Documents: Tom Peterson’s release of Drew Peterson from civil suit, Amended complaint

We know that people following the Peterson cases do so for a number of reasons.  Some are personally involved, others are interested in the cases of missing persons, some are crusaders against intimate partner violence. Some like to follow the cases out of an interest in law and justice.  If you are trying to keep up with the legal side of the Peterson saga, we’ve got a couple of new documents for you:

Release in Full of All Claims (from Thomas Peterson in the wrongful death suit filed on his behalf  by Anna M. Doman and Henry J. Savio, executors of Kathleen Savio’s estate)

Fourth Amended Complaint at Law (In the Wrongful Death, Illinois Survival Act,  Assault and Battery and Breach of Fiduciary claims against Drew Peterson and James B Carroll)

Letter from Tom Peterson to Michael Sneed

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Tom Peterson still named in wrongful death suit

Thomas Peterson

After a short appearance in court today, Martin Glink, the attorney representing the Savio family in a wrongful death suit against Drew Peterson, seems confident that the case will go forward.

Glink also told reporters that Thomas Peterson, son of Drew Peterson, is still named in the case, despite a letter that was sent to the Sun-Times stating that he was going to remove himself from the civil suit because he believed “1000%” that his father did not kill Kathleen Savio. He also filed a document to be released from the case.

Glink says that it will take more than a release to remove Thomas Peterson’s name from the civil suit, since the youth may have been influenced by others and pressured into filing the document.

Joel Brodsky did not show up in court today. Peterson was represented by Edmund Peter Boland of Carey Filter White & Boland.

The next status hearing date is scheduled for May 19.

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Letter written by Tom Peterson about his intent to remove his name from the suit
Wrongful Death Suit

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Hearsay appeal arguments to be heard February 16

Drew Peterson

The Beacon News is reporting that oral arguments will be heard relating to the appeal of excluded hearsay evidence  by Judge White in the Drew Peterson trial for the murder of Kathleen Savio. The oral arguments are scheduled to begin at 1:15 p.m. on February 16, 2011. This hearing is being held before the Illinois Appellate Court in Ottowa.

These proceedings will be open to the public, although Judge White’s rulings, and all subsequent filings, are currently under seal.

One of the local tv stations has requested that it be allowed to televise the proceedings.

The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office had filed an appeal after Judge White, who has since retired, excluded some of the hearsay evidence they presented at a pretrial hearsay hearing early last year.

UPDATE 1/25/11: Joel Brodsky has announced that Steve Greenberg will be arguing for the defense, assisted by Lisa M. Lopez (wife and law partner of Joe Lopez).

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Brother of Kathleen Savio: We lost her because we did not think this could happen

This morning a letter from Tom Peterson, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio‘s son, was published in the column of Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist, Michael Sneed. It was annotated with explanations and commentary (most likely provided by lawyer Joel Brodsky) and also directed readers to Mr. Brodsky’s new web site and Facebook page, where they can read about his rates and give him a call if they ever need the services of a defense lawyer.

We are happy to present this letter from Kathleen Savio’s brother, Henry M. Savio, without annotations or directions to lawyer’s web pages.

Katleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

My name is Henry M. Savio. I am the brother of Kathleen Savio. My sister Kathleen was Tom and Kristopher’s mother. I read every new story that is written about the Peterson case; every word that is written that mentions my beloved sister and the man that took her away from our family. I hear every news-cast and wonder if they feel anything when they read. Sometimes the news focuses on Stacy, the missing fourth wife of Drew Peterson. I know what they are going through. I pay attention when I hear people remark on the case. My reality is that my sister has become a news case. My sister, the girl that I grew up with that I expected I would know forever, reduced to a case for everyone to speculate about.

I am writing this because I want to hear something about my sister that does not involve, include or revolve around Drew Peterson or his family. While people know my sister’s name they don’t know anything about her. She has been dehumanized and reduced to a case that people speculate about in the lunch room as a distraction from a tedious day at work. Now when I see a case like this on the news, I do consider what the families of these victims and go through. I wish that everyone watching this case or other similar cases would take a moment to imagine someone they love becoming what might as well be a number. People have a morbid fascination with death and tragedy. We want to feel something and when we turn on the news and are safe in our homes it is easy to say, “That poor woman, I hope he gets what he deserves”. It matters to me a great deal that my sister’s death is avenged but it won’t bring her back. When all the news shifts to another tragedy that is dragging out in the courts and in the media, we will still be here and she will still be gone.

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Hearing delayed for Drew Peterson’s cop son

Stephen Peterson

Oak Brook fire and police commissioners have decided to postpone the final hearing of Stephen Peterson, son of accused murder Drew Peterson, until next month. The public hearing, now continued until February 2, will decide whether or not Peterson will be allowed to keep his position as a police officer for the village, after charges that he accepted a large sum of money and hid guns for his father and in doing so obstructed the investigation into the disappearance of his father’s wife, Stacy Peterson.

The Village of Oak Brook announced on Friday that the commissioners are “not yet in a position to render a decision in this matter” adding that more time was needed to review the 30-page briefings from each side of the case. The commission will meet on Monday in a closed session to discuss the matter as was previously announced.

Meanwhile, Peterson remains on paid leave.

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Document: Charges against Stephen Peterson
Document: Union attorney responds to charges

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