Hearing delayed for Drew Peterson’s cop son

Stephen Peterson

Oak Brook fire and police commissioners have decided to postpone the final hearing of Stephen Peterson, son of accused murder Drew Peterson, until next month. The public hearing, now continued until February 2, will decide whether or not Peterson will be allowed to keep his position as a police officer for the village, after charges that he accepted a large sum of money and hid guns for his father and in doing so obstructed the investigation into the disappearance of his father’s wife, Stacy Peterson.

The Village of Oak Brook announced on Friday that the commissioners are “not yet in a position to render a decision in this matter” adding that more time was needed to review the 30-page briefings from each side of the case. The commission will meet on Monday in a closed session to discuss the matter as was previously announced.

Meanwhile, Peterson remains on paid leave.

Read more at WLS 890AM
Document: Charges against Stephen Peterson
Document: Union attorney responds to charges

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69 thoughts on “Hearing delayed for Drew Peterson’s cop son

  1. Thank you for the update…I’ll mark my calendar for February…I know somewhere along the lines someone is making bets on whether he’ll retain his job…I wonder what the odds are?????

  2. Estee – I don’t know why this was delayed, of course, or what’s going on. But since they already held two days worth of hearings, over many hours, and had ALL the facts at that time, in my wild imagination, I’m thinking there is additional information and new developments. For them to say they need an additional month to go over briefs doesn’t convince me there’s not something out of the ordinary happening. Guess we’ll see.

  3. Interesting! Thank you for keeping us all informed! I agree, Rescue, sounds like new information in the case or someone is negotiating an amicable resignation between parties. IMO …or maybe both.
    More waiting.

  4. I suppose by keeping him on suspension he keeps a reason to try to behave himself. I think it may be time to break out the pitchforks and torches in Oak Brook if he’s reinstated.

  5. At this point, I don’t see the advantage to the OBPD for delaying this, since they’re still paying him while he’s on suspension.

    Being that his father has been so vocal about this, he has, so far, been very quiet. Just seems to me there’s more to this than they need an additional month to deal with briefs.

  6. When first reading this, I too thought Hmm, there is more to this. Rescue, my opinion is very simular to yours. The theme to all things involved with Petersons is to wait.

  7. When I read 30-page briefs from each side, it didn’t strike me as a ponderous amount of reading material. I understand that the holidays may have put things on hold for a little, but I don’t understand either how that would translate to a three-week delay.

    I’m wondering as well…

  8. Stephen Peterson’s attorney is Tamara Cummings, General Counsel IFOP Labor Council, the powerful (FoP) Federation of Police Union. Delays may be caused by ongoing negotiations, if any, between the Peterson defense and the Village of OakBrook attorney. regarding their decision to ‘separate’ Peterson from their employment.

  9. It’s hard to understand why Oak Brook need negotiate at all to get rid of a policeman who interferes with a missing person/homicide investigation, never mind the outlawed gun…or the other things he’s been in trouble for. Sounds like he’s used up his chances.

  10. From Joel’s Facebook page:

    …I will be posting new and interesting developments in my cases and also comments about legal issues.

    Wonder how Joel’s status updates will fit in with Judge White’s guidelines about pre-trial publicity.

    The judge issued specific guidelines to Peterson’s attorneys on pre-trial publicity and media interviews, asking that the lawyers inform the judge of any pre-arranged media interviews and supply him with copies of any press releases sent out on the case.

    I’m not saying it’s in violation. I’m just wondering…

  11. Poor old Joel needs to call 1800Dentist, for all those rotting and missing teeth, nevermind selling the chicken wings, get your teeth fixed.jmo

  12. Story told is this…when you have crud in your mouth, your heart dosent work right. Perio disease is consistant with a bad heart. So Joel, my advice is this…..go seek a dentist. When I see pics of JB, I cant help think of the movie GHOST….where all the EVIL comes out of the bowels of HELL…

  13. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the state of Brodsky’s oral hygiene. I question the man’s ethics and practices and the public spectacles he takes part in. Anything beyond that is his business. When he puts so much out there to be critical of, do you even need to go after his physical appearance? 😉

  14. Looks like Hosey showed up tonight to get some details:

    …The three-man fire and police board has already devoted two nights of testimony to the case of Oak Brook Patrol Officer Stephen Peterson and convened once in private to mull over whether they should fire him or not, said board chairman Fred Cappetta.

    “We want to be real fair, judicious,” Cappetta said before heading in to the closed session with fellow commissioners Edward Nielsen and John Pircon, and village attorney Mark Sterk.

    Last month, the board announced it would meet Monday night for a secret session of deliberation before revealing what they had in store for Stephen Peterson. They met one time after this to try to hammer things out, and decided they were still far from coming to a decision.

    “We expected to deliberate prior to this evening, and we did,” Cappetta said. “We didn’t come to a conclusion in that deliberation.”

    Cappetta explained that there was not one specific sticking point the three board members were hung up on, and that it is just the nature of the long, arduous process in which they are embroiled.

    “It’s just the way it’s going,” he said. “It’s a long deliberation.”…


  15. They didn’t come to a decision? Hmmm. Either they are unanimous in their vote to can him, or they’re not, and it’s over. He should still have his job. I’m not getting this. Weird.

  16. Yes, Facs, I think you’re right. They’ve not voted one way or the other, it would seem.

    He did have some contradictions in his two days of testimony, so it would only be right that they’d want to go over his testimony and compare that with the briefs.

  17. Stephen is saying in the soundbite from his testimony that he wasn’t going to “keep the guns”. Is that what he’s in trouble for? Oh, well. That’s OK, then.

    How many people would expect to keep their jobs under identical circumstances?

  18. Is this case STILL going on ?
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 1 13 11 404 930 08CF000098 0 DOMESTIC BTRY/PHYSICAL 2 Status-Comp
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 1 13 11 404 930 08CF000098 0 BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY 3 Status-Comp
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 1 13 11 404 930 08CF000098 0 INTIMIDATION/PHYSICAL 1 Status-Comp
    ROBINSON MICHAEL 1 19 11 WCCA 900 08CM002310 0 POSS CANNABIS/10-30 1 Case

  19. Robinson, Michael James: Michael James Robinson is a close friend of Drew Peterson. He has refused to take a polygraph. He is reported to have supplied Drew Peterson with a cell phone and to have exchanged notes with him during a silent conversation at Peterson’s house the day after Stacy disappeared. He testified before the Grand Jury January 2008, July 2008, and May 14, 2009.


    “On the night of Nov. 1, four days after she disappeared, there was a knock on the door of the Peterson house. “The guy at the door said: ‘Tell Drew I’m here” – “We walked into Drew’s office, and the first thing Drew does is mouth the words: ‘Don’t talk, there’s bugs.’ The guy throws down a cell phone and a charger and writes on a piece of paper; ‘This is a cell phone for you to use.’ And he writes that Drew has to answer it by saying he’s from some heating and cooling company. Then they put the note in a shredder.” – “I walked out, and I kept seeing Drew and the guy write notes to each other and then shredding them. The cloak and dagger stuff was starting to scare me.”


  20. Wow…Thanks, Facs…I’m in Florida and we don’t get much info on this case…Can’t wait for this trial to happen…Hope I live to see the day that Droopy is convicted of both crimes…I know he’s innocent til proven guilty, but he had a lot to lose $$$$ wise…I think $$$ was the motive re Kathleen and his freedom was threatened by what Stacy knew…Wonder what is happening with his ‘retirement $$$’ now…He sure doesn’t need it…Does he have a hefty commissary account that affords him whatever jailhouse luxury he wants ?????

  21. Estee, according to documents filed by Drew’s defense, “Drew is currently retired, and his only source of income is his pension from the Bolingbrook Police Department, which is approximately $6,000 per month. He has no substantial savings or investment accounts.” I imagine that money is being used to support his four youngest kids.

    Drew also said in a jail house letter in September that he was “devoting all my resources” to fight the charges against Stephen Peterson, but I’m not sure what that means. I think Stephen’s attorney is provided to him by his union. Maybe he’s got a private investigator looking for dirt on Sheehan or something…

    Of course, you have to contrast that statement about Drew’s income in the legal filing against statements Joel Brodsky has made in the media about Drew having plenty of money. It makes it kind of hard to guess at what the truth might be:

    Mancow Muller: He’s broke! You’re never going to get paid.

    Joel Brodsky: Oh, I’ll get paid. Drew not only was a police officer but he was a business man. He owned a bar. He had a printing company. He had a photography company. He had, if I recall, five different businesses. All were profitable.

    And of course let’s not forget Drew’s latest business venture, selling interviews, video and photographs to the media (most recently $15,000 for photos to the Bio channel). Apparently, he’s channeling that dough back into his own defense.

  22. Exactly, Bucket! Here’s a reminder in case anyone has forgotten what Robinson’s current legal troubles consist of:

    “Meanwhile, a friend of Drew Peterson’s was released Wednesday from the Will County Adult Detention Facility after posting 10 percent of a $50,000 bail after he was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend and her friend, then allegedly threatening a witness.

    Michael J. Robinson, 34, of Bolingbrook was charged with felony intimidation, misdemeanor battery and domestic battery, according to police and court documents.

    Robinson was with the two women in an apartment complex elevator about 3:30 a.m. Monday when he quarreled with his ex-girlfriend, 32, over a phone call and began choking her, said Bolingbrook police Lt. Ken Teppel. When her friend, age 40, tried to intervene, Robinson allegedly punched her in the face, authorities said.

    Robinson dragged his ex-girlfriend and the friend into the apartment of a third woman and again tried to choke the ex-girlfriend, Teppel said, and when the friend tried to separate them, Robinson punched her in the face several times, knocking her to the floor. Robinson left, and when police arrived, they saw bruises and cuts on the friend’s face, Teppel said.

    Bolingbrook police sought a warrant for Robinson’s arrest on battery charges, but given his friendship with Peterson, Glasgow referred the case to state police, Teppel said. He said the charge of witness intimidation was not lodged by his department. Court records show the intimidation charge was lodged after Robinson was accused of calling the third woman and threatening to hurt her if she spoke to investigators.

    Robinson has a lengthy history of arrests on a variety of charges, including a 1993 conviction for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance for which he was sentenced to 4 years probation.


  23. M. Robinson was arrested in January, 2008. It will be three years on the 14th of this month. Still waiting to go to trial. Unbelievable!

  24. Unbelievable is right! Why did Drew Peterson know and hang around with a low life like that? He sure didn’t waste any time calling him to help him in his quest for a phone that the cops couldn’t trace, didn’t he? Drew Petersons looks to be a crook who knows crooks. Why did he call him for a cell phone to use, but he dumped his three guns on his son, who didn’t need the problem?

    Yet, he blames everyone but himself for the mess he’s caused for his son. Go figure.

  25. Open House
    Saturday, January 22 at 9:00am at Maple Park Police Department, Maple Park, IL
    Maple Park Police Department Open House
    Saturday, January 22, 2011 9a.m. to Noon

    Residents and neighboring communities are invited.

    Police Chief Mike Acosta will be hosting an open house on Saturday morning January 22, 2011.
    Residents and neighbors are invited to come and meet the Chief and see the Police Department he has built for Maple Park residents.

    Parents are encouraged to bring their children. Chief Acosta will have “DNA kits” available and will discuss how to keep children safe and tell you about the programs his department offers. There will be a variety of activities and refreshment for children throughout the morning.

    This open house will be an anniversary commemoration of missing Maple Park resident Brad Olsen. Brad Olsen 26 was last seen January 20, 2007 when he was looking for a ride home from a bar in DeKalb, IL. Brad has not been seen or heard from since.

    Event Sponsored by the Olsen Family

    Respectfully submitted by Kathleen Curtis – Village President.

  26. Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law
    Drew Peterson News: It looks like the Appellate Court will be hearing oral arguments in the State’s appeal of its defeat in the Drew Peterson hearsay hearing in the middle of February (Feb. 15, 16 or 17). Also, look for a new development in the next few days in the civil wrongful death lawsuit by the Savio family against Drew (and it won’t be good news for Henry Savio or Anna Doman). I will post it here.

    (From Joel’s facebook page)

  27. I vote that we keep his facebook updates on Drew’s case where they belong. This place is too good for his disgusting digs at the victims’ relatives.

    Why can’t he ever make a statement without his slimy, condescending remarks? Bah!!! I guess compassion for the victims and their relatives is not something he was taught in law school. In fact, he isn’t a very nice person period.

  28. Well, I always think it’s interesting to see what Joel has to say, especially since it’s alway so heavily laden with his snide and crass innuendo. It just shows how weak he considers his own position to be. The man has no class and he still thinks he should argue his cases on the Internet which may just come back to bite him on the ass.

  29. Every time Joel Brodsky takes to the Internet, there’s opportunity for him to breach the rules of conduct. I’ve posted this before but I think this is a good time to see it again:

    Article VIII – Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct
    Rule 3.6. Trial Publicity

    (a) A lawyer who is participating or has participated in the investigation or litigation of a matter shall not make an extrajudicial statement that a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication if the lawyer knows or reasonably should know that it would pose a serious and imminent threat to the fairness of an adjudicative proceeding.

    (b) There are certain subjects which would pose a serious and imminent threat to the fairness of a proceeding, particularly when they refer to a civil matter triable to a jury, or a criminal matter. These subjects relate to:

    (1) the character, credibility, reputation or criminal record of a party, suspect in a criminal investigation or witness, or the identity of a witness, or the expected testimony of a party or witness;


    So, wouldn’t some of the posts Joel Brodsky made at SYM made qualify?

    Author Topic: Peterson Case Discussion # 3 (Read 6,643 times)

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    Re: Peterson Case Discussion # 3
    « Result #1 on Jul 26, 2008, 7:33pm »

    Did you see Len/Ashely’s new (July 26) post on the drewpeterson1.blogspot.com blog? More proof he is a bad liar. He starts out by saying that yes he did file a bankruptcy, but that was because of his sick mother, and that he voluntarily dismissed the case because he made arrangements to voluntarily repay the creditors. What a crock.
    Go to http://www.crimefilenews.com/2008/07/len-wawczak-responds-to-crimefile-news.html and you will see the actual bankruptcy court documents. Wawczak’s bankruptcy was dismissed on the motion of his mortgage bank because he and Paula Stark were trying to commit Bankruptcy Fraud. Documents don’t lie. This proves that not only is Wawcak a liar, but he is a bad liar. Wawczak says he can’t wait until I cross examine him at a trial. Well all I can say is too bad it will never happen because, now more than ever, I am sure Drew Peterson will never be charged.

    If that’s not publicly attacking a witness’ “character, credibility, and reputation” then I guess I don’t know what is.

    Another blatant example of Joel breaching the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct IMO, is when he released a portion of his discovery materials to Paul Huebl who then made public the name of a witness (Mike Kurdenok). Anyone who thinks that Huebl wasn’t supplied with this info by Joel Brodsky, needs to reread the post from last August 20, at Huebl’s blog:


    Huebl: “…The search warrant was turned over just today to Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky in discovery material. The name was redacted by Joel Brodsky until such time as he can interview this witness. This excerpt was found on page 10 of the 12 page affidavit…”

    This was followed by a post the next day in which Huebl “outs” the witness by name, gives his address and states that he contacted him by phone.


    Huebl: “…Mike Kurdenok, 38 told police…that he had drinks with Stacy Peterson one night after school…I’d certainly have visited the neighbors at Kurdenok’s house located at 410 4th Ave in Coal City IL and asked them if they ever saw Stacy Peterson before or after she was reported missing…I Called Kurdenok myself at his home telephone number. I told him I was a private investigator working on this case and he quickly slammed the phone on me… “

  30. My apologies to anyone who has already seen above comment posted before. But since the Powers That Be have been visiting the blog lately, I wanted to up the chances of them getting a gander at it. 🙂

  31. Robinson’s case for domestic looks to be in completion. Must of paid his fines, finished his classes, whatever they asked of him to do. The drug case is still pending trial it looks like.

  32. …The Plaintiffs, Henry J. Savio and Anna M. Doman, were appointed Co-Executors of the Estate of Kathleen Savio for, inter alia, purposes of administering an action on behalf of Kathleen Savio’s two minor children, Thomas Drew and Kristopher Donald…

    Is it possible that since Tom Peterson is no longer a minor child, the suit would need to be terminated and brought again on behalf of Kris only?

    I’m sort of confused because I was under the impression that the wrongful death suit, probate suit, etc. were intentionally put on hold pending the murder trial and decision. Where’s our on-site lawyer?!

  33. Flash from the Past!

    Drew Peterson sued in death of 3rd wife
    April 21, 2009 7:26 PM

    Saying he wanted to pressure prosecutors into filing charges against Drew Peterson, a high-powered attorney for the family of Peterson’s third wife filed a wrongful death suit today, alleging Peterson murdered his ex-wife and that his fourth wife, who is missing, knew about it.


    So if the real intention of the Savios in filing this complaint was to get Drew Peterson charged with murder, I’d say that they have gotten what they wanted out of it.

    Not exactly ‘bad news’ for the Savios. 🙂

  34. Excellent point, Facs. Peterson sitting in confinement for the charge of murdering Kathleen is a far cry from the days when the Savios couldn’t get anyone to listen to their pleas for a real investigation into the circumstances of Kathleen’s death.

    No one knows for sure what went on in that upstairs bathroom the night Kathleen died. But people sure as hell know now that her ex-husband’s less than perfect handling of the discovery of her body, his alibi, and his lack of accountability in that investigation and that of his missing young wife, have led to the chance that he just may be found to be responsible for her death, which she predicted. If not, at least Kathleen’s death was scrutinized and investigated the way it should have been in the first place.

  35. Defending dad
    Michael sneed sneed@suntimes.com Jan 15, 2011 1:17PM

    Sneed has learned Thomas Peterson, son of accused wife-murderer Drew Peterson — and of Kathleen Savio, the woman Peterson is accused of killing — is taking a legal stand in defense of his father…

    “My name is Thomas Peterson and I am now 18 years old, I am an adult, I can now make my own decisions, and nobody has the right to speak for me anymore. I am not stupid. I am first in my class at Bolingbrook High School, an Illinois State Scholar, Vice President of the National Honor Society, and have over a 4.7 grade point average — accomplishments higher than what most people would dream of achieving.

    Because I know my father is innocent, I am releasing him from the lawsuit brought by Henry J. Savio and Anna Doman on my behalf while I was a minor.
    Nobody is pulling the wool over my eyes. I know to an absolute 1000% moral certainty that my father Drew Peterson is innocent in the death of my mother Kathleen Savio. Do not forget I was with my father the entire weekend that my mother died.

    How Henry J. Savio can sue my father on my behalf is just crazy. I have only met Henry J. Savio once in my entire life, and that was for five seconds at my mother’s funeral. Other than that he never ever came to see me, even when my mother was alive. He never called me, never wrote me, never sent me a birthday card, or gift, or a Christmas card or gift; I don’t even know what the man looks like. He should just leave me, my father, my family and my way of life alone. “As to Anna Doman, we had little contact with her while my mother was alive and none after. Anna also never called, wrote, sent a birthday card or gift. Nothing. She too should just do what she did before, and leave us alone.

    People should not say that I am some poor little kid afraid of his father. I have a great life, great friends, a great family, and I am hopefully going on to medical school following my undergraduate studies, hopefully at Harvard because I have the grades and test scores to achieve it. It is my father Drew Peterson that gave me this life. He supports me, loves me, and set me on the path to success (I can safely say I would not be where I am now educationally without his constant support and motivation), and I love him. I pray he will be free soon so that he can give the same drive to my brothers and sister that he gave to me, and be back with his family where he belongs.”

    Thomas Peterson

    † Upshot: Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, tells Sneed he plans to send the document excising Thomas Peterson’s name from the Savio suit to attorneys for the Savio family by Monday. The wrongful death suit was also filed on behalf of Thomas’ brother and Savio’s youngest son, Kristopher, 16. His name is not included in his brother’s document because he is still a minor, Brodsky said...

  36. So, the situation is pretty much as we guessed. As I noted above, if the true intention of the suit was to speed an arrest for Kathleen Savio’s murder, then Anna Doman and Henry Savio did achieve what they wanted.

    I can totally understand why a young son would want to believe the best of his father and support him. I congratulate Tom Peterson on his entry into adulthood and wish him success at school and in life. I am sad to see him being pulled into the letter-writing media circus that I can guess was instigated by Joel (and which benefits only Joel).

    As for Michael Sneed, my estimation of her falls daily. She’s a gossip monger by trade and I’ve gotten used to the fact that she’s going to print whatever Joel feeds her, but I’m sorry to see that at the end of the item she directs readers to Joel Brodsky’s web site and Facebook page “for more information”. I can only imagine that it was part of the deal to shill for Brodsky. Isn’t that the way he always arranges this sort of thing?

  37. Drew Peterson’s children, by anyone’s standards, should not be told to hate their father, think of him as their mother’s murderer, or otherwise. Drew Peterson’s children have an absolute right to support their father, based on their own feelings.

    I have my doubts about what Tom Peterson can legitimately remember and testify to about his father’s whereabouts on the night his mother died, but that’s another issue in and of itself.

    IMO, the fact that Tom Peterson and/or Kris, doesn’t believe their father murdered their mother doesn’t make one iota of difference in what the future testimony and trial will show. Certainly, no one wants to believe one of the most important people in their life is a monster, whether it be Drew Peterson or some nut job that shoots up a store parking lot full of people. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and it doesn’t mean what they believe is the truth. Still, their support of their father is not unexpected.

    Brodsky and Peterson are assholes for using the children to taint the public through the media. Peterson used the media for the two years he was free to act like a total moron, and now his 18 year old son is taking up where he left off. So be it, if that’s what they think it will take to get him off the charge of murder. We’ll see.

  38. I agree with you 100%, Rescue. When the case finally goes to trial, no one will be putting those kids up on the stand and asking them if they love and believe in their dad. It’s assumed to be true and it isn’t relevant to the murder of their mom, or the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

    As for Tom’s statement that he was at home with his dad during the weekend his mom was murdered, I doubt that has any value as a witness’ statement. Tom was 11 years old and I imagine asleep in his bed during the hours that Drew is reported to have left the house and returned. Are we to believe that a child is aware of what is occurring (at another address) while sound asleep?

    The wrongful death case was filed out of frustration with how long it was taking to get an arrest for Kathleen’s murder. Once the arrest came, I’m not even sure the suit was active. Tom’s act of removing his name from the suit is mostly symbolic at this point (his minor brother, Kristopher is still named). If it makes Tom feel better to make a display of his loyalty to his dad, then he’s done that.

    I just hate the media-pandering that has Joel Brodsky stink all over it.

  39. hmmm I may be overstepping my bounds here, but this has been my feeling all along

    Stephen P = Thomas P
    Eric P = Kris P

  40. How sad. From Brodsky’s facebook page:

    Kristine Mcpherson Kudos! This is a great letter, no wonder Drew is so proud of him! Go Tommy tell the entire world that your moms family just wants money & fame, shame on them, gold diggers!
    25 minutes ago

    Let me take the time to applaud Eric Peterson, for acting like a man, a decent human being, by testifying how his father dragged his stepmother through a door by her hair, against what he thought was beyond acting like a man.

    Works both ways. You can take a position and you can agree with that individual’s perception of what it takes to be proud of someone, but childish name calling (i.e., golddiggers) just shows how the defense, and those that support the defense, plan to win an acquittal. The dirty name calling way.

  41. I’d say that Ms. McPherson should educate herself on the particulars of the complaint (it’s embedded in a this thread a few comments up). As executors of Kathleen Savio’s estate, Anna Doman and Henry Savio are suing on behalf of Tom and Kris; not themselves. It should also be obvious that what they wanted was to show that Drew Peterson had killed Kathleen, something he wasn’t charged with at the time of their complaint. John Q. Kelly stated on national TV that if Drew were to be indicted, that they would not bother to pursue the case – which I’m pretty sure is exactly what happened.

    As for wanting money and fame, I’ll just direct her to the ‘product placement’ of Joel Brodsky’s new web site in Sneed’s column…

    And as for her name calling, that’s the kind of thing that gets message boards shut down. Well, name calling, obscenity, and harassment. One might think she would know that…now.

  42. Eric Peterson “She (Kathleen) was being dragged and fighting to stop being dragged,she was shouting obscenities at him, begging us children to call the police and “screaming for help.”
    My father ordered us upstairs. He was pulling her down the stairs to the basement. The commotion downstairs sounded like a train ran through the house. One of Kathleen Savio’s sisters and the police later showed up. The next morning, there was no sign of Kathleen, but the house was strewn with broken glass and overturned furniture.”

    “I have not spoken to my father since January 2003. I don’t love him or hate him. It’s separate of emotion. It’s indifference.”

  43. Peterson, who’s been locked up since May 2009, remains in Will County Jail in lieu of $20 million bond.

    Why is that? He has a head lawyer who has motioned the trial judge, the Appellate Court judges and the IL Supreme Court judges, to spring his client, yet, he’s failed miserably.

    He’s good at silly Sneed gossip columns though. Gotta admit it.

  44. I thought this comment from Sneed’s story deserves a reprint:

    6:23 PM on January 15, 2011
    The thing that gets me is that for months, we have had the pleasure of not hearing from or seeing media hog Drew Peterson, and who is it who suddenly thrusts him back into the limelight? Michael Sneed, Gossip Columnist. Not Michael Sneed, Crime Reporter, or Michael Sneed, Legal Expert, but Michael Sneed, Gossip Columnist. This does not surprise me in the least, though, since Drew Peterson has learned how to play/manipulate the media, so he now speaks his own case BEFORE it has to trial through Michael Sneed, Gossip Columnist.

    The only problem here is that once again, Peterson decided it was time to use his own kids , as he has done in the past, so he now thrusts his own son out there to again attempt to taint the jury pool long before Peterson’s trial is supposed to begin. I don’t know how much of what Thomas Peterson has to say here are indeed his own words. I only know we have heard this same story from Peterson himself, complete with the same alibi he has used time and time again.

    Frankly, I don’t know who is playing the bigger fool here, Sneed for printing this “story”, or Thomas for possibly being used by his own father here, or Peterson himself, who again seems to feel he can play to the emotions of the people out there and try to portray himself as the falsely accused.

    I would rather wait until the actual trial to begin, where Peterson cannot manipulate or attempt to deceive as he has done in the past, but where the evidence will be presented for all to see. Then we can decide if Drew Peterson is indeed innocent or guilty. But not before.

    Until then, maybe Sneed should concentrate more on the upcoming Oscars, and less on Drew Peterson, and leave the crime reporting to the reporters who know how to report crime.

  45. Of course it’s none of my business but I do hope that Tom Peterson gets accepted at Harvard, takes that half a million from his mom’s insurance pay out (which is his now and which Drew can’t touch) and has a wonderful life. Losing two moms during childhood is a burden that no one should have to bear. Think how it would please Kathleen and Stacy to see him doing so well.

  46. My name is Henry M. Savio. I am the brother of Kathleen Savio. My sister Kathleen was Tom and Kristopher’s mother. I read every new story that is written about the Peterson case; every word that is written that mentions my beloved sister and the man that took her away from our family. I hear every news-cast and wonder if they feel anything when they read. Sometimes the news focuses on Stacy, the missing fourth wife of Drew Peterson. I know what they are going through. I pay attention when I hear people remark on the case. My reality is that my sister has become a news case. My sister, the girl that I grew up with that I expected I would know forever, reduced to a case for everyone to speculate about.

    I am writing this because I want to hear something about my sister that does not involve, include or revolve around Drew Peterson or his family. While people know my sister’s name they don’t know anything about her. She has been dehumanized and reduced to a case that people speculate about in the lunch room as a distraction from a tedious day at work. Now when I see a case like this on the news, I do consider what the families of these victims and go through. I wish that everyone watching this case or other similar cases would take a moment to imagine someone they love becoming what might as well be a number. People have a morbid fascination with death and tragedy. We want to feel something and when we turn on the news and are safe in our homes it is easy to say, “That poor woman, I hope he gets what he deserves”. It matters to me a great deal that my sister’s death is avenged but it won’t bring her back. When all the news shifts to another tragedy that is dragging out in the courts and in the media, we will still be here and she will still be gone.

    Kathleen “Kitty” Savio was a bright, determined and spirited woman. She was considerate and compassionate towards others. She had that “IT” factor that beautiful women often posses. She was one of those women that commanded your attention just by entering a room. People that knew her loved her. People that did not know her, noticed her. People left behind mourn her.

    I know that this is probably not going to be published or edited out but she was afraid for herself and made this known to all of us. None of us could have conceived it would end this way. No one ever thinks this will happen to them and when it does, it happens too quickly to comprehend it. We lost her because we did not think this could happen. My children have lost an Aunt, and they think of that everyday. Her downfall was that she was not going to continue to be abused. She was not complacent and she was not going to subject her children to a home filled with anger and control. Kris and Tom both know the abuse that she endured, and they prayed for that abuse to stop as well. She was a fighter. She was not a quitter and that was her demise. Kathleen Savio was not a victim. She was courageous until the end of her life, and she was their mother.

    To her son, Thomas, I am glad that you are moving on with your life. Your mother would be proud of everything you are achieving. Every goal you accomplish is a testament to the first 11 years of your life, what was instilled in you by her. You were faced with the worst tragedy a child can know, the death of your Mother; my sister. I am grateful that the Kathleen’s estate is paving the way for your education in the medical field. We realize that that is what will be getting you through school. My only hope is that as you continue your medical studies the facts in your mother’s case will interest you enough that you may find the evidence, weigh it out, and contemplate things that are not visible to you now. Not to mention, the whereabouts of your stepmother Stacy, and the question where she really is. My children, and family tried to make contact with you but it was not allowed. Your father for all that is he is or isn’t, was clear in what was not to be allowed. Not only did I lose my sister but I lost her children, something I know would not make her happy. Sadly, I know that she would understand. If you ever want to reach out and remember your mother through the memory of people who loved her, reach out to me. I am heartbroken that you would consider or believe that I would not want you and your brother in my life. You are my sister’s child and therefore engrained in my life whether you know or acknowledge it. Kathleen will always resonate in her family’s lives. If our lives continue to move separately and our paths never cross, I hope that you will keep your mother’s memory because very soon, everyone else will forget our family and move on with their lives. I will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

    Your Uncle, and the Savio Family,
    Henry M. Savio

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