Drew Peterson’s Motion to Modify and Reduce Bond

Below is the motion filed on May 18th by Joel Brodsky to get Drew Peterson’s twenty million dollar bond reduced. It makes the same assertions that we have heard the defense state during their many media appearances: Peterson is a solid citizen, not a flight risk and that the bond is uncommonly and unjustly high.

The motion also begins to attack the case of the prosecution, calling it “weak and circumstantial at best”. It questions whether or not a crime was even committed, and attacks the so-called Hearsay Law which State’s Attorney James Glasgow has said will be part of the prosecution arsenal.

The motion is accompanied by an Exhibit A: Kathleen Savio’s Death Certificate and strangely enough, Exhibit B: an anonymous editorial and comment from the Sun-Times.

One interesting claim made in the motion is that Peterson is on a small, fixed income–something that Joel Brodsky denied less than two weeks ago during an appearance on WLS radio, Mancow and Cassidy show.

From the Motion to Reduce Bond.

“13.  Mr. Peterson is retired and his only source of income is his pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department which is approximately $6,000 per month. He has no substantial savings or investment accounts.”

From the Mancow and Cassidy Radio Show.

Mancow Muller: He’s broke! You’re never going to get paid.

Joel Brodsky: Oh, I’ll get paid. Drew not only was a police officer but he was a business man. He owned a bar. He had a printing company. He had a photography company. He had, if I recall, five different businesses. All were profitable.

Peterson’s on-again off-again fiancée, Christina Raines, also seems to think he’s good for the two million dollar bail. At least, that’s what she told her father.

Thanks, Bucketoftea for finding the document.

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95 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s Motion to Modify and Reduce Bond

  1. I think that Joel is having a fit because Glasgow isn’t feeding into his ravings about the prosecution having a weak, circumstantial case. I love it!!!

  2. What? No mention of DPs need to stay in BB to harass/threaten/intimidate TM & Sharon & Lenny’s son, etc, therefore he’s not a flight risk? Hearsay law unfair, but the court must accept these internet comments (made by defense counsel posing as John Q Public) as evidence.

    What was on Fox Live? I see nothing on the website & I don’t have cable.

  3. Man – I had a post typed up and it got blown away because I must have been typing it at the same time the new post was going up. 😦

    I think it was something like this:

    I think Chrissy is really going to pissed off when she finds out that Drew not only cheated on her but he lied to her about his finances too:

    “Ernie Raines, the father of Drew Peterson’s live-in fiancee, says his daughter, Chrissy, told him Peterson has enough money to cover a $20 million bond, the Joliet Herald-News reported Wednesday.”

    Source: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2009/05/13/Insider-says-Drew-Peterson-could-make-bond/UPI-25851242226883/

  4. I think this would make an excellent perp walk, out on bail and right on the court house steps, indict for the murder of Stacy!! Can’t wait for prosecutions next move.

  5. tink1, there was Gloria Allred speaking on sex abusers and drug dealers. It was on Fox Live comp stream.

  6. Does John Carroll still figure in all this or is it now only Brodsky (Odeh for whatever its worth) and Abood ???

  7. I think Gloria said one thing about Chrissy (but cannot be 100% sure she was talking about her). That she is loathed by people and so, but you sometimes have to do with sex offenders and drug providers who have never been registered.

  8. Drew Peterson Defense Team Explores Ways To Challenge State’s Motion To Remove Trial Judge
    thepublicityagency.com – May 20, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Joliet, Ill. / Drew Peterson’s defense team is challanging the Will County State’s Attorney who wants to remove Judge Richard Schoenstedt from presiding over Peterson’s murder case.

    On Monday, following Peterson’s arraignment where he pleaded not guilty in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed a motion, pursuant to 725 ILCS 5/114-5(c), to replace Judge Richard Schoenstedt.

    Glasgow alleged that the trial judge was prejudiced against the State.

    “Although the motion does not specifically state the basis for the prejudice, many in the press and public have speculated that the State believes that Judge Richard Schoenstedt’s previous rulings showed a favoritism of bias towards Drew,” says Andrew Abood, one of Peterson’s defense attorneys. “Some members of the press have even gone so far as to suggest that the reason for the motion was that Judge Schoenstedt had a prior relationship with Peterson himself.”

    But Abood, and lead defense attorney Joel Brodsky, say that neither is true.

    “Judge Schoenstedt has been very fair and even handed,” says Brodsky. “By all accounts, he has conducted himself according to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. On many occasions Judge Schoenstedt has made rulings which favored the State and were against Mr. Peterson’s interests.”

    Judge Schoenstedt has not commented on the move by the State’s Attorney.

    Abood says there are several criteria required in order to satisfy the substitution motion filed by the State’s Attorney. He says case law suggests that the mere assertion of prejudice against the State is all that is required and then the burden shifts to the Defendant opposing the Motion to establish that the Motion was made for some improper purpose.

    “The State’s Attorney will not be able to show, or establish, actual prejudice on the part of Judge Schoenstedt, or that there was a previous relationship between Drew Peterson and the Judge. Both claims are wholly without merit,” says Abood.

    The defense team continues to review case law regarding the motion, and will challenge it, Abood says.


  9. Thank you facs.

    Looks like he did not want to share the embarrassment of having his name on the
    Bond Motion (!!)

  10. I don’t know Illinois law, but I always thought the attorney(s) had to register with the court to represent a client in order to be considered an “attorney of record”. His name was on Selig’s list, but thought I read somewhere that he was not yet listed and on record, and he had no comment when approached by the media in reference to Peterson. Maybe he just hasn’t registered with the court yet. I’d be thinking long and hard about risking my reputation to join forces with the present legal team if I were John Carrol.

  11. I got a little bit afraid reading the latest news from the Publicity Agency. They usually post something when they know something. Judge Kinney once helped Jeff Tomaczak very much and I do not really like this connection. Hmmm… Let’s see. I think Glasgow is prepared.
    BTW, can the State ask for the change of venue? I was joking on it before but now I am asking seriously.

  12. I think Carroll will only come in the picture when the trial begins. Why pay a high-priced lawyer to file motions when you have Joel Brodsky. 😉

  13. On the press release Facs mentioned above:

    Also part of the legal team but not present in Joliet today is John Paul Carroll of the John Paul Carroll Law Firm …

    BTW, the “high-priced lawyer” comment I made in reference to John Carroll was based on my opinion and not any factual knowledge of what his hourly charge for filing motions would be. 🙂

  14. Hahaha… wow. They actually put Peterson in jail. For almost two weeks, in fact. I’m actually amazed that they went forward with the charges; this means that either they think they have enough of a case to get him… or they were afraid he was going to flee.

    Remember, the arrest came right after the whole Nevada whorehouse fiasco. Given that Peterson has an immigration lawyer on his payroll AND seems buddy buddy with nurse paulette (who also styles himself a woman-of-the-world) its not impossible that Peterson might have tried fleeing overseas, as I had predicted earlier.

    I still like the fact that Brodsky hears about the arrest, and the first thing to cross his mind is flying to New York to be on talk shows. Not actually doing anything for his client, just let Drew sit in jail all weekend. Oh sure, he sent his partner down to “comfort” him (do they even allow conjugal visits there?) and I guess his boyfriend Stevie dropped in for some appletinis, but Brodsky waited a couple days before even bothering to call Drew!

    Ha! Must really sting for peterson to know that even his pet lawyer doesn’t care about him enough to visit him!

    I also like Brodsky’s completely useless press conference. I was there to see some of it (incognito of course), and he is STILL just as incompetent in person. Lots of weirdness too, come to think of it.

  15. Hehe, I wish! As much as I would probably get yelled at (or fired) for something like that, it would be so worth it just to confuse Brodsky.

    Then again, considering Brodsky’s incompetence, he would probably just view it as support. Maybe he’d even hire me on for his law firm. After all, even with no legal experience whatsoever, I’d still be a better attorney than Brodsky!

  16. Anyone, even someone who isn’t a first year law student, would get more respect than Brodsky does.

    Abood says they’re researching case law about removing the judge by the prosecution. Ditz knows damn well the prosecution is within their boundaries by doing so, as the defense would be, two times, no less.

    Wah, wah, wah. Got blindsided. Got blindsided and hissy fits. Wah, wah, wah.

  17. “It is critical to note that the investigations into the disappearance of both Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic are not concluded,” the statement said. “Both investigations are being pursued vigorously. Now that the term of the Special Grand Jury has expired, these investigations will be advanced by the regular Grand Jury that meets weekly in Will County.”

    I’m not disappointed. I would rather they wait until they are confident before they indcit.

  18. Hmmm… interesting that Brodsky and co. are so adamant about making sure that Judge Sch… sh… ah screw it, Judge Schrödinger (as in Schrödinger’s cat) presides over this case.

    Sounds like he may be biased towards Peterson after all.

    I’ve also lost alot of respect (if you can call it that) that I had for Ms. Odeh. I mean, yeah, the heavy make-up made her look like either some glammed up 70’s actress or a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant. Which would be understandable, if she WERE a glammed up 70’s actress or a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant, not a supposedly intelligent and competent defense attorney!

    But her purpose seems to be to just sit there looking pretty… and nervous. I mean, I guess with her being an attractive woman and all, there is always the risk that Peterson will rape her, kill her, throw her body in a blue barrel. You know the drill. But still. As is, she seems more like Brodsky’s mistress or “secretary” (as he is obliged to tell his wife; when she’s not running his sports bar into the ground anyway).

  19. http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/05/drew-peterson-joel-brodsky-kathleen-savio-bolingbrook-will-county-court-bond-bail.html

    Peterson lawyer: Drew’s bond ‘astronomical’
    May 20, 2009 1:35 PM |
    Drew Peterson may own his Bolingbrook home and a small fleet of vehicles outright, but he has “no substantial savings or investment(s)” and relies on his $6,000-a-month police pension to support himself and four children.

    That’s what Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, is arguing in court papers that seek to reduce his client’s $20 million bond on charges he murdered his third wife Kathleen Savio.

    Brodsky also says that Peterson, 55, spent two years in the Army — where he “on occasion” worked in President Gerald Ford’s security detail — has no criminal background and is rooted in Will County.

    The former Bolingbrook police sergeant owns two cars, two Harley-Davidson motorcycles, an Ultralight aircraft and has paid off a line of credit on his home, according to the filing in Will County circuit court.

    Both sides are due back in court Thursday before Chief Judge Gerald Kinney, who is expected to hear the defense team’s objections to a motion by prosecutors to replace the judge now hearing the case, Richard Schoenstedt.

    The subject of Peterson’s bond may also come up.

    “It’s astronomical and unreasonable,” Brodsky said today.

    In his filing, Brodsky also calls the prosecution’s case “weak,” arguing that it relies on “questionable forensics” and a new hearsay law — dubbed by some as Drew’s Law — that is subject to legal challenge.

    Peterson’s legal team also filed its motion for discovery in the case, which among other things asks prosecutors to inform them if their client was the subject of “any electronic surveillance (including wire-tapping).” Two of Peterson’s former acquaintances, Lenny Wawczak and Paula Stark, have claimed they wore a wire and a Will County judge has confirmed that surveillance was conducted.

    Two previously unmentioned people — Timothy McCarthy and Clinton Charles Van Nocker — have been granted daily, face-to-face access to Peterson, according to an order signed by Judge Kinney. Peterson remains in the Will County jail since his May 7 arrest for Savio’s murder.

    A Peterson spokesman said McCarthy and Van Nocker are researchers working on the case for the Michigan law firm of Andrew Abood, one of four defense attorneys on the case.

    — Steve Schmadeke; Tribune reporter Erika Slife contributed.

  20. Yeah, I really think that Peterson and Stebic are linked in some weird way I don’t (as of yet) understand.

    I would like nothing more than to see both of them brought to justice, but somehow, my hopes aren’t too high right now. Still, I’ve been wrong about quite a few things lately, so maybe they will arrest Stebic soon after all.

  21. I just always jump back to Reem’s intial statements about not wanting Drew as a client and her criticism of his inability to be silent.

    I think she still feels the same. Too bad she’s decided to stick it out with Brodsky in hopes of eventually writing that book and getting “rich”.

  22. Hmmm… interesting that the claims about Peterson being a bodyguard for the King of Thailand (I’m assuming Maharaja Phumiphon Adunyadet, as he’s been king since WW II, but then I’m no expert on Thai history) has since disappeared from Peterson’s lies.

    Of course, considering that Drewpy probably spent more time trolling the brothels of Pattaya for young girls, that probably is understandable. The sex tourism industry in Thailand is especially despicable, and I’m sure Peterson would be very much into that. He’s exactly the sort of farang pervert those monsters cater to, and he himself has admitted to liking them young (though many of the girls who are sold into sex slavery in Thailand and other parts of Asia would make even Stacy look old when Peterson began his ILLEGAL relationship with her).

  23. I’m a little worried, cyrhla, on how it would affect the Kathleen’s case, since the two seem so intertwined.

  24. Brodsky……. “arguing that it relies on ‘questionable forensics’…..”

    That’s what they used to say about DNA evidence. If we listened to Brodsky, unless there were pictures, videos, recordings and a signed and notarized confession, no one would have to stand on charges.


  25. My understand of Drew being a bodyguard for the King of Siam was during a visit to the U.S. (Washington, D.C.) during which members of the military were included in the security for the King.

  26. You could be right, Facs. You know, Brodsky and Odeh advertise in alot of the local 7alal grocery stores and Arabic-language papers. You know, because she actually speaks Arabic (actually IS Arab, in fact) and Brodsky just kind of trails on her coat-tails, trying to pick up an ethnic niche.

    I hear alot of gossip because, ethnic stereotypes aside, we are a pretty close knit culture and gossip is part of the whole 7alal grocer relationship. You know what I mean?

    Well I ran into an… acquintance over at the Borders in Orland, waaaay back when the whole Peterson case was fresh, and of course it came up. This person knew Reem, through a friend or cousin or something like that, and said that she is terrified of Drew. To the point of not wanting to be in the same room as him. Whether or not this is true, I don’t actually know, but I suspect any woman with a bare modicum of self-preservation would be. And getting a law degree certainly requires higher brain function than that, so we can assume she has that much.

    Again, I don’t know if its true, but it does make sense with her weird behavior lately.

  27. Ah, so he was bodyguard during a diplomatic visit. Which means that he was one of how many hundreds of people conscripted for that?

    I suppose small children in Thailand can rest a bit easier knowing that at least one sexual predator isn’t hitting up their country for sex.

  28. Questionable forensics? Isn’t that a bit much like the Nazis claiming that Einstein’s work wasn’t valid because it relied on ‘Jewish physics.’

    You can’t argue with science. You know, because it is based on observable phenomena taht can be seen, predicted and (more to the point) repeatedly tested!

    Mercury will always have certain chemical properties. That’s why we have a periodic table and all.

    7 + 3 will always equal 10. Because numbers always have the same value.

    Coyotes will always be placental mammals because they have fur, produce milk, give live birth, etc.

    And Drew Peterson… well, no matter what he is guilty. And, God willing, he will be brought to justice.

  29. noway406 Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    I’m a little worried, cyrhla, on how it would affect the Kathleen’s case, since the two seem so intertwined.

    I share you concern, noway.
    I believe Glasgow has his plan.

    If Drew had not cremated Stacy, there is a chance she will be found one day. Will there be any searches organized in the near future?

  30. LMAO … and the bodyguarding of Gerald Ford (which I imagine was not an easy task since he was prone to fits of clumsiness).

    From http://www.acandyrose.com

    11/10/2007 (www.suntimes.com) “Cop once fired over claim of betrayal”
    “Peterson began working as a Bolingbrook police officer in June 1977, according to court documents his lawyers filed in the appeal of his [1985] firing. Peterson had previously been a military policeman and was responsible “from time to time . . . for the security of persons such as President Gerald Ford [and] the King of Siam,” according to the court papers.”

  31. what? be a flight risk from the lifestyle that was rewarded to him in Kathleen’s death??? he doesn’t have substantial funds??? was this guy or was he not planning on attending a job interview to be a “brothel rent a cop”??? Brodsky wants to play this game…if Drew took that job he would have to MOVE from this “community he has ties in” or what was Drew’s plan..to go to Nevada and leave Chrissy and the kids behind?

    pppt! desperate times call for desperation from his “team” once a 2nd indictment is handed down their argument will hold no water and they know it!

  32. rescueapet Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Brodsky……. “arguing that it relies on ‘questionable forensics’…..”

    That’s what they used to say about DNA evidence. If we listened to Brodsky, unless there were pictures, videos, recordings and a signed and notarized confession, no one would have to stand on charges.



    THIS is why I laugh at him so hard…every single case involves circumstances…if they can prove that the evidence they have lead to the circumstances that caused him to be indicted they can and will get a conviction..means..motive..opportunity…with any suspicious death they will follow the money..if the person that has died feared the person that cashed that check…that is HUGE for a conviction..DUH???

    Question? This is an official document..and Brodsky is officially representing Drew…Brodsky is making the statements in this motion..could HIS words be used against HIM? and to the sincerity of this motion?

    what is the law considering an attorney having knowledge of what the truth is and then lying on behalf of his client?

  33. Well, whenever a sleazy pimp out in Nevada offers free ‘servicing’ from his whores, Peterson is obligated to abandon his kids and run out there for a couple weeks of fun. I’m sure any reasonable judge would understand!

    And its not like Peterson left them in the care of just anyone! No, he found a waitress over at Fridays to watch over them, and by all accounts, she is a GENIUS! They are even engaged! But she didn’t have a passport to fly to the country of Nevadastan, so she had to stay behind.

    But she has experience watching kids, being one herself and all, and she has been watching his kids every weekend while Peterson goes trolling bars looking for her replacement! Isn’t young love grand!

    *end sarcasm*

  34. DH, I BELIEVE that an attorney is obliged to believe that his client is innocent, and that if he finds out something that changes his mind, the ethical thing to do is step down.

    BUT… we all know Brodsky isn’t the ethical type, and I think he knew Drewpy was guilty from the get go. It doesn’t stop him from going out boozing with him or trying to cash in on his fame, mind you.

    Of course, the one thing Brodsky has going for him – he wouldn’t let Drew date his daughter! Hahaha, I’m sure Drew is happy to know that (since the though probably crossed his feeble mind once or twice).

  35. Mancow asked Joel. “If you had evidence that he killed either of these women, would you still represent him?”

    Joel said, “That’s an unfair question”

    I was a little surprised at his answer. Seems like a fair question to me.

  36. “a passport to fly to the country of “Nevadastan”, so she had to stay behind.”



    facsmiley Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    Mancow asked Joel. “If you had evidence that he killed either of these women, would you still represent him?”

    Joel said, “That’s an unfair question”

    I was a little surprised at his answer. Seems like a fair question to me.


    That is an extremely valid and fair question…one that a court expects of Joel or any attorney for that matter…what’s so hard about answering it yes..or…no?

    oh..but if Brodsky did step down he loses his cash cow..he opens the door for others to profit and won’t be able to sell any of those chicken wings!

  37. cerastes Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    DH, I BELIEVE that an attorney is obliged to believe that his client is innocent, and that if he finds out something that changes his mind, the ethical thing to do is step down.

    yes…that I understand…but can Brodsky’s own words be used against him? for instance he says to the court that Drew lives on a limited income and has no substantial savings to flee…yes on Mancow he goes on and on about how financially successful Drew is, so that to me says he’s lying somewhere..was it to Mancootchie…or was it to the court?

    isn’t a motion a sworn “statement” of sorts..If Brodsky can be proven to have given false information could he A)be forced to step down or B)even be disbarred????

    please say yes!!! please please please!??? lol

  38. I just noticed something interesting about Exhibit A – Kathleen’s death Certificate.

    Remember how Derek Armstrong’s latest release said this:

    A new death certificate, obtained from the Will County Coroner — certified date April 17, 2009 — still lists Kathleen’s death as accidental drowning, a possible obstacle in a wrongful death suit. Even though an autopsy was submitted to the coroner last year, indicating findings of “homicide,” the Will County Coroner seems to stand on its original finding of an accident.

    However, if you look at the bottom, the certificate is actually signed by the County Clerk of Will County and she attests:

    I, Nancy Schultz Voots, County Clerk, do hereby certify that this document is a true and correct copy of the original record on file in the Will County Clerk’s Office, Joliet, Illinois”

    The original record.

  39. Have you seen it, folks? Let’s pray this is Stacy.

    May 20, 2009 3:48 pm US/Central

    Body Found In Des Plaines River

    Illinois State police said a body was found Wednesday afternoon in the Des Plaines River near the Big Basin Marina.

    The marina is near the Interstate 55 bridge over the river.

    Unconfirmed witness reports said the body was female.

  40. Ha, good catch, Facs! I guess Brodsky wants to keep the idea going that a new and improved death certificate should have been issued, as though this is some major flaw in the State’s case.

    Who listens to anything he says anyway?

    BTW, if GJ didn’t hand down an indictment in the Stacy Peterson case, does that mean that Peterson goes back to having faith in the GJ system again? Or is it like his lie detector exam? Some of it’s good, some of it’s not?

    Oh, and if lay people are not worthy of coming to a conclusion when it comes to anything Peterson related, how come Brodsky plucked up a few lay people comments from the news paper and added it as an exhibit to his Motion to Reduce Bond?

  41. Cyrhla – That’s one of those things that you hope isn’t her for her family but then know that means that yet another woman was thrown away like trash. It’s a sad world. My prayers are with the family of whoever this person turns out to be. 😦

  42. Rescue “BTW, if GJ didn’t hand down an indictment in the Stacy Peterson case, does that mean that Peterson goes back to having faith in the GJ system again?”

    Excellent question!

  43. We are aware that the Cales family has been contacted by ISP regarding this body.

    We don’t know if that means that a positive ID has been made yet.

  44. I don’t know if it’s that someone flipped on him, as the fact that Roy Taylor, and many people helping him, have been searching the waters endlessly for Stacy. They have never stopped, and they have been aware of an image in the water for some time.

  45. My apologies – Of course I know that Roy and others have searched the waters for Stacy. I did not know that the actual searches had resumed. Can you elaborate on this image as this is the first time I have heard of that please? If you can’t, I completely understand.

  46. I think maybe I have that mindset because of the timing. I don’t care how she is found, as long as she is and her friends and family can finally find some peace.

  47. This needs to be said:

    week after week, there have been many people involved looking for Stacy. In particular, Roy and Carrie.

    The body that was discovered was found on shore, badly decomposed. I believe it was found by an environmentalist who also contacted Roy, knowing he’s been so involved with the water searches.

    Everyone is praying for the family who’s loved one was discovered today, no matter who it is.

    Again, thanks for the unending searches that have been done by all, especially Roy and Carrie.

  48. That is wonderful though sad to hear of the continuing efforts by Roy and Carrie. Good for you. Triple good for you 🙂

  49. The Stacy Peterson water searchers say the body was found south of where they had previously seen a sonar image of a body in the water, Apparently, the body moved to the location where it been discovered.

  50. Oh, mom2babies – don’t feel that you did anything disrespectful. You didn’t. This is heart wrenching for all of us. We all know we don’t know what to hope for.

  51. Okay, everyone, as far as what we’re being told, the people closest to this believe it is a very good possibility this is Stacy; skeletal remains, no jewelry, no apparent clothing, other than panties.

  52. Quick, someone follow Brodsky and see if he’s high tailing it to the jail, or checking on the demeaner of his pos client about the discovery of a decomposed woman near the river banks! That ought to tell us something.

  53. Noway, he’s working on it!

    Drew Peterson’s Legal Team to Hold News Conference Immediately Following Thursday Hearing
    thepublicityagency.com – May 20, 2009

    (PRNewsChannel) / Joliet, Ill. / The following is a media advisory from The Publicity Agency, the PR firm representing Drew Peterson and his legal team:

    Immediately following Drew Peterson’s hearing at the Will County Courthouse on Thursday, May 21st, his legal team led by Joel Brodsky will hold a news conference outside the front entrance to the building. Per request of the Chief Judge’s office, please set-up in courtyard away from sidewalks leading into the building. This was an issue after Monday’s hearing and court administration has asked all media to set-up mic stands, et. al. away from the doors and sidewalks of the courthouse.

    Thursday’s hearing is currently scheduled for 1:30 PM local time.

    Any and all media are encouraged to set-up early with all necessary equipment together, including mic stands, lights, et. al.


  54. We are aware that the Cales family has been contacted by ISP regarding this body.

    We don’t know if that means that a positive ID has been made yet


    Oh my goodness, I suddenly feel sick !!

    Why would ISP contact the Cales family if there weren’t a remote possibility this would not be Stacy !!

  55. Holy shit!

    I know this is speculation that it is either one of them, but to have their remains found today, after a special GJ turns the case over to the regular GJ would just be incredible.

  56. I was laughing so much earlier on about Joel Brodsky’s bizarre Bond Motion but I am not laughing anymore now ……..

  57. Quick, someone follow Brodsky and see if he’s high tailing it to the jail, or checking on the demeaner of his pos client about the discovery of a decomposed woman near the river banks! That ought to tell us something.


    Yes, like last time a body was found he immediately guaranteed it was not Stacy (!)

    Wondering what he’s going to say now (!!)

  58. On 780AM Amy Jacobson was on it and they called Dr. Baden. They said that the remains that were found were only the lower half of the body and that the ISP and the FBI are there. They said that the task forces that were working on both Stacy and Lisa’s cases were there.

    It is so hard to believe everything that is reported early on.

    I think it is a weird sign that they called the Cales. I don’t recall hearing they called the Cales any other time they found a body (like the one by the train tracks).

    So these guys saw a radar image of a body?? Did the ISP come out and search when they saw that?? It just seems unthinkable that they could determine the shape of a body on a radar unless it was one heck of an advanced radar.

  59. This must be Stacy.
    Stebic’s family was not informed by ISP.
    “Stebic’s family also was aware of the grisly discovery and was waiting for word from Illinois State Police officials, who are conducting the investigation.

    “We haven’t heard anything from Illinois State Police — yet,” said Melanie Greenberg, a spokeswoman for Stebic’s family. “But it could be anybody; there are several missing women. But the location is just south, not very far away. [If it is her], the overwhelming feeling would be relief that we found her and that there is resolution. And we’d finally be able to put her to rest.”

  60. I can’t believe they mentioned dp’s stint w/ the Metroplitan Area Narcotics Squad. I’m pretty sure he was fired while working there. He was later reinstated, but isn’t it alleged that he helped a drug dealer, which put a fellow officer at risk? Unbelievable.

  61. I think someone must have given a tip to ISP.
    Maybe Christina or Robinson?
    Christina may be afraid of Drew going out of prison and of course angry with him for cheating. Revenge?

  62. TAI, the image was sonar, nor radar and from what we understand was picked up a while back.

    I believe that image is why they were searching the canal a few weeks ago.

  63. cyrhla – someone may have given a tip to ISP about what? The body?

    No, that is not true. No one tipped ISP about that location, ISP and professionals tip the searchers where to look.

    Please don’t think it’s Christina getting revenge against Drew….. that is just not true.

  64. Facs, I thought they had searched the canal not Des Plaines RIver (where the body was found now). Correct me if I am wrong.

  65. Caught on the Roe Conn show that “DP is in fact being monitored as this news is/was breaking, that he can watch TV but cannot listen to radio.” according to Roe.

  66. I think it is a weird sign that they called the Cales. I don’t recall hearing they called the Cales any other time they found a body (like the one by the train tracks).


    Yes, that was my first thought too.

    Didn’t Stacy have a tattoo on her lower back or something ?

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