Oak Brook police chief: If it was a toaster—he should have known better

The Chief of Police of the Village of Oak Brook took the stand last night to testify in the second day of hearings to remove Stephen Peterson, son of Drew Peterson, from the force.

Peterson has been disciplined numerous times during his career at Oak Brook, but the charges that he accepted a large sum of money and hid guns for his father during the early days of Stacy Peterson‘s disappearance are grounds for termination according to Police Chief Thomas Sheahan.

Sheahan testified that by hiding those guns the younger Peterson obstructed the investigation into Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. “If it was a toaster—he should have known better and he should have cooperated with the State Police. The evidence could have helped solve the case or exonerate someone.

Officer Peterson maintains that his decisions and actions were those of a dutiful son, trying to help out his father and that the money and weapons had no evidentiary value.

Chief Sheahan doesn’t it see it that way, “He’s a police office. He knows what evidence is.

Oak Brook Fire and Police Board will meet again on January 10 for a closed session to come to a decision about how they will proceed. Meanwhile, Stephen Peterson remains on paid leave from the force.

As is typical, when there is news about Stephen, Drew’s people manage to get items planted in the gossip columns to try to deflect from it. Today’s nonsense is downright bizarre. The upshot is that due to Drew becoming out of shape and developing high blood pressure while being detained, he has been inspired to draw up yet another will in which he states that upon his death he would like his remains to be cremated and then pressed into diamonds to be given to his family.

Sure beats being dumped in a landfill, or the Cal Sag Channel…

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Document: Charges against Stephen Peterson

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117 thoughts on “Oak Brook police chief: If it was a toaster—he should have known better

  1. “Drew reads these jail magazines like Popular Mechanics and science fiction stuff,” said a source. “So he’s decided to turn his ashes into industrial type diamonds — not gem quality. He was a physically healthy guy when he went to jail — and even though everyone is nice to him and brings him extra cookies and cakes — he has gained weight and is now on blood pressure meds. He doesn’t really exercise and take care of himself.”

    Who brings him extra cookies and cakes? It doesn’t come from the outside, so is this supposed to show that Drew’s keepers are keeping him fat and happy? Bah!

  2. Don’t a lot of incarcerated guys use all the free time to work out and get buff? If Drew is going to spend his days eating commissary treats and sitting on his ass, that’s his decision.

    Sneed is also told Peterson, who tells pals he is confident of being acquitted, is looking at future employment and is hoping the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel, the subject of HBO’s TV show “Cathouse: The Series,” is still interested in hiring him.

    And as for the Bunny ranch job — I thought that offer was rescinded about the time Drew was arrested. Although I will say, that if he is acquitted and the offer still stands, he should snap it up. Drew working security amid the pathetic stench of the desperate, horny and unloved seems like a good fit.

  3. Sun Times Story is up:


    …“The driving force behind this is the report of a young mother missing and he receives weapons and money,” Sheahan testified Thursday night. “He’s a police officer. He understands what evidence is. The three weapons could have fingerprints, DNA or fibers and could’ve assisted the state police in bringing the matter to a close.”…


  4. “I didn’t think the money had anything to do with the case,” Stephen Peterson said Thursday. “It was my father wanting to take care of his children.”

    What a ridiculous statement. The ONLY reason Drew was trying to transfer all those funds was because he was preparing to be arrested in connection to the CASE.

  5. I thought the same thing! A new look for the new year. Hoping the new year finally brings the breaks needed to solve the cases of Kathleen and Stacy. Let’s not forget Lisa Stebic. We need a little angel invention, please.

  6. Narcissistic sociopaths use anyone they can and that includes their kids. I think the thing used the younger ones as stageprops and the older one as a scapegoat. Soon-to-be X Oakbrook police officer Stephen deserves to be fired.

    Maybe Stephen can provide security at the bunny ranch in place of daddy dearest, since he’ll be job hunting soon e’nuf.

  7. I understand that there are two sides to this Steve Peterson fiasco. Those that think he’s just an extension of his father, and those that think he’s the focus of a witch hunt and vindictiveness.

    Out of curiosity, I wonder what those that think it’s a witch hunt would do if Officer Peterson was placed back on the streets to make arrests and charge arrestees with crimes? Would they hire a Joel Brodsky type to bitch and moan that it’s the pot calling the kettle black, or would they take their lumps quietly and thank Officer Peterson for showing them the way the laws are to be obeyed?

    Officer Peterson says he was helping his dad out, he didn’t do anything wrong, and he deserves to do the job he loves.

    So, the rule here is, if the OBPD quits babysitting him and puts him back out on the street after three years of being inside the walls of the PD, and one happens to be the schmuck that winds up in the back of his squad car after an arrest by him for unlawfulness, I guess it’s safe to assume said schmuck will just shut up and let Officer Peterson enforce the laws and accept the charges if he says its so. Yeah right.

    It’s only a witch hunt when it involves Drew Peterson and his cast of characters.

  8. Stephen Peterson testified his father gave him $ 200.000.00+ HELOC money to look after the children, yet in pretty much the same breath he testified the money was put back a few days later “because the interest was too high”

    That leaves a simple question: how were the children supposed to be looked after then ?

  9. Stephen Peterson also testified his father was worried the three guns he took to Stephens house were going to be scratched during the search of Drews house, so it must have been oke for the rest of Drews gun collection to get scratched if he left them at home (!!)

  10. Wow girls! Love it!

    ha ha ha in the comments section of the Bolingbrook Sun article, there are a lonely, looney 2 comments decrying the “which” hunt. ROFL, actually.

  11. I like the new look, though I thought I went to the wrong place at first 😉 As for Stephen, I really hate to see anyone get fired, but honestly I would have no respect for him as police officer. If he thought his father had nothing to do with Stacey missing then why would it be necessary for him to have money to take care of his younger siblings? A police officer of all people would think that justice would prevail….or maybe that is exactly what he thought.

  12. Hi Charmed. For me, it’s not so much lack of respect as fear. I think running unauthorised checks on local citizens should be cause for instant dismissal. What the hell was he playing at? He has a real problem with authority, it’s clear. (BTW did you notice his leg bouncing away in court? It didn’t look like fear or nerves to me, but frustration/impatience/hostility…JMO)

  13. Very nice job on the site! I love the new look! Been away for awhile, came back and was like, am I in the right place lol 🙂

  14. Ya know, I keep reading Chief Sheahan’s quote as


    … and am willing to believe that was exactly what he was thinking.

  15. Absolutely, regardless of his excuse of “Just trying to help out his Father”, Stephen knows the rules, and the laws. He knew that by taking possession of those guns, and concealing them from Police he was breaking the law. Any other person would of been behind bars already charged with obstructing justice, among other things. He was in possession of an illegal gun, in his home, that he had possession of. IMO regardless if he really was just trying to be the good son, he knew better and I feel he needs to lose his job, if not even be charged for obstruction , and tampering with potential evidence. There is no telling if there was evidence on there, and by him taking them and possibly tampering with them he destroyed potential evidence. I hope he loses his job to set an example to the other officers that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, or allowed. Has nothing to do with him being Drew’s son, he broke the law no matter who’s son he is.

  16. Just had to poke my nose into this,,,Been trying to keep up with this case and have read here often…Droopy and his motley crewe think they can get away with this…so son Stephen was just trying to help out dear ole dad…Looks like Stephen will soon be joining the ranks of the unemployed, if all that is said about him is true…I just wish that this was over and done and Drew was hit with a double whammy…We can speculate all we want as to what took place with Drew/Kathleen and Drew/Stacy…Hopefully the long arm of the law can tie these up in the coming year…I need more oxygen…

  17. Thanks DD, we posted about this last week. Joe Hosey and Susan Murphy Milano were interviewed for the show but we aren’t sure how much of their footage will be included.

    If you miss the show on the 20th, there’s another airing late night (set your DVR maybe?):

    Mon 12/20 10:00-11:00 pm (Eastern) BIO
    Tue 12/21 2:00-3:00 am (Eastern) BIO


  18. Is it too early to celebrate? Do we dare rejoice? It would appear that Drew and Joel’s pal, Paul Huebl’s various blogs and YouTube user account have all been suspended.

    Edited to say: Well poop, he’s back on Blogger. But youtube account still disabled.

  19. First things first. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I am calling out a Peterson supporter for his lack of class, his ability to be conveniently selective in his facts and his own storytelling, and setting a few things straight.

    Except from Huebl’s blog:

    The story tellers for this television smear were primarily a blogger and local print reporter with an ex-wife and another old girlfriend of Peterson. They have done little more that to collect and or disseminate unreliable gossip about this case. Their sources are the near do well relatives of the dead and missing wives that have left no stones unturned in their zeal to profit from this tragic situation.

    IMO, Huebl has some bazookas to accuse others of disseminating unreliable gossip about this case. Accusing the “relatives of the dead and missing wives…..to profit from this tragic situation” is infuriating!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. He’s had more inaccuracies in his own blogging than turnovers made by the Vikings last night! How dare he call out the victims’ families as profit makers, when no one has been more worthy of attempted profit than Peterson himself, and his attorney. Does motorcycle murderabilia, attempting to sell Drew’s personal motorcycle in excess of $50,000 on Ebay not count? Does an attorney who used his client to help his failing booze establishment by having him hawk chicken wings in-between discussing his dead and missing wives not count in the eyes of this guy?

    Another laughable comment was that a “blogger” and “local print reporter” were the primary story tellers for the Bio piece. And an “ex wife.” That wasn’t an ex-wifel. It was a book author, Michelle LeFort. Dan Budenz, who played a very important part in the lives of Peterson and his children in the early weeks of Stacy’s disappearance got PLENTY of face time on the Bio piece. You know, he was Drew Peterson’s famous “celebrity psychologist,” who, by the way, is not even a legitimate, licensed psychologist. From (unlicensed) psychologist to what he now calls himself, an “investigative reporter.” How convenient that Huebl overlooked that “storyteller” in his perception of who narrated last night’s documentary!

    The “blogger” he refers to is, among other things, a strong advocate for abused women in abusive relationships. If, in his eyes, she is nothing more than a “blogger,” then what does that make him? Certainly, not a blogger that can separate fact from fantasy. I’ve seen a few of his comments to Reem Odeh on her Facebook page in the past that give the impression this guy can’t keep straight which head of his rules his day!

    The “local print reporter” covered the Peterson story from the early days of Kathleen’s death. Joe Hosey reports and writes the FACTS as they’re covered, as the murder defendant has discussed with him in the past, as the attorneys in the case relate to him, as the court records show, as the families recount to him….and on and on. Huebl, without a doubt, gets his complimentary call from Brodsky, and he gets spoon fed, accurate or not, what he, in turn, blogs. If you want to see what distorted and inaccurate blogging is, check out his thread about how Steve Peterson’s current mess (thank you, dad Drew) is a witch hunt, and how he mangles the “facts.”

    Again, IMO, I think that writing a blog, regardless of who’s side you happen to fall on, takes more than making up stories and blending the truth with fantasy. Creating fairytale comments and stirring up controversy, based on inaccuracies and misconceptions, does nothing to legitimize one’s beliefs in a person’s guilt or innocence. Everyone has their right to deny or defend Peterson’s guilt or innocence, but if this person’s blogging is any indication of what makes Peterson’s current detention wrong, I’m sure confident he won’t be going anywhere for a while! Separating “opinion” from “facts” shouldn’t be that hard to do in the Land of Blog, but I guess some others can’t make that distinction.

    Last night’s piece depicted a man who, IMO, lived a life of deceit, dishonor, cheating and womanizing. It doesn’t make him a murderer, but he’s got a long wait in the line of honorable and heroic men before he can be considered anything but a decent human being. Breeding and supporting one’s own children does not make a hero. Drew Peterson is anything but.


  20. Trial By Smear, Biography Channel Convicts Drew Peterson

    Hahaha, as I’m thinking about this, it would seem that Huebl did the Peterson team a great disservice!

    I saw a documentary that portrayed Drew Peterson as a womanizer, a guy who adored himself first, and had an ego the size of which is indescribable. Most of how he was portrayed goes without dispute. Peterson has admitted that he tired of the beautiful women he came to know, love and marry, and moved on. He’s made no bones about the fact that he claims to unconditionally love his children. There is no dispute that his second wife had a horrible car accident. Nor that his third wife died and was found in a bath tub, or that his last wife was never seen again after October 28, 2007.

    If this blogger/supporter saw last night’s piece as a smear campaign and it purports to show that Peterson is, in fact, a murderer, then I didn’t give that piece as much credit as it seems he does. In that case, you go, Huebel. Carry on. You’re doing a fine job.

  21. I tried to find this last night to no avail. I really don’t know if I want to waste my time, watching anything to do with Drew Peterson, until, of course..HIS MURDER TRIAL.

  22. Hi Irish.

    The Bio piece will be run again. I’ll look for Fac’s comment and post it.

    As I said, I didn’t see the Bio documentary as anything but a depiction of how Drew Peterson lived his life. He loved and married beautiful women, tired of them, cheated on them and moved on. I saw videos I’d not seen before, which looked to have come from Vicki Connelly. Most said he was a fun loving guy, a funny character, controlling, one who kept close tabs on his love interests, and one who was attentive to his children.

    He was not called a murderer and, in fact, a disclaimer was run at the end of the piece that he is innocent until proven guilty.

    If this was a smear campaign, I must say that Drew Peterson is treated quite well these days by the Chicago Sun Times, and his letters, ramblings, name calling, accusations and portrayals of most every law enforcement officer and prosecutor in his case go unchallenged. Why is that okay, but the Bio piece isn’t, even though it recounts most everything he’s admitted to in the first place?

  23. I DVR’d the show and watched it about 1 am last night so I wasn’t at my most alert, but Murphey-Milano, Hosey, Budenz, LaForte and Kyle Piry pretty much went over ground that we have heard before, and the show did focus mostly on Drew’s life — documenting it from his youth to the present and focusing on his relationships with women. As Rescue pointed out, Drew himself was happy to tell-all when it came to his womanizing and his ability to charm and con others. In fact he gave hundreds of hours of interviews to a hand-picked author in order to get a book written telling the world all about it. So, I don’t see that anyone needs to take offense on his account when that aspect of his life is discussed.

    There were no accusations of guilt whatsoever. It’s fact that Kathleen died and that Stacy has disappeared without a trace. If you want to interpret any mention of those facts as a smear campaign then I’m not sure you’re equipped to make a reasoned argument about…anything.

    IMO, Pauly is just jealous that he wasn’t asked to prop his baggy old carcass up in front of the cameras and get a piece of the action. It’s downright pathetic the way he cries about the fact that he wasn’t contacted for the show. Dude, grow up, get over your sour grapes and get to work putting all your videos back up online someplace where they don’t violate the Terms of Service.

  24. Facs: IMO, Pauly is probably just jealous that he wasn’t asked to prop his baggy old carcass up in front of the cameras and get a piece of the action.

    LOL!!! Maybe he should have been asked, and he can explain, how Jim Glasgow has gotten every cop, investigator, coroner, Illinois law maker, former Governor, media correspondent, and last, but not least, judge, involved in this case to drink his Kool-Aid and keep Drew Peterson wrongfully incarcerated on a phony charge. Oh, and how he got Sheahan and the investigating ISP officers in the Steve Peterson matter to drink the Kool-Aid too so that Steve Peterson can go down in the witch hunt.

    Drew Peterson must be a god to command the attention he’s been given. Wow. Someone like him only comes along once in a lifetime. Maybe he’ll go from god to martyr someday for whatever it is he thinks he should be remembered for.

  25. From Paul Huebl’s own comment section:

    Crimefile said…

    That was the worst smear I’ve ever seen on TV!

    They let that Joe Hosey who was fired by the Sun Times over his biased reporting on the Peterson case say whatever garbage he wanted.

    That Milano douchebag blogger would not stop canonizing any woman Peterson ever slept with as a saintly victim including that drug addict. Milano is out of touch and her blog is nothing but re-written Hosey stories.

    This was all gossip with zero evidence. Biography Channel along with Hosey and Milano should be sued by Peterson.

    December 21, 2010 9:11 AM

    Joe Hosey has not been contacted by Huebl prior to his scathing comments, and his lie that he was “fired” for his biased reporting. Huebl is a coward and deserves whatever legal attention he so now deserves.

  26. Ha! Now we know why Pauley was not called to testify for the prosecution!

    He’s out of touch with reality… and lies whenever his lips are moving… 🙂

  27. Heh, I’ve seen crap like this moron’s time and time again. Restraint and common sense is a virtue, one that this creep lacks.

    Waiting for him to back up his flabby mouth after spewing his lies in his obscure comment section, where he will only allow posts that he deems fit for publishing.

    He can come here anytime he wants and back up his lewd, hateful, spiteful and dishonest remarks. I’m sure we’re all ears. No wonder he fits right in with that camp.

  28. BTW, Susan Murphy-Milano is an expert in intimate partner violence who has written a number of books on the subject. She’s a popular speaker and has an Internet radio show. She also blogs. It’s not accurate to refer to her as merely a ‘blogger’.

    As for the crude name he called her…I believe that says more about Pauly than anyone else.

  29. Mr. Huebl has been invited to appear on The Susan Murphy Milano Show (again..). Will let you know if he accepts the invitation.

  30. Huebl says:

    …Biography Channel along with Hosey and Milano should be sued by Peterson.

    If you look at the end credits you’ll see that Drew Peterson is the first name credited for supplying photographs to A&E for use on the show. This leads me to believe that he (and/or Joel Brodsky) certainly got a DVD to view before the show aired and could have voiced any objections at that point. If they had no problem with the content, why should anyone else?

  31. I agree that there was virtually nothing new in the show with the exception of some new photos and videos I hadn’t seen before and probably the fullest account of the Vicky Connolly brake-cutting story I have heard so far.

    I’m not sure how long it usually takes to produce a show such as this but I can tell you that the producer, Michelle Reindal, contacted us at the end of August to let us know she was using the blog as a resource and to ask if we had contact info for any of the people in the Who’s Who section of the blog.

    I think the truth is that most family members and witnesses have learned the importance of keeping quiet. There’s really too much at stake to be spilling any new details to the media. It’s for the best, IMO!

  32. Soooo. ..what I’d really like to know is what’s up with Stephen’s case and why the big hold up on Drew’s case??.. Is the jury still out to lunch or are we just waiting for the legal eagles to decide how much hearsay evidence to allow…Nothing of note in the news lately???…Here it is Christmas and Drew still in bondage…Does anyone know when we will get anymore info on this case???

  33. Hi Estee. In Drew’s case, we are waiting for the third district appellate court to hear the arguments appealing Judge White’s decision on what hearsay evidence can be admitted. I’ve heard that will probably happen early next year. You can keep an eye on their calendar here: http://www.state.il.us/court/appellatecourt/

    As for Stephen, there will be a closed session on January 10 to decide whether or not he will allowed to keep his job at Oak Brook PD. Meanwhile, he’s on paid leave.

    Drew is still detained at the Will County detention facility and let’s hope that Walter Maksym has learned to pay the commissary rather than try to bring him Christmas cookies this year.

  34. FACS: If you look at the end credits you’ll see that Drew Peterson is the first name credited for supplying photographs to A&E for use on the show. This leads me to believe that he (and/or Joel Brodsky) certainly got a DVD to view before the show aired and could have voiced any objections at that point. If they had no problem with the content, why should anyone else?


    SNEED: The Peterson file . . .

    Tit for tat? Is this a case of the turn of the screw?

    Sneed is told accused wife murderer Drew Peterson was paid $15,000 by the Biography Channel for the license of photographs used on their recent show profiling Peterson.


    What? You mean Drew was one of the vultures that profited? Whoever went to Sneed with the information that Peterson was paid says this money enabled him to hire an expert witness for his upcoming trial. IMO, I doubt it was anyone on the defense that would have wanted the public to know that it was Peterson who made money from the BIO piece that is supposed to have been a “smear campaign.” 😉

    Kind of makes this only comment posted on Huebl’s facebook page look absolutely silly:

    Good comments paul and right on. Its all done at drews expense, so sad but true.

  35. HUEBL BLOG: The story tellers for this television smear were primarily a blogger and local print reporter with an ex-wife and another old girlfriend of Peterson.They have done little more that to collect and or disseminate unreliable gossip about this case. Their sources are the near do well relatives of the dead and missing wives that have left no stones unturned in their zeal to profit from this tragic situation.

    The smear show was a non-stop effort to deprive Peterson of an objective jury pool. They made no attempt to contact bloggers or writers that would criticize the gossip that has been disguised as evidence.

    Hehehehe. But A&E did apparently contact Peterson and/or Brodsky and obtain pictures for the defense’s profit.

    It’s always good to read unreliable, desperate attempts by anyone connected with the defense like this because it shows how lacking in credibility and accuracy they are in trying to make a feeble attempt to defend Peterson. If this is any insight into the upcoming defense, Peterson should demand a refund. Either that, or tell Huebl to put a lid on it and do his research first before shooting off his mouth!

  36. Sneed is told accused wife murderer Drew Peterson was paid $15,000 by the Biography Channel for the license of photographs used on their recent show profiling Peterson.

    Drew’s family photo albums must be about empty by now at the rate he’s been handing out the contents. But, please, please, remember to leave him and his family alone and please respect their privacy! What a crock of poop.

  37. “It was felt the show was rather negative and scathing,” said a Peterson source.

    Oh pish posh. They said the same thing about “Drew Peterson Exposed” when they were pretending that they had nothing to do with the it being written. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass how Drew is portrayed. It’s all about profiting off this tragic situation–not only for Drew but also for the parasites that have latched onto him, IMO.

  38. The blood suckers are the people that Peterson has surrounded himself with these past few years. Armstrong’s book, Budenz writing a “therapy” book that uses Peterson’s name as a teaser, reports of trying to sell videos to Steph Watts of Raines’ and Peterson’s home life after becoming engaged, Maksym trying to rent out Peterson’s house to the media while his murder trial was going to be held miles away, Brodsky and his wife listing Peterson’s Harley on Ebay for over $50,000, and now selling of these pics and videos for the documentary, are all indications that HIS people are the profiteers, not the victims’ families.

  39. Here is a little late Christmas present for all you fine folks! I just can’t decide if it’s funny or sad that some people want to look at a murder’s face the last thing before they go to sleep at night!!

  40. Unbelievable!! Wow is this for real? They even have angels surrounding him in the background like some kind of shrine of protection or something. Who in their right mind would want to look at this guy of all people at night before they go to bed? Wow lol

  41. It’s like a Drew Peterson scrapbook in this nut’s bedroom. Had to look a little bit closer for this gem!

  42. Hmmm, that is actually a Photoshopped image we made for this site. In the original photo, Peterson is on his own street. We edited the image the show him in front of the Will County Jail. I guess it’s…flattering to know that they like our artwork. Creepy subject though.

  43. Lorie – Everything about the Drew Peterson case is crazy.

    Anyway, everyone and anyone has a right to frame whomever they please for their pleasure or amusement, and let it be said that we have not, in any way, labeled anyone by name. But, this is the Internet, this is the Drew Peterson case, and it has brought out the best and worst in many people. It’s a free-for-all, and I guess all is fair game now. If Paul Huebl can say that a reporter was fired from his job just because he feels like saying it, without proof, or make a lewd and disgusting comment about a proven womens’ advocate merely because she was one of a few narrators of a Drew Peterson documentary that he didn’t feel made Drew look warm and fuzzy, I guess we can tolerate these crazy finds for our own amusement. Friends and enemies have been made, drawn together with a common theme – Drew Peterson.

    But, with all the lawyers at his disposal and the numbers of judges to hear their arguments on his behalf, Drew is still sitting in a solitary cell because his lawyers failed him. That’s the fact. Blame the SA, the cops, the judges, the anti-Drew bloggers, whatever. It’s his lawyers that are supposed to be helping him and fighting for his rights, but he’s still cooling his jets, strumming his lips and blubbering about how he wants to be pressed into diamonds for his kids. I’d say he needs to re-evaluate his options, and his supporters should have a serious talk with him about whose fault that is.

  44. I agree Rescue, that while the case is in a temporary limbo, we have the luxury of being amused, disgusted or annoyed with the ephemera that fills the void. It’s not what I’d like to be reading and/or commenting on, but there it is.

    Meanwhile, the realities of the case are still in play. One mother dead, a mother missing, an accused man detained and awaiting trial. I imagine that Peterson is also using this down-time to do some thinking. Whether he is, in fact, pondering his own death and what should be done with his body afterwards is up for debate. Consider the source, after all.

    Assuming that Sneed’s source is accurate, I would hope that he also uses this time to think about the awful position he is in…not only due to his own actions but because of the poor decisions he made in the years following the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. The fact that he surrounded himself with and took the advice of a bevy of fame-hungry parasitic hangers-on has a lot to do with the fact that he is detained under such lonely and restricted conditions.

    Hell, maybe it’s just divine intervention that he is subjected to this infestation of fame-whore creeps and deluded fans. Maybe justice is already being served in some way. Oh, and the skin rashes and high blood pressure as well. I just can’t pity this man or think of him as a victim of any scenario. If he’s the object of a witch hunt, who was it who made sure that his face was in the news every day, creating the villainous persona that just would not go away? His publicist, Glenn Selig? And who hired Selig? Well…Dr. Dan Budenz takes credit for advising Peterson and Joel Brodsky to get a publicist. But he didn’t have anything to say about that in the BIO show about Peterson.

    You could wail that “the media” created the monster, but no one is forced to talk to the media. If what we’ve heard is correct, Joel and Drew courted the media, pandered to the media, phoned radio shows, reached out to networks, offered bundled packages of video, photos and interviews. Drew, his lawyer and his publicist created the monster that is the Drew Peterson public persona.

    Is the actual Drew Peterson a murdering monster? I think he very well could be, but at this point only he knows.

  45. You know, I saw a comment on Huebl’s blog the other day that ripped apart, as most who post on his blog do, Jim Glasgow. This commenter couldn’t have been from Will County. I say that because they blasted Glasgow for jumping the gun and falsely arresting and holding Kevin Fox after the murder of his daughter, and then doing the same in the Brian Dorian arrest (even though he was released within a couple of days). If the commenter was an informed Will County resident, that individual would have known that Glasgow was not even in office when Riley Fox was murdered, it was Tomczak. In fact, Kevin Fox’s attorney has stood by Glasgow as being instrumental in clearing her client. The point is, people read and consume what they think fits their way of thinking, whether it’s accurate or not, and then some go on to opinionate how unfair and unjust these individuals are who have corralled Drew Peterson, without credible evidence. Yet, his attorneys have not screamed from the mountain tops how they’re holding valuable, exonerating and exculpating proof that their client could not have killed his ex-wife. They offer character assassinations of the victims, their families, their friends, the lawmakers who passed a law that unfairly targets their client, unflattering documentaries, and lack of funds to hire expensive experts to say something minutely convincing to a less than thinking jury panel member. Nothing, though, that has convinced a trial judge, appellate judges or IL Supreme judges that Drew’s bond should be lowered and he should be out of jail. The man has spent coming up on two years in a solitary cell without a compelling enough argument, via his lead attorney, as to why his rights have been violated, he’s being unjustly held, and he’s the victim of a vindictive witch hunt.

    Why is that?

  46. Well said I couldn’t agree more! What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander! If they want to open up a can of worms, then they shouldn’t go crying fowl when it comes back to kick them in the teeth!

  47. I can’t decide what stinks more – a cat box next to your bed or a picture of Drew Peterson !

    Happy New Year Everyone !

  48. Well folks, today is another day in the Drew Peterson saga for every single LE officer, investigator, expert witness, testifying witness, Will County SA, Ass’t Will County SA, Will County Circuit Court Judge, Appellate Court Judge, IL Supreme Court Judge, Oak Brook Police Chief, ex-wife, family member, family violence advocate, book author, reporter, and last but not least, some bloggers, where they’ve succeeded in carrying out the massive, vindictive, witch hunt to keep the poor Celebrity Murder Defendant detained in Will County without any credible evidence or valid reason. If I’ve forgotten anyone, for that, I’m truly sorry.

    But I just know that his lead attorney is doing everything within his legal abilities to fix this cursed travesty and get his client out of his miserable confines just as soon as he can. Probably, it’s his abilities to make jokes about his client as late as yesterday on a radio host’s Facebook page that is going to do it or, not the least, his guidance and counseling to his client to write rambling, incoherent letters and get them published by a Chicago newspaper. Oh wait. Having an adoring private investigator post threads and comments on his blog that are filled with inaccurate, false and degrading statements is going to do it.

    Now that’s a defense attorney going above and beyond to get his client the real due process he deserves, no? His client is rotting away and thinking about getting himself pressed into diamonds, while he shines, laughs, makes jokes and puffs himself up as a hot shot Chicago defense attorney, despite his miserable failures in getting his client jack squat.

    But, hey, it’s not like anyone noticed, is it?

  49. Oh darn. I forgot. All of the Illinois legislators, including the former Governor, who put their heads together to pass a law that was only meant to “get” Drew Peterson. Imagine, pretending that they researched and then voted on the passage of the law, making it look as though they thought it all out, rather than really admitting that they did it all to further the career of Jim Glasgow in his endeavors to prosecute Drew Peterson for the hell of it. Did they kiss his ring and bow down before they did all this?

    Tsk, tsk.

  50. Yep always someone else is to blame never their precious Drew! I been hearing thru the grape vine that certain someone’s think I am behind the pictures above or something like that?? Sadly mistaken nope the credit belongs to someone else! If it was me I would of had it posted on my site but haven’t had much time lately do much of anything. Some people really need to get a life, and get over me! They really have issues just can’t seem to keep my name, or thoughts of me out of their sad little boring life heads. I come here to read, and comment here and there. Sorry they wanted it to be me so bad, but this time nope someone else was able to show how ridiculous a certain person is. Kudos!

  51. Photos posted by Widebirth: No way!

    Paulie is a loon. There can’t be more than a handful of people who take him seriously, but he talks a lot of ignorance and hate, hate, hate, which IMO, isn’t OK.

  52. Hiya Bucket. Happy New Year!!!!!

    You speak wisely, Bucket. He’s not the only one that speaks hate, hate, hate, against those that aren’t in the Drewpy corner. Hoo hum. Still, whatever is said and done, Brodsky is free to walk around in his spiffy, colorful ties, while his client is battling the inner demons alone in his cell.

    So, who’s the one suffering here.


  53. Wishing everyone the best in the new year! I pray that 2011 will be the year that Stacy (and so many other lost people) are found.


    May Peace break into your homes & thieves steal all your debts,

    May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills,

    May Love stick to you like your skin & Laughter assault your lips,

    May Happiness hit you in the face & your tears be of Joy,

    May your Heart feel Blessed,

    May your problems forget your home address,

    May your Health be Perfect,

    Drive careful & be safe,

    and, my Friends,

    May 2011 be your best year yet!

  55. •*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•
    :::::::::: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :::::::::::

    May your New Year be filled with Joy, Prosperity and,
    most of all, Good Health!

  56. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2011

    ABC7Chicago mentioned his arrest and showed the murdering skunk in his orange jumpsuit and bling as one of the events of 2010.

  57. Yes, by all means, Happy New Year! I wonder if Drewpy, in that cold dank cell is really looking forward to 2011…or to anything, for that matter. I so hope not.

    PETERSON DREW 1 5 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Termination
    PETERSON KRISTOPHER 1 5 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Termination
    PETERSON THOMAS D 1 5 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Termination

  59. I saw this report out there. I believe the Shipping Canal feeds into the Mississippi so I thought I would put this out here. I hope they are able to identify this person so their family can stop wondering where their missing loved one is.


    Skeletal remains found at riverbank
    Web Editor – Michael Vick

    Story Created: Jan 4, 2011 at 4:26 PM CST

    MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Mo. — According to Mississippi County Sheriff Keith Moore, skeletal remains were discovered in Mississippi County along the bank of the Mississippi River.

    The Sheriff’s Department was contacted around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday about human remains being found.

    The remains were collected by Moore and deputies. The Mississippi County coroner took possession of the remains. The skeletal remains will be taken to a pathologist in Farmington, Missouri, later this week.

    The sheriff said the remains could have been in the river for a lengthy period of time. They do not know the age, sex or any identification at this time, and won’t know anything more until the pathologist finishes his work.

    The sheriff said Identification of the remains could take a “considerable amount of time.”

    “I hope the remains can be identified and help some family put some closure to the grief they have surely felt,” Moore said.

  60. Thanks, Judgin for the link:


    This Wednesday from 7-8pm ET, Susan Murphy Milano and Dr. Laurie Roth welcome journalist and author, Joe Hosey.

    Joseph Hosey has been on the cusp of every major development in the Drew Peterson case. He is the only member of the media to cover Kathleen Savio’s inquest, having broken the stories of her death and, later, the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

  61. OH SNAP! Due to a power outage where The Roth Show originates, the show has been postponed! I will let everyone know when it’s rescheduled……you can delete my above announcement if you like.

  62. Yes, it’s been a bit slow but when we do hear anything about the case, we’ll be sure to write something about it here on the blog.

    And Happy New Year, Irish!

  63. BELVIDERE, Ill. (AP) — Although no body has ever been found, a Boone County jury needed only three hours of deliberation before convicting a man from Capron with the 2002 murder of his wife.

    The verdict Wednesday night against 39-year-old Aaron Null followed eight years of investigation of his wife, Brynn Null.

    The Rockford Register Star says Brynn Null was 25 at the time of her disappearance Nov. 16, 2002.

    Read more: Beaumont Enterprise

    Posted by Thomas A. (Tad) DiBiase, No Body Guy

  64. Heres the article from rockford register star

    The Rockford Register Star says Brynn Null was 25 at the time of her disappearance Nov. 16, 2002.

    Prosecutors said Aaron Null had a history of domestic violence against Brynn, and she had filed multiple orders of protection against him during their short marriage.

    The defense had argued that Brynn left her home after she and her husband had a disagreement. Brynn’s blood had been found inside the home, but no weapon was ever located.


    Information from: Rockford Register Star, http://www.rrstar.com

    Read more: http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Boone-County-man-convicted-of-2002-murder-of-wife-871933.php#ixzz1AHywWZNS

  65. With Steve Peterson’s decision regarding his job soon approaching, doesn’t it defy logic that Drew Peterson didn’t go to the nearest storage locker facility and put his guns in there for safekeeping? Kind of defies logic, doesn’t it, that he would rather have involved his police officer son and put him in the trick bag.

    We all know Drew is no stranger to storage locker rental. When Tom Morphey let the cat out of the bag that Drew wanted him to rent a storage locker, Drew’s reasoning for that was he wanted to put all of those tires that were taking up room in his garage in there. The ones that no one could see in any of the garage pics online. Remember that?

  66. Wow…I saw that the SpeakYourMind forum, where Brodsky used to post, is off line. Guess it was finally realized that they were violating the terms of service with all that nasty stuff being posted. It really had turned bad with all the obscene comments and harassing things that were posted there by a couple of members. I am really not surprised, and just do not understand why some of these boards just bring out all these creepy people. I guess maybe it should have been managed better.

  67. Well, to that I say that after being a main target of certain members over there, but us never once, ever, ever targeting that admin for any reason, I’d say he should have taken the stance of better not join them then let them have their way with his board.

    It’s difficult to admin a board and not have it turn into a personal attack against the admins and the members. That’s why admins have to walk a thin line sometimes when it turns personal. If pics that are taken freely from the web or Facebook pages are posted as they were found, I don’t see anything wrong with that. But taking pics and Photoshopping them to ridicule and degrade other board admins is crossing the line, IMO. But, in any event, it’s the owners of the blogs/boards/forums that have the final say, I guess.

    Since this blog is public and can be read by anyone, and IT IS, it stands to reason that the admins have to be a little more careful about what gets posted and what doesn’t.

    ‘nuf said.

  68. well it was down to just a couple or three folks posting anyway, but the ones that did, sure had some sort of agenda

  69. How did ONE woman, who’s love sick for Drew Peterson, convince TWO men to ridicule, degrade and attack me, in particular, as a flea-bitten, hair covered person who sat in Drew Peterson’s courtroom, when those TWO men have never met me, don’t know me, and have no reason to have a beef with me, except that my views are different than theirs about Drew Peterson?

    That same woman used to sit with a very nice lady she befriended in court. When I walked into the courtroom one day of only two I was there, she told her “friend” I was one of those “hens,” and she shouldn’t talk to me. Like a 5 year old in kindergarten. It turns out that her ex-courtroom partner has found out that she’s a kook that took advantage of even her, and has learned to stay clear of her. This is the kook that has Brodsky on her speed dial and posts whatever he tells her to, true or false! Brodsky has a few skeletons in his closet, and I hope they come out soon. I trust that all will find those skeletons very interesting.

    She posted a lie about Joe Hosey and his job, and has constantly made nasty, derogatory remarks about him, merely because she doesn’t like his point of view about her Drew.

    It’s time for the truth to come out. The Three Musketeers have met their board wars fate, and they took the admin on a wild ride that he’s now paying for.

  70. Rescue I would not let it bother me. The female you refer to does not play with a full deck, never has, and never will. She has always reminded me of the type of female that likes nothing more then to get dragged back to her cave by her hair by some knuckle dragging moron. Just the way she likes it. As far as the other posters, what one of them was accusing this board of, or you, was the exact same thing that woman was doing right under their noses, with their approval. And the more approval she got, the more off the rocker she went. She was the one that injected herself into the whole case as an outsider, and claimed to be friends with DP, the lawyers etc. I mean it just made me shake my head. The rest just were not the sharpest tools in the shed. I do believe the administrator is a Man’s man, and considers women below the male gender, and I know was spending little time on that board himself at the end. He just basically let the place run wild. So do not let it bother you. I assume that most that survived the massive bans there, which were perpetrated by one single poster, but were able to come back and just read, knew what was really going on there. I agree, good riddance, and they brought it upon themselves. Unbelievable behaviour in so called adult human beings

  71. Oh, Lostacres, don’t worry, it doesn’t bother me in that way. I just shake my head and wonder.

    I hope to post some very interesting information about a police call that was made to the 8 South Michigan Avenue location back in May of last year. It was a simple battery call made to the police by one person from that address about another. This information was found by me online, on the Chicago Police Departments website. That is the former Brodsy/Odeh law office. That was around the time Odeh and Brodsky were having difficulties, and apparently parted ways. Talk about a coincidence.

    So much behind the scenes nonsense in what is supposed to be a serious legal case. Geesh.

  72. Oh, and while I’m on a roll, Mr. Brodsky should inform Mrs. Brodsky that anytime she creates a nic for herself and posts anonymously when she wants to slam her husband’s ex-law partner, she’s not fooling anyone. I consider myself light years ahead of her in the brains department if she thinks she’s fooling anyone. Since when does a defense attorney’s wife have any business injecting herself in her husband’s Big Celebrity Client’s case?

    Check out the link for the nasty comments made about Reem Odeh. Now, who would do that?

    Go back to this thread, and see if you can figure out who “Brutalyfrank” is. Hmmm???


    Like I said, this blog is public and can be read by anyone. It has a high volume of readers, and they know this blog is accurate, truthful and on the mark.

  73. On May 20, 2010, the Chicago Police Dept’s 1st District Website listed a particular incident as a “simple battery.” Beat car 0123. 2:00PM. 0 South Michigan Ave.

    It’s listed as Case #HS317335. Corresponding web information lists the address as 8 South Michigan Ave.

    If you zoom in on the top half of the document/map, the incident is the 5th line down, showing N (no arrest), Other (as opposed to sidewalk or apartment), it wasn’t a Domestic incident, and it shows the beat car # and the Ward #.

    Coincidence? In any case, someone from 8 S Michigan Ave called the police on May 20, 2010, and a report was made, clearly listed as public information on the Chicago Police Dept’s 1st District Website. They list incidents three months back, so the original info is no longer available, but I’m listing the site to indicate where the information came from. You would then click on this link on that page: Crime Incidents in 1st District


    “There are different degrees of battery that indicate the severity of the offense. Simple battery may include any type of non-consensual, insulting, or harmful contact, regardless of the damage done.”

  74. So there was a bit of shoulder poking and verbal discourse…These two adults should have known better…What I really want to know is do we have any idea as to when the decision to dismiss Stephen from the force will be made?…Has there been any identification made on the remains recently found in the river?…I so wish Stacy could be found, but unfortunately only Drew knows her location and he’s not going to give up that information…Hopefuly 2011 will be the beginning to the end of closure for Kathleen and Stacy…

  75. Estee – Stephen’s hearing is January 10th.

    As to the Simple Battery incident, yeah, someone in the 8 South Michigan Ave location “touched” the other someone and the other someone sure didn’t like it enough to call the cops.

    Don’t ya just hate when that kind of stuff happens?

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