Brother of Kathleen Savio: We lost her because we did not think this could happen

This morning a letter from Tom Peterson, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio‘s son, was published in the column of Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist, Michael Sneed. It was annotated with explanations and commentary (most likely provided by lawyer Joel Brodsky) and also directed readers to Mr. Brodsky’s new web site and Facebook page, where they can read about his rates and give him a call if they ever need the services of a defense lawyer.

We are happy to present this letter from Kathleen Savio’s brother, Henry M. Savio, without annotations or directions to lawyer’s web pages.

Katleen Savio and sons / Henry Savio and Anna Doman

My name is Henry M. Savio. I am the brother of Kathleen Savio. My sister Kathleen was Tom and Kristopher’s mother. I read every new story that is written about the Peterson case; every word that is written that mentions my beloved sister and the man that took her away from our family. I hear every news-cast and wonder if they feel anything when they read. Sometimes the news focuses on Stacy, the missing fourth wife of Drew Peterson. I know what they are going through. I pay attention when I hear people remark on the case. My reality is that my sister has become a news case. My sister, the girl that I grew up with that I expected I would know forever, reduced to a case for everyone to speculate about.

I am writing this because I want to hear something about my sister that does not involve, include or revolve around Drew Peterson or his family. While people know my sister’s name they don’t know anything about her. She has been dehumanized and reduced to a case that people speculate about in the lunch room as a distraction from a tedious day at work. Now when I see a case like this on the news, I do consider what the families of these victims and go through. I wish that everyone watching this case or other similar cases would take a moment to imagine someone they love becoming what might as well be a number. People have a morbid fascination with death and tragedy. We want to feel something and when we turn on the news and are safe in our homes it is easy to say, “That poor woman, I hope he gets what he deserves”. It matters to me a great deal that my sister’s death is avenged but it won’t bring her back. When all the news shifts to another tragedy that is dragging out in the courts and in the media, we will still be here and she will still be gone.

Kathleen “Kitty” Savio was a bright, determined and spirited woman. She was considerate and compassionate towards others. She had that “IT” factor that beautiful women often posses. She was one of those women that commanded your attention just by entering a room. People that knew her loved her. People that did not know her, noticed her. People left behind mourn her.

I know that this is probably not going to be published or edited out but she was afraid for herself and made this known to all of us. None of us could have conceived it would end this way. No one ever thinks this will happen to them and when it does, it happens too quickly to comprehend it. We lost her because we did not think this could happen. My children have lost an Aunt, and they think of that everyday. Her downfall was that she was not going to continue to be abused. She was not complacent and she was not going to subject her children to a home filled with anger and control. Kris and Tom both know the abuse that she endured, and they prayed for that abuse to stop as well. She was a fighter. She was not a quitter and that was her demise. Kathleen Savio was not a victim. She was courageous until the end of her life, and she was their mother.

To her son, Thomas, I am glad that you are moving on with your life. Your mother would be proud of everything you are achieving. Every goal you accomplish is a testament to the first 11 years of your life, what was instilled in you by her. You were faced with the worst tragedy a child can know, the death of your Mother; my sister. I am grateful that the Kathleen’s estate is paving the way for your education in the medical field. We realize that that is what will be getting you through school. My only hope is that as you continue your medical studies the facts in your mother’s case will interest you enough that you may find the evidence, weigh it out, and contemplate things that are not visible to you now. Not to mention, the whereabouts of your stepmother Stacy, and the question where she really is. My children, and family tried to make contact with you but it was not allowed. Your father for all that is he is or isn’t, was clear in what was not to be allowed. Not only did I lose my sister but I lost her children, something I know would not make her happy. Sadly, I know that she would understand. If you ever want to reach out and remember your mother through the memory of people who loved her, reach out to me. I am heartbroken that you would consider or believe that I would not want you and your brother in my life. You are my sister’s child and therefore engrained in my life whether you know or acknowledge it. Kathleen will always resonate in her family’s lives. If our lives continue to move separately and our paths never cross, I hope that you will keep your mother’s memory because very soon, everyone else will forget our family and move on with their lives. I will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

Your Uncle, and the Savio Family,
Henry M. Savio

According to Elizabeth Savio, this letter represents the sentiments of her mother, father, siblings, herself and her fiancé, but it comes specifically from Henry Savio since he was Kathleen’s brother and the majority of the letter reflects his feelings. Henry Savio has also emailed us acknowledging that he indeed wrote this letter. Bless you, Savio family!

Thomas Peterson’s letter to Michael Sneed

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51 thoughts on “Brother of Kathleen Savio: We lost her because we did not think this could happen

  1. That is a wonderful letter, Henry. Beautifully expressed. Their mother’s love still with Tom and Kris through her family. One day….

    Kris may not be so compliant as Tom in a couple of years. he was in the house when Drew murdered Stacy. He heard the shouting and noted the silence that followed. He was scared.

    Is half a million dollars enough for a BSc at Harvard and medical school? I hope so, and I hope he won’t be persuaded to hand over any to Joel Arse Brosky.

  2. This letter was written about a year ago to the Daily Herald.

    Letter to the Editor

    Published: 2/15/2010 12:09 AM

    Last summer I saw someone interview Drew Peterson on television. During the interview, Peterson stated that Kathy Savio was a “hellcat.” I once dated Kathy Savio. We went to the same high school in Hillside. I do not ever remember her being a “hellcat.” She was a beautiful, fun-loving person. She enjoyed being around people. She was energetic, kind and loved attention. Everyone liked being around her. Maybe she turned into a “hellcat” because she found herself running for her very life. How many times did she contact the Bolingbrook Police Department screaming for help? Was it at least 14 times? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Kathy received no help. Again, correct me if I’m wrong. Peterson, in shackles, looked as if it was funny when he was being escorted to jail. Everyone who was watching saw that dopey look on his face as he boasted about having three square meals a day. What person in his right mind would have a stupid-looking grin on his face when going to jail, arrested on suspicion of murder? I can’t find anyone who believes any words he has spoken. Personally, I think he is a gutless coward. Come Judgment Day, the Lord Jesus will avenge Kathleen’s death. Whoever murdered her, whoever the spineless jellyfish is will be punished for all eternity. And then there’s Peterson, who constantly feeds on negative attention with the media. Hang it up, dude, nobody believes you.

    Scott Karel, Elgin

    Read at Daily Herald

  3. Joel Brodsky is going to be a guest on Geoff Pinkus’ show tonight if anyone’s got the stomach to listen. You remember Pinkus from “Wing-gate 2009” right? It was on Pinkus’ show that we first caught on to the fact that Joel was asking radio hosts to plug his bar in exchange for interview time with Drew.

    Pinkus explained to us in an e-mail how the wings deal went down.

    Brodsky asked Amy (Jacobson) if he could mention his restaurant and she agreed.

    I let him mention it once and after the interview he was pissed off at me for not giving him more airtime. I told him if he wanted to plug his restaurant he should buy air time just like everyone else.

    FYI, we never would pay that pig and his attorney a nickel. Brodsky wanted to send me up wings on my overnight show to plug his restaurant and I told him I would rather choke than eat his food. My luck he would probably poison the wings.

    For the record, they’ve since made up and Pinkus has had Joel and Drew on as guests, as well as Paul Huebl, so I wouldn’t expect anything more than pandering and fawning and many mentions of Joel’s new web site tonight.

  4. Drew has been locked up for 19 months. They haven’t even tried to contact the kids by phone, by mail, by anything in that period. Not a birthday or christmas card. Nothing. You would think they would call Stephen and say “hey, do you have any problem if I come and take the boys to mcdonalds?” Nothing. They are full of it.

  5. A little something for Tommy to think about…you were probably asleep, being only eleven, on the night your dad went to the house. The same way your little sister was asleep on the alleged night of the midnight raid of the ribbons being cut.

  6. Aww. Grandam, good point. It is something we all know and understand, that an 11 year old child could not possibly know of his father’s whereabouts for an entire weekend. I think it is obvious that Tom Peterson wants to be supportive of his father, but I think it is just another example of how Peterson uses his own children to cover his own ass.

    Instead of keeping his guns in place, he used his adult son to skirt the idea of them being taken in a search warrant. A police officer that probably was involved in dozens, if not hundreds, of search warrants and knows how the system works, decided to dump the mess in his son’s lap, now to deal with.

    Instead of protecting “Tommy” from any future discrepancies in interviews and/or testimony he may have given previously when Stacy disappeared, the murder defendant and his lead attorney have now encouraged him to engage in yet another letter writing campaign, without being able to predict what effect it is going to have on the public reading it.

    “Tommy” is not going to be able to attend Harvard based on his father’s “wealth,” it is his mother’s insurance policy money that will be giving him that wonderful opportunity. I would think so, as long as his father and/or attorney do not convince him to fork over the bond money he needs to get out of jail. I guess that remains to be seen. What a thought.

  7. It’s clear that Kathleen Savio loved her children and made sure that she could provide for them. It’s so ironic that she could only do it because she was so sure that she would die at the hands of Drew Peterson.


    Faceless and ‘dehumanized’

    By Lisa Donovan

    Staff Reporter

    Last Modified: Jan 16, 2011 10:56PM

    Henry M. Savio said his late sister has become a faceless name in a storyline that seems to focus on Kathleen Savio’s former husband and ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson, who is charged with her murder.

    “I want to hear something about my sister that does not involve, include or revolve around Drew Peterson or his family,” Henry M. Savio wrote in a weekend letter to the Chicago Sun-Times. “While people know my sister’s name they don’t know anything about her. She has been dehumanized and reduced to a case that people speculate about in the lunch room as a distraction from a tedious day at work.”

    In an interview, Henry M. Savio said it was his nephew’s letter to Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed — excerpted in Sunday’s editions — that prompted him to write. Thomas “Tommy” Peterson, 18, is Kathleen “Kitty” Savio’s oldest son with Peterson and in his note to Sneed declared his father’s innocence. Particularly stinging, Savio says, is the teen crediting his father for his academic and other successes: “He supports me, loves me, and set me on the path to success.”

    But Savio said it was his sister who pushed her boys to do well in school, including Thomas Peterson who was just 11 when his mother died in 2004.

    “I want to let my sister’s kids know [they] should remember her. It seems like Drew tried to erase her from their memory. She’s probably the reason [Thomas] got good grades,” Savio said.

    He said he would tell them directly, but he’s not in regular contact with his sister’s sons, Thomas and younger brother Kris, 16, because Drew Peterson has kept the Savio clan at arm’s length.

    Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, calls that “ridiculous” saying that the Savios haven’t reached out to the boys — even during the 19 months their father has been in the Will County jail, awaiting trial for allegedly drowning their mother.

    Brodsky took particular umbrage at Henry M. Savio’s comments that Drew Peterson was behind the note Thomas Peterson penned to Sneed.

    “He doesn’t believe his father is innocent, he knows his father is innocent. He’s not under some Svengali hypnotism.”

    Kathleen Savio, Peterson’s third wife, was found dead in a dry bathtub and her death was ruled an accident. But the case was reopened several years later after Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappeared in 2007; she still hasn’t been found and Peterson is a suspect but has not been charged.

    Today, as Peterson sits in a Will County jail, their two boys along with Stacy Peterson’s young son and daughter live under the same roof in Bolingbrook with Peterson’s adult son from another marriage.

    After everything that has happened, Brodsky said, Kathleen Savio’s and Peterson’s sons have a clear memory of their mother.

    “Tommy and Kris know their mother loved them — there’s no question about that,” Brodsky said.

  9. “He doesn’t believe his father is innocent, he knows his father is innocent. He’s not under some Svengali hypnotism.”

    Thomas can’t know that his father is innocent. He wants to believe it’s true, naturally. But he can’t possibly know it. That’s just a silly statement on Brodsky’s part.

  10. How much was Len fined for messing with Drew?

    I wonder if I can afford to give Joel a good kicking. He didn’t have to answer Henry Savio’s letter to (NOT YOU, MR POINTLESS PIG) Tom.

    You betcha their mom can take all the credit for their honest achievements and every other quality of their lives that is underpinned by love and self-worth.

    Which bit of ripping off internet strippers and destroying memorials to their mothers contributes to their happy futures?

  11. Read “Tommy” Peterson’s letter, then read it again.

    In all of it’s future “Harvard” wisdom, not once does it refer to the loving memory of his mother. No where in that letter does it refer to the lasting memory his mother left on him to excel and embrace those that are weaker than he. Not once does he give his mother credit for having an influence on him, his brother. I have not found one reference by him that he loved his mother and misses her, and hopes that the mystery surrounding her death will come to light and be sorted out. Instead, it’s all about, as usual, attacking his mother’s family, right or wrong, how smart he is, and how wonderful his father is. Anything new here???? The defense could use a few pointers on the pulse of the feelings of the many that have been repulsed by the behavior of the murder defendant, and consider that they just may be sick and tired of the bashing and ugly remarks about the victim. The victim’s relatives. Friends. Opposing witnesses.

    Instead, he remarks how he knows with “1000% moral certainty that my father Drew Peterson is innocent in the death of my mother Kathleen Savio.”

    I would think that a “Harvard” candidate would think things out in whole, not spew forth material that is eerily close to what the murder defendant and his attorney have been repeating for years. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any positive or kind words about Kathleen Savio that were uttered by either Drew Peterson or his two sons. How sad that the first opportunity that “Tommy” Peterson had to clear up any controversy was to give his father all of the credit for his happy and stable life, without one statement saying how hard he and his brother try to keep their mother’s memory in their minds, and try to remember her as the kind and loving mother she was.” I guess the rest of us should just assume that to be the case, in spite of having to read the glowing remarks he attributes to his father.

    Instead, after their stepmother disappeared, the murder defendant’s sons were subjected to the way their father treated all of his love interests, that being, mere stops along the way of life, who produced children for him and who he then tossed aside. I guess that’s all they know, and there should be no surprises here folks.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if “Tommy’s” father and his lead defense counsel wanted to make a powerful, emotional impact to the benefit of all, they should have had enough sense to, at the very least, make sure the “Harvard” ready young man at least acknowledged the presence of his mother in the first eleven years of his life, rather than remind the public that he’s smart, he’s got a great life in spite of his mother’s questionable death, and he pretty much owes it all to his father.

    I’m shaking my head and wondering how this defense team thinks, and wondering if they’ve lost all touch with reality.

  12. “Tommy” Peterson certainly has a right to defend his father’s behavior if it’s within his heart to do so, and no one can take that away from him.

    BUT, IMO,

    The Peterson teens have lost all respect for the memory of their mother and do not wish to honor her memory publicly as long as it interferes with sounding in the least bit supportive of her, and her documented fears of death at the hands of their father.

    I guess they must think that her fears, including supporting legal documentation and/or medical reports, are the product of a crazy woman who happened to be married to THE MAN that gave them their lives.

    I guess “Tommy” has an explanation and accepts the volatile relationship his parents had, and has moved on from wondering if his mother was, in fact, a domestic violence victim. I guess he’s good with his half-brother’s testimony about HIS mother being dragged through a doorway by her hair.

    I guess the Peterson teens think that we all need an education about what is right about their father and what is wrong about their mother and/or her family.

    I guess the Peterson teens want us all to know they don’t care how she died at this point, as long as their father, THE MAN that gave them life, is back home with them, to show them the proper way to carry on a decent life.

    Okay, got it. Kathleen and her family are unworthy of the opportunity to get it right–get the minute, gory details out in the open once and for all about her death, because “Tommy” said so, along with his father and the defense attorney advising them all.

    I only wish, and I’ve tried, I was able to find one nice thing either of Kathleen’s children have been known to say about her, or a kind word Drew’s other sons have said.

    I guess she only left a positive impact on her “other” family, because her sons sure aren’t doing her proud.

  13. If “Tommy” is right, (sorry Savio family), Kathleen was crazy, she made up any and all “stories” that implied his father was a monster that was going to kill her, she never was abused at the hands of their father, and any ER report that shows physical abuse was inflicted by herself.

    If “Tommy” is right, even if there was conflict between his mother and father, his father is “morally” incapable of killing his mother, and his mother was “morally” corrupt in implying that she was afraid his father would kill her and take her boys away.

    If “Tommy” is right, we are never going to hear of any childhood horror stories about fights or altercations because it didn’t happen, regardless of what their mother said. (Don’t want to hear, though, that they can’t remember any of that, if “Tommy” can remember that his father was with him during all the hours that pertain to the timeline of his mother’s death, at the tender age of eleven.)

    If “Tommy” is right, the letter that his mother wrote to the then State’s Attorney about her fears of being harmed by their father was written by a lunatic. In other words, it’s not true, never happened.

    If “Tommy” is right, his mother suffered one of the most violent, unorthodox falls into a bath tub in modern history, explainable only by the most complicated, well rehearsed testimony ever before seen; i.e., suffering a fatal heart attack, but still being able to breath and suck in water, producing the effect of drowning.

    If “Tommy” is right, he will be able to testify, without hesitation, every possible moment he spent with his father while his mother was viciously falling into a tub full of water, bleeding from a gash on her head that occurred while hitting a smooth surface, acquiring heavy, deep bruises, drowning.

    If “Brodsky” is right, yes, “Tommy’s” mother loved her boys without hesitation. Where did I miss reading that they loved her back as well? But, “Tommy” knows his father is moral and didn’t have anything to do with killing his mother. He need not worry about being Harvard ready, he could go into the fortune telling and mind reading business and make a lot of money. Helping people in a different way. Not meeting their medical means, but meeting their psychic means by invading their innermost thoughts with his psychic abilities.

    Maybe “Tommy” can’t find it in his heart to at least acknowledge his mother in the public’s eye, but I will.

    Her death is questionable, and she was in a volatile relationship with “Tommy’s” father. She has documented her fear, and she told others of it. Whether that fear never makes it into the trial, doesn’t mean she didn’t say it and it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Someone defend poor Kathleen. She was a mother who loved her two boys, and she’s dead. Her “Tommy” is left to write ridiculous letters that make no sense, but to the murder defendant and the attorney representing him.

  14. Do we really think Tom Peterson had full control over this latest letter writing campaign? Do we not realize that this kid has been given a set of “instructions” on what to say and what not to say? Perhaps when left to his typical teenage self, he thinks a great deal of his mom. I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk in his shoes right now, when he should be enjoying college visits, dating and preparing for his future.

    A reminder from Tom’s October FB…

    Tom Peterson
    ‎”Life is long and hard, but if you work hard enough for it, you’ll master it, never give up, and always believe in yourself and what you believe in”
    —Kathleen Savio Peterson

  15. Yeah, Docs, and it was left up to Brodsky to remind us all that Kathleen loved her children.

    Well, I guess they will have to be strong young men when it comes to listening to every unkind, unflattering and repulsive word that will be said about her in order to defend their moral father, left only to the testimony of those who loved her. She’s dead, she can’t be here to defend herself. If it’s found that her death was not an accident, regardless of whether or not it can be proven who is responsible, it’s certain that the testimony in her defense will not rest with her sons. That, to me, is a hard thought to comprehend.

    I do believe, though, that the passing of time, as with any event, softens the blow of the event. I can imagine that, as young as these boys were, they’ve overcome whatever sorrow they suffered and moved on. It’s not unheard of to realize that. Forgiveness is a virtue and something we all wish and hope for. Maybe that’s the case here, and the sons of the two people involved can live with their actions, whether they are moral decisions or not.

    But, getting back to the issue at hand, I think that the defense has missed the mark by allowing this kind of letter writing to be sent to the media and published. Wouldn’t you think that if “Tommy” or Kris had come out on the other side, they would have tried to do everything humanly possible to stop it, giving the murder defendant every opportunity to keep the mucky stuff out of the news? As long as it is positive for Drew, or portrays Drew as nothing but a victim, and his children as targets of witch hunts, it’s all good, no?

  16. From the Chicagoist:

    …What we find slightly troubling about this isn’t that Sneed and the Sun-Times gave Thomas Peterson the forum, but that he seemed so willing to absolve D-Pete of blame in the death of his mother. Kathleen Savio’s death was originally ruled an accidental drowning, but after her body was exhumed a second time, charges were brought up against Drew Peterson in her death. But with the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson still unsolved on top of his upcoming trial in Savio’s death, that should put a seed of doubt in even the most loyal of children.

  17. Where do Greenberg, Lopez, Meczyk and Goldberg fit in all of this? I wonder what they have to say about these letter writing campaigns. If they’re so behind this, why don’t they ever give their 2-cents worth?

  18. Facs, I agree with your assessment. I went back and read the ST story in which Henry Savio was interviewed, and I did not see any reference to him saying that either.

  19. When Kathleen was found dead, according to sources, Drew drilled Stacy on what she was suppose to say and do. She was not much older at the time then Tom is now. I would think the boys were also drilled in a similar fashion, so their statements and what came out of their mouths at Kathleen’s funeral were also in alignment with what the man who “controls his family” wanted them to remember and say. Stacy was suppose to be the alibi for Drew as a dutiful wife. Now the burden has been handed to Tom. Both still kids to me.

    Isn’t Joel Brodsky attempting to muster up some media attention to show up at the courthouse? Maybe he can sell some more Peterson pictures to the media ? When have we “not” experienced Brodsky and DP attempting to badmouth people surrounding this case, both living and dead?

    Brodsky is failing to let Tom tell the rest of his story. The part that does not serve a media hungry attorney and client. The part of the story about how devastating it was for him to lose his mom. That side of the story serves the prosecution. If there is media, someone will eventually ask.

  20. “Thinking” might be giving JB too much credit. If he was thinking, he wouldn’t be parading Tom Peterson’s letter in front of the media accompanied by a senior picture. How do such antics benefit Tom?

  21. You’re right DD. Dragging Tom out into the media spotlight and handing off photos to the Sun-Times and people like Paul Huebl on the heels of Drew’s “impassioned media plea on behalf of his children,” is so incredibly distasteful. This note from Tom Peterson benefits no one but Joel Brodsky and while Tom Peterson is now legally an adult, it’s obvious that he’s still too young to understand how he’s being used.

  22. Thought for today:

    ‎”Hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  23. IMO, Tommy and Kris have been programed for years now. Drew has ERASED these 2 mothers of 4 children. I pray when all is said and done, they get the help they will need to live good, productive lives.

  24. The Peterson Case . . .

    Sneed received the following missive in response to a letter published in Sunday’s column by Thomas Peterson, son of accused wife murderer Drew Peterson, who asserted his belief his father is innocent—and praised him for being behind his success in school.

    “I am a successful, college educated … woman with a wonderful family. It’s January 16th, 2011 and I just read your column that featured the letter by Thomas Peterson, son of Drew Peterson.

    “I’ve never written to a columnist before but this letter really struck home. My Parents married young and divorced young. The only memory I have of them together was when I was 4 years old. ‘They’ say you’re too young at that age to remember anything, but I beg to differ. (I was) Put in my room, screaming and crying. They didn’t lock my door. (When I) Came out, Mommy’s nose (was) on the other side of her face. Blood on the walls. Daddy in a cop car. Mommy in an ambulance. Grandma holding my hand.

    “I’m (now) 43 years old, and I have the most caring, warmest, understanding father anyone could ask for. He too, has supported me, put me through college and given me the world. He’s never laid a hand on me.

    “I’m (now) in a long term relationship that’s been abusive. He has a son, he’s never laid a hand on him.

    “A great father does a great husband not make.”


  25. That letter is so painful to read.

    As a child, I suffered from heavy, extensive nosebleeds, and even had to be taken to the ER, I remember, to have my nose “packed” to stop the bleeding. As young as four or five, I believe, young enough to be held in my mother’s arms, I can recall my father batting at my mother, trying to reach her face to bash it in, in one of his rages, while she was holding me, trying to soothe me.

    Or, how clearly I can remember a police officer taking a dime out of his pocket and giving it to me, as a kind gesture to stop my crying, after my mother had to call them for another abusive night.

    So, some of us have moments in our past that don’t make us happy, or proud, but they’re moments that are or were out of our control and moments we have to live with.

    A batterer is not a man, he is a coward, and he will do whatever he can to justify his actions and drag down whoever he feels is necessary to help his less than humanly ways.

  26. …. and that is why I cannot find it in my heart to give a Drew Peterson, or any “thing” like him, the benefit of the doubt so long as it has been documented that he, too, bashed in someone’s face in a moment of uncontrolled rage.

  27. Beautifully stated, Rescue. It’s amazing how some people can disregard those truths in this case. What a well penned letter. It was also nice to see something published without a Brodsky comment attached to it.

  28. Did Harvard accept him? Money doesn’t mean acceptance. The school has a responsibility to weigh the risks of having a student like him there. There’s publicity for one – which Drew will love, but he must realize the fact that there will be a whole bunch of people that won’t agree with his “my dad’s innocent” crap. I would be more concerned with his safety at this point. But I’m a mother, so that’s what I do…I worry about the safety of others.
    His sperm donor/ dad is just hoping to getout of jail before he graduates so he can check out the ladies.
    Oh, and someone should tell joel to drop the Tommy thing. He’s not 11 anymore.

  29. IMHO – I feel like to an extent these children have suffered some post traumatic stress disorder. They have latched on to the only parent they have left after losing TWO mothers. I can’t imagine what that must be lilke for them.

  30. Now that a few days have passed since Peterson’s son publicly came out in support of him, I wonder what the ultimate benefits or consequences of this will be? The lead defense attorney has been on Fox News with his spin, and numerous comments have appeared at the end of both newspaper and tv station comment boards. In all honesty, it seems the negative feelings far outweigh the positive. It also seems that although most people, themselves parents, can justify the reasons for this support, they pretty much see through it as yet another media event orchestrated by the defense to portray Drew Peterson as the victim, as well as his children. What is head shaking is that the lead defense attorney just can’t get it that he needs to win his case in the courtroom, not in the media, I wonder, does he really think that he’s winning by continuing to encourage his client to go on letter writing campaigns that now include the son of Kathleen Savio? One of the things that he did accomplish was stirring the feelings of the Savio family by writing a compelling letter that expressed their feelings, yet, one which did not attack the young man’s father, any other Peterson family members, try to sway him to think his father guilty of murder, or to abandon his support of his father. Instead, it highlighted the life of Kathleen Savio, and how she is still front and foremost in their minds and hearts, hoping that the facts will be uncovered someday.

    It appears that a commenter on the site of the newspaper that ran Sneed’s piece (wrongsideoftown) used JC as its target by (openly) posting statements that we forged the Henry Savio letter here, it was fake, it was not sent to any reliable news source, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for doing it. There can be no doubt that someone close and loyal to the defense continued to write those spiteful and untruthful statements. Of course, it took no time for the real truth to come out, as it will someday in the Kathleen Savio murder trial. (The truth being the facts that will either convict or acquit the murder defendant.) The false and hateful posts by those loyal to the defense won’t win the day. However, I can say that if those loyal to the defense feel they must attack us and create false statements, then it is obvious the reasons for that lack of judgment (and the use of any brains in their heads) is to counterattack the obvious decent and truthful facts that oppose their filth. 🙂

    IMO, it’s not about Peterson’s oldest teen supporting his father, since most folks can justify the reasoning for this. Isn’t it all about the fact that the head lawyer of the young man’s father made this a local media event, which in turn, gave him more face time? I find it telling that, for all of the other lawyers on the team, the runaway train that has left the station has not included them.

    I thought that the teens had a court appointed lawyer/guardian looking out for their best interests, as well as their legal interests. I don’t recall seeing any media reporters uncovering court filed documents that indicate the children of Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio were being harmed by the filing of a civil lawsuit on their behalf by the Savios, thus, getting the lawsuit dismissed on its merits.

    Drew’s teen son’s moment of heartfelt feelings in support of his father were overshadowed by the head lawyer’s snide comments accompanying it, with a plug for his newly created Facebook page. A Facebook page that promotes where one can hear or see his self-promotion. While it is not an unheard of idea of self-promotion in an attempt to gain clients, using young Peterson’s moment to publicly support his father, by professing how his mind and heart know he didn’t kill his mother, is disgusting and unprofessional. If the open and public letter to Sneed was so powerful that the lead attorney knew it would be embraced and accepted immediately by the public, then why was it necessary for him to kick into smartass mode and ask that the column link to his own Facebook page?

    IMO, young Peterson’s moment of support of his dad was a staged media event that didn’t accomplish what it was meant to. His legal representatives could have filed whatever documentation was necessary to opt out of the civil suit. The obvious is that it was meant as an attempt to humiliate the Savio family by the lead attorney, disguised as what is supposed to be a son’s support of his father. Instead, the head case is directing his linked Facebook page to encourage his followers to the Fox News video of his mug time. Classy, no?

  31. I’m just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if it is common defense practice by other high-profile attorneys to use unorthodox tactics while defending a celebrity client?

    Take, for example, the defense attorney in this case admitting that he contacted the FBI in an attempt to shut down a blog/forum in the early days of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance (, because it was offensive to him. Imagine him asking other bloggers on a forum he used to post on if anyone knew why the board was eventually ended, and hoping it was because of him using the federal government agency to do so.

    Imagine being so obsessed with a media reporter by deluging two separate employers with phone calls and emails in an attempt to procure a termination of that individual’s job, and then spreading false lies through loyal individuals that the reporter was fired from his job. Imagine calling an employer and accusing a media reporter of hacking into his computer, and imagine texting messages to the media reporter that he knows I am really that reporter and running this blog. Imagine having a loyal follower have the audacity to say that money is his motive for writing biased stories, and grounds for termination. Are you kidding me?

    Imagine someone creating a new nic on a blog, brutalyfrank (, and trying to humiliate and embarrass a former defense counsel with derogatory remarks about her and her legal abilities. YOU know who you are. Imagine how childish, unprofessional and petty to be so obsessed to do that. Imagine posting crude and unrelated remarks about that defense attorney’s sister, when she has NOTHING to do with the case. I sure hope that whoever the responsible person was will be tracked down and dealt with some day.

    Imagine, as I said earlier, posting as an interested Peterson case follower on a newspaper comment section and accusing these admins and this blog as being forgerers, fake letter writers and liars. Is that petty and childish?

    Imagine using someone who was loyal to Drew Peterson and feeding that individual with false statements, lies, and personal attacks, to post on other boards and/or forums, including the Sun Times comment section, only to have that individual now back away from it all and admitting “she” doesn’t like being used. Her name is clearly attached to the mea culpa. For whatever it’s worth, I’m actually sorry for her being used as she was.

    Folks, in my opinion, with Drew Peterson cooling his jets in detention and this case not moving along for appellate reasons, it’s turned into a petty, childish and unprofessional attempt by the murder defendant’s lead attorney to drag everyone’s name through the mud in an attempt to stir the pot. This even isn’t about logical, well thought-out statements planted in the media to try and sway a future potential jury. This is petty, 1st grade nonsense generated by a man with a law degree!!!!!!!!!

    These are strictly my opinions and insights into what is going on here. However, nothing here is imagined, planted or created in my mind. It’s all available through online searches and references. Posts from other blogs have been preserved and saved. If Drew’s defense attorney can sic a federal government agency on a silly blog, I’m sure any silly blog can reciprocate with providing whatever information is required or necessary to clear up any discrepancies in what is fact and what isn’t, heh?

    Obviously, JC is getting under someone’s craw, and with the murder defendant cooling his jets in detention and no actual legal work obviously taking up the time of, at the very least, the lead attorney, it’s reduced to mudslinging, lst grade tactics.

    Welcome to the world of Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky.

  32. Paul Huebl:

    The Sun Times, Joseph Hosey crusade against Peterson has ended with the sticky departure of the reporter who made the story personal long ago so many half-truths he published. Hosey had his own profit making plan for the Drew Peterson Story.

    Comment section of Huebl’s latest Drew Peterson thread/story:

    XXXXXXX hey Paul, I was just wondering if you knew peterson personally?

    January 16, 2011 2:36 PM
    Blogger Crimefile said…

    I intervied and do communicate Petersons lawyer Brodsky. Just before Peterson was arrested in June 2009 I had lunch with Brodsky and Peterson in Chicago. It was a meet and greet kind of lunch.

    January 16, 2011 2:41 PM

    NOTE TO HUEBL. Feel free to back up your “sticky” departure comment with proof, or are finally going to man up? In the alternative, are you going to let someone else feed you lies and crap that you will continue to post under the guise that your crap is true and accurate?

  33. As for Paul Huebl, he should be very familiar with underhanded Internet tactics. He’s the guy who posted here first as “Crimefile” and then as someone named “Nurserene” who heaped praise on Crimefile and then lied when he was outed for being one and the same.

    BTW, Nurserene also attempted to spread rumors about witnesses…just like Joel Brodsky did on the forums and I can’t help but make a connection between Crimefile/Nurserene/Paul Huebl’s admitted friendship with Joel Brodsky and what he has posted. It goes waaaay beyond a belief in due process. Especially in the light of Kristine McPherson’s postings that she has been used and will no longer play along (good for her). Tsk. Tsk.

    Joel Brodsky keeps saying that the State has no evidence. If that’s the case, then he should use his mastery to expose that and win the case when it goes to trial. But the kind of Internet games he’s apparently been playing fly in the face of his confident statements to the media.

  34. When will crimeflies/huebl realise he’s been thoroughly used, too? Bratsky wouldn’t ever associate with him otherwise.



    8:44 PM on January 19, 2011

    The question remains..who is the power behind the throne! The female with the most to gain? Could it be a Fashionista wearing Louboutins that leaks court documents to the press? Or the so called lady who batters a former female lawyer? …Who will be walking one day with no free drinks to be served at local hot spots.Karma is a***** , well you get the picture..And what snake slid into certain law offices that plays for the other team?

    Toetapper, who’s the woman behind the throne to which you refer? When you suggest that court documents are being leaked to the press, that would indicate to me that you’ve been alerted to a serious breach that pertains to Judge White’s ruling regarding the documents in this case being under seal.

    Now, when you refer to a so called lady who batters a former female lawyer, that is an eye catcher. You see, we recently posted a similar simple battery incident that occurred in May of 2010 at the 8 South Michigan Ave building where Joel Brodsky and Reem Odeh were partners sharing an office. Of course, our post merely points out that this is a coincidence, you know, that someone from that location called the cops and made a report, but you’ve just taken it a step further.

    Now, if you would just elaborate on who is a snake, and what office did this snake slither into to play for the other team, that might help to clear up a few things.

    Of course, this all seems to relate to the Drew Peterson defense team, right?????????

  36. Today is Stacy Peterson’s birthday. Her children, her family and friends should be wishing her a Happy Birthday.

    Would she make cupcakes for Lacy’s class or celebrate with Anthony and Lacy at McDonalds?

    She was a young, vibrant women, with few years of life experience, but years ahead of her to grow and continue to be a loving, great mom.

    All should be saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY. We’re confident you are a light in the minds and hearts of all who loved and cared for you, and will continue to work to bring you home.

  37. It never feels right to me to say “Happy Birthday” when I think how unhappy Stacy would be to know how her family still struggles to find her and that no one has been charged in her death, but at least Drew is locked up…even if it may not be forever.

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