The Drew Peterson Defense: The Practices & Ethics of Trying Cases in the Media; The Role & Responsibility of Defense Counsel

“I think the public is a little more sophisticated. They take, forgive me, lawyers with a grain of salt.”

~Laurie L. Levenson, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School

cartoonOver the past eighteen months or so, Drew Peterson and his attorney, Joel Brodsky, have subjected us all to an onslaught of trial-by-media. Presumably, not based on any facts that they have in hand, or even offering alternative responses to publicly disclosed information, but using the media to continuously discredit the victims’ families and friends, and to expose potential witnesses to nothing short of character assassination.  On local television and radio, national news, cable news, newspapers, blog-talk radio stations.  Joel Brodsky has even used a blog to post and comment, as a way to get feedback  about his client.

In this high profile case, rather than follow conventional wisdom by advising his client to refrain from discussing potential charges in the death of his ex-wife, or disappearance of his current wife, Joel Brodsky has encouraged it.  Even getting in on the media blitz himself.  At one point, his own law partner questioned his actions, and expressed concern about it.  Yet, she was told it would  get them all book deals some day. Joel Brodsky has even used his high-profile client to promote his personal liquor establishment.

Is this ethical?  Is it within the guidelines of the American Bar Association Rules?  Is it the go-to method for defending a high-profile client, even before he is charged with a crime?

How does a defense attorney’s role change when defending a high-profile client? Beyond traditional legal defense, must a modern defense attorney seek to protect a client’s public image? When speaking with the media, what rules, if any, should constrain a defense attorney’s behavior? Does media coverage affect the fairness of a trial?

Duke Law – The Court of Public Opinion – Transcript

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75 thoughts on “The Drew Peterson Defense: The Practices & Ethics of Trying Cases in the Media; The Role & Responsibility of Defense Counsel

  1. When someone is called for jury duty, and are then interviewed for a potential trial, they are subjected to any number of questions. Especially, in this case, will they be, and they’ll certainly be asked about what their personal knowledge is, and how closely they’ve followed the case. I suppose one could hide their prejudice and attempt to hide their personal involvement, but, personally, I think sticking one’s neck out and risking the potential for being found out just isn’t worth it for a guy like Drew Peterson.

    So, what benefit did Joel Brodsky gain by continuing to enable his client’s abnormal desire for such negative media attention? He’s one of the most disliked high profile crime suspects of the past decade, and it’s hard to find someone that has anything positive to say about him or his antics. Including the lawyer. What has Brodsky done for his client in this regard? What has he done for his own legal practice, but bring day after day of disapproval over his lawyering techniques?

    The trial will come, and someone will have to put on a real defense, but I fail to grasp the reason for sacrificing the lamb for the sole purpose of attracting negative, hateful attention that might lead to book deals and/or movie fantasies.

    On the other hand, maybe Brodsky has a lesson in there we’re just missing.

  2. It is not profitable to be an ethical lawyer. Ethical lawyers may face troubles… 😉
    An Ohio public defender was fined $100 and given a three-day suspended sentence for refusing to go to trial unprepared in a multi-witness assault case the same day he was appointed. Portage County Municipal Court Judge John Plough imposed the sentence on Brian Jones after a three-hour hearing late Friday afternoon.

  3. The Duke Law transcript is a very interesting read; very informative. Not sure where Brodsky’s been taking all of his cues for handling the media in the last eighteen months, but as far as I can tell, he’s not accomplished the positive results he would have hoped to be enjoying after all the effort — both for his client and his own reputation. Perhaps their PR partner, Selig, will in the end be blamed for the failure of their Mr. Mom campaign. He seems like the likely scapegoat in this insanity. Drew and Brodsky are not likely to ever have any regrets about what they’ve done, because after all they’ve had a helluva good time in the spotlight all these months. Never mind the damage they attempted to exact on the legacies of Kathleen and Stacy and their families, all of those other folks whose characters they attempted to assassinate. Apparently all their nasty motivations were easy for them to overlook when they faced the mirror as long as they were feeling like rock stars. Perhaps it won’t be so much fun for them after he’s formally arraigned and they start to get a peek at the thousands of pages of discovery. Or more likely, their intoxication with their own infamy will prevent reality from ever setting in with this pair of sociopaths and they’ll never STFU. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see if the outcome works any better for them than it has for the past eighteen months. The jury will eventually speak!

  4. One can only wonder where all this is going to end up, considering Sociopaths know no boundaries, have no morals, ethics or conscience and when two of these like minded characters get together it is bedlam as we have seen over the past 18 months.

    Fortunately it looks like some semblance of Justice and normality is starting to take shape with Drews arrest.

    The question now remains how long it will take for Joel Brodsky to burn himself out ??

  5. When your client happens to be Public Enemy No. 1, thanks to his own stupidity, mixed in with a media crazy lawyer, go to Plan B. Let him sit in a jail facility for ten days, do a New York/Chicago media blitz, and assure the public that the murder dude doesn’t deserve such a high bond. He’s a jokester at heart who uses comedy to destress, and just an all- around great guy.

    Yeah, it’s sinking in now. NOT.

  6. The late, great Johnny Cochran during O.J. one had a brilliant tactic. He put out an 800 number for anybody who had tips as to the real killer.
    And they were willing to pay $250,000 reward for whoever found the real killer. Are you kidding? … But it worked. He had enlisted frankly the public’s support, input, and help, and interest by having looking for evidence.

    Maybe Joel should have tried this instead of setting up a “Defend Drew” web site. I guess they did finally offer a reward about seven months in or so…

  7. TAI, I read your post, on the previous thread, that you wrote on Nurse Paula’s site.

    Who is Nurse Paula???

  8. Aussie, we try not to advertise or link to this cross-dressing ex-cop’s site. He refuses to post our comments on his blog and we know that he’s Brodsky’s Li’l Bitch (he’s been provided with documents by Joel to post). If you do a Google search for crime + guns + videotape you should arrive at his blog.

  9. Attorney Michael E. Tigar (Duke Transcript)

    So what’s the conclusion? My own view is — and I shared this with Laurie — I think that one reason for lawyer restraint is that it can harm them. That if you’re not restrained it harms the client. I don’t think jurors like it. I sat and as a perspective juror in a panel in Austin, Texas, and the lawyer asked, he said have you ever seen me on television and one juror said, oh, yes, I’ve seen you. And the lawyer said, wow, what did you think? And the juror said, you know, I think it makes a piss poor impression people like you doing that on the television. And so well, he made a motion for a mistrial and Judge Mary Pearl Williams said, no, I’m sorry you asked it. You got the answer. You didn’t blow the panel. Go ahead. And I do think that’s right.

  10. I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to promote him. I was just curious because I have seen his (her) name come up a few times. Sounds like a real charmer!

  11. If you aren’t tired of Ernie Raines yet there was a very good interview with him yesterday by Jonathon Brandmeier on the Loop.

    The nice thing about it is that it’s about 35 minutes long and no matter how you feel about Ernie, if you can get past the “My Dodder” accent, the F-bombs, and the humor at his expense, the segment is long enough to actually address the very real dilemma that this man faced: As the father of an adult daughter in danger, what can you legally do to protect her?

    Here is the link to the podcast page. Click on the 05.12.09 – 7AM Hour link and the interview starts at about 20 minutes in:


    Drew Peterson and Empathy

    by Dr. Keith Ablow

    When Drew Peterson was brought into court on charges that he murdered his third wife Kathleen Savio, he was in a good mood. He yelled jokes to reporters about how “spiffy” his red prison jumpsuit was and called his shackles “bling.”

    Peterson is, of course, also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife. He insists he is an innocent man.

    Think of how you’d respond to being dragged into court on murder charges, especially if you were wrongly accused. You might be terrified or confused or enraged at the injustice of your plight, but you wouldn’t be all smiles, spewing one-liners.

    So how can Drew Peterson do it?…

  13. I’m not tired of Ernie Raines.

    The man is fighting with his back against the wall, trying to keep his clueless/stubborn daughter from perceived harm.

    However Ernie needs to clarify what his relationship has been with Drew in the past as he does mention he has been on friendly terms with him until recent times when Drew started hitting on Christina.

    Ernie also needs to clarify if Drew has been around his family in the past and if Drew could have possibly known Christina from age 15.

    It needs to be established if Drew integrated himself with families with young daughters by being the helpful and friendly Police Officer and then starts hitting on these girls and alienating them from their parents when the time is right.

    Maybe there is a pattern there for others to recognize and Ernie should shed some light on this if he can !!

  14. Good morning!

    Justanotherhen, I think Ernie cannot answer some of the questions. He and Drew used to be friends for a few years but I do not think it had ever come to his mind before that Drew was for his daughter. We are usually apt to think according to our own morality and things like that do not even come to our minds!
    I do not think Ernie can learn how long Christina has actually had an affair with Drew. She is a liar and she is not going to confess to her father things like that.
    I do not want to mess but the issue of her children without cleared fatherhood make think they, or at least one of them, may be Drew’s. That would very much explain her agressiveness now and her strong willing to become Mrs Peterson and to replace Stacy. Life is often more down-to-earth than we think.
    My husband had not realized for a year that his former wife gave a birth to a child with another man. Unimaginable, right? But true if people get involved in an affair.

  15. Our JackHammers can hit home

    May 13, 2009

    As if the city of Joliet didn’t have enough money problems, the Joliet JackHammers kick off their season Friday amid reports the team is in financial trouble.

    • Holiday Parade Night — Joliet’s Light Up The Holidays and Easter parades are such a hit with families, the JackHammers will reproduce the experience. Between innings, kids will line the infield wall, where a procession of local politicians and business owners will ride past in convertibles, pelting their happy little faces with candy projectiles at point blank range.

    • Joliet Public Schools Night — The JackHammers honor the Joliet grade school board and administration by boosting team mascot Jammer’s salary to the “going rate” of $228,000 a year. In addition, Jammer will receive a $7,000 annual automobile allowance, which he’ll use to trade in his cramped Volkswagen Beetle for a shiny new Mercedes.

    • Drew Peterson Night — In a tribute to Bolingbrook’s most eligible bachelor, lucky male fans will compete in the Blue Barrel Roll, a race across the field to the “finish-her-off” line. Herald News reporter Joe Hosey will autograph copies of his book “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sgt. Drew Peterson,” from among the pile of several thousand he still has sitting in his garage.

    • The Affordable Family Entertainment Scavenger Hunt (sponsored by the Joliet City Council)– In a very challenging contest, fans frantically search the ballpark for any food or beverage item that costs less than it does at a Major League stadium.

    • Tornado Awareness Night — To promote tornado safety, the JackHammers decorate Silver Cross Field like the aftermath of a twister, complete with furniture strewn about, garbage trapped along fences and torn banners flapping in the breeze.

    I drove by the stadium several times earlier this spring and it looked like the team already had a headstart on this promotion.

    • Nobody Night — Remember the marketing gimmick where the Charleston (S.C.) Riverdogs padlocked the gates of their ballpark and kept fans out so they could record the first professional ballgame with an official attendance of zero?

    They’re going to try it in Joliet, too. So far, it looks like our taxpayer-funded ballpark will be chained shut with nobody using it for more than 275 nights in 2009!

    E-mail Tim Placher at,4_4_JO13_COMMON_S1.article

  16. cyrhla Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 1:15 am
    Good morning!


    Hello cyrhla,

    I understand we can’t rely on anything Christina is saying, that’s why I was hoping Ernie would shed some light if Drew was around his family when Christina was around 15 years of age (!!)

  17. I do not think it had ever come to his mind before that Drew was for his daughter. We are usually apt to think according to our own morality and things like that do not even come to our minds!


    Yes you are right, it does not come to our minds, but we are talking about Drews mind !!

  18. I know we’re supposed to talk about Joel Brodsky and his amazing abilities to make his client look as quilty as sin even if he were as innocent as a newborn baby, but I just wanted to draw attention to this little article about Kathleen Savio and the terrible tragedy within these few lines:

    Kathleen Savio Emergency Room Report April 28, 1993
    Age 29 – “drugs; prenatal vitamins [delivered 4 months ago]”
    “was hit in the head with diningroom table”
    “BBPD were at the house, BBPD Notified”

  19. Yes, this report is really sad, JAH. All that happened only a year after they got married and four months after she delivered Thomas. The same pattern like with Carol. She learnt Drew had been cheating on her when she was pregnant with Steve. hough she did not have children with Vicky Connolly, he abused her daughter. Drew cannot stand his woman loving not only him but also (their!) baby/child. I think, in some way, God saved all his children letting Drew leave their home. Unfortunatelly, his younger four are not so lucky.

    Just four years later, when they already had two children, she started getting anonymous letters and Drew writes a will…

  20. IMO this *relationship* between empty-headed Chrissy and the thing called Drew needs to be examined and dad Ernie needs to come clean about how long his little acorn has been involved w/ Drew and why she has dug her heels into this *relationship* to the extent that she has. It would not surprise me one iota to find out that he’s been involved with her since his marriage to Stacy or perhaps before AND that he’s fathered at least one of her kids. Chrissy is patently disappointed and PO’d that her still-married BF was hauled off the jail and why ???
    IMO because she has made a big investment in him….

    When a man has a fetish or fixation on one particular type of woman, it’s like an addiction they cannot control.

  21. ” Drew Peterson Night ” featuring the blue barrel roll ? This is so not funny and in very poor taste. Maybe to some twisted individuals who think erasing ones wife is an equatible solution to a divorce and property settlement.

  22. poor silly empty headed Chrissy couldn’t see that she was part of a future plan, based upon an established track record:
    (the thing)” …well, Chrissy had 2 out of wedlock kids..and she came from an unstable family..she went back n forth between me and her other BF…her dad was a burnout who couldn’t put 2 sentenses together if it had handles..she liked male attention..she musta ran off with her bikini and MY money….”

    Same story, different characters but always Drew pulling the strings. Spotted leopards don’t change.

  23. I heard on the radio today that Gloria Allred did not deny that she was possibly going to be the lawyer that represents Chrissy Raines.

    Gloria is well-known as a child advocate so I wonder why she’d take on a case with a woman who has dragged her small children from boyfriend to boyfriend and into a suspected murders home. Maybe she’ll knock some sense into her and get her to put her kids first for a change or maybe she’s going to turn on Chrissy like she did Octomom.

  24. If Gloria Allfred represents this moron for anything, she should make an appointment on the same date and time to get her empty head examined.

    Represent her for what? Being a media, money and sex whore?

  25. Gloria Allred should just back off. If Chrissy feels she wants legal advice she would probably do much better with someone local who doesn’t have a media career.

  26. Grand Jury day. Will they charge him today, so they can tell judge at Mondays hearing he’s a serial killer and no bail or wait till next Thursday and rearrest him ?? Any thoughts?

  27. Maybe they are waiting for him to spend his cash on bail before they bring additional charges against him. I think there are many more victims than Kathleen and Stacy.

  28. There’s always the problem that if he really does have cash for bail, a good chunk of all of it will be reverted to Kitty’s estate any minute now. 🙂

  29. 1chordwonder, I agree, remember one of his partners in business was found hung in his garage. Two days after he told DP to stay away from his sister.

  30. I don’t think it was a business partner, he was a young lad, and he and his sister were neighbours. It has crossed my mind that there may be more, but we’ll have to wait and see. At least he’s not going anywhere for awhile. 😉

  31. Since he’s been booked and charged with a felony doesn’t that mean that they take DNA samples and fingerprints into that system that has DNA samples from past crimes?

  32. grandam, I didn’t realize that guy was one of his “biz” partners, I just thought he was the brother of one of Drew’s girls, who was not noticed as depressed by anyone, but supposedly hanged himself shortly after he expressed his disgust to DP. Didn’t Drew even find him hung? And what about Stacy & Cass’ mother? I’ve thought from the beginning that Drew had something to do with her disappearance.

    The truth always comes out eventually. I believe he’s murdered many more than just Kathleen & Stacy.

  33. Bucket – I’d think that warrant was just to obtain his DNA sample to be used for charging him with this particular crime. I didn’t think they put your information into the real database until you were actually charged with a crime though. Guess some research on this topic is needed – I thought maybe someone else knew for sure.

  34. Found on acandyrose
    1986 – Drew Peterson’s ex-girlfriend’s brother suspicious suicide ??
    If you’re upset about your sister’s relationship, do you commit suicide instead?
    Drew Peterson reportedly was one of the first cops on the scene

    Drew Peterson apparently had a girfriend name Monica while he was married to 2nd wife, Victoria Rutkiewicz (They were married from 1982 and divorced 02/18/1992). Apparently, according to Drew Peterson’s former best friend, Ric Mims, Monica’s brother Steve was very upset about this relationship yet he committed suicide hanging himself in a garage, some felt was suspicious.
    [The 1986 date was calculated 21 years ago since Mims said this happened when he was around age 20 or younger]

  35. 1994 – Drew Peterson’s Ex-Wife #2’s new boyfriend found murdered
    Jeffrey W. Archer
    DOB: 03/07/1954
    Found 10/16/1994
    Vicki Connolly’s Dp’s former wife
    Former Boyfriend

    this is the boyfriend of Drew’s former wife


    Homicide Investigation Jeffery W Archer – Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171- Cook County

    Name: Jeffery W Archer

    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: March 07, 1954


    Illinois State Police, District Chicago
    Investigations is seeking assistance regarding the death of Jeffery W. Archer. He was last seen leaving his 1990 Plymouth Voyager, Illinois Registration TU5880 on October 10, 1994, at approximately 5:00 p.m. in the area of 6900 South Wolf Road, Indian Head Park, Illinois. His body was recovered on October 16, 1994, from the Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171.

    Anyone with any information is urged to contact Special Agent Ray O’Brien, Illinois State Police, District Chicago Investigations at 847/294-4600, or via e-mail at to provide any additional information.

  37. There was a post here I believe by msbloggess regarding the relationship between the Raines and the Robinsons. JMO – it is possible that Drew met Chrissy through Mike R.

  38. Thanks, Think. Poifeck. Creepy, huh?

    Mom2babies, do you not believe the story that they met in a laundromat when Chrissy was 15? Stacy and Ernie were there, too.

  39. I don’t believe they “met” in the laundromat. I think that was a planned meeting. She was there, he showed up. He was there, she showed up. Didn’t Drew have a washer at home? WTF?

  40. Washing machine broken down or it was when they were between homes or sleeping in Drew and Kitty’s basement? I think you could be right, but there are legitimate reasons even for washing machine owners to use a laundomat.

  41. Just too many stories how they met and at what age.

    Nearly as bad as the locksmith stories or Drews timeline – LOL !

  42. Remember how Brodsky said Drew would never, never, ever be charged in the death and disappearance of Kathleen and Stacy? Well, then, after it happened, remember how he said they were prepared for this? Even though Brodsky is using the ten days of Peterson cooling his jets in jail to prepare for this and get his bond reduced?

    Prosecutor James Glasgow “really doesn’t have a case” against accused wife-killer Drew Peterson, his defense attorney says.

    Remember how Brodsky and Odeh said that the Orland Park woman, who “confessed” to killing her niece, was humiliated because she had to remove her head scarf for her booking photo, and how Odeh said she was forced into making a confession and couldn’t have killed the baby she was accused of doing so?

    “There is no way that Nour Hadid is guilty in this death. Clearly, humiliation was used to pressure her just as it was used at Abu-Ghraib. And, in the case of the pathology report, it was probably based on the observations of individuals in the emergency room at the hospital and they are not trained to conduct autopsies or to conclude whether incidents are or are not murder,” Brodsky said.


    Check this out. Is this John Carroll the “death penalty” attorney?
    New lawyer for accused Orland killer

    May 1, 2009
    BY DUAA ELDEIB Staff writer

    Lawyers for an Orland Park woman accused of killing her 2-year-old niece added a death penalty specialist to her legal team during a Thursday court appearance.

    Nour Hadid, 26, 9016 W. 140th Place, also was indicted Thursday for first-degree murder in the April 5 death of Bhia Hadid, who was found severely beaten in the home.

    Cook County prosecutors have not announced whether they will seek the death penalty against Hadid, but attorney John Paul Carroll joined her attorneys, Joel Brodsky and Reem Odeh, in court Thursday for the first time. The defense said it also will bring in Pennsylvania-based Cyril Wecht, one of the country’s leading forensic pathologists.

    Prosecutors said Hadid, who’s being held without bail at the county jail, has admitted to biting the girl and repeatedly beating her with a wooden spoon, a stick and shoes because Hadid was angry that her husband had accused her of stealing money and called her names.

    Three other children were removed from the home and placed into protective custody by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

  43. Police treated Hadid like any other criminal being booked. How dare they do that? Making her remove her religious head scarf. Treat her differently than any other charged criminal.

    Police treated Drew differently than any other criminal being booked. How dare they do that? Making his bond so high. Treat him like any other charged criminal.

    Which is it? Double speak at it’s finest.

  44. I think this past eighteen months of media chasing, name calling, and stunt pulling has been a combined effort of Peterson and his lawyers. It seems to be that Brodsky believed what he was saying, that Drew would never be charged. What attorney, with the prospect of looking like a fool, would admit to saying his client would never be charged criminally, but then go on to see just that thing happen?

    If Brodksy is hanging his hat on poisoning the minds of potential jurors by planting ideas that any and all of the professionals, witnesses, family and friends involved in the Kathleen Savio matter are not credible and not to be believed, what does that make Brodsky, who has been contradicted by having his client being arrested, after saying he would never be?

    This is funny. Is this lawyer man for real? Is he so blinded by his new found fame that he can’t see how utterly ridiculous he sounds and is? I think he does believe what he’s so adamant about repeating. He’s fallen for it. That Drew Peterson is a charmer and a kidder. He’s certainly charmed Brodsky, and he’s kidded him sufficiently enough to make him look like a complete boob.

  45. IIRC I did not see John Carrol on that list of qualified capital charge lawyers for the state of Illinois on the link I had posted a couple of days ago.

  46. I think in one newspaper article Joel Brodsky actually said:

    Never, Never, Ever

    That’s when everyone starting talking suicide by cop or that Drew would flee as that was a pretty strong statement by Joel at the time (!)

  47. Cyril Wecht is also the pathologist that the defense in the Peterson case has referred to in disputing the Savio autopsy.

    With all due respect to Cyril Wecht, it will be quite interesting to hear how he’s going to explain how the first ruling was correct, and how Kathleen actually could have incurred all of the bruises she did.

    I don’t think there’s any question as to the location and number of bruises there were on her body. It’s how much money those bruises will cost the defense to get them classified in their favor. 😉

  48. That’s right, JAH. Drew will never, never, ever be criminally charged in either Kathleen’s death or Stacy’s disappearance/presumed death. Says Brodsky.

    It’s okay, though, I guess. Maybe a defense lawyer doesn’t need credibility. Just get paid enough to say whatever suits him, and distort what comes out enough to confuse the weak and vulnerable. The kind of people Drew is drawn to, you know. The kind of people they would hope to get on his jury.

  49. Cyril Wecht is also the pathologist that the defense in the Peterson case has referred to in disputing the Savio autopsy.


    And isn’t that also the same John Carroll engaged by the Brodsky Dream Team a while back and there was a list what he charges to defend a death penalty case etc ??

  50. grandam Says:
    May 14, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Found on acandyrose
    1986 – Drew Peterson’s ex-girlfriend’s brother suspicious suicide ??
    If you’re upset about your sister’s relationship, do you commit suicide instead?
    Drew Peterson reportedly was one of the first cops on the scene


    Peterson Grand Jury Hears Wire Tap Testimony


    Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Thu, May 14, 2009

    The former friends of Drew Peterson who allegedly wore wire taps to record potentially incriminating conversations with him are before a Will County grand jury today.

    The grand jury is in its final two weeks of work toward a possible indictment in the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy.

    Also in front of the grand jury is Thomas Morphey, Drew’s stepbrother, who claims he helped carry a blue plastic barrel out of the Peterson home, which he now believes contained Stacy’s dead body.

  52. Apparently to be “first cop on the scene” is very important in the course of an incident or investigation.

    They basically take their leads and information from that officers statements.

    Say no more ……

  53. the Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171.


    Is this location significant in the scheme of things ???

  54. grandam Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 10:00 am
    1994 – Drew Peterson’s Ex-Wife #2’s new boyfriend found murdered
    Jeffrey W. Archer
    DOB: 03/07/1954
    Found 10/16/1994
    Vicki Connolly’s Dp’s former wife
    Former Boyfriend

    this is the boyfriend of Drew’s former wife

    Holy crap, I missed this tidbit before. (Not to minimize Jeffrey’s life.) Typical narcissistic behavior….I don’t want you anymore but no one else is going to have you.

    Very happy to hear TM & Lenny & Paula & overhears in GJ today. This is restoring my faith in LE. At least they made sure DP was locked up before they testified so they didn’t disappear too after their testimony.

  55. I believe ” the thing ” has killed before, too. To me, it all seems to have come rather easy, too easy. Methodical, calculating, devoid of conscience and willing to eliminate other human beings without a second thought.

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