Woman comes forward to share her love letters from Drew Peterson.

We do know that Drew Peterson likes to write letters from jail. Typically, they end up in Michael Sneed‘s gossip column. But apparently not all of them…

Yet another pen-pal/love interest for Drew Peterson has come forward to share her letters via the National Enquirer. This is from a story in today’s Daily Mail:

…Now, it has emerged that he has written a dozen jail-house love letters, repeatedly propositioning a woman he has known since she was 14.

Diana Grandel, now 40, said the former Illinois police sergeant has been plaguing her with bizarre and increasingly sexual requests, like asking for her measurements, photos of her in a bikini as well as describing what he wants to do to her in bed.

He also asked her if she had any sexually transmitted diseases.

In letters, obtained by the National Enquirer, he wrote to her: ‘I just think of your smile and holding you in the dark feeling your body against mine…I want to spend a lot of time with my lips on yours.
‘I like sex with a lot of foreplay, I’m more into pleasing my partner than pleasing others…’

Joel Brodsky responded by releasing emails to him and a letter to Drew from Diana Grandel

Read the rest of the story at the Daily Mail


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  1. …In letters, obtained by the National Enquirer, he wrote to her: ‘I just think of your smile and holding you in the dark feeling your body against mine…I want to spend a lot of time with my lips on yours.

    ‘I like sex with a lot of foreplay, I’m more into pleasing my partner than pleasing others.’


  2. The 40-year-old met Peterson when she was 14 and he was a young policeman.
    He rescued her and her family from an abusive father and she said she admired him for it.
    She wrote to him in jail to show her support following his arrest but he quickly turned lecherous.
    Miss Grandel said: ‘I have a boyfriend and Peterson is coming on to me, while he’s in jail! I think he’s a creep now, and a murderer.’

  3. Man, if the Enquirer bought the rights to these letters (I assume they would and she would have sold them), who knows what’s in them. We know DP is a letter-writing fool, but this goes beyond crazy. Not exactly good publicity for this guy, yet again. Hope they publish them. No one to blame but himself. Guess his defense team can’t control him after all.

  4. I was almost ready to cry “Ashley” but this Diana Grandel does appear to be an actual person.

    Drew just can not change, can he? How many people has he offered Stacy’s clothes now?

  5. If he’s so smart, why is he putting himself in this kind of situation, where his outgoing letters can be made public? I guess it’s easy to say, when will he ever learn, especially after Ashley, but he seems to zone out when it comes time to use the head on his shoulders.

    Geesh, on one hand, his attorney is using his children to paint a happy, loving family, with his client (wink, wink) sending letters to Sneed about how wonderful things are, and this dufus is sending out sexually explicit letters to a woman who claims she wrote to him to lend him support.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  6. I think it’s meaningful that yet again Drew is turning to someone that he met when they were a teenager and he was an adult. Do all of his relationships with women rely on this inequality, his position of power? And the unwanted sexual conversations? IMO, it’s downright creepy.

  7. ‘I like sex with a lot of foreplay, I’m more into pleasing my partner than pleasing others.’

    I like to think that I am a mature and somewhat sophisticated woman, but this is new to me. Exactly who are these ‘others’ involved in the sexual act?

  8. The Daily Mail article says DP was once Policeman of the Year. Have I read that anywhere before? Was it from a poll taken at his bar?

  9. Drew Peterson Writing Love Letters to Woman from Jail: Report

    Updated: Thursday, 07 Apr 2011, 8:56 AM CDT
    Published : Thursday, 07 Apr 2011, 8:53 AM CDT

    By Anita Padilla, FOX Chicago News

    Peterson’s attorney Steve Greenberg told FOX Chicago News the defense team has copies of Grandel’s letters to Peterson, roughly eight or nine of them. Greenberg said her letters started out as supportive but then turn sexually explicit, as well.

    Greenberg pointed out that Peterson is a man who has been in jail for two years now, and of course he’s intrigued by a woman writing him.

    Greenberg also said he can’t be sure the woman got paid, but did say considering the source, he thinks she likely did.


  10. “I have a closet full of new or like-new clothes Stacy left behind when she abandoned us, everything from formal dresses to sweats to bikinis,”

    Wait a minute, I thought he said, Stacy took her bikinis.

  11. I’m sure that the NE did pay for the letters. But I don’t see how the defense team could have a problem with that considering all the interviews, tapes etc that they’ve sold and/or tired to sell. I seem to recall a Drew Peterson-autographed motorcycle being auctioned on e-Bay.

    There’s no way on earth they could begin to criticize Grandel for selling these letters without being flat out hypocrites.

    I wonder if others will start to share their correspondence. There must be plenty of women with letters like that from Drew…

  12. Drew Peterson was always in control of who he picked and chose to associate with. He did not always make wise choices. Same as now. He’s in control of who he writes to and what he says. This Diana can be blamed for it all by the defense and Peterson made out to be the victim all they want, the fact is the general public probably will not see it that way. All they’re going to hear and see is what Peterson gushed out, yet again. It totally cancels out all of the happy moments his son, Tom’s, recent news was about. It reminds people that his own son’s words in a major newspaper honestly expressed how disappointed he was in the way his father carried on all of this time. This just proves how right he is. No matter what, IMO, anyone thinks about this latest bizarre stuff, whether it’s funny, a set-up, DP’s the victim, or whatever, he’s still behind the lewd and sexual crap that embarrasses his young family, and he’s a disgrace.

    I’m sure the prison staff must have a time of it reading what comes in to this dope and what he sends out. His attorneys must be worried, if they care about him and his future at all, of what may still be out there or what’s going to be next. Peterson is out-of-control. There’s no telling what to expect with him. He just can’t help himself. I can’t buy into the baloney it’s because he’s locked up. He was just as loco when he was free. A radio show to win a date with Drew, Ashley, Kim Matuska, Christina Raines, trying to set up a fight with her ex-boyfriend, and last, but not least, intending to fly to Nevada to interview at the whore ranch. Come on. We’re supposed to believe that he’s the victim here? Whatever.

  13. Greenberg pointed out that Peterson is a man who has been in jail for two years now, and of course he’s intrigued by a woman writing him.

    What is the difference in Drew Peterson’s behavior now than when he was still free? If there is a difference, someone let me know.

    This is a piss poor excuse and certainly doesn’t fit the murder defendant, since he was involved in a famous email exchange prior to his incarceration. Bah! The defense does not sound as though they were prepared to handle this, and should think before they open their mouths. Just like the murder defendant should think first.

  14. Ummm, so what was his excuse all the time that he wasn’t in jail, like when he was constantly cheating on his wives and girlfriends, clubbing, and chatting online on sex sites and AIM and tugging his ear on the Larry King show?

    Drew Peterson was a dog before and he’s still a dog. End of story. He hasn’t been proven yet to be a murderer, but the guy is a dog. It’s nuts to even attempt to deny that.

  15. Rescue, you said (in part) “…It reminds people that his own son’s words in a major newspaper honestly expressed how disappointed he was in the way his father carried on all of this time…”

    Are you saying Tom Peterson mentioned that he was disappointed in his dad? I missed that one! I remember him praising his loving, faithful and hard-working dad, seeming to give Drew all the credit for where Tom is in his young life. (How do you type sarcasm on this site?)

  16. We need an emoticon for that for sure! Granny, this is what Tom Peterson said about his dad in the story about being chosen as valedictorian:

    “Him going away was very disappointing, but I feel like if he came back I’d have to have a stern talk with him about the things that he’s doing because he’s really kind of lost in his ego, I want to say. I’m not going to lie,” Peterson said. “‘Dad, you do not need to talk to these people right now. You need to stay home and take care of your family.'”

  17. WOW! Missed that! I was (and still am) very afraid that the narcissistic tendencies we see in Drew and even Stephen had carried over to Tom. There may be hope for this kid yet.

    In my own life I had to battle an ex-husband who had a lot of the same tendencies as Drew insofar as him trying to brainwash our kids. I finally realized that trying to convince them otherwise wasn’t going to work, as reacting to the ex only kept the battle going. I knew I just needed to remain calm, keep steering the boat in the right direction with God as my guide and EVENTUALLY the kids would see that their Dad was full of himself and needed to find a scapegoat for his own poor behavior.

    It worked although it was rough being the recipient of a lot of crap during their teen years. Now they are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Once they got out on their own, they quickly saw their dad for who he is and have lost all respect for him.

    MAYBE, just MAYBE Tom is going to come out of this okay.

  18. kimberlee 0 0
    I got another letter from Drew today. Not much new. Probably the same stuff he tells all his other girlfriends.
    Tue, Mar 1 ’11 at 10:24AM CST

    Michael 0 0
    Ok Kimberlee, I’ll bite go ahead post this alleged letter. talk is cheap.
    Tue, Mar 1 ’11 at 11:25AM CST

    kimberlee 0 0
    I would not betray Drew’s confidence by posting the actual letter but I’ll just say that Drew does tend to overshare when it comes to his feelings.
    Tue, Mar 1 ’11 at 11:39AM CST

    Maybe Kim will be sharing her letters soon as well? Who was the other girl who visited…Ashley? I wonder if he addressed her with “Hey Baby” too?

  19. Maybe so, Facs. It appears those letters between him and Diana were from last year, and since Greenberg attributes this lack of judgment on Peterson’s part being that Peterson has been locked up now for close to two years, maybe there are more. Oh, the thought of it…….

  20. Brodsky claims Grandel sent a photo of herself in a bikini to the 57-year-old murder suspect. Brodsky released a copy of a letter he says the 40-year-old Grandel wrote to Peterson in which she signs-off “Love you! Forever and always. Stay strong!”

    Somewhere today, I read that Grandel is also guilty of turning the letter writing content sexual. So far, even though Brodsky released a copy of a letter she wrote, the only thing played up to make her come off as something other than innocent is her sign-off “Love you! Forever and always. Stay strong.”

    I assume he’ll have to get someone (Sneed, maybe) to publish the juicy parts, since I don’t think there’s any out there yet.

    You know, she could be one of others that wrote supporting letters to him. If he turned it into a sex thing, that’s his burden. The defense needs to quit blaming everyone else for their idiot client’s behavior. Obviously, the man can’t distinguish between caring and support, and thinking every woman he meets and/or corresponds with is his play toy.


  21. Just seen it on channel 7 news….Ewww puking here… dosent it always seem odd that when Drew messes up, his attorneys, flip it…..It makes want to hurl to know what DP was thinking as he wrote his letters…… He is always trying to give away Stacy’s clothes,,, what a just gut he is….NOT

  22. So apparently Joel gave WLS some emails that Diana sent to him and one letter that Diana sent to Drew in which she describes a sexual assault that she endured at the age of 15 from not Drew, but yet another BB police officer. (WTF was going on in the Bolingbrook PD at that time?)

    What the letter and emails don’t show is that Diana initiated any sort of sexual flirtation with Drew (which is what Joel is trying to claim). What they do show is that she first wrote to him to give him her support, just as she has stated.

    The whole situation is strangely like that of Christina Raines. She first meets Drew as a teenager. Her home life isn’t so good. She looks up to him and is grateful for his intervention. Then, as an adult they meet again and Drew starts with the wooing. He even offers Diana Stacy’s clothes just as he had done with Christina. It’s all strangely familiar.


  23. Upon re-reading the second email to Joel, I find myself more than a little creeped out.

    Exactly how did Drew go from being “the man my dad should have been” and keeping in touch with this teenager over the years to now sending her letters about all the sexual things he would like to do to her?

    For the love of God. Just how many teenage girls has this man preyed upon???

  24. OMG, yes, how many teen girls went from being saved from bad home lives by the infamous Drew Peterson, to being the attention of his sexual desires?

    This man is more than disgusting. Although, there’s nothing that sounds out of the ordinary for Drew Peterson.

    Everyone, lock up your daughters if he ever gets out of jail!

  25. None of this should shock us. It’s his M.O. and it always will be. He preys on pretty young women who “need” him. Thank goodness Christina’s father was so adamant about getting her out from under Drew’s spell.

    One thing that I’d want to know is this — Does the jail keep track of who Drew writes to and who writes to him? Can they read his mail? Can any of the letters — either outgoing or incoming — be used against him at his trial or are they somehow given a special exemption?

  26. As far as I know, every letter he sends and receives is intercepted and read by the detention facility and the contents is just as admissible as a conversation he might have in jail.

  27. Mail Regulations

    Inmates may send and receive an unlimited amount of mail through the United States Postal System. Mail should be addressed in the following manner:

    Person's Name
    Will County Adult Detention Facility
    95 South Chicago Street
    Joliet, Illinois 60436

    Things to remember when mailing letters to an incarcerated person:

    All mail coming into the Will County Adult Detention Facility is opened and searched for contraband.
    Mailing contraband to an inmate is a crime.
    All mail must be received through the United States Postal Service; you may not drop off letters or envelopes at the reception desk.
    Envelopes may be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches. Oversized greeting cards are not permitted.
    Do not affix any type of stickers or labels to the envelope. Do not tape or glue anything to the envelope or contents.
    Do not put any glitter, confetti, locks of hair, or any foreign substance in the envelope.
    Do not spray perfume or cologne on the envelope. Do not make lipstick impressions on the envelope or contents.
    Please do not include any laminated items, hard plastic cards, new envelopes, blank paper, or postage stamps.
    Do not send cash. You may include a money order made payable to: W.C.A.D.F. – ( Inmate's Name ).
    You may send a photograph. However, photos may not show:
    Gang Signs or Affiliation
    Criminal Acts
    No Polaroid Photos
    Other restrictions regarding mail and periodicals may exist, please visit our Mail List Page for more restrictions or if you have questions, you may call 815.740.1250.


  28. Oh my good God!

    This guy really does take the cake for stupidest man to be born in the last four centuries!

    Does he have NO clue about how this conduct appears?

    This Diana sounds like a genuine person. She wrote to support him, her memory of him being a helpful cop, but as soon as the correspondence turned sleazy, she immediately recoiled in horror.

    I guess that’s why DP always chose younger women. This lady is 40 and experienced enough to recognise a first class creep when she sees one, yet a much younger lady is more likely to be flattered by his crap.

    I truly hope for society’s sake that this creep never sees the outside of a prison ever again!

  29. I just went up and read Tom Peterson’s comments. He sounds far wiser than his years and I’m guessing it’s because of having to assume the mature role in the household after Stacy ‘disappeared’.

    I, too, am starting to believe there is hope for this kid yet. I think he is slowly but surely wising up to the truth of who his old man is.

    How painful for him.

  30. 2009?? Wasn’t Christina Raines still visiting Drew in jail during this year? Drew remains a legend in his own mind.

    The defense has no control over Peterson. In many ways, it’s probably easier for the defense if Drew does sit in jail. Imagine what would be in the news if the guy was still out on the prowl.

    Ric Mims made reference to the young teenage appeal Drew was attracted to in one of his very early interviews. It was a subtle reference by Mims, but I remember the discussion that followed his comments.

  31. It looks like Diana first wrote to Joel shortly after Drew’s arrest in May 2009 and from there began to correspond with Drew himself. So it was almost a year later (April 2010) when he was offering her Stacy’s clothes, asking for photos and describing his sexual fantasies regarding her. No idea when that began though…

  32. The news stories are no longer up online, but apparently Diana lost her apartment in a fire on April 5, 2010, which is probably why Drew offered up all of Stacy’s clothing to her – “I got shoes, purses, new leather coats, new underwear and bras – only the best stuff.”


    And am I the only one to find it creepy and obsessive that Drew memorized his wife’s height, weight and bra size? He writes: 5′, 116 lbs, 33D.

  33. Brodsky says he’s not aware that Peterson ever offered to give Grandel Stacy Peterson’s clothes.
    “Money makes people do funny things,” Brodsky says. “All of a sudden she’s willing to stab Drew in the back. I think that’s pretty sad.”


    If Joel wasn’t aware that Drew offered Stacy’s clothes, then Joel should check out the letters that his client wrote. It’s not like Drew hasn’t tried to give away Stacy’s things before. He even gave Chrissy Raines one of Stacy’s rings. Please note that Diana did not accept the offer of Stacy’s belongings (although he would like you to believe she is greedy).

    And yeah, money does make people do “funny” things…like kill their wives for one.

  34. Joel called in to the Roe Conn/Richard Roeper show today to discuss the letters in the National Enquirer.


    Interesting to note that the one letter from Diana Grandel that Joel had on hand was the one that mentioned the sexual abuse from a BB police officer. Joel explains in this interview that Drew gave it to Joel and Joel had saved it because at the time they thought that this particular officer might be called as a witness for the prosecution, which did not turn out to be the case. Apparently, they thought they could use this information to disparage said officer, were he to be called to testify.

    Unlike most Brodsky interviews, I actually found this one to be very interesting (despite Joel claiming that he doesn’t think Drew wrote the letters and that Diana’s initial praise of Drew proves that Peterson is a great guy…although she’s also a greedy bitch…simultaneously).

  35. Peterson said. “‘Dad, you do not need to talk to these people right now. You need to stay home and take care of your family.’”

    If he said that to his face, he’d end up missing or injured. Just like everyone else who tried to stand up to him.

  36. BTW, I was looking back at some old discussion and came across an earlier mention by Susan Murphy-Milano about Vicki Connolly’s car accident. It looks as if it was Steph Watts who brought it up on the show. At that time she said that the passenger was only injured, not killed.

    Susan must have misspoken when she said in a recent radio interview that the passenger had died:

    This past week on Justice Interrupted Investigates we had on forma GMA and Greta Producer Steph Watts investigating this case from day along with Mark Furhman. We learned that wife #2, Vicky Connelly, almost died in 1991 when Peterson came into the bar they owned one night and sent Vicky home early. He had never done that before. Vicky thought it was strange.

    She and a girlfriend headed home but they never made it to their destination. Instead, she and her passenger landed in the hospital, both with near death injuries. It seems someone tampered with the brakes on Vicky’s car and they went over an embankment. This was also around the time Peterson was dating Kathleen Savio.

  37. Looking back at the pictures of her closet, I was always curious as to why two of her suits were missing dry-cleaning bags, but the others weren’t. Guess I look into things too much…but then again…there was the comment that the barrell had a bag sticking out of the top.
    Sorry, I know that was off-topic, but the clothes part reminded me.

  38. “Instead, she and her passenger landed in the hospital, both with near death injuries.”

    Near death. That would say to me that both were severely injured, most probably in critical condition, but that both survived.

  39. …She’s now known as the love letter lady friend of Drew Peterson. Diana Grandel doesn’t apologize for writing to the accused wife-killer. In fact, she admits to being a prolific pen pal with Peterson , estimating they exchanged 200 letters.

    “We were catching up for a long time,” Grandel said, adding they wrote constantly for about a year and a half. “It was, he’d write to me, I’d get it maybe a week after he wrote and then I would write back.”…

    …”He found me to be attractive and you know he would joke, you know I should have just stayed with you when you turned 18. I should have just married you, stayed with you. So it kind of went from there just joking, and I never took it seriously,” Grandel said, referring to Peterson’s advances as just typical guy stuff that you’d expect from someone in jail.

    In one letter – at Peterson’s request – she sent him bikini photos saying: “not my best ‘beauty’ pics, but I just got out of the pool and my hair was wet.”

    Grandel said the photos are no big deal.

    “Oh my God, it’s a bikini, I wasn’t naked, right, it’s a bikini,” she said, laughing.


  40. Were they able to find any evidence that the brakes on Vicki’s car were tampered with.

    Why does “it seem” that someone tampered with her brakes?

  41. I notice that in the video they didn’t bother to cover up the name of the cop she says assaulted her when she was 15. It looks like Gurty or Gusty(?) Strange name.

    Diana is evidently still very upset about the way her relationship with Drew ended. It’s hard to determine exactly why she is so tearful in this clip. Sad to have lost Drew? Disappointed that he wasn’t the man she thought he was? Maybe even some remorse about having sold the letters? I can’t say that it’s clear to me.

  42. From first post here:

    Miss Grandel said: ‘I have a boyfriend and Peterson is coming on to me, while he’s in jail! I think he’s a creep now, and a murderer.’

    In the video, she says Drew started the flirting, but she flirted back. I guess her having a boyfriend didn’t matter all that much to either one of them.

    I imagine it wasn’t easy to go from believing in his innocence to believing that he killed Stacy. She does not believe he had anything to do with Kathleen’s death. But maybe that would be too much to handle? IDK

  43. Compared to the next line: … back when I was 15 …

    (scroll to very end)

  44. If it is Gunty that’s pretty interesting, since Joel said that the officer she named did not testify at the hearsay hearing, and yet Officer Craig Gunty did testify.

    Bolingbrook police Sgt. Craig Gunty testified that Stacy Peterson poured out her fears to him in a nearly two-hour phone call about a month before she disappeared. ” ‘If you guys knew what Drew did, it would make your head flip,’ ” he said Stacy Peterson told him.

    ” ‘Drew would kill me if I said what it is.’ ”


  45. I wonder if there is another Gunty that Drew thought might be testifying. Then again, Joel could just not be on top of things. IMO

  46. That would have been 1971 (roughly) since Diana is 40, and said she was 15 at the time.

    I did find an article about a B. Gunty, former police officer in IL, but not Bolingbrook. Maybe some of the locals have an idea of what Gunty she was referring to.

  47. Someone tell me why Joel says this, since it really looks as if the name is Gunty, and Gunty did testify?

    R: You also sent us a note that she had sent to Drew in which she discusses fairly significant in detail an experience she had with a police officer back when she was 15 years old, that didn’t go well.

    BRODSKY: Yes.

    R: …in which a police officer, she claims, requested sexual acts from her in his police car. Is that right?

    BRODSKY: Well that’s what she says. I have no way of knowing whether that’s truthful or not.

    R: So she’s discussing this with Drew…Do you have any idea why she would be iscussing this with Drew?

    BRODSKY: Well I think that…I guess they were talking about people testifying and that everybody that testified against Drew, and I don’t know that…This man actually didn’t testify. But that not everybody, it’s not like Drew’s the evil one and every other police officer is totally pure. I think that was the tenor of what they were talking about, even though this really had nothing to do with any witness at the hearsay hearing or any witness at the upcoming trial.


    BRODSKY: A year goes by before I got a copy of that other letter that’s the handwritten letter and the reason that was sent to me was because there was a one out of a thousand chance that some of that information might come in handy…and it didn’t and it’s kind of irrelevant to the whole case. I just stuck it away in the file…

  48. Diana states that this Officer Gunty is a father of four. I believe Craig Gunty does have four children.

    It looks to me as if Joel is just lying, as usual. Either that, or maybe he was just asleep during Gunty’s testimony.

  49. If this officer is the same one Diana is referring to, meaning he is the officer that testified at the hearsay hearing, maybe, just maybe, Joel Brodsky had another one of his little naps, like he did when his forensic expert testified. Sleeping on the job is not new for Attorney Brodsky. In fact, it seems that he’s been thrown totally off-guard by all of this.

    The interview claims there are over 200 letters exchanged. That’s a lot of information for his attorneys to have to keep track of going out and coming in as far as what’s contained in those letters. That’s not including who else the murder defendant is writing to and how many, and what he’s saying in those letters. At least the prison personnel knows what’s in them, and they can always enlighten Drew’s attorneys if need be, should their client be unable to draw upon his memory.

  50. At first I thought the connection to Diana mentioning Gunty (and for coming forth with the letters) was to discredit him as a witness. But Joel says “this” man didn’t testify.


  51. Exactly, Noway. Which is why I’m wondering if Joel is lying about the guy’s identity on purpose or was he just napping the day the guy testified?

  52. Maybe he doesn’t want to be in a position where someone can claim that by releasing that letter he was attempting to slander a witness…so he just obscures the name and states that the guy never testified.

    But Fox messed up and didn’t obscure Gunty’s name in the video.

  53. I wonder if they didn’t hope Diana would come forward with these letters. So the name could be put out there by someone else.

    I mean they (Joel and Drew) do use people for their own means. JMO

  54. The officers first name is Craig, and is well known here in Bolingbrook. When he first joined the force here in Bolingbrook he was young, and a very good looking guy. All the girls thought he was hot here, I did to I have to admit. He is no longer a looker don’t know what happened to him but he was a very good looking guy! He was also friends with Drew attended the wedding of Drew and Kathleen I believe was one of his best men. Gunty was a womanizer and also had some domestic problems with his then wife. He was good looking, and he knew it and used that to his advantage and went after the young girls. It is well known here in town we all used to talk about it when younger. They used to bring me home for curfew also. I also have stories I could tell but why bother there is so many women already coming forward what difference would my story make. Besides Gunty is still on the force here and I don’t need any problems with him.

  55. Being friends with Drew … I wonder how it was that Stacy called Craig Gunty and talked to him for 2 hours.

    A 2 hour call to someone would raise a red flag for Drew, if he was watching her cell phone usage and she used her cell to make the call.

  56. I will say my opinion on all of this and that is Gunty said Stacy made a phone call to him and was telling him stuff. How do you we know this woman was paid to come forward with these letters and try to discredit what Officer Gunty was told by Stacy on the phone? Funny this stuff is all coming out now after she hasn’t talked to Drew since last summer. The hearsay should be decided pretty soon, now this story comes out! Trying to taint the jury so they don’t believe what Craig has to say? I don’t know but something is fishy about all of this, and the timing it all came out.

  57. I wonder if Gunty told Drew that he had talked to Stacy. Did their friendship continue? Did they have a falling out and that is why Stacy felt she could talk to another Bolingbrook cop about Drew?

  58. Hey guys – don’t forget that every letter in and every letter out gets monitored. I don’t think there’s anything, IMO, hinky about these letters being made public by Diane now. She’s had possession of them and had written convos with Drew all those months, and since she switched allegiances, realized she could make some money by selling what she had to the NE. After all, Joel commented how Lenny and Paula should have done so and lost out on “a million” bucks. Officer Gunty, having been mentioned in those prison letters, is no secret to the prison officials or the SA’s Office because of them. Don’t forget, letters are monitored, phone calls are monitored, and visits are monitored.

    What has me puzzled is why Brodsky acted so blindsided by all of this. Of course, I guess when you find out there’s 200 letters having been exchanged, the defense would have to be a little concerned about just what their famous client spewed, being it doesn’t appear he shared that with his dream team. Who knows what else is out there, hmmm? 😉

  59. Let’s not get caught up in chasing a possible rabbit’s trail here. We all know Brodsky and Drew are very experienced in throwing out red herrings in order to make Drew look like the good guy. This could well be another one.

    Consider this scenario:

    If Stacy told this Gunty guy what has been alleged — namely, that she had enough stink on Drew that he’d actually kill her if she ratted him out — then you can bet that Gunty became one of the first people to go to the Illinois State Patrol. He then became one of the potential witnesses which would have to be disclosed to the Defense Team.

    Enter this Diana babe, who happens to try and reach Drew THROUGH Brodsky. (Brodsky has known about her and her story since Day One.) They realize that this woman is the perfect pawn — she tells Drew she believes him and agrees wholeheartedly that he would never do such a thing; he’s been “railroaded” (as she said in the tape). Through multiple pieces of correspondence, it looks pretty solid that she is firmly on the Defense side and is not a snitch.

    Brodsky and Drew have sent out flares to nowhere before. (Remember the letter that said someone spotted Stacy at some mall?) Anyway, if the Defense Team believes that this Gunty fella could really harm their case, I could easily see Brodsky laying out a scenario to Diana that they wish they could get something on this guy ’cause he’s lying…..lying, I tell ya. He’s never liked Drew and he’s dirty; they just never can pin anything on him. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

    Diana really does appear to be one that could be swayed to “save” Drew — after all, she credits him with saving her own life.

    Could it be possible that at the time she wrote the letter, she wrote at the prodding of Brodsky and Drew — a pre-planned effort for her to “confess” to Drew what this shamless cop did, knowing full well that this letter would be read by the proper authorities and could be used to negate any possible testimony from Gunty ?

    Just sayin…..

    IF that’s what happened, then Brodsky would feign total ignorance of the fact that Gunty testified because he needs to distance himself from ever possibly knowing anything about Diana telling Drew about Gunty .

    Just a thought.

  60. All interesting theories. I think it’s obvious that Drew and Diana were discussing Gunty because he had testified at the Grand Jury in 2007 and also at the hearsay hearings in 2010. She stated outright that she got back in touch with Drew because she believed in his innocence and wanted to help him, so it makes perfect sense that they would want to talk about the witnesses and attempt to dig up (or create?) dirt in order to smear them.

    Joel Brodsky says in that interview that the letter was copied and sent to him because Drew thought that it might be helpful to have something bad to say about a witness (and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl is pretty bad).

    When Diana jumped ship and decided to sell some of her letters, he retaliated with what he had on hand, IMO. He had a couple emails that made Drew sound like a good guy and one letter from her that mentioned the swimsuit photo and also some sexual stuff that he thought could be embarrassing for her. Of course, in a situation where a cop assaults a teenager and requests sexual acts from her, only a moron would suggest that the girl is at fault, but I don’t think Joel thought that part through. He did not have to release the entire 3 pages of that letter but the fact that he did meant he wanted people to see not only the simsuit part, but also the description of the sexual assault.

    Why he pretends now that Gunty never testified (or else has forgotten that he did…twice) is the weird part.

  61. Since I’m stumped about Diana, Drew, Craig, etc., let’s have a Blast from the Past. Doesn’t “Sandy’s” experience seem remarkably similar to Diana’s?

    08/04/2008 (National Enquirer) “Drew Peterson Surfs Web For Sex Partners”
    “One woman claims Peterson, 54, literally let it all hang out during several chats via Webcam where they would see each other. “He exposed his bare chest and showed me his (rear). Once, he showed me his thing – and I have to say he’s not a very attractive man,” the woman – a 40-year-old designer from Phoenix, Ariz., named Sandy – told The ENQUIRER.”

    “Sandy, meanwhile, contacted Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky by e-mail in April to say that she supported him. Brodsky passed her e-mail to Drew, who contacted her immediately, and they began chatting by phone and e-mail daily. In one conversation, Sandy says Peterson was referring to himself when he wrote, “So hot I might burn u, then I’ll rub butter oil on you.”

    Anothertime, he e-mailed: “Close your eyes and feel me wraped (sic) around you from behind naked in bed.” In yet another conversation, he said, “Ya know this is the most naked I’ve been with a woman in a long time.”

    “When Peterson suggested Sandy buy a Webcam so they could see each other, she agreed and he said: “Oh, my God, we’re going to party!” When she turned on the Webcam, Peterson demanded: “Get naked.” She didn’t, but Peterson paraded in front of the Webcam in the altogether. Peterson denied posing naked on the Internet. When Sandy once asked Peterson if he wanted to make her wife No. 5, he replied: “In due time.. and I got to be the KING!”

    “But in the end, Sandy soured on the ex-cop. “He is the sickest human being I have had the misfortune of knowing,” she said. “I told him, “You are insane,” and said that he’s better off in prison. He is disgusting.”


  62. I still vote for the “creating” dirt in order to smear a witness. That’s been their M.O. from the beginning.

    Hopefully, though, Diana has gotten her head straight and has become the next big witness for the Prosecution. That’s why Brodsky now has to portray her as a loser who sold Drew out for $$.

  63. I just now found this story of Diana Grandel and hoped it was being discussed here. I did some quick math as she stated in one of her letters that at the time that DP came to her rescue, she was 15 and is now 40. That would put her relationship with DP when he was married to Kathleen, and Kathleen’s two boys were then just toddlers. Drew’s two older boys, Eric and Steven, would have been young teens at that time.

    It certainly appears that the leopard does not change it’s spots – ever! DP behavior of preying on young girls goes back many many years. How many more women are out there who were victims of DP.

    In the case of Diana Grandel, he took advantage of a young girl from a troubled home, and manipulated her into believing he was concerned about her. He was just grooming her for a conquest when she was a year or two older. But he no doubt found some other young girls in the mean time.

    Diana Grandel is now 40-years-old, and likely looked upon DP as her beloved rescuer and couldn’t imagine he has done what he’s been charged with. DP, sitting in jail, again took advantage of her by writing to her and in his letters being sexually suggestive.

    I see DP as being able to exploit the vulnerability of a young girl and work it to his advantage. I think that’s how he’s managed to entice so many young girls.

    I hope the appellate court reaches their decision soon, and this goes to trial and DP gets a hefty prison sentence.

  64. Hi Molly.

    Just to clarify things, Drew Peterson married Kathleen Savio in May of 1992. If Diana was 15 at the time Peterson first became involved with her during a tumultuous home life she had with her father, that would have been around 1986.

    He married Vicki Connolly in 1982, and I believe they divorced after ten years of marriage.

  65. Well hmmm, maybe off topic, but it looks like the only woman in Illinois to have never received a sexually explicit letter from Drew must be the well known tenacious Groupie …..

  66. JAH, you made me laugh out loud! At this point I think I could probably write to Drew, tell him that I’m Facsmiley, and he would still ask for picture of me in a bikini.

  67. Makes you wonder what these women are thinking, sending a picture of themselves in a swim suit or bikini to a guy in prison, whether he asks for it or not……..

  68. Thanks Rescueapet! I guess I need to brush up my math skills. I think what threw me off was Diana said something about DP having four children at the time, and I was counting the two sons by Carol Brown, and knowing he didn’t have any children with Vickie, assumed the other two children were the two boys by Kathleen.

    So, DP rescued Diana from her troubled home life when he was married to Vickie. Interesting to note that while he was “helping” a young girl in need to escape an abusive parent, he himself was an abusive parent to Vickie’s daughter from a prior marriage.

    I really hope that sometime in the next month the appellate court will reach a decision on this case, and hopefully neither side will appeal that decision, and a trial date can be set.

  69. Molly, Diana mentioned Gunty as having four children at the time that he sexually abuse her (when she was a minor), not Drew.

    Personally, I don’t blame Ms. Grandel for selling Drew’s letters to the National Enquirer. Why not? if he’s stupid enough, after all this time to write sexually charged letters from jail then he deserves to have them outed.

    The only ones who suffer in this are his children, as usual. Now that is sad.

  70. What else is Drew supposed to do when he is sitting in jail.

    He can only watch so much t.v. or stare at the walls, so when he gets a picture of a woman in a bikini/swimsuit, he’s got something to write about…..

    He obviously doesn’t seem to spend any time with his lawyer either as Joel has no idea what the heck Drew gets up to writing all this drivel to all these women, considering Joel was very much at a loss for words in the radio interviews and couldn’t think of any instant damage control that made any sense – LOL !

  71. Facsmiley said………
    “Molly, Diana mentioned Gunty as having four children at the time that he sexually abuse her (when she was a minor), not Drew.”

    Sorry………I guess I didn’t thoroughly digest the material and confused the facts.

    It is very sad for the children. No child should be exposed to the explicit content of those letters.

  72. Colour me sceptical. I wonder what Eyes for Lies would think of Grandel in the video. I’m not sure I totally believe her. She has some kind of incongruent smile thing going on. I could very well be wrong, though. Just my impression.

    I think it’s possible that it’s a deliberate witness slime, but who would ever suspect JB? It’s not like he ever pulled photos of another witness out of his pocket live on TV even after the producer told him no or anything, is it?

    Just sayin’.

  73. Hi ya, Bucket.

    I’ll give you one thing, that is, JB did try to pass off ten year old pictures as being recent ones of Tom Morphey to try and discredit him and portray him as a drug user. That turned out being a couple of photos Peterson, accompanied by Steve Carcerano, paid an ex-girlfriend of Morphey’s for. Guess JB was hoodwinked by his client, heh, otherwise, I am sure he’d not want to admit he was in on the little trickery game.

    What I don’t get is this. If this whole thing is meant to slime a witness, who I assume you mean Gunty, why has Brodsky had a complete memory loss as to this officer testifying before the GJ and the hearsay proceedings? The letter that contained information about Gunty should have been in the defense attorney computers and on their screens at the hearsay proceedings during his testimony, no? Yet, this is what Brodsky had to say during a recent interview:

    BRODSKY: Well I think that…I guess they were talking about people testifying and that everybody that testified against Drew, and I don’t know that…This man actually didn’t testify. But that not everybody, it’s not like Drew’s the evil one and every other police officer is totally pure. I think that was the tenor of what they were talking about, even though this really had nothing to do with any witness at the hearsay hearing or any witness at the upcoming trial.

    Whatever there is to be made of this, Drew Peterson’s main defense attorney is totally an idiot for saying this, or he’s totally clueless these days.

    It’s no secret he fell asleep during the defense’s forensic doctor’s testimony, so it can reasonably be assumed that he missed this witness’s testimony somehow. Yet, he hasn’t caught up even now, a year later, by reading various witness testimony transcripts. WTH is this all about?

    That is not a good thing, is it?

  74. Who knows… this deliberate ‘ignore’ could also be a warning signal sending a message of some kind to CG and any others in LE who may have done some law infringements a long time ago when they were young and ‘new and inexperienced’ on their force… like Stephen Peterson who just ‘love’ their jobs.

    Remember when DP said something similar to “You roll the dice, and then I’ll roll the dice”.

    DP has all the ‘dirt’ from the past 30 years on those in LE from ISP, 3 counties and many towns as well as who, what, when, where, why, and how things got done.

  75. Judgin – Yes, DP seems to be the keeper of the dirty secrets. It sure would make it understandable why Kathleen’s death scene was so mired in muck, and the ensuing investigation so shoddy.

    BRODSKY…..it’s not like Drew’s the evil one and every other police officer is totally pure.

    No, it’s like Drew Peterson didn’t have his partners’ backs. He had their you-know-whats in the vice, and they had better know it. Then and now. No wonder none of them were rushing to defend him in all of this, and it makes me think it’s why they didn’t lift a finger to bring justice to Kathleen Savio’s family when she got dead in her bath tub.

  76. What was that negative comment DP made about working with his fellow police officers at BBPD? Remember when he called them that horrible derogatory name?

  77. Facs – no, Morelli has been a mystery man throughout this whole Peterson thing. Other than testifying at the GJ, I’ve never come across another article or story about him, other than the pic of him with Peterson/John Travolta with their weapons. So, yeah, why doesn’t he want anything to do with Peterson?

  78. I know Alex was on the scene when Drew went to Kathleen’s house after her death and retrieved the will.

    He was also present on the occasion when Kathleen was FAXing the letter about Peterson having an affair and she ran to Mary Pontarelli and thrust the letter into her hands because Drew was trying to take it from her.

  79. There’s that ‘dice’ comment at


    February 21, 2008
    (Thursday) Kathleen Savio’s Death OFFICIALLY Ruled a Homicide !!

    “The news left Peterson dumbfounded. “You’re kidding me,” said the embattled ex-cop moments after the results of the autopsy conducted on his third wife, Kathleen Savio, were released. “Unbelievable,” he said. “That’s hard to believe.” He then excused himself, saying, “I got to make a bunch of calls.” He said he is prepared to go to jail if the police show up at his door to arrest him. “Let them do it,” Peterson said. “Everything’s ready. Everything’s in place. “Let them do their thing,” he added, almost daring police and prosecutors to pull the trigger on charges. “The thing is, do what you got to do,” he said defiantly. “You roll the dice, I’ll roll the dice.”

  80. I’ve long felt that there’s a lot more under the surface with some of the officers of the BBPD, and if the truth were told, it might lead to what happened to Stacy.

    A long story, but there’s a website where the focus is on current events and politics. It’s a spinoff from another website, and all I knew back in 2007 was that the owner, who goes by a username and not his real name, lived in Illinois and was a police officer. I doubt that many members of that forum know who the owner really is.

    When Stacy disappeared in October 2007, it quickly became a major news story. Other sites where the focus is on news and current events were posting articles about Stacy’s disappearance and discussing what might have happened, but not at the forum owned by the police officer from Illinois. If anyone posted an article about the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, that post disappeared within minutes. When someone asked, the explanation was “that story won’t be covered here.” Other articles involving missing people were posted, but nothing about Stacy Peterson or Drew Peterson was/is allowed.

    I was curious. With a little digging, I was able to learn the owner’s real name and location. He’s a police officer for Bolingbrook Police Dept. His age – late 40’s, makes him a long-term police officer. He’s listed on the 2006 Annual Report that Facsmiley posted.

    If everything is on the up and up, why won’t this police officer allow anyone to post articles about this case? It’s certainly newsworthy. He doesn’t have to reveal that he’s a current officer for the Bolingbrook PD, and he doesn’t have to respond to any articles posted or participate in any discussion.

    It’s things like this that make me think there’s a lot more we don’t know.

    I’m not a member of the forum I mentioned.

  81. Here’s another cop who I’d love to ask how he feels about Drew Peterson. Kris Mcpherson reported this from court one day:

    …In that time frame after Jeff Drabek was interviewed he started to come back into the court room from the back hall way, he and Drew were talking and the next thing I knew Jeff was walking away and Drew was not yelling but loudly saying to him ” Come on Jeff I only asked you, I would have taken a bullet for you and you know that”. What he asked Jeff I do not know, but Jeff never turned around or answered him, he just left….


  82. Remember that video of Drew after his gun arrest, I believe it was, where he tried to shake hands with one of the LE guys, and the LE guy wouldn’t shake his hand? I remember Drew laughing about it and saying come on…. Another warm and fuzzy moment Drew had with a co-worker. Not!

  83. Is she “Diane” or “Diana”?

    I’ve been referring to her as Diana but I just saw the tag above and it’s Diane.

  84. Noway, if the jail staff reads all incoming and outgoing letter, they know about this allegation. Since it supposedly happened something like 25 years ago, the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution is long gone. The only recourse for Diana would be civil.

    And this is why I still believe it could be a ruse. There is nothing that the police department can do about it at this point.

  85. Granny@ April 10, 2011 at 9:53 pm
    A ‘ruse’? on whose part, Granny? Diana? who discusses her claim with DP that she was a 14 year old victim of her father AND a BBPD ‘bad cop’ while she thought DP was supposedly taking ‘care’ and helping her?

    Or a ‘ruse’ on the part of DP/JB who not only were using Diana to give them ‘dirt’ to use to intimidate a potential witness in the Stacy case, but JB ‘gave’ this specific letter to the media in order to bring it to the attention of the public.

  86. Judgin, see my post of April 9, 2011 at 5:32 pm.

    I think it’s quite possible that Diana could have been persuaded that Drew was being railroaded by Gunty and fabricated the story of the molestation to help the defense team negate his testimony. She believes Drew saved her life and I believe she’s gullible enough to fall for a lie that says Gunty is lying about Drew. That then puts her into the position of being Drews “savior” by telling this one little lie for him.

    Diana’s story just doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

  87. Interesting development in the Long Island Serial Killer case:

    Serial Killer in L.I. Case Is Seen as Versed in Police Techniques

    Whoever killed four prostitutes, and possibly four other people, and then dumped their bodies in heavy underbrush along a beachfront causeway on Long Island appears to have a sophisticated understanding of police investigative techniques, according to people briefed on the case…

    …“He is a guy who is aware of how we utilize technology,” one investigator said. “Frankly, people are thinking maybe he could be a cop” — either one still in law enforcement or one who has moved on…


  88. Granny @ April 10, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    When I first read your comment, I have to admit, I was skeptical of the idea that this could be a reality. That would be a very, very risky endeavor on behalf of Peterson to undertake. Heavens, I hope that is not true.

    Then again, I’ve seen things come to be that are beyond belief.

    I do know that Brodsky was a willing participant in the Morphey ten-year old pictures fiasco, I do know that, in one public interview, Chrissy Raines did say that her engagement to Drew Peterson was a publicity stunt, that Brodsky was a part of the Steve Dahl win-a-date-with-Drew scheme, he accompanied him to a couple of radio interviews in which he used his client as an advertising pawn to promote his personal bar/food establishment, and he willingly allowed his client to take lie detector tests as part of a book writing stunt (even though, publicly, he said lie detector tests are inaccurate and he’d never allow his client to take one). So, I guess I’d have to say that any questionable Peterson/Brodsky event should be looked at from all angles, because nothing should come as a surprise, no matter how bizarre it seems.

  89. Oh, and this has to be a first in raising defense funds–setting up a web page for donations on a client’s behalf. Remember that? defenddrew.com, I think it was. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you could donate to Drew Peterson’s defense fund, which, of course, went to his defense lawyer at the time, Joel Brodsky.

  90. Good job, Sue!

    Drew Peterson’s ex-sister-in-law speaks at domestic violence seminar
    Posted: Apr 13, 2011 8:30 PM CDT
    Updated: Apr 13, 2011 8:30 PM CDT

    ROCKFORD (WREX) – The Rockford Rescue Mission helps educate other organizations and individuals on how to handle domestic violence.

    Speakers at Wednesday’s seminar talked about domestic violence from legal, family, and pastoral points of view. One of those speakers was Sue Doman. She’s Kathleen Savio’s sister. Savio is Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife. He’s accused of drowning Savio in her bathtub.

    Doman says it’s important for families to know how to help some one experiencing domestic violence.

    “It gives everyone a chance to speak and get educated about it and encourage all women to get out of a situation if they can and if they can’t get out of a situation,” Sue says. “I think we should be there to support them.”

    People at the seminar got a chance to ask all of the speakers questions after the presentations.


  91. Ummm, OK:

    Listen to @NancyGrace tonight! We booked an attorney to talk about Drew Peterson.

    Saw this on her FB wall: “Rpt: Drew Peterson letters: asks single mom for sex & bikini photos! Call Nancy RIGHT NOW: 1-877-NANCY-01”

  92. BTW, Baden was not paid to do that autopsy (the third one). At least that’s what he stated under oath at the hearsay hearings.

    Maybe Joe forgot that.

    Guess he also forgot the second autopsy which also concluded that Kathleen’s death was due to homicide:

    Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced today that his office has received the final report on the autopsy performed on the remains of Kathleen S. Savio on Nov. 13, 2007.

    Dr. Larry W. Blum, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, concludes in his report that the actual cause of Kathleen Savio’s death was drowning and that the legal manner of death was homicide. Dr. Blum’s report was delivered to the Will County Coroner’s Office on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008 and immediately forwarded to the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Illinois State Police.


  93. Facs- Thanks for posting the Nancy Grace clip. I’m sorry I missed it. It’s the first time I’ve heard concern from the defense regarding Drew’s public behavior. Lopez is almost scolding Joel Brodsky’s poor decision making in the handling of Drew Peterson.

  94. Usually I think Nancy Grace is over the top, but when it comes to snide, hard-assed defense attorneys it’s nice to see her give them as good as she gets.

  95. Nice guy that Drew Peterson, he is a Jokester, Jokester reguarding his missing wife, and mother to his children, trying to give away once again Stacy’s clothes, Yea real joke he is. Why is it that his lawyers cant keep him quiet? Lopez, tried real hard to do the damage control but, Nancy kicked his butt.

  96. Rpt: Drew Peterson letters: asks single mom for sex & bikini photos
    Now: Ex-cop Drew Peterson behind bars accused of murdering his ex-wife, now reportedly sending sexually explicit letters to a single mom, also telling her she can have his missing wife’s clothes & more! In a Nancy Grace exclusive, we have the secret prison love letters & Nancy takes on Drew Peterson’s attorney with the latest outrageous twist in this story!

    So…is this thing finally going to air Sunday?


  97. Info regarding Steve’s upcoming appeal of termination:

    Case Summary Details
    Case Details

    Case Number 2011MR000291
    Next Court Date 07-05-2011
    File Date 03-04-2011
    Next Court Location COURTROOM 2005
    Next Court Time 09:05 AM
    Agency Clerks Office
    Assigned Location COURTROOM 2005
    Legal Status ACTIVE
    Balance Due Amount $162.00
    This amount may not reflect payment made recently.
    Complaint Number 0001



  98. Thanks for the update, Rescue. I didn’t expect that long of a wait, but then again his buddiy’s case against Oal Brook also took awhile. Stephen has a roof over his head and plenty to keep him busy looking after his younger siblings, while his dad sits in Will County. See how things have a way of working out?

  99. It is a strange turn of events for Steve Peterson, whereas, Tom Peterson, who is younger and has been away from his father’s day-to-day control, seems to be doing so much better. Tom has made a public statement that implies he thinks his father’s lifestyle leaves something to be desired, but he’s focused on his future and what he needs to do. On the other hand, Steve, who helped the old man out when he dumped his personal mess on him, is fighting for his job, and his livelihood, for that matter. He’s had to take on the responsibility of a complete family, he’s lost his marriage and his home. He is just another victim of Drew Peterson, and it shouldn’t be that way. He should still have all that he’s lost, and it’s because of his father, IMO.

  100. Consider the possibility that Steve is a clone of his father and has brought this on himself. After all, his brother Eric has completely disavowed their father. Something pretty disturbing must have happened to bring a son to do that. Drew’s son Stephen, on the other hand, clung to his father, going so far as to become a police officer like Dad. Steve has had his own skirmishes with the police department long before the allegations of his father came to light. His marriage didn’t last long, either.

    Consider that Stephen Peterson is just as troubled as his dad and the police department has chosen to get rid of this bad apple before he creates more problems for them.

    I think it’s a strong possibility. Those who live in the area would surely have a better idea of his past, though.

    What was Stephen like as a kid growing up in Bolingbrook?

  101. I just want to clarify — by saying “brought this on himself,” I am strictly talking about losing his job and possibly his career. Drew dumping the siblings on him is a hardship, no matter how you look at it.

  102. Stephen is still young. Maybe everything that has happened will make him a better man, father, and husband in a future relationship. Maybe God needed to get his attention before it was too late. He has a mom, who has been standing by him. He has little ones who now depend on him. Drew is no longer calling the shots. Perhaps now he can truly grow up and learn to be his own man.

  103. @NancyGraceHLN
    Nancy Grace
    Drew Peterson’s jailhouse love letters exposed — offers all of missing wife’s clothing to pen pal love! Watch Monday at 8 PM ET on HLN!

  104. Looks as if this man will be on Nancy Grace tonight but I’m not sure whose body language he’ll be interpreting – Maybe Diana’s? It is strange the way she cried during her interview. We shall see…


    Aaron Brehove
    Meet the Body Language Specialist

    Aaron Brehove is an author and television personality who has been a featured body language expert on the Today Show, CNN’s TruTv, Nancy Grace’s Swift Justice, and has been interviewed by various print and electronic media. He is a keynote speaker, jury and trial consultant, and fraud investigator who has been trained in interviewing techniques and detecting deception by government investigators from the ATF, FBI, and State Police. …

  105. When I stop laughing long enough, I might be able to say watching that Nancy Grace show was somethin’ else…..

    But I did enjoy the last guest saying that the only thing Drew will have his lips on will be a guy named Butch. That was a Kodak moment!

  106. Yeah, that was not exactly a quality TV experience, but it was interesting to see that prosecutor say that he was anticipating other women coming forward with their letters from Drew.

  107. So perhaps the rumors of “other” woman circulating in the forums are true. I don’t think the prosecutor would make a statement if he didn’t have a good idea about Drew’s female letter writing interests. At the end of the Diana Grandel video you have posted above, Craig Wall asks the question, “What are they thinking?”. (meaning the women writing to Drew) Sounds like a possible future Fox news story in the making. IMO

  108. Rescue: “But I did enjoy the last guest saying that the only thing Drew will have his lips on will be a guy named Butch. That was a Kodak moment!”

    LMAO @Rescue

  109. NG herself did point out that letters going out and letters coming in are monitored, so what Peterson writes is no secret to them. It’s no leap either to expect there are other letter writers playing with the Drewpers. He’s an easy one to engage in that kind of thing. Rumors are always swirling around about that. 😉

  110. As I was watching Lopez yesterday, I found him to be a big, big disappointment, in that he’s taken a worthless, baseless line from Peterson and Brodsky, and used it to further a bunch of bull. That is, his useless statement that Stacy Peterson did exactly as her mother did, and that was to walk away from her life, of her own free will, and hiding out to avoid detection. I guess it’s an idea they seem to like. I have no idea if they expect jury members to be convinced of this merely because they say it’s so, because, up to this point, neither woman has been detected by today’s sophisticated, electronic means. I mean, it’s taking hundreds, if not thousands, of people to keep Bin Laden moving and undetectable, so I don’t expect either one of these women have the same resources.

    Lopez made no bones about the fact that he’s certainly not on board the Brodsky bus of letting Peterson make numerous statements and appearances that can be later used against him. Things done before Lopez became involved in the defense. Which goes to show that what was said and done might come back to bite the murder defendant in his ass, and he can thank Brodsky for that, as his legal advocate.

    Lopez totally disregarded the fact that Dr. Blum re-classified Kathleen Savio’s death as a homicide, and seems to have forgotten, or isn’t up-to-speed on the facts. He merely based his comments about her death ruling on Dr. Baden’s findings. Guess he needs to catch up on a few things.

    Lopez threw in a remark that the original coroner’s panel ruled Kathleen’s death an accident, but seems to overlook that at least two of the original members have publicly admitted that they weren’t given complete instructions on how they could rule if they didn’t agree with the findings. Or that they were inappropriately guided to a conclusion by a police officer who was seated on the panel that knew Peterson. Or that a now retired ISP officer admitted that the KS investigation was “shoddy.” He also wasn’t in the court room when the defense’s forensic expert testified, which caused Brodsky to nod off in boredom, that Kathleen may have had a sudden, fatal heart attack, but was still able to breathe under water and drown. It appears the defense is sticking with the cause of death as accident, but I think the circumstances of making it appear that way don’t fit, and I think they have their work cut out for them if they’re going to attempt to convince a jury of this.

  111. I was just thinking back to the last day of the Hearsay Hearings when the prosecution played a montage of video clips of Drew Peterson TV appearances. If those could be introduced into evidence, then why couldn’t jailhouse letters from Drew?

    If they go to showing how flippantly he treated the situation of his “missing” and dead wives, it seems like they could very well get in.

  112. We got an email from someone looking for more letters from Drew Peterson:

    Hi! I am a freelance journalist very interested in obtaining any letters from Drew Peterson to women (or possibly men) from jail. I cannot promise compensation but it is definitely a possibility. Please reply to ebony.cahill@gmail.com

  113. Joe Lopez was ill-prepared on NG. Very uninformed.

    Interesting JC thread from the past. Lopez talks about his Mercedes, Ellie Brodsky asks who thinks Drew Peterson is NOT guilty via Twitter….. (post on 4/17/2010 @ 8:54pm)



    Dr. Jentzen was the only expert the defense put on at the hearsay hearing. (By the way, Lopez made it sound as though Dr. Baden’s opinion wasn’t credible because he was paid. Dr. Jentzen got paid too, I assume, unless he did his work and testimony out of the kindness of his big heart.

    Based on Mr. Lopez’s interview on NG, I am really wondering why he spoke out, judging by his lack of knowledge of aspects of this case.

    Dr. Jentzen: I believe all the injuries she sustained could have been sustained with a simple fall,” he said.

    Other factors in his decision include a lack of defensive wounds and a “delicate” necklace found around her neck undamaged, he said.

    Jentzen, who served as Milwaukee’s chief medical examiner when officials were investigating the case against serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, said it also was possible that Savio suffered cardiac arrest and fell.

    No signs of a heart attack would have been detected at the autopsy, he said. Savio’s physician had previously testified Savio was diagnosed with a medically insignificant heart murmur in the mid-1990s.

    Assistant Will County State’s Attorney John Connor asked Jentzen if his opinion would change knowing that the police investigation was flawed. Illinois State Police investigators have testified they bungled the Savio case.

    Jentzen said it was a factor he would take into consideration.


    Originally ruled an accident, Savio’s death was reclassified a homicide after a second autopsy was performed three years after her death. During hearsay hearing, a crime scene investigator testified that he never took any evidence from the scene. Will County state’s attorney John Connor asked Jenzten if his opinion on Savio’s death would change if there was evidence of a flawed police investigation. Jentzen said, “it would invite me to review the case again.”

    Oh, and a little gem that keeps on giving is Ellie Brodsky’s tweet from her former Twitter account (EllieBrod), in which she expresses a very interesting opinion about her husband’s client:

    Who believes Drew Peterson is NOT guilty? I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale!
    9:28 PM Mar 16th from TwitterFon

  114. Remember, Baden stated under oath during the hearsay hearings that he was not paid, which made it all the sillier to see Joe Lopez trying to say that he was.

  115. Why would no signs of a heart attack have been detected just because Kathleen had been diagnosed with a medically insignificant heart murmur?

    I don’t get that.

  116. Most heart murmurs are innocent: They are caused by blood flowing through healthy valves in a healthy heart and do not require treatment.


    If it is medically insignificant then wouldn’t it mean there was no underlying medical condition and it didn’t require treatment? And if Kathleen’s heart was healthy in the 1990s then a heart attack would show at autopsy.

    I found that statement above confusing.

  117. Well, that’s exactly right, Noway. Jentzen is saying she possibly had a sudden, fatal heart attack, yet he said it wouldn’t show up during an autopsy. Usually, autopsies are done to show a cause of death, i.e., a heart attack, but this guy has a new take on that.

    In addition to that, KS was able to continue to breathe, according to him, even after this sudden, fatal heart attack, which accounts for the water in her sinuses. Believe that, will you? How could Brodsky not stay awake for these divine occurrences as told by their expert witness?

    Lopez didn’t seem to think that Dr. Baden’s autopsy is worth much, since he claims he was paid (he wasn’t) for his opinion.

    Where does that leave the defense then when it comes to Dr. Jentzen’s paid opinion? Geesh.

  118. Interesting post about the freelance writer looking for letters to/from Drew. I’m sure there are many out there. JMO

  119. It looks that way, Noway. I’m surprised we haven’t seen bundles of them being auctioned on eBay. But then again, maybe they would consider that ‘murderabilia” like the motorcycle.

  120. Thinking of the possible content of those letters gives me the heebie jeebies. I’ll move on to something else. 🙂 LOL

  121. I’m sure there are lots of letters out there too. Who knows, maybe there’s another Ashley in there somewhere. You just never know what will happen next.

    Still, this Diana claims there were 200 or so letters, so there’s a whole lot of something missing in all of this.

    PETERSON DREW 4 26 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Status
    PETERSON KRISTOPHER 4 26 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Status
    PETERSON THOMAS D 4 26 11 RVJC 900 04P 000232 Status

    PETERSON DREW 5 19 11 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case

  123. Wow…looks like something is gonna happen soon..Come May my alligence is gonna be split between coverage of Drew’s case and Casey Anthony’s case…Of course I’ll be waiting to hear the “Status” report on 4/26…Can anyone tell me what those fancy abbrevations stand for “WCCA- RVJC, CIVJ”…Thanks in advance…

  124. Drew has a sexual compulsion and fetish for young teenage females. He seeks out females from troubled famiilies or better, where there is no family structure in place, and he focuses in like a laser. I believe he used his position as a cop to further his mission to satisfy his sexual compulsion and to provide a steady supply of teen girls.

    There are many others I am sure and I am exqually sure others who should have intervened looked the other way because, after all, boys will be boys.

    In the absence of the real thing, he will rely on memories in order to fulfill his compulsion but they cannot ever control it or master it. Thats a fact.

  125. Hi Estee, most of those abbreviations have to do with the location of the court proceedings like.

    WCCA: Will County Court Annex

    RVJC: River Valley Justice Center

    CIVJ refers to the kind of court call it is. I think in this case it refers to “civil jurisdiction” but I’m not exactly sure.

  126. Judgin – Thanks for the status updates.

    Estee- The Casey Anthony Case will no doubt be capturing the attention of the media and internet bloggers. Like Drew Peterson. Case Anthony’s actions and behavior will be the subject of much debate. Both main defense attorneys will attempt to keep as much of that information from the jurors as possible.

  127. Yes, the Casey Anthony Pre Trial and Trial activities are giving us a window to view the many defense tactics and strategies that we might see used throughout the DP Trial.

  128. In my opinion, many of DP’s LE associates have cursed the day they evey laid eyes on him, and have made a point of cutting some huge slack and putting as much distance between they and he, wagon circling, etc.

    It’s also my pure speculation that this matter is enormous in it’s implications and it’s all going to be coming out very soon.

    God Bless the families of Stacy & Kathleen and all of you here.

  129. as the saying goes ” if you’re going to sup at the devil’s table, make sure you have a long handled spoon “

  130. I’m looking at Fac’s new avatar again and I’m thinking what a cool T-shirt that would make. So much more fitting than a hen. LOL

  131. DD, the phrase tickled my fancy. The epithet is Drew’s and in his own handwriting (from a letter to Kris McPherson that she leaked a portion of) and although it wasn’t leveled at me, I feel that by making it my avatar it shows sisterhood and support.

    Call us hens, harpies or Internet bitches; the name-calling only proves that our continued coverage and discussion make certain people very uncomfortable. I’m proud to be a part of that!


  132. facs:(snipped)Call us hens, harpies or Internet bitches; the name-calling only proves that our continued coverage and discussion make certain people very uncomfortable. I’m proud to be a part of that!

    Hey, I resemble that remark 🙂 and proud to be part of any group striving for justice!

  133. You know, I really never expected that McPherson would share any of her letters from Drew so I was very surprised that she has provided us with an excerpt from one of his letters in which he thanks her for giving him information on one of the “Internet Bitches” and states that Joel Brodsky wants to sue that person.

    It’s interesting to see that just about anyone will break Drew’s confidence given the right situation.

  134. Neither, Noway. Kris Mcpherson provided this excerpt of a letter from Drew Peterson to her in which he thanks her for providing him with information about someone named Lorie and then states that Joel Brodsky is interested in suing her. Kris McP states that this letter was written in November 2010.

    Thanks for the information on Lori, the Internet bitch. Joel wants to sue her…”

    If you are curious as to what information she provided to Drew Peterson about this woman, or why Joel would want to use it to sue her, you would need to consult them.

  135. So Kris M. is collecting information from the forums and sending it to Drew Peterson and Joel? How sad is that?!!

  136. Yep, I believe that’s called an Internet Snitch. Oh, and she says she’s a Witch. An Internet Witch Snitch. Wonder where she keeps her cauldron? Drew had better be careful if they ever wind up together. He’s apt to find himself swirling in a boiling pot while she stirs it. 🙂

  137. See what happens when you co-admin a blog? At least she warned me. I “cannot hide anymore, everyone is aware of you now.”

    Wonder who I can’t hide from, and why everyone is aware of me now? Wonder if she gave Drew Peterson my name in one of her pen pal letters?

    Keep fussing Rescue, what are you worried about? That it will all come true? Your name is out there now, you cannot hide anymore, everyone is aware of you now.
    Sun, Apr 24 ’11 at 10:58AM CDT

  138. I see that Drew’s biggest fan has been up to her old rumor-mongering. This time she says that our virtual T-shirts are “on sale now”. Of course, that’s a blatant lie. Just add it to the other lies about letter-writing campaigns, moles, the ownership and authorship of our blog, etc. What bugs me is that I can’t imagine where she comes up with this stuff? Is she deliberately deceitful or just mentally deficient?


  139. Well, during the hearsay hearing, I was able to meet some of the news people and talk to them briefly. When they became aware that I was one of the co-admins of JC, they complimented us for the way it’s been kept up, and how valuable it has been as far as the documents, witnesses, information etc. (thank you, Facs!).

    So, while this latest folderol isn’t quite in line with what JC is all about, it does show some of the interesting sideshows that go on, and who is behind most of it. Kris and her valued friend/s.

    Seems to me that more time should be spent on keeping control of the murder defendant and his letter writing, than a groupie sending various information to him about who says what on these blogs.

    You just can’t make this stuff up, heh?

  140. An internet Snitch Witch? So, Brodsky and Drew are relying on an individual, who claims to be a witch, to supply them with information on individuals who are following the case and blogging? If I had not just followed the posted link and read it with my own eyes, I would have said it was a spoof. Unreal.

    I agree with Rescue. The defense has enough to focus on trying to manage Drew Peterson.

    Facs and Rescue- You two have done a great job organizing the information on this case. I know I can come here and find the information I’m looking for. (new and old)

  141. 9 decisions were posted on the Appellate Court site. No Peterson.

    Wasn’t Joel Brodsky heard to say that the trial was to occur around the end of April? Oops.

  142. Well, the Appellate Court sure didn’t extend any preferential treatment to the murder defendant by expediting their decision, that’s for sure. Justice is moving slowly.

  143. Lawyers in Island Lake trial subpoena newspaper to learn comment poster IDs

    BY DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter/drozek@suntimes.com Apr 25, 2011 7:54PM

    A suburban newspaper has been hit with an unusual subpoena seeking the identities of readers who have offered on-line comments about the pending trial of former Island Lake official Sharon Hyde.

    Her attorneys filed the subpoena Monday asking for information from the Daily Herald, saying they believe some critical comments made on the paper’s website about Hyde come from a former village trustee expected to testify against her.


    I would expect that the defense attorneys have some strong arguments for believing that a poster was using a pseudonym to post comments against the defendant, who happens to be a witness against her. Did someone rat the poster out, or go to the defense with information that can substantiate that? I know from our own experiences with the Drew Peterson case, there’s one individual in particular that runs her mouth off to Peterson’s lead attorney, and sends letters to the murder defendant about what’s being posted on blogs.

    I have to assume the judge would need to be pretty convinced to grant that kind of request. I mean anyone can claim anything just by saying it. Doesn’t make it so. This will be an interesting subject to follow. Just by hearing how and why the judge comes to the conclusion he does.

    Asking for a complete list of poster identities seems pretty broad just to search out one poster in particular. What comes to mind for me is be careful what you wish for. You never know who might get caught up in that big net.

  144. In absence of any news and on the subject of Joel Brodsky, I noted this conversation he had with someone on Geoff Pinkus’ Facebook wall and thought how terribly unprofessional it was. All he had to do was explain his job and his stance but instead he immediately came after this stranger with personal insults. BTW, the conversation was from back in January…

    Geoff Pinkus
    Hef got engaged. Whats the over under?
    19 hours ago

    Joel A. Brodsky
    Hef certaihly puts Drew Peterson to shame. Drew was only 25 years older than his wife.
    2 hours ago

    Geoff Pinkus
    Joel: I don’t see anyone putting Drew Peterson to shame. Hope your well. Happy New Year.
    2 hours ago

    Bernie Cobb
    Joel…you’re an embarrassment to your profession. If you aren’t intelligent enough to see that Drew Peterson killed his two wive’s, or don’t have the ethics to walk away from such dirt bag, …who would want to ever work with you?
    about an hour ago

    Joel A. Brodsky
    Bernie, I thought the doctor told you to wait for the psychotropic medications to kick in before you post comments. Time for a refill?
    about an hour ago

    Bernie Cobb
    you went to law school, and that’s the best you’ve got? sad.
    about an hour ago

    Joel A. Brodsky
    Well I didn’t want to make the thing with your wife public.
    55 minutes ago

  145. Geoff Pinkus stated in one of his radio programs that Joel Brodsky took him off of his FB friend’s list because of comments Geoff was posting on Joel’s page. It would appear that Joel was behaving no better. If Joel is representing Drew Peterson, why make a reference to your client’s taste for 16-17 year old women? I have to agree with Bernie. A law degree, and this is how you behave, Joel?

  146. Really, is that so, Brodsky axed Pinkus from his Facebook list?

    How’s he ever going to be a legal news analyst when he threatens to sue one after another, and can’t control his sharp tongue. He’d go over big with the viewing public. Call in and pee him off, and he’ll be sending Blackberry text messages to post on blogs.

  147. Yep he has some kind of information on me! Lord only knows what. Just like Lord only knows what he did with Stacy! Eventually it will come out in the wash just what he asked her, and wanted to know about me. Then when I ask her what information she gave him about me she tells me to write him in jail and ask him myself. Yeah right, another set up by the instigators to get more news coverage? I don’t think so!

  148. Oh yeah I can hear it now the Hens are writing to my client in jail harassing him……I’m gonna sue! Oh please, stick a sock in it!

  149. Since the topic of this post is Drew’s letters to and from his fans, and since Kris McP is his most loyal, I don’t think it’s too off topic to comment on something that came up at the time we did our post about her.

    It’s been noted that she appears to be very jealous and inquisitive about the young women that Drew dated after Stacy “went missing”. I remember at the time of our post, she defended her “concern” about Drew’s involvement with a young woman named Kim Matuska by saying that it was soley founded on her opinion that the age difference between the two was too great.

    It didn’t take too much digging to see that at the time it appeared to be a great deal more than that, and that when Drew was caught in the company of this young lady that the claws came out. Meow!!

    Here is some of what Kris posted (at a now defunct forum) about lovely young Matuska (please note that her signature at the time read “PRESIDENT OF THE DREW PETERSON CLUB,AND PROUD OF IT”:

    “This girl has no sense whats so ever. Why would you date a man 34 years older than yourself ? Shes a party girl & is well known for it. Hot? I think not, and if you think she is get real and get glasses that help you see better. Its bad enough shes embarrassed her family by carrying on with a married man,I think the black dye job went to her head.

    “I have been snooping since the first posting to see what else shows up. This is just one.”

    Take another look at her. You need glasses. What 22 yr old runs around with someone old enough to be her grand dad? Her hair is dyed a hideous color and she is known as a party girl. If shes hot it will be a miracle. Can she not find some her own age ? Or is she that desperate to date drew peterson. Shes had her 5 minutes of fame, grow up Kim.”

    I guess Kim is a tanning palor chippy and a little smarter than a kumquat …”

    “Theres always a market out there, ans as much as Kim’s group drinks, who knows ? Shes already been arrested for underage drinking in the past in Lombard.Out of control party and parents out of town …”

    Is that any way for a grown woman to talk about a young lady that she doesn’t know? Goodness. And not exactly loyal to Drew Peterson. That sort of jealousy, at her age, and for a man she’s not involved with, is just so unattractive.

  150. LOL, now she’s stating that Diana Grandel has some sort of secret past:

    sterling432 0 0
    Did anyone know that Diana had a baby with some black guy and she abandoned the baby ?
    Wed, Apr 27 ’11 at 7:32PM CDT

    Not only does this assertion reek of racism (why does it matter what the race of the father is), is she seriously saying that this child was left on a doorstep or something? I hope she’s ready to defend what could be a libelous statement. In any case, what does any of this (unproven) situation have to do with the fact that Drew Peterson enjoyed writing romantic letters to Diana Grandel?

    My God, does this woman’s jealousy stop at nothing?

  151. The fun never ends does it? Not to worry in a week or so it will be said she is being “accused” of saying these things and well here we have it, her own words once again!

  152. I only wondered how long it would be before the dirt would be dredged up about Diana. Why, I don’t really understand, because she’s never been mentioned as being a witness against the murder defendant; she’s only recently come out as being familiar with Peterson since the age of 15, and later became a supportive pen pal. Only, she turned on Peterson and publicly said she believes he’s responsible in some way for Stacy’s disappearance.

    I fail to see how the one(s) who appear to be looking into her background would think this has any bearing on the fact that she wrote supportive letters to the murder defendant, and he reciprocated, turning it into asking for pictures and graphically describing what he wanted to participate in with her.

    The one thing that comes to mind, maybe, is that Diana has additional information that may come out which might be troublesome for the murder defendant, and now she needs to be destroyed.

    But one thing is for sure, whoever originated the research into details of Diana’s life, it came out, once again, through KMcP on a blog. Peterson’s attorney KNOWS she does this. So, my question is does she do it under his direction, or is she just peed off that Diana was the target of Drew’s sexual fantasies? If so, then she is the one digging-up-the-dirt, and I would find it quite troublesome knowing that she has access to details of peoples’ lives.

    When is it ever going to stop?

  153. It is interesting how KMP is able to dredge up the dirt on people who may pose some harm to the Drew Peterson defense. One does have to question if she is capable of doing this sort of research on her own or if she is being aided by someone on the defense team. I have my own opinions about this…

  154. I still don’t get this. Diana wrote letters to Peterson, he wrote letters back, she squealed, and unless I’m mistaken, her name is going to be mud. For what? It’s over and done with. What possible advantage is there for the defense to dredge up anything about this woman’s life? What more can be said about it? Peterson’s a pig, we all know it, so get on with it. If he made any admissions to her in the letters, the prison officials sure as hell know it, so what would it matter what she knows?

    She did turn on him, so I suppose that’s a reason for them to go on a search and destroy mission. Maybe Sneed will have a letter from Peterson to share about it. He did it with the cops that arrested him, the prison staff, and the Chief of Police of Oak Brook.

  155. Good points, Rescue. True, Grandel changed her mind and now thinks that Drew may have killed Stacy. But, a lot of people believe that and no one’s digging up dirt on them. So, maybe it has nothing to do with the defense at all and is really just very personal for the insecure and jealous Kris McP? It’s what she’s done before when Drew has shown interest in any other woman. Why should it be different this time around?

  156. Rescue: “But one thing is for sure, whoever originated the research into details of Diana’s life, it came out, once again, through KMcP on a blog. Peterson’s attorney KNOWS she does this. So, my question is does she do it under his direction, or is she just peed off that Diana was the target of Drew’s sexual fantasies? If so, then she is the one digging-up-the-dirt, and I would find it quite troublesome knowing that she has access to details of peoples’ lives. ”
    KMcP is releasing private information about Diana Grandel? Isn’t this the same person who is always claiming ties to a police job and JB? Someones not thinking.

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