Drew Peterson to sue “Internet Bitch”?

A new letter has surfaced in which Drew Peterson thanks one of his female pen-pals for providing him with information about a Bolingbrook woman whom he refers to as an “internet bitch“.

The portion of the letter was provided to Justice Café by the woman identified as “Lorie” and she says it was given to her by Kristine McPherson, a long time supporter and pen-pal of Drew Peterson.

It began on an internet forum where the two women, both known to Drew Peterson, sparred over postings, letters and their standing with Peterson. Lorie (last name withheld) is a Bolingbrook resident who states that she knew Drew Peterson from growing up in that town. At the time of Stacy Peterson‘s disappearance she got caught up in the case and when Peterson’s AIM nickname was made public on a blog that summer, she thought she might be able to get him to talk about the situation if she contacted him.

In the midst of a few instant message conversations Peterson brought up the same things that he often discussed with the women he chatted up: the attention he was getting from the press and women in bars, his ultralite plane, etc. When she mentioned her children Drew invited her to “bring them over swimming”. She never did get Peterson to talk about his missing wife, but Lorie stayed involved in the searches for Stacy Peterson and was active online, sometimes posting under her own name and being very vocal about her belief that Drew had killed his wives.

Kris McPherson

Fast forward to the present and a message board where the topic of discussion was the letters that are being exchanged between Drew Peterson and Kris McPherson. Lorie was asking McPherson to remind Peterson of their AIM conversations. McPherson replied (under her user name, Sterling), “I can mention it, but you are a bad name in his book.” When pushed by Lorie to ask Drew how he felt about her, McPherson finally produced the segment of the letter pictured above, sent to her from Peterson last November. It reads, “Thanks for the information on Lorie, the internet bitch. Joel wants to sue her.” The handwritten letter was scanned with a second piece of paper covering everything but that portion.

As can be imagined, Lorie is very concerned by this exchange. The “Joel” mentioned by Peterson is no doubt his lawyer, Joel Brodsky. “I have no idea why Joel would want to sue me. Just for making comments on a forum speaking my opinion of the case? Other than that I wouldn’t have a clue what he could possibly want to sue for me, or think he had legal grounds for,” she states.

Beyond the threat of a lawsuit Lorie is also concerned that the letter reveals that someone has supplied Drew Peterson, an accused murderer, with information about her. McPherson has been asked what the nature of the information is but she refuses to disclose it. She dismissed Lorie’s concerns via the message board, “Lorie its okay…You are safe and so are your kids, just because someone does not care for you means a whole lot of nothing.”

Of course when you factor in that cable worker, Jeffrey Pachter testified under oath that Peterson offered him $25k to kill his third wife, Kathleen Savio, assurances from a third party must be of little comfort. Also, one wonders how McPherson could be in any position to know whether or not Lorie and her children are “safe”.

If Joel Brodsky wanted to sue someone, couldn’t he find whatever information he wanted through normal channels? Why on earth would this pen-pal of Drew’s be enlisted to do research on bloggers or as Drew calls them, “internet bitches”? Is this another Diana Grandel situation where Drew is using McPherson to gather dirt on potential witnesses and then supplying it to his legal team?

Lorie has her own questions, “I want to know why she was gathering information about me, and giving it to a suspected murderer!”

Drew Peterson remains in detention at the Will County Adult Detention Facility, awaiting an appellate decision on the hearsay testimony to be admitted to his eventual trial for the murder of Kathleen Savio. On Friday he will have been in jail two years.

Kris McPherson and her “valued friend”, Joel Brodsky, were contacted but declined to comment on Drew’s letter, the information that was exchanged, or any law suit. Brodsky did comment by email that, “There is no such thing as bad publicity. The more you talk about me the better…”

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24 thoughts on “Drew Peterson to sue “Internet Bitch”?

  1. Seriously? Peterson’s attorney has time for this? Why would ANYONE feed information to a man sitting in prison accused of murder and suspected in a second?

  2. I understand that mail going in and out of the WCADF is monitored so I would hope that nothing of a sensitive nature could have been communicated from Kris to Drew, but I am a mom myself, and the thought of Drew trying to find out personal information about me…even from prison…is a scary one.

    To this date Joel has not contacted Lorie with any legal proceedings so what he wanted to sue her over is still a mystery.

    Of course, if you factor in that Joel was threatening to sue Rescueapet just a month or so back and instructing Kris to refer to her and her husband (for some reason) as “Mr. and Mrs. Defendant” shows that the guy will threaten a law suit at the drop of a hat.

  3. Would using an Internet troll to read and relay comments to Joel Brodsky, a supposedly high profile attorney, and using his Blackberry to relay messages back to her to post on an open, public blog, be something that would wind up on his curriculum vitae? I mean, is that something an attorney is proud to share of himself?

    Do you think he encourages this troll to start up firestorms and report back to him, so he can ponder whether he wants to blubber and threaten yet another lawsuit? What gets accomplished by passing along snippets of letters in her possession. I do know that it appears the head guy can’t control anything his client does, even while he sits in the WC Detention Center, so I suppose he can’t control what the troll does. Or does he?

    On the other hand, maybe this is all part of his White Noise technique, and the rest of us just can’t see it for what it really is. The ultimate result of which, I assume, is to get his client acquitted of murder charges.

    I see it as just more nonsense to keep the head guy familiar to the public and all. Just not sure which of the two is responsible for it, Brodsky or McPherson. But wait. This is just a local blog, right? How can our little blog be of any use to such a high profile attorney, when he has the media dropping at his feet for interviews? Silly me.

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity. The more you talk about me the better…”

    Why, Mr. Brodsky, you’re acknowledging that we are somebody? You mean, you’re using us to keep you upfront and center, even if it isn’t flattering? “There is no such thing as bad publicity…” Gee, did you make that up, or did you read that somewhere? 😉

  4. Maybe one of Drew’s pen pals could send this to him:


    Performing 500 pushup in a day leads to overtraining. Overtraining “occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual’s exercise exceeds their recovery capacity”

    Overtraining leads to a cascade of problems. Overtraining eventually wears things out in your body.

    Muscle Recovery

    Another problem is performing pushups every day. Muscle recovery takes place during rest.

    Performing pushups every day (epecially 500) does not allow your body to recover.

    Research shows you need a minimum of 48 hours between resistance training sessions that involve the same muscle groups to allow your muscles to recover.

    Anyway, isn’t he like…100 years old now?

  5. No, Facs, I don’t think he’s like 100 years old now. If that were to have occurred, we would have read it in Sneed’s column, what with her snoops, sources and all.

  6. Stuck in Stir: Drew Peterson Marks Two Years in Jail As Slain Wife’s Family Waits For Day In Court

    Drew Peterson’s third wife was killed more than seven years ago. His fourth wife has been missing for three and a half years. Peterson has spent the last two years in a jail cell waiting for a jury to decide his fate.

    By Joseph Hosey

    Two years ago tomorrow, Drew Peterson climbed inside his missing fourth wife’s Pontiac Grand Prix, pulled out of his cul-de-sac and drove away to run some errands.

    Peterson didn’t make it a mile before a small army of state cops descended on him, pulled him out of the car, snatched off his sunglasses and took him to jail.

    Peterson has sat there since, waiting in the Will County Adult Detention Facility to be tried on charges he killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    In the two years Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, has been locked up, one of the sons he had with his slain third wife was named valedictorian of Bolingbrook High School. A son he had with his first wife lost his job as an Oak Brook police officer due to his involvement in allegedly obstructing a state police search of Peterson’s home. That son’s marriage ended in divorce while Peterson has been incarcerated. He now lives in his father’s Bolingbrook home where he takes care of his four younger half-siblings, two of whom were born to Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, the driver of the Grand Prix, who vanished in October 2007.

    Less than two weeks after Stacy disappeared, the state police named Drew Peterson as their sole suspect in making her missing. They also went so far as to say they believe the young woman, who was born 30 years after her 57-year-old husband, may have been slain and that Drew Peterson had a hand in it.

    Despite their suspicions, the state police have not charged Peterson with harming Stacy, and judging from a status update provided by Master Sgt. Tom Burek, a state police spokesman, that agency’s investigators have made little, if any, progress in the nearly four years she has been missing.

    In an emailed statement about the Stacy case, Burek simply wrote, “Nothing to report.” He did not respond to further questions.
    The waiting game

    While Stacy remains missing and the state police appear stymied, it was her dramatic disappearance that forced those same state police to re-evaluate Savio’s mysterious March 2004 death, an incident investigators at the time quickly wrote off as a freak bathtub accident.

    The state police closed the book on the Savio case just months after the 40-year-old was found drowned in a dry bathtub. But within weeks of Stacy disappearing, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, who was not in office when Savio died, declared she was the victim of a homicide staged to look like an accident.

    Glasgow then successfully petitioned to have Savio’s body dug out of its grave and subjected to a second autopsy, the results of which apparently showed that her death was no accident.

    A year and a half after Savio’s corpse was exhumed, Peterson was charged with killing her. He was in jail for eight months when Will County Judge Stephen White presided over a hearing to determine what hearsay evidence would be allowed at the murder trial.

    The hearing lasted a month and featured testimony from more than 70 witnesses. At the conclusion, White sealed his decision, but it was later revealed that he permitted three of a possible 13 statements to be used against Peterson.

    The trial was set for five months later, but one day prior to the scheduled start, Glasgow appealed White’s ruling.

    The matter was argued before a trio of appellate judges in February. Their decision is pending, and all the while Peterson has remained in jail, where he is being held on a $20 million bond.

    “Somebody needs to go in there and shake them up or something, because this is ridiculous,” Savio’s sister Susan Doman said of the long wait for the appellate judges to make up their minds. “It just makes you want to go in there and knock on their door and hold a gun to their head.”

    As frustrated as Doman may be with the appellate court, she has faith in the state’s attorney.

    “I have every confidence in James Glasgow to send him away,” she said.

    When Glasgow gets his shot at that, it’s a mystery who will preside over the trial. Judge White retired in November and it is not known who will be assigned to replace him when the case comes back to Will County. No one knows for sure when that will be either.

    “It’s in the hands of the appellate court right now,” said Charles B. Pelkie, the spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office. “We expect a decision to come back any day at this point. The office is prepared to move very quickly once a judge is assigned and a trial date set.”

    But even if the appellate court were to return its decision today, the side on the short end could petition the state supreme court to review it, which would leave Peterson locked up even longer.

    “The waiting game is enough to kill anybody,” said Joseph “Shark” Lopez, one of the attorneys representing Peterson.
    Time and punishment

    Lopez, who called the case against Peterson a “travesty of justice,” said that the longer it draws out, the better his client looks.

    “I’ve seen that public opinion has really turned,” said Lopez, telling how when he joined the case in April 2010 he heard questions like, “How can you defend that guy?” but that he is now asked, “How come they don’t let him out?”

    “He’s doing time,” Lopez said of Peterson’s continued incarceration while a prosecution appeal is sorted out.

    “There’s no reason he should not have been allowed out on a (lower) bond,” Lopez said. “The bond’s way out of line. The whole thing was a publicity stunt. The bond is outrageous.”

    Pelkie disagreed, saying, “The bond was set by a judge and at every step of the way throughout the entire pretrial process, every aspect of (Peterson’s) detention has been argued before the trial court, and the appellate court as well, and the bond has been upheld.”

    Doman also wants Peterson out of jail — but just so he can be put in prison.

    “I want him hurt worse,” she said, then wondered if the retired Bolingbrook cop receives preferential treatment at the jail where he used to bring the men and women he arrested.

    “When I go to the court hearings I see him talking away, laughing,” Doman said.

    “He has a lot going on for him over there,” she said. “I’m sure he wiggles his way around.”


  7. Nice recap from Joe. So much has happened over the years…and again so little!

    I would just add that in the last two years, Peterson’s defense team also lost three of its members over personal issues with Joel Brodsky.

    Stacy also has a new niece and a step-grand-baby that she will never see.

  8. Haha, I thought Sneed’s story about the murder defendant sounded painfully familiar. Talk about rehashing!!!!! Only this time, she merely referred to the blubbering fool as her “source.”

    March 22, 2011
    The Peterson file . . .

    Huff & Puff: Drew Peterson, who is accused of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, is getting ready for trial.

    †Translation: He’s on a diet.

    †To wit: “Drew is trying to lose weight,” said Peterson’s attorney Joel Brodsky, who claims Peterson’s sedentary life in jail has caused him to gain 40 pounds since his incarceration in May 2009.

    “He’s eating half-meals and doing aerobic exercise on a step stool. Drew, who is a black belt, watches TV [basic cable] while doing push-ups and martial art routines to work up a sweat.


  9. Father of Drew Peterson Love Interest Concerned Over Letter
    Updated: Friday, 06 May 2011, 4:56 PM CDT
    Published : Friday, 06 May 2011, 4:56 PM CDT

    By Craig Wall, FOX Chicago News

    Chicago – Drew Peterson’s love letters from jail are raising concerns for the father of another woman who Peterson has professed his love for.

    That man, whose daughter was Peterson’s one-time fiancée, is sharing more jail house letters that he himself received from the accused wife killer.

    Ernie Raines reached out to FOX Chicago News after seeing the story aired earlier this month about Drew Peterson’s pen pal lover.

    Raines shares that woman’s concerns that Peterson may not be innocent of the death or disappearance of two wives as he claims.

    The letters Raines has received have him worried what might happen to his daughter if Peterson walks.

    Peterson said in a handwritten letter to Raines:

    “I really love your daughter very much, and I would have been a good caring husband to her.”

    In these letters, the accused killer pledged his love for Raines’ 26-year-old daughter, Christina.

    Peterson went on in the letter to say, “I never intended to fall in love with Chrissy, but the more time I spent with her, I did.”

    Chrissy, a mother of two, was living with and engaged to Peterson two years ago, around the time he was arrested for the murder of his third wife, and all the while suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife.

    “Like I told her,” Raines said, “You’re alive now, but being with him for while, you might not be.”

    Peterson tried to convince Raines he had good intentions, writing: “If I do get to marry Chrissy, I promise to always treat her like a princess.”

    Raines doesn’t believe a word of it.

    “He’s a rat on two legs that’s what he is,” Raines said, “And he has no morals.”

    One of Peterson’s attorneys said Raines is just letting his imagination and paranoia run away with him.

    But Joel Brodsky did confirm Peterson has had an on-and-off relationship with Chrissy, which she continued even after his murder arrest.

    Chrissy’s attorney denied a request for an interview, and would not show us any of her letters from Peterson.

    Raines said he wrote Peterson with a stern warning.

    “I told him, I hope you rot in hell and get a good rest, because you’re going to need it,” Raines said. “I told him stay away from my daughter.”


  10. Four more cases posted on the Appellate Court site, still no Peterson.

    I spoke to Joe Hosey, BTW, and he mentioned that Sue Savio, as we all are, is patiently awaiting the Court’s decision, with the hopes that the trial will begin soon and justice for her sister will come.

  11. Peterson went on in the letter to say, “I never intended to fall in love with Chrissy, but the more time I spent with her, I did.”

    I think that is because, after the first breakup, she went on national tv to say that the whole engagement thing was a stunt. Of course, he never intended to fall in love with her. He probably was one of the last to know that he was actually engaged to her, until someone told him so. But those two lovebirds worked it all out, until Peterson was abruptly ripped for her loving arms.

  12. “Raines doesn’t believe a word of it.

    “He’s a rat on two legs that’s what he is,” Raines said, “And he has no morals.”



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