Thomas Morphey and  Lenny Wawczak take a break from testifying.

Thomas Morphey and Lenny Wawczak take a break from testifying.

From NBC 5 News…


Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Thu, May 14, 2009

The former friends of Drew Peterson who allegedly wore wire taps to record potentially incriminating conversations with him are before a Will County grand jury today.

The grand jury is in its final two weeks of work toward a possible indictment in the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy.

landpAlso in front of the grand jury is Thomas Morphey, Drew’s stepbrother, who claims he helped carry a blue plastic barrel out of the Peterson home, which he now believes contained Stacy’s dead body.

Read the story at NBC Chicago News

BTW, Steve Carcerano also appeared before Grand Jury today.

MAY 15 UPDATE: Mike Robinson also testified at yesterday’s Grand Jury.

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  1. So they’ve heard the wiretaps and are now hearing the testimony from Lenny, Paula, and Tom. Wheeewwwww.

    I hope they feel they have enough for an indictment.

  2. so that must be the news we needed to watch for! I had a feeling this was it! We knew none of them had been called to the GJ..and we were all wondering when that would happen and today is the day…the day that possibly the GJ indicts for Stacy too!!!!

    Drew just needs to bend over and kiss his a** goodbye…Chrissy better just pucker up too…her golden goose is gone!

  3. Peterson attorney to ask for lower bond

    May 14, 2009 12:03 PM

    Drew Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, said Thursday he is preparing a motion to ask a judge to drastically lower Peterson’s bond from $20 million to somewhere between $100,000 and $500,000. Peterson’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday and it’s expected that his bond also will be reviewed then.

    “I gave this a lot of thought,” Brodsky said. “Somewhere between $100,000 and $500,000 I think would be appropriate. He’s probably the best candidate for a bond in a homicide case in Will County.”
    His reasoning is that Peterson is an Army veteran who was formerly discharged. He has no criminal history, owns personal property, does not have portable income and no sums of money in which he could support himself if he ran.

    Peterson, 55, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, has been in custody in a Will County jail cell separate from the general jail population since his arrest May 7 following his indictment for the murder of Kathleen Savio, his third wife, who was found drowned in an empty bathtub in March 2004.

    State police initially determined her death was an accident, and a coroner’s jury agreed. But after Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, vanished in October 2007, Glasgow re-opened the investigation into Savio’s death and had her body exhumed.

    A second autopsy, he said, indicated a homicide and that he believed the scene of her death was staged to look like an accident.

    –Erika Slife


    Peterson stepbrother goes before grand jury

    May 14, 2009

    JOLIET — Three people who have figured in the investigation into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, 23, appeared today before a grand jury in Will County.

    Thomas Morphey, Len Wawczak and Paula Stark were present to talk to grand jurors investigating the October 2007 disappearance of Stacy, Drew Peterson’s fourth wife.

    The trio had nothing to say to reporters about their appearance before the grand jury.

    Morphey, Drew Peterson’s stepbrother, has claimed Peterson roped him into disposing of his wife’s body. Morphey first told his story to The Herald News.

    Stark and Wawczak say they wore a wire for state police investigators.

    Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, was arrested last week on two counts of first-degree murder in the 2004 death of this third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Initially, Savio’s death was ruled an accidental drowning. The case was reopened after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. A new autopsy concluded that Savio was the victim of a homicide.

    Drew Peterson remains in custody at the Will County Jail on a $20 million bond. He is to appear in court Monday for arraignment and a possible attempt to have his bond reduced.

    Stacy’s disappearance has been called a potential homicide and state police list Peterson as their sole suspect.

  5. Noway, thanks for the info, but that is just disgusting, gross, obnoxious, stupid, and appalling!

    This gets sicker by the moment, doesn’t it?

  6. Rescue, I can’t understand Chrissy hiring Gloria (unless she has more to do with this case than Flavor of the Month) or Gloria taking this on (unless it’s all about publicity even bad publicity).

    But in time, all things will be explained.

    Or so I’ve been told.

  7. Noway, the reason for hiring Gloria, IMHO, is money is involved.

    My guess would be that Peterson made promises to Ms. Whosit, and he broke those promises. Marriage, money, housing, clothes…..

    Gloria Allred – I just lost any respect I had for her. Really. Another bloodsucker out for the buck.

  8. Rescue,
    This is the first time these three are testifying that we know of, yes?

    And, anyone wonder why we have not heard about RM or SC lately? I was reminded that those two were pretty prominent figures early on and then, gradually, nothing.


  9. Hi HDI.

    Yes, this is the first time they’re testifying before the GJ.

    Carcerano has been mentioned as being the only other one, besides Raines, on the visiting list for the Peterson.

  10. Couldn’t resist this about Christina Raines. (Courtesy, Hollywood Grind)

    (  This girl  )
    (  is not     )
    (  very smart )
            O   ^__^
             o  (oo)_______
                (__)       )\/\
                    ||----w |
                    ||     ||
  11. Right, HDI. Hopefully, the hits will keep coming. And coming. And coming. Dump on that criminal’s head. Keep that blubbering lawyer of his busy. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

  12. Right? He has been quiet, but that comforts me because when I saw who was called in today, I’m thinking, well, they handed down the indictment BEFORE the testimony of these key people.

    Icing on the cake, IMO.

  13. You know speaking of JB, I couldn’t help but think to myself when the suspect indicted for murder made his jovial comments as his shackled self was be shuffled:

    Blingy & Dingy

  14. To see him arrested while driving SP’s car was also nice, especially when they took his shades off, like yeah, you’re done Mr. Smarty Pants. He wasn’t smirking and wise cracking then.

  15. From Erika Slife’s article:

    His reasoning is that Peterson is an Army veteran who was formerly discharged. He has no criminal history, owns personal property, does not have portable income and no sums of money in which he could support himself if he ran.

    So if Drew couldn’t run away and support himself on the $250K that he was able to so quickly transfer to his son and his Army survival, undercover con abilities, and martial arts skills – how is it that they think that Stacy has been gone so long with just a bikini and about $25K in cash??

    Inquiring minds want to know how Brodsky can talk out of both sides of his ass with a straight ass (I mean face)??

  16. Good points, TAI. Also, remember, Drew Peterson himself admitted that he’s very good at conning people, due to his past career as a police officer, working undercover. Is that any reason for him to be considered an upstanding, honorable, trustworthy murder suspect, who wouldn’t think of blowing out of town? Admitting his a good con?

    He was so quick to promote the idea that Stacy would just up and leave her two biological and two adopted children. What’s to say he wouldn’t do the same thing?

    Let him rot in that cell.

  17. Mom2babies – yes, I think that is the whole idea of having hired Gloria Allred.

    Unless she is being questioned and has criminal charges pending against her, but Allred is more of an activist attorney specializing in abuse and harassment cases.

    Besides, if Allred is representing her, I also assume it’s on a contingency basis, which means, of course, she gets no money if the client gets no money.

    So, I, personally, am getting a picture of what’s happening here.

    We’re going back to the “poor Christina, she was taken advantage of” status.

    Bull. Crap.

  18. The more I think about it, the more I’m seeing Raines’ own con here.

    She knew he’d promise her the world, as long as she would “do” him. She knew he “couldn’t marry her. She knew he’d probably go to the hell hole we refer to as prison. She’s got it nailed. She’s going to sue for breach of promise. Get in on the action. She apparently knows his financial status, since her father is spewing it to whoever will listen.

  19. this guy was preparing to go to Reno for a “job interview” to work as head of security in a brothel!

    how does one do that if they didn’t plan on leaving the State of Illinois? his own publicist says he’s got a right to earn a living…and Brodsky changed his tune about Stacy taking that money…he said he misspoke that in reality she must have squirreled away cash and sold her jewelry in order to fund her escape, so if Stacy could do it why couldn’t “Drew Master of his own Universe”????

    this issue IMO isn’t that Drew will run…it’s that he’s a danger to the community and to his kids!

  20. Facs, just from the tiny bit I saw, I think it isn’t Stacy’s car. Might have been impounded, even temporarily because he was driving it? Maybe give it the CSI treatment?

  21. fac’s, doesn’t look like Stacy’s car. Her car was a burgundy and the one chrissy was driving looked navy blue. Should we still be watching news?

  22. The “Hearsay Law” has already been used:

    Prosecutors use ‘Drew Peterson’ hearsay law in Warrenville murder
    By Christy Gutowski | Daily Herald Staff

    Fourteen days before she was fatally shot, 17-year-old Sade Glover accused Joshua L. Matthews of punching her in the face.

    The teen filed a battery complaint with Warrenville police that next day.

    A DuPage County judge ruled Thursday a jury will be allowed to read Glover’s handwritten police statement and other evidence of the alleged battery in Matthews’ trial on first-degree murder charges.

    Prosecutors relied on the so-called Drew Peterson “beyond the grave” hearsay law to convince the judge the evidence is admissible. It is believed to be the first time the law has been used since its recent passage.

    Matthews, 24, who despite lacking legal experience is acting as his own attorney, fought the move. He said it runs contrary to the 6th Amendment, which guarantees a criminal defendant the right to confront his or her accuser in court.

    In his ruling, Circuit Judge Perry Thompson found prosecutors proved Matthews likely killed Glover so that she was unavailable to testify against him in the battery case and that allowing that evidence of motive doesn’t prohibit Matthews from getting a fair trial.

    Prosecutors Steven Knight and Paul Marchese had to prove their case with a preponderance of the evidence, the law states, which is a lower burden than a trial’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    “He killed her so that she couldn’t testify,” Knight said. “He can’t profit from his own wrongdoing.”…

  23. something is up if Gloria is going to represent this chippy!

    think about this…Gloria Allred is an advocate for womens and childrens rights…yeah sure she integrates herself with high profile cases, but she didn’t have a very positive opinion of Drew in the beginning or throughout the last 18 months…her daughter Lisa Bloom definitely doesn’t have a pleasant opinion of Drew, for what reason would Chrissy need an attorney? Because she didn’t like the questions asked of her by the ISP? then you get a local attorney to represent you…unless, yes she’s running her own con or…she isn’t the devoted girlfriend like Drew thought she was…something stinks about Chrissy, maybe she turned state’s evidence and is now shielding herself because her con hasn’t been worked or..the ISP needs him thinking she’s still loyal to him!?

  24. is there a sticker in Stacy’s rear window? I’m pulling up the video of his arrest but I don’t think there is…the car Christina is driving clearly has a sticker on the back drivers side window…I don’t think that’s Stacy’s car she’s driving…Stacy’s car is probably in impound or Stephen has already picked it up

  25. nope definitely not Stacy’s car..even with the light the way it was the car Chrissy is driving could be blue/black or even purple..but there are no stickers on Stacy’s rear window…I think Chrissy is driving Kim’s car, comparing Kim’s car to the one if the video is a pretty close match

  26. Would G Allred be interested in representing a young woman that Drew had been “messing with for years” since the age of maybe 15?

  27. and the best interests of the children born of that relationship…who exactly fathered Chrissy’s kids????

  28. Allred probably is going to try to show Chrissy and her kids as victims of Drew in all of this. IMO

  29. If Chrissy wants to sue for breach of contract, fine. She should win and be awarded the “crappy” engagement ring. She’s entitled to it and that’s all. The end.

  30. Yes SP’s car had an antenna in the upper left rear window when DP was arrested an no sticker, the car CR was driving has a blue & white sticker in lower left rear window and is def black.

  31. yep I think I have to agree with you on that Facs..the nerve if that is the case…wasn’t it Chrissy on the radio cracking twisted jokes about Drew being a molester and about getting drowned in a bathtub by him??? yeah I really would like to give her a good smack for that!

    little hard to claim victim when she was with him literally up to the point he was arrested..but it won’t surprise me if that’s the angle they are going to take

  32. even if that ring was real..I would sue him…it’s ugly!

    wonder where she got the cross she’s been sporting around?

  33. The cool thing about the Hearsay Law being successfully used to get victim’s testimony admitted is that the defense challenged in on constitutional grounds, and the judge admitted it anyway.

    The more times this happens, it seems to me, the more likely it will be successfully used in Kathleen or Stacy’s cases.

  34. JMO – she is getting what she deserves. How can she say “he promised to marry me” when all along she knew this was a definite possibility? I am sure that she is being questioned – she lived in that house and spent lots of time with Drew and his kids. I think she is just out to get paid now. She should just STFU and take her medicine like a big girl.

  35. Christina Raines should feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now. She is safe and Drew is locked up. I’d feel like I won the lottery if I were her.

  36. All of this is so much to take in. It is just like an avalanche. I am so happy the GJ finally got to those three VIP. IMO – I don’t see how Joel will ever be able to defend Drew in all of this.

  37. Joel is probably planning is exit strategy at this point…I know I would be!

    but then again he’s been mouthing off (bad habits die hard apparently) how he can say what they have or don’t have is laughable since he’s received no discovery as of yet..does he really want to insult the Grand Jury with his dribble? Brodsky should get him an attorney that will tell HIM to SHUT UP!


  38. facsmiley Says:
    May 14, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    The cool thing about the Hearsay Law being successfully used to get victim’s testimony admitted is that the defense challenged it on constitutional grounds, and the judge admitted it anyway.

    The more times this happens, it seems to me, the more likely it will be successfully used in Kathleen or Stacy’s cases.

    * * * * * * * *

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 yay

  39. I forgot to mention something interesting from the Loop radio interview with Ernie Raines.

    Johnny B: Maybe I could talk to Christina. Can I talk to her?

    Ernie: Not right now.

    Johnny B: Why can’t I sit down with her…have dinner?

    Ernie: Errrrrr…She can’t right now.

    Johnny B: Who says?

    Ernie: At this stage(?) she just can’t.

    Johnny B: Who says? You say?

    Ernie: Not me.

    Johnny B: Who said Christina, your daughter, Drew’s “fiancee”, can not talk to me?

    Ernie: She can’t talk to nobody.

    Johnny B: Why?

    Ernie: She just can’t, and I can’t say why.

  40. Before people read too much into the defense losing their argument and the judge letting the hearsay in the Warrenville case – notice the following:

    “Matthews, 24, who despite lacking legal experience is acting as his own attorney, fought the move.”

    I put money on this kid getting a lawyer and getting an appeal down the line.

    It is indeed interesting that it was let in. Having it used elsewhere will show it is NOT a law that is only relevant in the Peterson case as well. This guy’s trial will probably be the one that pushes the new law through the appeals courts for defense arguments of it being unconstitutional.

  41. snyder73, Lauer doing phone interview”””””’give me a break! JB can’t even control him in jail. oh wait a minute, Brodsky has to ok all interviews.
    Unreal, hope the second indictment is today.

  42. I am happy Drew took the best lawyer in the entire States. The best for Drew to stay in prison for the rest of his life! LOL

  43. The second indictment MUST be today so that the bail was not lowered for sure. I am sure this is the plan.

    BTW, if Drew pays those 2 millions he may be in trouble with taxes. It is rather difficult to save such money from his policeman’s salary, isn’t it? POOR Drew! 😉

  44. Maybe Drew called Matt Lauer himself (without Joel knowing about it) and he’s going to ask for a new free lawyer that wont’ be so unprepared that he has to stay sitting in jail while his lawyer spends time earning money on media blitzes… Just saying… Isn’t Matt’s show the one that he begged before and got Brodsky from??

  45. Facsmiley,

    Ernie’s reluctance to explain why Chrissy is unable to talk to anyone almost makes it sound as though she might be behind bars (and I don’t mean Tailgaters).

  46. myabelle516 Says:
    May 14, 2009 at 3:49 pm


    Ernie’s reluctance to explain why Chrissy is unable to talk to anyone almost makes it sound as though she might be behind bars (and I don’t mean Tailgaters).
    I think ISP is suspecting her of having helped Drew with Stacy and that is the reason she took a lawyer and she does not want orid not allowed to speak to anyone. But the idea of putting her into jail is just great even to protect her children against so brainless and irresponsible mother… 🙂

    That’s not my fxxxx’ business, right? 😉 LOL

  47. mom2babies Says:
    May 14, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    myabelle – Is there any way to check that?

    In Drew’s or nearby cell? 😉



    Also appearing before the grand jury was Peterson’s neighbor and friend, Steve Carcerano. He was one of the neighbors who discovered Savio’s body and he has steadfastly defended Peterson as innocent. It is at least the second time he’s been called to testify before the jury.

    Charles Pelkie, a spokesman for Glasgow, declined to comment about grand jury witnesses.

  49. I thought maybe the reason Chrissy can’t talk or even talk about why she can’t talk might be either she’s just listening to her new lawyer’s advice or else LE has told her to clam up. BTW, that interview was the morning of the 12th.

  50. From same updated article:

    But their presence at the grand jury could signal the end of the panel’s investigation. They were expected to be the last witnesses called to testify, according to sources. The grand jury’s term expires next Thursday.If the jury does not return an indictment, Will County State’s Atty. James Glasgow has the choice to continue the investigation with another grand jury.

    So it’s either the end and indictment forthcoming or continue with more evidence, witnesses.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  51. Maybe Drew and Joel told Chrissy not to talk to anybody. They don’t have to follow that rule, but they don’t want Chrissy opening her mouth.

  52. Steve Carcerano appeared before the GJ in the conclusion of the Stacy Peterson matter, when they’re going over testimony regarding wire taps?

    Hmmmm, now isn’t that an interesting piece of news. Imagination. Run. Wild.

  53. Does make you wonder what Steve C. had to say now. Maybe called him in on something that he said while he was with Drew?

  54. Something on the overhears that they needed to verify? Or something heard within the last couple of weeks.

  55. Rescue,
    I think Drew has 2 first degree murder charges, too, and he doesn’t have all those other charges. I still think many serious charges are coming. Surely they can’t request and get that high of a bond without something more than what he’s charged with. Maybe they want to force him to bail out twice, hopefully.

  56. Yesterday someone posted here the Carceranos being called to the court. Do you happen to know what was the reason? False deposition? 😉

  57. 1chord — I think, yes, other charges are coming. Enough to wipe that smirk off his face maybe.

    What I’m not getting here is Brodsky saying this was a tactical move delaying Peterson’s arraignment until the 18th of May, giving him ten days to sit in the slammer. So, what took this long to say he’s an ex-Army guy, who won’t blow his bail and skip town? Geesh.

  58. cyrhla – I personally don’t remember seeing that someone posted the Carceranos being called to court. I do know that, recently, it’s been reported and posted here that Carcerno is on Drew Peterson’s visitor’s list, along with Raines. Could that be what you might have seen?

  59. Cyrhla, I posted the Carcerano’s pending court dates yesterday.

    The other party involved with Steven’s case number 09SC000500, is “HSBC Bank Nevada”

  60. Ah, sorry. Didn’t remember about the Carcerano court stuff.

    Didn’t I “hear” that he’s not in his house and it’s in foreclosure, though? Hmmmm.

  61. Peterson either doesn’t give a rat’s butt what his lawyer tells him to do, such as STFU, or he does exactly what his lawyer tells him to do, which is give an “exclusive” phone interview to Matt Lauer while cooling his jets in jail.

    And, in an excerpt from that hideous interview, Peterson says, when asked about joking and laughing about his bling, what should he do? Hold his head down and be sad?

  62. How does that work that he can give telephone interviews from jail? I thought he’s have to be quiet now he’s locked up. 😦

  63. I read that during his “free” time outside his cell he’s allowed to make collect calls. I guess Joel or Glenn arranged it for him?

  64. I guess Joel or Glenn arranged it for him?

    Of course they did. This “white noise” theory will go away once Dip is put away (and Blago), and it will be in school class lessons on what NOT to do. most of us knew that already.

    Peterson stepbrother testifies before grand jury
    By Ben Bradley
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 | 5:28 PM

    *Video @ site

    May 14, 2009 (JOLIET, Ill.) (WLS) — Drew Peterson’s stepbrother is one of three people who testified Thursday before the grand jury investigating the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

    A motion was filed to have Peterson’s bond reduced, as he sits in jail charged in the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    Peterson is sitting in jail because of the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. The grand jury that met about a half-block away from the jail is considering charges in the disappearance and potential death of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacey. And, Thursday, that grand jury heard from three potential witnesses.

    While Peterson was all smiles on his way in and out of court last week, he is anxious to get out of jail. Attorney Joel Brodsky has filed a motion asking a judge to dramatically lower Peterson’s bond. It’s now at $20 million. He would like to see it somewhere between $100,000 and $500,000.

    On Monday, they may have luck getting that bond reduced, because in the more than year and a half that Drew Peterson knew he was a prime suspect, he never ran. He has family in the area, and if he were to flee, he wouldn’t be able to collect his main source of income, his police pension.

  66. um off topic for this case but they found the little girl taken yesterday in Texas!!! they found her she’s alive and the man who took her is in custody!


  67. From Video:

    When asked by Matt Lauer about his bling & spiffy outfit comments, and why that may not be appealing to the public, DP states:

    – No book written on how he is supposed to act.
    – Should he bow his head down and cry?
    – No that’s not him.

    (*Not an exact transcript)

  68. No book written on how he is supposed to act.

    How many times has he used that line? pffft
    There are people you pay (a lawyer?) who tell you how to act. You have to hire a competent lawyer though.

    Gloria telling Chrissy to STFU is an example (probably in some law books) of how to act.

  69. a former cop doesn’t know what the right way to act is during something as tragic as a death or being arrested??? piiiishaw! say it aint so Joe? he doesn’t know how to act…well I’ll tell you..on that link with the clip of his jailhouse interview there is a picture at the very top of him being led away by two officers…take a look on his face…that would be a start Drew!


  70. I just listened to the teaser and am totally gobsmacked. It demonstrates to me that peterson just has no ‘off’ switch. He has no bloody idea. He is the type of criminal that will be lying on the gurney, waiting for the lethal injection, all the while joking and protesting his innocence.

    You would think that extremely thick head of his would have received the message by now: stfu and show some humility!

  71. Aussie – LOL to no “off” switch.

    That’s obvious. If his lawyer is telling him to STFU, and he continues to talk, who’s driving this bus? Bettcha it ain’t Brodsky.

  72. *VIDEO @ SITE

    Savio’s Sister Calls Drew Peterson Evidence Strong

    Posted: 7:03 PM May 14, 2009
    Last Updated: 7:03 PM May 14, 2009
    Reporter: Alice Barr

    Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky plans to fight that ruling. He says, “It’s just simply a bad law, it allows rumor.”

    But Doman believes the evidence will hold up. She says, “My sister had over 100 pages of documentation of everything in her life. She documented all the times she tried to reach out to people and no one responded.”

    Peterson is being held on 20 million dollars bond and his attorney is fighting to have that reduced. Doman says if he is bailed out, “So be it, I believe in my heart that he will get his time.”

    She also thinks he’ll soon be charged in the murder of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson, who went missing in 2007.

    Doman reacted to Peterson cracking jokes in his recent court appearances.
    “That’s just the way he is. He jokes about everything, but this is a very serious thing. A very serious thing. My family and I are victims. My sister’s not here anymore and whether he chooses to go ahead and joke or whatever, he’s going to get caught.”

    Doman will face Peterson in court during his next appearance Monday.
    She says for the past five years she’s visited her sister’s grave, grieving and asking how she died. Savio’s birthday is next month and Doman says she’s looking forward to going there to celebrate what she hopes is justice being served.

    Savio and Stacy Peterson’s families are also trying to gain custody of the four children Peterson had with his third and fourth wives. Doman says it’s been painful to be separated from the kids and she hopes to welcome them back into her home.

  73. I found that Steve Carcerano had been called before the GJ a couple of times but ended up just sitting there and waiting and not being called on two occasions:

    VAN SUSTEREN: I’m doing very well. So you got called to the grand jury today. Did you actually get a chance to testify?

    CARCERANO: No, I didn’t . I pretty much sat there for three-and-a-half hours and waited until next week.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Did they explain to you why they never got to you?

    CARCERANO: There was a couple of other individuals that went before me. Two other jurors (ph) were called in, one of them being Drew’s brother, Paul, today, that weren’t there last week. And they didn’t say why they didn’t get to the last three people.

    VAN SUSTEREN: How long was Paul in there, could you estimate?

    CARCERANO: Approximately 40 minutes, something like that.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Where you called last week to the grand jury, or is this the first time you’ve been called?

    CARCERANO: No, I was called last week, as well, but didn’t get a chance to speak last week, either.


  74. Pretty telling he was called and didn’t speak? Hmm.
    Until now that is.

    I actually preferred him as DP’s PR agent as opposed to Selig because every time you would see him on TV he would be all like: “…and then I ran down to Drew’s to ask him that question.”

    That boy’s a runnin’ fool!

  75. For one thing, no one else is reporting that Carcerano went before the GJ today. So, I’m not sure what to make of that.

    But, on the other hand, there was a point when Lenny and Paula were called before the GJ, but didn’t appear. That was while they were still wearing the wires, and I assume it was just to give the appearance that they were being subpoenaed by the GJ, as were others.

    Could that be the case here, if he did testify today?

  76. Regardless which side you’re on, it makes perfect sense for Christina Raines to get herself lawyered up.

    She couldn’t possibly go through this without one and we don’t know the full story as yet, especially since there is the implication she’s “known” Drew since age 15

    That could mean a lot of things and with Drews track record and position of TRUST as a Police Officer that is of great concern !!

    If Christina were an inherently conniving and money grabbing young woman, she wouldn’t have been hanging out with the likes of Tony Yauk etc, produce two babies out of wedlock, struggle to make a living and barely have a roof over her head.

    Christina is stupid and clueless, she would not have the ability to con someone like Drew out of money and property or have him make promises.

    With a seasoned Sociopath it is ALWAYS the other way around, especially if it did turn out she has “known” him since age 15 !!

  77. I am not sure. I found one place that had an article posted in it saying that Steve said he was asked questions about Stacy and Kathleen but the source link is no longer good.

    My only take is they had something else they wanted to clear with him. Either that or he went to them afterwards and gave them information he had previously not provided.

    He really hasn’t spoken out in Drew’s favor in a long time. Maybe he changed his mind and provided some more information to the investigators than he had before or something like that. Either that or he is on the overhears and they wanted to get his story of what he heard that day.

    I think it is pretty normal to be called more than once.

  78. We need to find the actual reference to Steve Carcerano testifying before the GJ. I can’t believe, in all these months, we believed he did, when he actually did not.

    Who’s on first?

  79. HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: Grand Jury in Bolingbrook, Illinois…
    Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

    Just got a call from my producer Steph Watts (on the ground in Bolingbrook, Illinois) – Right now Steve Carcerano, who lives two doors from where Kathleen Savio lived and who discovered her body, is on his way to the grand jury to testify. (Note he was there the last 2 Wednesdays but never called in…so today he will probably testify.)

  80. Now this from Greta’s site:

    November 24th, 2007 2:09 PM Eastern
    NOTE: Steve Carcerano

    by Greta Van Susteren

    I got a few emails about whether Steve Carcerano – who found Kathleen Savio’s body and who is a friend to Drew Peterson – did anything wrong by talking about his grand jury testimony. He did not. A WITNESS is absolutely free to discuss his grand jury testimony — it is the GRAND JURORS who can not talk

  81. Ah, ha. Not sure of the actual date of this article, either 11/21 or 11/22, maybe.

    Dan Rozek, Janet Lundquist and Joe Hosey, The Chicago Sun-Times and Herald News

    Also testifying before the grand jury was Steve Carcerano, Peterson’s former neighbor and the man who found Kathleen Savio dead in a bathtub in 2004. Carcerano said he was asked questions about both Stacy Peterson and Savio, whose body was exhumed last week.

  82. From ACandyRose.Com, November 21st,2007 Entry From GVS, Audio file on her site below:

    “GretaCast – EAVESDROP ON THIS CONVERSATION IN SGT. PETERSON CASE! Wednesday, November 21st, 2007” – ( HERE listening to audio file:”Greta’s conversation was with Steph from FoxNews whose in Bolingbrook. He said that both Scott Rossetto and his twin brother Keith Rossetto were called to testify at the Grand Jury. Also Peterson neighbor Steve Carcerano testified and they asked him to also come back on December 13th. Steph also told Greta that Illinois State Police were at Sharon’s house to talk to both her and her granddaughter.”

  83. Well, we know now that he did testify. Maybe Joe Hosey will be coming out with a story this evening about the day’s events.

  84. Fox local just confirmed he (SC)was the 4th person to testify, showed pic of him walking in wearing a light blue shirt, but not walking with the other witnesses.

  85. Anyone know what this could mean? Paula, Lenny and Steve C. all have return court dates on the same date (May 19) and time , but different Steve has a different case #.

    CARCERANO STEVEN 5 19 9 900 09SC000500 Return Date
    STARK PAULA 5 19 9 900 08LM003930 Return Date
    WAWCZAK LEONARD 5 19 9 900 08LM003930 Return Date

  86. Did I hear this right on Fox News, that Brodsky wasn’t that much concerned with the line of questions in the GJ? Meaning, he must have discussed it with Carcerano?

    BTW, Brodsky wasn’t his usual snarky self.

  87. I wonder if there was a plan in place to only have these very important witnesses appear before the Grand Jury AFTER Drews arrest !!!!

  88. justanotherhen,
    It sure seems that way. I’m still reeling from the high bail bond…there has to be much more coming.

  89. States Attorney mentioned “severity, gravity, seriousness” of the charges and the Judge granted him that amount of Bond “without question”

    They must have some pretty serious stuff on him rather than Joels lame perception of “flight risk”.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff Joel – LOL

  90. *VIDEO @ SITE

    Witnesses Testify in Peterson Case

    Tom Morphey has told state police he may have been an unwitting accomplice in the disposal of Stacy Peterson’s body when he helped Drew carry a warm blue container out of Peterson’s home.

    Today, Morphey, Peterson’s step brother who’s been granted immunity, went before the grand jury to answer questions. We asked our own.

    Also testifying was Lenny Wawczak and Paula Stark. They’re former friends of Peterson who say they wore wires for state police. Sources say they provided countless hours of secretly recorded and potentially incriminating conversations.

    Together these three represent the last, and perhaps most important witnesses prosecutors need if they are to bring an indictment in Stacy’s disappearance, and presumed death. Peterson’s attorney says he’s not worried, but admits it’s hard to guess what that testimony might mean.

    “I don’t think that it necessarily indicates there’s gonna be an indictment. It could be simply because the grand jury’s wrapping up and they want to get all these testimonies on the record,” said Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky.

    Peterson’s friend Steve Carcerano was the fourth grand jury witness. He was one of the people who discovered the body of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, in a dry bathtub.

    “He kind of told me some of the areas they went into and nothing there caused me any concern,” said Brodsky.

    Peterson, now charged with murdering Savio, is a suspect in Stacy’s disappearance. He maintains his innocence, claiming that she ran off with another man. If prosecutors plan to ask the current grand jury to return an indictment, they have one week to do it.

  91. This grand jury has been convening a very long time, and it’s a special grand jury too, I believe. There has to be mountains of evidence and testimonies…seems like way too much to be only concerning 2 murders. I agree, flight risk may be the least of their worries.

  92. I wonder..Does anyone know if there are any upcoming searches planned ?? I have found no mention of it specifically anywhere. Just wondering 🙂

    I wonder..Will SP ever be found ?? I sure hope so. Her children and loved ones deserve to know the truth.

  93. Also interesting to note, no one has come forward to post bail for Drew !!

    29 years in the Police Force and according to Drew plenty of Officers he “would have taken a bullet for”, yet no one prepared to post bail for him.

    hmmmmm, makes you wonder, where are all of Drews influential friends and associates ??

  94. Yes, they deserve answers and Stacy deserves justice. I believe they will get justice, but dunno about the answers. Hopefully, they will all get what they need to heal.

  95. Yeah funny how people desert you when you get arrested for murders you say you never committed (!!)

  96. 1chordwonder Says:
    May 14, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Anyone know what this could mean? Paula, Lenny and Steve C. all have return court dates on the same date (May 19) and time , but different Steve has a different case #.

    CARCERANO STEVEN 5 19 9 900 09SC000500 Return Date
    STARK PAULA 5 19 9 900 08LM003930 Return Date
    WAWCZAK LEONARD 5 19 9 900 08LM003930 Return Date


    Could be SC case # to designate Kathleen’s case & Lenny & Paula case # for Stacy’s case.

  97. HDI, Earlier I posted that Steve’s date has to do with a mortgage company – probably default on his home loan. If you search the number you’ll see HSBC Nevada is also involved.

    It IS strange though, that they are all at the same time and place.

  98. If Tony Yauk had any brains (big ask) he’d get paternity established via DNA.

    Who knows what that may reveal (!!)

  99. Thanks, hedidit…but doesn’t this grand jury usually meet on Thursday? Could this be a separate grand jury, possibly hearing about different crimes?

  100. Other Carcerano cases:

    CARCERANO MARGHERIT 7 30 9 900 09SC003353 Alias Summons

    CARCERANO MARK A 6 3 9 305 900 08TR121301 5613120 DRIVING ON REVOKED 1 Status

    CARCERANO STEVEN 5 19 9 900 09SC000500 Return Date

    * Mark Carcerano has a court room (305)
    * Margherite & Steve do not
    * Steve appears 5/19/09
    * Mark 6/3/09
    * Margherite 9/30/09

  101. 1chordwonder, these aren’t grand jury appearances.

    BTW, I put up the new FOX video about the grand jury appearances today as well as Joel’s response.

    He says that Steve Carcerano debriefed with him afterwards and he’s not worried about what he might have said. Geez, if your client is innocent why would you worry?

  102. 1chordwonder Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 10:59 pm
    Thanks, hedidit…but doesn’t this grand jury usually meet on Thursday? Could this be a separate grand jury, possibly hearing about different crimes?


    Yes you’re right 1chordwonder.

    The one convening now is a special Grand Jury.

    Could very well be the one Steve Carcerano has to attend is a regular Grand Jury investigating different crimes (finances ?) involving the same people (!!)

  103. The attorney appearing for same case #, time and date as SC on 5/19:

    5 19 9

  104. Facs, so Steve, Lenny and Paula all just coincidentally have a court date on same date at same time?…I think I’m

  105. Yeah well not surprising, Steve Carcerano is always in a financial bind.

    Gamblers usually are, so he’d have plenty of other Court cases coming up are his own problems – LOL !!

  106. These other cases really aren’t connected with the criminal case pending against Drew. Not relative at all.

    They’re personal matters that relate to these individuals. In a word, they’re insignificant.

  107. Possibly, Drew’s fellow cops, didn’t have the kind of money on hand that he had and couldn’t even imagine helping him post bail!

    I never knew one cop that had the kind of money this guy has! (unless they were on the take)!!

  108. luvpups Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 11:24 pm
    Possibly, Drew’s fellow cops, didn’t have the kind of money on hand that he had and couldn’t even imagine helping him post bail!

    I never knew one cop that had the kind of money this guy has! (unless they were on the take)!!


    Maybe the difference is the other cops don’t kill their wives to get that kind of money (!!)

  109. Justanotherhem, didn’t he have several businesses before Kathleen’s death. What I’m saying, you have to have money to invest in a tavern, most people I know who are cops, don’t have money to invest in buisnesses!

    OT, how did you copy my post, I cannot copy & paste any posts that I want to respond to anymore, thought it was something with this site, blocking that option. Thanks

  110. justanotherhen Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 10:53 pm
    If Tony Yauk had any brains (big ask) he’d get paternity established via DNA.

    Who knows what that may reveal (!!)


    Something I hadn’t thought of before. If it turns out Chrissy had been playing around with Drew since she was 15, wouldn’t that be interesting if he turned out to be the father of her kids!!!!

    Although, I do realise this is pretty far-fetched and we shouldn’t really speculate on stuff like that.

  111. luvpups Says:

    May 14, 2009 at 11:37 pm
    Justanotherhem, didn’t he have several businesses before Kathleen’s death. What I’m saying, you have to have money to invest in a tavern, most people I know who are cops, don’t have money to invest in buisnesses!


    I don’t know any cops (and I know a lot!) that have that sort of money either.

    My opinion has always been that these businesses were set up to launder the money he was getting as a dirty cop.

  112. Luvpups – using Internet Explorer browser doesn’t allow you to copy and paste in this WordPress theme. We don’t know why and haven’t been able to resolve that issue. You can do so using the Firefox browser.

    Hope that answers your question.

  113. Rescueapet, thanks, I wouldn’t have a clue how to use Firefox, and yes, I’m using IE, so that is why.


  114. I was thinking before about peterson ringing around trying to get a book deal. If I were a publisher I would let him have one on the condition it cover the trial and be called “The Skunk of Bolingbrook”.

    LOL to Geraldo for coming up with that name for him. It very succinctly describes him.

  115. Something I hadn’t thought of before. If it turns out Chrissy had been playing around with Drew since she was 15, wouldn’t that be interesting if he turned out to be the father of her kids!!!!

    Although, I do realise this is pretty far-fetched and we shouldn’t really speculate on stuff like that.


    Hello Nat,

    I agree we shouldn’t be speculating on stuff like that as everything is already Jerry Springerish enough as it is, but there are too many things that don’t add up in this whole Christina saga and a process of elimination wouldn’t therefore be a bad thing, considering Christina has TWO children of which paternity has never been established, which in itself is rather odd and if you add Drew Peterson to the equasion EVERYTHING is possible !!

  116. I was just thinking about Brodsky trying to get a bond reduction.

    Just because the bastard was arrested and charged for two murders, does not mean that those are the ONLY charges for which he was indicted. Those are only the ones that we know about. It is very possible that Glasgow has other charges that he is holding back for just the right moment (such as just before or just after the hearing on Monday).

    Of course, I have no way of knowing that is the case, but I would think it is probable especially with all of the paperwork that was involved (specifically that Last Will that was “found” and that was used to usurp Kathleen’s entire estate).

    Obviously, forgery is not nearly as serious as murder, but there just might be a laundry list of other charges related to Kathleen’s death, that when all added together would cause a judge to think twice before granting a reduction in his bond.

    I am concerned about this judge, though. Richard Schoenstedt is the same judge who allowed for the cars to be released back so quickly to Peterson. This was done in spite of the fact that one or both of the vehicles were likely used in the commission of a murder and had evidentiary material within, and the owner (Peterson) was being investigated as the person responsible for those murders. It just seemed (and still does seem) highly unusual to me, that this type of evidence was returned to the only named suspect.

    I hope that Schoenstedt grasps the enormity of Peterson’s crimes and maintains the bond at his present amount, or even better, that he raises it even higher. I just have my doubts about this judge and fear that he is going to lower it.

    If he does lower it, the bastard and Brodsky will be back out on the streets thumbing their collective noses once again at the system AND the families, making a mockery of this most tragic case.

    That is a scenario I truly do not care to witness. I have had my fill of both of them.

  117. To add to that, Christina seems to have too much of an emotional investment in Drew for someone who has only met him a few months ago.

    It just doesn’t make sense until I started watching all her t.v. interviews again and that made me start to wonder about several things I had not picked up on before (!!)


    Drew Peterson’s divorce battle with Kathleen Savio investigated Peterson stood to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, court documents say
    By Steve Schmadeke, Erika Slife and Art Barnum

    Tribune reporters

    May 15, 2009

    The fight over personal property began shortly after the two filed for divorce within a day of each other in March 2002. Two months later, Savio was about to leave her home and take her two children to Communion practice at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Bolingbrook when she discovered her 1997 Mercury Mountaineer was missing, according to a court filing.

    Peterson called and told her if she didn’t let him into the house to retrieve his water bed and other belongings, “she wouldn’t be able to find” the Mercury. He broke a court order by removing items from the home, Savio alleged, asking that a judge find him in contempt.

  119. It nearly makes you despondent reading all this.

    The constant battles and dirty tricks this man had up his sleeve seemed never ending.

    The threats, continual breaking into her house, stealing her stuff, rubbing his new teenage girlfriend/wife in her face, bailing her up in her own home, the sabotage and harrassment, etc etc.

    And this guy considers himself to be such a good catch !!

  120. Drew Peterson cracked jokes as he was arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-wife because that’s his way, he said during a “Today” show interview to be aired this morning.

    “There’s no book written on how I’m supposed to act. Would it be better if I hid my head down and tried to hide my face and hunched over and had tears in my eyes?” the jailed Peterson told the show’s Matt Lauer by phone Thursday morning. “I mean, no, that’s just not me.”

    Peterson’s jokes and behavior have been questioned on some media outlets.

    Ex-Bolingbrook cop Peterson, charged with the murder of Kathleen Savio, his third wife, is a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

    He said he didn’t participate in the search for Stacy Peterson because he didn’t agree with the way it was being handled. He has maintained she abandoned him and their children, running off with another man.

    “They were searching in weeds and bushes. I don’t believe she is in weeds and bushes,” he told Lauer. “She’s out there somewhere living her life.”

    Excerpts of Lauer’s interview with Peterson were aired on a WMAQ-Channel 5 newscast Thursday night.

    Also Thursday, Peterson’s stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, and acquaintances Paula Stark and Len Wawczak testified before a Will County grand jury.

    Morphey has claimed he helped Peterson move a blue barrel that he now believes held the body of Stacy Peterson. Stark and Wawczak had cooperated with State Police by wearing a wire and recording seven months of intimate conversations with Peterson.

    Peterson’s girlfriend, Christina Raines, meanwhile, has hired prominent women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred.

    Raines, 24, got engaged to Peterson and moved her kids in with him before breaking off the engagement, then returning to him.,CST-NWS-drew15.article

    * * * * * * * * * *
    Didn’t like the way the searches were handled? That’s a new excuse.

  121. Good morning, bucket and averyone!

    I wonder if Drew selling his (awful) image ever stops. He was put in prison and can still have contact with the media? That’s rediculous to me! What new do they expect him to say? Who wants to listen to his stupid jokes? Let him sit there and look at himself in the mirror walls.

    I would personaly let him speak out of there only if he was going to confess the truth and wanted to apologize. That would be a guarranty to me not see his face or hear his voice anymore :). That’s not Drew! ;).

  122. Hi Cyrhla!

    I still don’t get how it is possible to give interviews from jail, either.

    His bail….Mayor Claar’s new political party has $1million to hand doesn’t it? That’s half of what he needs right there! Are they holding out on him?

  123. Todays Chicago Tribune front page story:
    Drew Peterson’s divorce battle with Kathleen Savio investigated
    Peterson stood to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, court documents say
    By Steve Schmadeke, Erika Slife and Art Barnum | Tribune reporters
    May 15, 2009,0,6241154.story

    Poor Drew was getting “squeezed” financially…?
    I have a big problem with sensational headliners such as this; it presumes everything material belongs to the husband and she gets half of everything thats his
    ,which is everything, as though she has made no contributions or shared ownership and implies she should have left the marriage with the clothes upon her back and nothing more. Are sensible people supposed to feel sorry and understand why ” the thing ” had to kill in order to survive ?
    Headlines such as this are inflammatory and sexist.

  124. ROFL I had to listen to it over and over before I figred out that Drew was not saying the GJ could indict ” a Jew” but “indict you”.

  125. I’m with you, writerofwrongs. They were in the midst of dissolving a legal partnership and the assets to be divided belong to BOTH. Kathleen “stood to lose” just as much $$$ as that pos. But, if she hadn’t been murdered, she might also have been able to “lose” physical, mental and emotional abuse, as well.

  126. Gloria Allred is on Fox News Chicago via phone. She did say her client cares for Drew very much, and assumes he feels the same about her, and plans to visit him. Allred says she certainly has that right. She’s also saying that Peterson has a presumption of innocence and it will be up for the courts to decide. But, (and thank goodness for this, heh), Allred said her client did want to extend her concern for the victims’ families.

    The phone interview should be up on Fox shortly. Not that it’s worth listening to.

    Allred and my respect for her – zero!

  127. “Do you have idea what the state’s evidence is against you?” Lauer asked.

    “No idea. And the grand jury system seriously needs to be revised,” he replied. “I truly believe that if they wanted to they could have indicted you for this incident. What you have is a bunch of lay people that are in there and they have been sitting there for 18 months, and they are uneducated on the points of law, rules of evidence and things like that.”



    OK – So let’s see. The GJ is a bunch of laypeople that don’t know what they are doing is his defense of why he was indicted.

    This in spite of the fact that in his career he was one of the officers that would provide other GJs (also all laypeople) with evidence that they used to indict people.

    However, he has thrown out the expert decision that the first Coroner’s Jury (made up of lay people with no forensic or medical training who didn’t even get all of the information regarding Kathleen’s death) was incorrect.

    Our legal system is certainly not perfect (which is why I personally have concerns about death sentences) but it has always, always been based on regular people participating in the jury process. The process includes using laypeople on a grand jury in some cases that is followed up with a trial of the evidence.

    Drew also said in the interview on that site that there needs to be legislation passed for jurors to have to be educated on legal aspects prior to participating in a jury. Funny – so we’ll only be able to have lawyers and cops on juries?? I guess he isn’t smart enough to realize that many times it is in the defendent’s benefit for the person not to know law inside and out and decide with their heart. Regular people often have bigger hearts and don’t want to be the one that decides someone should be executed.

    He also must not be smart enough to know that he does have a choice to have a legal expert determine his faith. He can opt for a bench trial and save the state lots of money if he so choses.

  128. A note to Mr. Brodsky; yes there are many, many divorces in this world. If anyone of those spouses would end of dead by questionable means, the remaining spouse would be prime suspect #1. No one is mistreating your client, there is no poor Drew, this is what he created. The fact is that up until this point someone (or several someones) felt the need to cover up Drews mess, but he just keeps making bigger messes that draws more attention to himself and the previous mess. If I were his attorney my advice to him would be sit down and shut up.

  129. Matt Lauer asked Peterson what he’s told his younger children regarding his absence.

    Whew, using the “I am on vacation” excuse is not a good choice, heh? He’s “helping the police.”

    Yeah, he sure is.

  130. “I have phone contact with them daily, and they’re doing very well,” Peterson said. “The older two, they know what’s going on. They are aware of what’s happening. And the younger two — I’m just with the police right now helping them.

    “You told them you’re actually out helping the police trying to find their mom?” Lauer asked.

    “I didn’t say I was trying to find her, just said I was helping the police, and I believe that is what my son has told them,” Peterson replied.



    These poor kids are never going to want to go on vacation or help the police.

    I will say this though – I really don’t know what you say to kids the ages of the little ones. I’m one for saying the truth because the longer you perpetuate a cover up the harder it hits them later down the line.

    I cannot imagine what is going on in the kids’ heads. The teens have to have it especially hard and it is amazing how resilient they appear to be. My prayers continue to go out to them along with Kathleen and Stacy’s family and friends.

  131. I find it terribly hard to believe that Peterson’s lawyer would condone this interview. Going on national tv, yet again, and criticizing the court system, starting with the GJ, is mind boggling. Calling them “just lay people” is insane.

    Funny, he didn’t seem to mind that lay people are the ones that ruled his ex-wife’s death an accident, and continues to hang his defense on that little detail.

    Oh, the more he talks……..

  132. When listening to DP’s complaints about the grand jury system and the fact the evidence is heard by ‘uneducated laypeople’ and implying that’s what led to his being jailed, I couldn’t help but snicker.

    Doesn’t our copper realize the jury (or juries) which will convict him for the murders of Kathleen & Stacy will also be comprised of these crummy ‘uneducated laypeople?’ A jury of your peers, dude – a jury of your peers.

  133. Oh, the interview Drew did with Matt Lauer, that was heard this morning, this thing is bleepin’ golden. I hope he does lots more. Priceless.

  134. rescueapet Says:

    May 15, 2009 at 9:03 am
    Gloria Allred is on Fox News Chicago via phone. She did say her client cares for Drew very much, and assumes he feels the same about her, and plans to visit him. Allred says she certainly has that right. She’s also saying that Peterson has a presumption of innocence and it will be up for the courts to decide. But, (and thank goodness for this, heh), Allred said her client did want to extend her concern for the victims’ families.

    The phone interview should be up on Fox shortly. Not that it’s worth listening to.

    Allred and my respect for her – zero!


    Well so far this woman hasn’t said anything particularly interesting or revealing.

    Does Christina need a lawyer to let anyone know she wants to visit Drew in jail and more so does anyone care ??

    I had to laugh at this statement:

    “She did say her client cares for Drew very much, and assumes he feels the same about her ”

    Christina lived with the guy and is supposedly engaged to him, but has no idea how he feels about her (!!)

    Yeah Drew can be a bit vague about his true feelings at times – LOL !!

  135. Christina Raines hired Gloria Allred because of “all of the media calls” she’s getting.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  136. Not sure but they are saying there is supposed to be some mystery “collect caller” this morning who they won’t say who it is. I wonder if it will be Drew calling from the jail. I mean – he did the Matt Lauer interview already so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t still want to get air time with his “friends”.

  137. I think “all the media calls” is the only reason Gloria Allred is involved. There may be other reasons Chrissy needs a lawyer, but if there wasn’t media interest, there’d be no Allred interest, IMO.

  138. Maybe it’s Drew’s way of getting back at Joel for leaving his behind in jail… Joel cannot control who Drew calls from jail and it is unlikely that he’s with him to kick him under the table when he shouldn’t say something.

    I tihnk Drew is still trying to taint the jury pool so much that his defense will try to argue that he can’t get a fair trial. Problem is – he isn’t smart enough to realize that argument is mute when it is the defendent who is doing the tainting.

  139. BTW – Isn’t this the lawyer (Allred) who wanted to remove Michael Jacksons children from his care ??

  140. Drew’s not going to stop talking, and Joel doesn’t really have any interest in stopping him. The more outrageous Drew is, the more famous Jowl becomes.

  141. Wait ’til the criminal trial jury hands down a ‘guilty’ sentence. Is Drew going to scoff at them for being ‘laypeople’ as well?

    I never heard that a jury was meant to be a panel of forensic and legal experts. 🙂

  142. LOL, no one ever heard of that Facs. Maybe it’s something that Drew is philosophical about and has discussed with Joel over chicken wings.

    Yet, it can’t be ignored, that he is adamantly sticking to his belief that the original coroner’s panel, who were lay people and/or “friends,” ruled correctly, in his favor, and he’s good with that.

    Told you this was bleepin’ golden. Keep yapping, sap.

  143. While I will agree with Drew that there is no book written on how to behave when arrested for your ex-wife’s murder, I think common sense and intelligence would tell you not to crack jokes.

    There is IMO, a huge deficiency in the makeup of Drew Peterson’s psyche.

  144. It was pretty sweet too, when Drew mentioned that when the police arrested him he was on the way to the bank to make a deposit “so my family would have some money” as if it was so rude of them to have arrested him.

    Drew just doesn’t get it.

  145. Next time I get called for jury duty I am going to tell them I am not educated in the law so I shouldn’t be seated.

  146. I think he may have left out the kind of bank he was going to. Maybe he was really on his way to the sperm bank so that Chrissy could still have his baby and make even more money on book deals.

    (JK – but couldn’t resist.)

    Seriously – I wonder how much cash he had on hand. Doesn’t he just get his pension check direct deposited?? Plus – all he needs to do is have his lawyer bring his checks to the jail for him to sign and anyone is able to deposit checks into an account – even if their name is not on that account. Guess he is uneducated about the banking system so he shouldn’t be allowed to bank.

  147. So, let me get this right.

    Drew is very forward-thinking when it comes to changing up the way juries are assembled, but when it comes to hearsay he would very much, please, like to go back to the old laws where victims of murder have no voice.

  148. Sorry, I’m a little late to the party this morning. Just read the story about the divorce.

    “Drew Peterson’s divorce battle with Kathleen Savio investigated

    Peterson stood to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, court documents say”

    The headline doesn’t bug me because it points to a motive for Drew. Yes, Kathleen would have had the right to half of their assets and in Drew’s eyes he would have “lost” that money.

    It is cringe-inducing though to read about a separation of assets as if one party is ‘losing’ something. Especially when the reality is that Kathleen is the one who lost, not only all her assets, but her life as well. And her kids lost…well, as Tom said, “Nothing could be worse than my mom dying.”

  149. Did it sound to you as if Drew thought that brand new detention accomodation was built just for him?

  150. As a police officer who has spent a career of being part of this legal system – it truly amazes me that he never complained about these kinds of atrocities during the cases of people that he helped put behind bars. We should let them all go free and get new juries with legal backgrounds to retry them!!

    He has issue with the overhears yet he worked undercover to catch people in the act of a crime (some would say entrap people in a crime).

    He says Stacy likes to be the center of male attention yet he’s the one having drunk girls sit on his lap and take mug shots.

    He says that people are addicts, criminals, etc. yet he acts as their reference for jobs and thinks about going into business with them.

    He says the GJ is uneducated and wrong yet the CJ was smarter than medical experts that overturned their ruling.

    There are more of these I’m sure…

    Hypocrite… hypocrite… hypocrite…

  151. LOL, Bucket. I was impressed by the way he told Matt Lauer, “You have a good day” as if he was dismissing him from the depths of a cushy leather armchair in his private study.

    Drew, don’t worry about Matt. His day is going to be fine. He hasn’t been charged with murder.

  152. It’s sickening, Facs. Everyone (journalists, etc) still promote that notion that women and their property “belong” to their husband. It would have been more appropriate to point out that this was his wildly incorrect thinking. Women are still the niggers of the world. 😦

  153. he says there’s a bunch of white people on the jury…how the hell would he know what type of demographic that jury is made up of..and what difference does it make????

    he’s an IDIOT by stating to his potential jurors that they have to be “educated” and understand the rules of’s not the law as HE knows it…it’s the law that we all have been taught…you do NOT get to kill your ex wife and current wife for any reason..duh????

    anyone who is an upstanding citizen knows that…yep, keep insulting people Drew…insult your potential jury and continue to taint that jury pool..eventually a jury will be found that will hear this case, hear the FACTS of this case, the circumstances of this case and they will convict you!

    grrrrr! Why is he allowed to give any interviews at all? Why is his “attorney” allowing this??? Brodsky is going to go down in the history books for “STUPIDEST LAWYER EVER!” I hereby nominate him!

  154. A twitter from our friends at the Public Agency:

    Christina Raines lawyer says that she “may be a witness in a big criminal case, but not Kathleen Savio’s” Stacy Peterson then?

  155. That might explain the hiring of Gloria A. and the zipped lips. I wonder if it has something to do with the ring LE took.

    Do you have any idea how reliable a source “Public Agency” is?

  156. could have sworn he said WHITE people first…then at the end said LAY people…but then again when he said “they could indict you” I thought he said “they would indict a JEW” damn Drew and that accent!

    remember…I have the Washingtonian accent with a touch of East Coast…All of Drew’s Dat’s and Chu’s throw me off!


  157. So…there were “Lay People” on the coroners jury too…so basically what he is saying is that if this grand jury came to this conclusion by mistake, indicting him for her murder..than the coroner’s jury, that was full of lay people (and a friend or two?) must have also made a mistake because they “didn’t understand the rules of the law, evidence, forensics” etc etc

    boy..he doesn’t get to have it both ways, but in his little world he sure thinks he does!

  158. Drew didn’t seem to have a problem with all of the people he tried to lay (aka “lay people”) that he met online and various waterholes.


  159. OK, Rescue heard the interview this morning and Allred said she may be a witness in a big upcoming trial case, not Chrissy.

  160. Bucket – LOL. Yes Ashley counts – that’s why I said lay “person” not lay “girl”. 🙂

  161. someone help me out here…what am I missing?

    Gloria Allred is typically a womans and childrens right advocate and attorney correct?

    (other than the opinion of most that she’s a media wh*re, but I’m talking about what Gloria normally represents)

    if that is the case..what rights of Christina’s or her children’s could have possibly been violated or need defending???

    Chrissy is NOT Drew’s wife, and supposedly those kids are not his, none of them stake any claim to property or finances…what “rights” of theirs would need to be protected?

    I’m sorry, but the fact that Chrissy was questioned IMO is not a violation of her rights, the fact that all of them needed to be removed from the home during the arrest and search is also not a violation…I guess I’m just wondering for what purpose would Gloria Allred need to defend Chrissy unless it has to do with those kids by chance? It can’t be because Chrissy is a spouse because she’s not, and it just doesn’t make sense to me if this is in regards to having representation while being questioned or in court to get someone like GA…why not someone local? Okay…it’s because GA always interjects herself in sensational cases??? or could it be something more, like something to do with those kids????

    uggggh…I keep questioning it because something is just not adding up about Chrissy and Drew and their relationship…and as someone pointed out, she seems too invested with Drew, considering the circumstances and the brief amount of time they’ve been a “couple” hmmmm?



    Listen Live Saturday 2pm Pacific, 4PM Central, 5PM Eastern

    TRUE CRIMES joins the Drew Peterson media circus when Burl Barer, live from Texas, and Don Woldman, live from the Lighten up Lounge, rehash all the known dirt, and exhume some new dirt, courtesy of the one woman who is up to her neck and word processor in the muck and mire of America’s most talked about case — Diane Fanning…

  163. Dearheart – I too don’t get why Gloria is representing a woman who has dragged her kids from alleged abusive and baby daddy boyfriend, to boyfriend, to suspect boyfriend, back to now alleged abusive boyfriend, back to suspect boyfriend, back to aleged abusive boyfriend, back secretly to suspect boyfriend, and now to who knows where.

    It just doesn’t fit with her usual clients. Maybe kind of like she tried to do with Octomom she’s doing this to see what is going on with Chrissy’s kids rather than actually being there to help Chrissy.

    Bet your bottom dollar that if Chrissy fires her that she contacts DCFS on Chrissy. Just a thought.

    Gloria is a very smart woman – but I think she’s more in it for the fame now than the cause and that is sad because the cause for children advocacy could use someone as intelligent as she is.

  164. It really irritates me too that this murderer is allowed to do tv interviews & is isolated as if he is some sort of celebrity. I think he’s being allowed to do interviews so he’ll continue to dig himself deeper. I’m assuming he’ll try to claim tainted jury pool, can’t get a fair trial, blah blah, then the prosecution has all this footage of him creating the tainted jury pool.

    Did he really ever help put any criminals away? Or did he just become “friends” with all of them? Maybe they are keeping him isolated so he doesn’t get killed before justice is served. I can only hope.

    I agree that he was talking as if the jail is a resort built just for him.

  165. Dearheart. It doesn’t seem to add up does it?

    My guess is that she’s going to say that Christina has been victimized by Drew since a very young age (possibly since she was 15) and that she deserves defense in that regard.

    What doesn’t fit in with that is how she says that Christina ‘cares for Drew’ and he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. If she is going to try to present Chrissy as a victim of Drew, then eventually she is going to have to start saying some negative things about him.

    I guess time will tell us what is up with this.

  166. well for a girl who didn’t want media attention she sure isn’t asking to be left alone by hanging with Gloria Allred…I’m sure the “press conference” is coming where Chrissy sits quietly next to Gloria and GA goes on and on about due process and how Chrissy is not the criminal and then goes into the spiel about her being a victim as well.

    something bugs me, and even those all these explanations seem so obvious, something in my gut tells me there is more!

    I don’t want to go down speculation road again, but I guess I’m left with no other choice, what if this relationship started long before Stacy went missing and that one or both of Chrissy’s kids are really Drew’s? If that is the case I guess his own words can get used against him…it adds to the possible motive etc…but to me, other than GA needing to interject herself in nearly every high profile case there isn’t any valid reason for Chrissy to have representation unless, she knows something or she has some sort of valid claim against assets…I know there is more to their story…more than she has said..more than Drew has said…more than Ernie has said, oh yes there is many things just don’t add up

    I’m going to look for Ernie’s exact quote but I believe it was on GMA or Today or whatever show that was that he and Chrissy were on after the first breakup…the “stunt” interview..but Ernie said something to the affect of “Drew went back on his word” which I thought was sort of odd…like at some point their relationship was discussed between him and Drew, but other reports say that she and Drew were dating long before her dad found out about it????

    oh what a tangled web…..

  167. I had heard rumors of this yesterday but no confirmation until now.

    Mike Robinson also testified at the Grand Jury

    …The grand jury last week indicted Peterson, 55, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, for first-degree murder in the March 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a bathtub of her home. He’s being held on $20 million bail at the county jail, but his attorneys are seeking to get that figure reduced.

    Also appearing before the grand jury Thursday was Peterson’s friend Steve Carcerano, who found Savio’s body, and another friend of Peterson, Mike Robinson, sources said

  168. tink1 – It is important to note that jail is where they hold people who are still only charged with a crime. Most people that sit in jail are those that don’t have a lot of money and can’t post bail. The rules are pretty lax about TV time and phone time while awaiting trial. Remember – he is still legally considered innocent until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

    Now if convicted the person is sent to a state prison – the number of phone calls and all of that stuff get much more locked down there for people charged with the kind of crimes Drew is charged with. Plus the prison digs aren’t as nice as the new jail digs he’s staying at. If he is convicted, he’ll have it much worse than he has it now and he’ll probably stop laughing. But – sad to say – you see jailhouse interviews on TV all the time – even Charles Manson.

  169. My thought on Allread… Maybe it is about Drew’s children, not Christina’s? She was supposed to be with them when Drew goes to prison. ISP took her out of the house and maybe that’s the point.

    Facs, have I understood you correctly that this is Allred who is going to be a witness, not Christima?

  170. “Also appearing before the grand jury Thursday was Peterson’s friend Steve Carcerano, who found Savio’s body, and another friend of Peterson, Mike Robinson, sources said…”

    oh VERY interesting! Have they or have they not both already testified prior to Drew’s indictment for Kathleen? and they’ve been called up again?

    I wonder if this could have anything to do with what was said on the over hears??? hmmmm?

  171. Yes, Allred is the one who might be a witness.

    So, I wonder if Mike Robinson and Steve Carcerano went together to meet with Joel and spill everything they were asked.

    VERY curious as to why Mike was asked back, and if he was asked different questions than the last time.

  172. So, just to put it togther in once place.

    Appeared at Special Grand Jury 5/14/09:

    Len Wawczak
    Paula Stark
    Tom Morphey
    Steve Carcerano
    Mike Robinson

    Anyone else?

  173. Hosey’s Bolingbrook Sun story has a little more detail:

    Another friend of Peterson’s, Mike Robinson, testified as well, sources said. One source said Robinson appeared “hostile” when he went before the grand jury.

    Well, that seems in keeping with those kidnapping, assault and battery charges…

  174. and Mike Robinson’s assault case still is not finished right?

    I’ve noticed over the months that there’s been delay’s an continuances and then no information at all…hmmm?

    I’m thinkin I’m thinkin…lol…maybe they are cutting some deals..especially since he was called back yesterday and little if anything has been mentioned..hmm?

  175. yeah..or major differences or statements made on those over hears?

    here’s the thing…they’ve heard from these two before handing down an indictment, what else could they possibly have to offer unless something new came out? I mean I just find it interesting that of all the witnesses called, there was Len and Paula (which we most definitely expected once that jury got to hear the taps) and there’s Tom..again we totally expected him to testify at some point..but what I did not expect was the two closest to Drew to be called again…what more could they add if they told all before???

    hmm? makes a person think!

  176. My nephew’s minor drug charged dragged in the system with continuances for a year. It isn’t uncommon for bigger charges to take longer to go through the whole process. It is also very possible that the victims in this case weren’t cooperating too or had not wanted MR charged with those crimes. I don’t think I’d read to much into that personally – although this case has lots of twists and turns.

    MR isn’t going to go against the man whose paying for his education would he? Maybe they asked about that and that was what made him hostile.

    Maybe he was hostile at the media being there and wasn’t hostile during the GJ questioning?? I think the media has a tendency to piss people off by trying to get the story too aggressively sometimes. Mike seems to be one that prefers to stay in the background – even moreso that Steve C.


    Peterson’s fiance gets high-profile lawyer

    May 15, 2009 2:44 PM

    A high-profile Los Angeles attorney said Friday she is “representing…as a spokesperson” Drew Peterson’s on-again, off-again fiancé Christina Raines, 24, who the attorney said may be called as a witness.

    Gloria Allred said in a statement that she is now representing Raines, who was seen moving clothes out of Peterson’s home on the day he was arrested last week and charged with murder in the drowning death of third wife Kathleen Savio. He is also the suspect in the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

    Raines, who had plans to marry Peterson once his divorce from Stacy was finalized, was “shocked” by his arrest but “takes no position on whether or not he is guilty,” Allred said in the statement.

    “Her heart goes out to both families who have suffered such a terrible loss,” the statement said.

  178. As a “spokeperson”. I don’t believe she is licensed in Illinois to practice law, so that might explain that.

    And now I guess we’ve got a 180 on that “witness” issue. I’m going to sit back and wait until something more comes out about that.

  179. Do you think anyone cares whether Chrissy thinks Drew is guilty or not? Do you think Kitty and Stacy’s families have been waiting for Chrissy’s message of sympathy? Yuck.

  180. “Her heart goes out to both families who have suffered such a terrible loss,” the statement said.
    Is she kidding? Since when?!

  181. “Her heart goes out to both families who have suffered such a terrible loss,” the statement said.

    before or after she appeared on the Mancow show and cracked jokes about it?

    I have ZERO respect for Chrissy and the ONLY way I ever would have any for her is if she does know the truth and becomes a witness for the State…her heart??? really? After the eye rolls and total lack of empathy making jokes about Drew drowning her???? Oh I guess this is how she deals with stress too? She’s just “kookie” and a “jokester” like Drew…I said it before and I’ll say it again, Drew goes for young people because they do not take things as seriously as they should..people of maturity would see right through his game and his BS…Chrissy is NOW upset because she’s losing out on all of the perks of living rent free in a big house that doesn’t belong to her and is offended because she’s got a camera in her face…which I might add, did anyone else notice when she slapped at Craig Wall outside the jail? She’s obviously got herself a bit of a temper too!

    her heart means NOTHING to me…she’s shown that her heart is cold by taking up with this man and making light of the deaths of two women…now she wants some sympathy? oh please! “she takes no position on whether or not he is guilty”???? are you kidding me? she already said she didn’t think so…so what’s different now that she can’t offer the same opinion? Yep…I see this as her playing both sides against the middle, she doesn’t know if he’ll be able to bond out and go back to her carefree life with him…in case he does, she needs that as her option, in case he never does, she needs a platform to dig into and try to get a slice of the pie!

    this case just keeps getting sicker

  182. Really, the only decent thing Chrissy can do at this point is either spill everything she has ever known about Drew, or slink off back into the sewers.

  183. “both families that have suffered such a terrible loss”????

    well…one family for sure has lost someone…the other family doesn’t know what happened to their loved one…according to Drew Stacy is not lost..she’s living it up on a beach, If Chrissy believed Stacy were alive this statement seems a bit odd…as odd as when Drew was asked by Mancow if he thought he would ever been charged with “Stacy’s Murder” and Drew didn’t correct him..if she believed that Drew was telling the truth about Stacy and not harming her…being sorry for the “loss” of her along with Kathleen makes no sense!

  184. If her heart goes out to both families, why to hell she was sitting with Drew on the same sofa that Stacy once used to sit letting Drew hug her in front of the cameras?! Couldn’t she see then how much it must have hurt Stacy’s family? Why did she sleep in Stacy’s bed, help remove her clothes?!

    I do not also have any respect for this [beep].

  185. playing both sides against the middle guys

    either she slipped up…didn’t really THINK before allowing that statement to be made or she’s saying she believes Stacy to be dead!

    “her heart goes out to BOTH families for such a TERRIBLE LOSS”

    how do you lump a missing woman in with a known dead woman in this statement unless you believe them both to be dead???

    I seem to recall another attorney saying something about double speak and white noise…I think it’s getting played in regards to Chrissy now!

  186. Dearheart, that is what her lawyer said, not her. Allred is her spokewoman so she takes care of her image.

    Christina had a very though interview with ISP and they must have scared her. Maybe she finally understood this is not a kindergarden but she may be in serious troubles. Either she learnt something from ISP (but why did she go to the prison to visit Drew then? to tell him that?) or she is involved in Stacy’s murder and now she sees Drew is the last person to defend her.

    I agree with you, Facs, that the only thing she could do now is to say everything she knows about Drew and her connections with him.

  187. The fact that Chrissy’s “heart goes out to BOTH families for such a terrible loss” sounds very like DP’s recent response to what he tells the children about Stacy, “That she’s on vacation and she’s not coming back.”

  188. yes her spokeswoman is speaking on her behalf…did she not read or approve what was said?

    I mean we’re supposed to believe that her heart goes out to these families right? Even if it’s Gloria speaking for her…it’s supposed to be how she feels, her “statement”

    I find that a very telling statement that her “heart goes out to both families for their terrible loss” that tells me that she believes that Stacy isn’t off living her life somewhere..but is gone..and if that isn’t what she feels she better get hooked on phonics and learn to read these statements BEFORE Gloria reads them or she might find herself in an even bigger heap of trouble…a statement like that can lead people to believe she knows more than what she’s claimed to know!

    I’m sure the ISP scared her…as well they should, not saying it’s okay to terrorize her and I seriously doubt that is how their questioning her went down…but what they have is enough to arrest him, something he convinced her would never happen, who knows why she visited him it’s “none of our f%&^%@! business” (lol sorry I couldn’t resist..I laughed so hard when she shrieked that at Craig Wall) maybe it was to remind him of her undying love…maybe it was to tell him he’s on his own…seems her “opinions” of him have waffled quite a bit since her “spokeswoman” is stating that she can’t comment on his guilt or innocence…

    Why do I keep hearing Tammy Wynettes “STAND BY YOUR MAN” in my head??? LMAO!

    yep it’s just like a bad Jerry Springer episode..the worst one ever!

  189. Now that I think about it, ANY remotely appropriate expression of awareness, let alone concern, for the victims and their families is soooo far out of character for Ms. Raines, I’ll bet it did come from her “spokesperson.” It’s far too close to compassion for it to have been Chrissy’s idea.

  190. Her statement on Drew’s guilt or innocence sounds like she was leaving the gate open to come back to him in case he gets out of prison.

  191. If she felt REALLY sorry for the families (let’s she learnt something significant what opned her eyes), she would apologize them for her behaviour. Forget about her empathy, both for the families and Drew’s children.

  192. Hi folks,

    For the sake of readability of the comment thread, while there is so much going on in the case, we are making a few requests.

    1. Please paste only excerpts of news articles or short articles. In other words, only include the “new” part of the news articles whenever possible.

    2. Please make an effort to keep personal opinions short and to the point. We all have opinions but they are like dreams…the details are fascinating mostly to ourselves.

    3. Please resist the urge to speculate and go off on tangents. It’s fine to question something and to wonder but once we start to speculate, there’s really no stopping and we quickly lose credibilty. The answers to many of our questions will be revealed in due time.

    These are not official rules, per se, but we do appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


  193. I do not think Gloria Allred’s area is only family and children.

    Her profile suits representing Christina, IMO.

    Featured news: Attorney Gloria Allred’s statement regarding her representation of Chrissy Raines in the Drew Peterson case.

    Isn’t she the woman who offered her help to Ernie Raines on TV?

  194. snipped version

    Peterson’s friend Steve Carcerano …

    “He kind of told me some of the areas they went into and nothing there caused me any concern,” said Brodsky.

    I wonder if he also talked with Mike Robinson and whether he would have the same thoughts on Mike’s testimony.

    And of course, Steve C. is under no obligation to share all what was asked of him with Joel Brodsky.

  195. If all Chrissy needed was help with PR, why didn’t she use that PR Guru of Drew’s, Glenn Selig? Granted, he sucks, but it seems a little strange that Chrissy doesn’t want to connect herself with him.

  196. Joel says that the questioning of Steve Carcerano was in areas that don’t cause him any concern. So, you can only deduce that there are areas that do cause him concern.

    I wonder what areas those are?

  197. “He kind of told me some of the areas they went into and nothing there caused me any concern,” said Brodsky.

    Yeah LOL. It’s the ones he didn’t tell you about Brodsky. Those ones are going to bite you in the butt.

  198. who what where when why and how?

    if Drew is innocent, nothing should be concerning to Joel or Drew about his friends being questioned..PERIOD

    yeah what areas facs???

    let’s see, Len and Paula and Tom testified, finally, we knew it would come and the fact it did after the indictment for Kathleen and the week before the grand jury finishes was expected…but why call Steve and Mike back? What did Steve have to offer concerning Stacy? What does Mike have to offer concerning Stacy? especially since BOTH of them testified over a year ago already, they were called back for a reason and I find it very interesting that it’s Drew’s TWO biggest supporters that were called back!

    lol…yeah why didn’t Chrissy use Glenn??? He might have been able to get her a job at the Cathouse!

  199. hmm? that video of her packing up her car? I think she’s done with Drew!

    why is she moving out? can’t Drew give her permission to stay?

  200. The full statement from GA is in the link above, that cyrhla posted.

    Today, I can confirm that I will be representing Chrissy Raines as a spokesperson in the case of People v. Drew Peterson.

    Chrissy, age 24, has known Mr. Peterson for many years. This year they became romantically involved and she lived on and off with him for part of this year. She cares for him and believes that he cares for her. They did have plans to marry once the divorce from Stacy Peterson became final.

    Chrissy was shocked when Drew was arrested on a charge that he killed Kathleen Savio (his third wife). She takes no position on whether or not he is guilty of that crime or whether or not he had anything to do with the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson. That is for the jury to decide. However, her heart goes out to both families who have suffered such a terrible loss.

    Chrissy may be a witness in this case. If called as a witness Chrissy plans to tell the truth.

    I am in the process of applying to the Illinois Court for permission to represent her in this matter. It will be within the discretion of the Court as to whether or not to admit me for this purpose.

    Chrissy has no plans to do any interviews at this time. She wishes to maintain her privacy both at work and at home. Chrissy asks that the press not contact her, since she will not be making any comment, and will simply refer everyone to me. Any such contact with Chrissy will be viewed by me as attempted harassment of a potential witness.

    I look forward to working with Chrissy Raines and protecting her rights in this very challenging, emotionally tumultuous, high profile case

    I am uploading the phone interview from Fox this morning to youtube, which pretty much says the same thing.
    I’ll post the link when it is finished.

    noway: I can vouch for PublicAgency. My friend is a very reliable a source. 😉

  201. I think that video is old, isn’t it? It’s clips from when she gathered up stuff after Drew’s arrest.

  202. Chrissy may be a witness in this case. If called as a witness Chrissy plans to tell the truth.

    Um … what about if questioned by law enforcement?

    Womenscorned, it would appear the Public Agency knew exactly what they were saying. Unlike the Publicity Agency. 😉

  203. My opinion is still that Chrissy and Ernie are plants for book sales and publicity. 😳

  204. dearheart88 Says:

    May 15, 2009 at 1:19 pm
    someone help me out here…what am I missing?

    Gloria Allred is typically a womans and childrens right advocate and attorney correct ?

    if that is the case..what rights of Christina’s or her children’s could have possibly been violated or need defending???


    Yes it makes you wonder where all this is going.

    That Christina gets herself an attorney makes sense, especially after she was taken in after Drews arrest and ISP asked “tough questions”

    Of course we don’t know what the tough questions were, but Christina ends up with a lawyer for womens/victims rights/child advocacy.

    With that in mind, there has to be much more to the Drew/Christina story then we know at this point.

    Interesting times ahead I’d say …….

  205. Chrissy, age 24, has known Mr. Peterson for many years.


    Oh Oke, the cat is out of the bag.

    When at age 24 you know someone for “many years”, that means you knew him since you were “very young” – hmmmmmmm !

  206. Thanks Womenscorned. We can always count on you!

    JAH, It’s been out there for quite a while that Chrissy and Drew met when she was fifteen.

  207. Chrissy has no plans to do any interviews at this time. She wishes to maintain her privacy both at work and at home. Chrissy asks that the press not contact her, since she will not be making any comment, and will simply refer everyone to me. Any such contact with Chrissy will be viewed by me as attempted harassment of a potential witness.

    Lah dee freakin’ dah, your majesty.

  208. News you can use.

    Savio estate opposes Peterson bond reduction
    May 15, 2009 6:08 PM

    An attorney representing Kathleen Savio’s estate is arguing that Drew Peterson’s $20 million bond in her drowning death should not be reduced since any assets he may use to post bail are ones that Savio’s estate likely has its own claim on.

    New York attorney John Q. Kelly said he faxed a letter Friday to Will County Circuit Judge Richard C. Schoenstetd and the other parties in the case saying Savio’s estate “strongly opposes any reduction” in Peterson’s bail.

    The issue is expected to be raised at Peterson’s arraignment on Monday.

    In his letter, Kelly sets the value of Savio’s estate potential claim at about $470,000 and argues that any bail Peterson posts likely “is only available to him as a result of her murder” and would likely later revert to her estate anyway, giving him no incentive not to flee.

    But Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, called the letter “baloney” saying that the estate has no claim or standing in the criminal case.

    “It’s the most absurd argument that I’ve ever heard. … It’s absurd to the point I would expect a first-year law student to know better,” he said. “He’s going to be laughed out of court.”

    Brodsky said he plans to ask the judge on Monday to reduce Peterson’s bail to perhaps between $100,000 and $500,000, based in part on his lack of a criminal record.

    Kelly, who is also representing Savio’s family in their wrongful death lawsuit, said any funds Savio’s estate eventually may collect would go to the two boys she had with Peterson.

    Also of concern to the estate in any bail reduction, Kelly said, is his understanding that Peterson has access to trust-fund accounts–seeded with $1 million from Savio’s life insurance–that are set up for the children’s college expenses.

    The proceedings with Savio’s estate “will take a back seat to the criminal prosecution” Kelly said, adding that the Savio family had not just reopened the estate just to file a wrongful-death lawsuit.

    “This is to make sure that no money was used for wife number 5 or to spend on Drew and his whims,” Kelly said.

    –Steve Schmadeke

  209. If “Mr. Peterson” knew Christina for many years, I’m beginning to think it was the old “grooming” trick Mr. Peterson has been pulling on Christina !!

    This can turn out a lot sadder than we know !!

  210. “He’s going to be laughed out of court.”

    Joel better be careful about pointing fingers at those who could be laughed out of court. IMO anyway.

  211. facsmiley Says:

    May 15, 2009 at 6:37 pm
    Thanks Womenscorned. We can always count on you!

    JAH, It’s been out there for quite a while that Chrissy and Drew met when she was fifteen.


    Yes I know that, but now it’s been confirmed by her lawyer and must be an important point for her to specifically mention that.

  212. Noway – oh, how I thought just that same thing. Who is he to criticize someone “doing his job.”

    Maybe he can’t comprehend it when someone does something in defense of their own client?

  213. I’ve been looking, but haven’t found anything – has anyone seen a statement from Brodsky where he commented on Peterson’s jail interview with Lauer? I ask this because, of course, I see that he commented on how Attorney Kelly is handling is case on behalf of his clients, but I haven’t seen him say how disappointed he is that Peterson gave an interview about the workings of a grand jury, or how he thinks he’ll be found innocent of the murder charges against him.


  214. Well hmmm, considering Stacy and Christina are roughly the same age and Drew has been in their lives around the same time, means he’s been grooming them both at the same time for the same purpose, but Drew ended up marrying Stacy (!!)

  215. “baloney” sounds more like a first year law student. Brodsky sure is putting himself out on a limb. “I say the bond should be blah blah” etc.

    Is there an e-mail for the general public to voice their concern about the suspected accused
    murderer walking the streets?

  216. Sorry if this was posted. Glenn’s latest press release complete with the usual.

    Drew Peterson’s Legal Team to Hold News Conference Immediately Following Arraignment on Monday – May 15, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Joliet, Ill. / The following is a media advisory from The Publicity Agency, the PR firm representing Drew Peterson and his legal team:

    Immediately following Drew Peterson’s arraignment at the Will County Courthouse on Monday, May 18th, his legal team led by Joel Brodsky will hold a news conference outside the front entrance to the building. Per request of the Chief Judge’s office, please set-up in courtyard away from sidewalks leading into the building.

    The hearing is currently scheduled for 9:00 AM local time in Courtroom 405.

    Any and all media are encouraged to set-up early with all necessary equipment together, including mic stands, lights, et. al.

    The Publicity Agency founder, Glenn Selig, will be on the ground to handle any media inquiries. Justin Herndon, director of publicity and news at The Publicity Agency, will be available from Tampa.

    Please use email and/or text with all important information regarding any requests.

  217. Does anyone remember a mousy looking massage therapist named Amber Frey which Ms. Allred cleaned up, made over, put back in front of the cameras and then helped her get a book deal? Same song, second verse.

  218. Unless we hear otherwise, I supposed we are to assume this will be the first time in Attorney John Kelly’s distinguished career that he is going to be “laughed out of court,” per Joel Brodsky.

    In addition, unfortunately for Mr. Kelly, his law credentials are apparently substandard to those of a first year law student, per Joel Brodsky.

    Isn’t it wonderful for him that he will be briefed in the knowledge of law by His Highness, Joel Brodsky, who’s own client is even well versed on the virtues of how to seat a grand jury panel.

    We’re all in for the Supreme Guidance of the Boobsky Brand of Law.

  219. Delilah – I do remember that, of course, but at least she worked with LE to catch the monster on tape, while his late wife’s family was agonizing over finding her.

    This idiot went into this relationship full throttle, and isn’t making any judgments on her lover one way or the other, according to her lawyer. In fact, she was “surprised” that he was arrested, and “cares for him” and assumes he “cares for her.”

    I cannot, in my mind, reconcile the two. Chrissy Raines was in it for the money with both eyes wide open, and still will not refute Drew Peterson. She sets women back decades for her lack of self-respect.

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