Court date for Drew Peterson

Looks like a new court date for Drew Peterson.
Anyone know what “return of” refers to?

PETERSON DREW W 9 1 9 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 2 Return of
PETERSON DREW W 9 1 9 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 1 Return of

I’ll update the post if and when I get any more information.

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25 thoughts on “Court date for Drew Peterson

  1. Continuation of potential juror polling; Results for Argument on Change of Venue October 2, 2009;

    DP’s deadline to file response to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s already filed request to intervene in Drew Peterson’s murder case. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to get involved in Drew Peterson’s murder case to help Will County prosecutors defend the constitutionality of a controversial new law known as “Drew’s law.”

  2. That’s really interesting. I didn’t know that they could object to Madigan’s appearance before the court. (on the grounds “she knows what she’s talking about”?)

  3. May Blabitt thinks that things ain’t going so well, so why bring attention to that.

    Sitting nice in front of the judge puts DP in the Hot Seat. He’s gonna try to impress the potential jurors.

  4. I sure hope we will have some news, but JB’s choices about spreading his news may have dried up. Who knows what Judge White has whispered in JB’s shell-like ear?

  5. By the by….I was just watching the vids on the righthand side…No.3…Isn’t Steve Carcerano blinking an awful lot as he speaks?

  6. I was just reading about Sam Parker’s trial at juror13. If you take the link and scroll down to the heading “Friday’s Testimony” you will see how much he has in common (that is, apart from disappeared *cough* wives who were about to leave them)

    Actually, the whole thing is creepy, but you certainly get the impression he probably knows a little about sadistic fun.

  7. Theresa Parker’s wife’s body hasn’t been found yet. A no body trial. Got to say, the prosecution’s looking good in Georgia.

  8. Comparing Drew with Sam Parker’s case, LE have far more evidence against Drew, and that’s just what we know of! 🙂

  9. I think that’s worth posting, Cyrhla!

    Peterson lawyer faces discipline charges in another case
    September 2, 2009 1:10 AM

    The Joliet Herald-News reports: One of former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson’s attorneys in the murder case against him is facing disciplinary charges related to his representation of two brothers in a 2007 murder case. The state’s attorney disciplinary body alleges John Paul Carroll failed to inform the brothers of a plea offer by prosecutors and lied to prosecutors about whether he had told his clients about the offer.

  10. “Brodsky, who ran into trouble of his own with the ARDC in 2004 when his law license was suspended for three months for signing a dead man’s name in order to cash a $23,000 check, failed to return calls for comment.”

  11. And another news:
    Divers called after angler snags bone

    BOLINGBROOK — Divers searched Whalon Lake on Tuesday morning after a fisherman snagged what he thought was the skeletal remains of a human arm.

    With two northern Will County women — Lisa Stebic of Plainfield and Stacy Peterson of Bolingbrook — still missing, police weren’t going to take the report lightly.

    “In today’s day and age, you can’t just let a report of a human arm go without a look,” said Bob Murphy, chief of the Will County Forest Preserve District police. “As fate would have it, it turned out to be an animal.”

    Murphy said the partial skeleton appeared to be the remains of a bird.

    “He (the fisherman) probably hooked it right where the wing joins the body and it looked to him like a hand,” Murphy said.

    The fisherman was on the lake around 7:45 p.m. Monday. Divers waited for daylight Tuesday to search the lake. The fisherman took them to the spot he thought he had found a body. The lake is owned by the Will County Forest Preserve District and is located off Royce Road.

    Bones are found on forest preserve land now and then and they’re usually taken to the coroner’s office for identification, Murphy said. But this is the first time his department has had to call for divers to search a forest preserve district lake. The divers came from Wilmington’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency.

    Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas said his evidence unit was on alert Tuesday morning in case the skeleton turned out to be human.

    “You’ve got to take it serious,” Kaupas said.

    Stebic, a mother of two, vanished in April 2007. Peterson, also a mother of two, has been missing since October 2007.,4_1_JO02_BONE_S1-090902.article

  12. Pffft. Yeah, Joel spits and spews that a detective allegedly asked the classless Raines out on a date, and makes a major moment out of it, but conveniently hides that he’s co-partners with a putz that is probably going to get suspended or have his law license revoked for being less than a competent attorney.

    So this is the defense, huh? Anyone who thinks Peterson is guilty and shouldn’t ever be let out of jail has nothing to worry about as long as these chosen misfits stay in game.


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