Drew Peterson in Jail. Joel Brodsky on Vacation.

sun-timesDespite the fact that his client, Drew Peterson, has been arrested and sits in the Will County Adult Detention Facility in Joliet, Joel Brodsky remains in New York City for a mother’s day holiday with his wife. As of this morning, he still has not spoken with his client.

Last night on Geoff Pinkus’ Chicago Overnight radio show, Geoff recalled Joel and Drew’s demeanor when they appeared on his show on March 15th.  Pinkus was surprised by Joel’s demands to plug not only his legal practice but also the wings at a sports bar he owned.

Pinkus says his impression was that Joel Brodsky was more concerned with promoting himself than in defending his client.  He couldn’t understand why Joel seemed to have no control over his client, and questioned why he stayed on as Drew’s attorney when it was so obvious that the man was out of control.  “To me, Joel Brodsky is not doing Drew Peterson or himself any favors”, Pinkus stated.

Joel and Drew: Best Buds or The Two Stooges

Joel and Drew: Best Buds or The Two Stooges

Drew Peterson appeared in court today at 1:30 pm CDT in Joliet, Ill. His arraignment for first-degree murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, has been continued until Monday, May 18.

Joel Brodsky appeared on all three network morning news programs this morning in New York. He will also do interviews with WGN TV in Chicago, MSNBC, WLS Radio and WFLD (Fox) Chicago.

WGN Radio’s John Williams interview with Andrew Abood (MP3s): Part I Part II
Video of ISP press conference
Audio of press conference – Part I
Audio of press conference – Part II
PDF of Indictment for murder

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299 thoughts on “Drew Peterson in Jail. Joel Brodsky on Vacation.

  1. Ha. Can you imagine that Brodsky & company are trying to get the bond hearing moved to Monday? He had time to do the morning media news circuit, but isn’t going to change his plans to represent his client at a bond hearing.

    Oh, boy.

  2. Geez, wouldn’t you think his wife would understand a change in plans given the circumstances? I mean, she just came back from a trip to Miami.

  3. Joel is currently on Mancow. Dr. Baden is calling in. Apparently Geraldo is going to call in.

    They asked Joel if he was going to come back from New York to make the bond hearing, and he said, “Uh, no.” They are going to try to get a day’s continuance instead.

    I laughed out loud when Mancow said, “You’re never going to get paid. He isn’t going to have the money to pay you.” and Joel said really fast, “Yes, he is!” and said that Drew has money from being a photographer and all the businesses he’s owned.

    Joel said that although he hasn’t yet spoken to Drew, he’s not worried about him in jail because he’s tough enough to take on any “rough characters” he might encounter there.


  4. I wonder if Drew is going to be pissed at Brodsky for not putting him first and will fire him?

    I cannot believe that Joel would take time out from his vacation to go on TV shows but not to get to his #1 client.

    I’d think his wife would understand (especially since they don’t even have any children together). Afterall, the payment Joel is going to get from this case (either from Drew or future book deals) would give them the chance of having many bigger, better vacations in the future. She may even be able to retire early.

  5. Hi ya rescue and fac’s,
    Now i know most ppl cant stand me but pfftt LOL but when i woke up this morning at 6am and turned on the news , i screamed for joy!!! and started to cry, i think i scared my whole family. And as we all stood in our lounge room eyeing the tv, my son’s let out whoops and harrahs! and hugged each other. (my husband just stood and grinned hes not much for words lol and i sat and cried and asked god to be with the children)

    When we(my husband and I) stopped searching Nov of last year i was extremely discouraged and incredibly sad… noone except Cass and a few knew we were up there searching nearly every weekend/2nd weekend…

    Lets all hope and pray that he STAYS in jail.. and that stacy will also have justice … My prayers are with Kathleens family ,its only just starting.. goodluck and best wishes from my family… and to cass.. hold that chin HIGH girl its comming we love you and your family.
    To the searchers… its all in gods time, you are all FANTASTIC.. and to ISP.. 😉 good going!! and you bloggers .. you….YOU ALL! kept stacy out there and Kathleen , YOU ALL kept drew and his moron of a lawyer on their toes. (i have been around and reading , as i said to cass.. always here NEVER gone)

    God Bless you all , TODAY is a great day , the sun is shinning on Kathleen and Stacy,

    DID any of you see how bright the house looked? my son noticed it.. the house didnt look dark anymore.

    PS: my son said to tell you all (if i got on here) that in the jail where scott peterson is that its a trophy if you can punch and knock scott out LOL wonder if there will be something like that where drew is LOL?

    Sorry this is so long.

  6. Peterson is calm, cool before arrest

    Steve Miller Reporting
    WBBM Newsradio 780

    (WBBM) – WBBM’s Steve Miller talked to Drew Peterson shortly before he was arrested yesterday.

    Drew Peterson seemed as cool as ever as the crowd of reporters outside his home was growing – with rumors of his imminent arrest going around.

    WBBM: Are you nervous?

    “No. What happens, happens.”

    WBBM: Have you prepared the family for what may happen?

    “Eighteen months ago.”

    WBBM: You’re not worried?

    “No. What will be, will be,” Drew laughs.

    WBBM: What if you go to jail?

    “Then I go to jail. You know, it’s like one of those things…”

    WBBM: What’s the mood in the house now?

    “The kids are playing. That’s it. I’m fixing a tire for… one of my kids’ broken tires on their bikes. So nothing other than that.”

    A couple of hours later, Peterson was arrested.




  7. The abuser/murderer is behind bars! Whee, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! I too am extremely happy that this scumbag is off the street!And always I hope and pray for the recovery of Stacy Peterson and the convictions thereof in her caseas well. Godspeed all!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo


    I am doing a happy dance up here in Wisconsin. :-)There must be sooo many happy dances going on down in Chicago land it might just trigger an earthquake!! hehehe. This is wonderful news.

    Thanks again to all who run this blog…facs, rescue….your hard work in the name of justice is so noble!! :mrgreen:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the children.

  9. Geraldo is on Mancow now. Calls Peterson a “Mini-Manson or Ted Bundy”, because of his ability to charm people.

    But when you look at his ex-wives’ statements about fearing for their lives, “This guy stunk of murder. He stunk of abuse”

    He thinks it would be a mistake to try to use the Hearsay law. Afraid it could kill the case.

    Wants an apology from Matt Lauer for kissing Drew’s ass. Calls Glenn Selig a “sleazy SOB”.

  10. Mancow has sure changed his tune. He just said “don’t you think the death penalty should apply in this case?”

    Geraldo thinks it’s sufficient that Drew stay imprisoned for life “getting it in the can.”

  11. A friend asked us to post this as a favor: Any of you women outraged over this case and think it’s repulsive and sexist and want to share your perspective with the public? Please email petersonstory@gmail.com. Put the word “outraged” in the subject line.

    No need to write a novel, just let us know if you are interested. Thanks!

  12. Transcript is up from Greta’s show yesterday:


    Dissecting Drew Peterson’s Arrest in Connection to the Death of His Third Wife
    Friday, May 08, 2009

    This is a rush transcript from “On the Record,” May 7, 2009. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

    GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a “FOX News Alert.” It has happened, former police sergeant Drew Peterson in custody, under arrest and indicted for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Now, as you know, Peterson is also a suspect in the disappearance of his current wife, his fourth wife, Stacy.

    Moments ago, police announced the indictment…

  13. Facs, I guess that means the kids aren’t wonderful anymore? Since he now thinks Drew is guilty? I’m not sure I can follow Mancow’s train of thought. Not sure I want to understand him anyway.

  14. I always thought that Drew would not use JB to represent him for real when trial began. We’ll see.

  15. I saw Andrew Abood on Fox (via satellite) and he says the arraignment hearing has been postponed. There will be a “short hearing” via conference call.

  16. He also said that he could have attended the hearing today at 1:30; that any of Drew’s defense team could have but Joel told him not to, that they would reschedule the hearing.

    Yeah, that’s gonna make Drew happy. 🙂

  17. What a disservice Joel Brodsky is doing to his client. Making the rounds on television like the media whore he is is not helping to put his client in a glowing light. I think the lawyer man has lost his grip, and is merely using his client as his own pawn.

    Welcome to Drew’s world, Joel. You fit right in.

  18. Nothing like sitting in jail for murder, no contact from your lawyer and all your legal proceedings postponed until he comes back from vacay.

    Joel is so used to arguing this case to the media that he forgot how the law works.

  19. I don’t understand Joel at all. And while I am in favor of Drew staying right where he is, shouldn’t the client be a priority?

    If Joel can’t get back from New York, then why not have other members of the defense team go?

    BTW, information from the courthouse and the jail indicated the hearing was still on, and that is when Abood talked about the “short hearing.”

  20. Joel’s statement on Mancow was “It’s only a one-business-day continuance. It’s not a big deal.”

  21. Here’s what Joel said when MAncow questioned how Drew was going to pay him:

    “Drew not only was a police officer but he was a business man. He owned a bar. He had a printing company. He had a photography company. He had, if I recall, five different businesses. All were profitable.”

  22. So was murdering his ex-wife, days before the finality of the property settlement, profitable. We know that. He needs to shut his mouth. Why is he doing this?

    I don’t care, and, like Noway said, it’s all good with us that Drew sits in jail, but, I cannot comprehend why his lawyer is making the media circuit rounds.

    There isn’t a lawyer that would condone what he’s doing.

  23. From Twitter:

    PublicityAgency Alert: Drew Peterson arraignment continued to Monday, May 18…

    3 minutes ago from txt

    More like a SIX-business-day continuance…

  24. It’s pretty scary that Joel is messing up so bad for Drew that even those that think he is guilty actually verbalize that he’s getting the short end of the stick from his two-bit lawyer.

    One more day isn’t a big deal?? He’s going to piss off Drew and lose some of his gravy train. I sure hope Drew gets a different lawyer because everything Joel has done so far would probably get him an appeal on ineffective counsel.

  25. I guess when you’re in NY on vacation, you don’t think too much about someone, say in IL, having a staycation.

  26. Drew’s arraignment continued. Well, as Joel said publicly, Drew can handle himself. Thugs, thieves, bubbas. He’s The Man. He’ll survive, heh?

    Kinda funny. I suppose this weekend will be news about how his lawyer left him to sit in jail over the weekend so as not to short-circuit his New York moment.

  27. OK – got the indictment PDF up in our Scribd account:

  28. Looks like Glenn may have rushed on the Twitter about the arraignment being continued.

    Someone just sent me this update from Pelkie’s office (put out after Selig’s):

    “Drew Peterson is scheduled to make his first court appearance at 1:30 p.m. Friday, May 8 in Courtroom 405 of the Will County Courthouse, 14 W. Jefferson St., Joliet, Ill. Mr. Peterson will appear in court in person.”

    “If there is a schedule change, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office will notify the press as soon as possible.”

    So, at this point the media is still counting on an arraignment at the scheduled time.

  29. Joel was on TV today touting the lie detector test as some kind of proof Drew is innocent. If he believes so much in lie detector tests, wouldn’t he then be the first one to say that Drew was guilty of something to do with Stacy’s disappearance since he only got 50% on that part of the quiz??

    Brodsky told a “Good Morning America” reporter that Peterson passed a polygraph test when questioned on details of Savio’s suspicious death.

    “He passed that polygraph exam 100 percent,” he said.

    Source: http://www.suntimes.com/news/peterson/1564608,drew-peterson-joel-brodsky-arrest-050809.article

  30. Silly Brodsky. Months and months from now, when DP goes to trial, no one is going to remember his silly, idle prattle from May. What is wrong with the man? Has he lost his mind?

  31. The neighbors tied new ribbons to the trees.

    It seems like FoxChicago is still unable to count all of Drew’s children. They keep talking like it is Steve and 3 younger Peterson children and that there was only one teenage son.

    Thomas said he hopes to stay with a friend to finish out his school in Bolingbrook.


  32. TAI, I think that friend may be the principal who has watched him before.

    Just saw video on the news of Drew being taken to the Will County courthouse.

  33. Apparently as Drew was being led to the courthouse handcuffed, shackled and wearing a red jumpsuit, he shouted up to the press, “Three squares a day, this spiffy outfit and look at all this bling!”

  34. The news was so good, I had trouble believing it!

    To Rescue and Facs – thank you so very much. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to two women whom you never met it truly inspiring. xox

  35. Correction on the correction though. Looks as if the court appearance was not an arraignment.

  36. I can’t help but think that in addition to “playing out different scenarios,” as Chrissy said, he’s also been coming up with one-liners for his arrest. I know he’s certainly capable of making obnoxious remarks off the cuff, but there’s just something in me that imagines him thinking himself so clever as he comes up with quips.

  37. Cassandra is on CLTV. She was in court today and said it “felt good to see him chained up like the dog he is.”

  38. Brodsky appears, to me, to be dredging up his past defense of “treat Drew the same as anyone else,” as it pertains to getting his bond lowered.

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. Because, just a few weeks ago, he was ranting that his new client, Nour Hadid, the murderess of a 2 year old baby, should have been given preferential treatment when she was photographed without her head scarf for booking. He wasn’t outraged that a baby was beaten to death, he was outraged that she was treated and booked like any other charged criminal. Which was against her customs. Except, only Brodsky, and the woman’s husband, were whining.

    Go figure. I can’t keep his rules straight anymore.

  39. Walden Court had more calls to LE over domestic violence according to her niece, she says look it up. More than from the Pheasant Chase house

  40. Good point Rescue. Joel needs to make up his mind on a few things. Should all defendants be treated equally? Are polygraphs credible? Is signing a contract with a publisher the same as having a book deal? Is it psychologically damaging for a woman to walk in and out of children’s lives, or is that only when she’s been wearing a wire?

  41. Couple of interesting things:

    (Brodsky) “I still believe that we’ve got to look at the case calmly, coldly and factually,” Brodsky told The Early Show’s Maggie Rodriguez. “There’s no evidence to support a homicide charge.

    (CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller) “The state’s attorney of Will County didn’t mention any evidence that he has in the case, and everyone’s been wondering for months now, what evidence is there? Is there a witness? Is there a confession? Is there something out there to link him to the death of his ex-wife?” Miller said.

    Yeah, it’s what we’re all waiting for. Is there enough evidence, is there a confession, are there witnesses? We all need to look at this calmly, coldly and factually.

    So, why doesn’t Brodsky do that? Why do we hear him say there’s no evidence tying Drew to Kathleen’s murder? If that’s true, then why has he been begging Fox News for the documents that were stolen out of a police car? He has nothing. He knows nothing. He’s even admitting that now he’s entitled to discovery. So, what the hell is he taking about – there’s no evidence tying his client to the murder of Kathleen Savio?

  42. Rescue, soon enough Brodsky will be staring at those 8500 pages of evidence that the SA’s office will be turning over to him as discovery.

    That is just from Kathleen’s case–he will be staggering when they finally bring charges for Stacy–40,000 pages and counting!

    That will wipe the arrogance off his face–at least publicly.

    Of course, he will still be spewing his bull crap to the media, but we all know better.

  43. Man! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when DP & Blobsky have their first face-to-face jailhouse convo.

  44. (To Rescue & Facs – Thinking of evidence… I hope that seeing so many familiar names reappearing on here since the arrest is evidence for the two of you that all your work has benefited and been appreciated by many more than you probably think.)

  45. Brodsky says whatever will get him (and his client) through the next 15 minutes. Spewing garbage. IMO

  46. gatekeep Says:
    May 8, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Apparently Drew had no legal representation present at today’s hearing.

    Are there any ramifications for this? Is Brodsky smarter than we give him credit for?

  47. OMG — even I laughed as I typed that! 😀

    Since I don’t give Brodsky credit for any intelligence, it is likely that he is smarter than I give him credit for.

  48. And, I guess the reason I think DP ‘pre-writes’ zingers is that although he’s been arrested, he’s still the same narcissistic pos we all know and loathe. And he’s still the star of the Drew Show.

  49. The lack of respect that Drew is showing with his constant joking about this situation is sickening. One of his good attorneys should make contact with him and tell him to STFU. Fast.

    And Joel can stay in NY.

  50. LOL, Joel said he did research on past bonds set for other Will County offenders, and Drew’s is excessively high compared to others. Compared to others, how many of them got the preferential treatment he got when the death of his ex-wife was investigated, when he had means and motive?

    Remember him saying it was his ex-wife, to treat the scene with respect, after he and his discovery party trampled through the “evidence.” Remember how the phone records got mentioned, but were never subpoenaed and scrutinized?

    How difficult it must have made it for the current investigators to straighten out the mess that was done during the first investigation.

  51. No, Noway, we don’t want him to stay in New York! We want him back here to continue screwing up his client’s legal defense, where he belongs.

    Scratch that.

    Stay in New York, Brodsky, and continue to blubber and spit your bullshit about how your client is not guilty, while he’s coolin’ his jets in a cell.

    I’ll go with that.

  52. I wonder if they have finally counted the children. Yesterday during the press conference they said there had been three children present at home and that they are trying to locate the fourth one. Are all the children there? I am a little bit confused as the reporters still mention three, not four.

  53. This morning, on the same Fox interview as I mentioned above, Andrew Abood said the children were all with Stephen Peterson, Drew’s son from a previous marriage.

    The youngest two were at home, Tom came home, and Drew left, so it must have been Kris who was initially unaccounted for.

    I know reporters are continuing with the “three children” but I think all are accounted for.

  54. cyrlha, I heard them mention that three youngest are back at home under the custody of Stephen Peterson, while the eldest is staying with a family friend down the street (I presume it is the school principal who has watched him before).

  55. Cyrhla – all of the children are fine and accounted for.

    In fact, to clarify, those kids are probably going to be watched more closely now than they have been in a long time.

    The little one, Lacy, has been left to ride her bike with Raines’ child, unsupervised, blocks away from home. That’s common knowledge. So, no one need to worry about how law enforcement handled everything, and how many were and were not accounted for. Their own father didn’t keep as close tabs on them as some are now. Even law enforcement officials commented on how they didn’t want to alarm the children any more than need be. That’s a lot more than their father did.

  56. Imagine, being a 16 year old, coming home from school, and walking into a house with your two young siblings, and your father’s house guest’s two kids, while your father takes off on errands, and his “whatever” is off at work.

    What kind of a life is that?

  57. I do not worry, rescue, how LE handles the story now. I have also never admired Drew for his pedagocical talent ;). I was worries about one unaccounted child and I am happy that they know where all of them are.

    I do not also want to criticize the decision to give the children to Steve. I do not what he is like to them or so. I hope they feel save with him and his wife. I can only imagine that for this man who has his own little baby now, taking care of another four must be really hard. It won’t be a piece of cake to anyone.

    I hope Steven will be much smarter than his father is and will let the children meet the family of Stacy and Kathleen. I wonder if it depends on him only now.

  58. Noway, I think the reason is that Steve does not live in BB and Tom wants to finish school in BB.

  59. I was thinking that Stephen was going to be living at his Dad’s house with the three youngest, and figured Tom could be there too.

    School here ends early June which would only be a few weeks. I would think Stephen could do that. But I don’t know if LE actually has allowed them back in the house other than to get some of the kids’ things.

    I think staying in a familiar place would be the best thing for the kids, but I’m not an expert, that is just my opinion.

  60. Rescue – I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is a shame to hear that the little ones were allowed to ride bikes that far – isn’t the little one only about 5 now? Way too young to be out of a responsible person’s site while on a bike.

    The teen boys will finally not be built-in baby sitters and they will be able to be with friends for the support they need at this time. I hope they are both able to finish out the school year at the school they are currently attending. Is Thomas a junior? If so, I hope that he’s able to spend next year out there as well. That is such a hard age to be moved to a new environment and would have to be even harder when your dad has the reputation that Drew has. It’s hard enough to fit in.

    Steve and his wife are going to have their hands full. Doesn’t he also have the new baby? Talk about instant family. Even though they knew it was a possibility, it will surely turn their lives upside down.

  61. There’s so much that you guys don’t know. Know that! So, if I jump sometimes, it’s because I cringe about who the real enemy is, not law enforcement, not the State’s Attorney, not innocent searchers who put down plants, or do posters, or tie ribbons around trees. Not anyone but the father. Murder, house whores, unsupervised kids, computer porno. It goes on and on. Let’s put this all to rest and concentrate on the real enemy.


  62. I wonder…Will the two time murderer eventually make bail ??

    I wonder…Will some “IDIOT” think they will gain something by bonding him out ?? I pray NOT.

  63. Rescue, I don’t think for one second that any blogger is privy to all that LE has. Good God, I hope there is TONS I don’t know or the State would not have a case.

    If we’ve crossed the line on what we can talk about, please be more specific.

  64. Sorry, Noway, but I was talking about how so many people take issue with different aspects of what hurts, harms or damages Drew Peterson’s kids.

    IMO, it’s not about his kids. It’s about him. His kids wouldn’t be an issue were it not for his lack of respect for the lives of their mothers.

  65. Because of their fathers arrest and they have no mothers (!!), the minor children are now under the care of Child Protective Services.

    In the first instance they usually place them with relatives as in this case with Steve Peterson, which is all these childrens adult half brother.

    This is an arrangement Drew made with Steven around eighteen months ago and was within Drews legal right to do so.

    At present there is no ground for Child Protective Services to challenge or alter that arrangement as it is still early days, but it remains to be seen if Steve Peterson can handle a house full of children on a long term basis (!!)

  66. I surely hope that they have Stacy’s cell phone records and she’s calling Drew during the time she had previously given him an alibi for. Add some icing if they have his records and it shows that his phone pinged one tower over from Stacy’s. (The houses are so close together that it is possible that they ping at the same exact tower.)

  67. Rescue, okay, I see.

    And while various things may hurt the kids to some degree, it is Drew and his actions (IMO) that have hurt them the most. As Joel once said, they are Drew’s kids and he is responsible for them. That’s a shame IMO.


  68. I bet Drew will be going nuts sitting in an area that is isolated from the other inmates. This is a guy that seems to hate being alone and loves to be the center of attention.

  69. I loved it this afternoon when Shepard Smith (I think) said something like “Drew was planning on going to the Cathouse but he ended up in the Doghouse.”

  70. rescueapet Says:

    May 8, 2009 at 6:01 pm
    OOOO, Glasgow said again, today, he is >extremely comfortable with his case.


    And when James Glasgow says something like this, you can believe him !!

    He doesn’t say something entirely different five minutes later – LOL !!

  71. noway406 Says:

    May 8, 2009 at 11:23 am
    I don’t understand Joel at all. And while I am in favor of Drew staying right where he is, shouldn’t the client be a priority?

    If Joel can’t get back from New York, then why not have other members of the defense team go?

    BTW, information from the courthouse and the jail indicated the hearing was still on, and that is when Abood talked about the “short hearing.”


    I don’t understand any of this either noway,

    Didn’t Drews “legal team” have a contingency plan of sorts, considering arrests are usually quite unexpectedly and that can’t be news to any of them either (!!)

    Why is Brodsky saying “let Drew just sit there for a couple of days, he’s a big boy he can look after himself”

    Is this “good lawyering” or just bizarre behavior ???

  72. Did Derek just release some of his taped interviews with Drew? I don’t recall ever hearing this but on NG tonight they have a clip that includes Drew’s voice saying:

    “Kathy and I for some reason were always fighting about money. And. Uh. We had money. But if I gave any money to Eric and Steve, it was like I was taking food out of her kids’ mouths and they were gonna starve. And I was just paying for my” … (they didn’t show the rest yet)”

    Had anyone ever heard that before??

  73. I haven’t heard that exact clip. Maybe the price went down and he finally got a buyer.

    So, did that clip end with “…so I killed her.” ?

  74. I’m sure that this and the statements he admitted to that he entered the house without her permission (via cutting a hole in the drywall between the garage and the house) AFTER they had separated.

  75. Man – Nancy Grace keeps calling $elig the PR guru and expert. Right!! She has no idea she is feeding his ego and he’ll cut that clip and put it on his website.

  76. I just heard another clip on CNN. You could be right TAI about him either releasing them or selling them.

    The clip I heard was about Kathleen’s sister asking him if he killed her and Drew telling her that he didn’t and that the investigation would prove it.

  77. Another new Drew commente from Derek:

    “Kathleen got wind of my relationship with Stacy and when she found out for sure, she threw me out of the house so one day she came downstairs, I was living in my basement, Pushed me, went running upstairs, got on the phone and says Drew Peterson is beating me again, called 911 and police showed up and they said it’ll be better that I would move out or leave for the time and cool down. ”

    “I didn’t leave Kathleen to be with Stacy. I left Kathleen ’cause I didn’t want to be with Kathleen no more.

    Derek: “You had already left Kathleen?”

    “That’s already… was in the works. Right.

  78. My guess is now Drew has been arrested, a lot of information will come out in the open and in particular from Derek Armstrongs side.

    Remember Drew did a lot of blabbing on the Armstrong tapes, as he would have only been too happy he finally found an ally in writing a gossipy book about Stacy and Kathleen, so he would have poured out the dirt on them, incriminating himself left right and centre while he was at it as that is what Drew does best when he thinks he is on a roll (!!)

    Since Derek Armstrong no longer appears to be in the “inner circle”, especially since he openly and in front of Drew and Joel said Drew was guilty and called him a Sociopath on the Dr. Phil Show, Derek has a goldmine of tapes he can use for when the time is right.

    From all accounts it looks like the time is right now – LOL !

  79. By the comment Drew made, when leaving the court house today, that chicks in New York pay alot for this stuff.Makes me think Joel is working on some kind of a deal in NY. A movie deal or another book.They’re up to something.

  80. Joel is on LKL via phone and whe LK asked him whate just said that his biggest problem he faces:

    “Uh, probably the negative uh, you know, con, the negative, uh, uh, uh, opinion that most people have of of uh Mr. Peterson. It’s really not the evidence. At best the state has a weak circumstantial case. At best. With questionable forensics and uh relying on uh on hearsay on a law that is probably unconstitutional so uh it’s not the legal problems that really uh er or the factual problems that concern me it’s just the negative uh connotation that people seem to have about Drew”

    (Note: I tried my best to get all the er, uh, and derrs)

    He also said that they could have scheduled the arraignment earlier but they decided that they wanted to make sure they were fully prepared to put on a full hearing to show that Drew isn’t a flight risk and that a reasonable bond should be set in the case. (Personally I’d want to have a lawyer that was good and prepared enough after 18 months of knowing this day was coming that could have given a full hearing on my behalf the day my bond hearing was initially scheduled rather than 10 days later!)

    BTW – It is funny how Joel is supposed to be staying out there in NY for his Mother’s Day vacation with his wife yet he is leaving her alone while he’s doing all these shows in person and via the phone.

  81. I was going to point out that Joel’s concern seems to mostly be caused by Drew’s and his own actions. It’s one thing to go out there to defend yourself or your client – and then there is your client trying to get in a boxing ring with Geraldo, getting engaged while your wife is stiill missing, going on TV and tugging your ear to show love for a woman (who turns out to be a man) that you only met online, trying to setup a date-with-Drew contest just after your wife goes missing, and trying to get on a reality TV show at a legal brothel in Nevada.

    I heard a commentor on a show today that said that he thinks Drew is intentionally trying to taint the jury pool in hopes that it makes it impossible to seat a jury.

  82. The Drew and Joel publicity machine would have still been in full swing when Drew so unexpectedly found himself arrested (!!).

    Drew was supposed to still fly out to Nevada to have talks with Dennis Hof and Joel would have been taking care of similar matters elsewhere to fatten their wallets, so it’s only logical Joel was on his way somewhere to conduct some kind of business on their behalf, mothers day or no mothers day with Mrs Brodsky (!!)

    I’ve always said Drew and Joel have been seperated a birth, they are as Sociopathic as each other and only time will tell who is going to be victimizing who first (!!)

    With Drew in jail and most likely lots of his funds tied up in secret accounts managed by Joel (!!), maybe Joel will ultimately have the last laugh, running off with all of Drews money in the end, but who knows !!!!!!

  83. Wouldn’t you know Derek would come creeping out of the woodwork at this point.

    And yeah, it really is shocking that Joel now needs time to “prepare” for the arraignment when Drew said that they’ve been expecting this day for 18 months.

    Did Joel really not anticipate what they might do about the issue of bail?

  84. I do give Hof credit for one thing – he is a marketing genius although I still won’t watch his show. 🙂

  85. I’m not seeing Joel Brodsky, the legal dynamo, described to me on another board, that’s for sure.

    Is he shooting for ineffective counsel before the trial begins?

  86. Drew gets the possible double bonus.

    1) Drew is hoping that since his lawyer cannot control his actions and actually throws extra fuel on the fire himself that he’ll be able to appeal any conviction due to stupid counsel.

    2) Hoping to taint the whole jury pool on the Earth and many nearby planets so they will have to hold the case on Uranus!!

  87. Well, OK I’ll grant that they probably wanted to nab Drew before he left the state (and go to the Bunny Ranch), but rumors of a Thursday arrest had been floating around for a few days. That’s why the press was camped out in front of the house all day.

    Hof does come out the winner here though. He didn’t even have to supply Drew with any “chips and dip”.

  88. Legal dynamo? LOL

    I been watching legal analysts shake their heads all day over the idiocy that Joel has shown over the last 18 months.

  89. Well, Facs, perhaps that member’s view was slanted a bit. I’m still not giving Joel credit for any intelligence. 😉

  90. thinkaboutit2 Says:

    May 8, 2009 at 8:47 pm
    I do give Hof credit for one thing – he is a marketing genius although I still won’t watch his show.


    Does his marketing genius make people want to visit a brothel who don’t normally visit a brothel ??

    He’s only preaching to the already converted, giving his chain of brothels more “exposure” (excuse the pun) than maybe his direct competitors !!

  91. I actually think the bunnies at the ranch made out the best because he didn’t get to put his chip in their dip. 🙂

  92. I’ll give Joel the “dynamo” part. He’s certainly animated. And by that I mean he moves around a lot.

  93. On GVS someone just said that Chrissy Raines is retaining a lawyer becasue they are asking her tough questions.

    I wonder if the questions are “What do you see in a guy like Drew??”

  94. TAI, 🙂

    After reading about Chrissy on her coworker’s blog, I think “What’s your name?” is a tough question for Chrissy.

    Um, well — get rid of it if you must.

  95. It would have been much more publicity for Dennis Hof if Drew got himself arrested whilst at his brothel and it would have been more fun for detectives too than nabbing Drew at a road block in Bolingbrook (!!)

  96. That was to Admin if I need to be nicer to Chrissy. But it’s sorta related to not giving credit to certain people for any intelligence. At a stretch. 😉

  97. It’s fine Noway. I was about to try to come up with a zinger myself.

    Tough questions like, “What was your thought process in moving your small children into the house of notorious murder suspect?”

  98. thinkaboutit2 Says:

    May 8, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    On GVS someone just said that Chrissy Raines is retaining a lawyer becasue they are asking her tough questions.

    I wonder if the questions are “What do you see in a guy like Drew??”


    LOL, LOL, or maybe they asked her how many children were living in the house after her two children were added (!!)

  99. JAH – I have to give her a break on the count of the kids. The whole staff that reviews facts at FoxChicago seemed to be unable to count them as well. They kept saying Drew had 4 children – Steve and 3 younger ones. They happened to miss Drew’s son who doesn’t talk to him and Kris.

  100. how about ” Chrissy, who do you think brett micheals will pick this week to rock his world”.

  101. I did see (on CLTV I think) Cass saying that she was hiring a lawyer so she could try to get visitation and ultimately custody of Stacy’s kids.

  102. Facs, the Bunnies would be disappearing, but it would be because they were hiding from Drew.

    Okay. I’m going to erase all memory of this convo from my brain and find another topic. 😀

  103. Ernie Raines is a complete and utter moron and the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, either. Like father, like daughter. Trailer park trash. I hope someone with common sense is watching over her 2 kids because neither mom or gramps between them have the IQ of a urine sample.

  104. how many bunnies does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    just ONE bunnie to hold the bulb and run in a circle as drew chases behind her.

  105. I’m beginning to think it was never Joel Brodsky’s intention to defend Drew as a lawyer, but what was in it for him as far as publicity and money as to date he has never gone beyond that !

    Especially now Drew has been arrested it is not even Joels priority to have a strategy in place and he is in New York doing whatever he is doing as far as a money making venture is concerned, but nothing whatsoever to do with Drews defense (!!)

  106. This popped up on my ISP page.

    Ill. law allowing hearsay to shape Peterson case

    By SOPHIA TAREEN and DON BABWIN Associated Press Writers The Associated Press
    Friday, May 8, 2009 7:12 PM EDT


    JOLIET, Ill. (AP) — Drew Peterson’s third wife will have a chance to “testify from the grave” under an Illinois law passed amid the media frenzy over his missing fourth wife, but some say prosecutors could be on shaky legal ground if they plan to build their murder case around that testimony. Peterson appeared in court Friday, the day after he was charged with killing Kathleen Savio, his third wife who was found dead in a dry bathtub in 2004 with a gash on the back of her head.

    Wearing a red jumpsuit, the 55-year-old Peterson showed off his handcuffed hands and told reporters: “Three squares a day and this spiffy outfit. Look at all this bling.” A judge postponed his arraignment until May 18 because no Peterson attorneys were present at the hearing.

  107. I think Buffoonsky knows his 15 minutes is up. Drew will have his own *dream team* like OJ. Publicity hungry in a big way and poor JB just cannot compete.
    Bye-bye Joel !

  108. I kind of think that Joel will stick with it. He’s invested so much time and energy into this case it would be hard to go away at this point. I think he’s a little like Drew too in that he’s hungry for attention…of any kind. I think he needs Drew for that.

  109. so since the arraignment has been postponed until May 18 does that mean Drew is just going to be made to sit in jail twiddling his thumbs for another 9 days ????

    isn’t the idea for his defense team to get someone to post bond and get him out asap ?????

    is Joel just happy to let him sit there ?????

    I don’t get it !!

  110. Who could be in NY who would put up bond for Drew in hopes of bigger payout?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I guess I’m still searching for signs of intelligence in Joel Brodsky.

  111. cbs2chicago.com/video/?id=58418@wbbm.dayport.com

    Sources saying it is increasingly likely that Drew will be indicted on Stacy’s case. The key witnesses to go before Grand Jury will be Lenny, Paula, and Tom Morphey.

  112. Yeah but there was no legal representation at all for Drew, hence the postponement for another 9 days.

    No Brodsky, no Abood, no one from the “Dream Team”

    How can that be ????

  113. If they had showed up and asked for a continuance, maybe it would have been denied.

    By having none of them show up, they were granted a longer one than they had hoped for.

    And from what Brodsky said, they need it. LOL 😀

  114. On a dumb-ass t.v. interview Drew has been flanked on either side by an attorney (Brodsky and Abood), yet during his arraignment on murder charges there is no one to be seen (!!)

    LOL, LOL !

  115. noway406 Says:

    May 8, 2009 at 11:19 pm
    Maybe a glimmer of intelligence after all? IDK


    LOL, LOL, maybe they’re thinking if they just don’t show up it will all go away !!

  116. Well, if all they were hoping for was a 1-day continuance and they got a 9-day continuance, I’d say they played it right.

    But I think there is more to it than that.

    I don’t believe they are not prepared.

    Something is going on. I’m just too dense to know what it is.

  117. Yeah, but what could it be ??

    Why would a defense attorney deliberately leave his client in prison ?

    He was pretty quick to get Drew bonded out on the weapons charge.

    I believe he even went to get the money from Steven himself.

    I give up, what is the answer noway ???

  118. Why would a defense attorney leave his client in prison?


    I hope the answer comes to me in my sleep. 😉

    $2 million is a nice chunk of change. Not easy to come by. If Joel told Drew he was working on getting that money while in NY, that would be a good reason.

    Since I think they are prepared (what kind of lawyers would not be at this point for Pete’s sake?), I don’t think the “benefit” of the extra days to prepare their case means a thing.

  119. I’d be even happier if someone just posted the benefit of leaving Drew where he is, and I don’t have to count on it coming to me in my sleep.

    Goodnight all.

  120. I was just rereading some things and let’s never forget what Derek armstrong wrote in “his” book:

    Page 286: “Peterson…who I now believe to be innocent”

    Page 261: “He strikes me as a misunderstood man, a good father, a moral enigma, but not a killer.”

  121. can anyone refer me to a good stacey peterson blog site, been searching since the findstacey site was cancelled. a blog that has more than the same 8 people, like a public site.

  122. I have suspected since the minute drewpy drawers was arrested that jb was going to abandon him. The fun part is over (ie: the galivanting around laughing it up and being a ‘celebrity’).

  123. Don’t hang me but…

    I almost feel sorry for drew because it’s pretty clear jb has abandoned him for his own interests and self-promotion.

    We all know drew is guilty and will more than likely be convicted, but I think everybody deserves a lawyer who is at least working for them and not their own self-advancement.

    (leaves room ducking for cover…..)

  124. Just saw ernie raines on Greta. What the hell is his iq? He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and had trouble stringing a sentence together. Poor greta was struggling to get anything out of him.

  125. “Uh, probably the negative uh, you know, con, the negative, uh, uh, uh, opinion that most people have of of uh Mr. Peterson. It’s really not the evidence. At best the state has a weak circumstantial case. At best. With questionable forensics and uh relying on uh on hearsay on a law that is probably unconstitutional so uh it’s not the legal problems that really uh er or the factual problems that concern me it’s just the negative uh connotation that people seem to have about Drew”


    I just noticed this piece de resistance by Brodsky – LOL !!

    Brodsky is not concerned about the legal aspect, his main concern in this murder case is the negative connotation people seem to have about Drew (!!)

    Are we supposed to look up to Drew as a role model or someone who has achieved something remarkable by becoming a murder suspect ??

    What’s wrong with Joel ??

  126. Hey aussienat, where did you find the Ernie Raines/Greta video ??

    I can’t see it anywhere …..

  127. Good Morning everyone!

    I wonder what Drew’s having for breakfast? I thought it quite ridiculous that so much has been reported about what Casey Anthony eats and buys from the commissary, but I find myself curious to know if he is enjoying Institutional Scrambled Eggs made with powdered egg. I bet the coffee is shit. 🙂

    I hadn’t noticed before that prisoners don’t wear normal shoes. Cool flipflops (what do people with two left feet wear? flipflips).

    I don’t think Joel’s abandoning Drew. This is HIS baby, his ticket to glory. Do you think bailing on the weekend in NY could have been a marital deal breaker? I also think he could well have planned to be johnny-on-the-spot for arrest interviews.

  128. aussienat Says:
    May 9, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Just saw ernie raines on Greta. What the hell is his iq? He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and had trouble stringing a sentence together. Poor greta was struggling to get anything out of him.

    I think we should rather blame the telecom connection for that. However, I must agree with you to some extent. In my opinion, he looked really tense and concerned that his daughter might have had somthing to do with Stacy’s disappearance. Her being so stuck to Drew is really suspicious and I think Ernie has enough brain to realize that. I feel really sorry for him. It must be crazy feeling to see your child is so manipulated that she cannot or doeas not want to see things as they are.

  129. Morning, Cyrhla. Thanks for the link. I think Chrissy is just not very smart and has swallowed everything Drew and Joel told her. (might be arrested, but would be bailed out in a couple of days, etc)That doesn’t mean I don’t think there’s still a possibility that Drew had indeed been messing with Chrissy for years, concurrent with his marriage to Stacy.

  130. I heard Aboob say on an interview, that he was in his car driving here, when Boobsky called him to go back home.
    Could be (since AADD is obviously present) he was not prepared for this large of a bond?
    Or, if some days go by, media whore has plenty of time to set up more interviews, and do it all over again? Also another day of video with DiP doing the perp walk at the courthouse.

    Book sales?

    Glasgow said he already agreed (on the phone with Brodsky) to continue, before they went into court yesterday. Why didn’t Reem show up?

    Every lawyer that was asked, said someone should have been in court representing the jailbird yesterday.

    Another thought. Joel did not want the spotlight on Aboob or Reem yesterday?
    Whatever it is, it is very strange.

  131. I wonder if the plan was to expect an arrest for Kathleen and not Stacy or any underlying possible charges? The rumor mills has more charges pending soon…( allegedly ) Maybe only so much bail money to go around and they are having to regroup? Maybe now that JB an co. have access to discovery, a little fishing for the truth themselves, after all maybe there is one lawyer there who said…wait a minute and let’s look? Who knows? Tiime will tell. I also wonder does this Chrissy have a Mom? If so, where is she? On, Dateline last night it seemed when you just view all the wives/girlfiends they all appear to have one thing in common: beautiful smiles…the kind that show kindness and jmo insecurity, and maybe the belief that everyones that way. That combo is open to manipulation and a target for those who is a con-artist and maybe also an abuser who sees an opportunity. In my experience ( again jmo ). They all seen different at first glance…but maybe not so much.
    Just my 2 cents ( imo )
    Thanks all for this great blog your hard work is appreciated.

  132. I watched the video of Ernie Raines on Greta’s OTR and it seemed to me that there was some sort of delay on Ernie’s feed and that would account for the cross talk and pauses.

    I’m not saying he’s the most glib nor articulate guy, but it looks like he was experiencing some techincal difficulties.

    He said some odd things tho…like “Stacy disappeared just like Kathleen did”. That just didn’t make sense.

  133. New Erika Slife story in the Trib:


    Listening to a voice long silent

    Peterson murder case hinges on words of his drowned wife

    By Erika Slife, Matthew Walberg and Jeff Coen | Tribune reporters
    May 10, 2009

    Will County State’s Atty. James Glasgow called the case against Drew Peterson the biggest of his career, one he will prosecute himself.

    But the evidence likely will be circumstantial. There are no known witnesses. And prosecutors are expected to rely on a new Illinois statute — one that Glasgow sought for months and that some call Drew’s Law — to allow Peterson’s slain ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, to “testify from beyond the grave.”

    Peterson’s defense team has vowed to challenge the law — which would allow a judge to admit certain hearsay evidence into court — as unconstitutional.

    “They’ve got problems,” said Peterson attorney Andrew Abood. “You don’t do 18 months of a grand jury investigation with a strong case. They’re going to have problems with cause of death, as well as who done it.”…

  134. Rumor mill from Michael Sneed. What does she mean by assistant? And what does it mean that a lawyer would choose to hit the media circuit rather than be accessible to a client at the time of his arrest?

    Hmmm. Rumorville: Was it no accident Drew Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, was heading out of town when his client was arrested Thursday?

    • • Hmmm. Hmmm. Could it be that Brodsky, ever the media hound, had an inkling of Peterson’s arrest and was heading to New York in order to hit the Friday morning talk shows? Brodsky conveniently had an assistant in place to field media questions.

  135. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/08/drew-petersons-attorneys_n_200131.html

    …Peterson’s publicist, Glenn Selig, defended his client on MSNBC, saying that “just because a person is quirky, doesn’t mean that they’re guilty.” Pressed by anchor Contessa Brewer, Selig attributed Peterson’s out-of-context behavior to the former cop’s penchant for gallows humor.

    “If he’s guilty of anything,” Selig said, “It’s just maybe inappropriate behavior in some circumstances.”

    Asked if Selig would accept Peterson as a client if he came to him now, after being charged with murder, Selig, who also represents former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, filibustered with a reminder that “just because someone looks guilty doesn’t make them guilty.”…

  136. Reports are that Mark Fuhrman is in Bolingbrook this morning, maybe taping for a Geraldo segment.

    I just love to hear anything Geraldo has to say about Drew. It may not be the fairest or most balanced perspective, but I’ll admit it warms my heart when he does it. 🙂

  137. Anyway, Kathleen expected blah$ baitl. But, Stacy not…and what about insurance fraud…witness tampering…hhmmm…lots of bail $
    That the suspect may not have been ready for…or, his Lawyers.

    But, for me Hearsay is not the “end word” What about the tub, nightstand…phone records…never reviewed the night Kathleen was killedm Stacy did call…over and over…jmo

  138. …and then Glasgow has lots of “discovery”…Drew has big concerns right now…maybe a ton of evidence…LOTS of charges and just so much bail $. imo

  139. So blah and blah to the Drew crew…Can’t wait for the discovery of evidence we don’t know. about..pages and pages of it.

    Peace and Justice for the Savios…Cales and family…and those kids.

    “h, and about the fair trial blah and blah…Oj got his in CA…then there’s Spector…Gacy and blah and blah…Will county got it. imo

  140. I think the hearsay aspect could end up going all the way to supreme court, if they do go that route.

    On the other hand, Illinois is not the only state to have this law. I wonder how many times “forfeiture by wrongdoing” exception has been successfully used.

    To me, and JMO, a lot of people who don’t like the law don’t really understand its limitations. You can’t just drag in any hearsay.

  141. Exactly. The judge will decide if it has merit and reliable enough to hear. Blobsky and Aboob misrepresent it any chance they get.

  142. One can only hope that “Abored and Blah, and Blah and Blahbski are butting heads with the discovery…even Defence lawyers really want the 411.
    Sit Drew sit….
    …enjoy the bling.

  143. Drew and his attorney said they were expecting that months ago. It will be a different story to get a conviction on that case though.

  144. Someone tells me they emailed Karen Conti directly about the mock trial and Karen responded:

    We are going to announce the mock event very soon. I believe that the date is May 28 and it will be held at Kent Law School in the loop. I am trying to get WGN to update our site and hopefully, we will post the event there once it is definitively scheduled. Fascinating case!

    Thanks for your interest.


  145. Heh, for the first time I looked at the header graphic on the blog and the smiling faces of Stacy and Kathleen did not make me sad. 🙂

  146. facsmiley, Joel (and Drew) said last year that they were expecting this arrest last year.

  147. Hi everyone. I have been following this blog for a while. I am so happy to see that justice is finally coming. This blog has been a great source of information. I still pray that they find Stacy.

  148. MFM, apparently they’ve been expecting it for 18 months!

    With all that time for preparation, they should have spent a little time planning how they were going to handle bonding him out.

  149. Thank you cyrhla,

    Tragic pictures of the children, especially the one of Kris looking through the blinds and little Anthony holding his Dads hand !

    Christina’s actions are those of a teenager, knowing everything better, everyone else is wrong and steadfastedly clinging to someone that’s no good for her !

    Someone needs to ask her how she thinks she was going to get married to a guy who isn’t divorced yet !!

    Lots of erroneous interpretations of the hearsay law too, it does not include innuendo, gossip, “he said, she said” type statements as Abood/Brodsky and some legal experts wants everyone to believe.

  150. The nice thing is that now justice has a chance to play out as it should – in a courtroom. Hopefully we can be done with Brodsky’s attempt to win his case through the media with public trash-talk.

    Of course, if Joel’s true agenda is to get camera time and attention for himself, we’ll continue to see him on the morning news and talk shows…

  151. The picture of Christina I thinks eerily looks like Stacy. I think the picture of Kris is very sad, how much turmoil those young kids have been through in their short lives.

    I also must say I think it is strange that the press was camped out expecting things to happen all day, yet Joel continues his plans to go to New York. Something is definitely off on that. Even if nothing happened, Joel should have been on high alert for his client that he has paraded all over. Maybe the chicken wing business was what was going to be put down bail and thats why the high promotion and soul selling.

  152. ok…after Kathleen, Stacy was a teenager…when I saw her on Dateline getting ready to marry Drew…I cringed. Then there’s Chrissy yelling at the paps to get away yesterday when she was leaving Drews house again. Again 2 women, no Mother…ton’s of beautiful smiles….Chrissy is a victim of a repeat wife killer…he was going to the only State in the USA that would grant him a divorce based on being a resident…a working resident…Chrissy…you get to live…lucky you!

  153. No matter how it went down, it’s kind of hard to understand why Brodsky didn’t drop everything to get back to town for his most important, highest profile client. He’s joking about bling while his teen is wondering, out loud, what is going to happen to him and his siblings. That’s his idea of preparing his children?

    I am glad, too, that it’s finally going to be resolved in a courtroom instead of the media, as it has for all these long months. If he’s acquitted, then so be it. If not, then our armchair lawyering was good, I guess.

    The thing is, though, we still can blog dislike, distrust, and whatever else we feel about DP and his lawyer all we want. We aren’t the ones that hold his fate in our hands. So, I suppose Brodsky’s media defense isn’t going to mean much either. That is, of course, unless it’s all used to bite him and his client in their butts.

  154. Tonight on MSNBC cable, showing a documentary on Peterson, called Deadly suspicion, seven o’clock chicago time.

  155. I wonder if Drew and Joel were really that arrogant to think Drew would never be arrested (!) and therefore weren’t prepared for anything ????????

    In the interview with Greta, Ernie Raines also mentioned he told Drew there were rumors he was going to be arrested and Drew stated he would NEVER, EVER be arrested (!)

  156. Facs – Very interesting idea from Sneed that Brodsky intentionally went to NY to be ready to quickly hit the national media circut.

    I was going to say that it is amazing that Joel literally ran to the Mancow show when he heard Drew on it and Jeff Goldblatt was calling in.

    Maybe he just ran there because he was mad Drew was on the show without him being able to get media exposure too.

    I still can’t see Drew being OK with sitting in jail for 10 days instead of just overnight.

  157. I saw the Deadly Suspicions MSNBC show this morning. It was OK – not anything new though that I can recall.

  158. facs, I also think the hearsay aspect will go all the way to the Supreme court if it is used to convict Drew, and I hope that they have a whole lot more than that because I fear the hearsay law will not hold up. that would be TERRIBLE all the way around.

    While I want to see Drew face justice and rightfully convicted, I don’t want to see him skate because of “hearsay”. I realize all the restrictions with the law but I do not believe any kind of “hearsay” used in trial is constitutional and that will give Drew the ability to appeal and have his conviction overturned.

    I just hope and pray they have a lot more than that.

    –facsmiley Says:
    May 9, 2009 at 2:16 pm
    I think the hearsay aspect could end up going all the way to supreme court, if they do go that route.

    On the other hand, Illinois is not the only state to have this law. I wonder how many times “forfeiture by wrongdoing” exception has been successfully used.

    To me, and JMO, a lot of people who don’t like the law don’t really understand its limitations. You can’t just drag in any hearsay.–

  159. (snipped) facsmiley Says:
    May 9, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Rumor mill from Michael Sneed. What does she mean by assistant?

    Was Mrs. B. making herself useful and playing the part of assistant?

  160. I was entertained in a very juvenile way just now hearing Geraldo ask Ernie Raines, “Is your daughter mentally deficient in some way? Is she hard of hearing or blind?” and then Ernie called Drew a “Piece of shit” and it was not bleeped. 🙂

  161. Facs, I had just turned to Geraldo for a second, and didn’t know who he was directing that question to! I missed the response because of a phone call.

  162. facsmiley, I cannot figure out how to quote on here (can you give me some pointers please?), but you asked about Sneed’s comment regarding Brodsky’s “assistant.”

    I believe that Sneed was referring to Abood, since he is the one who was responding to media questions.

    Not sure, that is just my take on what she said.

  163. Hi Myabelle. That may be but Abood wasn’t in town either. He was in Michigan. i wondered if he was talking about Selig…or his wife even (as Noway mentioned)

    At the end of the post there is a list of the HTML tags that can be used in comments.

    I use the <blockqoute> tag to quote. I think you can use <cite> tags as well

  164. http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/05/kathleen-savios-mother-speaks-about-peterson.html

    Kathleen Savio’s mother speaks about Peterson

    May 9, 2009 10:40 PM

    As the Drew Peterson saga again plays out on a national stage, Kathleen Savio’s parents sought comfort the only place they could find it: beside their daughter’s grave in Hillside.

    Last week, Marcia Savio, Kathleen’s stepmother, brought flowers to Kathleen’s grave in advance of Mother’s Day and kissed the headstone four times — once for her, once for Kathleen’s father, Henry, and once each for the slain woman’s two children.

    Then, before leaving, she said softly, “Let’s go get him.”

    Marcia Savio was talking about Peterson, whom Illinois State Police would arrest just days later on charges alleging that he murdered Kathleen Savio, his third wife, in 2004.

    On Friday, while Peterson mugged for the cameras and joked with reporters during his first court appearance in Joliet, Marcia Savio again retreated to her daughter’s grave to share the news.

    “We’re so happy he was arrested, but we know there’s a long way to go,” Marcia Savio told the Tribune on Friday in a rare interview. “Something good needs to come of this. No one should have to live with fear the way Kathleen did.”

    Henry J. Savio declined to be interviewed. Marcia Savio, who’s been married to him for more than 30 years, said the five years since Kathleen’s murder have been hard on him.

    “He’s very hurt by a lot of what he sees and reads,” Marcia Savio said of her husband. “What [Peterson] did to [Kathleen] was bad enough. Why does he have to act like that?”

    The Savios did not attend Friday’s hearing and aren’t sure if they’ll attend future court proceedings unless they’re called to testify.

    The Stone Park couple are content to remain out of the spotlight while other family members, including Kathleen’s brother, sister, niece and nephew, speak freely about the case and their memories of her.

    That continued Friday night when all four appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” along with an attorney who is representing the Savio family in a wrongful-death case against Peterson.

    Family and friends have said Peterson and Kathleen Savio, whom many called “Kitty,” began dating while the former Bolingbrook police sergeant was still married to his second wife.

    They wed in 1992 and had two boys. The couple was working on a divorce settlement in 2004 when Savio was found dead in a dry bathtub, a death initially ruled an accident.

    Marcia Savio said she and her husband didn’t care much for Peterson while he and Kathleen were together, and they and other family members have said they suspected abuse.

    “Kitty was a proud young lady,” Marcia Savio said. “In a lot of cases where women are being abused, they simply don’t talk about it. And they don’t take action because they believe things will get better.”

    –Joel Hood

  165. I know people were asking about Thomas and where he was:


    Peterson’s oldest son, Stephen, is caring for some of Peterson’s four children. The defendant’s older son with Savio, Thomas, is staying with a friend in the neighborhood.

    James Mitchem said Peterson’s teenage sons, close friends with his children, are welcome to stay with his family as long as they want.

    “They’re like family, so I’m going to take care of them as such, for as long as necessary,” said Mitchem, principal at Bolingbrook High School. “We’re willing to do whatever it takes for the kids to lead as normal a life as possible.”

  166. The case against Drew Peterson: Testimony from ‘beyond the grave’
    STRATEGY | Prosecutors plan to use ‘hearsay’ statements from murdered wife

    May 9, 2009

    BY DAN ROZEK AND KARA SPAK Staff Reporters

    Crucial evidence against Drew Peterson when he stands trial for the murder of third wife Kathleen Savio could come from Savio herself — and possibly even from Peterson’s still-missing fourth wife, Stacy.

    Will County prosecutors plan to use statements Savio purportedly made to relatives and others about threats from Peterson to bolster their allegations that the former Bolingbrook police officer drowned her in a bathtub in 2004.

    A new state law enacted last year with the support of Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow makes it easier to use “hearsay” statements from victims who were allegedly killed to prevent them from testifying against their attackers.

    “You’re letting someone testify from beyond the grave,” Glasgow said of the law enacted last November, which was referred to informally in Springfield as the “Drew Peterson bill” because of its ties to the high-profile case.

    The statements of Savio and Stacy Peterson may be critical — though some legal experts question the constitutionality of the new law — because authorities apparently have little physical or forensic evidence tying Peterson to his third wife’s death.

    There are no signs of forced entry to the Bolingbrook home where Savio died; her death originally was ruled an accident, not a murder, and defense attorneys have hinted that a teenage son of Savio and Peterson will provide an alibi for him.

    Peterson was returning the couple’s two sons to Savio on March 1, 2004, when she was discovered dead in an empty tub, her hair streaked with blood from a cut. Investigators initially concluded she had bumped her head and drowned before the water drained from the tub.

    After Stacy Peterson vanished in October 2007, investigators reopened Savio’s case. Citing a second autopsy done after her body was exhumed, they ultimately concluded she had been murdered.

    Among the steps State Police investigators took during that probe was to yank the bathtub from the house for analysis. It is expected to be shown to jurors who hear the case.

    In announcing the murder charges against Drew Peterson, Glasgow acknowledged that prosecutors plan to introduce as evidence statements made by Savio in the months before she was slain.

    Savio told relatives she feared Peterson because of threats he allegedly had made against her. The couple had recently divorced, though they had yet to formally divide their financial assets.

    “The court can allow those statements in at trial,” Glasgow contends.

    Even statements allegedly made by Stacy Peterson to her church pastor in the weeks before she disappeared could be used against Peterson during the trial of his third wife, authorities said.

    A suburban minister has claimed that before she vanished, Stacy Peterson confided to him during counseling sessions that Drew Peterson had admitted to her that he had killed Savio.

    A spokesman for Glasgow wouldn’t comment on those statements, but another suburban prosecutor who backed the change in state law said he thinks Stacy Peterson’s comments to her pastor would be allowed as evidence at Drew Peterson’s trial under the new law.

    “The pastor’s testimony should come in unfettered,” said DuPage County State’s Attorney Joseph Birkett.

    The law faces serious constitutional questions, some legal experts said. A similar federal law was struck down last year. The state law could face the same fate because it appears to unfairly limit a defendant’s right to cross-examine an accuser, DePaul University law Professor Leonard Cavise said.

    “It should fall flat on its face,” he said.

    Drew Peterson’s attorneys have publicly cited evidence that is generally inadmissible in court: polygraph tests.

    In television interviews Friday, defense attorney Joel Brodsky repeatedly claimed Peterson’s innocence by noting that he passed a lie detector test when questioned on the details of Savio’s suspicious death.

    “He passed that polygraph exam 100 percent,” Brodsky said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    Glasgow plans to be part of the legal team prosecuting Peterson and said he is optimistic about its outcome.

    “We’re very confident in our case,” Glasgow said.
    Related Blog Posts
    Drew Peterson Charged with Murder of Kathleen Savio

  167. Joel must think everyone is stupid. I think even casual observers via main news stories would remember what Joel “really” thinks of polygraph tests. Gee, do you think he has any true views or principles?

    I agree with Facs very definitely that the “forfeiture by wrongdoing” is not so much a problem. I can’t say I’ve got my head entirely wrapped around all the conditions, but it makes logical, just sense for such provision to exist. Many, many lawyers and legislators must have already won the argument in dozens of arenas for the law to exist. (anyone know which States have similar?) It was passed unanimously by the Illinois legislative houses, wasn’t it?

    Isn’t part of the point to make it more difficult to escape from justice by murdering or otherwise silencing victims and witnesses?

  168. I was just wondering what kind of scope Droopy will have to indulge his taste for sadistic fun all alone in a cell.

  169. Oh well, this case should be a piece of cake for the Defense Team then:

    1) the hearsay law is unfairly targeting Drew (!)

    2) the first autopsy was better because it was fresh

    3) Drew already partly passed a polygraph test

    4)16 year old Thomas’s watertight alibi for his Dad

    5)Christina’s expert and indept opinion “Drew would never hurt anyone”

    and let’s not forget the Defense Team wants the Judge and Jury to know the chicken wings are better at Joel Brodsky’s Bar & Grill !

  170. I watched reruns of LKL & Nancy Grace last night and paid very close attention to Drews body language while he spoke in response to ?’s and comments from the hosts. I was unable to see the origional broadcasts & clips from earlier inverviews, so this was the first time for me. My observations:

    he makes the skin crawl even from the safety and security of my TV and living room. My intuition and internal warning sirens were screaming that this man would kill and not think twice about it. Soulless eyes like that of a shark, devoid of humanity. I watched very closely and noted that the only glimpse of emotion was irritation that he was not able to get on with his life like he had planned, that the lives of Kathleen and Stacy and their loved ones were of no significence. The lies flowed like wine; I stopped keeping track. A boldfaced pathological liar and with icewater in his veins.
    I cannot even imagine what life has been like for the children.

  171. http://www.eagletribune.com/punewshh/local_story_130002654.html

    Letters left by abused woman foretold her death at husband’s hands
    ‘If something happens to me …’

    By Mike LaBella

    “If something happens to me within the next 7 days, please make sure you look into my death. My husband has threatened me with a gun on several occasions, even pointing it at me in front of our children.”‘

    That is how a letter written by Ellen Abruzzese begins. It is dated Sept. 17, 2007, and was discovered in her car after the Haverhill High graduate was shot to death last month by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself, police said.

    For years, relatives and friends of Abruzzese had their suspicions about her husband. He allowed her little contact with them after the Abruzzeses and their children moved to Virginia in 1998. They suspected he listened in on her phone calls.

    Police discovered he installed an elaborate device that secretly videotaped her activities in their home when he was not there. He berated their children one moment and lavished gifts on them the next.

    He kept guns in their home.

    The worst fears of Ellen Abruzzese’s relatives and friends became reality on April 20, when her husband took both of their lives…

  172. Some very interesting reading:

    May 10, 2009
    By BRIAN STANLEY bstanley@scn1.com

    BOLINGBROOK — Before being arrested on murder charges Thursday, Drew Peterson was followed by state police throughout the day.

    Sources say investigators decided Wednesday evening the retired Bolingbrook police sergeant would be taken into custody the following afternoon near his home at 6 Pheasant Chase Court. Peterson is accused of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, by drowning her in Feb. 2004.

    The 40-year-old woman’s death was ruled accidental, but reclassified as a homicide in the wake of the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, in October 2007.

    Timing of arrest
    Two detectives said prosecutors had initially given police the go ahead to arrest Peterson in October 2008, but reconsidered a few hours later.

    “We could’ve moved (on this) last fall, but we wanted to build a stronger case,” an investigator said.

    Potential questions raised by timing the arrest of a high-profile suspect two weeks before Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow was up for re-election were also a factor.

    “People put their heads together and decided it was better to wait,” the investigator said, making reference to two other busts that received extensive media coverage amid allegations of political grandstanding.

    In 2004, police arrested Kevin Fox for the murder of his 3-year-old daughter, Riley, the week before Glasgow’s predecessor Jeff Tomczak, ran against him. In 2006, several area hotels were raided for allegedly stealing guests’ credit card information four days before Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas was elected to a second term. Both cases later unraveled after further investigation.

    Police and media
    Since his fourth wife’s disappearance, Drew Peterson has consistently been under intense police and media scrutiny, so he may not have thought the heavy presence of both in Bolingbrook on Thursday meant his arrest was imminent.

    “While he was taking his kid to school, he (went) up to one of the undercover vans and said ‘You look interesting’ to the guys inside,” an investigator said.

    But the quick-thinking agents reportedly allayed the former undercover narcotics agent’s suspicions with a perfectly plausible cover story.

    “They said ‘Yeah. We’re with an (out-of-area newspaper) and asked if he’d be willing to get in the van for an interview. He said no.”

    Peterson was also under intense surveillance around 1 p.m. when he rode his motorcycle to Home Depot and Meijer in Bolingbrook, but was allowed to return home.

    One report indicated authorities delayed picking up Peterson after they suddenly learned both of the judges who could sign off on the arrest warrant were out of town.

    “There were some administrative concerns with the warrant being issued,” another source admitted.

    Judge Daniel Rozak issued the warrant on first-degree murder charges with the $20 million bond Glasgow requested.

    Drew in custody
    After walking to pick up his youngest son at school, Peterson returned to his house until around 5:30 p.m. when his 16-year-old son returned in the family’s Pontiac Grand Prix.

    Peterson drove off in the car by himself, but was stopped after driving just over a half-mile when officers in a red SUV cut him off near the intersection of Lily Cache Lane and Weber Road.

    Peterson was handcuffed and placed inside the agent’s vehicle which brought him to District 5 state police headquarters in Lockport. After questioning, he was booked into the county jail in downtown Joliet, where he will remain at least until his arraignment on May 18. Peterson could then be released if he’s able to raise the $2 million to cover ten-percent of his bond.

    Investigators say neither the release of stolen documents about the case to the media last week nor Peterson’s planned trip to Reno, Nev., this weekend for a job interview affected the timetable for his arrest.

    “Those were not the reasons why we moved in on him Thursday,” an officer said.

    Detectives are also confident the charges against Peterson will not be easily struck down, referring to recent legislation that allows hearsay evidence to be admitted in first-degree murder cases if prosecutors can prove the defendant killed a witness to prevent them from testifying. Reports indicated hearsay evidence could be used against Peterson, but the legality of the new law is almost certain to be challenged.

    “That’s not (the basis for) our case,” an investigator said. “There’s more than hearsay.”


  173. Ooohh. Thanks Rescue! Interesting details! Thank you for the Mothers’ Day greeting…back at you and everyone else! 🙂

  174. I don’t think this was posted here yet.


    This is a rush transcript from “On the Record,” May 8, 2009. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Michael Baden joins us.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Baden, upon examining the remains of Kathleen Savio, what was it that led to your conclusion that this was not an accident but a homicide?

    BADEN: Well, examining the remains confirmed that she had died of drowning, as the first autopsy said. But it also confirmed that she’d been beaten up. She had bruises, black and blue marks, on both sides of the body, right side, left side, chest, abdomen, thighs. She had a laceration on the top of the head. That couldn’t happen in an accidental fall. So I think that clearly would have — should have made it a homicide three-and- a-half years earlier, when the death had occurred.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Is there any way to determine whether those bruises, though, were at a time concurrent to the drowning, that they had not occurred — had occurred at, you know, a much earlier date?

    BADEN: Yes, from the color, appearance, and from the microscopic evaluation, it was clear that these were fresh bruisings that happened around the time of death.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Are those bruisings, the black — the back and side, both sides, the chest — were those present in the written report from autopsy number one that you did not perform but that was the first one done three years ago, or four years ago?

    BADEN: Yes, Greta. In fact, when you looked at it, before we did the re-autopsy — before I did the re-autopsy, you were concerned because there was a laceration, a bleeding laceration on the head, as well as black and blue marks on both sides of the body. We found a few more black and blue marks three-and-a-half years later. But there were enough initially to indicate that this could not have happened in an accidental fall. And the autopsy showed she was healthy. She didn’t use drugs. And that normal, healthy people just don’t die in bathtubs at home.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Was there anything — were her hands in enough of a good enough condition so you could see whether there’d been a struggle?

    BADEN: No. At the time of the autopsy, the trunk and the abdomen were in good conditions. The hands had decomposed considerably over the three-and-a-half years. But at the initial examination, the hands were described and there was some bruising on some of the fingers.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Baden, thank you, sir.

    BADEN: Thank you, Greta.

  175. “Investigators say neither the release of stolen documents about the case to the media last week nor Peterson’s planned trip to Reno, Nev., this weekend for a job interview affected the timetable for his arrest.

    “Those were not the reasons why we moved in on him Thursday,
    ” an officer said.”

    Someone needs to tell Hof this. 🙂

  176. There’s a transcript of Greta’s interview with Ernie Raines, but it’s not really worth copying the whole thing here:


    VAN SUSTEREN: The reporter we just had on said that your daughter’s being questioned by law enforcement and may hire a lawyer. What kind of questions are they asking her?

    RAINES: I don’t know, but I’m taking care of that. I’m getting her a lawyer.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Why does she need a lawyer?

    RAINES: Because — well, they first got her, and then she called me. And then I talked to her again last night at about 1:00 o’clock. She said they won’t leave her alone. And I told her, Well, the reason being is you move out, you go back, move in, go back. Now they’re thinking that maybe you know something. And you know, that’s why they’re going to be on you. So we’ll have to take care of that.

  177. I must say, though, that Geraldo was a little stark, asking Ernie Raines if, shall we say, his daughter had some underlying mental or physical disadvantage so as to be with the likes of Drew Peterson. Not that I am criticizing him for saying it, just that it was kind of shocking to finally hear someone question Christina’s competence for being with him. I feel the same way and would ask the same questions.

    Could it be that, financially, they worked something out so she thought it was a financial breakthrough for her to live with him, take care of his children and his sexual needs? (Oh, the thought!)

    It is hard to grasp why, knowing what Raines knows, she would put herself in harm’s way, and drag her young children into it with her.

    I guess there might always be a positive reason for her chaotic behavior. Maybe she was using her powers for good, heh?

  178. At first I thought Geraldo was asking Ernie if he had some mental deficiency.

    I thought he made up for the remark to some extent when he agreed with Ernie in his assessment of the Defendant (can we call him that yet?).

  179. Saw this on a forum and thought it was interesting:

    “MSNBC just reported that Drew Peterson is in solitary confinement in the medical unit where they take people who are suicidal. BUT….he’s NOT suicidal they just want to make sure he is in deep solitary confinement since he’s an ex-cop and they want to make sure he will be completely away from the general population.”

  180. I certainly don’t know if the bond will be reduced enough for Peterson to be able to bond out. What I am wondering is if, should the SA decide to proceed with charging Peterson in the disappearance/murder of Stacy, they’d again ask for such a high bond, or he’d automatically get no bond, based on the charges pending in Kathleen’s case.

    I also wonder how much will be divulged, and when, as to who is responsible for the mess that has to now be unraveled in the initial KS investigation, and if charges will be forthcoming, if necessary, against anyone involved in that.

    In other words, what the hell happened the first time? Who, what and why?

  181. Facs @ 11:52. I don’t know, he’s got a whole lot of problems coming at him, and it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if he was having suicidal thoughts. He wasn’t functioning on a stable, mental level to begin with all these months. That, and he is just one evil, cold-hearted individual.

  182. I hope Drew has a quiet day in solitary confinement. I hope he knows that it’s Mother’s Day and I hope he spends some time thinking about how his kids are feeling today.

    He’s got more than a week to wait before he’s even arraigned. Just sitting alone with his thoughts.

    Anyone know what kind of phone access someone in his position would have?

  183. Happy Mothers Day to all

    If the suspect is looking at murder charges for Kathleen, he is also looking at insurance fraud charges imo. Then there is the rumor ville ( that I guess gos as high as Sneed ) more charges pending…Stacy? The creep doesn’t have enough $ for bail on multiple charges…lol.

    Happy Mothers Day Kathleen, RIP and to Stacy as well…your day is coming.

    Once again if anyone knows, Where is Chrisseys Mom? Ernie is getting on my last nerve! Bet she’s been out of Chrisseys life a long time…like Stacys. Excuse my spelling errors…no spell check on Blackberry. UGH! Makes me sick!

  184. Msbloggess, I’d have to check the facts, but IIRC Chrissy’s kids have stayed with her mom at times over the last few months.

    I’ll see if I can find something about it.

  185. Msbloggess: I am not clear on how Chrissy’s mother factors into her life these past months/years, but when she first moved in with DP, it was reported that she was fine with it all. Really. Imagine that.

  186. From the February interview Chrissy and Drew did with Mancow:

    CASSIDY: Where are your kids right now, Chrissy?

    RAINES: With their grandmother.

  187. Everything this monster has done prior to Kathleen’s murder and until the moment of his arrest this past week needs to be closely examined. No stone left unturned; not the smallest grain of sand. The enablers need to be held accountable: the dufus states attorney who ignored Kathleens pleas needs to be disbarred for incompetence. Those who *witnessed* the fake planted will also need to be held accountable. Every stinking one of them !
    God bless everyone here who stands for truth and justice.

  188. This, of course, comes from Armstrong, who toots his horn whenever he has a chance to generate interest in his book. But this is how it was reported in the Sun Times.

    In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Raines’ father said that he knows there isn’t much he can to do to control his daughter’s decisions, even if he doesn’t approve.

    “I don’t like the fact that she’s with him, but what can I do?” Raines told the paper. “This is not right, but my hands are tied.”

    “She said, ‘I’m all right, dad. I’m fine,'” Raines said of the few conversations he’s had with his daughter since she moved in with Peterson.

    Authorities also said that they received a call last week from Raines’ children’s birth father, Tony Yauk, who wanted information on how to obtain custody of his children after he learned the kids were living with Peterson, according to Teppel.

    But Raines’ mother, whose name is unknown, is not as concerned about her daughter’s looming engagement, according to Derek Armstrong, author of “Drew Peterson Exposed” and a reporter who has followed the Peterson case for more than a year and who first broke the news of Peterson’s December engagement.

    “There have been two different reactions to [Raines] moving in,” said Armstrong. “The mother actually went over to the Peterson home Sunday and seems to approve.”

    “It was their first cordial meeting after [her daughter] had moved in,” said Armstrong, who said that Raines’ parents are separated.

  189. Saw this article posted about Drew’s living conditions now. No mention of phone privileges.


    May 8, 2009

    By BRIAN STANLEY bstanley@scn1.com
    JOLIET — Drew Peterson is being kept in the medical unit as he is held on murder charges at the county jail.
    “It’s the best place to isolate him,” a jail official said.

    Correctional officers said the most notorious inmate had been moved several times since arriving Thursday night.
    Behind the clear door of his 6-by-9-foot cell, Peterson has a bed, toilet, sink and shower.

    Like the other cells designed to hold individual inmates, Peterson’s faces a central open area where guards monitor activity in the housing unit from a raised command bridge. The medical unit is part of the $70 million expansion and improvement project at the facility that was dedicated Tuesday.

    The lighting in the center of the medical unit is kept at a significantly lower level than in the cells.
    “Inside it’s like a mirror. You can’t really see what’s going on out here. You can just look at yourself,” a jail official said.

    Per jail policy, all cells in the medical unit are checked on by a guard every half-hour. Inmates who are to be kept “under close supervision” are looked in on every 15 minutes and those on suicide watch are checked every 10 minutes.

    Life inside
    By 11:40 a.m. Friday, Peterson was already dressed in the red coveralls he wore to his afternoon court appearance.
    Two guards stood outside the door of the unit’s video communication station where the former Bolingbrook police officer nodded as he spoke with his lawyer.

    If he remains in custody after he is arraigned, Peterson will be allowed to arrange for two 30-minute visits each week by family or friends.

    Peterson was returned to his cell to have lunch before he was transported to the courthouse Friday. He was offered the standard fare: a salad, a bag of Cheetos and yogurt.
    Peterson is allowed out of the cell for one and a half hours each day. Though he will not interact with other inmates, he could look through the small shelf of lawbooks available in the unit or use a computer for legal research. The computer does not have Internet access.

  190. Thank you Facs and RAP…She’s ok with it? Enough said…and it explaines a lot. Hope the suspect boody is hit with so many charges he runs out of money! jmo

  191. Hmm. On GMA, Joel says his reason for believing Drew is not guilty was the polygraph that Drew took for DA’s book?

    Joel must have forgotten what he’d previously stated on that same polygraph.

    Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky said he doesn’t like lie detector tests.

    “I don’t think they’re reliable,” he said. “I advised him not to take one.” Brodsky said he doesn’t know what conclusions, if any, can be drawn from this polygraph.


  192. OMG! He makes me sick!
    I hope when amd if he makes Bail…he gets hit with more charges and charges and…Blahbsky, good friggen luck, because you and your client are screwed. JMO…

  193. Noway, thank you for putting that exact quote here again. I think it should be a reminder of how many off-the-wall remarks Boobsky is making now, as compared to when he spoke as any defense lawyer would when it comes to lie detector tests.

    Are we to forget that other questions were not answered truthfully, though?

    I haven’t looked lately at how the questions were phrased, but, I’m sure, they’re open to interpretation. After all, they weren’t questions agreed to by both sides. They were one-sided, carefully developed and scripted questions asked by his personal lawyer and his book author.

    I don’t want to see anymore of Boobsky’s one-sided folderal. The facts, the evidence, and the defense. That’s all that matters. Not the blubbering babble that calls itself Brodsky.

  194. Maybe Joel is feeling that his connection to this case is about to end. He’s not qualified to be first chair on a capital murder case is he?

    😀 @ blubbering babble that calls itself Brodsky.

  195. From Publicity Agency Twitter:

    PublicityAgency Glenn Selig: Plane has landed. Spoke with Brodsky. He will be heading to lower level…
    less than 20 seconds ago from txt

    PublicityAgency…I advised him several crews are running late due to traffic.
    9 minutes ago from txt

    PublicityAgency Advisory: Joel Brodsky newsr: o’hare, lower level baggage claim, terminal 1-united…
    about 1 hour ago from txt

  196. So…if you are really burning up to talk to Joel Brodsky, get yer butt on over to the baggage claim! LOL

  197. Levi Page show tonight:


    Call-in Number: (347) 838-9781
    Upcoming Show: 5/10/2009 9:00 PM

    Bombshell Drew Peterson arrested for the murder of Kathleen Savio! Case will turn on Illinois’ new law permitting hearsay statements of murder victims. Savio told her sister if anything happened to her, Drew killed her. Eerily, Stacy Peterson told her sister the same thing prior to her disappearance. Will charges for Stacy’s murder be next? Tune in for all the latest with domestic violence advocate Susan Murphy-Milano, crime analyst and director of the cold case squad at Pine Lake Police Department Sheryl McCollum and homicide prosecutor Donna Pendergast.

  198. While it would be great to see Drew charged with multuple murders, it would be much safer to stick with the Savio prosecution only. If the hearsay bill is challeneged and overturned, THEN will be the time to charge him with Stacy’s murder, if applicable, but not before – too much risk.

  199. Oh man…we heard about this going on back in December and I thought perhaps he had it sorted by now.

    Apparently not…


    Kunati Books neglecting its authors
    May 5, 2009 | 7:11 PM | By Scott MacDonald

    The three-year-old Kunati Books – an Ontario-based company that won acclaim in 2007 as ForeWord Magazine’s Publisher of the Year – has not been paying its authors. Furthermore, publisher Derek Armstrong – who operates the company out of a picturesque horse farm in Shelburne – has been unresponsive to authors’ phone calls and e-mails, and has failed to provide the financial statements due them.

    According to several Kunati authors contacted by Q&Q Omni, no one in the Kunati stable – which includes more than 20 authors – has been paid in the last nine months…

    According to the Kunati authors we spoke with, however, the house reserves most of its marketing and promotional efforts for Armstrong’s titles alone. “I spent over $6,000 of my own money [on promotion] in the last year,” one author told us, “including paying for my own press releases and buying all of my own review copies…. Kunati did nothing to support my efforts, because Kunati does nothing to support anyone but Derek Armstrong.

  200. regarding my post above, unless of course, Stacy’s remains are found… that’s a different ball game entirely.

  201. “While it would be great to see Drew charged with multuple murders, it would be much safer to stick with the Savio prosecution only. If the hearsay bill is challeneged and overturned, THEN will be the time to charge him with Stacy’s murder, if applicable, but not before – too much risk.”

    I don’t follow. What’s the risk? The charges would be separate.

  202. A nice blog post outing Derek’s failed empire:


    If a publisher has ulterior motives, they’re going to be unearthed at some point, and it’s going to get very ugly very fast. I’ve seen a few publishers whose expanding lineup was nothing more than a false front, designed to conceal the fact that they wanted to publish and promote their own books. As a result, the authors’ promotional efforts became less and less important to the publisher as they spent more time and money on their own projects. Advice: If a publisher is also a writer – which many of us are – check to see how much time they are spending on their own promotion compared to their authors. If they are less and less available to their authors, yet they are all over the place, this could smack of an ulterior motive to the reasons for their company.

    And what does Derek Armstrong have to say about his own, unpaid authors?

    “DA Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 9:01 am

    What a bunch of sneaky backstabbing supposition. Nobody even has the balls to mention Kunati overtly because you’re all a bunch of sniveling cowards.

    Sounds like a pack of failed authors bemoaning poor sales and then looking for a scapegoat.”

  203. I agree about the charges being separate. It wouldn’t seem practical, IMO, to charge and try DP for both murders at the same time. Life sentence, added onto a life sentence works for me.

    I don’t know, I don’t feel as though the whole gist of the matter rests on hearsay. I think her written word, such as letters she wrote to the State’s Attorney, are important, and I think that falls under hearsay. So that would be important, I imagine, to bring in.

    Alibis, time lines, phone records, police reports, emergency room documentation regarding abuse, evidence, possible accomplices, witnesses, all should mean something, heh? Why are the naysayers relying on merely hearsay evidence? Tunnel vision?

  204. OK, last Derek Armstrong post for now, but maybe it explains why he hasn’t been so visible for the last few months. Maybe precocupied with other things…

    I could tell you stories of how he treats his authors, how he bullies them, how he has verbally abused some, how he constantly nags at us to review each opther’s books and give 5 star reviews whether we agree or not. How he wanted us to do the same with his first book published by another publisher. Many of us refused to do this and boy did we hear about it. We were told we weren’t team players. PRESSURE!

    I think we’ve all seen the 5-star ratings for “exposed” at Amazon from his author stable and how tacky, tacky, tacky it is!

  205. If he is charged with Stacy’s murder also and tried while “agressively” using the hearsay evidence (as Glasgow stated that he would) and the hearsay law is challenged, then BOTH cases would be overturned and double jeopardy in place and he’d walk free for both crimes. If he’s not charged with Stacy’s murder and Kathleen’s conviction gets overturned because of the unconstitutionality of the hearsay evidence, then, at least, he can still be charged with Stacy’s murder and tried without hearsay evidence and then there is no chance for an appeal.

    facsmiley Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm
    “While it would be great to see Drew charged with multuple murders, it would be much safer to stick with the Savio prosecution only. If the hearsay bill is challeneged and overturned, THEN will be the time to charge him with Stacy’s murder, if applicable, but not before – too much risk.”

    I don’t follow. What’s the risk? The charges would be separate.

  206. pardon the above, I used the “cite” tag and it came out bold – didn’t mean for that to happen.

  207. I think I’m not stating myself thoroughly and maybe I should make myself a more clear. Simply put, I do not think it is wise and think it’s much too risky to utilize the hearsay evidence more than once since this is the FIRST time ever anyone could be convicted using such evidence. Kathleen’s case relies on the hearsay evidence for obvious reasons. Play it safe and don’t use the hearsay more than the first time until the hearsay law has withstood the test of time (appeal process). Once a precedence has been established, then it’s safe to use such evidence but until then, imo, there’s simply too much risk otherwise.

  208. I guess that could be the case if they were to rely mostly on the hearsay evidence and it didn’t go well. As you pointed out, the location of Stacy’s remains would make a lot of difference.

    I sort of think though – that even if they were to charge him concurrently, they wouldn’t try to rely on the forfeiture by wrongdoing exception in both cases. I can’t say for sure – just a guess.

  209. I wonder…After the two time murderer’s trial who will finally see that he is guilty without the hearsay ?

    I wonder..Does anyone here really know the evidence yet ? I think NOT. We can only assume based on what we have been told by well whoever wanted to talk.

    I am NOT worried about them not having enough evidence 😉 I got my sources too !!

  210. Saw Joel at the airport on the news. Nothing new. Defended Drew’s smart ass comments by saying that they “don’t play well in Peoria” but that Drew can’t help it.

  211. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

    I would share the opinion on the hearsay with you, angellove1, if it was Stacy’s case (I mean with a body missing).
    I am sure they have much more evidence than only Kathleen’s sister saying that Katty was afraid of Drew. One of them is the autopsy results. Brodsky may say what he wants to say about the “fresh” one but this is all BS. Some injuries are better

  212. Let’s just credit the State Attorney’s Office and ISP Investigators with enough intelligence and experience to know they are not going to be relying solely on exercising the new hearsay law to death.

    They’d have the goods on him in a lot more ways than one.

    Drew’s careless thinking he was invincible and could get away with everything and anything is what is going to be his undoing more than any hearsay law !

  213. Oh that Joel, what a sophisticate. Maybe they should move the trial to Peoria?

    Drew can’t help it? Well, there you go…no self-control. lol

  214. Well, they certainly have motive! And I pray they have a lot more than that, too. I have my fingers crossed that some of those who covered for Drew and covered up Kathleen’s murder have made “deals” with the prosecution. I hope. There was a lot of covering up goin on there – from the Coroner’s office, ISP, BBP, and the State’s Attorney’s office – and it needs to be EXPOSED!

    – – cyrhla Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 5:42 pm
    Happy Mother’s Day

    I would share the opinion on the hearsay with you, angellove1, if it was Stacy’s case (I mean with a body missing).
    I am sure they have much more evidence than only Kathleen’s sister saying that Katty was afraid of Drew. One of them is the autopsy results. Brodsky may say what he wants to say about the “fresh” one but this is all BS. Some injuries are better seen later than a day after a murder was commited.

  215. I think there may be more witnesses who will be willing to come forward now that Peterson is in custody.

  216. Another real evidence: they say there was no force entry to KS’s house so it probably means that story with the locksmith was BS or the locksmith must have had the keys. I can even think about one who had a special metal box to open all sorts of doors (according to Rick Mimms). 😉

  217. I’m sure you’re right, Facs. And I’ll bet they have plenty on him.

    When does discovery begin? At arraignment?

  218. Cyrhla, I’m thinking he had a key. The boys may have had their own key for home …maybe that’s the alibi…Tom awoke to find his Dad rifling through his pockets looking for his key to Kitty’s, so that’s how he knows Dad was at home during that time period.lol

  219. I also cast my untrained mind back to another member of the clergy threatened by Drew.

    This man had to take out a protection order against Drew and this took place not long before Kathleen was found murdered (!)

    So what is this about Drew intimidating Clergy ??

    Had Kathleen also spoken to a minister ??

  220. I think the hearsay law will just help ISP to support the case but they will apply it in addition.

    Now, I am only afraid of the bail. I hope Judge Schoenstedt has his balls in the right place but … I am somehow worried that this is him who decides about this issue. His decision on the gun made me furious. It would be difficult for me to stand Drew being free again. Although I am trying to be optimistic, I think the bail will be lowered. The maximum ever required as Brodsky said had been 2 millions, right? They were prepared for this amount or even a little bit higher, and probably did not predict such a big amount :).

    I agree with those who think he had known about Drew to be arrested with $2mln bail since Wednesday and went to NY to organize money or earn some time. Sorry, I do not believe he just abandoned his client (and in more other coincidences). If it was 200 000 Drew would be already free. Things complicated a little bit, so they had no way out than to let Drew spend 10 days in prison. Brodsky played a fool very well but I do not believe in a word he says. Those 10 days were not accepted (with satisfaction) without a reason. Brodsky must have time to organize money and then Schoenstedt will lower the bail to 3mln or so… because of the children.

    I am happy at least that they search Drew’s house and its surroundings very carefully now. They showed lots of policemen in his backyard and a big white van getting into the garage on the video. I can sleep well thinking that Stacy is not burried somewhere in or at the house. And I hope they found more evidence.

  221. bucketoftea Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Cyrhla, I’m thinking he had a key. The boys may have had their own key for home …maybe that’s the alibi…Tom awoke to find his Dad rifling through his pockets looking for his key to Kitty’s, so that’s how he knows Dad was at home during that time period.lol
    LOL, bucket.
    Stacy was a sleepwalker and that was her who was washing her own clothes that night and just called Drew to buy more washing powder and fabric softener. As he forgot to do it – being afraid of Stacy throwing steaks at him – he went to sleep with Tom. 😉

  222. “The lighting in the center of the medical unit is kept at a significantly lower level than in the cells.
    ‘Inside it’s like a mirror. You can’t really see what’s going on out here. You can just look at yourself,’ a jail official said.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    That should keep him fascinated for hours and hours. lol

  223. Sharon has a wonderful memorial to Stacy in front of her home. Ribbons up and down the street. Must have driven ” the thing ” nuts to see this outpouring of love and concern. Now he can simply implode in his teeny weenie jail cell, just him and his thoughts.

    I do think that Buffoonsky knows his gig is over.

  224. Whenever discovery begins, Bucket, Boobie has a whole lot of catchin’ up to do. He might even find that they DO have evidence linking him to Kathleen’s murder, rather than have us rely on his line that they don’t, heh?

  225. whoops! the above was in reply to this:

    — cyrhla Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 6:37 pm
    bucketoftea Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Cyrhla, I’m thinking he had a key. The boys may have had their own key for home …maybe that’s the alibi…Tom awoke to find his Dad rifling through his pockets looking for his key to Kitty’s, so that’s how he knows Dad was at home during that time period.lol

    – – LOL, bucket.
    Stacy was a sleepwalker and that was her who was washing her own clothes that night and just called Drew to buy more washing powder and fabric softener. As he forgot to do it – being afraid of Stacy throwing steaks at him – he went to sleep with Tom. – –

  226. bucketoftea Says:

    May 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm
    “The lighting in the center of the medical unit is kept at a significantly lower level than in the cells.
    ‘Inside it’s like a mirror. You can’t really see what’s going on out here. You can just look at yourself,’ a jail official said.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    That should keep him fascinated for hours and hours. lol


    Yeah, he should be very happy with the company he is keeping in there, himself, himself, himself and himself – LOL !

  227. Since Brodsky first began representing Drew, I have always thought that Drew was just using him for “free” service until he needs a “real” defense atty. We will see.

  228. bucketoftea Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    “The lighting in the center of the medical unit is kept at a significantly lower level than in the cells.
    ‘Inside it’s like a mirror. You can’t really see what’s going on out here. You can just look at yourself,’ a jail official said.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    That should keep him fascinated for hours and hours. lol
    All those poor jail guards should be paid twice for looking at Drew.

  229. Ooooooo, it doesn’t sound like a hunky dory day at the jailhouse. How creepy to be in a small, mirrored room, with nothing but one’s own thoughts. Gives me the shivers.

  230. rescueapet Says:

    May 10, 2009 at 7:04 pm
    Ooooooo, it doesn’t sound like a hunky dory day at the jailhouse. How creepy to be in a small, mirrored room, with nothing but one’s own thoughts. Gives me the shivers.


    Considering Drew always has thoughts of grandeur and invincibility, he can now have these thoughts 4 times over if every wall in his cell is mirrored (!!)

    That would make him a legend in his own mind 4 times over, which most likely makes him think he is ruling the world and no one can touch him (!!)

  231. Well, Drewpie’s attys cannot say that he will be in any kind of danger this way and won’t be able to use that lame excuse as leverage to get bail reduced. Maybe that is the angle? Just a thought.

    – – cyrhla Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    I wonder what is the real reason Drew is kept there. They somehow protect him, right? – –

    Associated Press Writer
    CHICAGO — Drew Peterson’s lead attorney said he’ll ask a judge to sharply reduce the former suburban Chicago police officer’s bond from the current $20 million to “a reasonable level.”

    Joel Brodsky said at a news conference Sunday that a bond between $500,000 and $1 million would be within the range set in other murder cases in Will County.

    “We are … going to attempt to get this excessive bond down to a reasonable level and see that Drew is given the same bond as anybody who’s accused of a similar crime,” Brodsky said.

    Peterson remains jailed on charges of first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson is a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy.

    If the bond is reduced to $500,000, Brodsky said he thinks Peterson would be able to pay it. Peterson would have to post 10 percent to go free while he awaits trial.

    Speaking from a baggage claim area at O’Hare International Airport, Brodsky said he’s been in contact with Peterson, who he described as “doing fine in jail.”

    Peterson, arrested Thursday, is being held in segregation at the Will County Adult Detention Facility in Joliet, both because he’s a former Bolingbrook police officer and because his case is high-profile, Brodsky said.

    And given the case’s high profile, he said he’ll likely ask the judge to move the case out of Will County or to seat a jury from outside of northern Illinois.

    He said he hasn’t made the decision yet because trying the case among people who know Peterson has its advantages.

    “On one hand, Drew has been serving the citizens of Will County for 30 years, he’s been a part of the thin blue line that’s kept them safe, and he’s certainly a well-known member of the community,” Brodsky said. “On the other hand, obviously we have to worry about all the tremendous amount of negative publicity that’s been given to him.”

    Peterson is next due in court May 18.

  233. Maybe Drew now regrets not dating an heiress as Christina doesn’t have 2 million dollars to bail her Prince out either (!!)

  234. “On one hand, Drew has been serving the citizens of Will County for 30 years, he’s been a part of the thin blue line that’s kept them safe, and he’s certainly a well-known member of the community,” Brodsky said.

    He’s kidding, right? “Kept them safe,” huh? Too bad he didn’t do as well with his wives. How could this guy, who’s known Peterson all of a year and a half, know who he’s served, and what’s he’s served? Must’ve forgotten that he screwed over a fellow undercover cop at one time.

    You’d think Brodsky was born and raised with the chump he speaks so highly of.

  235. Twitter:

    Still shocked that national enquirer was at church today.
    about 2 hours ago from txt

  236. A very good article by Wendy Murphy at the Daily Beast


    Former Illinois Police Sergeant Drew Peterson cracked a joke when he was arrested yesterday on two counts of first degree murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead at home in a bathtub in 2004. “I guess I should have returned those library books,” he quipped, as cops took him into custody.

    I missed whatever was funny about being accused of murder, but then this is the same guy who smiled every time he was asked about the October 2007 suspicious disappearance of another of his wives, number four, Stacy Peterson. With a $20 million bond now holding him behind bars, I’m guessing his smirk will start to fade real soon…

    To prove his case, the prosecutor announced that Savio would effectively be allowed to “testify” at trial. In an eerie moment during the press conference related to Peterson’s arrest, the state’s attorney announced that Savio would testify from her grave, a likely reference to the fact that Savio told her sister many times before she died that she feared Peterson would kill her and make it look like an accident. Such statements are often admissible under exceptions to the law that otherwise forbids the use of hearsay at trial.

    Peterson’s own statements will also likely be used against him, even if he never takes the stand. Things he said to family members and others, inconsistent statements, and even the comments he has made to the press, will help to build a circumstantial case for conviction. It might even be possible for the state to use evidence of Stacy’s disappearance to prove the case involving Savio because prosecutors are allowed to use “prior bad acts” to show motive, intent, state of mind and “pattern” or “common scheme” of conduct. This legal doctrine applies whether or not the “prior bad acts” led to a prosecution or conviction…

  237. Hi JAH,

    I watched it on Fox News Channel on the GVS show. I have no idea what time or day it was supposed to be as I don’t know if the shows are shown here at the same time (ie: whether or not we are getting our FNC live.

    It was around 11am Australian time on Saturday, which would have made it Friday night your time.

    I saw Ernie Raines on Geraldo yesterday (Sunday lunchtime Australian time) and had to laugh my head off at Geraldo. He actually came out and asked raines “is Christina mentally retarded or what?”

    Ernie Raines called DP a ‘piece of shit’ and it wasn’t beeped out. I think Geraldo thought it was because he said “I hope that salty language was bleeped out, even though I agree with it”


  238. They asked Joel if he was going to come back from New York to make the bond hearing, and he said, “Uh, no.” They are going to try to get a day’s continuance instead.


    This was Joels original comment.

    The “one day continuance” Joel was going to request has automatically turned into the 18th by way of a Court decision Joel was no part of and is now suddenly explained by Joel as a ” strategic move by the Defense which he can’t elaborate on”

    Huh, which one is it Joel ??

  239. rescueapet Says:

    May 10, 2009 at 8:21 pm
    “On one hand, Drew has been serving the citizens of Will County for 30 years, he’s been a part of the thin blue line that’s kept them safe, and he’s certainly a well-known member of the community,” Brodsky said.

    He’s kidding, right? “Kept them safe,” huh? Too bad he didn’t do as well with his wives. How could this guy, who’s known Peterson all of a year and a half, know who he’s served, and what’s he’s served? Must’ve forgotten that he screwed over a fellow undercover cop at one time.

    You’d think Brodsky was born and raised with the chump he speaks so highly of.


    Yes, Drews less than stellar Police record and many Internal investigations he has been subjected to will play a big part in any upcoming Court cases as they formed the bases of his conduct in committing his crimes.

  240. Here’s a nice bit of entertainment at Joel Brodsky’s expense.

    Joel proclaiming there will never be any arrest in either Kathleen Savios case or missing Stacy Peterson.

    No body – no case – as with Stacy Peterson as there never will be a body – oops I mean uh, dah,uh, darn, she ran away (hopefully), oops what did I say there, I meant not hopefully, uh, dah, uh, now what, uh, let me think of something quick, uh, ah, uhmmm, someone didn’t hurt her or uhm, dah, hmm, help now what, like the guy she ran away with or uhm, ah, duh, didn’t come to any harm herself, oh thank God that thought came to me just in time, uh, uh, dah, hope no one noticed I made all this up on the spot……

    Brodsky Video

  241. Bobby Cutts (Canton Ohio), another Police Officer, murderer and abuser of women.

    Bond was set at $ (five million dollars)

    So what is Brodsky’s complaint – Drews Bond is excessively high ??

    Cutts and Ferrell were arraigned on June 25. Judge John Poulos set Cutts’ bond at $5,000,000; Ferrell’s bail was set at $500,000. That same day, Cutts was suspended without pay from the Canton Police Department.[37] He had been on paid administrative leave.

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