Drew Peterson judge, Stephen White, retires


Judge Stephen White


Will County Judge Stephen White, who has presided over the Kathleen Savio murder case since June of 2009, has retired as planned. Judge White was the third judge to be assigned to the case after both Judge Carla Alessio-Policandriotes and Judge Richard Schoenstedt were challenged by the lawyers involved.

There is some speculation that Drew Peterson‘s defense may ask for Judge White to be brought out of retirement to hear the case when it does eventually go to trial. For now, the case is stuck in appellate court awaiting a decision on the Judge’s ruling on 15 hearsay statements.


– In a sealed ruling, Peterson’s request to be released from jail while a hearsay decision is being appealed was denied.

– Also it was reported that Drew Peterson was offered the option of being transferred into the general population at the Will County Adult Detention Center, but has chosen to stay in isolation at the medical unit.

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140 thoughts on “Drew Peterson judge, Stephen White, retires

  1. Judge is leaving and now maybe another attorney? Here’s what Exlaw has to say (and she claims to talk to Drew so…):

    No scott, Hosey was right on. Shes (Reem Odeh) afraid for her safety, her license and everything in between. … There will be another lawyer leaving soon also, its not over yet and no I do not know who it is. She really is scared at this point and with good reasons.

  2. So. Sharky likes Burmila and Kinney. I have to wonder why they’d be good from the defense point of view after Schoenstedt’s performance.

    Hi Widebirth. Interesting bulletin from exlax, except when you consider her sources. Who would be threatening Reem besides Joel and Drew? And who would be surprised if another attorney left the cause….especially if they’re sick of doing it for nada? No one. The bus driver’s temper and childish behaviour doesn’t help, either, does it?

    Cute picture of Judge White.

  3. WB @#1. Wow, if that’s all true, that’s pretty heavy stuff. “Afraid” for her safety? Why, I wonder, and what does she think will happen to her? Her license? An attorney’s license to be in jeopardy, I would think, would be as a result of illegal or unethical behavior in the practice of law. How would she be in that predicament? I thought I saw enough shenanigans coming from Brodsky to think he’d be in a pickle or two, but if he’s skating along just fine, why would she need to be concerned?

    To say that I have never seen, nor heard, anything like this fiasco is an understatement. What a zoo.

    I agree with you, Bucket, that it would be no surprise if another attorney left or not. I think the initial departure of Abood and Lenard was shocking, so what’s left? If you have one attorney telling the lead guy to STFU in the middle of a court hearing, and another sitting in the jury box instead of at the defense table during a hearing, it wouldn’t be a leap to think another attorney might leave. Then again, I wouldn’t expect it to happen, since being associated with this murder defendant seems to be what matters to the remaining members. It keeps their names in the forefront.

    Anyway, I found this information from a Fox News piece back in July relating to Judge White’s retirement:

    And if the delays didn’t complicate the case for everyone else it also impacts Judge White personally. He will retire in October. So, unless the Illinois Supreme Court would take steps to appoint him as a special judge to handle the case, another judge will have to take over what is arguably the most high profile case Will County has ever seen.


  4. When are the next elections for judges? With this case stuck in appellate court is it possible we could get an entirely unfamiliar judge by the time it goes to trial?

  5. Thanks, Cyrhla!

    Another story but no new info:

    Drew Peterson Judge Stephen White Retiring
    Impact on case unclear

    Updated: Tuesday, 05 Oct 2010, 9:40 AM CDT
    Published : Tuesday, 05 Oct 2010, 9:40 AM CDT

    FOX Chicago News

    Chicago – The judge in the Drew Peterson case is retiring, which could throw the case into more turmoil.

    Stephen White said there are more than enough competent judges to hear the case, but Peterson’s attorneys have already helped in getting two other judges removed from the case.

    Some of Peterson’s attorneys say they hope White can be brought out of retirement to hear the case, since he’s already presided over so many pre-trial hearings on evidence.

    Peterson is charged with murdering his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, and is a suspect in the disappearance of his ex Stacy Peterson.


  6. widebirth :

    Judge is leaving and now maybe another attorney? Here’s what Exlaw has to say (and she claims to talk to Drew so…):

    No scott, Hosey was right on. Shes (Reem Odeh) afraid for her safety, her license and everything in between. … There will be another lawyer leaving soon also, its not over yet and no I do not know who it is. She really is scared at this point and with good reasons.

    If this true, what a very strange situation for an attorney to be in. Is she frightened of Joel? Does she have a restraining order against him? If he is issuing threats I would think it would be a matter for the ARDC (and the police). If he isn’t issuing threats, then what on earth is she frightened of? What an extremely odd situation.

  7. Yeah, that is an odd situation. It is odd that she has not gone mainstream with these kinds of fears, although it may very well be possible that she did, or intends to. Not knowing Reem personally, I guess we can’t say what’s true or not. However, how in the hell do you go from being a law partner of someone, to telling an acquaintance that you fear for your safety (I take that to mean harm to one’s body), license and whatever else “everything in between” means?

    I think I’d take this stuff with a grain of salt from that source. Isn’t this just “hearsay?” Isn’t that group where she posts pooh poohing hearsay? In other words, this is just plain bullshit. Hahahahahahahaha

  8. I wonder on what grounds Joel was able to take Reem’s name off Drew’s visitor list when she was still a member of the team? Of course, he is pretty good at forging people’s names so…

    Hey, according to Drew’s #1 Fan of All Time and Close Personal Friend of Reem Odeh, Reem says that her other clients were referred to as “peasants” and if they called or visited when Reem wasn’t around, they were “hung up on or sent away”. This same person claims that Reem “cannot handle having any contact with Joel or his wife.”

    When I first read it I thought she meant that Reem couldn’t have any contact with them, like they had a restraining order against her. It’s not that she can’t see them , but just that she can’t handle it. LOL! Wheeew!

  9. Anyone else notice that on Reem’s “notice of motion” she indicates 10/1/20 (at 9:30) as the date on which she will present her motion to withdraw?

    So, is that October 1st, 2020 or 2010, January 20th? Either way…I think she must have been a little frazzled while filling out the form.

  10. facsmiley :Anyone else notice that on Reem’s “notice of motion” she indicates 10/1/20 (at 9:30) as the date on which she will present her motion to withdraw?
    So, is that October 1st, 2020 or 2010, January 20th? Either way…I think she must have been a little frazzled while filling out the form.

    Reem’s Motion to Withdraw was filed to appear before Judge White in Courtroom 402 for the murder case 09 CF 1048 …. but instead apparently appeared before Judge Schoenstedt in his Courtroom 405 for the gun charge case 08 CF 1169 … which is where all the parties were located.

    I guess she got the job done… that’s what matters to her.

  11. One can only imagine what Reem might be afraid of, being how Joel acted IMO during the domestic call to his house that one night, and in the court room. It seems no matter who is around Drew, or Joel they all want to get away from them, or are afraid of something. It is alright, they can keep on being the way they are, it will come back to haunt them, and bite them in the arse in the end!

  12. Interesting that a Bill amending the LEOSA has passed congress and is before the President for his signature. I don’t think there’s anything new that would have changed the outcome of Judge White’s decision in Drew’s case. It looks as if it mostly expands the coverage to Amtrak and some other security officers, but FYI:

  13. Drew Peterson to stay in jail pending trial
    October 7, 2010 7:15 PM
    Drew Peterson’s efforts to get out of jail have failed once again.

    The Illinois Supreme Court this week rejected a request to release the former Bolingbrook police sergeant while his murder case is on appeal, the Tribune has learned. Defense lawyer Joseph Lopez would not comment on the ruling because it was issued under seal, but he confirmed that he plans to petition a federal court for Peterson’s release next week.

    The state’s highest court also has upheld a ruling allowing the prosecution’s appeal to go forward despite the defense team’s assertion that it was not filed in a timely manner.

    “His constitutional rights to a speedy trial are being violated,” Lopez said.

    The Will County prosecutors declined to comment on the sealed decision…

    — Stacy St. Clair


  14. You win some – you lose some. What’s the next step? Do they go to the US Supreme Court? And how is Drew’s right to a speedy trial being violated when Drew waived that right long ago? They could have gone to trial way back when but the defense asked for more time.

  15. Michael Sneed has a note in her column today that Drew Peterson was given the opportunity to be transferred into the jail’s general population, but turned it down.

  16. I wonder why they can’t have some kind of shared protective custody setup for people like Drew. I mean why pay for so many people to have a private cell? And quite frankly – I think the whole protective custody thing is crap. OK – maybe have a jail in the Chicago area or a special unit in one of the current jails for cops or people who worked with prisoners as we seem to have many of them in our state. It would be a lot cheaper than having them all in their own protective cells in the medical unit – which should be used to house the ill inmates.

  17. I wonder why it’s even up to Drew where he stays? I understand that he is being detained and not imprisoned, but how many other accused murderers get the option to reside in private quarters in the medical unit?

  18. …but then he is put on suicide watch from time to time. Maybe the private cell should be only for those times:

    From time to time they place me on suicide watch but the only time I think about suicide is when they ask me if I’m thinking about suicide.

  19. As I said – I think there are enough ex-cops, ex-officials, ex-whatevers charged with crimes to give them their own wing in at least one prison near the Chicago area. Could save lots of taxpayer dollars instead of them getting their own private cot and potty.

  20. But then you’d have the problem ofa cop who reported the name of a narcotics officer possibly being in the wing w/said officer. We’d have to have so many wings because so many are incarcerated-not to mention a watiting wing for those yet to come!
    Ah, solution, thy name is confusion.

  21. rescueapet :
    Michael Sneed has a note in her column today that Drew Peterson was given the opportunity to be transferred into the jail’s general population, but turned it down.

    Shut up.

  22. LOL @ Cheryl and Bucket.

    How is it that the “wing” word comes up a lot between Peterson and Brodsky? Gives wings a whole new meaning, no? Wings that have to do with detention facilities, and wings that have to do with the Addiction Bar. Lotta wings.

  23. LOL @ Cheryl too. But hey – we house gang members together for less with their own kind. Why not do the same for officials? Maybe that would make them think twice of turning dirty!

    LOL @ Rescue – I laughed at myself when I typed “wing” in my comments.

  24. They can “wing” this!

    Anyway, it is pretty interesting that Peterson’s appeal to the IL Supreme Court was denied. Just what is it about him that makes the peeps in the robes not want to make him a free man? They can’t all be a part of a mass conspiracy to get Drew, can they? Just kidding.

  25. I will say though that it is very odd that Drew is on $20M bond and that the ex-cop (Brian Dorian) who shot multiple people after asking about honey bees only got $2.5M bond. I sure don’t think they should let Drew out but they sure as sh*t should make sure a guy who goes on a wild shooting spree can’t get out either!

  26. Unknown amount of money stolen in overnight Buffalo Wild Wings heist-
    If anyone has information about this robbery or can identify or tell us the location of any of the suspects that got away last night call Beaumont Crime Stoppers at 409-833-TIPS
    LOL-I”m probably the only one here who laughed when I read this! (Although I did have the decency to be ashamed of myself).

  27. Guardian Angel Community Services Thank you to everyone who came out to the Angel’s Against Abuse 5k Walk on Saturday to support the victims of domestic violence and GACS!

  28. Tonight some co-workers, friends and family of the accused “Honeybee Killer”, Brian Dorian held a fundraiser in support of his defense.

    Whether or not Dorian did the crimes he’s accused of, it very interesting in comparison to Drew Peterson, who had virtually no public support from friends and family (except his mom IIRC) when he was accused of wrongdoing. A 30-year veteran cop but somehow his indictment didn’t generate much in the way of head-shaking or disbelief.

    The only one openly trying to raise money for his defense was his lawyer, and that didn’t last very long (defenddrew.com).

    Speaking of lawyers, can you imagine if this man got suckered into accepting Joel Brodsky as his legal representation? No, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!


  29. Wait, I’ve changed my mind. If he’s guilty then I really think Joel would be a great choice to represent him, and if it’s a case of mistaken identity then I hope George Lenard takes the case.


  30. While we’re waiting on DP news, more about the “Honey Bee Killer”:

    Dorian appearance scheduled for 1:30 p.m. today

    The initial court appearance for Brian Dorian is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. today (Tuesday, Oct. 12) in Courtroom 305 of the Will County Courthouse, 14 W. Jefferson St.

    No idea if the guy is guilty or not, but not only did his pickup match the description of the one used by the killer, he was picked out of a lineup by one of the shooting victims, and people have come forward saying they know Dorian and that he has expressed an interest in bee-keeping. They said:

    He was interested in bee farming on his property so he could get a break on property taxes. That goes back probably 3 years. He use to also go into the grocery store Walt’s in Beecher and speak about Bees.

    So, it certainly looks as if they had good reason to arrest and charge.


    This unsavory incident from his past doesn’t cast Dorian in a very good light either. It’s reported he never even made eye contact with the dead kid’s parents, nor did he apologize or show any sign of remorse, much less pity for their loss.


  31. Ya it looks like droopy might have a new roomie another cop who thinks that he can murder someone and get away with it!!!!!!! thay should have his bond at $20,000,000 not a poposed $2.500,000 bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. More delays. Looks like Peterson appealed the 9/17 judgment against him regarding Chase bank (Thanks, Judgin):

    NOTICE of appeal by Drew W. Peterson regarding orders 82 , 119 , 118 , 115 , 112 , 83 Filing fee $ 455, receipt number 0752−5268930. (Maksym, Walter)
    (Entered: 09/29/2010)

    NOTICE of Appeal Due letter sent to counsel of record. (gel, )
    (Entered: 09/30/2010)

    TRANSMITTED to the 7th Circuit the short record on notice of appeal 120.
    Notified counsel (gel, )
    (Entered: 09/30/2010)

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of receipt of short record on appeal regarding notice of appeal 120 ; USCA Case No. 10−3273 (vmj, ) (Entered: 09/30/2010)

  33. Charges dropped against Brian Dorian!

    Brian Dorian’s release came just five hours after he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges in the ‘honey-bee killer’ case in Will County court.

    Before his release, he was taken to the Will County Sheriff Department’s investigations division in Joliet with his attorneys, Bob Odekirk and Dave Carlson.

    They met with prosecutors and investigators, who were able to verify that Dorian, 37, was using his computer until at least 11 a.m. the day of the shootings, Odekirk said, according to the Joliet Herald-News.


    So, the Honey Bee Killer is still at large.

  34. Looks like his attorneys started working for him the minute they were hired. Not make him their money-making gravy train, and start setting up face time on tv. See how that works?

  35. Come to think about it – you don’t even see the lawyer’s name in the news or in any self-written press releases…

  36. Sources are telling us that Drew had another strip and cell search last week end. Maybe they were looking for that typewriter that “Drew” used to write “his” letters to the media. 😉

  37. If you missed the chance to donate to Stacy’s team during the walk last weekend, it’s still not too late to donate.

    Guardian Angel Community Services
    Make your $10 donation = $20! To celebrate their 10th Anniversary JustGive.org is celebrating by doubling donations! Simply go to the link below and donate to GACS! Your $10 will automatically be matched to $20! Think about what a difference YOUR contribution can make to all our clients!! http://www.justgive.org/10years

  38. facsmiley :

    Sources are telling us that Drew had another strip and cell search last week end. Maybe they were looking for that typewriter that “Drew” used to write “his” letters to the media. ;)

    Haha. Bettcha they didn’t find it. Probably couldn’t find the pen that he used for the rough draft either.

  39. Isn’t it wonderful to know that he is getting such special treatment here and there. You know strip searches, cell searches. He’s so special…….NOT! Ahh just the beginning of justice, let the wheels spin!

  40. Haha, Joel is taking some advice from Tim Gunn it would seem. He’s trying to make the dropped charges against Dorian work for Drew. Umm….OK.

    Joel A. Brodsky said…
    There is no excuse for charging someone without first checking out their alibi. No excuse. There is one more person being held in Will County Jail even though there is no evidence against them, Drew Peterson. Glasgow is asking the state appellate court to allow him to use hearsay evidence that a judge has declared is unreliable agaisnt Drew. Glasgow is trying to put a man in jail for life based on unreliable hearsay. Will County voters wake up!

    October 13, 2010 5:47 AM

  41. All I can say in response to that is that Drew Peterson is no Brian Dorian. The outpouring of support for Dorian proved that.

    And what exactly does Joel want Will County voters to do? Glasgow isn’t running for re-election. If the state’s case is so flimsy against his client, all he has to do is prove it. Dorian’s attorneys seemed to have no problem getting their client out of jail. What’s Joel’s hold up?

    Lastly, if I were Joel, I would steer VERY clear from the phrase “wake up”. 😉

  42. Joel A. Brodsky said…
    There is no excuse for charging someone without first checking out their alibi. No excuse.

    Oh, bullshit. Reading this idiot’s crap warrants a barf bag. Dorian’s lawyers worked hard for their client and worked to prove he was the wrong man. The stupid ass, Brodsky, started a media blitz that would still be going on if the judge hadn’t shut his stupid face up.

    And while we’re on the subject of this moron’s rant about alibis, Peterson’s phone records were NOT checked out, and his client is still sitting in jail because the court system they’ve motioned and petitioned over and over has ruled against them.

    So, STFU Brodsky.

  43. BRODSKY: … Jim Glasgow, Mr. Glasgow, the state’s attorney in Will County, is a good lawyer. He’s a fine prosecutor. And he is not going to walk into a courtroom on a murder — on whatever type of charge he may choose to bring when he doesn’t have evidence to support it.


    So, I guess Joel only thought Glasgow was a “fine prosecutor” as long as his client wasn’t charged.

  44. PETERSON DREW W 10 21 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16 IN/SHOTGUN 2 Status
    PETERSON DREW W 10 21 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16 IN/SHOTGUN 1 Status

    PETERSON DREW 11 17 10 WCCA 930 09L 000326 Hearing

  45. Maybe Drew wanted the business cards of Dorian’s lawyers. 😉

    After all, his attorneys got the charges dropped after Dorian spent all of four days in jail. How many days is it now for Drew? I’ve lost count.

  46. Well, you know, about Officer Brian Dorian, I was looking over the bios of the attorneys who represented him after he was arrested. Their bios are impeccable. At least one was a Joliet police officer for 10 years. They served as prosecutors themselves, and the attorney who was a police officer even served in Iraq to assist the U.S. Army in advising and mentoring the Iraq police. These attorneys were diligent and spoke with authority about their client’s innocence. They spoke as legal advocates on behalf of their client, and won his freedom. They didn’t showboat, call everyone under the sun names, engage in character assassinations, or set-up tv spots. Now, I can’t say whether one of them would have joined a members only forum like Speak Your Mind had the detention of Officer Dorian lasted longer, but I’d have to take a wild stab at it and guess no. It also seems to appear that these attorneys did their work in court, before the judge, not in the media.

    It’s a hell of a lot easier to find credibility in statements that come from individuals as this, rather than one who paraded his client around like a trained pet, endorsing his personal business, setting him up with win-a-date gimmicks, and even set up a website for donations to, ah hem, fund his legal defense (what legal defense). As Facs brought up earlier, Officer Dorian had an outpouring of love and support, which is solely missing in the Peterson saga, regardless of what he and his attorney claim (i.e., people support him, but they’re afraid to come forward; cops who work with him were threatened they’d be fired if they stood up for him, per Exlaw’s comments). These kinds of comments make me laugh, but a laugh is always good.

    It just goes to show you that Officer Dorian chose his legal advocates wisely, especially since he knew he would be cleared with the alibis, etc., he had to back him up. Peterson? Heh, he’s getting what he deserves. That is, he’s getting the legal defense he deserves. 🙂 Let’s just hope it stays that way.

  47. Oh, and contrary to the legal mouth’s explanation about how police officers engage in sick humor as a way of coping, hmmm, I don’t know, but comparing Peterson to Officer Dorian, I’m just not seeing it…. Officer Dorian is said to be devastated, he’s depressed, he’s down, and he is hurting. All outward signs, IMO, of a person who’s feeling wrongly accused. On the other hand, you have Bozo T. Clown showing off his bling, making sexually explicit jokes about his handlers’ strip searches, and an attorney telling anyone who will stick a microphone in is mug that his client is doing just peachy. How they can’t get his boy down.

  48. Very interesting article regarding Officer Dorian, Will County and even a mention of Drew Peterson:

    Not all of the strange things that happen in Will County can be laid at the doorstep of Kaupas and Glasgow.

    Drew Peterson had one wife die suspiciously and another disappear – both in Bolingbrook, which just happens to be in Will County.

    Southtown Star

  49. Just noticed that Joel did a bit on Ray Hanania’s radio show yesterday morning. I did my best with transcription. The sound wasn’t good and the player hung up a lot. If I’ve made any errors, my apologies. (This is only a portion of the interview. I left off most of the conversation about Dorian intentionally):

    Ray Hanania Radio Show
    October 14, 2010

    HANANIA: We’re proud to have on the line right now a friend of ours, Joel Brodsky, who is a very high-profile and powerful attorney. Joel, you have really made a name for yourself over the last couple of years. Your name is huge!

    BRODSKY: Well thank you very much. It was unintentional.

    HANANIA: : No, I know. Sometimes cases really drive pretty high…and you still represent Drew Peterson, correct?

    BRODSKY: Oh, absolutely. We speak with Drew every day and he’s sitting in the Will County Jail. As a matter of fact when I spoke to him yesterday he was telling me how when they brought in this Lynwood police officer, Dorian, that they put him in the cell right next to Drew’s because he was a police officer too. He felt that was pretty ironic. There was rumors all through the jail. Nobody could…everybody was very surprised that somebody was actually charged with the murder without first checking out his alibi…


    …HANANIA: Does the Dorian case impact your own case? (paraphrased)

    BRODSKY: Absolutely. Here’s the problem…that everybody’s bringing forth. That they are charging people without doing a thorough investigation first or bringing murder charges where the evidence is tenuous. You can’t do that. Now this guy, all they had to do was just wait…not to charge him and what’s the big hurry. You know who he is and where he’s at….In Drew’s case he sits in jail 16 months now even though the state says they don’t have sufficient evidence to try him.

    HANANIA: …Why is Drew still in jail?

    BRODSKY: That’s a good question.

    HANANIA: is it politically motivated? Does it have to do with the election coming up in November?

    BRODSKY: That’s certainly something that we’ve thought about and here you have a situation with Drew where you have the government, the states attorney has appealed to the appellate court saying that based on Judge White’s rulings we have insufficient evidence to go to trial. We do not have enough evidence to convict him. They said that in filings to the appellate court. However they still want to keep him in jail and there’s just something basically unamerican about saying you don’t have enough evidence to convict somebody yet you keep them locked up in a cell 24/7. I think, yes, he may be concerned that that photo of Drew Peterson walking out of jail would have a devastating political effect on him or his party or his ability to get re-elected–not this time, but when he does run–his ability to get re-elected. I can’t say what he’s thinking and I don’t know that for certain but it’s just unamerican…


    …We’re going to be filing a petition in the Federal court in the next couple of days asking that the Federal Court–because Drew’s 6th amendment right to a speedy trial is being violated–order that the state releases him. Hopefully, we get a quick hearing on that and we can get Drew home for Christmas…We were set for trial on July 8th, July 7th. We were packed up and ready for trial. We can go to trial tomorrow or the next day. Any time they want to take us.

    HANANIA: …and yet they asked at the last minute to delay it.

    BRODSKY: Exactly. Now they’ve delayed it at least six months.

    HANANIA: It’s almost like they’re punishing him because they can’t convict him. You got a web site Joel?

    BRODSKY: I’m building a new one. When we get it up and running in a few weeks, give me a call and we can get it out there.


  50. Joel somehow ‘forgot’ that his defense team actually asked for a delay themselves, saying that the team was not prepared to go to trial.

    Drew Peterson’s lawyers seek trial delay
    Defense wants more time to prepare for prosecution’s new expert witnesses
    Bill Kissinger, Marcella Raymond WGN News
    May 28, 2010

    CHICAGO – Lawyers for Drew Peterson went back to court Friday to ask for a delay in the start of his murder trial.

    The former Bolingbrook police sergeant is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. Her death was originally ruled an accident.

    His trial is scheduled to begin June 14, but defense attorneys want the judge to push back the start date to Mid-August. Peterson’s lawyers say they need more time to prepare for the addition of new expert witnesses introduced by the prosecution.


  51. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-il-officer-ruralshoo,0,6824048.story

    Arrest of innocent cop could haunt Peterson case

    Associated Press Writer
    2:52 p.m. CDT, October 15, 2010

    CHICAGO — Brian Dorian’s name may never be spoken in court, and memories may fade about how the small-town police officer was wrongly charged in a deadly shooting spree along the Illinois-Indiana border.

    But his arrest followed by the revelation that he could not have committed the crimes could cast a shadow over future cases and perhaps hamper prosecutors’ efforts to get convictions, including in the case of another officer charged with murder: Drew Peterson.

    The Dorian case marks the latest debacle in Will County, where residents well remember the slaying of a 3-year-old girl and the father locked up for months before DNA evidence cleared him. The question is whether jurors will wonder — as a newspaper headline did this week — “What’s Wrong in Will County?”

    “If (jurors) don’t have as much confidence in prosecutors, they’re going to look at what they say with a jaundiced eye and think ‘You are positive this time, you were positive last time. Maybe you are positively wrong,”‘ said William Healy, a jury consultant in Chicago and a former Cook County prosecutor.

    That could be particularly bad news in Will County, where there has been one headline-grabbing case after another in recent years. There is Peterson, who is charged in the 2004 slaying of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Another man, Christopher Vaughn, is awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges in the 2007 shooting deaths of his wife and three young children.

    Authorities are still hunting for the gunman or gunmen who shot and killed five women at a Lane Bryant store in 2008. They have yet to find the bodies or make arrests in the 2007 disappearances of Lisa Stebic and Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy — even though Stebic’s husband has been named a “person of interest” in that case and Drew Peterson a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

    It’s not clear how the Dorian case and other law enforcement misfires will affect those cases, but it certainly gives defense attorneys opportunity in court.

    “It reminds people that sometimes people are wrongly accused,” said Joe Tacopina, a prominent New York defense attorney. “The point is when people come into the jury room, even though there is a presumption of innocence, they think, ‘God, this guy did something wrong to be sitting there.”‘

    There is another possibility: that State’s Attorney James Glasgow’s decision to drop charges so quickly might work in his favor.

    “There’s a botched case here, sure, but it’s a case where the state’s attorney tried to do the right thing,” said Kathleen Zellner, an attorney who won a civil rights lawsuit in 2007 for Kevin Fox, the father who was exonerated in the slaying of his daughter. “Glasgow is one of the few (state’s attorneys) who has the integrity to let someone go when a mistake is made.”

    Glasgow spokesman Charles Pelkie said he hopes jurors remember that Glasgow has proven a number of times, including in the Fox case, that he is willing to drop charges when he realizes the wrong man is behind bars.

    “Once they (defense attorneys) stop smearing this state’s attorney, once the dust settles, this prosecutor will pursue… justice regardless of the public perception,” he said.

    But Dorian’s arrest will certainly be the “elephant in the room” if someone else is tried in the shootings that left one man dead and two others injured, Healy said.

    For starters, a man who escaped when the gunman opened fire and shot two of his co-workers identified Dorian twice as the shooter — once when he picked his driver’s license photo out of a series of pictures and a second time when he singled him out of a police lineup.

    “That person is pretty damaged as a credible witness,” Healy said. “A defense attorney is going to say, ‘What about this guy? What about this guy? How many people can you identify?”‘

    Prosecutors will still likely be forced to call the man, said Dick Devine, the former Cook County State’s Attorney.

    “There’s a loud thud if you don’t call that person,” he said. “They (jurors) are going to be looking at each other wondering why.”

    Pelkie expects Drew Peterson’s attorneys to try to use the case to their advantage, both to sway potential jurors before trial and perhaps during the trial itself.

    “They’ve never been shy about saying outlandish things in the media,” he said, “and we won’t be surprised if they try to use this case somehow in an effort to mislead the public.”

    That effort has already begun.

    “Charging this guy (Dorian) is an incredible abuse of discretion,” said one of Peterson’s attorneys, Joe Lopez. “It’s just a series of missteps by the office and I think the juries are going to look a lot different at their cases from now on.”

    Neither Lopez nor Peterson’s lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, would say how they might use the Dorian case at trial, but Tacopina said there are all sorts of subtle ways to remind jurors that the state’s attorney’s office prosecuting Peterson was once just as sure that another police officer had committed murder.

    Healy suggested Dorian may be more of a burden for prosecutors months and even years from now when people forget exactly what they heard about the case.

    “It’s certainly something that can linger,” he said. “In a year… they might think, ‘God, don’t the investigators have some kind of problem with investigations in Will County?”‘


  52. “It reminds people that sometimes people are wrongly accused,” said Joe Tacopina, a prominent New York defense attorney. “The point is when people come into the jury room, even though there is a presumption of innocence, they think, ‘God, this guy did something wrong to be sitting there.’”

    Okay, I just can’t resist pointing out this expert lawyer’s opinion! He is the defense attorney that fought tooth and nail to get off Joran Van der Sloot when he was suspected of murdering and disposing of Natalie Holloway. So, he can put his opinion where the sun don’t shine as far as I’m concerned.

  53. “Charging this guy (Dorian) is an incredible abuse of discretion,” said one of Peterson’s attorneys, Joe Lopez. “It’s just a series of missteps by the office and I think the juries are going to look a lot different at their cases from now on.”

    Heh. I think it was an incredible abuse of discretion when Peterson wasn’t properly investigated either when his ex-wife suddenly got dead in a bath tub. Especially, since her death was in the midst of a disputed, bifurcated divorce proceeding, and he had everything to gain by her death. So, nonsense remarks like this about a case that has absolutely nothing to do with Peterson is just plain bull.

    If their client is so sweet and innocent, why aren’t they proving it with exculpating evidence, like Dorian’s lawyers did with their client? No, instead they opinionate on any other case that they think fits their guy, which is exactly what they’re accusing the State of doing by handing down charges. Peterson’s alibi is missing, his phone records are in question, and, for one thing, he has a person testifying against him that claims he tried to hire him for Kathleen’s murder. Why don’t they just show what it is that makes him innocent, rather than talking about other cases that have nothing to do with them?

    This is funny. If these lawyers are attempting to smear the current prosecutors by bringing up points they think leave them vulnerable to criticism, I think it will be extremely entertaining and just as incredible to hear what Brodsky has been up to and has said all these long months. I, personally, think he’s behind this latest letter writing tactic that is supposed to be attributable to Peterson, because the writing is suspiciously similar in words as Brodsky has repeated in the media, namely, how Lacy would be next arrested for jay walking. Lopez and his silly comments are laughable, when he won’t even sit at the same defense table as the lead counsel, and there’s another that has told the boob to STFU.


  54. Facs & Rescue- excellent comments!

    I just watched a panel discussion on WTTW regarding Will County’s recent investigations. They mentioned Drew Peterson’s gun charge being dropped, but quickly came back with the murder charge he presently faces. No sympathy from the panel or even the slightest hint that an injustice was done in his arrest. Guess Joel’s latest statements aren’t swaying the media’s opinion.

  55. HANANIA: We’re proud to have on the line right now a friend of ours, Joel Brodsky, who is a very high-profile and powerful attorney. Joel, you have really made a name for yourself over the last couple of years. Your name is huge!


    Did Joel write this script too ?

  56. JAH. Ray Hanania is a local reporter/suburban media spokesman/stand-up comedian, and probably many more things. I’ll link you to his bio.

    I was really surprised that he gloated over Brodsky the way he did because I thought he was more closely aligned with Reem Odeh, but, hey, in this sordid tale, nothing should be surprising.


  57. As a self-promoter, he fits so nicely though into the Selig/Brodsky/Peterson ‘family’:

    Not missing a self-promotional trick, Hanania maintains, by his own count, seven Web sites—one to promote his radio show, another his column, a third his comedy act, and so on. And about a dozen blogs. Call his cell phone and his voice-mail greeting invites you to leave a message—”or you can also listen to my radio show Monday through Friday every morning at eight o’clock on 1530 AM radio.”


  58. Hope this girl is found soon. She goes by “Toni”:

    NIU student reported missing
    By DAILY CHRONICLE – news@daily-chronicle.com

    DeKALB – The Northern Illinois University Police Department is seeking information on the whereabouts of a female student who was reported missing over the weekend.

    Antinette J. Keller, 18, was last seen by friends around noon on Thursday, according to an advisory posted on the NIU Police website. She reportedly told friends that she was going for a walk in an area adjacent to West Lincoln Highway near the Junction Center retail complex not far from campus, according to the advisory.

    Keller is described as a white female, 5 feet 6 inches in height, approximately 130 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a gray jacket and a scarf, and was believed to be carrying an art portfolio and a professional camera, according to the advisory.

    Anyone who may have seen or who may have information on a person fitting the above description is asked to contact NIU Police at 815-753-1212.


  59. Cyrhla – Not that we’ve heard.

    This story is about the ISP officer who testified during the Peterson hearsay hearings that he had concerns about the Savio investigation. He’s in the midst of a civil trial that began yesterday involving a shooting.

    Chicago Tribune
    State police sergeant goes on trial in fatal shooting
    In civil trial, officer is accused of using excessive force when he shot to death an unarmed off-duty prison guard

    October 18, 2010|By Christy Gutowski, Tribune reporter

    Illinois State Police Sgt. Bryan Falat is either a hero who used justifiable force to save the lives of himself and his partner, or a quick-tempered cop who opened fire on an unarmed off-duty prison guard.

    An eight-member federal jury considered the contrasting portraits Monday as Falat’s civil trial opened.

    Falat twice shot Lernard Grigsby after responding to a 911 call at 4:15 a.m. April 24, 2008, inside an employee dormitory at Stateville Correctional Center near Joliet. The 48-year-old guard died four days later, leaving three children who are seeking unspecified damages after accusing Falat of using excessive force.

    Grigsby’s ex-girlfriend had called 911 saying he refused to return her cellular phone. She did not accuse Grigsby of being violent, but Falat and his partner, Trooper Kristine Quick, say the pajama-clad guard attacked without provocation. Falat shot Grigsby after he pinned the sergeant against a wall and reached for his gun, said Rachel Fleischmann, an assistant Illinois attorney general.

    “Falat will tell you about the split-second action he took to save his life and Trooper Quick,” Fleischmann said.

    However, attorney Michael Kanovitz told jurors the officer killed Grigsby without justification after seeing his partner punched in the face. Kanovitz said bullet projectory evidence will prove Falat shot Grigsby from behind.

    “Nothing had happened up to that point that would justify taking out a gun and killing someone,” said Kanovitz, who displayed photos of the officers who, but for some scratches, appeared physically uninjured.

    Grigsby’s prints were not found on Falat’s duty belt or weapon, but two of the retrieved prints remain unidentified.

    U.S. Northern District Judge William Hibbler granted the defense’s request to bar any mention of Falat’s involvement in the case of Drew Peterson, a retired Bolingbrook police sergeant accused of murdering his third wife.

    Falat testified earlier this year that he was “sort of disgusted with” the state police investigation into the 2004 drowning of Kathleen Savio, whose death originally was ruled accidental but later was reclassified after the 2007 disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, sparked a renewed probe.


    Link to story about his testimony

  60. Off-topic, but if you are local and interested in searching for the missing NIU student:

    A Message from NIU President John Peters / Update on Student Affairs meeting

    Members and Friends of the NIU Community,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Toni’s parents, family and friends….I have spoken with her father and pledged the full resources of the university to assist in locating her. Law enforcement from area agencies under the direction of the NIU police department have been working together to conduct thorough and comprehensive grid-based searches of the area surrounding the campus in an effort to locate Toni.

    This afternoon (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. in Stevenson Hall Multi-Purpose Room Vice President Brian Hemphill along with Student Affairs staff will meet with concerned students, faculty, staff and members of the community who are interested in participating in the efforts to locate Toni.

    Community members who would like to attend this meeting should feel free to park in Lot P and PS just west of Stevenson. NIU parking regulations will not be enforced in these lots between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. today.

    In the meantime, if you have relevant information about Toni that could assist the NIU Police in their efforts, please contact them directly at 815-753-1212. I will keep you updated as events continue to unfold.

    John G. Peters
    President, NIU

  61. cyrhla :
    Hi, everyone.
    Any news on the Indiana Dunes skeleton?

    I thought they had determined who it was, and yet, when I searched so I could provide a link, I found nothing other than initial reports which said they could not determine whether the remains were male or female and were hoping the bones or teeth would yield clues.

  62. PETERSON DREW W 10 21 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16 IN/SHOTGUN 2 Status
    PETERSON DREW W 10 21 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16 IN/SHOTGUN 1 Status

    Since charges were dismissed I wonder if this hearing is to give the state the chance to file an appeal if they want.

  63. I just saw a news report with Brodsky and his other “famous” client, Joseph Reyes. Reyes had to answer to contempt charges, and was in court for that today. He was ordered by the court not to take his daughter into church, pending further hearings. He was found not guilty of contempt. As I understand it, even though he was filmed going into church by a media crew he called to arms himself, there was no “proof” that child was his daughter. ( 😉 ) I turned to the news about the Reyes issue in the middle of the report, and missed the beginning part of it, but I believe that what I heard, that it wasn’t proven that the child was his child, is correct. If not, I’ll correct it later.

    What has me LMAO is this. Brodsky has his PR out and this is enough to make anyone spit their coffee out laughing:

    This is the latest in a string of victories for Chicago criminal defense attorney Joel A. Brodsky.

    Brodsky, who represents several high profile defendants, recently won a case for client Drew Peterson. Brodsky got a weapons violation charge against Peterson thrown out of court.

    Hahahahaha. A “string of victories?” Reyes and the gun charge. Ooooookay. “String” of two takes on a whole new meaning, no?

  64. Ah, here’s the report. They came into Brodsky’s “ball park?” The only thing about balls that I can see is that Brodsky’s are overtaking his lower half and he needs to get a wheelbarrow to help him carry them around. Good thing his head is so large – it helps to balance him.

    In court Wednesday, Brodsky said the televised report did not prove the person who accompanied Reyes into the church was his daughter.

    “They chose to try to criminally prosecute him and when they chose to, they came in to my ball park and they weren’t able to sustain their burden,” Brodsky said.


  65. Thanks for the information, Lorie. Yeah, sure is not looking good for him.

    Oak Brook police seek to fire Drew Peterson’s son
    October 20, 2010 6:10 PM

    The Oak Brook police chief wants Stephen Peterson fired from the force for hiding his father’s guns during the Stacy Peterson investigation in 2007, according to documents submitted to the village police and fire board this week.

    Chief Thomas Sheahan is seeking to suspend Stephen Peterson without pay pending his disciplinary hearing, board attorney Mark Sterk said.

    Peterson was suspended in August after testifying that he hid two or three guns in his home for his father, Drew Peterson. The younger Peterson took the guns shortly before police searched his father’s home after Stacy Peterson vanished in October 2007.

    Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, is the prime suspect in his fourth wife’s disappearance. He is being held on $20 million bail on charges he drowned his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004.

    Oak Brook officials have said the heart of their case is Stephen Peterson’s decision to accept items he knew could be of interest to investigators. The chief also asked that Stephen Peterson be punished for failing to keep private the information about the internal investigation into his conduct.

    Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Will County state’s attorney’s office said it is still weighing whether to appeal a judge’s decision to dismiss, for the second time, its gun case against Drew Peterson. Judge Richard Schoenstedt ruled Friday that prosecutors failed to prove Drew Peterson’s semiautomatic rifle wasn’t protected under a federal law that gives police officers general immunity to own weapons that are illegal under state law.

    — Erika Slife and Stacy St. Clair

  66. Drew Peterson’s Son Might Lose His Policeman’s Job
    Updated: 48 minutes ago

    David Lohr

    (Oct. 21) — The son of former Illinois police officer and tabloid headline-grabber Drew Peterson could soon find himself standing in the unemployment line because of testimony he gave in court, Chicago media outlets report.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, documents submitted to the village police and fire board this week indicate Oak Brook Police Chief Thomas Sheahan wants to remove Stephen Peterson from the police force.

    Drew Peterson, 56, was arrested in May 2009 after a special grand jury found sufficient evidence to charge him in the 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Police have also named him an “official suspect” in the October 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, 23-year-old Stacy Peterson. The former Bolingbrook police officer is being held on $20 million bail, pending the start of his murder trial.

    The younger Peterson was suspended in August, after he testified that he hid guns for his father after Stacy Peterson went missing. The testimony was given during a gun case against Drew Peterson, in which he was accused of possessing a modified AR-15 rifle. A judge dismissed those charges earlier this month.

    “Oak Brook officials have said the heart of their case is Stephen Peterson’s decision to accept items he knew could be of interest to investigators,” the Chicago Breaking News Center reported. “The chief also asked that Stephen Peterson be punished for failing to keep private the information about the internal investigation into his conduct.”

    Board attorney Mark Sterk told the Tribune that Sheahan wants to suspend Stephen Peterson without pay, pending a disciplinary hearing.


  67. OK, so hearing today was about possible appeal in weapons case.


    Drew was just up in front of the judge. Real short hearing. The state has 11 days to decide whether to appeal or not.

    BTW, when is Lopez going to get around to writing that appeal to get Drew out of jail pending the hearsay decision appeal? Doesn’t seem to be high on his list of priorities…

  68. facsmiley :OK, so hearing today was about possible appeal in weapons case.


    Drew was just up in front of the judge. Real short hearing. The state has 11 days to decide whether to appeal or not.

    BTW, when is Lopez going to get around to writing that appeal to get Drew out of jail pending the hearsay decision appeal? Doesn’t seem to be high on his list of priorities…


    I’m thinking that Glasgows office is waiting to see if their ‘sealed’ Hearsay Appeal in the Appellate Court Decision comes down before they file the weapons violation case Appeal…

    and Lopez is waiting for the state to make their decision whether to file their weapons violation case Appeal, or not. Then if the state Appeals Judge White’s dismissal, defense has ‘new information’ to use as the basis to release DP from custody for their Appeal to the IL Supreme Court.

  69. I’ve been wondering too when we’d hear about the appeal that Lopez said they were undertaking. What a shame for Brodsky, though, if the State decides to appeal the weapons violation, since he seems to be very proud of his “string” of victories. This one of two.

  70. The Herald News/Joe Hosey has a story up regarding the weapons violation status hearing today, and Stephen Peterson’s disciplinary hearing schedule.

    In determining whether to file an appeal, the State is discussing recent amendments to the act with federal officials.

    The Oak Brook Police Department has scheduled a hearing date of November 1 regarding Stephen Peterson’s disciplinary proceedings.

    Peterson clear on gun charge, but son still in trouble?
    By Joe Hosey jhosey@stmedianetwork.com Oct 21, 2010 05:59PM

    JOLIET — Prosecutors may let Drew Peterson go on the felony gun charge a judge dropped earlier this month, but his son is still jammed up for his part in hiding the weapon from state police.

    More at Herald News

  71. Heh. Today’s gossip in Sneed is about Eric Peterson. She’s letting her readers know that Eric Peterson is in the lives of his siblings, and visits the Bolinbgrook residence. Yeah, we know and have known about this, but we usually try and refrain from discussing the day-to-day activities of the Peterson children. Oh, well, I guess the thinking heads on the Peterson team think any news is good news for them, since it keeps the lug head in the minds of the public, who has used his children of late to do that. Heh.


  72. The State filed it’s appeal of the judge’s hearsay ruling. Back in July, they filed their notice of intent to appeal, and this is now the actual appeal. It was filed under seal.

    Whew, this is all so confusing!

  73. So odd. So they have to file an intent to appeal within so many days of a ruling but not the actual appeal? I think lawyers make the system more complicated so they can charge more money or something.

  74. John Sadler, another Will County misfit, admitted clubbing his wife, and was charged with her murder. Yesterday, the murder charges were dropped because her autopsy showed she suffered a heart attack, so it can’t be definitively proven she died from the head trauma or the heart attack. That’s sad. He’s now charged with aggravated battery to a senior citizen and aggravated battery.

    By the way, what a shame that Dr. Jeffrey Jenzen isn’t the pathologist who performed the autopsy. He’s the infamous expert in the Peterson/Savio trial in which I heard him testify that a heart attack Kathleen may have suffered in one of his scenarios wouldn’t be detectable in the autopsy.

    Jentzen, who served as Milwaukee’s chief medical examiner when officials were investigating the case against serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, said it also was possible that Savio suffered cardiac arrest and fell.

    No signs of a heart attack would have been detected at the autopsy, he said. Savio’s physician had previously testified Savio was diagnosed with a medically insignificant heart murmur in the mid-1990s.


    Anyway, how cutesy is this?

    Prior to the hearing, Sadler and Drew Peterson, the disgraced former Bolingbrook cop charged with murdering one wife and suspected of slaying another, shared a lengthy conversation while shackled next to each other.


    Maybe Drew was getting the name of his attorney, Ignatius Villasenor, who got this guy’s charges reduced, and the bond.

  75. We’re very sad to say that human remains were found in Prairie Park in Dekalb, Illinois today. There are strong indications that they are the remains of NIU art student, Antinette “Toni” Keller, who went missing on October 14 after telling friends she was headed to the park for an “art adventure”.

  76. My heart breaks for the family and friends of this little girl.This is horrible. You are now in the Lord’s arms. Prayers to her family.

  77. I feel so bad for the Keller family and friends. I pray they find out the truth as to what happened and if anyone is responsible that they are caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

  78. This is so sad. In her photograph what shines out is Toni’s vitality and excitement. Her family and friends must be terribly, terribly shocked.I hope justice will come just as quick as it can, and that those that grieve find comfort and peace.

    thinkaboutit2 :
    So odd. So they have to file an intent to appeal within so many days of a ruling but not the actual appeal? I think lawyers make the system more complicated so they can charge more money or something.

    I think it makes sense. The would-be appelant is given time to discover and research grounds, then given time again to prepare the appeal. It does take ages, though. You make an excelent point, Think. I’m certain it all adds value to the bottom line, and The Law, after all, was set up by lawyers (and for lawyers? ;).

    Why settle things in a civiised manner in one or two meetings when scores of writs and motions will do?

  79. They are saying the Police will hold a conference today regarding Antinette Keller, at 11 am. They were saying on the news this morning that they should have some kind of answers as to the cause of death at least, being it has been 5 days. I wonder what they will say about it, be allowed to say, etc. It is so sad either way you look at it. My heart goes out to her family, and friends.
    I attached a link to a story saying it will be today at 11 am

  80. Looks like Joel is feeling bad about not being the center of attention. He posted a status update on his facebook:

    Joel A. Brodsky
    We got the State’s briefs in the Drew Peterson interlocutory appeal yesterday. Very weak arguments by the State. At this rate we will be on trial by January or February 2011 with a Not Guilty and Drew home by the end of February 2011.

  81. Wow – His prediction of getting Drew out in a business day didn’t pan out. It also didn’t pan out when he said Drew would never be arrested. Kind of funny though – if Joel didn’t ask for more time (twice) then Drew could have been tried a long, long time ago.

  82. Seems to me that we learned that the truth is always the opposite of JB’s wishful assessment of any situation. 🙂

    I’m thinking JB and DP are looking at each other asking …

    OK genius,what do we do now.. LOL

  83. It seems like so little to say that my prayers are with Toni’s family. I was trying to hold out hope that the remains were someone else, awful as that sounds. Really no-win.

  84. OMG Noway! When I was in high school my brother got me and my sister t-shirts for Christmas and made us randomly pick which one to open. I was luck I got the I’m With Stupid ==> and my poor sister got Stupid ^.

  85. And when it’s all over, and Drewpy is sentenced, I’ll make them T’s that read:
    He was the genius–> 😦 😦 <–He was the genius

  86. TAI, if I were your sister, I’d be hiding that T-shirt in every suitcase you ever packed. That’s priceless!

  87. My sister kept trying to lose her shirt and we kept finding it for her! LOL! Of course we do have it immortalized via Kodak!

  88. doggies all over :And when it’s all over, and Drewpy is sentenced, I’ll make them T’s that read:He was the genius–> <–He was the geniusLOL!

    Ha ha dao… too funny!

    and cyrhla

    There’s always an exception to the Rule… and

    Those two don’t know any better…

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