Peterson Grand Jury Ends


May 19, 2009

GJ CollageJOLIET — The grand jury investigating the fate of Drew Peterson’s last two wives wrapped up Tuesday with the testimony of potential star witness Thomas Morphey, a source said.

The grand jury’s 18-month term is set to expire Thursday, but the source said it finished two days early.

Charles B. Pelkie, the spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office, said he could neither confirm nor deny whether the grand jury, which was hearing testimony regarding the murder of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, and the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, as well as the apparently unrelated disappearance of Plainfield mother Lisa Stebic, was in fact done.

The grand jury indicted Peterson two weeks ago on first-degree murder charges in connection with Savio’s death, but no indictments are on file relating to either Stacy Peterson or Stebic’s disappearance, although they may be under seal.

Pelkie declined to comment on whether or not the grand jury has returned indictments in either Stacy or Stebic’s case.

Morphey, the last witness to testify before the grand jury, received immunity from the state’s attorney’s office within days of Stacy’s October 2007 disappearance. The state police put Morphey in hiding for his safety for months, but he was called to testify for the first time just last week.

Morphey, who is Peterson’s stepbrother, claims that the week before Stacy disappeared, Peterson solicited him to murder her. Peterson also asked Morphey to rent a storage locker for him, he said, but he declined to do so.

Hours after Stacy’s family last had contact with her, Morphey claims he helped Peterson carry a large blue barrel from Stacy and Peterson’s bedroom to the driveway, and loaded it into Peterson’s waiting sport utility vehicle.

Morphey is certain Stacy’s body was inside the barrel. He said he was so despondent he attempted to kill himself by overdosing on antidepressant medication.

Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, is being held at the county jail on a $20 million bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

At the hearing, Peterson’s attorneys will challenge the prosecution’s motion to prevent Judge Richard Schoenstedt from hearing the case. His attorneys may also attempt to have Peterson’s bond reduced.

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71 thoughts on “Peterson Grand Jury Ends

  1. I find it hopeful that the fact they met other than a Thursday is a positive thing…could they be announcing that 2nd indictment at any moment?

    I certainly hope so!

  2. I’m curious to know if they did this to try to make sure Drew’s bond doesn’t get lowered. If they do have a sealed indictment – he’s in the perfect place for them to process him on it. And if Drew is indicted on a second murder then his chances of getting his bond lowered are much smaller. However, if they don’t indict him then I think the defense has a better chance of getting his bond lowered.

  3. So many questions, so few answers. It’s hard to imagine that the Grand Jury has ended, and Peterson is cooling his jets in jail. Looking forward to the coming days, and even more information.

  4. Let’s all hope and pray that the news to come tomorrow or at the end of the week will be what we want to hear.

    Justice needs to be served for both of these ladies, Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson!

  5. Saw this post on Facebook.

    Today should have been Lisa Ruttenberg Stebics 40th birthday. We need her murderer to be arrested too. We anxiously await justice for Kathleen, Stacy and Lisa!

  6. What a cliffhanger! 18 months is an awfully long time. I can’t even imagine trying to absorb that much info. I’m thinking there must be more indictmentS coming.

  7. Happy Birthday to Lisa Stebic, wherever she may be.

    I want to chime in here and vent my disgust at boobsky and abood on Larry King Live. Caught the show last night (my time) and was so horrified by the things they were getting away with saying.

    Boobsky was banging on about the difficulties they may face getting an unbiased jury. Helloooo!!! It’s HIS FAULT if they can’t.

    The thing that really pissed me off was Larry King didn’t say a word. Is he a puppet or an interviewer? How do these people get to demi-god status in the media when they do such a crap job??!!

    It also pissed me off when the defence and prosecutor were interviewed (forget their names. I think she was Janine or something). They were totally arguing that the prosecution wanted the judge removed because he ruled against them in the past. They didn’t even consider that it goes much deeper than that. They also said the stuff about Kitty telling people she was afraid Drew was going to hurt her is rumour and innuendo.

    I tell you, I was yelling at the TV by then. It was NOT rumour and innuendo. It was documented fact.

    Then they went on about the autopsy, saying the first verdict was correct, and that they only exhumed Kitty’s body because they had nothing else to get peterson on.

    It made me realise that all of us bloggers here who care about justice, who care about the lives of Kitty and Stacy, seem to know more about this stuff than they do!

    Sorry, vent over.

  8. Good morning!

    Brodsky must have forgotten about some documents proving this is not only the rumor. He must have also forgotten about at least two witnesses, alive and in good shape, who saw Kathleen with bruises on different occasions (the couple who worked for Drew and Kathleen in their pub) and can testify. There is also a police report telling Kathleen had to run away with her children to her sister home when Drew came home drunk and ‘trashed’ the things at home.

    Brodsky&Co know about it. They just deny, deny, deny…

    I found it quite interesting that Dew cheated on Christina 😉 Before the wedding party? Bad boy! LOL

  9. Aussie…consider the source is all I can say

    The prosecution did exactly what they should have done by requesting another judge for this case…the defense is posturing because they do know that after 18 months of testimony/investigation/evidence that was presented to this grand jury was enough to get that indictment the defense always claimed would not come..they have their work cut out for them and they know it..this press tour of Brodsky is part of his white noise technique and as far as getting a change of venue after his and his clients antics the chance is slim to none…if he were a good attorney he would have always stayed off of the TV and Radio and actually worked at finding a way to counterpoint every piece of evidence they do have…over 8,000 pages related to Kathleen…over 40,000 pages related to Stacy

    my guess is that they are not prepared for what’s coming next and I predict that one or more of his “dream team” will either bail out or be replaced

    just consider the source of this white noise and know that this jury has worked diligently and have not come up with the existing indictment based on rumor and innuendo..that’s what the defense hopes but they will soon find out that is not the case!

  10. What angered me Dearheart, is that Larry King just let them carry on with all their BS and didn’t once interrupt with some hardline questioning.

    It pains me to think that somebody who knows nothing about the case might watch it and think ‘poor’ drew is a victim of a malicious prosecution.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I love that he cheated on Chrissy (insert evil grin). My only surprise is that he actually found a willing accomplice in the bedroom. Yuk.

  11. it is my opinion that it’s time for Larry King to hang up his suspenders…he re hashes the same old story and doesn’t jump at a retort when he should…treating his guests with kid gloves seems to be his forte’

    he’s done it with Drew..he does it with Brodsky…he did it with the Anthony’s the list goes on and on

    yes of course that’s what the Drew Team want people to believe but contrary to Drew’s opinion of “lay people” once the evidence is seen and heard people are not that stupid…Brodsky is well aware that most cases are based on the circumstances backed up with evidence and I bet they have plenty of evidence when the documents total 8,000 with Kathleen and over 40,000 with Stacy…what’s within those pages? That is what Brodsky should be concerning himself with…that and the diameter of the table legs inside the court room..I have a feeling he may chain himself to another table if it looks like he’s gonna lose!

    Chrissy is Pttttpppptttt! maybe she should just break up with him..get herself a passport to Nevada and go talk with Dennis Hof about a job!

  12. I nearly spat my coffee on the computer when I read that passport comment a few threads over. Too funny! Drew really picked himself a winner there.

    I keep thinking of Joey from friends who wanted to know how to change his money to Vermont dollars LOL.

  13. You don’t have to be a good Defense Attorney if you know beforehand you can put your fate in a sympathetic Judge (!!)

  14. And you CAN’T be a good defence attorney if a sympathetic judge is your only strategy.

    BTW does anybody else think it’s wierd that Aussies spell defence with a c?

  15. I think we can expect another arrest today. I wonder if they wait to do it until after the judge makes the decision on the bail or inform the judge about it during the sitting. IMO, the first option would be better in case the bail is reduced to the amount Peterson can pay it.
    Keeps my fingers crossed.

  16. Here is a link to the motion filed to reduce Drew’s bail.

    “13. Mr. Peterson is retired and his only source of income is his pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department which is approximately $6,000 per month. He has no substantial savings or investment accounts.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    OH, REALLY???

  17. There’s plenty to pick over in this motion and it echoes their stupid defense that Kitty’s murder was an accident.

  18. Page 5, number 19, says no burglary….doesn’t gaining unlawful entry to kill her count as burglary?

  19. Good Morning,

    Missed Larry King last night. Maybe he let Brodsky talk so he would so too much and end up doing more harm than good.

  20. If Drew’s only income is his police pension and he has no substantial savings then why when asked about how Joel was going to be paid he spouted off about the former business he owned, etc. Maybe Drew should have thought about savings before paying off 2 Harley Davidson and an ultralight….and personally I think $6000 a month is a pretty good income for whoring around all day.

  21. I meant if everything is paid off, then $6000 a month should go pretty darn far, what has he been doing with it up to now.

  22. Morning Charmed. Normal people would expect to have to sell said cars, bikes, aircraft, not use them as a bogus reason not to flee.

  23. I wonder…Will the GJ indict on SP ?? I am so darn curious.

    I wonder…How long will we have to wait to hear either way ??

    Me too Bucket me too. I’ve been ready a long time now

  24. Thanks for the bail motion, bucket. I learn new things about Drew 🙂

    They should not complain about the amount of the bail. Kevin Fox was given 25 mln and he had much better reputation than Drew and was much less wealthy.

  25. Maybe the prosecution has a tactic. Here’s my thought. I think it is possible that we will only hear about an indictment regarding Stacy IF Club Drew’s wins a bond decrease that is small enough that Drew could get out of jail. As long as they have him behind bars they may not rush out to charge regarding Stacy’s case because they would still want time to try to find her remains or use that case as some kind of leverage with him.

  26. Bucket – thanks for the link to the bond reduction motion.

    What I find interesting is that, as usual, it is online because, apparently, a certain defense lawyer supplied it to his favorite PI wanna be.

    What I also find interesting, if you go back and look at the motion, the last couple of pages, is that this motion had newspaper blog comments included in the filing. Of course (this may come as a shock to you), they’re the ones favorable to the defense’s thinking.

    OMG, who does that? Is that the new way of defending one’s client? Instead of just citing case law, you pick and choose the comments you like from the Sun Times and include them in your motion?

    I’ll be back in a minute. I just spit out my coffee laughing about this. 😉

  27. LOL, come to think of it, maybe those who used to co-blog with Boobsky on a forum he used to frequent might want to check future filings of his. Ya never know, the comments he liked might wind up in future motions.

    Ya can’t make this stuff up.


  28. I have to laugh each time I read Brodsky saying the case “against his client is not strong, and can be described as weak and circumstantial” when he has no idea what the evidence is that they have against his client.

    I know it’s just something a defense attorney would say (after all it would not be in his client’s best interest to tout the merits of the prosecution’s case) but still, it makes me laugh.

    Remaining hopeful.

  29. napervillesun:

    When I did a Google search this morning, this is a portion of what came up. Very interesting.

    Video: Peterson Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges The Associated Press
    Bloggers perturbed by Peterson case, hearsay law Naperville Sun
    Monday’s hearing in the Drew Peterson case Chicago Tribune
    Fox Valley Villages Sun – HULIQ

    And, if you check out the Naperville Sun (do it fast and then run as fast as you can in the other direction), this is what you will find:

    The views expressed in these blog posts are those of the author and not of the Sun-Times News Group.


    Learn about crime, politics and guns through the eyes of a Chicago copper who jumpped the fence and now does criminal defense investigations along with script writing and TV news producing.

  30. The Illinois State police were told by Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky he’d surrender Peterson any time they want him. Not only did they take Peterson down like a fugitive, they invited TV news crews to film the grand event.

    Thereby raining on the parade of Joel Brodsky who would have been able to get more than six figures for the arrest?

  31. Hey Noway. I don’t know about you, but I am seriously wondering what part of the defense’s motion is Brodsky talking, and what part is blogger/”copper who ‘jumpped’ the fence….”

    What a great way to start my day. Reading this garbage made me so laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.

  32. Wow, that exhibit B is something else!

    One might argue that Kathleen’s death certificate with the word “accident” on it might mean something (like no one got around to changing it), but the blog comments.

    And Brodsky was saying that the prosecution was going to get laughed out of court!?

  33. LOL @ you, Bucket.

    No wonder the defense is so sure the State’s case is weak. The defense is the one sitting on all of the “facts.” They know “people.”


  34. From the Motion to Reduce Bond.

    “13. Mr. Peterson is retired and his only source of income is his pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department which is approximately $6,000 per month. He has no substantial savings or investment accounts.”

    From the Mancow and Cassidy Radio Show.

    Mancow Muller: He’s broke! You’re never going to get paid.

    Joel Brodsky: Oh, I’ll get paid. Drew not only was a police officer but he was a business man. He owned a bar. He had a printing company. He had a photography company. He had, if I recall, five different businesses. All were profitable.

  35. Oh My Goodness,

    I’ve just read the Bond Motion filed by Joel Brodsky.

    What an utterly bizarre document.

    It looks like its written by a child !!

    And what is this part about Drew traveled to different States with his passport but always returned home – HUH ??

    Even more bizarre – Drew doesn’t want his passport back until this case is resolved – WHAT ??

    I suppose the States Attorney has to be grateful Drew doesn’t want his passport back right now – LOL, LOL, LOL

  36. Thank you, Facs. Outstanding contradiction.

    I have never seen raw comments or writings from a newspaper “potluck” blog entered into evidence as an exhibit to a motion. I swear, I have no clue what to make of this. Is this some kind of joke, or is this the real deal, via the defense?

  37. Rescue – I also laughed at him using a blog article as evidence. He must have gone to the same school of law that Jose Baez did…

    “Baez says his research shows that 84-percent of WFTV web visitors who answered a poll said they believe prosecutors should seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony.”


    Shouldn’t a lawyer who is trying to prove that his client won’t get a fair trial do their own survey instead of relying on a website survey which allows people to vote multiple times??


    New York attorney John Q. Kelly said he faxed a letter Friday to Will County Circuit Judge Richard C. Schoenstetd and the other parties in the case saying Savio’s estate “strongly opposes any reduction” in Peterson’s bail.

    But Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, called the letter “baloney” saying that the estate has no claim or standing in the criminal case.

    “It’s the most absurd argument that I’ve ever heard. … It’s absurd to the point I would expect a first-year law student to know better,” he said. “He’s going to be laughed out of court.”


  39. They forgot to mention in Drews impressive resume that he protected the King of Siam – LOL, LOL

  40. That was a sad little acknowledgment of Eric in the list of his children in the motion, just saying he exists, is eldest, and is 31yrs old.

  41. Pardon me if this has been discussed already. I just noticed on the original autopsy report, that the recorded date/time of death is several hours AFTER the date/time of autopsy. Huh? How does that happen?

    got sidetracked. Going back now to see note from JB’s mommy.

  42. Bucket – I noticed that as well. The forgotten child. I’m glad he put out his own notice though instead of letting everyone else speak as if he didnt’ exist.

  43. Tink1 – Yes that was noted before. You seldom hear of an autopsy being performed before someone actually dies.

  44. And the “extensive” list of relatives, is that really all he has?? and where are these people? Other than his children (one of which isn’t talking to him) I haven’t heard any one of them say, oh gosh Drew is such a nice, likable guy; he could have never done these things. Of course his half (or step, whichever)says I think I helped him get rid of stacy, so that doesn’t scream support now does it. I’m not getting the impression they are a close family.

  45. justanotherhen Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 10:25 am

    They forgot to mention in Drews impressive resume that he protected the King of Siam – LOL, LOL

    … and John Travolta may feel ofended. LOL

  46. Tink1 – Yes that was noted before. You seldom hear of an autopsy being performed before someone actually dies.


    Except in Illinois, it’s oke to do an autopsy a few hours before someone dies.

    It works better that way, as the body is still fresh, in fact it is still alive (!!)

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