When is a Drew Peterson fan more than a fan?

A photo manipulation created and posted online by Kristine McPherson

We’ve all heard about women who think they are in love with nefarious men behind bars. They write them love letters, send them gifts, sometimes even visit them in jail. But what about a woman in love with an accused wife-murder who not only writes him letters and supports him via online forums and news sites, but who claims to have a “valued friendship” with his lawyer and states publicly that she is “tight with the defense”?

The man behind bars in this case is Drew Peterson, the lawyer is Joel Brodsky, and the besotted fan is a woman named Kristine McPherson.

It seems highly unusual for a defense attorney to be personally involved with a fan of their client. Yet, on a public Internet forum McPherson claims that she was treated to lunch yesterday by Joel Brodsky to “pow wow” and “to discuss the unfolding events“. During this lunch she claims she was given new information about the case.

Kris McPherson

Via Facebook:

Kristine Mcpherson
Great lunch at the University Club in Chicago..super company JB! Thanks
19 hours ago

McPherson first came to our attention back in the Spring of 2008, when she posted often on this blog under the username “Exlawenforcement“. She showed herself to be a defender of Drew Peterson and a believer in his innocence. She continued to comment on the case at this blog and other forums, and attended many of Peterson’s court dates, beginning with his trial for possession of illegal weapons and then the 2010 hearings for hearsay evidence to be admitted in his trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

At some point she became friendly with Drew Peterson’s defense team, often making mention of chats with them in her forum posts. Eventually she became close enough to them to be invited to a New Year’s/Firm Anniversary party at the offices of Brodsky & Odeh in December 2009. Although her friendship with Reem Odeh appears to have dissolved along with the partnership of Odeh and Brodsky, McPherson remains in contact with Joel Brodsky, evidenced by what she says in her frequent online updates.

McPherson, Reem Odeh and Joel Brodsky

The question here is what does Joel Brodsky have to gain from this odd association? Why is he in communication with this woman who is not a witness for the defense, who has no relationship with Drew Peterson other than the letters they exchange? Why does he entertain and share case details with a woman who does nothing more than post comments on the Internet?

Perhaps this comment from McPherson (posting as Sterling432) during a possible moment of clarity, and outing her own identity, on the Internet from last January is a clue:

News Flash: I am completely off of the bus by myself. There was something posted on the Suntimes that got my attention. Thanks to a trusted friend & a family member discussions followed. It appears that the truth is coming out in relation to myself and my actions over this case. I am an ethical & honest person, I do not like to be used for other people motives. I do not know who did what or if Kathleen was killed or Stacy for that matter. I put my support behind Drew for purely honest reasons, I did not expect thanks or anything else from doing so…. I will no longer make any comments on this case. Kristine Mcpherson (exlaw)

Joel Brodsky is a big fan of using unorthodox means to disseminate information. While most lawyers try to keep their clients quiet and away from the press he has taken the opposite approach and actually has a PR firm handling the Drew Peterson media machine. In the past he has provided internal documents to a blogger named Paul Huebl which allowed Huebl to out a witness (Mike Kurdenok) whose name was in a search warrant. Brodsky has even turned to blogs and forums himself, posting at a legal blog (where he gave the admin photos of Tom Morphey to publish) and a now defunct forum called Speak Your Mind which hosted an ongoing Q & A with Joel Brodsky about the Peterson case. Is McPherson just another outlet for Brodsky’s “White Noise”?

After Mcpherson’s brief change of heart she was soon back on the Peterson fan bus and she now claims that Joel Brodsky is her lawyer. Since McPherson’s return to the fold odd rumors about Justice Café and the people who comment have begun to appear online. We’ve been accused of writing a letter that Henry Savio actually wrote, which was first posted on this blog; then a rumor appeared about a letter-writing campaign to try to keep Tom Peterson out of Harvard, followed by truly creepy false outings of people unrelated to this blog.  We have no proof of who is behind the string of rumors. We have denied and debunked to the best of our knowledge.

We leave it to you, loyal readers, to draw your own conclusions, connect the dots if you like. We can only show you what we ourselves have seen.

Also there is new inform on the case,but I cannot repeat it until the reports come out.Yes I am tight with the defense, Joel and I had lunch yesterday at the University Club in Chicago to discuss the unfolding events.Joel is not only my lawyer, but a valued friend.
Sat, Mar 5 ’11 at 9:57AM CST

There is no pay..I have asked him where it is! Frankly I just do not care what you think, your are entitled to whatever..thats the power of blogging…as you well know not everything blogged is the truth, its our opinions ,our thoughts ,what ever…Darn I really could use that money to go to a botox party! Come on Joel fork it over!
Sat, Mar 5 ’11 at 11:12AM CST

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34 thoughts on “When is a Drew Peterson fan more than a fan?

  1. I especially like the heads up that more information is coming out, but the peanut gallery will just have to wait until the reports come out first. Kind of reminds me of grade school: ♫♫ I know something you don’t know, I know something you don’t know….♫

    After Mcpherson’s brief change of heart she was soon back on the Peterson fan bus and she now claims that Joel Brodsky is her lawyer. Since McPherson’s return to the fold odd rumors about Justice Café and the people who comment have begun to appear online. We’ve been accused of writing a letter that Henry Savio actually wrote, which was first posted on this blog; then a rumor appeared about a letter-writing campaign to try to keep Tom Peterson out of Harvard, followed by truly creepy false outings of people unrelated to this blog. We have no proof who is behind the string of rumors. We have denied and debunked to the best of our knowledge.

    When you put the above paragraph with this direct quote, it kinda makes you wonder….

    I just do not care what you think, your are entitled to whatever..thats the power of blogging…as you well know not everything blogged is the truth, its our opinions,our thoughts ,what ever…Darn I really could use that money to go to a botox party! Come on Joel fork it over!

  2. I am glad to see that McPherson believes in our right to blog freely. Just this afternoon she posted, “We all have the right to blog and speak our minds, its a American right”.

    Yes, as long as what we say is factual, damn straight, we have a right to blog about it.

  3. “facsmiley says:
    March 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm
    Dr. Dan Budenz mentions McPherson in his book, Family Cures, the Drew Peterson Saga and says she’s “been helpful”. I have no idea what that means. The book is kind of crap.


    Why would KM be mentioned in Dr. Dan’s book? It also has odd placement in the sequencing of the paragraphs. More explanation, please, Dr. Dan or KM.

  4. I know I said that we have no proof about who is spreading certain untrue rumors but, you know what? It was Kristine McPherson who began the rumor about a letter-writing campaign to keep Tom Peterson out of Harvard. She started it at the We Speak Our Mind forum. Here you go:

    Are you aware that certain people have hatched a plan to keep Thomas Peterson from going to Harvard? Could it be that some people are that mean and cruel when I young man has proved himself to be the “cream of the crop”? Just because his last name is Peterson …
    Thu, Feb 3 ’11 at 4:45PM CST Post 1

    What do you mean?
    Thu, Feb 3 ’11 at 4:51PM CST Post 2

    Certain Hens are starting another letter writing effort to prevent Thomas from getting into the college of his choice, “rumor ” has it.
    Thu, Feb 3 ’11 at 4:53PM CST

    So McPherson was definitely spreading the rumor…but the question is: Who fed it to her? Or did she make it up and lie all on her own?

  5. I’ve pointed it out before but Kris has wavered from her loyalty to Drew numerous times in the past, always to return. Usually she turns on him when she first hears that some new woman has entered his life. She went into full-on stalker mode when she first heard that Drew was dating some woman named Denise. Later, of course she claimed it was all a calculated ruse on her part. This was well before she was pen-pals with Drew or going to Brodsky Odeh holiday parties.

    exlawenforcement // April 21, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    John does denise work ? What is her brothers las name? What age is the other child she has ?

  6. KM definitely posted the first thread with the rumor. Very sad, as well as ignorant. Just how does KM think the admission process works at Harvard? Laughable. If KM truly respected Tom Peterson, she would not have started the thread in the first place. I find it curious that she has quickly diverted the blame to someone else now, who posts on a magic blog, called “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”.

    Tom has applied to several wonderful institutions in the United States. For the record, we’ll be proud of Tom Peterson’s acceptance to the college “he” finally chooses to attend, whether is be Harvard, UCLA, or one of several others on his list. His poor mom can’t physically be there to celebrate these moments with him, but she’s there in spirit.

  7. And again when Kris was posting as WhiteWitch on this blog (after she pretended to take her toys and go home) she was mighty miscombobulated when Drew was ticketed for speeding after going to the late-night rescue of young Kim Matuska:

    whitewitch07 says:
    June 1, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Normally I have been a strong Drew supporter, but even this throws me. All sorts of things come to mind that I did not think about before. I know he has the right to live his life, but to ask someone to go thru all that is happening is asking alot of even the strongest lady. This girl, and she is a girl cannot even begin to fathom the entire thing. The age difference is even bigger.


    Man, Drew’s dating sure stuck in her craw.

  8. Yes, DD. You are right. No one on this blog has ever wished anything but the best for Stacy’s and Kathy’s kids. To say otherwise is a shameful lie.

  9. McPherson’s loyalties may shift from time to time, but of course that isn’t the topic of the main post. The true topic is Joel Brodsky and his unorthodox means of approaching the media in regards to his clients–especially since Drew was told to curtail any interviews from jail and Joel was instructed to clear all interviews beforehand.

    Since those limits have been in place, the defense team has had to resort to some strange measures in order to keep the media machine rolling–like getting letters “from Drew” published in the papers, and posting tidbits and rumors on his professional Facebook wall.

    I’m still wondering about the ethics of a lawyer who is in constant communication with a fan of his client–one who is happy to take whatever rumors he has told her to the forums, blogs and comment threads. If the judge ruled that Brodsky should be quiet about the case, shouldn’t he just be doing that?

    Besides, the lies are quickly proven wrong and then his mouthpiece only ends up looking like a kook.

  10. sterling432:
    To answer that bit of vitrol I will say that there was a post made by Lorie that has since been deleted that she thought letters should be written about keeping Thomas out of Harvard and I am not the only person who saw it, it was on there very briefly, I did not lie about that….
    Sat, Mar 5 ’11 at 9:42PM CST

    For the record I now read that Kristine says I am the one that wrote the comment saying to write the letter campaign about Thomas getting into Harvard. That is false, and a lie. I did however say to write to the OakBrook Police department, and the Board about Steve when he was put on leave, and they were paying him while it was being investigated. Nothing ever about Thomas. Why would I not want Thomas in the best of schools? He did nothing wrong, he is not Drew, or being accused of anything. Not to mention I have kids of my own, and would never attack any young children like that. Maybe she read it wrong, or had it confused but I didn’t write about Thomas, it was about Steve. I am trying to find that post so I can post it up here to prove it wasn’t about Thomas, but about Steve.

  11. Lorie, we know that you never said such a thing on this blog. We receive emails for every comment that is posted. Even if it were to go to pending, spam or the trash, there would be a record of it if it existed and there is no record of any comment from anyone suggesting letters be written to keep Tom out of Harvard. It’s absurd. Anyone continuing to beat this dead horse is just trying to cause trouble.

    Here is the comment you made about writing to the Police & Fire Commission of Oak Brook about Stephen:

    Yes I am local here in the same town Skunk is from. It is very hard to prove wrongdoing by the Police. Things that need to change, not just here but across the nation. Just because they have a badge doesn’t give them right to do as they please, and get away with it! IMO he needs to be fired, and I think maybe we should all write to the commission and let them know how we feel about it. Maybe that will help to inspire them to do the right thing. If any of of us did something like this we would be arrested, and charged. What makes him so special to hide evidence from the Police, and hold unto an illegal weapon?

    BTW, when you wrote that comment I didn’t really agree with it. I felt that the commission should do their job based on the rules of conduct and that they shouldn’t be swayed by popular opinion. On the other hand, I respect your right to your opinion.

    However, you are correct. Your post about Stephen has nothing whatsoever to do with anything related to Tom or Harvard and you made that comment in November – three months before the idiotic rumor began. This delusion that has so many panties in a bunch is truly an instance of mass hysteria, or the “Emperor’s New Letter-Writing Campaign”. Gossip, rumor and innuendo.

  12. Somehow I’m reminded of what Joel Brodsky had to say about his media technique on the Legal Pub blog:

    “… suffice it to say nothing we do is hap hazzard, or done for publicity or to satisfy some psychological need of my client. A good lawyer thinks like a chess player, looking 5 to 10 moves into the future for each move he does now. I am a good lawyer.”

  13. Lies about what may be posted here are one thing. The ridiculous unfounded public “outings’ of individuals behind our blog are probably the most damaging to the credibility of the rumor-mongers. For one thing, they are dragging in the names of people completely unrelated to the blog and them submitting these completely unrelated people to loathsome, insulting treatment on public message boards as well as emailing it to the press. If they had the correct people, it would be childish and asinine enough to attack them purely due to a difference of opinion, but the fact that they have been consistently wrong in each and every case is bordering on criminal.

    In fact, it is nothing but harassment, and I’m glad to see the wheels of justice already turning towards taking these liars and rumor mongers to task. At least one of those people has sought legal recourse and filed a police report which is the best way to approach lies, slander and threats.

    I know McPherson was named in that report and if she is not responsible for the Internet harassment connected to these off-the-mark outings of strangers (as she states), then she’d do well to go to the authorities now with the names of those who are. It’s terrible to be blamed for something you haven’t done. Just ask Valerie.

    Just my opinion.


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  15. Joel says on his Facebook that Thomas Peterson will be valedictorian at the graduation of Bolingbrook high school this year. That’s a great achievment. Especially with no parents in the house for the last 22 months!

    My mom was valedictorian of her high school class and she’s never forgotten it. Her dad died during the time my grandmother was pregnant with her so she never knew him. She was the youngest of five daughters. It’s really something to be proud of.

  16. I am very happy for Thomas, he worked very hard in school obviously, he deserves it. I am sure Kathleen is looking down from Heaven smiling, and very proud of her son. I hope he succeeds in all his goals, and dreams in the future. Lord knows we need a lot more kids like him caring about their education, and future. This nation sure needs them!

  17. Thank you for finding that post for me Facs. I was looking and couldn’t find the post! I knew it was about Steve, and not Tom as claimed.

  18. No problem Lorie. I thought it was interesting that your post was from way back in November and McPherson’s comment about the letter-writing was posted on February 3.

    So I went back and took a look at the comments on this blog that were written on February 3 and I couldn’t find anything about that, but i did find a lot of posts taking jabs at Joel Brodsky. Interesting. Take a look.

  19. Congratulations to Tom Peterson!

    Your mom will always be a part of you. Dream. Create. Inspire. Become a man of character.

    “Life is long and hard, but if you work hard enough for it, you’ll master it, never give up, and always believe in yourself and what you believe in”
    —Kathleen Savio Peterson

  20. According to Joel, on the Geoff Pinkus Show tonight, Drew is getting a cellmate. (kind of) They will share the area where they can watch TV. The guy is allegedly in for 6 months due to disorderly conduct.

  21. Yes, he mentioned that, as well. Go figure??? (hee hee) Actually, he’s not real talkative tonight. Maybe he’s not liking the cellmate issue.

  22. I don’t know of a blog devoted to Joel Brodsky. Odd IMO that he thinks they exist. Everywhere I’ve read, people are compassionate and dedicated to seeing justice served for two missing mothers, who were beautiful souls ,taken from their families far too soon.

  23. Joel did seem awfully put out by Drew’s new day room roommate situation, didn’t he?

    Joel was asked if Drew was upset about not being in the news all the time these days and he answered, “No.” and then after the conversation had continued he blurted out “He gets his letters published”. Awkward.

    He had no response when asked if Mancow visits him in jail. Aww, I thought Mancow loved Drew! They went to church together and all…

    Joel is still predicting an end-of April trial date for Drew.

    I guess my favorite part was when they were leaving the room for a break and Joel reminded someone, “I need to riff on Drew for about 15 minutes “.

    Yeah, that’s why he was there, right?

  24. DD said

    I don’t know of a blog devoted to Joel Brodsky. Odd IMO that he thinks they exist. Everywhere I’ve read, people are compassionate and dedicated to seeing justice served for two missing mothers, who were beautiful souls ,taken from their families far too soon.

    Exactly. Unfortunately, he’s part of the situation so he’s up for scrutiny. If he wasn’t making sure to get booked on radio shows and making sure he’s got a sound bite every time a camera shows up, he wouldn’t get “dissed” so much, now would he?

  25. I know of no blog dedicated to dissing Brodsky. I wish he would have mentioned the link, because I would have enjoyed that.

    I do know that there’s plenty of online information about Brodsky and his unorthodox and unprofessional representation of Drew Peterson, but it’s good to know that Peterson is getting what he’s paying for. Or not.

    So I understand that Joel Brodsky mentioned on Pinkus that they’re concerned about an inmate who’s now going to be sharing the day room with Peterson. I don’t see why Brodsky would be concerned about that. Peterson is strong like a bull, he’s tough, he’s holding up better than anyone Brodsky’s ever seen, or so he says. What’s the problem? It’s not like he’s got anything to say or confess to, so what’s the concern? Geesh.

  26. Ummm, this requires a press release?

    The Publicity Agency
    Drew Peterson’s son named valedictorian! http://ow.ly/49efi #drewpeterson
    36 minutes ago

    What a great opportunity for Joel Brodsky to promote himself with not one but two links to his website. You’d think Joel was going to be valedictorian.

    …Brodsky visits Peterson regularly in jail and is keeping the public updated on the case via his website…

  27. :roll:

    Heavens! What is there to say about a defense lawyer using a client’s son’s high school achievements to link to his personal facebook page.

    Doesn’t anyone in the Peterson family have the kahoonas to speak up and stop this nonsense? This guy is using them all for his own gain.

    I so feel sorry for the Peterson children, having this mope running their lives through the public’s eye.

  28. IMO It is sickening and disgusting to do that! Just like it is sickening and disgusting that other people are being used to spread lies about bloggers, and admins running forums because they don’t like that the truth is being spoken, and facts posted that shows the real truth about his client, and himself! One of these days their games and lies are going to catch up with them and they will be ones answering to a judge. Being attorneys they should know there is laws out there against slander, and defamation. Especially when it has been going on for over 2 yrs with no end in sight.

  29. I didn’t get the whole PR News press release on Tom either. It seemed more like an ad for Joel. Hope Joel paid for that one, or it’s going be a very expensive graduation announcement for the Peterson family.

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