with their love and attention. DP’s tender mercies (removing their mothers from their lives then leaving them home alone to chase skirt and appear on tv, for example) over the last 18 months has got NOTHING to do with it.

  19. Don’t you wonder what he tells the little people on the mornings they have to be up super early to head Downtown to schmooze on the radio with Mancow, promoting chicken wings?

    Ah, come on kids, we’re going for a trip so daddy can be on the radio to further humiliate your mother’s memory, and her family, so I can continue to be your Mr. Mom. After all, kids, now that I’ve murdered your mother, I’m all ya got, so we have to go on daddy’s little public relations tour. Don’t worry kids, in the evenings, I will continue to slither around to find you another mommy for a few weeks.

  20. Excellent point Bucket, about using how great the kids are as an indication of Drew’s innocence. Didn’t those kids have mothers as well? As far as I know, he’s only been involved in their caretaking for the last 18 months, and he’s spent most of that looking for some sort of mom-bot/nanny to take over the job for him.

    From all accounts both Stacy and Kathleen were wonderful parents. If the children are little model citizens then it’s only more tragic that these women have been yanked from their lives.

  21. BTW, Cassidy just mentioned that Cass is coming up on WLS. (I believe she’s calling in during the 10 o’clock hour)

  22. I was going to mention you-know-who because I noticed he is also an apologist for Scott Peterson.

  23. Honestly, he’s just another desperate fame-whore who attempts to be ‘controversial’ in order to get attention. The last gasp of the show biz loser.

    What do you do when you can’t make an honest living from your talents? Latch on to a murder suspect and milk the situation dry.

  24. From Pauline, above:

    “Unfortunately there are so many people who believe that Peterson is a double murderer without the presence of so much as minimal evidence required to bring that mater to a criminal court.”

    eww weird Freudian slip? lol

  25. Hey Joel!
    Hey Derek!
    Hey Mancow!
    Facs said: What do you do when you can’t make an honest living from your talents? Latch on to a murder suspect and milk the situation dry.

  26. New post from SMM:

    In the case of Drew Peterson, Prosecutors are missing an opportunity to consult with some of the top “No Body” experts in the country. One that comes to mind is Tad DiBiase. He provides not only free consultation to law enforcement and prosecutors but he also has successfully tried these cases where a body has not been found.

    On May, 21, 2009, the grand jury will have reached their 18 month limit in hearing evidence and listening to testimony in the Peterson case. If this Grand Jury does not reach a decision to indict my favorite dickless wonder, Drew Peterson, the Will County State’s Attorney will have to begin with another Grand Jury from scratch. It would cost the office nothing to reach out to Attorney Tad DiBiase, he is willing to consult the Will County State’s Attorney’s office pro-bono.

  27. I didn’t hear much: They said something about Cass and Drew being close at one time; she said not really. They brought up the photo of her and Stacy with Drew’s SWAT uniform. I didn’t catch all that she said … that was just Drew … how Drew was … he liked to take pictures?

  28. Regarding Susan’s blog posted by Facs above —

    I wonder why May 21, 2009 when the Grand Jury first heard testimony November 7, 2007. Why not May 7, 2009, as the end of the GJ’s 18 months?

  29. Facs, was it Cassidy who said he (Drew) put on a good show here too or something to that effect?

    Since I don’t listen to Mancow and Cassidy every day, if I don’t start listening from the beginning, I can’t tell who is who. It’s not that they sound that much alike really, it’s just a fault of my own.

  30. NOTE: This is not a complete transcript. I shortened some of the questions to eliminate some of their blather:

    MANCOW: Get much feedback on the exchange on the show?

    CASSANDRA: I got a lot of emails.

    MANCOW: Did I handle it appropriately as far as the family is concerned?

    CASSANDRA: You did pretty good.

    MANCOW: Drew. Did you find him charming? I think he’s funny.

    CASSANDRA: He put on a good show, yeah.

    MANCOW: Well, he’s put on a good show when he’s been here. Pat, wouldn’t you say?

    CASSIDY: We’ve seen pictures in the paper of you wearing his uniform. So you guys were pretty close for a time.

    CASSANDRA: Not really. That was just the way he….he wanted us to take pictures, and be holding the gun and he would take pictures. He set up that whole thing in his living room.

    MANCOW: I could be a good friend of someone until they killed my sister. That probably hurt the friendship.

    CASSIDY: He said he didn’t and, I’m playing devil’s advocate, but he said it’s in Stacy’s character to run away.

    MANCOW: Your mom ran away so Stacy ran away.

    CASSIDY: That’s what they say.

    CASSANDRA: That’s what he says but me and Stacy never thought my mom ran off. She was last seen going to church in Blue Island and we filed missing person reports, and we’ve always suspected foul play. Everyone’s had their share of problems – even my mom. But she always stayed in contact with us. She always called and wrote letters and visited us. No matter where we were, she always stayed in contact.

    (Mancow and Cassidy discuss how Drew’s face flushed at the mention of 10:59 am, October 28th.)

    MANCOW: Are they telling you that he’s going to be indicted soon?

    CASSANDRA: We just talk about the investigation. It’s a strong investigation. It’s still moving forward. They don’t say when, they just tell me that it’s being worked and it’s a strong investigation and it’s not gone cold.

  31. I guess it had to have been Cassidy since Mancow would have said something about “great kids, must be innocent”. 🙄

  32. I wish someone had brought up that Cassandra was probably 17-18 years old when 50-year old Drew was getting her to pose in his living room with a gun. Jesus Christ.

  33. hmmm…for me, I would love to see the suspects face flushing on 05/07/09 …10:59 sounds like a great time for an arrest! JMO

  34. grrrr..ok, 05/21/09 will have to do…even though I thought the GJ would be done 05/07/09….still want to see the suspects face flushing. The children have endured enough…I want a trial!
    Then we can see! Defend yourself suspect because everyone knows by the timeline…you did it!

  35. The ISP intern at Brain Candy blogged this on May 2nd. Let’s hope she’s talking about what I think she’s talking about…

    Monday April 27, 2009

    It’s my last week of interning with the State Police, and I get to spend it with investigations at the District 5 headquarters in Joliet. I can’t disclose what I was working on, but it is a very important case that should soon be coming to light. Though it was only grunt work, and was incredibly tedious, I’m glad that I was able to help out the guys in the office. You can see the stress on each of their faces to try to get everything ready for the State’s Attorney, so even though this isn’t the kind of work I would really want to be doing on my last week, I understand it’s importance and realize that not every aspect of the job can be fun.

    Tuesday April 28, 2009

    It was another day in the Joliet office working on a case which I’m not allowed to talk about. Just more grunt work, but like I said yesterday, I understand the importance and I’m glad to help out the investigators who are overloaded with work to get done in a very short period of time.

  36. I am going back to quietly waiting…again. I kinda hope after Mancows marriage to a good Catholic girl…who must believe Murder is a mortal sin…he’s just hanging the suspect out to dry. Time will tell. JMO

  37. Sorry Gatekeep, just wanted someone to know these ” folks”
    may be very dirty…ISP can look at the records and make a connection.
    Or, not. But, the chance are…that the relationships between the Robinsons and Raines families do have a history. I understand it…could be wrong. Back to lurking.

  38. Facs, reading the comments at Paulie’s. Why do Drew’s friends find it necessary to remain anonymous in their support?

    LOL — and why didn’t Joel take Paulie to that fabulous chicken wing place we’ve heard so much about? 😀

    Anonymous said…

    It just so happens that I am a friend of Drews. The man has not done anything, its a witch hunt of epic porptions. Hes smart, funny and a really nice guy. It really bothers me that people only see what the press puts out there and thats the sinister stuff. I would stand up for him anywhere any time because I just do not see it and I am not blind. Thank god he has Joel to protect him in court, other wise he would be railroaded.

  39. Huh, we finally found the one friend willing to stand up for Drew “anywhere, any time” but they aren’t willing to sign their name. 🙂

  40. IMO they didn’t give Cass enough time on the show. I’m glad though that she was able to at least get out word that Drew and his lawyer are not telling the whole story of their mother’s disappearance. They try to use information to their advantage and twist it to whatever way benefits their side. For example – they will say that Stacy left just like her mother did however, they will discount the fact that Stacy’s mom left on several occassions for days at a time but always came back. So if she was acting just like her mom – wouldn’t she have had a couple of false departures for days at a time?

    I really wish they gave her more than 3 minutes to talk.

    I noticed that when that picture of her and Stacy was up on the web in Drew’s police uniform holding the gun that neither Cass nor Stacy looked very happy. They actually looked very sad to me and it just seemed very weird. I’d have expected them to try to look really tough or really flirty but they just looked very sad like they didn’t want to be there. Did anyone else sense that from the photo?

  41. Hes smart,funny and really a nice guy, sounds like the same description Christina gave on the tv interview.

  42. TAI, according to Drew, Stacy did leave on occasion when the kids got to be too much for her.

    I don’t think anyone else has said that.

  43. Personally, I’m fine with Cassandra’s phone call being so short. As she said, let it play out in court. No point in letting Joel know what he should be preparing.

  44. “Stacy did leave on occasion”

    TRANSLATION: There were moments when Stacy was able to sneak past Drew’s stalking and surveillance.

  45. Someone needs to tell Drew that a mom of 4 leaving to go shopping or down the block and making Daddy deal with them for an hour or two isn’t a mommy leaving for days or weeks.

  46. I agree with you about the picture, TAI. They do not look amused at all and at least properly. Opposite to Drew’s pictures taken by Lenny and Paula (=Ashley) showing him naked and looking ugly as a fat pig.

  47. I cannot imagine my husband taking a photo of me and my younger sister like that. Who mixes what would otherwise have been a sexy photo of his wife with her younger sister? That is just creepy IMO.

  48. Cyrhla – Why did you have to reburn that image in my brain??? I had successfully tucked it away in the area with all of the cobwebs!!

  49. Correction – my hubby isn’t older than me (let alone me and my sister put together) – I meant that it was extra weird since Drew was probably older than Stacy’s age plus Cassie’s age at the time of the photo.

  50. thinkaboutit2 Says:
    May 4, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Cyrhla – Why did you have to reburn that image in my brain??? I had successfully tucked it away in the area with all of the cobwebs!!


    Sorry, TAI LOL
    Drew should compensate us for hurting our sense of estetics and lock himself in prison.

  51. Chrissy Raine’s coworker and pal of her boyfriend Mike Siuda, says on his blog that Mike will be calling in to Mancow’s tomorrow. I guess the idea is to have Drew also call in at some point and they can get back on track with the boxing match or something. It’s supposedly scheduled for the end of June but with a little luck Drew will be in custody by then, so…


  52. Hey everyone. I was able to hear the conversation on Mancow today. IMHO, Mancow’s amazing. Instead of giving Cass more time to elaborate how Peterson won’t allow her to see her nephew and niece, they bring up a picture that Drew Peterson, the slime ball himself, took for his own personal gratification. Not to mention they asked her when an indictment is coming, as though she’d tell those two ass’s anything like that if she even knew herself.

  53. TAI, I thought the exact same thing about that photo of Stacy and Cass. In fact, I didn’t even realise it was Stacy when I first saw the picture.

  54. noway406 Says:
    May 4, 2009 at 2:27 pm edit

    Facs, reading the comments at Paulie’s. Why do Drew’s friends find it necessary to remain anonymous in their support?

    Anonymous said…

    It just so happens that I am a friend of Drews. The man has not done anything, its a witch hunt of epic porptions. Hes smart, funny and a really nice guy. It really bothers me that people only see what the press puts out there and thats the sinister stuff. I would stand up for him anywhere any time because I just do not see it and I am not blind. Thank god he has Joel to protect him in court, other wise he would be railroaded.

    That is an exceptional post by anonymous. “A witch hunt of epic porptions”? Is that like, um, it’s big like a porpoise or a whale?

    “Sinister”? A favorite drewpy word.

    “It really bothers me that people only see what the press puts out there.” Honestly, we heard that exact script come from a young man sitting next to Drew on a sofa, while he looked ahead like a drugged zombie.

  55. Ah, yes, the imaginary friend. The one who always gets the blame when the creator breaks the rules.

  56. Good mornig!
    Taking into consideration that Cass was given only three minutes, she did a great job!
    What I find really funny and irritating about ManCow’s programme is that their guests have little opportunity to speak in general because the two totally dominate all the interviews adding stupid remarks and trying to be funny and do not listen to what their guests speak about. Particularly Mancow sounds as if he was stuffed with extasy or something and was talking to himself only.

  57. ” he’s smart, funny and a really nice guy..”

    Nice guys don’t beat up, stalk or kill their wives. Nice guys don’t loot a womans estate the day of her funeral. Nice guys do not manipulate their kids or use them as props for their own benefit.

    This is not a nice guy. As the good news states:
    ” by their fruits you shall know them”

  58. God, they should send ManCow to Madam Tussaud Museum in the comapnion of:
    Sir Drew Peterson,
    Lady Christina Raines,
    Lord Man Cow,
    His Majesty BB King, RogerClaar,
    Earl of Chicago, Joe Brodsky

    Unfortunetely, no matter what they would put in front of their names or who they have pictures with, they are what they are LOL.

    Drew has no titles but he has GREAT personality! LOL

  59. writerofwrongs Says:
    May 5, 2009 at 7:31 am

    ” he’s smart, funny and a really nice guy..”

    Nice guys don’t beat up, stalk or kill their wives. Nice guys don’t loot a womans estate the day of her funeral. Nice guys do not manipulate their kids or use them as props for their own benefit.

    This is not a nice guy. As the good news states:
    ” by their fruits you shall know them”
    Only ‘nice’ guys says things like that about Drew (and of course, Drew himself).
    ManCow should study the Bible a little bit more to understand what ‘fruits’ mean or dictionaries should change the meaning of ‘nice’, ‘smart’ and ‘funny’…

  60. The man-cow *show* is all about ratings. Not truth or fairness and certainly not intelligent content.
    His freqent guest, the thing called Drew, insults the decency of people everywhere and man-cow provides the thing with a platform by which to insult the families of the 2 women he knows he killed. This is highly offensive and will come back to bite him in the fanny.

    His *show* is mostly people talking over eachother, each waiting for their turn between the numerous interruptions and man-cows bestowing his very limited political knowledge upon a listening audience he hopes is even more ignorant than he is.

    He is a media whore in the first degree whose listeners consist of mainly people with very short attention spans and IQ’s somewhere in the range of
    80-90 points.

  61. I have to say though – that having Drew and others on his show have definitely broadened his audience. All TV and radio is about increasing ratings and some people will do anything to get people to listen.

    I was listening to the show and could not believe how insane Mancow got while talking about a political issue that Pat Cassidy disagreed with him on. Mancow is a total fear monger and he’s trying to get Rush Limbaugh fame by being so opinionated on his views. Cassidy cracked me up though with how calm he was and pointing out that Mancow doesn’t know how to fight and when he is losing he starts personal attacks by calling Cassidy stupid, old, and what-not. I though Mancow was going to have a heart attack. I think that rant cut short the time they had for Cassie.

  62. Good morning, everyone.

    Things are heatin’ up for Drew.

    Posted: Tuesday, 05 May 2009 8:52AM
    Brothel TV show may be next for Drew Peterson

    Steve Miller Reporting
    CHICAGO (WBBM) – Could the next stop for Drew Peterson be a reality show about a brothel?

    The show: HBO’s “Cathouse,” about a legal brothel in Nevada, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

    Dennis Hof, the owner, wanted to hire Rod Blagojevich as his apprentice. But the ex-governor’s publicist says he’s turning it down.

    The publicist, Glenn Selig, also handles Drew Peterson.

    And Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof tells Newsradio 780 he may be ready to offer Peterson the gig.

    “You know, I think I might as well just stay in that Chicago area. I think I’m going to go after Drew Peterson. He doesn’t have an old lady now; at least they can’t find her. He might as well be on my show and have some fun with the girls.”

    Peterson’s publicist Glenn Selig says… maybe so.

    “Drew Peterson has made no secret of his desire to be around women and his dating, so this might be something he might be interested in exploring.”

    Selig says Peterson has received no formal offer from “Cathouse” yet.

    Contents of this site are Copyright 2009 by WBBM.

  63. “He doesn’t have an old lady now; at least they can’t find her.”

    It’s so nice to see that people take Stacy’s disappearance so seriously. WTF is wrong with people? Have they no compassion for her family members that are worried sick about her??

    I hope Drew turns this down for the sake of his kids. His son already has said the media attention has made his life harder.

  64. What’s wrong with Glenn Selig? I can’t believe he made that statement. Did he forget that his job is to improve the public perception of his murder suspect client?

    Maybe he can make up for it later when Drew takes on the gig, with a video of Drew making up peanut butter sandwiches for the sex workers at the ranch.

  65. I am truly finding it amazing that Peterson finds the same order of low life as he is. At least he can relate to someone. In fact, the circle of slime is growing. The crime suspect seems to gravitate to others that show no respect for women. Use ’em and abuse ’em seems to be their motto. Peterson, Robinson, Brodsky, Selig, Dennis Hof…..

    Who’s got that dartboard ready? I’ll print out the pics. Someone get the darts.

  66. Nice comments from the Chicagoist:

    Uh, really? You’re being sarcastic aren’t you, Hof? Because being turned down by Blago and then going for Drew Peterson is like being told Hardee’s is out of hamburgers so you go to Krystal’s instead. And, yes, we know D-Pete hasn’t even been charged with anything yet in the murder of wife #3 Kathleen Savio and wife #4 Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, but…seriously? Dubya tee eff? That circumstantial evidence alone should be enough to at least make you a little wary of having this guy around a house full of women.

  67. I suppose there are few things you can associate a murder suspect with and have it be successful. 🙄

  68. I would prefer watching Drew in a reality show in a (real) prison. With men only, of course. Let him experience something new. 😉

  69. If there’s no arrest soon I’d almost be in favor of him doing a season of Surreal Life, or Big Brother. You know how they love to get the guests inebriated and watch the hijinks ensue. Just think, you might end up with a live on-air confession.

    *just kidding*

  70. Hello everyone! Was it ever elaborated upon whether or not the Robinsons and the Raines were related? Just
    wondered. Any news on MR’s recent court appearance? the Water Search?

  71. Gotta love the word “smarmy”! I have to wonder if Drew is getting mad getting sloppy seconds to Blago all the time lately.

    Smarmy Whore House Owner May Offer Drew a Job


    Updated 12:00 PM CDT, Tue, May 5, 2009

    The owner of a legal whore house in Nevada made an unbelievably chauvinistic pitch to hire Drew Peterson for a reality show about the brothel.

    Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, told WBBM that Peterson “doesn’t have an old lady now; at least they can’t find her” and so “he might as well be on my show and have some fun with the girls.”

    Honestly, did you expect the owner of a brothel to be any less crass?

    Peterson’s wife, of course, has been missing since 2007. While Drew claims she ran off with another man, her family and friends suspect he killed her. Drew is an official suspect in her disappearance.

    Hof initially went after Rod Blagojevich for the show, but the disgraced governor turned it down through his publicist (the same publicist handles Drew). If Peterson says no, maybe Hof can get Vanilla Ice.

    No matter who he gets, Hof’s show promises to be a real class act.

  72. Who wants to see Peterson naked again, folks? 😉

    The story of this murderer has been reduced to absurdity. I think Selig should contact John Cleese and make “the Monty Pythone Live in BB” with Lord Drew Peterson.

  73. I wonder…How many days of freedom does the two time murderer have left ?? Hmmm

    I’d have to say…NOT many.

  74. This has gotten to the point of obscene.We have wife # 3 murdered,wife # 4 missing, and these poor excuses for humans make me want to vomit.These 2 wives of Drew Peterson have families that love them. They have children,and all these pigs want to do is make fun of this horrible situation. And parade that pig all over,he is their whore,and they are his pimps.This goes beyond sick. May Drew Peterson,his boy toy,Joel Brodsky,Glen Selig,and all the rest of these poor excuses for humanity rot in hell.
    Lap it up now drew like the dog you really are. Lap up your freedom now while you can,it won’t be much longer. I pray Mr. Glasgow moves soon,to get that PIG off the street.

  75. A brothel? A bloody brothel?? WTF?

    Just when I thought he had sunk as low he could possibly go.

    He is nothing more than a carbunkle on the arse of humanity.

    No, he is a zit on a carbunkle on the arse of humanity.

  76. grandam Says:
    May 4, 2009 at 3:20 pm edit

    Claims of body in river unfounded
    Claims that a person had been “swept away” into the Des Plaines River Sunday evening in southwest suburban Romeoville were unfounded, according to fire officials.
    Just wanted to follow up with this, because it may not be unfounded after all. This was reported today:

    Body found in river in Joliet
    A man’s body was pulled from the Des Plaines River near the River Club in the 700 block of Railroad Street on Tuesday afternoon. A tugboat captain and barge worker noticed the body at 2:43 p.m. and called 911.

  77. Joe Hosey’s story about Drew and the Cathouse Show:,Peterson-Blago-Brothel-show-JO050509.article

    The owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof, was willing to negotiate with Peterson, but really has his heart set on getting Blagojevich out to his brothel. While his dream appears unlikely to come to fruition, Hof was still holding out hope Tuesday.

    “It’s not dead on our part,” he said of a deal to land Blagojevich. “We’re going to entice him to come out here, offer him money and (sex) and everything.”

    But all the offers in the world won’t be enough to get Blagojevich to do the show, Selig said.

    “The governor’s not doing it,” he said. “It’s just not appropriate.”

    Maybe not, but Selig believes it might be right up Peterson’s alley.

    “(Hof) did put it out there that he wants Drew,” Selig said.

    “We’re going to talk to (Hof) about it,” he said.

    According to its Web site, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch features more than 500 licensed “bunnies.”

    The ranch also allows customers to bring a date along, which might be good news for Peterson’s on-again, off-again fiancee, the unwed mother of two Christina Raines.

    Selig conceded that quite a bit must be worked out, but believed Peterson would be enthused by the prospect of appearing on a brothel-based reality show.

    “On the surface, it sounds like something he’d be excited about,” he said. “But we don’t know what it entails.”

  78. I was sent a link to the IL Supreme Court May Docket so I’ve uploaded it to the Scribd account. Looks like they will be deciding this month whether or not to handle Joel’s appeal:

    No. 108164 – In the Matter of the Estate of Kathleen Savio, Deceased (Drew Peterson et al., petitioners, v.
    Anna Doman et al., respondents). Leave to appeal,
    Appellate Court, Third District.

  79. Brothel Offers Drew Peterson Role on Reality Show
    Peterson’s publicist says ‘lots of men would jump at a chance like this. Drew is no different.’ – May 06, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Tampa, Fla. / Drew Peterson has been offered a role on an HBO reality show set in a Nevada brothel, Peterson’s publicist confirms.

    The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and its owner Dennis Hof, want Peterson as an apprentice at the legal brothel just outside of Reno, Nev.

    “Drew is surprised and intrigued by the offer,” says Glenn Selig, Peterson’s publicist and founder of The Publicity Agency ( “The Moonlite Bunny Ranch wants to fly Drew to Reno to meet the cast of the HBO adult series ‘Cathouse’ and he plans to do so. We’ll see where it goes. We’re still in the beginning stages.”

    Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy and has been implicated in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged in either case.

    Earlier this year, Peterson proposed to his 23-year-old girlfriend Christina Raines. The couple was featured in PEOPLE magazine last month and interviewed by NBC’s TODAY show. No wedding date has been set.

    “Drew will need to talk to his fiancee about working in a brothel. That’s something for them to work out,” says Selig.

    “Drew is not trying to capitalize on his notoriety. He is innocent until proven otherwise and he is entitled to pursue job opportunities that come his way. Lots of men would jump at a chance like this. Drew is no different.”

  80. “Drew will need to talk to his fiancee about working in a brothel. That’s something for them to work out,” says Selig.

    Perhaps a job opportunity for her as well!

  81. He’s going to live and work in LV, in a brothel? And the children will live where? Do they have special accommodations for children in a whore house?

  82. and it will prove his innocense (!!)

    Isn’t that why he is doing these things all the time ?

  83. Okay all…I know I’m pretty appalled by the latest press release…so here’s what we need to do…we all need to email Dennis Hof owner of the Bunny Ranch and also HBO…Beg Dennis not to allow this to go on and tell HBO if they continue to carry that show after Drew’s been on it that everyone will cancel their subscriptions…I’m serious…these people including Drew have to be hurt where it counts and that’s in their WALLETS!

    here’s the link to complain to HBO

    here’s Dennis’ direct email

    spread the news..send dozens per day if you can…tell them these kind of stunts aren’t going to be profitable for anyone involved!!!!!

  84. “Drew will need to talk to his fiancee about working in a brothel. That’s something for them to work out,” says Selig.


    and Christina ran off with Mike again for the second time and Drew is going to ask her if it’s oke he is going to work in a brothel (!!)

    Nothing wrong with these people, it must be us (!!)

  85. Just a reminder to make sure before posting links/stories, etc. that they haven’t already been posted here. Thanks!

  86. Chrissy Raines’ coworker says on his blog:

    “Mike was unable to appear on WLS this morning.
    I am not able to discuss why.
    Hopefully soon I can go into more detail.
    Sorry for being so vague.”

    BTW, there was some mention of something or someone pertaining to Kathleen Savio on Mancreep’s show tomorrow. I don’t think I can bring myself to listen. If anyone does happen to listen and hears anything interesting, would you please post it? Eternal gratitude!

  87. My head is spinning. I come here and read every day and I don’t remember anything about Chrissie being back with him. She isn’t…is she????

    “How does me dating make me a bad dad” quote from drew.

    The mind boggles.

  88. I wonder..Is it true…What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ??

    I wonder…How many days of freedom the two time murderer has left ??

    I wonder…What will the date be when I wake up and find the New Post that says “DP indicted and arrested without incident ??

    Hmmmmmmm things to wonder about


    Here’s Joe Hosey’s story about Peterson wanting to hop on the bunny trail’s path to loose bunnies, but I think I’d be very concerned that Glen Selig is losing his grip if I were Mrs. Selig. He sounds downright giddy about wanting his client Drew to get involved in this, as though he’s living out his own fantasy. Of course, Mrs. Selig isn’t up for the challenge of having her husband be the co-worker of a wayward bunny, but he can dream, fantasize, and it sure sounds like he’s already started doing that.

    About the prospect of being in the bunny patch, Selig says about Drew: “On the surface, it sounds like something he’d be excited about,” he said. “But we don’t know what it entails.”

    Sounds like Selig is the one that is excited.

  90. But all the offers in the world won’t be enough to get Blagojevich to do the show, Selig said.

    “The governor’s not doing it,” he said. “It’s just not appropriate.”

    Maybe someone needs to explain to Selig that it isn’t appropriate for a man with two teenage boys and two young children whose current wife is missing, and last wife is dead to leave them to do a show such as this.

  91. Hey everybody! Just wanted to let all of you know that Jeff Goldblatt from Fox Chicago will be on Mancow at 10 AM to follow up on last week’s report concerning Peterson. This report will also be airing tonight during the 9 PM news on Fox Chicago after American Idol. The report centers on the investigation into the murder of Kathleen Savio, based upon exclusive documents.

    Hope everyone gets a chance to tune in!

  92. Apparently Jeff Goldblatt is going to be on Mancow with more about the Kathleen Savio story this morning.

  93. Dennis Hof of Cathouse is on now…talking about venereal desease.

    I can’t believe I’m listening to this.

  94. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that unless they are physically healthy, mentally centered, and emotionally sound.

  95. I just signed on to listen. What is he on the phone saying now? I thought this was going to be an intelligent radio broadcast. Again with the slime suspect.

  96. He just said that he wants to go and that he was packing as they were talking. Those poor kids.

  97. I wonder how the buffet is at the Bunny Ranch? Drew’s day of making sandwiches for the kids might be over…

    And let’s look at the bright side. His little girl really does need a woman in her life. Now she can take her pick!

  98. He’s comparing being a watch commander at Bolingbrook PD to managing “a bunch of whores”.

  99. How the heck can Drew and Joel say that anyone else is greedy ever again?? Of course they will though. This bunny ranch guy is in Heaven from the ratings he already sees. He’s laughed about how there are already 12 pages of search results for Drew Peterson and his bunny ranch.

  100. Someone please call Mancow and ask him if he still thinks Drew is a good guy and a good dad.

  101. Ah, Mad Cow mentioned the children. Why not, Drew never does.

    He’s too busy cracking himself up with his sick jokes. His brain is fried.

  102. Mancow asked him how the kids feel about this and Drew says that the TV show is something “we don’t have the kids watch.”

  103. He’s flying out today. Woot woot.

    LV can have him. Leave the kids behind for someone mentally balanced.

  104. OMG, the constant giggling that comes out of Drew. It’s as if the show is being recorded in a pigeon cote. He’s so amused at himself.

  105. So…is this just yet another stunt? Drew cashing in on being the most disgusting and hated person in america?

    At least we can be spared all the “But, he’s a great dad” comments for a while.

  106. It’s all good, Facs. He’s so far gone now, it’s kind of pathetic, actually. The evil consumed his brain, and now he’s paying for it.

    Do the math. Four minor children, two in high school, one in kindergarten, one in preschool. Will they go with him and be tutored in the Bunny Hutch?

    Ah, the drama.

  107. Drew needs to go back and watch the CBS interview with Thomas:

    Thomas says the intense media focus on Drew has been difficult to deal with: “It’s been crazy, like, with the news media in front of my house all the time. And like, there really hasn’t been much of an impact ever since my mom died, because nothing could be worse than that. But it’s just made my childhood much harder.”


  108. TAI – thank you for bringing this back to the real reason we are all disgusted here. Well put. It’s about his children, not him.

    We could go on and on about this, yet, it doesn’t seem to go away, does it? His poor kids.

  109. If he were not a dad then I’d say no big deal. But he is a dad. Two of his kids have lost two moms. When is he going to put them first? When?

    I know he hasn’t been charged with anything so that isn’t the point. If he wants to be a dumb a** and taint any potential jury further – go for it. There is no way in heck he’ll win a change of venue argument when he is drawing the spotlight on himself the way he is.

    But why further subject the children to ridicule by their peers. There is no way in heck that some of the kids at their high school won’t watch this or tease them about it. The younger ones are fortunate enough to be too young to understand what is happening.

    Did anyone hear what Drew’s answer was to who would watch the children?

  110. I call BS on three points in Selig’s press release:

    “Drew is not trying to capitalize on his notoriety.”

    Right! The BS monitor pretty much broke on this coment. He better never say anyone else is greedy.

    “Drew will need to talk to his fiancee about working in a brothel. That’s something for them to work out,” says Selig.

    Right! Like Drew ever asks any woman in his life for permission to do something! Nice try at humoring Chrissy though into thinking Drew still holds a special place in his heart for her.

    Lots of men would jump at a chance like this. Drew is no different.

    True many men would jump at a chance like this. But not true in other ways – there are not too many other men who are acting single fathers of 4 minors, a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, and possibly a person of interest in his third wife’s death.

  111. I’m relistening to the show now (God help me) and typing stuff up. Should have a post later today…

  112. Isn’t Reno also a grand place to establish quick residency and obtain a “quickie” divorce? I’m sure the old POS is salivating at the opportunity of cashing in while he’s having a great time at his kids’ expense and getting that divorce he’s yearning for. Makes me sick!

  113. I think Peterson is clueless and oblivious to anything around him anymore. He can be made a fool of, taunted, described as looking like the Cowardly Lion, and anything else that’s thrown out there, and, yet, he chuckles and laughs as though he’s having a grand old time. He’s all about getting on the media circuit, and he’s his own version of the real meaning of the title “Psycho.”

    Wouldn’t it be something if we all get the last chuckle someday soon, when he gets to be the watch commander of the sweeties who’d love to bunny up to him in his new digs. Maybe they can get him sent out to Nevada and fulfill his dream.

  114. In fairness I haven’t been there recently either, but I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and Reno used to be a fun place to go on the weekends. I think a lot of the casinos have closed now as Vegas took over as the gambling mecca.

    Sorry that is so off topic!

  115. Sugarbabes4 – You are correct.

    Nevada apparently only requires someone to be a resident for 6 weeks to file for divorce there. They also have the method like they do here where you can get a divorce as long as something is published. They have various laws that are based on the duration of the marriage (from start of marriage to end of marriage) which could be beneficial to Drew but would still leave some of the assets (including part of his pension) to Stacy.

    I guess I don’t know how the courts handle someone who is officially considered a suspect but not charged with a crime. Is that why they officially named him a suspect? Does that matter in divorce court? I’m sure there aren’t many cases like this that go before the judges though so how do they rule when one person is missing and the person filing is considered a suspect??

    I think this is a twist that Drew may not have thought of by himself.

  116. Sorry – the twist that I meant was thinking about how going there could also help facilitate him getting a quick divorce.

  117. Rescue – he is definitely oblivious about this. I never thought in my lifetime I’d hear Mancow be the person that makes sense and is telling someone to think twice about something they may later regret!

    That’s like the little devil on your shoulder telling you to do the right thing. It NEVER happens!

  118. Personally, the sooner he gets out of Illinois, the better for my liking. Let some other state have him. But, in all honestly, I think this might all be a sham, because this nitwit just getting an offer to blow out of town on the next available flight, without any thought given to the well-being of his four minor children, just is so hard to grasp, it’s not believable. Would he leave a note for Tom and Kris when they get home from school, telling them he’s on a flight to Nevada to play in a brothel? Or contact the school principal and let him deal with it? Would he take Anthony and Lacy to Chrissy Raines’ workplace, give her a kiss goodbye, and set off for bigger and better things?

    This is just too off-the-wall for me to believe. Now, thinking this is all more of Brodsky-esk white noise baloney, yes, that I can believe. Just the mention of all of this and the publicity it generates for Sell-it and, now, Hof, is all they need to generate interest in this Bunny mess.

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