Stephen Peterson appeals his firing from the Oak Brook Police Department

Stephen Peterson

On February 19, in a unanimous vote by the Fire & Police Commission of Oak Brook, Stephen Peterson was fired from his job as a police officer for obstructing the investigation into the disappearance of his step-mother, Stacy Peterson, by receiving guns and money from his father. As expected, his union attorney, Tamara Cummings filed papers to appeal that decision last Friday.

At Peterson’s hearing last month, Commissioner Frederick Cappetta stated that, “Officer Peterson’s continuing claim that the weapons and money were irrelevant to the investigation by the Illinois State Police were self-serving, disingenuous, not credible and demonstrates that Officer Peterson lacks the fundamental ability to make sound judgements.”

Stephen Peterson is the son of accused murderer, Drew Peterson. We hear that the elder Peterson has a new cell mate, or rather that he now shares his day room with another inmate–someone serving a six-month sentence for disorderly conduct.


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  1. Three Petersons’ stories in the news. I don’t see how Oak Brook can be in the wrong if an employee is not following protocal. We’ll see how this unfolds.

  2. It does make one wonder just what the hell is going on, doesn’t it? Stephen’s actions are more than enough to get him booted. So what’s the beef with Chief Sheahan? Why the No Confidence? It smells very funny to me. The Chief appears to be totally right here, so why should the house fall on him?

  3. BTW I missed the opportunity to comment on the last post. I would have said that that Kris McPherson is a weirdo. (why does she need a criminal attorney? or does she have immigration issues?)

    To quote a friend of mine today for Shrove Tuesday…”we have flour, milk, eggs. All we need now is a tosser” Are you available, Joel?

  4. The Peterson file . . .

    Drew data: Accused wife murderer Drew Peterson, who has been in solitary confinement for 22 months in the medical section at Will County Jail, is alone no more.

    † Translation: Peterson, who was jailed nearly two years ago on charges he murdered his third wife, Kathleen Savio, has a new neighbor.

    † To wit: “The vacant room next to Drew’s has a new occupant,” said a Sneed source. “They are separate rooms but empty into a common TV room.”

    † Background: Peterson’s defense team is not worried the man is a plant by the Will County state’s attorney’s office to eavesdrop or spy in exchange for a lesser sentence — because the man is set to be released in June anyway.

    Yeah, Sneed, we know. Joel already talked about it on the radio Sunday.

    Why would Drew’s defense team worry about Drew’s new cell mate being a plant? He’s innocent, isn’t he? What could he possibly say that might incriminate him? 😉

  5. State’s Attorney Glasgow’s statement on death penalty legislation

    In response to Governor Quinn signing legislation that eliminates the death penalty in Illinois, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced today he will move quickly to decertify the two pending death penalty prosecutions in Will County.

    State’s Attorney Glasgow said:

    “Over the years, the death penalty has served an important role in the prosecution of the most heinous murder cases in Illinois. The legislation approved today, however, effectively bars prosecutors from pursuing the death penalty. This legislation compels me to decertify the two pending capital cases in Will County and aggressively pursue sentences of life in prison upon a conviction in both cases.

    “Expeditiously decertifying these death penalty cases will immediately stop the funneling of precious taxpayer dollars into the pockets of defense attorneys and channel the money instead toward services for the families of homicide victims and police training.”

    State’s Attorney Glasgow elected to pursue the death penalty in one of these cases on January 19, 2011, while the legislation was awaiting the governor’s signature.

    The Will County death penalty cases are:
    Christopher Vaughn (07CF1308): Four Counts of First Degree Murder alleging he shot his wife and three children near Channahon on or about June 14, 2007.
    Richard Conner (09CF1946). Two Counts First Degree Murder alleging he strangled his cellmate at Stateville Correctional Center on or about April 1, 2009.

  6. This is always a difficult subject to debate. I’m not sure what the answer is. I don’t know how a man can kill his family and even want to go on with life.

  7. Budenz has yet another story up today in which he uses a long extended metaphor to describe everyone around Drew as family members (including a new judge in the case, which hasn’t actually happened). Too bizarre and void of any new information which could merit a link.

  8. Fascinating!

    Hospital worker becomes first man to be jailed for stalking by blog
    Last updated at 5:01 PM on 9th March 2011

    A hospital administrator has made British legal history by becoming the first man to be jailed for stalking a woman by blog.

    Stephen Andreassen, 38, compiled up to 35 website blogs in which he repeatedly insulted an ex-girlfriend after she ended their month-long relationship, Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard.

    Over 18 months Andreassen regularly updated his sites telling men to stay away from mature university student Rebecca Pattinson, 36, while bombarding her with Facebook messages, texts, phone calls and e-mails begging for her to take him back…

    In a statement, she said: ‘The whole situation has been extremely stressful.
    ‘I’ve been feeling distressed by Stephen’s actions and feel unable to cope. I can’t stop him from doing this.

    ‘It breaks my heart that not only has he done this to me but he has dragged my family into it also.

    ‘I fear that Stephen will never stop and I can’t understand why he is doing this.’
    In what is thought to be the first case of its kind Andreassen – who has since been fired by NHS Manchester – was jailed for 18 weeks after he admitted breach of a restraining order…

    Here’s one of this nut’s blogs.

  9. Thanks for posting the article Facs I have been doing some research of my own along with someone else regarding this issue. It is getting way out of hand with people thinking they can hide behind the freedom of speech amendment. Freedom of speech doesn’t give someone the right to stalk, harass, and make up lies about people. Especially when it goes on for over a period of time without no end. If someone asks you to stop, or take it down, and says that is false and they keep up with the lies, and not taking it down etc that is beyond freedom of speech and is defamation, and slander. That is against the law, and they can be punished for it. Especially when they are posting pictures, names, their families, and things going on in their personal lives. The law draws a line between their right to freedom of speech when it is used to terrorize, and destroy peoples lives and reputations.

  10. Police: Stacy Peterson’s brother charged with assault
    By Brian Slodysko TribLocal reporter
    Today at 5:06 p.m.

    A Chicago man is accused of nearly running over two men outside a Downers Grove electronics store and threatening them with what appeared to be a handgun, police said Thursday.

    Yelton Earl Cales, 31, of the 3000 block of Lloyd Avenue, is charged with assault, battery, DUI and driving on a suspended license – all misdemeanors – for the incident that occurred in the 7400 block of Lemont Road around 7:40 p.m. on Monday, Downers Grove police said.

    According to police, Cales is the brother of Stacy Peterson, the the missing wife of former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson…

  11. I guess I could weigh in with some comment about a tragic family legacy, but I’m not really feeling it. It’s up to each of us to rise above the troubles that beset our youth. Even more disappointing when you figure in that he is a new father. I guess he’s just lucky that this time it’s all misdemeanor offenses.
    I don’t have an emoticon for this…

  12. This is so disappointing to read. Yelton has an opportunity to give his daughter all of things that were missing from his own childhood. He’s thirty-one years old. It’s time to grow up and be responsible. There’s a young life counting on him.

  13. Let’s be perfectly frank here. He’s just not worth the time it takes to discuss him. He thinks his sister was harmed by her husband, who handled his life’s situations about as badly as Yelton does. They seem to stink the same smell.

  14. Well, this is interesting:

    Couple Wakes to Find Wife’s Ex-Girlfriend With A Knife
    Updated: Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011, 3:51 PM CDT
    Published : Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011, 3:51 PM CDT
    Sun-Times Media Wire

    Tinley Park, Ill. – A southwest suburban couple awoke Saturday to find the wife’s former girlfriend standing over their bed with a kitchen knife and telling someone by cell phone that she’d probably be going to prison for murder, the husband told police.

    Jamie Katro, 32, Joliet, was arrested and charged with domestic battery, Tinley Park Police Cmdr. Pat McCain said Tuesday.

    The couple had agreed to let Katro stay overnight at their apartment because they were going to take her to a secretary of state’s office Saturday for help getting the title to her car, McCain said.

    But the couple got a rude awakening at 6:40 a.m. when the man heard a noise and saw Katro standing near the bed with a knife…

    Wonder if it’s the same Katro who was pals with Bindy Rock:

    Woman says she was questioned in Peterson case

    April 15, 2009

    A local woman says state police paid her a visit while she was doing time in Dwight Correctional Center and grilled her about what she knows of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

    The woman, 31-year-old Jamie Katro, did not tell them much during the two-hour interview.

    “No — uh, uh, nothing,” Katro said of what she told troopers when they questioned her in late February. “To me, that’s what they’re getting paid for. Let them do their job.”

  15. On March 1, Drew Peterson’s head defense attorney posted this on his Facebook:

    Joel A. Brodsky, Attorney at Law
    ….Also, the rumors are flying from more than one source that the appellate court decision will be handed down very shortly and that it will be a total victory for the defense. Of course these are just rumors.
    March 1 at 4:43pm · View Feedback (2)Hide Feedback (2) · Share

    Why do you suppose a defense attorney in such a high profile case would openly post rumors swirling around rather than actually engage in the defense of a client fighting for his life? Is this his latest attempt to try and get attention to himself and his Facebook page, which looks to be as uninteresting to people as he is. It’s been two weeks now since this baseless and useless disinformation was posted by him. How unsettling I think it would be for the murder defendant’s family to rely on this goof’s story telling. About every time Brodsky opens his trap and makes one of his infamous predictions about his famous client, he’s been wrong. On that note, I would imagine the decision will come down when the Appellate Court finishes writing it, it will be done on their schedule in spite of the swirling rumors and/or what Brodsky says, and if past predictions of Brodsky’s hold true, expect the opposite. It will be a victory for the prosecution. The “handed down very shortly” passed already. Oops.

    Just like keeping the loyal readers here up-to-date on what’s been said that comes out of the wrong end of Drew Peterson’s head lawyer. 😉 Can’t make this stuff up. The commentary is followed up with accurate resources. Although, I hate to consider Brodsky’s Facebook page as an accurate resource, it does accurately portray that what he says can’t be relied on.

  16. Looks like Katro has not been keeping her nose clean since she last got out of prison (besides this latest fiasco):

    KATRO JAMIE L 4 4 11 404 930 10CF002057 0 MFG/DISTRIB LOOK-ALIKE 1 Pretrial

  17. Facs @ 1:28pm – See, I told you so. Rumors are always swirling. We all hear them. But, geesh, you’d think the big bad boy bus driver would have enough sense to know better, since he’s had years of legal experience with things of this nature. Or not. Maybe that is why he’s been demoted to chief rumor monger, and the legal defense to save Drew Peterson are now in the hands of the real lawyers.

    Well, I guess he’s busy advising Drew’s biggest supporter every day with her silly blog tactics. Why not, he’s apparently got plenty of time on his hands, and maybe he’s raked in so much cash on his other cases, she’s getting free legal advice. Nice.

  18. ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧



  19. Editor’s note: Nancy Grace’s new show on HLN, “Nancy Grace: America’s Missing,” is dedicated to finding 50 people in 50 days. As part of the effort, which relies heavily on audience participation,’s news blog This Just In will feature the stories of the missing.

    This is the 43rd case, and it was shown Wednesday at 9 p.m. on HLN.

    Not long after 23-year-old Stacy Peterson disappeared in October 2007, the search became overshadowed by suspicions against her husband, Drew Peterson.

    Stacy Peterson was the former officer’s fourth wife. They began living together in Bolingbrook, Illinois, while he was going through a contentious divorce from his previous wife, Kathleen Savio. She was later found dead in a bathtub in 2004.

    Police have investigated the sites of several remains for Stacy Peterson near the couple’s home without success.

    Meanwhile, Stacy Peterson’s disappearance prompted authorities to reopen the case into Kathleen Savio’s death, resulting in murder charges against Drew Peterson in her death. He is awaiting trial, while the families of the two victims await answers and justice.

  20. I’m not sure if this is remotely correct in thinking, but if the Appellate Court Judges were going to rule against the State for the untimely filing of this appeal, wouldn’t that have been easy enough to rule on quickly, or at the least, by now? I’m thinking it wasn’t that complicated of an issue, and it wouldn’t seem to me that it would take much time and/or effort.

    So, I’m wondering if their decision is going to be based on the idea that the new trial judge is the one that is going to make his or her own decision about the hearsay issue. Didn’t one of the judge’s bring up the idea that they can’t force the previous trial judge’s ruling on the new trial judge?

    In any event, I don’t think it looks so obvious that this is all going the way of the defense, as the lead attorney contends, regardless of what the rumors swirling around are. Of course, it may go their way, or it may not, but basing success on rumors before the decision is even out seems quite silly, especially if it goes against the ones making the white noise. Just sayin…..

  21. Interesting story about an ex-cop who it would appear murdered his estranged wife:

    Coello’s marriage to Adovasio was scarred by domestic violence. She was so afraid of her raging husband that she applied for a restraining order the same day she filed for divorce last month, sources said.

    “She feared him, but he had some hold over her,” her divorce lawyer, Michael Lease, said.

    During questioning after her disappearance, Coello played the “helpful husband” for a dozen hours until detectives asked to look at his car. He refused and clammed up, sources said.

    Read more:

  22. Uber-fan update: Kris McPherson, Drew Peterson’s biggest fan and confidant of Joel Brodsky has been speaking out more about her involvement with the Peterson murder case. On a pubic message board she states:

    ….my involment is on a need to know basis,I do not discuss it beyond family and the legal team.I have knowledge that others do not and I am trusted not to discuss them but leave that to the pr people.
    Wed, Mar 16 ’11 at 3:26PM CDT

    This raises the question, exactly what does McPherson need to know when it comes to the Peterson case?

    Also interesting that she acknowledges that “PR people” are managing the information that comes out in regards to Peterson and his family. Before Drew was arrested and charged, his lawyer used to claim that he wanted to hush up his client but that it wasn’t possible to control Drew. Now we know that Brodsky works with a PR firm that handles the release of information. If Peterson is innocent and the State has no evidence in the case against him, exactly why again does Drew need a PR team? Well, maybe it’s not so much about swaying public opinion of Drew Peterson, as it is making sure Joel Brodsky’s name and Website URL is in every press release…

  23. As for Joel Brodsky, apparently he’s back to blustering and attempting to bully people who say things he doesn’t like. Kris McPherson shared this text from Mr. Brodsky last night. It seems a wee bit over-the-top no?

    Rescue will soon be hearing a knock knock on her door. Guess who? Its the process server with a summons. Better get a good lawyer. Wow are they expensive. Soon she will be consulting a bankruptcy lawyer. Too bad libel judgments aren’t discharable. Loosing her home and business. Awh that’s too bad.

    Joel A. BrodskySent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  24. Threats. meh. It’s not libel to call him a moral cockroach who exploits the murders of two mothers and the orphaning of 4 children (2 of them twice) to make himself famous and wealthy, is it? It isn’t libel if it’s true, Jowl Boy.

    Kris “Secret Squirrel” McPherson probably really thinks she has something we want: to have the dope direct from The Dope. hahahahaha When what is actually going on is that he’s well using her, and we couldn’t care less. 😉

  25. What would you expect from someone who is so low, as to say I am suffering from “chemo brain,”and then go on to post a half page of symptoms and remedies for it? I would think there’s not a soul around with an ounce of compassion that would give that horrible woman the time of day, least of all care or give credit to what she says.

    Now, that shook me to my core, only to have her follow-up with texts from her lawyer threatening to sue me, causing me to lose my home and having to file for bankruptcy.

    All because I co-admin a blog.

  26. Rescue, I had no idea about the other disgusting things said. I’m livid. Gloves off, Kris gets the same POS rating as Broadway Joel. Not laughing anymore. Tragic losers both.

  27. Why you and not Facs? Because he’s found out you are vulnerable. Big fat bully bastard. Sue me, punk. I AM RESCUEAPET.

  28. Joel always claims to get inside information “leaked rumors” that favors the Defense. The only way it will be in his favor as in said above from Rescue is if they are going to leave it up to the NEW judge who will then decide what is in and what stays out. If that is the case, then possibly if the NEW judge goes with the old judge then the State might be able to appeal it again then maybe they can decide to override it or not? I am not sure but either way whether he did hear leaks or not why would you post this on a FB page? Very unprofessional to say the least. Isn’t this why he hire the PR to let him do the talking?

  29. Totally agreed, Lorie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a lawyer carrying on the way that Joel Brodsky does. There’s another text message posted by McPherson in which Joel advises her to refer to Rescue and her husband as “Mr. and Mrs. Defendant”. Seriously? A legitimate attorney advises his client to threaten an adversary on a public message board?

    The guy is a clown.

  30. Well, if he is basing his threats of my future devastation on information she has passed along to him, can someone please get out their decoder book and explain this post of hers on that message board, after she posted his threats of libel action against me via his Blackberry texts to her:

    Sterling432: What are you talking about? Who are you? Do I know you? Thats a strange name. Rescue, what county does that come from? Are you Russian? Business? What business? A threat? What threat? What are you talking about? Is it old age? no, thats me, sorry my memory is slipping

    Is it me, or does this not sound totally incoherent?

    Yet, she says I suffer from chemo brain? OMG.

  31. Or this post of hers, that references the notion that she has learned my name and has given it out to someone (again, another incoherent post after posting her “lawyer’s” text messages via his Blackberry to pass along to me:

    Sterling432 Remember when I said I didn’t give out your name? Maybe I was lying? Maybe not. Who knows? Keep thinking about it. Loose sleep over it. Ha ha ha

    I think there’s more than one clown involved here. One seems to have problems staying in and out of reality, it seems.

  32. Rescue, it looks like a desperate attempt to backpedal and disassociate herself from those Brodsky texts she had just shared with the world. I can’t help but wonder how happy Joel was that she put them out there for all to see.

  33. Well, I’m somewhat happy to have seen Sterling allude to the fact that she just may have given my name to someone she thought would make something more of it. Comments like that can be troublesome for those that make them…..

  34. What happened?
    He entertained Secret Squirrel at lunch in his car, suavely parked outside the University Club. Windows rolled up (“for security”, he tells her). He tells her all about the White Noise Theory and how important it is for her reluctant soulmate.

    Then they dine on BLT from JB’s briefcase.

    So Not-So-Secretly-Squirrely is engaged on a “need-to-know” (“you don’t need to know anything”) basis to do his dirty work. IMO, he wants her for her online ID, basically, and her talent to extemporise in an obnoxious vein.

    What a cast. Really.

    He has to keep his name out there any way he can.

    He’s a bullshitter.

    That’s why he’s posting on FB, too. Creating his own rumours.

  35. Blimey.

    Does it make anyone else wonder when is client-attorney privilege not client-attorney privilege? When it’s conspiracy?

  36. Rescue will soon be hearing a knock knock on her door. Guess who? Its the process server with a summons. Better get a good lawyer. Wow are they expensive. Soon she will be consulting a bankruptcy lawyer. Too bad libel judgments aren’t discharable. Loosing her home and business. Awh that’s too bad.

    Joel A. BrodskySent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


    In case one wonders if good lawyering and bad spelling can go together.


  37. Another story about Thomas Peterson being valedictorian of his class. There’s a nice bit about Kathleen:

    But he doesn’t expect to lack for motivation ever. He only has to think about his mom to be inspired.

    Just days before she died, he interviewed her for a school assignment about role models.

    “It was in elementary school, we were doing a biography and I chose my mother,” he said. “I explored where she was born, where she went to school, her favorite subjects. At the end, I said, ‘Is there anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked you?'”

    She told him: “Life is long and hard, but if you work hard enough for it, you’ll master it. Never give up, and always believe in yourself and what you believe in.”

    “Now I’m looking back on it, I thought, ‘Wow, I can really contribute a lot. She really did push me to be the best that I could be,” he said.

    He keeps her words in a binder next to his bed.,0,3755294.story?page=1

  38. …and some critical words about Drew:

    “Him going away was very disappointing, but I feel like if he came back I’d have to have a stern talk with him about the things that he’s doing because he’s really kind of lost in his ego, I want to say. I’m not going to lie,” Peterson said. “‘Dad, you do not need to talk to these people right now. You need to stay home and take care of your family.'”

  39. Nice to see it said that Kathleen was and is a light in the eyes of her son. Wonderful.

    The idea that the son feels he needs to sit down with the father and have a stern talk with him about his father’s life choices was an eye opener. What’s there to say about that?

    After what Tom Peterson has been through, especially the loss forever of his beloved mother, there can be nothing more but to wish him success in whatever path he chooses.

  40. The only thing in that story that made me uncomfortable is the fact that on Tom Peterson’s list of personal goals, he included the name of a girl he wanted to date who had not returned his affection.

    I have teenage sons myself and if I saw a girl’s name on a list of their personal goals, especially knowing the girl had already told them she wasn’t interested, I would sit them down and explain to them that romantic relationships with people aren’t something that you push or force. Certainly, not something you add to a list of personal goals.

    I just had to say something about that. Knowing his dad’s history with women, it just sets off red flags. It is great to see so much success in this kid’s life, considering the upheaval he has been living through for much of the time. It’s sad to see that he did suffer during all the shenanigans that followed the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

  41. I hope Tom’s younger brother, Kris, and the little people are doing as well as he seems to be. Maybe he’s a positive influence on them in a good way and will help to keep them as grounded as he comes across. Boy, how do such young souls keep it all together with what they’ve been through? It’s unimaginable.

  42. Somehow I think all this will manifest itself in adult years. Yes, right now he seems to be doing great, but I want to see him 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 30 yrs from now.

    From what i have seen by little comments made on his wall by his younger brother, there is anger there on his younger brothers part. Totally understandable.

    I do wish them all the best. But it still leaves me wondering what sort of adults they will become.

  43. Hi LostAcres. Oh so true. IMO, their accomplishments and life choices will be judged by whom they touch throughout their lives.

    An example? Tom loves his father as a son would. Yet, he makes it clear that his father’s actions are not acceptable to him. He suggests he would have a talk with his father where he’d tell him to take responsibility for his family and be there for them. It shows that he wasn’t, and it did not go unnoticed. Loving his father doesn’t mean he accepts him as making choices and decisions that he would. Seems young Tom took his hurried independence and used it to his benefit, for his good. When Tom is further along in adulthood, it’s hopeful that people will accept him as a well-rounded personality, a good person, someone who is a pleasure to be in the company of, not just an academic wonder. No one wants to be around someone who may be the best in his field of achievement, if the smell of his rudeness, lack of warmth, and just plain arrogance permeates their shared space. 😉

  44. I think I am getting more to the point where Tom is in denial about his father at this point. Not totally, somewhere inside his brain he knows something isn’t the way he wants to see it, hence that one comment. I think he is doing the only thing he can to push it back, and that is to apply himself to his academics which is important right now.

    Once that is done and achieved, I am not sure what will happen. As much as we hate it, we are all a product of our imprint training, and being brought up by our parents. How many times have we said to ourselves, My God, I am reacting just like my Mother/Father, even though we never wanted to. Imprint training, our young years weigh upon us into old age. Yes we may overcome the negative, but most of us do not have the sort of negative in our lives then those children did or have.

    I could go on talking, but this is just food for thought

  45. One day, as an adult, you are going to stand alone in this world, without your high school or academic peers. Then what?

    There have been plenty of high achievers that have fallen back on resorting to whatever methods they knew and they were brought up with, including murder and abuse. Being an adult in this word does not compare to being an achiever in your high school or college.
    Please, I am not saying that this is what is going to happen to DP children. I am just thinking along here.

    Once he stands alone, I am worried about him and his siblings, though I think his siblings will lash out long before Tom will. This whole drama, and the magnitude as to what is transpiring in those childrens lives will Just NOT got away by being a valedictorian of ones high school.

    Sorry for the ramblings, I know what I am thinking and feeling, just hard for me to put it into words. Again, I wish all of them ALL THE WEL LBEING in this world, and that they may rise above their fathers doings.

  46. I did find it interesting that there was very little mention of Stacy Peterson in this story. Stacy adopted Tom and Kris as her sons after their mom died, and although a very young woman, she was their father’s wife for over three years when she suddenly disappeared.

    As a teen, I can totally see resenting the young woman who was brought in to replace your own mother (and whom dad was cheating with before the divorce), and maybe that is why on the anniversary of Stacy’s disappearance Tom joked on his Facebook wall that he was “missing someone today. Oh right, Billy Mays!” (words to that effect). I guess the resentment would be even more justified if he believed that Stacy had something to do with his own mother’s death, or knew about it and said nothing. But Tom says he believes that Kathleen’s death was accidental, so maybe the resentment is of a more ordinary kind…dad’s new wife, two new youngsters that he was often left to babysit, etc. Maybe he honestly thinks that she ran away from the family as his father would like all to believe. I couldn’t guess and I suppose one shouldn’t.

    Maybe at some point Tom will be free to explain.

  47. It’s especially awesome to see Tom achieve so much at this point, when we all know that life at the Peterson household wasn’t so rosy…even before his mom died:

    …And the Savio family shared with us a Christmas card, a note to Santa Claus that one of their kids wrote. It said, quote, “All I want for Christmas is for daddy to stop hurting mommy and for daddy to give mommy a divorce.”

  48. IMO, Stacy may not have come up at all because Tom Peterson and his brother were very important witnesses the day she went missing. They were brought before the Grand Jury and have given testimony, in addition to being interviewed prior to that. His opinion of Stacy, before, during and after her disappearance, is not fodder for interviews right now, since her being missing is an open investigation. So, I would not read so much into that element of what influence she was on either teen at this point. She was their mom figure for three years after their biological mom died, Drew Peterson was whoring around for the next year and a half after she disappeared, and now he has been out of their day-to-day lives for coming up on two years. DP may very well have been a driving force for Tom to excel in his academics, but his lifestyle was not in tune with his young son’s. I don’t exactly see how this piece drives home the idea that Peterson’s parenting is behind this young man. Quite the contrary. IMO, it indicates he loves his father, but it seems now that he gives his mother the credit for motivating him. Reading an 18 year old say that he’d have a stern talk with his father about his inflated ego and lifestyle doesn’t exactly make him look like father of the year. Loving one’s parent, or visa versa, doesn’t change one’s ideals. That certainly applies here.

    I don’t know one way or another what the teens felt about Stacy. As to what he thinks about his father’s innocence, it is obvious he believes his mother died from a bath tub accident. If that is what he believes, then of course his father is not a murderer in his eyes. He’s not the perfect father either, even if he does profess his love for him.

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